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Think Tank 1110am Open Lines

Mar 2, 2017|

What if Trump’s biggest opponents are Republican?  What if the GOP doesn’t approve infrastructure spending, military spending, even building a wall on our southern border?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and come here is our WW cobra and jaguar opinion poll. Could Trump's biggest opponents big Republicans. That's earlier Warburg and think about his or I'm surprised EVE percent of views and he. That's how controlled. Oval Office controlled house controlled descent and in bill moves and red state. Including Mississippi and Georgia and Alabama important parts of taxes. 80%. You'd think that. Republicans could be used pigs and we get to this. I'm talking about some and that I think probably might might go away by Monday so one thing about it now. Jeff Sessions. Donald Trump's attorney general. Beaten big news investigators probe Jeff Sessions contact with the Russian officials. During confirmation hearing sessions has supplied under ruled he had no contact with the Russia. As via campaigns are being. Connected with the trump campaign. In this Walter drove these are yours from bosnians have been examined contacts. The Jeff Sessions had with the Russian pleasures during that time he was obliged. Donald Trump's presidential campaign. The outcome would be inquiry. And whether it is on going is not clear. So. That settlements and makes it sound like investigating. Certain it is crazy but good news week. And no it's not clear who knew what that song go. Well when things I'm pro launch range is that two of them session spokesperson. Spokeswoman. Serve the attorney general wasn't aware that is communications. Had been under investigation. And remember what drug Chuck Schumer sent. Couple weeks ago. We talked about trump criticizing the intelligence community is too dumb. To pool with the intelligence community due Tuesday can make minced few web six way news. After Sunday. Here here's your attorney general whose guys can head the justice department of PRI. And he didn't know. That there was an investigation looking at them wounding one bring out. But her sealed. In the think tank we've really tried to be prayer and carry over and over again in college just in case we have new losers. And borrowed for trump. Electron. I don't think he's going to be good president. But. I'll want to be. Ottawa ate a lot of the things he says he's going to do and we just talked about cold and Spiegel. Which I think has very little chance of doing so. But borrow like that power. Or impossible. In this thing tech. If our goal and some don't care of some in a negative and so on and we're trying to do is proved one thing children. Let's talk about Joseph obsessions. And I think there's a possibility. The story goes way. Come Monday. Someone talk about it and now. Here's what do you and in this is bright board. Hasbro board yeah reporting. What the Washington Post reports that things for India. Boards would sessions admirably Russian and Bausch would want. Her did foundation that dent in July. 2006 and reloaded while the arena other ambassadors were all true president think he talked to between six and another. And also reports that sessions met with the same name Balch. And there's certainly an office in September. It is in his capacity. On the Senate Armed Services. Committee. Price board goes on to go pro awards. Washington Post attempts thing sessions. Is he didn't disclose the meanings of the senate when he was asked about possible contacts. Between members of president Trump's campaign. And represented does a mop. Bright board owns the post does not provide the old French group of the question patents and or Al Franken. And sessions and instead it's summarizes the exchange and waited Goodman said it seemed that sessions was past. If there was indeed contact. At all. To in the campaign. And represented two of the auction. I think this is the old pro and on port Rankin. Said mr. sessions. So Ian and just publishes or ruler agenda pure intelligence community provided documents. To the president elect last week that included information that quote. Russian operative cling to a compromise and personal and financial information on ms. These documents and again this resolved Franken who's documents also allegedly says that was a continuing exchange. Continuing exchange. Of information about the campaign between trump surrogates. And intermittent intermediary. For the Russian government. And price break again I'm telling you dips. As it is coming out shall you know. But the true. It's obviously extremely series if there's any evidence one. Affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the Russian government. In the course of the campaign what will you do. Sessions said and Franklin. Word in the of these activities. And columnists are dead tired too in the campaign. I did not have communication. With the Russia. I'm only able to comment on. And again that's a bright bar there of their of their right wing. They know that sanctions. Was not actually ams where they are key or anyone Napoleon but the campaign. Had any kind of information. Communications with the Russians ever. It was as first. About a continuing an exchange of information. Repeated contacts between the campaign. Represented. In the Russian government. In the bowl contacts of Franken remarks. It is clear that sessions was asked about the allegations. Conserving trump. And denied. Such community cage. And Marty says it was. Today. I talked to Russian bud blues. Undermine. What do you believe it or not believe it I think. I've just delivered. Both sides. I don't want you to a crucial during interest and tell me. Pointed out something that forgot about ending the lawyer I think in the order wheeled out of you gore against the them. You key words two million. You'll respond. To block the apps. And really. Do not quit the case. Do not give additional information. That they have to. In conjunction with a camping did you meet with the Russian operative. Through snow. You don't have Tuesday. And my relations with the senator in the intelligence committee. On bed with a Russian and a cigarette in our office. And tell me god doing some illegal and print respected. Lawyer. Professor. In this community. Setup for it at all yours votes as. So what are arguably all of it to give you. Bottle. Size. Because. They go marching on CNN. During the break. Page one version. Or broad the allegations. And serving sessions. Scandal. Well. Can lead to hear both sides to determine. If it is a scandal. If it is well. We called coupling time. What do you think your residual wanted somebody up. Holy Toledo while the bedroom money gifts would never happen pretty jaguar and double Arab opinion poll we do every now. Could Trump's bid his opponent's big Republican. So red stay. Mississippi Alabama Georgia Florida but parts of Texas red Brit Brit Brit Brit. 92%. Imbued in cultural. The start I've collected a number of reports it's bound to would choose picture of their over the last month yours ago. Proving. What apparently you believe. Burger but Morgan who a couple of things first here's yours say it today liberal publication. It says them reality. Check forward trot you've hit Washington mall. Begun running smack ended grinch rates mandated by the constitution. Imposed by political reality. Presidents moving to Lilly some campaign promises and downside. Others. Many because of this is that cool reality. And we just showed up at being called boot you can believer in. That his promises to rebuild the coal and steel industry. Is his kind of built on match Digg should have already been lit. As you deregulate. Its net from gaffes he's gonna kill couldn. Steel. Is owned by a foreign country. Arkansas and one in and move that keystone pipeline and most of the steel. Are there have been made by Russian companies in Canada. So the problem as the Borg and make the steel for the Portland. In the US. Out. Oh let me give me you know there I think there's a big one and why the media at 2000 at least ask him well. I meant to be and tried chrome. Is just. Information. Pro personnel groups what does march 6 submitting new brought designs. For the border wall. Going to be several prototype Walt structures where it's always good build a wall holding to about programs. Two plays were prototypes. Involving technology involving parents and you didn't say that. But it went through phases. Starting mark six. The awards to the company as you can endure it should be a row in mid April. That's a wanna go wrong get a bit and actually doesn't match from when they'd talked to. 2007. Department of Homeland Security virtual fence project technology being built a boarding. And he beat up. I'd tagged network of cameras lighting sensors. All kinds of technology. Designed to intercept illegal border crossings. Field mean. Palin. It's called FBI net. Technology with a set of how torched. That is supposed to talk to each other over ban spaces. And and incorporate motion sensors and hammers and breed nor. Her track. 2000 miles of border. In fact. The government of planning on using this technology. Port 6000. Model to also went. On the Canadian border. And everything. Hinged. On board and technology. Borg won the contract. Within six months. Contract. Increased. Two and a half billion dollars. No they're cut back initial contract rose two and a billion dollars a few months later eight. Billion dollar over Roland. And the bottom line and use. 31. Million dollars would spam. And they. They scrap the whole thing. Are we not asking them about trumped wall of the it's not wall. It's been in technology. And partial wall. Usage or 187. Yeah. Hear what we're think at about doubling of the yelled at these jaguars. On opinion poll. Could drop its big opponents big Republican sent many percent of you say yeah it's. Got to go below examples here were attempting to were absolutely. Bright I'm surprised. The public obviously is notices soon. Were going to be there sure in the next award twelve noon hour about a bunker. Trial just that meeting of the governor's. You said quote we're going to repeal. And replace obamacare. He didn't say Brooke products he did not say broke fine. He did not say you were were going to eliminate some pieces and keep while. That what Obama. Said he was done. He admitted shortcomings. In Obama care and said we need replace or to work on the trial. Says we're gonna read place and read EU. Acting coupon and in the next hour. The media and plans prone Paul Ryan and from one of our own delegation. From one of the Republican play him not to rub repeal and replace. Its peace would be. So he's running up against his own people. Here's article and cool picture couldn't go more. Conservative blogger blinder. And talking head on told. Shares article goes silent salute labeled congress. And she says it's. After the inauguration. Host record Paul Roland senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. Put out of playing for mobile mobile home care in two hundred eight hundred eighties. They even give didn't inspiring titled the 200. Day plan. And cheese sales. Know you said you're gonna replace she says this is the silence. Of the land and congress. They're totally silent. Emerging from the coach Jim or their three hour lunches. To these delights of the media. He frightful way into meaning congress Sorrell Paul by nearly everything from dots. They've been especially Brodie about Trump's temporary tribal and from seven terrorist nation. Refugee band was already Britain pay as well one hopes of congress. And then suddenly the silence of the land my car pool in why in the or hiding under their desk. Is stronger is being attacked from every side. When present for open again in the same cold. Composed and compare them wild through month ban on emigrants and Syria abroad by over the terrorists nascent. The same Republicans. Would voted for a limitless ban on refugees wild where they're days calling reporters to denounce each. Little more than a year ago representative. Republican from Texas. Bright and press release he would introduce. Refugee day and calling to build that would protect American from ices. When it came to Trump's new month laws. It's Republican from taxes. Said trumped order to. And that and cold. Here's road should meant for each side both or like bore became the big draw. Your words the Drudge Report. The boards of conserve. Mad drug super player too good drugs report. Conservative website would please lead in world wise of the nude present. Raised eyebrow when this Republican Party should be guests for raw. No discussion of tax cuts. Joe's lots of re easy. To breeze. Drugs schooled him is amplified. By all of their conservative TV and radio people. Today. Called Republican quote. In congress spineless gutless to analysts timid politicians. Lambasted. Them for failing to keep their promises. To kill all obamacare. And the network that's an act to Maury inches. Of the stuff. Collected. Over the last few weeks what you think jurors are generally celebrity do you seek conservatives. Turning on trumped. And lived so long. Honeywell in the next election. Of your conservative. Keeping the guy you Lou elected. From doing what he promised. To those. That elected him. Some didn't think about it in the you'll think tank up to be now. I've felt I was only one dead had discovered it over the last few weeks collected articles. Where conservatives. And and conservative media. Hug conservative. Congress conservative senate with that trunk or our own hurdles in his word for what he wants to do but it. Apparently you've seen this same thing pretty judge barred but a build opinion poll unscientific. But bridges a lot of people. Could Trump's biggest opponent he Republican separately 2% abuse say yeah putts. If things go let's go to look Chris scripts in New Orleans perjured call. Hey guys don't. Start couple weeks ago I doubled upon your work on the Internet. And oddly does some really great. People again think Europe planned but boy I. You got it done and can give me better compliment it's my true love I'm getting it builds big web site. Use your whole lot more going to appreciate that your. Comment. You know. I smell desperation. Coming from the Democrat it seemed. They can do now. It's OK it's like you so the focus on a true story on the irrelevant stories that are really don't. Late in order to keep their headlines. Comfortable sitting on knowledge perhaps you'll want Brothers via my problem she's specialists that work snooping around different. I'll action then you know that there's that one of the many stories. Paint the Democrats and are more negative light in this. Tension Russian business. You know much much investigated. But investigated. But also investigate your union won and shot the debt. Also gave John the Christopher. Little hysteria. Going around on the Internet. Their claim he has the national center for missing and exploited children. Group Bryant had that downward pressure is related to an. Do investigate. And actually executed on. But I think the media isn't passing on. It. Is going on big. And Angie did to it. It ought to put the Ramones and wing wing. Talk this morning at Dayton's you know dynamite propose that you warrior. Saturday session goes before congress. Mean. Birds from our man. He knows in the glory would save him you'll only entered the question. All volunteer. In the information and it was basically asks. Have you. With the and that from campaign. And he meeting with actions and said now. And you get to the be. On the side. Word he says yeah I'm abortions in law office and it's where. But it was big codes Obama ID. My status. On foreign relations committee. All you have to do is those two things that detail the American people want to. Here allegations concerning session. Here's what sections. Are caught the the communications. With. Senator again Sen from and so you have to cod. That that that trench. There and it is ahead in. And that were receiving the laws of the bully. Well they're story. Oh boy who cried wolf. And you know I guess denying concede that that story is that if you tell fit enough. When it's time neck until the true people really won't believe you and I think the Democrats could popular election from its old tale and battery life. People are counting them out whatever and he. Put a word Russia because. Honestly low umps and tired of hearing about Russia. And regard to the Republicans. Period. About the fact that there are so mean there's so much the including uranium more. Went to Democrat in the. There are out without getting an old then Chris I really appreciated call. A bud. It that it would end end. It just is. Is it is something that's happening over and over again from the couldn't Democrat Republican side where the conservative media. In the conservative politicians. And liberal media liberal politicians. Skew the true. In order. To benefit their side and perhaps. Perhaps. When I'm told that Garland Kabul this is always. Been that way he would use. I say right. What we didn't have the glass in the pocket. We weren't caught in traffic jam loosened Roland gobbling that. Give me both sides of this section story. Our communications. It's all things in ending its. That truly you are looking to get educated. We seed were bullets. Aids. Org horribly going too much for watching and said Robertson says Matt says it. Don't let there be two parties. This is going to happen. Eventually. All of you believed in is cold chain bird you or in. You don't get educated. Or change your mind you don't grow you don't become smarter. You believe. What I heard beliefs Democrat Republican. Instead of just listening to both sides. And forming their passion. Is that is that. Is that impossible. A thought. In the Clinton. Roland goblet that call on the often. Alberto bill brigades celebrity AM. Little 53. At him. Come off. Manager of consumer. Do you he does that not goes down you've got Republican. Or six or seven years they've they've got to believe deeply broken leg from president controls and a house controlled house and regardless of whether that was bow and observed that what they were working to do. And they didn't come of them plan to replace. Obamacare. As soon as they control. All blog from the senate in congress. And and president drunk just told a meeting the governor went to repeal and replace its it and say broad prize. Or reply in. But you'd cut corners street and senators resuming. Oh. Good we're good movement. Talk about it about a Bloomberg comeback. Double drug deal brigade celebrity and moral part three of them.