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Think Tank 1210pm Affordable Care Act

Mar 2, 2017|

Can Republicans replace the Affordable Care Act without cutting services? Replacement! NOT refine Obamacare.  This hours guest: Maura Calsyn - Managing Director, Health Policy, Center for American Progress Mike Tanner - Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute (with a particular emphasis on healthcare, social welfare, & Social Security policy

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Well we've. Had a couple our roads and the thing to thing where one. We defended trump to of to a certain degree to leave we gave his side up and when it comes to. All of do you a pro war concerning to have solutions he would turn general Roland instructions. And investigations. But only on the side well so sure I've thing word trump uses the biggest hurdle inched. And it's conservatives conservative who do you believe them and conservatives in congress and the senate. And in this hour willing to talk about obamacare note trump. Watson to you in this sort of good. It shouldn't bear wouldn't be here in. 47 in the third award 34 days ago. He's human aboard the group or government coach and he said quote. We're going to repeal. And replace obamacare. Not reprise. Knob broke fine not selectively take some things out and put something back yen. Because if you looked at a little bit recent history doubt what Obama says. You said it's not perfect let's go back in and reprise some and and refine and Selma. But trump says Brigham replace its. Now we'll get an article today in Bloomberg. So Republicans hi Ed you of public feared trapped. Under a shroud. Of secrecy. They're they're scared to death that this is currently got a home in the wrong people have been issued a dumbo for the get a chance presented. There we go and other appliances. Trumped words on the bottom cures shore up in neutral party you. She over the all that says we're gonna try and to treat the nonpartisan. And exactly. What is being proposed some ones admitting. Wei Bo moral. And count them director hold policy center for American problem broached. Giving owners sold her valuable time appreciate it now. Sure. Bobo Morgan's specifics. A little kid. Some puzzling from Paul Ryan and plants and rig joke on Rand Paul for. So easily download a and other tasks that are owned. Represented Louisiana. Drug prison. What is he boarded what do you see happening. What good one to bed head or. Whatever. I'll have. Her number overlaps. You see kind of content beans in Egypt pieces he's he. The idea scaling back on the financial assistance that's available to people under the Affordable Care Act. You also being AT teams that quarantining. Portland PD people who are old and sick into separate marks on tension on sustainable market. High risk pool. And I also transparent system tipping from low income people to hiding people and from the affected healthy. So. Republican proposals are probably very attractive if you are young and healthy days. Protection from somebody who is older war well war is lower income. Little neglected to Paul Ryan's plan. Eliminate these individual mandate to obtain health insurance your thoughts. While the the mandate is there. Be content. Allowed. A lot of other consumer protections to be in place that people really like to show the problem. Problem in the US that health health spending is basically concentrated and Mary Margaret. So the for about two thirds of the spending. So in order to really make insurance work you need to bring people into. Insurance market and spread out rent. Com that's what the mandate. Op is designed to do it basically sit together. We have the financial system that is available under adult law as well. You know pre existing condition. Com exclusion and that's kind of very popular pieces. So you know the Republicans claim that day arc according to allow people get covered it day. Decade perhaps preexisting conditions but the protection they're really not dare. ET basically require that insurance company cannot discriminate against duke for a pre existing condition as long as he packed but they are calling continue. Coverage. That app I'm sure many of your listeners realize it's it's really quite easy apple laps in health care coverage you can do your jobs you own. Beep right out of policies I mean they're all sorts of different ways that that Pope might loose coverage here there are on the way. And he'd do coverage for a period time ten incher are allowed to charge more. Horry and Craig we have deuces and over simplification. We would stay eliminate some individual mandate to obtain health insurance. I wasn't then dared to say you're a young people were soaring. But you know you've got to participate. Because of the huge amount of baby boomers. That are hitting sixty Bob and Bob and having no problems. Therefore. You have to participate. But if that's correct. Have we not seen a lot of young people and middle income people who said hell are paid the penalty it's cheaper than anything else. And well I. I buried a couple points second out I mean it was app. Hopefully that demanding it was not designed to exclusively bringing younger people. The mandate is as I'm sure many people now. A very popular com plan that governor Romney op. In place when he is in Massachusetts and the idea being again. If the person and a healthy. Date still it provides a stick to have. People who are healthy he engaged in the market if you don't have healthy people on the market your premiums going up because only to people. Want to purchase insurance. I don't think you would agree that moves that they held the younger middle aged people rush yeah. It. Well yes. I do that the big point is a separate issue because that is of course people who are enrolled in Medicare. And horrid Brian Flynn government reported take rate eliminated subsidies for individuals. For health insurance. Your thoughts. The eight day in addition to that we are just talking about provide to prepare it in terms. Assistance. Advanced premium tax credits that allow people to purchase that that meet the premiums cheaper. Pope and I also includes for lower income individuals it. It includes cost sharing that need to basically your out of pocket costs they're not a surprise. On so again. And this is just an example. Top cutting back a lot of the financial system that make coverage more affordable for people today. Well Jim are you will see what made ten Mormon it's gonna take a break. Those in view listening. Intrusive at this this affects all of us regardless would be a light on what care regards. What we want changes. Whatever is gonna happen not gonna happen is gonna put two thoughts comments to secure 170. WPO. When did you weren't thinking about a war on terror and and regardless where you or against it if you voted for trump. Seven when he campaigned cited two governors meeting about a week ago quote. We're going to repeal. And replace and bomb care. But everything congress and senate seems to be doing is not that. It's piecemeal it. Which is exactly what Obama said he wanted to do he said look. Obama gears up perfect where to go back Kenton but police album good reply and so I would. So it looks like congress. And in the senate are doing exactly of the options awarded trump launched. And we thought we'd take a look at some of the U Republican plans we could go on Paul run plans and we're gonna. Rand Paul planned we've got synutra Cassidy from movies and his plan. And more importantly we have an expert we have more of a culture and director help policies Center for American Progress. Things I looked dubbed the Republicans. The Brian play and wants to do. Mum booming heart problems and you do then it would eliminate Medicaid expansion by 20/20. I think he's got what 3132. States. That have already been promised by the federal government you are expanding Medicaid. We're gonna pay up to 90% of the bill. Heidi rescind that halfway through. I mean that's exactly he tensions. Which in Republicans. Different factions that Republicans so you have individuals who are very very conservative as part of that freedom pocket you really don't want to support any sort of what he'll be seeing that doesn't also repealed Medicaid expansion. And then you have and members of congress in. From state and that expanded Medicaid expansion site that did that Medicaid expansion and hair being very vocal advocate for continuing. Bomb to keep those people. In Narnia are doing and you mean Republican. That it. So. We're born with them if they do Dewey would meditate board board board the Kurds and. They completely repeal before her act including. Including. The expansion. Thirty million Americans. With this coverage. Just give you that we've seen him Louisiana numbers I've had it beat out them Louisiana but the coverage. And let me get it I'm just taking a quick look at we in. Town Ian and there are currently 171. Patently and it can get financial assistance to help pay for their health coverage will be gone. And then that ate at Louisiana what the close to thirty billion dollars in federal funding so they're packing mentioned earlier during that segment there's really. Huge impacts sport eats for individuals or you know health care system at large depending on what they decide to ultimately do about the law. I don't think I'm doing your softball odd think kids ballot. You have to give Medicaid is under way with the oral restricted her car back. Politically. The Republicans are going to be facing media reports for in 303132. States. Saying look these four people. That had health care for the children for the elderly for themselves. And they don't now. Com were actually collecting those types of stories. From people who have Medicaid and BCA as well as to have coverage healthcare coverage under the eight EA at a web site eight PA works. Stop war. Aren't up Bo Bo pulled a goal back to a Paul Ryan and our friend Paul older caps would report. Of Obama as you something. Brand new do is rather strange bird you board the director repelled policy forward Center for American Progress that you got the expertise. I bred three books certainly if he doesn't doesn't actually in the world. Bob we don't chosen. Abroad where players and health care that really works. And every book our bread points to branch. And when their Ford brand subtract them all over the last five years. They've gone through more about it from billion dollar deficit through 31 billion dollar because of the labs on the low. They've got blown surge in part surgeons make a 150000. Dollars a year. They've got people. Veteran rich enough to go to Germany your friends to pay cash cash. Or experts. Worthy. Middle class in the lower income. Or it's on wood or a break and says. And they have the bench. And what I've read do you do you overly simplistic answer for. Is the population. Is aging all over the world. Is there were any system where the mobile home care whether B one to Republicans Como quit. That would going to be satisfied with the is ignorant. He's a huge amount of elderly. That are hitting the help system. And we just can't afford it does does that make any sense. Dad I pay. People when they talk about Affordable Care Act or Obama nearly every Pollack. Really generally appear on the individual mandate. And on the Medicaid expansion. People care act is. A bear it includes a lot provisions that are designed to kind of friends. Coordination of care to help lower cost and those are those parts of the law are actually. Pretty noncontroversial. I mean there's there's a broad. There's broad agreement among in the left in right on from health care policy expert at the current system recap here. On paper our paper compared doesn't really work. There are lot more in CA and and just the part that you hear about most. I would also say that you know part of the reason we and the amount of any industrialized country. On health care not about the same result at all and IAE. The pot that that. Into the country that spent part lap on health care. Really need indictment in prevention and other social services that and lower health care costs down down ran out. Whereas we do really really really good job keeping people that you know something at the stroke that need to go to the EU you know what barbaric and it. Part of the system. And it and and do we have a Brock says Ruiz say OK and we're going to be like other countries prevention. But everybody's going to McDonald's. You'll get an overwhelmed at the state in the union. We bribe Boone we tons of quote raped burned healthy things. I don't we get to the point one error with the plane indeed. Or we can match countries that are doing much better than we are. In the end they eat a lesser cost. Don't certainly won there but also. That. He'd pot of money. In the EPA's top prevention unmet. That does all sorts protect its findings are offered sent into an obesity programs are important Center for Disease Control a lot of speed. Specific. Some programs that really are designed to tackle things like Tom obesity. Lack of exercise diabetes. Populated diction. It and back seat in the leak in the bill that leaked from. Congress last week I believe that was the first Spain in the app replacement bill once. Eliminating the production. And Mara thank you so much. We breed we can't hold these compensation when that addicts for it just me being spells and things we've known about. So thank you so much appreciated how much are your children do love to have you back and later today. But it it's. I mean she just credentialing. Blog obesity and make him. Making its actors is in. Epidemic of I'd be you know pre Lloyds. Some businesses to be death self discipline raw. And if we can't do it in other Kahne proved countries. Can't. I don't know what does that say about us. Just a thought. In the think tag dubbed a video. All right here's our poll of the hour of printing giant Barnes governor built in Google can Republican pro plates. Obamacare without cutting services. At 82%. Of abuse say yeah it's it's kind of closes to bread you really believe that. And that think thing I think we. Keep in mind. President trump says quote. To a number of governors about a week ago we're gonna Brooke PO and broke please Obama didn't say broad prize didn't reply. You can say selectively. And that some pieces and put in others. In years I and that day. Front word vulnerable we're carriers are in for a party. Load. And who would Wall Street Journal to and says Bloomberg and Republicans are hiding. You'll obamacare draft and drew for a of secrecy. Four picture. It will leak out in the rural members in the Holtz won't kill. So. That I think we're looking at something that oracle. Bought. Whatever comes to income influences on health care I turned my standards and alone. If we institute migrants always preaches ball. Or at all it. Bo both Morgan and bits and pieces of Paul Ryan's play and Britain pulled blown and Cass secede from the union as well and what are your thoughts overall when where and fraud says it's. We're going to root you in will plates is that juicy. While I think effectively that is what is going to take place the portable characters so complex. That it is almost impossible to go in and he's out one particular piece and try to pick that piece. Could they all end up reflecting on something else so I think they're going to after repeal the bill in its entirety. And then sort of startled were scratched. You may be that old piece it's sort of recreate. Of the pieces that are in the ACA that will end up in the Republican bill. But they're gonna struggle griping from the from the start. But where did they do that isn't dead a period where they try to put together a very complicated plan. All of which. Nothing is in place or does Obama cares stay in place until they get a plan. They ought to do attitude simultaneously I think he originally it was ought doing. That repeal with the of the funds that it's said that well at the two years from now about a bit. And that would give them time to come up with something I think they've abandoned that now agree that it's gonna have to be done. Basically on the same date will be two different bills on his boat one after. So and they repealed and they replace. Right. Yeah exactly exactly been tapped to repeal the Bill Burton and it would. What they'd want to do themselves now they're running into a problem with that because of the way the senate rules work that they're trying to do this under siege called reconciliation. Otherwise the Democrats could filibuster. And it's much needed to do the repeal wondered reconciliation but it has to do to replace. Cutler. Basically you could do think that have a budget impact you can't do things that they'll. And help him with it. The Republicans. I I got to believe in tell me if I'm wrong for seven years. Made taught we're gonna nominate. And elect a president. We're taking over the house won't continue with the senate that what they were poured about what they believe. And one of their major things over and over again for seven years Obama here has to be repealed and replaced. Why is there not a plan in place now that you simply sly and approached the deaths to the president. And say here we go. It didn't use the president stated the ball very complicated he got a real. Good part of the problem they've Republican had too many planes. I mean basically everybody running you know. We've got to land grant ball land at all I'm land. There's it would be no land him an egg megawatt. It and basically. And they haven't been able to gather around any particular want in part because. There will be losers. In hunting important. You think they're gonna be able to do that hole in a short time for a. A short time permit they would like it's already let. All the president originally gonna happen that they want but it was the first hundred days. Now they're talking about maybe April may I would be surprised that this happened before fall. Well. I'd you know. I aboard Ford three corporations. In my life. And it is a year over the sea of polled said okay. Here you're adorable and shouldn't do and here's where you're deadline to bring it to him. If I came and said boy you know. I had a number of people in in my department I eat congress. Then have one idea and other hands now but I do know that doesn't number idea. I would have been fired on the spot do Republican somewhere in the seven year period say we we can't continue to grow with 345. Play and we gotta have one. You would certainly think that would be to do that of course. Republicans are not equitable organize a party out there. And even now they're adding in the real division all lied to try to rob a boat were. Sort of content with one hand and the conservatives in the house. A out freedom caucus there are objecting saying no to me the senate. So that's going to be quite like. Michael Leonard kindred reached kind of shows were bound to give me ten mormons will become led specifically. Talk about some of Paul Ryan's play and thoughts comments to whose eggs are one they suddenly. Columbia. Aren't welcome back we're I think you're about to go on obamacare portable. Here will be well. President is from is said the color had talked to. Governor it's meaning of the governor's vote weaker Gore's says born in born and reprise of the Armenian group fund redeemed you and please. Obamacare. And now Libya. Jupiter is the Republican chair for keeping the boy in secret for fear that a totally excel of their own people will kill it. Two veterans and the well which talk to my tenth seemed OK institute the particular emphasis on here. My code or wrong in its place in eliminates individual mandate to obtain health insurance. To me about that it it. It didn't read the Bill Lynch pin on how you fund. Well at the funding what. Is insurance company that count out. Don't people who they're going to lose money essentially people treat if the conditions. That if you're gonna require insurance company to congress but he essentially. Well because that already sick it's a little bit like being able to drive your car into a tree and it retro actively buying car insurance. If you're gone required Sharon company to pay program. That your tactic that company a lot helping people. And the individual mandate is designed to do. And ended you don't have that how does the word because. For forgive me I think it's primarily be healthy. Looking at these 65 year old and above baby boomers and ten pounds and today. For the next templates years. Dead or really. Preaching health problems. How how do you. What Boortz is structure over it if you don't have. The Amanda. Well that the problem Republicans are great thing because the from band that pre existing condition. Exclusion ban on exclusion. That very popular with the public Republican at the odd way to do that. Without forcing essentially younger and help people pay that well all eyes proposed is essentially to take those. Creek that people with pre ignition I'll I'll be insurance system altogether. Put him and a high risk pool. Where their subsidized separately and that's essentially what we do we get the date. Like out of money like by 35 billion dollars a year and then tell the state Kamal without an epic. Here is that what he called innovation grants. Odd that part of it that that definitely right at potentially risk pool. What the in Beijing grant took probably Medicaid would all be blended together and Beijing get a lot of money. And it would be basically. Told experimenting Kamal what what they're. But yeah you just through June Medicaid. And broaden borne so well in the league Medicaid expansion but 20/20. If I was saved like Louisiana we've expended Medicaid. All on the beat believed that we've been promised up to 980%. Refund of the money will you spend. How does that port. Basic peculiar in trouble with the courts the public eye towards state that that was going to happen that we should be banning paid an idea there are all on Washington. That Washington has no money. Our I got a Craig's accords and on the go away from the Paul Ryan Craig to question important you can hang up one. Remembers Sarah Palin would Deb Reynolds. All right have a janitor. In Louisiana develops a killer disease. That can be cured by Mayo were in Minnesota. He can't afford the plane plight he can go forward don't tell. Even the did you give there. So it's a death sentence. When he averaged an ever have to get to a point where they're going to be some big can afford something. And others that from the ansari is just I can make. Were realistically that the way it is in every doctors who demand well. I don't know it to provide everyone with unlimited care they all right Karen bomb blade weakened Iraq but Friday. Other ratcheted by fiat where they can which forbid type of care or by Q where there's a bit long waiting list. But in the end nobody provide them on Medicare for everyone because nobody can report. My general was terrible boring show and delighted towards you or on the go law and thank you did not have a great Tuesday. But but there you have voted. Already have death panels. We're gonna have been held Garza's word the rich. It's. The middle income did pretty good lower income. You can try to get above the middle income house by the Buchanan. It's Bob bond. It's its shares are we in the world war it's WB now. Already interesting guns and I've. I think presented some interesting things sedate project or opinion blow. General public and drum play soup portable Kara and Obama care with the cut. And services. 53%. Of you say no. Wind of Republicans is that true in the start cutting stuff that the media. Goes out in videotapes these people are being cut up from services. Won't get ready for the next election. Skirt coming up next true brilliance and transgendered. Deaths. Make you one wide so moon would kill to transgender. Person. An opening and he says they don't believe the depths are connected. You'd think it's just that cold winter boots these. Hate crime. And other sides of president drug is living up to the tone that is drops and congress was truly a new attitude from wrong. Or just saying nice Prodi's speech. Bidding had children right pouring into ring. Increasing choate Skoda is next.