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Mar 1, 2017|

Saints Radio Network color commentator Deuce McCallister joins Deke and Bobby to talks Saints and Pels.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to abbreviated edition of sports talk LSU basketball coming up this evening at the operas break. Saints and sat sat land reporter and posted double coverage sports him Ole Kristian garic will be would have to give with the latest is the Saints prepared to release. Safety Gerris bird Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press will be would tonight to talk about. The no all of pelicans taking all one. The Detroit Pistons tonight at smoothie king center and with that coming up the pelicans will be without their all lost Ellis and DeMarcus Cousins who's having a one game suspension. But the pelicans had been successful against the Pistons this season and right now the playoffs began today to try would be the eighth and final team. In the Eastern Conference intact Detroit from the rest this season legitimately has a chance there are only. Six games away from the number 3 seed in the eastern conference of this importing and leave the capable. The pelicans and the Pistons the Pistons by becoming in between 931 New Orleans is at 43 and 37. And there are four and six in Atlanta team including a three game losing streak. That is coming up denied it through rankings and the LSU Tigers also look to snap a losing streak tonight Woody's senior night. At them every December senate LSU entertained the Tennessee Volunteers who go to the net work at 530. A 6 PM that the sixteenth to appear on WW Deuce McAllister were this. And then we'll hand things off. The LSU sports network operated jaguar Pena polish Brady and ready for you ready and really for you to participated at WW dot dot com. As reports are saying the Saints will part ways with safety Jarrius Barry it would free agency begins. Good move. Bad move or do you think it's about hand you can vote online at WW TO. Back complicating canning kind of baseball coming off of a Tuesday night we'll get on that. College basketball being close to March Madness. The pelicans back in action nine minus DeMarcus Cousins. And L issued a canoe snapped their losing streak at them every descendants and a lot of on the docket for a Wednesday sports they were any opponent. Franchise cakes and record contracts in the NF. And also com buying it started it is a lot happening it if you look at. Just basketball than that because we trying to get the pelicans in the play well on. You know 'cause has been suspended after his eighteenth technical file and I don't think he was warned it. Considering how it occurred but it is what it is so big I guess I can give DeMarcus Cousins a path. For being in the Zulu parade in that game went tonight does he would play and now Anthony Davis needs to play at the highest level tonight and they've had success is the Pistons. Jrue Holiday to show what he needs to take. I guess at the bull by the horns that's saying in be more aggressive as far as the scoring. I you know limited turnovers obviously. But this a game big that they have to win I mean he gets at a point where right almost have to be perfect where you are number last week I mean regardless naming the pelicans have already won in a they they want against them already what what they already had no handle right before DeMarcus Cousins while they can you look the planet. Final seed no once catch you know Oklahoma City and he long ago they right there with Memphis you know that six's seventh seed right for you look at the eight seed the hoodlums I don't think is going to be to kings but but McCain's is still there but then you look at Denver Portland. Dallas in the yeah moves Dallas beat at the Timberwolves also you really had six teams yet that the Suns and LA. You're right her out Dixon and going a bit bad out Bobby and to be you know. A few weeks ago Miami right now what denied a spot in the east they rolled to a game win streak I'm just saying when you look at the last talk. The point you make is that it's 80 books that I don't think any back you had to go on record Ron you've yet to win 1780 Venus and ought to get a close who will play particularly how Russell was grossly. Well he he seen a game against you they are closing the deal than it is not there yet. I mean I. I'd say most viable because the thunder is not winning anything he had no but you know to your point. It looked like it was hardened you know kind of to write a step away we still might be it but the way he's close games of late and knowing that he doesn't have. That does the team not only get lost. You know. Durant but then I'll Serge Ibaka. Can't the you know one hit is that it to chant he is doubtful while so date date they had some moves that were made. But he's Theo without. Without a doubt he is though pharmacy under. It was Russell Westbrook but what he's done Bobby as of late and Isiah Thomas. He's he's getting close indicated Thomas has been in the league score in the full court in the NBA in to me how you close games this huge when you tell my MVP that yeah. Deacon that would be you know when you pay money to go CAA individual play. And they around the league. If it you know the close of the season. The way Russell Westbrook playing if Oklahoma city's on his schedule all I want to learn a game. You know I mean like pay money to see an individual player. You know a chair sort of fund there. But you wanna see greatness and I think that's that you have and Russell Westbrook like Harden. That we used to Jackson up so that as varied in detaining ABC scoring and even. Hughes has taken a pro Japan who we can overtake Golden State. We have doubt shooter. And that's fine and dandy but you better be hitting. You know yes you have to be making his shots so yeah there's certain teams you look at like a lot by a devil negotiate Aggies soon because individual. A great point Eddie look good and LSU big an honor seniors tonight. As their sir surge of their first SEC. Home win. I thought they played when a lot of effort considering getting give up and how they came against Georgia on the road. But I Ellis is hoping. To avoid going winless at home and SEC play when. In order played their whole final tonight you know the game they won what was. January for the gets Missouri right that was on the road B the last time they wanna game it. Went home what was the simmered in nineteen before Christmas against Charles that that was a team and SEC so a school record fifteen game losing streak. Not that it won't mean anything but I just when you have senior players. Have a problem Brian Bridgewater brand annals that'll do you wanna go while. On a high note did you wanna walk eat yet Nike C regardless of what has happened you know don't they can put together a win tonight and you know Bobby. I do a token Monday seemed like that was a sweet couldn't break him between. Outside of their games this week and we Georgia they really have been big this thing knows it and why acts it really had to Ole miss and was tight until about the last four minutes but. Nah not one it's been pretty close down to the wire when did you really how bad is talk about LSU basketball. You talk about now oh what a great effort. Even though it's a loss are all while all of the my arm. In oh they barely lost by double digits Bryant. Yeah you know but nobody had all the laws at twelve instead a twenty plus a big hit that shows you how bad it's it's. It's become when you're talking about LSU basketball tonight. And instead. I guess they got its over the last SEC. Home game of basketball game against Tennessee at Tennessee and he did that this is what's in gays in the road but they haven't won visibly don't wanna say. Their like to win ball or are one of five so so they've struggled but. A lot of LSU fans say well. Who listed a big 87 include rip we'd rather have LSU baseball and LSU basketball on the dial. All right coming back down and Guerrero lead us Dodgers Byrd said to be out. Good move bad move or you think it's about damn time. Deuce would be what do sits five to 530 Christie Garrett gives us a saint report next here on Debbie did you go and you could Texas. Had 870 eights and he's a text and you are exactly right. Asking about Louisiana at the head coach Conklin on last week is about well on their way to the term it's certainly going to be one of the top two seeds in the count which is a term. In baseball. Coach Alain Burroughs really did a good job at Northwestern State tactic Lance you into the tournament and right now Louisiana Tech is undefeated on the season eight no. And the lead number twenty Arkansas right now. And rest in him to one in the second innings that coach lane Burroughs is another coach it's on the rise in Louisiana. And the reason a baseball clearly at the top of the sports calendar with sports market here in the state is always best sport. Of all states goes across the ball will go over the last night's accident. Adults fight between Nichols and LA she won by the Tigers and Nicholas I don't get any easier at their hosts West Virginia tomorrow night we'll take a look at College Baseball. He's just a moment Gerris birds are to be parting ways with the Saints. Is a good move a bad move or about damn time it's operated jaguar in April Saints that I reported host the double Covert sports and Ole Kristian garic here with Italy's Cristian. Yeah and it's the report coming out last night from the NFL network from you know the Saints plan on releasing Gerris bird the Saints have not done yet they also have not officially. Released or had any kind comment on the support as well but. Other big ramifications from this deal with the Saints are indeed planning to released Harrisburg is they're gonna eat about eight million dollars and a salary cap dead money. And save about 3.2 million dollars of cap space and this the league years already been set to turn the cap and a 167 million dollars Saints have roughly point seven million dollar million dollars to play with in free agency about the nineteenth that's cap situation overall in National Football League so they're going to be players in free agency. And this move cut it makes me wonder a little bit in particular because. Last offseason Derrick bird was been a little bit but he came on strong the last their you know out 1010 games of the year. We wasn't playing quite well in his first two seasons were marred by injuries after he signed. A huge contract 54 million dollars a few seasons ago 26 of that. Was guaranteed in you know whenever you will eat that kind of money should you you're not will necessarily happen in the play as he's done in a meat production but also I think it then carbon out some room some space shows you that their plan a plan on being highly aggressive in free agency starting march night. Well kinda Chris and I look at also what you play what are you paying shoots fade the safety position. And what did you do going forward if you look at it three safety look. In McConnell as a part of that. That was involved twelve regular season game yeah. So that was finance telling me now aren't they change in the time that part that was like you know piecemeal in. That three safety divas have concept the trying you don't have in his players on the field. At that time that you treatment and also when you look at it there's also looming decision. Kenny Africa RO. Who. I think he's got to earn his base salaries ride the five point six million. In the final year of his contract so they got to look what they gonna do him because he's really on the outside. Yeah he says this suspension anyway I think anyone who worked out a deal body with him already had he not had a four game suspension in the season at the hurt himself there was a seat RD pick at the club option. From his rookie contract I think it's that the Saints in all likelihood would have. The will to negotiate a long term it to be but because of that now they're gonna will make him make him play on that fit the option this year and and the worry about it next offseason it when he eighteen the other thing that. I cannot take away from this is the Saints could be call outs from room to start negotiated start a carbon how to deal for nick fairly at this point with with with some of the room that is the Dodgers bird. And it can add a safety in free agency that. That maybe that necessarily comes in at the price of Jerry Byrd to play a role you don't know what the deal is Roman Harper peas and indeed coming back and also. Now with the with the Saints plan on doing in free agency at the seating position. Yeah and in that you look at players they were primarily. You know as the Canadian twos so to speak heir apparent icon on the special teams. He was of course as the team's player than he got put an injured reserve with a knee injury. But then a couple of guys. That they brought in. Banjo and Keogh. You know just look at Wendy played an unrestricted free agent that being Q in the July Roman Harper and say yes. And that it did and Angelos are restrictive free agent targets in making him an offer because they've very active. In the involved on special teams and actually. When you look at the stats you know then they made a tackle or two when they had an opportunity to play Soviets in his seat how big in their residency to position. They've Jerry's Byrd is no longer a part of that mix and you would think still. Young safeties productive safeties. Heidi compare around the league. When you combine now Vonn Val or he's that it Kinney McCarron you'd have to say that you amongst the best as far as two safeties. Amongst NFL safeties even though we had the worst pass defense in the league. Yeah I think I think you started to finally CJR spurt that they hope that they were didn't this year when he you know it to two interceptions against that Temi Buccaneers on Christmas even. You start to seal of the more play making ability at that Chiefs game as when he started playing much better memory in a bad Chiefs game yet he got and set the falcons' first match up. Up pretty much for Vaughn Belle but it up and something else to keep denial on a free agency Bobby in Deke with talks so much about the idea that the Saints could be in the market for quarterback of the future Michael it is going to be not a free agent. That's a player that the Saints have liked it from the Monty he was coming out of college a couple years ago they were prepared to pull the trigger and draft him looked at bay Buccaneers did that. What do they find him at the right price and guys that if they're truly indeed. Look at at the idea of separate from Drew Brees after the point seventeenth season he may be a good stopgap guy wouldn't be surprised at that need surfaces with the Saints. But why may be few in might Clinton's camp or his agent. Supply and demanding and why when you wanna go maybe a place for you could. You know and yeah yeah I'm not enough quarterback but the money is the same. The most passing him well he's still he's still wanna be a star as he can make more money if you if you produce of united scared yeah I mean the 49ers still on the o's could be their core. About dot I don't look at look at my gut and in my below fourth that's what I'm saying is that there were some mutual interest. When it on in him coming out right right yeah reality ally and and and so I got to talk about Carolina state yet shopping talk about they were ready to draft him at one point I think in the third round of the Buccaneers have picked a Foreman a native of data taken Michael and he sat behind James Woods and since then he's got some experience he fits their he's bigger. He's packer quarterback so you know I think it's less of a risk then draft a one of these quarterbacks that's about it outs. How would be surprised. That. If you look at the free agent market that. Going out in the safety free agent market you could say maybe second tier. But right now I think we feel focused on getting cover guys cornerback Ty players. Our pressures and pressures did it have an outside linebacker what are you wanna call it. I towers and intriguing name as well. Yeah that it would have been at middle linebacker yeah but that doesn't mean there but do you think it would go even though ger is berg whether. You know he's not in the makes a big and at target a safety in threes I wouldn't well. Predicted the Saints in what they're doing a free agency nobody predicted Kobe cleaner. That's truly at night and yet it's there's no bigger going defense does that have who knows that well the thing is in hindsight now. I guess because age you can go to Ralph. But to shoot you negate Benjamin Watson the money instead of leaner. It's Al Arab order our sport's Greg posted double covered sports symbol Kristian garic you know anything else now. Now we'll report our first fight with with set them on a abstinent analyst at this will be along with Christian now. Take them out tonight coming up after the LSU and Tennessee basketball game all right Johnson America we don't wanna. Media hang in a biggest economy we're coming to you right at the bottom and Allen news and we also have and you dig. Both you guys come and do you think she'd be Saints say going to be parting ways or it is going to be parting ways to Gerris bird. Give a sure take it is operating jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com that the that. Will have any about a male and who's break with Don ain't the first set here is a CBS news of the and welcome back let's go out to the rare for Johnson down and thank you for calling WW. Lisa how are you. Of bird be released this should. Come get your real you don't really know us. But I admit it turns fast easy especially important in this sport and the only one. Well do you say John but playmaker would mean he was good but you can't say he's a pro bowler Grady would have paid him to be great yet. Okay 82 tackles who's involved but I seen a lot of was and no way got embarrass an open field and only had two interceptions he'd have liked. I've been at six or seven and his senses. And in the Dallas had a sibling he's making plays and again takeaways create turnovers. And opened. The oh yeah I don't think it would. Force. Yeah that price yeah I don't think people would dispute what you say and down the about it but again it goes now you know vice Versa production in the and also time and opportunity as well. What's up to new for his Saints to do from a physical standpoint financially and then you know on a flips that would do they oh and in production. And now price performance Vince Ellis joins us now the Detroit Free Press as the Detroit Pistons come into Tennessee need to take on the New Orleans pelicans in looking at the Easton comic Detroit. Is a game in meaning they have about two back in the loss column as Miami as well as the wins and get a two game cushion over the nearest competitor the heat today a spot but what's interesting about the east like the wins. There's only a few games that separate 85. And really there's only six games to separate eight. Three so Detroit complain anyway and Vince has a lot to play for the mystical thing on to say get rid eight right now. You know with six games away from the three C. Exactly Cano. You look at. The schedule up to get to web site. A lot of people projected to have one they use your schedule colon going down or something them. You know I've played out you know what might be to get a might be a look at. The Portland got organized the mark gotten out tonight because that you know wanted to let you know maturity. That. All the open Eaton to Carriker beat them it might gain spoke to say that would be the with the grants you have dole and be. You know with the data out the year but it looked up. Up. How are going to be outward that we look at that ain't. Let it get the wrappers so there are any. Game that might have been top eight the mark cousin and I. Told them being called up via better in the cob and wrap sort of bet it would carpet but there that we were without column well. Think they're great but now but it's my amateur runner and a war lab report regain. Now of bits the games you win this with the Pistons verses of the pelicans. Why have the pelicans of had some success and beat the Pistons. Can't recall trying vision but I know. Even went out bogey cousins they've beaten to the appearances this season. Well that bike. Bumpy you know. But he's been able cope with a cup we have. Have a look stop elsewhere or get the ball good but an art Matt Miller update David but it is enough. I do regret it to that point last year and now where they Pratt. Double mean they trap like walk by the players they had no. Look at they would that we did beat the relative to earlier earlier this year so it would be the secret you know looking out. I don't think he wanted to compete locker room and they've done it with a group of them to be cut caused. The market got them. An attic they all agree with got a perfect nobody did that being what they were or maybe should it be a better call out maybe its regret that. You know the thing though that kind to equal or. I don't like and crystal a little critical back don't they were Google or not there and they'd better better notes. Vince Ellis at Detroit Free Press is obvious pelicans and attain the Pistons tonight. And you know when you look at the rosters across the league I'm sure there's some but what's interesting. It's when you look at Detroit I don't know there's a team that has as much balance scoring amongst their prime plays a mean F five plays and you think about the byes is leading there which sixteen and everybody else in the rotation is having fourteen more points. And to me that's that's pretty solid especially you know answer opposing coach who went as coach gentry actor in defending those guys does that all balance or it. And and also when you look at the youth of them I think the oldest two played at the 4627. Nash prominent and they only played in the league you know four or five years so. Do you think it's Kohler is one that they will go where I know there was some Romans around all thought it. You know the Pistons would entertain offers for maybe some I like common. Is this what is set on moving forward or is this somebody they got to make major moves and it's like they've got a pretty decent core here. Do it live and think that in practically lights out and terribly you know ready yet. The first ending the year with let the issue. Any Eagles have been quite like the player. Goal. Like. I think that yet this year and about your anal that it would never. He didn't know they bring it back properly you know there haven't gripped the proper. They may ninth street all were a little were two huge threat. Q2 were out there they'll they'll remain built it. But I think they like the players. You know and it. But the position now with that changed even born that year. That they lack the bill that would make it to review. And maybe make some bit player. You know that's what they art that would work at it did at the plate that. What it did not want him in the future is bomber at long that they there's but he's been strong with the you do that they made. I think it would be okay. With humans but another shot over yet oh. Say they're against them. Luke went to say they're open to get better you know that it's out but if they're. Or do they would be okay with doing here that if that they picked out our all it. Wrong. And when you look at coach van Gundy. You know to be where he is and you know now not only to coach you know with in this space these third season here. And now president of basketball operations. How is that the is that the Detroit how Arabs to owners that do they count would that in where where is coach van Gundy as far as that we know when you get that title. It's not like okay well you know I'm mama wanting money we was always a mile. I my job is to coach the players that are brought in here what that is out of every coach but when you're bringing in the latest in and makes a big difference. It about all Rosa all they cleaves who witnessed this franchise is right now. He had a good right now that are back. Lorie Kane. Even building out brawl or will be well prepared but there. You know badly about it years. The season. Then an expert when he AJ. We like being with you really rail all at that moment they appear to stabilize it and I wondered. That that are open Heatley in the and it. Little word but the years is that where they. Are cheese. But I would say oh they probably want one this year and I put it earlier. More of problems if they are all but it's been hired and see what he did last year. But obviously it could have been in next year's film in all of them see maybe. You could look. Oh it turned back that you've earned last year. But by your field. Leo yet the next four years yet so. That when. Start look around the league park in about what happens in the future after next year. And maybe. You don't want to welcome our right now. Covering the Detroit Pistons for the Detroit Free Press is Vince Ellis being attacked and everybody keep up with you on social media. Basically the man on the score analyst. I don't. Well number oh. I've been a quarterback like you've made. Now. Back into a group Alabama so we got stuck what the great that the I got out of the. I've gone right right Daniel bag you know he would miss combat does that do. But add that rabbit but what's up with the bat yeah well. Rode a Venus thank you so much to go to game to see things that. Are right time back and you dig it we also have. Everett and damaged hand and Jerry they wanna sound off on the the Saints arrived there is merited some of the moves can this time a year. NFL com mine is this week also giving the ladies and to do is take on everything. These were this and fifteen minutes this is sports talk on WW. The great news joins us and about fifteen minutes LSU basket by 530 pelicans in action preview that point it thanks so much to. Honest to being witness bit jealous of the Detroit Free Press the Pistons in town the night. Did AC right now in the east the only sixteen from the three seed. That's not to fall all there so we'll get back to the phone line that's going to continue digging here on line to can you dig a thank you could call. What are the scenario of course. So mixed in and Kirk. I'm. So make some. Boehringer. Can change them. Speed at the remembered as a right girl's Edwards. And hunter on Murton who probably being at war. You know there was there were even some some reports that you know Derrick Rose could be Boller now he could be waived and so forth so obviously they don't think. I don't think anybody trust in the fact and in New York Utecht Duke and you dig that he's going to re sign but with that I had it it what was the difference I mean you know go hit. If you got to take a shot at you in you go to try to get the greenhouse. It don't matter I'm in the game unless it be an exciting 222 game contract with them I know probably bring in somebody and you think you can help. I think he couldn't start it up thinking a bit of your point guard then into oddity years. Rarely steal strikes and so that go. And he's the least I got to step Boehner there's no doubt about that it is averages you mean what is averages seventeen. Eighteen game has not banned. And joke makes him a ring what do. I mean when invited to the arm bar. You had Hendry does that it Tate ES isn't it is a new rule now can you dig what they have if you've been involved in anything like that not domestic budget it can be domestic grain bank. That's the last several players off or not there. Or what we doctor what a great great pitcher so if he's the worm. It for a while there. Mean if if the pillow below you and I like him values yeah okay you a good thing about this he impacted the had a com line that I am to do it 101 and it view. And to see whereas heads that as far as. You know do you think he's truly turned a corner as far as him getting troublesome. Yeah some owners might say no I don't want that type individual my teeth on a lot of doll or has in the past year whoever's gonna have makes it and a team. Assembly because we LC we he did at Oklahoma you know I know he'd be an asset to a number of teams that I'm just telling is gonna weigh heavy in the video it's caused a bunch of money no doubt about it Kennedy good to hear from me damning if it ever ever good evening thank you for college. Very valuable ID. And I'll watch all about are gonna start. I'm a bit I really there and there. Blair from there to be real concerned. That. Uga would be better you know certain that it won't repeat that. You can get the steal it got more global. It's just. That even acute Clemson I mean you can you can rule separate into the I. That's in general and our. That kids where you wanna drag them like home. Sick and there. Are so I ever ever ever as bad as a defense has been. Well if you lose there would eleven. You oh you know you are yet write him. Tiger that go to part of the world. It doesn't really gearing about it go to. Certain walk. I mean and basketball. And the Miami started when they were built a very humid victory. And an agreement as Turkoglu meant for material gets sick so. Putting stupid soap star player was averaging almost 11 point game or orchard. I'm that good with Duke and. You know look at the average actor and I did it change that trade Manuel and. Put it when the chair and went. Look at the local product all of sport to Goran to Indy and. Well Bob this like this average double bogey cousins and lady's telling them to be more aggressive Sosa Jersey tonight. He should have a point it was gain. Every good to different things Chicago and get to those turnovers on the back to Jerry and rescue call is going to sat there and I did LSU basketball vs Tennessee on WW. Always a treat to get some a lovely lady listeners in the house at the end of the Los Kathy thank you for calling WW yeah. Day and doing our arms out and execute our. And ancient can't accommodate her out. In the ball. Where it read week and I try. And make. Arabs or keep an entry. About. Yeah my caddie daunting with Tyreke. He's a facilitator I mean that Tyreke. Is got a reputation. We'll see everybody get out that way and anything into the hole and allies are you know so that. That's why they are followers making bogey 'cause it's better on an old Tyreke would be guys to do right. Ochoa. But they can't go turnovers okay. 2.5 games a week ago and have to play. The real owing to reason that we got Tony to net givers shows you what what are you the a's don't have these last Tony to me we don't make a Rondell. We come back a lot if you're not at all are out of turn on the all ball players they got a kick the ball. These cant do make a whole lot of sense you could be sitting here let us doing well. In. I'm known as dry yet can't the end dignity this is is that yeah turnovers visit W did you.