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3/2/17 Scoot 1pm- Jeff Sessions & the Russians

Mar 3, 2017|

Did Attorney General Jeff Sessions lie about not having contact with top Russian officials during the campaign?

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And I opened the show this afternoon with a very simple question is are going to be breaking news every afternoon now for the next four years maybe eight years at this point it looks like there could be more breaking news this afternoon. And the question is should attorney general Jeff Sessions resign and should he recuse himself from an investigation into whether or not. He had contact with top Russian officials during the campaign we'll talk about all that. This afternoon but now first up this news. A ballot the saints possibly trading Brent and cooks. Christie Derek writes a blog about this is on our website right don't ever to be real dark congress had to Coke's trade is not inevitable. However there is a report from ESPN and we know you can't always believe ESPN. That there are conversations right now with the Eagles and the titans involving Richard Cox. Now you and I cringe when we think about a player who's doing really well. Getting treated. Because the saints can always say well we did it for the good of the team. With the history of the saints treating players like Darren Sproles. Malcolm Jenkins. Jimmy Graham. Greene Alice goes on to. The people that we got in return did necessarily. Do as much as. We would've got out of the players that we trade itself. Anyway it I'm sure the states will make the right well I hope the states to make the right decision but again we've got the end of the story on our web site. At WWL dot com I don't have like today's presidential tracking poll but from yesterday to presidential tracking poll for breast muse didn't. Has 50% of likely US voters approving a president Trump's job job performance and 50%. Disapprove. Also I want to correct something that I said yesterday on the show. We were talking about it on the picture Kellyanne Conway talk to a device or. Who wears set pictured on the White House. By in the White House in the oval office on the sofa with their feet on the sofa she was kind of sitting on her her feet. As yours are taking pictures and she says she needed to do that to get the right perspective what she could've gotten the right perspective just standing there anyway. She put her feet in the suffer she's apologized for it. And somebody called it said Bo ward about what President Obama put his his feet on the desk in the Oval Office. And a silly and actually put his feet on the desk his leg draw this is like his ankles as lake front on that and I thought you know after I said that again of the year I thought. You know that was wrong I mean I should've just said that President Obama should not have put his legs up on the desk. It's the Oval Office and I guess. I guess you shouldn't be that that relaxed in the Oval Office. I mean I have kind of ambivalent feelings about talking about this because it and I think that. You people should be allowed to to be relaxed but there should be enough dignity to where. I mean my god if you gonna put your feet up on his desk in the Oval Office all the don't have anybody take a picture of after Kelly a convoy if you're gonna have to have your feet on the sofa in the oval office of Mina as soon as I saw the picture I knew that this would be a controversial. And I thought well. You know she should've thought about that because there were a lot of media in the room at the time. Did attorney general Jeff Sessions lie about not having contact with top Russian officials during the presidential campaign. Is the release of information indicating that session's slide under oath. And to being in contact for Russian officials during the campaign. Is this time doubts to distract from the widespread praise of president trumps. Address to congress. And should Jeff Sessions resign. As attorney general. Should there be an investigation. She sessions recuse himself these are all the questions were asking if you wanna join us with your comments are numbers 2601 a seventy. Terry coach 5042601878. 87870. And here's our project but when you called this hour should attorney general Jeff Sessions resign should he just recuse himself from any investigation into Russia or should. Everything just be dropped. Give us your opinion are going to our website WW real dot com. So the day after president trop was praised for his inspiring and inclusive address to a joint session of congress there's controversy. And controversies over reports that attorney general Jeff Sessions had contact with were the Russian ambassador during the campaign. FOX & Friends the morning show on the Fox News Channel floated the idea this morning that the news about sessions broke when he did. As a distraction the media wanted to distract from the positive momentum generated. By the president's speech Tuesday night. Now of course that's possible. By side you know timing is part of the political game. The top campaign didn't question the timing of damaging information released about Hillary Clinton. And the emails. Which serve to be a major impact on on her campaign. So attempts to divert attention away from the contents. Of the negative news by suggesting that the timing is politically motivated. This is a defensive move by the other the truck administration and this is part of the game of politics. Even if the timing of the release of the information was orchestrated. The content of the story. Doesn't really change. It's senator Jeff Sessions make contact with Russian officials in an effort to coordinate Russia's involvement in the election. We don't know but a lot of people have made up their minds. At this point it's solemn. A legitimate question. If you wanna join us who comment are numbers 26 ago. When he seventy. Area code 504260. When he simply tech's number is 87870. Put New Orleans really here on WWL. Yeah thank. Or is it true that while the Washington instead taken away from the either to people that are in the of late about different issues so I thank you need to wait these people we wouldn't it. Our lack multiple war. Before they actually go out in the statements are considering or maybe the student were. Quarterback just seem a little better bill. Whether. It was. And a Democrat. What he's that. As if he'd do what they've got to do. Do about it. Do you think that there's possibility Willie that this in this news was released right now by Jeff Sessions to distract from the positive momentum from the speech the other night. Well yeah but politics you have taken in particular. Situation. Fact that there was just. We I always. Though law go to that club that people would be similar to a Prague and personal agenda what themselves. Well if he did it shouldn't penalty should be cute look at peace and there. But that it may a lot of the vice president told sessions and obviously to lead out so if it goes for the tools to. Really I appreciate the call and it's going to be interesting to see the parallels are drawn between sessions right now and I'm Michael Flynn the national security advisor who was forced to. Are resigned to what take a break here and when we come back college you hear what Jeff Sessions had to say today NBC reporters caught up with sessions. As he was getting in a vehicle two or to go to work. And he talked about this news that has been breaking this morning and into this afternoon. About. How he did have contact with Russian officials during the campaign his response to that coming up. FOX & Friends the morning show Fox News Channel they do on one thing that we do. Occasionally this morning they played living on a prayer as their proper music going to break and mentioned that today is Jon Bon Jovi he's. 55 birthday. So obviously. They thought it was a good idea I'm not saying that they got it for V but this is just I guess a cool thing to do it's part of politics and pop culture. I've scoots and we'll be back on every if you'll. I mean I wonder if this is song that it's Jeff Sessions is seeking to himself. Lot of talk today about the a breaking news or Jeff Sessions are according to some information lied under oath this information came out this morning. And it's the question is did he have contact with Russian officials on if he did he lie under oath when he was talking about this. Here's what here's what Jeff Sessions had to say this morning. This is courtesy of NBC news that caught up with him as he was getting his vehicle heading to. On the office today on here's what he had to say about whether or not he met with any Russian officials. I have not met with the media Verizon data anytime you discuss any political campaign and knows. Remarks are unbelievable to me on hardball. OK so it's important to note that he said I didn't meet with any Russian officials to discuss. Certain things. So that maybe he met with them but didn't discuss that and it's it's not that unusual for. Our senator to meet with. Russian officials and it is something that does happen. But there's evidence from the Washington Post that appears to indicate that sessions was in contact with Russian officials at the time he was working for the trump campaign. But we still don't know if that contact was about Russia's influence on the campaign and I here's what's sessions said about recusing himself. I bet then out remembered of Robert out wherever he is myself. No doubt about that. And this is an appropriate that's a pretty general opinion poll right now 11% say sessions should resign. 30% say he should recuse himself offenders if there's any investigation into Russia. And 59%. Say they should just drop everything. Really. Seems to me that at this point there's enough information for an investigation and many Republicans on Capitol Hill are calling for. And investigation and also calling for. For sessions to recuse himself from that investigation. People are wondering now how much involvement he may have in the possible investigation and in setting things up if there's an investigation. Right now because he has yet to. Recuse himself. Before I get back to your calls let's go back to the beginning of fall of this senator Al Franken from Minnesota was asking sessions during the confirmation hearings. In January about his ties with Russia. If there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign. Communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign what would you do. Senator Franken I'm not aware of mom in in those activities. I have been called a surrogate at that time the truth and that campaign and I didn't have not have communications with the Russians. And I'm unable to comment. All right so somebody's not being totally honest. It's either sessions and truck White House or it's the Washington Post. And only time will tell which ones telling the truth whoever is wrong in this case. These are not only apologize but suffer the consequences. Are from the West Bank branch here into the W real good afternoon. It was on. I'm a wilderness ever and the Democrats lost it elect should calm it's time to move all on. There's really no evidence. Whatever Russia did influence the outcome of the election out of trump won the presidency. Com the Democrats have spent the last what does six weeks stored everything they can't could be. An impediment in two. Move in this country all works and actually. Creating legislation. That would help this country. If I'm just sessions which probably just Jeff sent into the good man com. I would recuse myself I'd definitely would not resign. Arm at all because there's no evidence that he didn't think that any other senators not on. Armed with that ridiculous. And down. The democratic water and as it's it's become comical to me com. Provinces has played out on. Their head or exploding. They can't believe it law. And about. This is about more than just the Democrats losing art and radio news about its about rock and and what he says and his policies and I. Thought I enough. I understand that but it's not just to to say it's just about that discredits the discontent the reason America for. For trump and his policies and what he stands for not everybody likes him. I'm not now not everybody like and what we nearly have the media and that the way that hasn't been played out in the media wouldn't immediately discounted it contention. When Barack Obama would an office and I'll put it does like. You know it found that take the gloves off war not a very good president. He did very little to really move this country forward. Number walk or racial relationship. Specifically. So. It's the you know would. Panel in which it below. This is this is strictly by audits and Paul apart from politics. At its belt and I think it's comical. You know it's it law it's on the law and in this country in the right direction. Brett how do you feel about the the protests that are going on at all of the meetings with Republican politicians. Men practiced or just hung up. Again to tune to say that this is just about the loss. Is to discredit. A movement. Because there are those in this country who support trump who don't want to acknowledge that there is a movement in this country. That is an anti troop movement. Isn't as strong as the anti Obama movement. I don't think he was his strong but we live at a different time. This is eight years later. And an eight years later. Social media has changed America so comedian change society. The country has become even more divided I agree with some of the things that our last caller said. About President Obama on but only time will tell whether or not he move this country forward and it's it's it's too soon I I guess in some ways to to determine that. So you know again this is an interesting conversation because when you hear people so quickly say. It is because they lost the election. That. Discredits. A movement. And those who say they're paid protesters. That discredits. What appears to be a growing movement in this country against stroke and the fact is that Don everybody. Agrees with drop by George urine WWL. Yeah. Archive record crowd mostly with the previous call up but I like you've faced. That move when you're talking about. Red in this ordered by liberal. Entertainers who have really paid yet detain those men not to implement what is guide and people. That's. But yet there in California art school drop while what people. Believe in the Ottawa because these guys and they didn't and a balanced and that they know everything and I believe that. And everybody which it and and you know what. We gave Obama the majority of and to a record Tuesday year's big game from the obamacare and they know. Would a Republican. Control. The government now I'm a Democrat I'm Roger Democrats but I beyond what does not bode Democrats and the last election year. Why haven't you changed your governor got to get court to have got CBS news coming up a what have you changed your registration. I definitely does some of these years. And argue about Iraq bought a boat. My administration's public know me like I I'll vote. By mail and an hour in art gala awards on my blog now on the court and analogue line in the sand. I'm new instruments by the way. I'll vote on both my confidence. It out. The good Democrat I'll play a bit allow big republics whoa whoa like. But I enjoy jive I've I've I appreciate the call you to carry yourself and appreciate illicit CBS news followed by Demi WO news and we will be right back. I mean I don't think anybody rely on growth would think I mean that seems to be the question that seems to be as speaker question as to whether or not or Jeff Sessions. Did actually talk about the campaign with the Russian ambassador top Russian officials I've got a text just blasting me form for being liberal. Over this there's this conversation. Whoever sent that text. You also you also would need to. Talk to people like Paul Ryan. And. Jason Chavis. Darrell ice and Tom Cole. Cherish Rob Portman. Thereof Republicans. The all Republicans who are calling for. An investigation. And for. Sessions to recuse himself. I think it's far too soon to even talk about. Resignation. But people like Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi talking about resignation. Too soon. But there seems to be enough information for an investigation and I don't see how Jeff Sessions. Regardless of whether it's a Republican or Democrat how anybody in that position could could fairly. Lead investigation. Into them I mean it's an unfair position to put them in. If you would rejoice for the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601878. And our tax is 878 seventh here's a Texas a session slide did everybody forget about Hillary Clinton lied to. The memories go fast. Well no we we talked about that when it happened but Hillary Clinton lost the election. She is political history right now. She is a matter. President trump is president. That's why we're talking about this. And there's that there's a tendency. For those who won who support a politician whether it's a Democrat or Republican. To say will cable and OK if they did double the bit with it but they general they did they did or else that they did themselves to the of this entered as well. Ball when you say that you kind of like admitting that Europe. The person you're supporting. Light you kind of admitting that that person data to put again the big difference is. By god Hillary is not president. Trump is president has sold there will be focus on president trump. I guess Hillary wanted the focus to be on her because she was running for president this is what goes with the territory and it's not unfair. To. Question. New stories. Did appear not to be fake news this is from the Washington Post and has been cooperated by a couple of other sources as well from jet Chile Tom welcome to the show. Stoked. It just seemed to me. You know I've. Abraham Lincoln as a new controls the people at the time of the people some of which can't fool all the people all the parliament like and let those people enjoy playing the fool. We in my opinion about seventy intelligence agencies. Stated that Russia attacked the United States. Any root level during the presidential campaign. I got to do for some people. The Russian ambassadors to top spot of Russia in the United States of America according to the CIA. I believe this is really skewed is that lifting. Our president was sanctions against the Russians. I think that's what does that set what the is that the court what's going here. Well it does seem as if there was activity after that. Happened almost as if the the that the truck campaign. After the election this because this was in in December. After the election was saying hey look everything's going to be okay don't warrior doctors. Is there in the truck administration who has been met with Russian and John McCain. These are not exactly bleeding heart liberals. Any extreme to please speak to you is trying to see the director of the the FBI. Wake up and start putting their country but for the Obama that got a cultural thing. Or more before their political ideology or the Republican Party and media I mean it. Honesty is more important than that but yet some people are absolutely blind to anything that questions. Their leader. You know I just wanted to know the truth and that is that's what we all should be interested in that the truth what really happened. If it's yes Jeff Sessions talked to the Russian ambassador but didn't talk about. The campaign didn't talk about the wrong things because senators do meet with ambassadors and Russian officials. If he didn't talk about the things he was supposed to talk about that this is not a problem if he did. It's a problem we don't know yet there's two stories out there somebody is not being honest. Either the Washington Post and the Intel officials who are saying it happened. Or Jeff Sessions of the top administration say it didn't happen somebody is deceiving us. I'm scoot through the afternoon of York post they were this happy birthday today to Chris Martin lead singer of cold play forty years old today and we'll be right tack on every drill. Pay here a real popular song bribery here this it to a sporting events ceremony operates it was on this day marks the second 2006. The guy who did this song Gary glitter. Was convicted of obscene acts with two young Vietnamese girls he was sentenced to prison. So if the information about sessions and the Russian ambassador if this proves to be falls in the media outlets. And use the Intel officials. They have perpetrated this idea that the top campaign was in contact with Russia. They should lose the public trust. They should also became well publicized apology to president trump. Two I'd attorney Jim was Jeff Sessions. To the United States in anybody else was falsely implicated. If it is established. That the representatives of the truck campaign. It has inappropriate contact with top Russian officials then president trump. Sessions and any serrated speaking on behalf of trop. Must openly admit they deceived the American public and should face appropriate actions. From Gramercy brag your debit WLA good afternoon. You. Won't yeah. The work stated. I think it's gotten it. It's too mean to me today it's that there will be elections. It's an. What it would take a chance. Ought and I did a very different as well all of you. Home name. Abu border sit here and leaderboard that your problem not read the like black you know men who in all this. But come out the karma there in no single put your whole life in danger on a per cent that you know. Has been eating habits and apple did it would be it. Like issues are. A bit or we don't know we. That's why it's too soon for him to resign I mean this could be a false report. It can but I received here we've been haven't beaten too but a couple of walks and then all of you are part of the kind of have an I'd be alone. Well that in me that they've been evident count. But that's like saying if if the police have all this evidence against you then there's no need for a trial your convict. Right and I put at bank of that political if you are a group game against England now getting in on the twenty you'll. Will that will and certainly when you have a situation apple Fort Lewis move one app went down a we were. Other Carl but it put out a OK with that race but they had a trial. And I guess what I'm saying is regardless of the evidence that's there until we determined that this is a case I don't think it's fair to ask him to resign let's. Let's find out for sure if if this happened my god didn't that it would be obvious that he should result. Yeah the championship. And about to do you know you're liked it it it didn't like it but now. If something's well you know people you sleep at night. You don't want to work in Munich commuted the annual black Hewitt it's a ball and everybody that though on an old name. And protests. Eight million people have than it would open at all it's we would have thought you knew that it no. You would have looked could call it an. No but what did you go it alone in the sheepdog that at all. Cairo. Brand I appreciate the call and a little claws and he welcomed into the WL. They gave. I recognize you mentioned earlier that you agreed that the artillery supply our election. What would you say she quote one. She lied. It. Well I think it would it would deploy it I mean what. I I don't know who would depend on the investigation that went into that Tony met my point is is that. Look if if there is wrongdoing. Then. Whoever is Bruce responsible for the wrongdoing should be punished so if Hillary lied then she became president than if there's an investigation and OK ultimately she suffers the consequences if there's investigation and if a crime was committed. From Slidell David you're under the WL. Hello David. All right. Let's go to Powell river ridge Mike welcome to the show. Who do you mind both the going to be cold and make one comment. 11 true we can get that we can just establish. He would get things that. Yeah it's it's proven that sessions. Didn't do these things in that the meeting was wrong as they should apologize. Nickel formal apology to the could Donald Trump. On the green that could be. Adjusted Donald Trump because that they did note that it would. And it would be in the from that. Well that's why they need to be careful not print something is not true. Absolutely but you know the media and on this has been noted that but you know I mean what you know there are a lot that you can debate but I just can't help but see. If this thing come as such in world war until the media apologize. To all points concerned. That can't. I I can't force him to my battle I'll be on the air saying that they should. And our little boy now and point out the specifics by the you know again again whether they do it or not I I I can't control that but they should and if we talk about how they should do and if they don't do it. That anything that they do in the future should be discredited because they have already had a track record of lying not apologize. I scoop I agree with you dispute that you know they have apologized at this early administration. It is you know it would be elected but now. But what if what if they're not apologizing because they stand by their story. Well it. The crew without conscience you know. It's good and and mention what of these things then. You know quote in the pipeline and but that it was wrong. You know probably I would make it right. You know apology. Does he appeared. To execute these. Well I think you're probably right and and that's unfortunate because sometimes it really should come down to. Took that specifically it's like OK there's two stories out there right now and this is often the case with many stories. One side is saying it's not true. Be emphasizing its true somebody's right and somebody's wrong whoever is wrong they need to apologize to the American people. Our debt that the the bottom line and I'm it would dip. It that we find out the true. And we hope that that's the case Mike I appreciate the college here on hold hang on if you would join us with your thoughts and comments. Our numbers 2601878. Every coach final four to 601878. Tex ever say 77 and scoot in the afternoon and there are those including fox FOX & Friends this morning on Fox News Channel. Hours are watching Andy they said the timing of the release of this breaking news. Is a political strategy by the media. To distract from. Donald Trump's. Positive praised it came from his speech. Tuesday night is that the case. We'll be back whatever it hero. This is John Lennon just gimme some truth there ya it's kind of hard to have. Find that in DC it is kind of hard to find that everywhere a from Wesley go Daniel you're on the show good afternoon. A little the problem is that does session's slide under. And that you know on the Republican low in male people lie on the road yeah. President president chickenpox. As got the call for his resignation. And that we're gonna have to happen otherwise president chicken off. I'm going to be in that. Daniel I have a feeling you're giving us a fake name you call yesterday and you kept by hammering away at the chicken hawk thing. You know if you got an agenda just admitted I mean I understand that part you know let's just haven't let's have a conversation here. And you don't need to keep hammering home on one thing. On so this idea that the timing of this was was was. Associated with the widespread praise that present crop is getting from his speech Tuesday night. If that's the case we so blocked. That's the game the politics. There is political strategy in trying to distract from a story. The important thing is what's true. And the best way to discredit the damaging information is to focus on the motive behind releasing the information. Which distracts from the information itself Chico you're never WL. Hey. Well a little belated doubled a little bit. Let's not forget that Adam. The Obama administration's auto Angela Merkel and toward the end and it or short so I think Jeff Sessions may have to organize sort I don't know yet. It it's a tricky thing I agree with you about the economy expert suspensions. This is all the distractions we have an eighteen billion dollar debt. In the country and we need to work on that we don't need to be worried about all this solution. To a little bit so they'll sort. I SR and I appreciate the call but you know if if if there's wrongdoing. If the top administration was working with luck. President caucus said no. President trump has defiantly said he has no connections with Russian no business with Russian nothing with Russia especially impression I get from Marty saint. That there's no connection between Donald Trump the person the businessman. And Russia. Nobody's been able to prove that there is yet. If their readers we may find out about a lot of people believe that there is information in his tax returns which your doctor released and many speculate that that's the reason he's not releasing his is tax returns. Also it is very curious. The president trump had his. Has gone out of his way to not say anything negative about Russian president Vladimir Putin. Q why is that. Is there a connection there. What if if President Obama. Had gone out of his way to not say something negative believe me he would have been attacked. So you know this is all part of this political game. And part of the game is the timing of when information is released this is all political strategy is part of the game that all of those people signed up for. And president truck was in Virginia speaking on the aircraft carrier the USS Gerald Ford. And he said he has total confidence in Jeff Sessions so you're either truck and Jeff Sessions in the White House are right or these media reports and the Intel officials are right we don't know yet. We'll continue the conversation will also talk about a what may be a sad trend here in the New Orleans area will come back and all that military hero.