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03/01/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - Black-eyed children and haunted toys.

Mar 2, 2017|

03/01/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guests David Weatherly and Ross Allison discuss their book Haunted Toys and the creepy factor that seemingly innocent toys can be the stuff of nightmares. And the discussion includes a look at David's research into the mysterious black-eyed children.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Hole oh my goodness welcome every. It's beyond reality oregano that's a heck of a way to open shot. Just how I feel like you know we're building up to this launch on Monday night with the Westwood One and our new syndication partner among more than her come. And it's a pretty big deal I mean we're getting a lot of you know request for station Promos we're getting a lot of requests for interviews. We're getting what we're getting just a lot of stuff coming at us from all directions and don't get me wrong it's really really exciting stuff for men it's coming fast. You know I played it Smart I was just like yes and everything you need to javy. And you know itself so hey everybody welcome behind reality radio yeah we a lot of great things coming up and well besides. Just gas some show we've garden. Great news coming on panel agree stations were popping up on an. Even see even some that are at a classic rock stations I mean though they'll wanna carry the show. Now that's it's like unheard of I mean they even told us the syndicator said you know we don't ever have. Classic rock music stations wanting to carry a shell but they want your show it's pretty cool I mean it's it's it's it's a good feel it is realistic and I discus it I was gonna save this for tomorrow night. But you know we're talking about now Somoza bringing up I just wanna thank you my buddy my goodness my best friend Jason for you know bring me along in this ride this has been quite the adventure for the last would have been doing this fifteen months or so. And this is the type of path that he usually takes ten years for somebody decline. Now while in honestly man it's it's a mutual thing and we have fun doing this donated to both investigators so we do have a lot of financial listeners and I think that's another big thing to the took all the listeners are authors of a dual so much for a for tuning in and and what do you enjoy the show with a youth club and we need to destroy the immediate results which we've got a few of them are the most everybody I get the flesh and thus easily didn't talk don't miss the most is the silliest the dumbest freedom you to talk about exotic. He'll tell you know I mean all the emails or got a positive so I gonna talk about the next and it's true that was going to be from its. It's like this one guy says it's emails me talking about how. It out in our guest at his channel it they cut coast to coast and our we take on our about it and and how he can't believe that under come let twos donors give. Simple little confused I don't know and the for this reason that sound like immature and this list goes on and on. So I hand crafted this beautiful response I wrote I read it to Jim and I don't get into it was just an hour and some were sorry that is such a life changing situation will be losing an hour of coast to coast and we'll make sure we informant in a town about their massive mistake by having us on the air because especially with the at twenty to 50% at this ownership and all their stations has to be some sort of clerical error. And this one on an outfit and. And reverse heart attack it was so I think there's something coming back can imagine one and well rocky in order out there. Thanks in here's the thing you know Heidi anytime there's a change of any kind and I did and radio for a long time so I know this from a radio perspective there's going to be some people there have been who's going to be somebody that aren't happy and it. And it's so it works so I get that and down so lost Stoner I know that's I don't get that stuff I mean here's the difference to restart X donors from here nobody hears the differently KG and he lets. When I have a lot of respect for other shows that cover these topic so hostess ghost as has been around for a game on its artistry all the all of them all the we have a tremendous amount of respect. We do we just like talking about the same kind of things. We take a bit of a different approach we try to have some fun while we do with how we try to pass some laughs along the way. Mom and we think that's that's OK there's room for that as well this is a newsroom for nobody else. And I even told them from the beginning idea because I'll get up on stage Jim you've got their way and are 345000. People in an audience. And Steve and I'll be up there and I have always added some sort of a comedy aspect to a serious topic you were talking up the paranormal because. I can talk to you about the panel for two hours and I can bore the hell are you happy and we're not done yet and you and me would be who. And you know. And with that. He you're gonna leave your really not remember march but when we're doing it. And I can make you laugh you tend to remember every single thing that that's that happened that was sent via a soul takes is having a good time doing what really you enjoy doing well anyways. And and people tend to to remember all of. It depends who thinks it does two things in not only create some laughs but also create some genuine NASA makes you makes you whoever's doing if the pure. More human brings up human element of the whole thing and you just did that on ghosts and are still I mean one of the things have made ghost on a successful. Is that not only was it a great pioneering you know trailblazing. Look into the paranormal internal investigations but she said doing it and you know you'd make trying to Steve Reid make trying to tango or you'd pick and. Land with the owner and we we've always been that way in you know I'm putting on an act I mean this is who we are we we know we're gonna screw up. And in fact there was a vastly does remember talking to meatloaf years and years ago and accident are still like it up on stage again 234000. People there. And of course he can be sort of stressful because it's stuffy even though it's harder to talk to a hundred people and just talked to 4000 which is amazing to me and John and I wouldn't and on the until that happened but. Nice to meet Alfredsson and you get up on stage at 102030000. People and army has had the handle it. Is exact response like cancer the exact response to some words in there but he was bottom line is you and you know you're going to blank up. And once you accept that you're going to blanked up. And you just roll and roll through growth at its sets you apart from everybody else he's he said you know it's. Everybody everybody screws up but it's how you roll out of your scrub this gonna set you apart and that I think there was one the most important things that ever. Yeah it definitely isn't and when I was training to be in radio that was one thing that we were taught as well as you know if you make mistakes don't try don't draw attention to just keep going in you know memories everything's gonna work out fine and it's really true. But again the difference is the human element and you touched on it is well. There are a bunch of people in the chat room. That are listening that aren't in the chat room whether the listening on the radio station and listening online that tune in every night to hear what were talking about and what our guests are talking about and it's because of them. That a company like Westwood One and said you know what we wanted to we wanna take their show and get it to more people and dead and make it you know so thank you all as well. And soul and don't you hate speech you the strokes are. Ayman Al and I didn't seem to be going our horrendous as the president of did you did you hear about. This Milwaukee I can earn teacher. Need now linemen tendered and one Alba Aaron while all island W I SN ABC twelve Milwaukee reported that a kindergarten teacher used a ouija board with her students in class. And literally creates considerably total us kindergarten class yes kindergarten tools let's all you know. The teacher Milwaukee is under fire after it was revealed that she used a ouija board with her class of kindergartners. The odd incident came to light when a parent complained to administrators that her five year old son was having nightmares and refuse to be left alone after last Friday's. Classroom we each session. They were shutting off the lights in making it dark and talking to spirits that's not something. That really should be done a school you think about it and child's mama actually said the same thing to WA SN. The unnamed teacher says that session came about after the kids pass to hear scary stories. And then of course when she was using the ouija board she claims to children wanted to know about movie characters rather than residents from the other side. She insisted to us WA SN. That I did not say there were spirits expressed regret that and then the seemingly silly exercise cause such dismay for her students and promised that there won't be anymore we tea session moving forward. On but that it's probably not going to be enough however the child's mom is pressing for the city to fire the teacher for the ouija board blunder. Fates now in the hands of the Milwaukee public school systems which has placed on administrative leave as officials conduct investigation into the ouija board incident. Now teacher waits at home wondering what future may hold honestly you're an artist pro investment she is a ouija board find out. Could be the easiest way you know I find it a little bit interesting because here's the thing. If you don't believe. That the first saw on the spirit world there ghosts or whatever than they knew ouija board has its -- Knoll. Meaning right and human wouldn't you agree with that. If you don't always head it can't have and now that it's not had not that it doesn't do what. People say it doesn't just saying you don't leave any you don't think it has that meaning but still the thing is even if you don't believe in the US and the board has the power we know them but right it even if you don't believe and it's the fact the year. Still opening yourself up to allow some cute communicate. Three record I don't believe in you wouldn't think that way exactly what you and protect yourself right yet exactly but either way regardless of any of that to bring that type of thought device process into kindergarten class I think is just I mean you wanna bring into class high school students say what do you think what are your thoughts on this to have an intelligent conversation on it. That's one think a bunch of kindergartners who have really no idea and we'll go home and have nightmares for the next ten years and I think it has story. That definitely breaks the breaks alignment error on. How I also I look at it like. If it was a serious mistake it was a serious mistake them believed she hang in our eight say some people be against me on this and and teach them around but. Do I feel she should lose her job about it. Don't know I think you root for if it was a sincere mistake Yost then and that that happens sometimes things happen mistakes happen you live you learn you move on I grew and you grow from that I agree the problem is instantly everybody's always dispersant these he fired dispersant used beat. Re pretty it nobody wants to give anybody a chance anymore. Well I think that's the biggest issue out there is is it's instantly was make dispersant pay as much as we ten. And in all this screw them in the rest of their life well. The your wrestler right I mean people are allowed to make mistakes and and it you know there's a difference between making a mistake or being intentionally malicious and and if we should be allowed were human we should be allowed to make a mistake I made infect. Recently and down you know you should be allowed. To make that mistake and move on from it as you know if there was malicious intent to be different story by by you gotta go but you know we need a little bit. Flexibility I mean a major mistake earlier. Would you do. Aren't forced my my twin silence a sits on launch. Killer clown masks and Hoss 1988 you told me that that is not a mistake that is a great too bad movies you know that it's so funny and yet when your kids just look connection and funny and weird it would that spooky element it's it's PG thirteen I don't know if there's any spooky in an all but it's just can't be enough that it's funny and that makes a good to me and an MPV in my corner my twins he's like well you know it's. It's pretty good constant support. I do let's move on past let's just enjoy it for the Salinas that it is I mean you've got to comic going over all these people making arm that the slump partly type thing. And when they go to look it's it's a circus tent. In the past a sack Deborah asked if you get these clowns that are that are actually covering people with cotton candy as soon as starring Emily it's just all. Awesome yet it really is and down and regular watchable now watch they won't believe who ever again but we know that that was actually a very good bad movie there's some lose it is so bad that there are good and that's one of yeah on tea -- actually with a girl he. Ian and knocked my block off. Pundits and until is is ahead right often flies in the Irish can't feminists as perfect it is heavily talked about what we've got coming up on the show I don't I don't think we don't know what's coming out tonight and I think you're right that we jumped rating to stuff from Scott Rolen there was and I ordered Doug or David Weatherly. He spent his life exploring the world with a strained investigating supernatural paranormal around in the globe he's in the background with us tonight talking about. Well we're talking about a year ago the the black eyed children and stringent traders. A bud Davis all's gonna be joined with Ross Allison. It was a co author of haunted toys and I know Ross Ross is on a Seattle. I spent some time with Ross and dawn back years ago he's a great guy great investigator and look forward to actually re connecting them. He's you know the whole conversation is going to be very very interesting and you and I when we had David on previously. We got into kind of scratching the surface on the black eyed children stuff but the bit the whole haunted toys things has been a topic. Well maybe kind of silly topic but it's one of those things it's always in the back your mind you know you like he so we talked about last night you see you know the Dow on the corner in the dark room in the nose to do that doll just turned its head or not didn't. You know did did that did that robot is kind of shift its position or not I mean it's always creepy. Well you beyond that there was some and that was the story that broke last September. Bomb a bow. In England supposedly now final of any of the Swiss jury never really looked into depth into it by two black eyed children were were arrested. Forum and breaking into hotel nor have the audio from the gym animal if you wanna listen to its government and half long. Yeah I think we can hear that there's something like this that I can verify if this is churn out an overly dug into it but. It sounds pretty legit well you know let's just play for you guys and you'll commit wrong decision here you go this is the story that was put out. September of 2016. Supposedly Manchester. Two black eyed children were arrested in Manchester this weekend and prepare a male and female were booked on trespassing and harassment. According to please report to black eyed children receive panhandling around town and then I. There arrest many concerned citizens and so did reports of the black eyed kids but because they weren't loitering on private property there wasn't anything the trees to do. On the night of the arrest the pair were caught by cctv cameras trying to gain access to a hotel room. And nearly four and won only one front desk clerk was on duty to pair entered the building. Footage shows and talking and immediately to the clerks even leaning over the counter to try and reach the master key behind the desk. To clerk cancer resistant first alternate his hands and say stop shaking his head no and went into the wall mounted bonuses threatening to call for packed. When suddenly seized in a trance key anti in the masters in treats calmly to the employee break room behind his desk reformist leaders to close friends in the break room phones at least. And pulls the farm to get all the hotel guests out of their rooms so they cannot be course and letting the black eyed children inside. When police searched the hotel from the two black eyed kids and made class in the parodies the master GD gain access to their hotels laundry room with the council of Arab maintenance coveralls and the females let me exemptions. And then plan to get inside to gestures by posing as hotel staff. Neither child to provide a name or documentation to police. Doctor whose column to examine them and reported that aside from the pew blissfully black eyes the pair were otherwise healthy normally teen girls. Doctor assassin checked in black guys are natural. And not a result of body modification contacts were tattoos. Frighteningly. There was oil slick guys are completely real black children are being held in protective custody and police are giving out any further details of the media at this time. Now again Americans sit here and say if that's accurate or not but I have heard reports in the past. There have been black eyed children that have. Been taken into custody now and kept it kept away from everybody sell it mentioning he did Dave's. In David's thoughts on and if he's turned in yet stories as well. Yet anytime there's a report like this she got to take it seriously and look into it these black guy children reports are so mysterious and so. Vague in many cases is really hard to get a handle on what's going on. Yeah really it is so Paramount lot where things are there but it would be nice also talked to Ross I haven't talked to him in a couple of years and just. Wanted toys games always spooky and I'm sure he'll be bringing up dolls and stuff like that which he. Yeah an A you just look ahead to next week we got Stephen what chance coming non. On Monday night he in ninety in 2007 release the best selling nonfiction book called the uninvited. Which detailed the true story of his own personal haunting living in the infamous screaming counts which we all know we've heard about. In 2010 he released the ground they keep breaking short story collection crazy. And in 2014 he released the long awaited sequel to the uninvited which completed two books screaming now series series called the blessed. Are the wicked so who's done it's Monday night we'll have a great conversation with him. Mary had a bunch of great shows coming up from another thing iron and just I just posted this video on on the beyond reality of the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Armed summation like the page but did you see this. This whole fireball in the sky that we went viral FaceBook not a huge sum which when we talk well this one come. It went crazy but it was over the Tasmanian sky. This. As weird ball flight that showed up during the morning and the problem is the Australian government's trying to say. It was a plane going over when you look at the video. There's no witness to be employment trying to say that it's not a ball of flames that. It's just the glare from the sun all these things but if you get a chance check out the video on FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. In just write down your thoughts because. This is a weird just all something burning up as it's just flying over the sky and was caught up in numerous people on the cell phones of course. You get all the people there automatically assuming that it's an alien and that's spacecraft and and who knows but I am. Definitely extinct but the problem is you get these people alternate that are sitting there are saying. He can all these. Aliens that are running our government terror are keeping it from us and I think that panic kills at all. Well last night we are conversation. Touched on that a little bit and there's a lot of concern that the government whether either him or not they definitely keeping stuff promised in the seem to be really. Active in their effort to hide just have a hard time there'll reptilian Dallas where there's an artist Carrie can't buy into that goes a little deeper for sure our telephone numbers 8446877669. We've course encourage you to call we do have some callers on the line we're gonna try to get to those after the break we bring our guests and we got a FaceBook page we invite to show up that. Yeah FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and if you're listening to us on the radio stations and musicians we err on the going to be a bunch more sharing can be listed next on Monday of next week and you also feel free to go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live and you can join us right in the online chat. While you're listening on the station Gerri you're listening on ridiculous right there from the website. And it's all worthwhile because the chat room itself is full of great people great information. They keep us in check and they ask actions. If worse steering off course they bring us back sometimes and it's a good stuff and there's a lot of fun going on this week. We encourage you do that art let's take a break. When we come back we'll get ready to bring our guest Dan actually guest tonight because we do have vied to coming in we've got David Weatherly and Ross Allison both joining us. Tonight it's beyond reality radio would Jason JB don't go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. The Mets beyond reality radio Jason Lewis Stevie Johnson we're talking other guest didn't even Weatherly we're getting into things here in early to get the Republicans. Not even the camera rolling and I didn't I would thoughts you've seen them. Try to back at it now or whatever okay I'm not sure that we were gonna talk about tonight if I was a colonel I'm sure to announce a little tired. So David. For those of our audiences don't know who you are what you do give us the give us the reader's digest version of your career. While short version. In a residential natural topic I'll shoot and which I just want portion of Tom Susan. In his churches start exploring the stopped and I've been very blessed demolished due got a all the oral and a wide range of Obama problem. Monetize your locations scripted what it's all structured and and steal. After forty years and journalists are so very passionate about it do for a number of books and Carol over the Oilers general public radio so what mall are searched the low quality. And I'm gonna ask the same question view Ross you know I haven't had the opportunity knees toes all right yourself. Well I've been doing this sort gosh. There are now. I to travel the world and he contemplates its. And writing books of course and I got all and all political because you know other than a ghost or. So it is you know actually these stories I wanted to know people they really extracurricular sharper screen. So he would just you know got me involved and goes on here what I had backed Washington I am starting he'll go group that recruit well. When it out and how did you you guys meet up and become friends and decide start working on a book deal. Actually we knew each other on page booklet issued that can shoot the ball and that's a well I happen to be in Seattle one weekend and one over and actually took a private tour with losses at its. He's a great guide for Seattle Letelier and well. You know our head and another Coke or or me and lost Brown's assault on science and we're just kind of talk often on after and you know just government org and they are Arturs general message and Palin are you gonna irrational part. And. He came back in just. Yeah shall be reminded. We banners from ideas back and forth and lonely old. Hall the coalition's first. Probably. We're entrenched. All of stifling a subject that has. A lot of people have connections to it as an investigator myself there's been endless times have gone to a locations and somebody's home and and they talked about. Toys that have started making sounds are turned on by themselves through there's been no batteries and then. And there's the miss analysts' list of things that go on let alone and we use toys a lot of times on investigations as trigger objects. To try to connected to a possible child's spirit at these locations and and at a rate down to show on a bill stopped he does them the blue buddy Ian and all that stuff for the same recent. Oh. It. Ariza. I don't know it. Right so let's let's talk you don't know who Jason has talked about this a lot. Be -- what easing toys trigger objects but there's something just inherently creepy about it at least somewhat dark room and toy in a corner. That's got eyes and that. May or may not be moving. What is what is the nature of these toys that makes him so creepy just by being there. Well let David take as while there. You know a point that there's all well coached and here's why. Polling essentially. You know what better. Symbol as a matter of childhood ends. So you know when you take something like and all of a sudden it turned normal activity. Assertion. That. Commercial lender and Bergen op and you know I actually curse. They really become a whole spectrum. Children and the current role in general and an up churches and you Dutch courage as a logger. Chinese you can go treat you should look hard investigator. Gil and then in UOP individual routine and didn't shy. But when it's revealed that there and potentially your child production. Do attitude injured there because he shall but apparently. We're all actually about that day you know in our content. That. Child should be stroke which geared up should not pitched well it's just a burger all about that. So our Arctic got a lot of that. Psychology extends to this whole idea a little toll and oh sure there's a symbol wheel. And from children and you travel people Harken back to those days and in the church all I can shut it earlier creepy aspect is take all. Very very good for nature and of course you know even then that or shall. Of all along. You know I understand your fumble. Well I really. It is creepy and yeah. This is one of us are especially the porcelain ones recognize how hard time. Current. Shall I don't go to a huge question minister sir. And it it does or especially for somebody like myself and in JV we have children and in some of these cases you go to there. They can be whether it's Iran if as a residential case and they're talking about a child now I've been a residential cases were people have lost children and then. So already a tough subject and then you're being brought in because they've had all these experiences and indeed they believe it's their child. So I'm as as a parent myself of course anytime you go in and rescue work there's possibly the spirit of a child. Because the your main thing is as apparent as you just wanna make sure that you helped that you protected it's all it's all about protecting its all about helping. The child and an hour or so. Bo has hit the hardest part of that too is usually do get called in the case where child died. You have to give them that psychological aspect to lose whether it's just part of their grieving process. Or whether they're really is their child on in the place or it could be another entity and they just are leaving the search trial. And that opens up a whole other can of worms because you know you you end up in a situation where if you're able to debunk everything going on merit and this person's really hoping that the spirit of their child is there at the house. And rarely puts in a tough situation even though you're being called then he needs to be honest you need to. You just need to somehow figure out a soft gentle way too good to talk with them to connect with diamond. And help them and really understand what's truly going on because at that point now now they feel that Foster child twice. Right and now you've become the counselor in the situation. And sometimes to go to the bigger guy and that. Yeah and and you know all they need some kind of resolution and not a real thing. You know like changes and you'd have to had to so carefully and know their arms. When you just can't beat local bought because you know that cycle up and people can't handle. So it at this difficult circle. Yeah and that's sure are it's so. And then a little while organs are talking about a black eyed children and things like that bushels an eye on this on this book that you guys have been working on this haunted toys. Chart across. Are you one ticket puncher well public holiday as well in a proctor that we are about because. We talked about doing curses and and a lot of this threat and we ran to us or at a toys and on auction. Them. Procter and not implementation you do all booked on toys and go and it really done it. And as you know we can all this you know research finding all these meetings story on. And the more creepy or one we were able to heal complaint in the book. And illegal armed project I'd have to say that in on David got the boot he actually. Header in a lot of these stories and mean I had to do a lot of the stories that. I had to do a lot more research on some of these two really. Try out a lot of history. On Sundays and you know my biggest thing that I love in the book on the side on the dolls. Will that creepy king. That children would play. I mean you know hide and seek with the ghost and some of these sir gains that would their. Constantly summoning ghosts into their home. Hoping that something might be willing to play with them. And one that yet that does open a whole can of worms com extra little yeah. Especially when it's child because children are more prone to seasonings and adults anyway so a lot of times on the all that somethings that are along for the adult. Thought that it's you couldn't police carried out from him this story isn't here. No children there and they're encouraging children play with. Now do you do now and we've got about a minute before getting go to break but do you think that a lot of that has to do you think that those that are. Other I'd spirits of children that are that are doing that and trying to get these kids play with knives and suffered do you think that that's otherworldly type entities. One BA it it could very you know air younger person it's a company in a raw deal. An adult would depend on the area pitcher you're doing this game. Silicon via a bunch of different things. Yet the problem is he has you know no programmers these children don't understand. That they're doing something that really ritual and they're just in the courts are open and welcome them whatever it's the court pick up and to come up. Gotcha Barry. There is so yeah we're gonna take a break HM yeah before we take a break so I just remind folks via telephone and received 446877669. And you're welcome to call and we do have a few callers already waiting to chat whether guests tonight we'll get to you as soon as weekend. I'm also gonna remind you that the F FaceBook page is FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality review want to stop there and also. Our guests will be featured on the beyond reality radio dot com website you can go there to the guest tab and get a you know find links in the books and more information about the Mets so. We're talking with David Weatherly and Ross Allison mambo haunted toys black eyed children and strange intruders you listen Jason TV. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you can. Call me on reality radio Jason Hawes and JB Johnson as we cruised through another night here it is see Wednesday night slash Thursday night Thursday morning program. We invite you call and an 8446877669. We have two guests tonight that's a rare treat we've got David Weatherly who we've. And the program before and his partner those also co author of his book. Of the book caught it toys Ross Allison and we've been talking about the haunted toys saying in. You know one things that sound that comes to mind when we hear about harder to his Zoellick dolls a lot of the time but some would Woodson to consider in a ouija board. A haunted toll by any chance. We know Egypt border was marketed as a gain. And we do covered in a book in the chapter. Under games and alum. You know it took so you don't many departments or older and more or departments were called a rain up. That's all our problems still market just an attack in the last few years ago all of variations to try cheap fuel. I even younger children edited or achieve your. Try to hit the market will you know young girls. Build our substantial. And longer one. They do it alone in the dark on an absolute no longer versions need to do in market. Pretty busy and hello kitty one. Well. The current so I knob but out of out of that what's been the strangest haunted toy that you guys have ever come across. I don't harsh. In animal I don't see. The sixers game and one of my favorites. Was. A little lamb dole. That I had written about. And it looked all that or. Earl carried liquor on the day she died she struck by a car. And when they went to training buying the land that should have got a car or that the Lambert client. And they couldn't find it in the moment really wanted so bad because she wanted her daughter buried with it. And unfortunately they searched and searched nowhere to be found that it showed up that day after the funeral on their porch. And you brought it home you know we're in her trial room. And acrobat sort of interesting experiences. With the plan shall early in the morning including a hundred feet. As a child would wing and a cartoon star. And I think one of the most interesting parts of that story is one of her animal investigator gotten all you do EVP section. And after the session on the mother went to go grab the land and she found. Camp and now when they create actor recording. They actually picked up what sounded like little girl crying. And they believe that they'll land locally but from her years. That was actually occurred interest. Where I let's quickly go to the phone lines and bring Nina from California into the show great friend of the program Nina welcome to be on reality radio. I say thank. You dead ended so indeed that anyway. Oh the origins of corporate Qatar. Auburn actually the Robert adult came to a tap some of them via the owner brought America one point. And only are we get a big taps our convention going down in Florida and the owner stomped and with the so. I'm not really on a percent familiar with the with a lot of history minded speech as it's trying to pay much attention. And I think it very abbreviated version. You know it's not the background because they've actually done a lot of research on Robert in the last few years. And they have finally uncovered what they believe this is just actual or urgent because the longest on all or surrounded him a shirt that was. Was made part. Greet the Stanley it's house page from champion and that she you know practiced. Recruited you and a curse at all at all sure it strange and it turned out that reality will be all launched on given to Google. Jeanne. By huge grandfather. Who actually bought a trip to Europe and deep gorges at least are in Germany where the dull actually eighty. Nate Ford Dutch boy. And bet he was purchased there are brought. Two and given to Robert and bush relishes people you treating trauma church source there's. Yeah now positive that change what an initial booked. This sort of be you know the explained the uniqueness of the ball and each problem. Well restricts freshmen and as one of us tree are all on adults to me there's a whole book on. And it's your question. Ali act up now and yeah I don't like origin yet all I can relate finds just about I made. I can't. Itching to all witching and and it was it was not despite but she got fired by that really helped out around a lot about about your origins but to act that did and when people. It at the house. That was back in Florida. David C it's facial expression changed. And Aaron they even saw it on windows sealed. Looking outside. The windows. Do. Or the storage that surround Robert just up I mean there are people you know here in a run upstairs attic control. He would be seen should appear now cuando lynch and schoolchildren and area started toward Howell coach is it just it disturbance and logically what our house and you stall. Should be an inch air one but glaring down that column and you know there's so much or that has built up almost stall. Even at 22. President today huge and I'm Marcello sparkle Eugene currently. And the museum were cheeks hundreds of letters on a regular pay extra people who passed a tribute Laporte are not asking permission to. To take a picture and global recession and if you don't that should commissioned an extra church. Then you'll become first and there are still many people on our column because they're trying to make a joke. About it. And the experience or strange stranger camera or malfunction or. You know other up they happen while air cannon in the aftermath the spiritual cheer each each hole which. They never attribute Laporte and me in the show minimal water. And you know she this year require all. Forgive from the ball shall be the Bible and. Our so called me and oh. Thanks Nina on the we have a lot of notes thirty seconds for we have to go to break again guys but I wanted to on just ask is this basic question. The connection between children toys does that add to the spirituality and nuns are Jolie's in the word but it the possible. Spiritual connection of toys. Two. The spirit world. A couple. We find that a lot of times you know. Children become so we're similar Torre's. In this column they developed a life of their own and especially when you're going to situation work mental illness could be involved. Or even. Sudden death. There's let down like that continues on after. They passed which could also explain some of these personalities. That somebody's spirit had when they're attached to this stall or even. A part of that doll. Right judgment okay let's take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation our guests. We're talking about so haunted toys it's beyond me a pretty decent GP. Parking ticket sale as though Baghdad as Kramer. And we're here we're bringing beyond reality radio thank you everybody for joining us against become very very important to us we're appreciated. We ought to remind you of what we've got coming up on the show because you've got some great stuff in the next few nights Morrison looking ahead to Monday. We have. Cities and even a chance to see one of the most prolific supernatural writers of his generation 2007 he released a bestselling nonfiction. The uninvited which he tell the true story of his own personal Hartings in the infamous screaming girls. But in 2010 you released the groundbreaking short story collection crazy. And a rival schools on companies that he's also working on the the book number two for the out of it is yeah. Called blessed are the wicket and then Tuesday night Marc Shaw will join us he's the author of twenty plus books and how we've talked about the JFK assassination a few times are over the last month or so we did last night as well. But he's written three books regarding the JFK assassination in talks about the truth. Of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. And also. Other things that we will be talking about Joseph. The father JFK actually caused the assassination JK JFK which is a theory that I haven't heard before some banks see exactly what that's about. And our guests tonight are David Weatherly and Ross Allison and we spent the first hour talking about. Book that they both worked on together called haunted toys. But now and also late total first off is a book is that book already available to us. It is a song I'm a double count. OK so people can grab Derek members and we've also got it being listed right on the beyond reality radio site. Under guest or so it makes you head over to the beyond reality radio dot com click going guest. And you'll find the book we'll sit right there but I also wanna get into David we had you on last year in which we are talking about. The black eyed children in the strange intruders and a lot of things going what's that Tom. Now we played some audio earlier that was back from September of 2016. I'm not sure if it was fake news four was legit news. On native incensed meanwhile going never really looked into it but. Com back in September of 2016. In Manchester England there was a story that was released about two black eyed children on the mall actually eighteen year old. That work there were caught up after trying to break into a hotel did you ever hear that story or anything on the. Yeah I did. It should. It's been making around in a regionally and mission number storage garage and one that. You know some of the partial their theory shortchanged and cherish I'll I'll let you report it Spain and form. Yet the whole report but he's GQ and being. Poor are rested and you know. Kept under lock and key somewhere won't have circulated I don't potential problems story. You know one change being net Angel more news reports. Our position examines children and should say the solemn Buckeyes or. Or march. Hopes of any time you want job. You know. Modified in anyway whatever and the problem. People Clara and everything assault blood is there would be shoot it declined to disrupt or VIR courage and. You know the claim is at least keep kids. More running around or what's solid what I have been born that way and no but of a lark you completely human shoreline belt or. By the store and of course unfortunately it's one of those HQ gloomy. Follow what form does he can't you need permission problem digital music because he had them. Well Russian that social sold its interest in but in time. Well don't you offering him nothing to back him up but now that opens up a lot of questions now. I've been sent to cases numerous times 44. From church religious organizations. Sent in on nom demonic possessions and things of that nature of course 99% of those can be figured out something else. But I have been on cases. Where individuals. Have. Have they've had their eyes go black they can still see they can still communicate and so forth com. Soul. And I and I I get the whole idea of authorized go black and they wouldn't be able to see from a medical perspective. I have a friend also Ryan Ryan who's a tattoo artist and he's gone to the extreme of having a white mid sized. Mean you know black and which it's terrifying toilet. I achieved someone has dug a hole and grew won't I won't. And I hear what you're saying you know fortunately all our. Racers that are reported. Demonic and lose or someone will turn spears in war cola and old black and our. Think that we can and to Alter our church or talk about that's essential it is part of an old paradigm you're shut in a change something. Stick and the question which. Person's physical body and it has all turned her. You know some college. If you look or she is the most out as you probably now you know it teach people street and he honor he. We're forces and and other languages and so forth and water the other bench and then just published. A feature of course the Irish terms salt water during election. I kind of agree which you know most of these cases can be explained you know. By various means growth won't get into your future. Orchard and what. You know. Reached on a number of occasions Jews who have no adequately. That this is what happened during wars situations are blunt terms all bar so. There's there's so many possibilities are scoring and Obama you know or Oakland to among well. Well and I I was actually told by one priest that and when somebody's possessed they're actually not looking at you through that person's eyes. Soul and that wouldn't so another grisly and those guys can turn black but they're looking at you through more of a spiritual. Spirit spiritual way instead of actually using the person's eyes so animate it that's what school. Well yes or ties to be black and it wouldn't matter to us and using them anyways which. Michael on the whole idea of well that's why the guys on black but our eyes so now when we're getting into this whole black eyed children now. There's been reports and when you look around a lot of people claim that this is an urban legend has started 1990s on line and but the problem with that is their stories that go way from way back in time long before the ninety's online. So I'm like what were some of the oldest stories that you're able to document. We don't want the first all untouchables from 1950s and that her interest in the and that keeps you well equal the all Star Wars. But he just a cursory glance of course it's all so. Creepy a smaller ones and what modern in the harm. And you start looking for the element shall treat age and older report so supernatural activity. That's perhaps chief national start trying to walk all the nations and other researchers and shank and but watch what he should our show from military rule area farming community and in the ball young man and be held Wednesday. And he encountered this young kids usually gets coached. Shalom bought Irish and it was a very disturbing channel and one and one touched. Kid made art contact of any actual court. Eric childish. And I'll shut the door and told her you know what happened. And the archery actions are seen as stronger. Of course grad shot on the mark or shall cultural problem property. The mother immediately share coached oh lord Errol asthma and double. Or taking you down to the creature. Cho never watch just a term like you mentioned like that was a bunch. The time period and to the people involved and their perception that goes well the social and her new people. That man children and tried to aren't there shall Schroeder's solution goals triggered element and. So lowered its own words the thing that's holding everybody up with that is. Just the labeling the black guide kids because. United it'll got a year ago and in what we did I brought up to you that there's talks all the way back medieval days I am honestly can follow back to the Romans. Where they talked about and they were called everything from watcher of the woods and and so forth but there were stories of somebody getting a knock on their door and opened the door and it sees themselves looking back at that Fam but with black eyes and a lot of times it was thought that. They took over your life and he and they killed either two goals real life as if they were you wouldn't and just one on and there's these reports that Deepak you don't you're talking forever. So it's just the labeling the black eyed kids which. People listen online as urban legend but the the stories actually predate long long before. I. You know you'll you'll find a lot well aren't Carol that she'll beat Kate you know from. 1960 you're eighteen under currently won't because it. A modern arc is a modern cultures. And and it's it's more intriguing will you pick up in a Jewish. In a launch a new account you mentioned. And their approach to. During the search almost done. I'm not sure try to hold up launched a Porsche marshaling. All earth summit. The Herschel managed to achieve that was on her a couple of quick. And choose this archaeological site and it's just treasure true. They traveled incredible. Heart and strategies are animals buried shortage could account shall follow one human. It's staged act thirteen 1400 years brush little scratch huge heart completely polished they shot one. Eight should remain the strategy took the current drenched somewhere and moaning and polished black security in the arch. So this is weird. Human or catcher it was solid block. Everyone who goes and stands on this date report and Shamu to what people tell me about. Acute. But actually the statue teacher and channeled. In a commercial delicious or aren't they came into the water rushed. And here's what skill that aren't so one blues and soul. What happened enter your and a good part which. You know if you remove the sole NG it javy you and I talked about. Or just last week I had I had received. Contact them some people want me to check in some cases especially early religious organization army check in some cases of South America that there have been recent reports. I'm black I am black eyed individuals not just chilled from the black eyed individuals were showing up to the multiple people's house is always in the same town. And it does seem to be more prominent down. In South America. And and so forth not as much up here where I guess or breed of Smartphone on the good stuff pictures and but it does seem to be more prevalent south American aircraft. A spiritual way broke out strong I travel almost all in my house in contact which we. What people talked and got increased number of solid and Chalmers owners so there's there's certainly something that you yeah. It so what happens. With the black eyed children do they grow into adults are in the probably don't have the answer what you saw on this to they grow into adults or they adverse forever suspended as children or are they not even really beings it just come and go and appear that way. Yeah that's my personal opinion I don't think that there are children at all. I think they're just which you know formed in order to catch critical hours. Because people are more willing to open the door and and while a child and our house and there are just some random adult and so it's. It is so actually you know yeah yeah it's it's a fact that their children disarmed people is that is that we're we're saying. Our I mean it's it's similar to you there's a cycle. Like a wealth of torture. You know actually catch adults were sore hard wired to want help out. And you know what your current law should terms you will change Lester and the help. I need to come near you shall we shall without your natural inclination or degree. To all thought Charl what helped Jewish. You know that Scotch Chechnya but at same time all your body's warning challengers and none of some ball. Urged audible about that. Embarrassed and it is the creation chuckle Kabul victims. And they just. They give trojans they don't know how published on until it make October that these children and end it. Now Ross I know you've been investigating for about thirty years I'm have you ever had any in Thai owners or any claims of people coming across I mean these black eyed children. Item fortunately Allen's. I've been very badly with that are at or you know popping up right. It personally no I haven't. Apparent enemy and it so. Personally of course some of the public we said earlier some of the possessions seem to seem to fall within that Tom. But ninja so do you think that so you you don't. Believe that they're they're really children you just leave that that's how there there coming across to how they're presenting themselves are manifesting themselves Taurus. Credit they're you know our co wrote the book and present a lot of their are possible because all geared up for. Do you explain what these are my personal opinion. But. Is that these are some kind of dimensional entity. There aren't. Coming into our world and Sunni to form and inequality in her and to me that coauthor of a mile to the idea now all that. There are other level of just went over the bench. And not our adult later elders and church or we'll talk about those millions and so I didn't know this is old or as I centuries. We're surged probably shut there are. Dimensional doorway and then there are. Differ and to come under is totally and so it is rationing community she saw it coming around and looked inept. Prospect now and you. Corn traveler aren't sergeant Lee. Some of these super natural pockets you'll that it sort of share a whole new. Range possibilities. On on. So the biggest two million dollar question here is if there intermittent dimensional beings are what every they are. What are they here for what are they trying to accomplish. Oh well. Can ma person on a woman's. One outlook children in exchange or actually news. Are out there and I don't know but they show up they create there's tremendous spike in fear what can people. I don't want to spark fear is created in me. Now column. My theory is that there feeding on the energy created. So late so like some could also so lake on the receipt so you're talking about like what we often think of as they'd demonic entity would feed on fear feed on those negative emotions that we're talking about. So do you think there's a connection with a demonic type presence or is that just coincidental. I trigger in connection because you know when you drill into the realm of being an algae did you arrange again drew let you know. Are are back at history and people on chief culprit on certain on which all animal going to happen in album and of course turn little hard to. Bill which cultural change in originating mortgage orange black magic level or witchcraft and you get cheater period history shoes and playing that people. Struggling all year old Opel each commercial leash and tried to interpret. Our mutual. All strange and but how how boxed. Ordered or shall we well know how are you your spiritual is that are disturbing. New hardware aren't all that crucial Kamal. And outlook change anything wall political. It's just that you know kids are actually very Christian. Don't know the pollution is to try and duration and she is getting a little Asian and that will and the chair. Which is shocked and also looked at the extension of a lot of correlations. Between patients involved in the June contrition and Paul been demonic now cherished. Well and I will say though they seem. I I he idled can't even put them the classification of the Monica I would definitely put them under inhuman type entities because. Fact of the matter is when you deal with a demonic entity and to all the cases I encourage ideal image and you guys know that I deal in hand with the wind numerous religious organizations and all the the so called the monetary cases that have turned out to be legit. Any time and negative a demonic type Penske manifests itself it always has some imperfection. When it manifests itself as a person whether it's missing an arm of Florida its mouth is is is not. There it's it's just missing there always seems to be some sort of is it cannot manifest itself with a perfect form of human being whatever reason. But these these black eyed children seem to be able to be perfect images of children except for the black guys. All right well theoretically could be you know. Well yeah Maryland's Smith struck and it didn't conflict so what. So what is the when you investigate. Quote unquote. The presence of these black eyed children or the appearance of them I mean what can you do because it seems to be so random. And so infrequent. In wallets at all or Kurt Coleman. Realize there's so among the course of this corn. You arbitrary a mock and you know I still can no longer educational vehicle. It really comes down and Bill Clinton's war room and social. The validity or what they're told me. And what I find situations that come crosses news authentic and my goal of these people essentially trauma. You know it. As someone who doesn't agree and experience and so on chuckled at that really. Large and ultra. Personality changes to open recurrence Burgos traditions want and I couldn't. Where we're talking with David Weatherly and Ross Allison. My haunted hallways. Black eyed children and strange intruders. We're gonna take a quick break can do we come back with. Go morning listen Jason did. The starters it's strange alignment commanders on the moon and outside and I do we know many years and noise loyalists are just everything seems to be a little weird maybe a little computer glitch is going on begin video glitch is going on and who knows maybe. If you use a windows. You and I don't know welcome back to beyond reality radio everybody great Eveready along and don't forget Monday night we've got Steve only chance coming up. Tuesday it's Marc Shaw and Wednesday Elizabeth Joyce we've got a lot of great programming coming up next week. In addition to night and tune in tomorrow but next week as we launch with Westwood One and does start to expanding our reach to allow more people and we will be low. In the in the new stations it will be airing on unseat the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio page as well as beyond reality radio dot com so out. If we're not airing in your area chances are we will be rather soon so. May she stay tuned for that looks like we're talking with some good friends of ours David Weatherly and Ross Allison. They've co authored a book haunted toys. And we spent the first hour talking about ten and we spent the last. A 3035. Minutes talking amount the smooth black eyed kids and a strange intruders and and just some really creepy subjects. Yeah what things that I wanted to bring up and we talked about this a little bit last night with their guest and I actually were Larry was two nights immature and related it to us some stories relieves the moth man sightings in these. Odd individuals that were little awkward they were dim diminished in size they weren't like full adults are kind of smaller. There were they were generally wearing sunglasses when they appeared they had an awkwardness about on the couldn't understand some basic concepts like money. And apart from the fact that the black eyed children are of very it's dirty script and we get those accounts. All the other trade seemed very very similar have you guys made any connections with those type a signings that were. Being seen around the moth man sightings and these black eyed children sightings. I can't. But are you are you aware of those same manner if you had a chance to look into the moss man. A story at all and these ancillary things are happening while the moth man was being. Seen in Point Pleasant out West Virginia but it was some really and then they'd be attributed it amusing the common understanding their belief is. That it was alien in nature and I guess my point is could there be mailing connection when these black eyed children. It could be I actually spent a lot content or close that it it sure there are strange coached. And you know that the culture talked about early movies. So called it might be sure and a black right and there's all chapter and what cultural import is about our track that pops up coalition. Between the QB coach. Are in the opposite Shalala saying look people actual blog and column. They're able increased quiche in little cargo brokered peace. And these insurers should it ironic in her parents are a normal people have trouble. Electronics and own televisions or shelter all too short or what might be Cheryl and Shane got her off burger ordered and guide chip in child urged. Shall the correlations are certainly puzzle to say at least. Command. You know it surged you showed that job. That's something shall kind of strange global all American League. Short term which challenged. In this important punished to intrigued me because. John Q shall like normal tonight. Leo me Campbell on Clinton will be occasions and talk a law come in the machine groomed. You know it's it's one people electric everybody shut and stay should read because Fiji law that. All this phenomena hole as quickly and end woods. In focus on the idea mutual all leash areas strange and trying to stricker or connections or. Her polish. Speaking at Point Pleasant Gigi and it looks like we're gonna be there in this. This coming marked man festival actually broadcasting from there. In September they have it's really has become a phenomenal event it's a moth man festivals for an appoint pleasant and we've been asked to come broadcast from there to do I do discussion. You know that meet greet kind of thing in. Working out the details to work so to do that because this is one of the stories it's fascinated both of us for very long time capsule so. Initially the anniversary. Of the anniversary approach. That's right. That's absolutely year you know yeah it's pretty important years. But I guess you made the point for me I was still asking and roundabout way without planting the idea in your mind Richard did is that their cause there's an there's a very similar or that a lot of slow the similarities between those sightings. And the characteristics we hear about these when we I hear about black eyed children sightings and down. I can't help but wonder if if there's a commonality here are some type of connection released the they're from the same origin. It's their trigger possible and tell your story at our wounds do. Erica so when after a virtual book you know started yet in people circling people contacting. And they were saying you know art is there electronic Obama assertion that the kid. Because Amish in this report strictly bring home. Are accountable to from Montrose and sure sure you as a truce and lo and behold I got cultural multicultural. Alliance are almost knocked them there's static. Now Bruce started to occur over and over and over again multiple arms and held her own busy at the time and I. You know our court filing your child in the emotions what went in. What's going on because I didn't listen to what the message it's. And our current beat her this cute black. In the background while well like coached at in. Now a written shelters electric and natural conclusion I basically. Concluded OK you've got a young kids dialed com. So shot on the wall it's fashionable and cute and well Q well number. So he really Schaub looked Coleman Allen called. You'll. I actually got all the ball here just Obama chart or June oh guess what happened. And they're repeated over and over and over. Come the weekend. Our country and in my off church. And just try to cure while woken up and on this call shall and I just a quarter. Although much is also from animal messenger like gotta kinda. So are our culture and shoot and you're not going. I shut down a modular Marshall a little bit nobody Kutcher. I pick up black actual logo can certainly get an out or my I saw my whole life I look at it most solemn or not. He's like can understand something that the cellphone companies more. The tackle opponent. The days that he you know and them up and down his uncle Connell well. It went down in the warm personal while Burton's doing hostile. Good telephone tax emotional control catch on and and the long can duke. Show you know he show me an all wars. But we commercial later control or what would go to terrible on little kernel shovel version of get a problem Daschle or. And it lit up and down my number. For the final time. Action as she crossed and grids into port quote. There you know truly mean come on borrow her a small group you'll corrections and unquote style and it was just here we're golfer after the show or some. Intelligence. Shall help artwork. Or source saying actually we can do want to. You know we can we complain around it can be reached at and where it. We have some level of control workshop you know and delicious and it will ruin literally started. Wilbur that's not far fetched because there's been cases even cases I've worked on in the past and I've I've written about this where. You get a call on your home phone your cell phone and just prior to getting a call from somebody who's requesting your help on a demonic tight case. And the word yeah you get the call. And it'll just be heavy breathing or weird weird noises that you really can't may count as sort of like a threat. And it's there and has dug a wedding Yunel. Countess is to stay away and it's always prior to you getting. That called somebody who needs you need your help and it turned turns out to be a true demonic type case. Soon use as is so. Good good. No house or structure so you know it's shorter club on it court cause of welcome and there's you know there's this whole weird and applause. Obama again. Yeah it's it's it's him it's an area that time defies any kind of trying to put in any one paranormal box there're so many things that have heard in that area we've talked about many of them on the program the moth man. Is the most obvious one but. You know that there would be daring and Darrin burger Cason and other very very strange characters an alien visitation is just it's a very very unique area. Wanna take the conversation back specifically the black eyed children. Have you noticed any geographic. Concentration of the appearances of so these entities. Ma 011 extra start get into education social or work or clusters showed their. There was closer attractions in Austin ruled in the midwest around the aren't you. You look worse mall and cheer they're cooked a more. Cal got a bargain on more large credit to being a real. You know it coached corner cushion them from all of the world would. So I mean as I've heard of several mantech many in the UK. And as Jason says South America seems to have a bunch. Not necessarily. You know there's there's shall we shouldn't be waged. You should mention warrior. Special shall we go along generations coming out of South America Arnold is also quite a number of reports coming in Australia. General. You know so you know there's there's something nom. You know maybe that would stop I want battle group's core to a little. Figure out what this travel agent country. Outlets as your pocket or spoken yet to score coal council rather at the political. Right again it's going to be the search had been a more often so we can develop some patterns that guys were we've actually killed the night here we've ran out of time. Where can folks other than beyond reality radio website working folks give more information about the books and more entry information about where Europe to. For me can check helped true crows colonel ballclub blog spot while on that a treat or coach you're older bush. Paranormal dot Walsh caught. Boss. Well definitely gagging get a book at Amazon com and aren't our girls duck or in our HEH or T. Google Archie. It was great talking you both and Ross you know I got to stay in touch panel long time and gave thanks for coming on and on with us again. I told Pletcher got century council let. Jeremy thank you. He has have a great night talks and all right so what did you break when we come back we've got more of the telephone numbers 8446877669. If you've got something on your mind you like to chat about we'll take car. Beyond reality. 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Always came ask us and I'm on my Angel time anyway I noting that includes customer funds to some bused to please and go somewhere that's fun that's I'm ready for that. Well I'm amid new reports before our trip in September to a Point Pleasant which is going to be fun by the way as can be really really cool it. Most man festival 151000 people being Buchanan cool. Again and again you streaking in the just a marked man and we'll keep you bring you up but until you show the costume on and even an inconsiderate because until you come up that. To talk about it. A man that definitely an interesting topic tonight and the whole thing about these black tag kids there. It's it is creepy it really is I mean in a lot of these claims were like I was saying earlier I GAAP. I contacted because a lot of these a lot of people and having this experience down South America. Anyone middle into a zone so I will book. It's just weird how they seemed to happen a certain terrorism and disappear for the longest time didn't happen again. You know somewhere else thousand miles away. Yet the biggest frustration about that particular topic is that before the of the the sightings are so rare. And the details are so sketchy but the the thing that makes him more interesting is that few of encounters that we do have with a personal testimony it's very very convincing. And in those people are clearly affected by it. And it's they're not the cut it's at the same kind of thing is maybe seeing a big foot or even a ghost it's much it's a much different experience and we need more of these things to herder really get a handle on what's going on. Pencil I agree with that a 100% are. Distribute it to be really nice if we could isolate one and just trying to figure out what's truly going. I know I know. And it's there if it's true what David was saying in there is there's a demonic or Indian do inter dimensional connection there it's going to be even more more difficult to. The possibly get you know any kind of evidence that we can analyze. It's the end is so big shout out to David Weatherly and also our Ross for coming on Ross Allison for coming on. And just talking and talking to a small that in the haunted toys because that's that's always secretive wanna as well yeah I mean is that more claims have to win anytime we assent to a residential house. And somebody has kids they're always seems to be their claim in palm. You know my my kid's story turned on by itself and moved across a room. Orange and it turned on and that looked and no batteries in it that's always a good one. You know but it but they have all the time so an it's a subject that really hasn't been written much about. I don't really see anybody anybody writing about its own it's nice that they finally covered. Yeah and I've always said most of clowns we talk about a lot of different things that are fodder for nightmares and and creepy toys are rated the top of the list and there's been a lot of movies about it there's been a lot of you know things written about that phenomenon but. In in in reality if you and I know you have JC ever experienced one of those things you know lament of the toy without a battery certain common coming on and turning it's it there's aren't too many things. Scarier than that. That's who I mean it's just a great topic have a midnight and in between midnight and 2 AM. You can't fake it better topic to be talking about black eyed children onto toys it's so true it's so true. And speaking of topics we've got a lot of great stuff coming up so make sure you tune in in the coming days remember that Monday night is our first night with the Westwood One were very very excited about that kick off from we will have. Stephen what chance with a us. He is one of the most prolific supernatural writers of our time in 2007 he released and bestselling nonfiction book called the uninvited which he tells. His own true story of a personal haunting while he was living in the infamous screaming house. And then in 2000 any release a groundbreaking short story collection called crazy and he's gonna follow book to the screaming house called. Blessed are the wicked so we'll be talking a lot about the screaming house on Monday night. Then Tuesday we march off mark shows music California attorney and investigative reporter who's dedicated the past ten years probing the truth about JFK's Lee Harvey Oswald. Palm through three different books were in me talking to him about it much different things. Yeah and Wednesday night Elizabeth Joyce will be coming on she was one of two sets of identical twins. She's been psychic sense births she's from Bergen county New Jersey she's a housewife and a mother and become internationally respected for her guests as they psychic and it energetic healer and surely means an energy healer. She personally believes that the credit should go to the divine as well as to her guides and teachers. She's a modern day mystic and author and a master's spiritual teacher healer to figure grace of god will be talking about all that stuff when we have her on next Wednesday night. Well infineon view I know a lot of you'll love the crap co sponsors we have coming on what it is great commercial you know what a great company discusses so and they're always looking for great new products are. If any of you can currently have any ideas. That's a great products that you like to see crowd or an aircraft go. You know. Create let us now. Yeah and you know you know that the thing we should mention too is we've been talking with Josh warn us about our idea of of working with our listeners in would these wishing machines that view and are both given by Josh and his partner and they wanna get vaults were working out details there who might have an opportunity gives few of these which machines a way. That is true ozone. If you don't have a washing machine wishful thinking in the miss it and you might. Get a washing machine management wishes were. It's all pretty it's all very easy if he's in as little silent yet to follow the the the aero you'll figure that one out. On the mission make sure you Il phonetic is Josh it's phenomenal guy great friend. And it just meant a lot that he he sent us an email sand and it's starting about giving and giving some away to the listeners I don't know we're gonna come up with a good plan yet we're gonna have to be a lot of fun I don't know this if we should talk about this on the program but I'm going to some equity you agreed subway. You know the samba shares slide necessarily that it might be. Now SARS Cyrus has him in BM tear art market well there. A said he was done in Canada by the Canadian broadcast corporation. And they grabbed chicken sandwiches. From three restaurant chains they went from us and they took one from subway they took one from Wendy's and it took one from McDonald's. And they did DNA testing on the meat in media rates has the best concerts yes on the meat in the sandwich and it turns out. That the subway a burden roasted chicken patty that they put their sandwich was only 53%. Chicken. And that's what's the other 47%. They found that the other 47%. Was actually soy protein. So it's not like it's you know some other unknown animal it's Sawyer protein but it's not chicken. Our reality yes and just so you know the Wendy's grilled chicken sandwich averaged ED and A half percent chicken. And the McDonald's sandwich chicken sandwich was 84 point nine. Percent. OK let's do it into the subway and another issue not to long ago where all the guy that was the camel know I'd also like to Jared and timing crowded a little kids Cambodia at the c.s are soaked in America small but nobody he's probably having the same thing on the Democrats are sure he has but no they had something where they're ten some of the chemical that was in the red is actually chemical and Tuesday to make plastic pliable I did hear some remote that two police can't take too many these stories and survive as a chain have been clean up their act and a mean just makes you wonder how much crap we've all been eating I know it's scary style of subway a male I you know it's great sandwich but it mean don't don't you get a book that we are getting pink tennis. Narrated but you'll get a big shout out to David Weatherly and Ross Allison for coming on the hang out this night talk him strange intruders black eyed kids and also haunted toys. Mean she tune in tomorrow and we ignore the great show in. Come on Monday Monday we're gonna start popping up everywhere so make sure you get over it like the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality that radio page. This Jason NG EB unreality radio catch you tomorrow night at. Just the. Yeah he's painting he was lying and saying hello it's me I'm really really long term. If you've got information you want us. Follow upon or you like to meet Gaston beyond reality regulating email to swing any that's swinging any need Edie Klein and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.