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3-2 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Brandin Cooks and UNO hoops

Mar 2, 2017|

Bobby & Deke react to the Brandin Cooks trade rumors and get the latest from Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic, then talk UNO basketball with Privateers Coach Mark Slessinger.

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And good evening and welcome the sports are going to 8 o'clock tonight nets swing Christian Garrick and said Dunlap. Will be weak your foot double coverage sports and more but he they welcome to the show. Coming up on today's program at the operas breaks Saints in sadness that I report posted double coverage. Christie Garrett will be would have to give us and they is on the Saints news the you know gravity of the in the clinch at least a share of the Southland Conference title they can't not on the lake front and attain. Louisiana arrival SE it without too you know coach mark's message also Herbie TOT. GOP will be witness he's Saints beat writer for the times Picayune that it was his taken he is at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. Kendall Roger editor and writer for the one poll has TCU at number one LSU at number two that is the match of tomorrow night at 630 at Thomas and peer for his eight year. WW has really cute tiger taken on TCU horned frogs will preview that when and the big week in baseball. And his team is career high main boroughs the Louisiana Tech. Baseball coach started things off with a great start at Northwestern State in partly in to a hot start the last two seasons as you and off to a great start right now. For the tech bulldogs fresh off a big victory. Overall all console and now they have me in a matchup coming out later that going to be taken on Vanderbilt so at least in a ticket state baseball continue to be impressive. Early on in the season 260 is the number to get involved you can text us. 8787. Operating jaguar and you go visit WW dot com it the Saints. Do pull the trigger on branding cokes and make a trade what do you hope they get for him and established as Russian. Offensive lineman. More picks in the draft or move into the top five of the seventeenth NFL draft you can K to vote on line. At WW Kodak kind the gave people of just being bad it would talked about. You know at the time manner as always different things it flowed out and history dates back this mean Brandon cooks in the Saints. All the way back to November 27 the Sunday after at Thanksgiving in which the Saints were taking on. The Saint Louis with the Los Angeles Graham's these Saints put up fifty points supporting that point by Auburn 55 yards. But no cooks in the course in the coming week in May to various reports and I say reports and it was substantiated. Never got anything on who came from muscle us whatever you just won his agent area just so afloat in the wind so it was beat somebody to say oh yeah that's a dead out seemingly. It was hectic nobody but. It was. Deem that cook's was frustrate or was so frustrated about here role and now that we Cora to attack. With two to three catches and biography yards in his first season. I'm when he signed a four year deal as a saint picked him up out of Oregon State in their draft he was a first round pick twentieth over all. He's in the final year of his four year deal. That he signed on back in May of 2014 when he was a rookie. So that comes up the week following the saints' victory over the rain which coach Payton comes out and says he's not concerned about coax. About reports on Brandon cooks. Reportedly being frustrated. And him later in the week before the Saints took on the alliance the following week coach Payton to gain interest. Was not a fan of the trade speculation basically saying I mean that. You know those reports have basically does not report is just off that somehow got out there but that's where we're on now there are rumblings so to speak. About the Saints branding cooks and of all the teams. All interested in his coach Sean Payton said Bobby on he did he interview you're not just talk about what had an audio which John occasion. That basically it's a situation Bobby to where they did not committing to a are missing here or harm the same Garnett. It is a business as usual approach to whereas we always answered a phone. Then there's this and yet regardless of which involved we have to look at with players have value added anxious awhile and that is strangers bird. Traders who with the figures bird that money right yet to look at all of them a number of times marking. Just traded yet the look at the value look at. Nine innings nine Dunn drove Drew Brees but you look at like cam Jordan you with a brand Kooks who actually. You get something for. Anton and naturally and it when branding cooked. I've always said this. And that against Randy coaches I think he is legit I think he's a legit number two any team. This season number one receiver. To me you don't get an up yards after etiquette tournament talking about kids and a deep ball. Pigment and how often does about a bubble screen. Are taking a short pass and make it view him as the even tried Gypsies and what is the jet sweep where it would bring in the coach in the NFL. Motto worked at Oregon State right. No I mean you look in and is a little guy you seem to catch the boys look at a place the ball. Philly because he's trying to last and I again I'll beat up now. Look at his numbers you won it as to why teams like the Eagles that type would want them because they look what they have in house. Randy cooks at 78 catches for. 1000 dollars 73 yards and averaged fifteen yards a catch. Eight touchdowns. I'm a Michael Thomas because of his size is true noble one like a morgue is coasted. So I think this saves you a date you plug someone else is best is yet we at least knee. Wednesday was right behind cooks with 72 catches and 900 yards a couple of hundred yards chart of that and he had four touchdowns but at the Lance war obviously does look at the Saints receiving corps in general. How drew is an able to spread the ball around you might say well we need those explosive. Receivers know we needed these kids probably get a defense to stop somebody and I'll look at what we've been able to do little of bridges last year. Normal into our office does things you might say while. Phil what you get about two yards on and over again points. We were in number two offense behind Atlanta Falcons average in over two point nine points a game are shoots it right at two in nine point two game might say well. What are you doing sustaining drives are crucial third down guess who's number one on firs downs and third now. The thing did so until we get the defense better. I mean you know be a 500 team 797 and nine I mean I think so I look at this branded cook has valued. Now what can you get farm. In always thrown out there. That anywhere from. You know the eleventh pig that with a tie and today eighteen. The branding codes and all of a sudden. You've had 1118 pick are just overall gave the Titans the fifth pick I mean I'd be all for that. And I don't know most Saints fans would pay go approach. That. You know and again and all are explosive elements of player brandy coaches built long long board. I'm not worry about Sean Payton and Drew Brees in the offense right we need to gain impact full. The events of players to 60187 you can Texas and eights and needs and Christie Garrett will be whether it's next to give us his take what I hear yours too as well. What would you do if you're the Saints. Obviously as coach great they've always that stood fast as Mickey Loomis and any any coach any GM will. They're gonna listen and mean it's it really bad business not to let it Cust walked through your door it would be bad business not to answer the phone. So another gonna do that so we're asking you if the Saints do pull the trigger on Brandon cooks. And seek a trade would be a whole big get for him in return to give a short take it to 601878. You can vote online at WWL dot com. All the talks and the fun part about leading up to the NFL draft Maroney many close she would just now getting into combined territory to your place this week in and Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis operated jaguar Pena both rumblings about saint receive a branding cooks this dating back to. Last year around Thanksgiving weekend when the things put up 49 points and 555 yards in a win over the Rams and here he wasn't. Pres which led to some stories coming out wants a report with some stories that were inside of the story supposedly branding cooks was frustrate. Nothing was ever. I made it Brandon cooks that good dude peca and you know with either the governor and it arouses you know he's a good caddie and he denies that I mean so to me that's an agent Pena thrown out there because the more manic Cubs gets paid. The more he gets paid and if you look in 2018. To fit your cook's contract big enough to make a decision beaten aren't. Of 88 million you know I pay him so that's why being stay one step ahead. And not have to pay aiming get some value farm I think that's what it's all about the big goalie Kristen when I see this. And what it again this thing. You look at the trio of receivers you look at Thomas cooks its need. But I thought it bit more receiving yards last season and tour and they've four NFL paints. Saints that it got ended tied at that are running backs just by Dan. It just shows you what it was still seven in the Saints an important pristine gag where it is now Kristin what to make. Yeah it guy's done a recap jumping talked to the team website earlier today and basically saying is you guys mentioned. You know at the NFL combine this is the unofficial. Start of free agency in the league year whether you like it and it's not like that legal. The legal preemptive. Retreat were discussed like this happen because the rules how it happened where you can at least to say hey you know. It would be exit and all entries so so that's the way these deals were at the combine and as shopping Singh today. He would not say that. Predicates his on the trade block but he also said not quoting here says. When a team calls look at for receiver and we're looking to improve our defense were always listen. Els said he knows Mickey Loomis has spoke to a handful of G enterprises for the other teams in right now. They're comfortable with rain coats and a seat uniform they think the world of him and his skill set that it would take something real significant. For him to get away from the world now couple things first off I know this narrative has been out there that. Brent passing Butler Atlantic coaches demand that trait he's never said trade me. It's never been a part of it. It's always been hey I'd like to be more involved I think I can offer a few things. To this offense that then maybe being under utilized now that is a thought he can interpret their way to if you don't really want it be noble and I can you get better in animal one. I so quickly we would you gonna bring up what you get some yards up that it can't. OK okay now and you know I'm not ready to coax me you know I put that thing out of it but. This instinct point a lawless the Titans having mean nation. The Eagles I'm told are willing to do whatever it takes to get critical they're that interested in getting branded Coates. And this is also an organization under Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis and have traded the likes of Reggie Bush Jimmy Graham. Chris Ivory. And wells Darren Sproles Kenny stills Picard Robinson I mean he's so so so so they're not averse to trading. I think key members of the office and we can rattle off three right there Reggie Bush Jimmy Graham there Sproles Kenny stills to a degree. With Detroit area is rookie year so this is not anything new to the Saints in terms of being it was shop and when he said in the later on I think guys in here that's an interview. These are the tricky part is trying to determine what you got to do a critical swing you are trying to rebuild. Your defense in particular. Because he felt like it's hard advocate. Free agent pass rushers this team's public pressure players. So therefore they might have to look to the draft right now they're sitting at eleven. It's going to be harder to get a guy it default him or if you have all the sudden the fifth pick in the eleventh pick in the draft beat the Titans the pick. For Brittany coach which of the high heat have to give up on a few things are perhaps even. You know you open another draft pick in addition to trading Redick looks may even swap picks with the Titans but. It's indulge me from and if you had the fifth pick that gives you some ammunition to potentially meaty move up again. Together to make a run at an island miles air out of Texas a and him who's considered you know one overall pick on this medium or. In this order that no you don't like the Eagles today white Eagles in the tie in makes it. Who led the Eagles and they look good to replace Shawn got on Jackson's they would get better next guy that at the US to franchise young quarterbacks. That tie in the Eagles are silhouettes and Mary on and I don't look at it Titans did they ought to run pound the ball within they'd love. On the ball run and run and hit a big play in branding coach Dave envisioned but I kind of got up but bad because Christian in pain in when you and you. Learned a found out when he says he wants to be more involved what does it mean he wants it might do more sweeps and he wants to run the ball more limited them Obama. You know I. I I think that's really just day I'll be more involved in the office that look you know he can take it however you want whether it's frustrating or whatever. I think you can eat you can guess what he went up hundreds had receptions as a year he's had a good. Here's the thing going that Julio Jones that trio is the reason why he had he only had six. Receptions less than a year ago is target drop a little bit I think by fifteen or so but we added an addition a player like Mike Thomas that makes. That's real wide receivers and that that's pretty formidable and Michael Thomas. That's normally my that's I was more Marcus Colston means is a big guy. Billick but here's like hey if we are always yelled at him mean in the U mean by two points out the numbers and Christensen he's as old as him means it. You know being more involved assistance of two to saint does throw me the ball more. That that's all that's in the 'cause I mean I don't know what else who goes out they were all agree. What other coach in news that he could design some of the somebody bad additional pain and Ed granny coach is an explosive receiver right stick around the public yes they are Rocco we over here as explosive but you Kate tell me because of his size. They did Randy could ever look at him and hit and ran off like Steve Smith. And it sounds like to mediate the situation with just throw me a bomb or in the Indian you talk about OK man well mangoes to have a who's open. That's that's just that's what he goes you know double digit people 8910 and I don't ever receivers every game here it's a ball when you know like this they became were Jewish or there's my game. All right we'll come back it's a Hollywood round and Jerry in getting your take two on. Saints receiver Brandon cooks ease me in a toast out there just rumblings in the media but. If the Saints pull the trigger what. Do you think they should do it for. Vote online at WW dot com you CBS update. Saints Al Arab Puerto post a double cover sports him off balance what thread Christie Garrett is it would just talking about branding coats if the Saints Duke pulled the trigger and try and trade cooks. What would you like to see him get. In exchange for the receiver not just on outs and they voted to some calls a Christian as he used there was this. It's the Saints in the issue dread had the eleventh pick that's a first round the second pick. Is our chance. At the sticking around for a second overall at third round pick is the twelfth pick in the third round 76 overall. The fourth round pick is the eleventh pick in temple won eighteen they don't have a fifth round pick. This sixth round pick is the twelfth pick in the sixth round which it won 96 and the second round pick is eleven. In that round which is 229. The Titans have defeated in eighteen picks in round one they don't have a second round pick. They had two picks in round three. One pick in the fourth fifth and seventh round to the phone we go and I'm it's go to. Have we have first out in the east. The only member on him on number two. WWL. And I hate green. Tree caught Croat beat K so one thing. An anchor at that. Yeah you put him in the backfield he never got any yards on lead to an end and it stands right now. Yeah they put it to use on my Derrick Rose tried that it didn't work. But. When you. Now. Is out. The lightning. In the comment that Thomas. I don't cook is the comment that Thomas. It sure that that it that any sport and well we need it now. Okay really looks as Sean Payton and Drew Brees. Have been together. Look a lot of receivers. And they've still been one or two. The lowest ever been as is on the sixth at the receivers don't matter right make you put him in an edgy talk about Julio Jones are. Are some unbelievable receiver at that level right now Kamal a couple years ago nobody thought at Kobe is go to I thought the states to get along without Jimmy Graham I think they've done all right went out and the ball we I get a still Flacco in the opening it went on him what what would. What team and some people watching the track those things before. I mean any time to think he's going to put on a while receiving as a slot put him at tailback Mikell to banning of attack. Jimmy Darren wrote the it. Ramon has some video games though but anyway Christa going to address with wood on me about do you look if we don't need is a third offense OK but we needed mr. McGee. Yeah I eat anything eating anything to a week in a defense that supports 3379 years and here's the thing. The asking price for cooks looks like it's at least the first trumpet Payton said today I had to be something significant something significant now that is different than what he said just last week when he said he fully expects brand looks to be on the roster now he's basically acknowledging by saying weeks earlier that. They're entertaining calls they're gonna listen. To calls from other teams asking for wide receiver when they acknowledge and they know they need help on the B put us on the football. So what what would he say a couple of years he'll mimic the sounds like Jimmy Graham 2.0 and awards the same way that Jimmy Graham trade happen it's sinking of Redick looks by the way. Jimmy Graham was all pro brandy coaches I don't I don't I hear I hear you but my point is that. Just like this year OK he's on he he he's in a final year of his contract if the team doesn't pick up the fifth year option that would drive his salary through 48 T keep it right between eight Tebow make his salary cap figure right around eight million dollars. That's yeah what let me do that. That's pretty good up that's pretty good money it's good value now active when he agent to go back and look at his draft class O'Dell Beckham junior Mike Evans of clinical all of this same draft class the Albany when every haters gonna command in the neighborhood of fourteen million dollars a year on average per so at that point. They need you don't trade him but. Look at it this this makes sense if the right deal comes about and you need help on the defense and particularly if you can get that fifth pick. With with the Tennessee Titans that provide enough ammunition to kick yourself perhaps even to the number one pick and give miles Garrett. You're pretty good shape by bad and development of Drew Brees the quarterback I'm telling you could plug in a lot of wrist different receivers to run the process Jerry Jerry's not as good evening thank you for calling WW OJ. Thank you McCall. Won become. And I'm kind of thinking in terms of Reggie Bush. Brandon. Good guy but well. Drew Brees doesn't need a gunslinger. Receive that ought to just are or are right. If we get to try to deal or. Herself like that all our. He'd bit you know we got it back or they'll say eight off all their. I'm really. Ball all it is it. For sure it temperature. Games are going to want some bad offense and lamb and that that has been brought up you know maybe maybe try to get expensive up as a plug that thing is this thing where we're at right now the sack total has dwindled since 2013. We had 34 sacks in 2014. With 31 at 2015. We had thirty last season. Mean again where Ricky get if you really different and opposing quarterback like low forties. We were like 27. Sacks I'm date Alves could still be kick it but. And you still stay 500 and as the defense has been I Christen has to say that you know something that day you want to move and something in a semi I'm I'm not mostly give hypothetical to eighteen and was so you move up some kind of way. In his Saints wind up with a five wood number five then what do you do there. It's it's just into us not the Olympic Mika that the impact it's the fifth and eleven that's enough the heat's number one. Well over the more argued figures an impact full player. And number five. Yeah I did heading ideally would you put it was sarbanes said today when shock exit today they feel like the draft is deep at at quarterback right in safety. But they need pass rusher when Michael when I keep hanging on to is Sean Payton talk about the need for pass rusher in this has been the same conversation this team has been saying. It talked about an offseason for the last 45 you can we played from point twelve. Are we played the point thirteenth fourteenth or fifteenth they've always said that they need to pass rusher but saying that and the way he said it is. Hate it's hard to fight in free agency so they wanted to draft they like it's better to address one. In the draft in particular because of the value in the slot pay scales. Its efforts that are now miles Garrett is that it's the pass rusher outside that makes the most sense outside of that you talk about guys in the top five. That are deep at the line in. That are quarterbacks that are running backs so miles Gary will be the one logically I'm living and if you have the fifth and eleventh pick you package that I don't know if that's necessarily going to be the case. If you look at it miles scared wouldn't be obvious these overall pick he's not available. Solomon Thomas you've heard that Stanford is he worth I don't know enough Kristen. But easy were the fifth overall pick. I host who is that other the second bands Andrus is there a guy. I do right now I'm out miles Garrett. It at Duke does not it's not my case he's going head to development today yet these I would development today in the pros what the team too because to me. Ito back and and not and that because I haven't. It'd mean he's become much time or even if you give digging at Stanford while Golub John Greig Garrett I'm like mean I have to thank you to get air miles yet you have 511 Bobby get up to one from with that easily right. I I don't think you know like his look with a talented in Cuba that moved the number one again Julio Jones looked at it like ridiculous you know you listen to him and he hit but it ended next year. To like you know one overall pick he's gonna happen anymore that. Tonight and allowed palace facing coming up at 8 PM at Christie Garrett won on two and a follow him here of value he's very active was social media. And take him out tonight from eight and to look and then the Saints on airport Chris to get paid well thank you very much actually phils thinks are right down the that we are coming to you it's yours show how they would Michael and me Jay and Jimmie this is sports talk on WW. Come on back to Hollywood Michael and these Jay and Jimmie but a big auto bid is tonight the gonna Clint just. A share of the Southland Conference to out of the you know privateers entertaining southeast and senior night tonight final regular season game will be. On a road Thibodeau before the settlement conference tournament you know private vehicle which marks Lesnar joined us now coached Elisa any concern the last few games that you guys had a big win. Against this team and have a week ago your thoughts on a performance leading into the night. What are thought we'd play our. Game of the year probably Q. Even out really that landed hard on her plate and we knew you know that turned around and what about all that to the former two Americans. But dropped what what are breaker up there and just didn't do did have a same to turn to popped yet. Are the night before we and given up three point system separate them westerns so. Bill long two weeks since we gave them that many Portsmouth. They're great week prior to get back at. Until they're extremely good patient keep coming in today. That potential really really well and every time you know court and so is it was a grind it out back. Go to that first meeting with seniors at these and talent like one of those 94. Gained 76 between Iraq it's in the Knicks a lot of hard deep fades than a shot Hugo percent it was tough to come back. Kind of funky it's a segment nick game with the clock and so forth really anyone can gain a rhythm. You'll concerns about tonight than what's on the line tonight and of course are coming up on Saturday. Well that guy they've got. It to happen when you. It was a tremendous McCourt can score so many liberties are Dubai and Hayes is a tremendous amount athletically that can score the go between Butler and what a complaint that's a good and protect social you know you know what should become a bit venture would be huge. Tonight to be able to close out this year the streak chip Cole are actually he's an old game from a fans and have been weapons from the start. They're going to be a great testament to our seniors. And now they've worked to put us back on the map to be that close it out value Garcia got down. And be able to play loose and entering. Down and output at Burnett took note still joke. And you know some guys just to get your idea found one you think about it these young mainly came into this program BC news that Joseph on tonight but before the game them and their family members. It to have a senior night is special because of what the investment the time you put into your program not only the players with their families. Their friends people around you get to know these families. But tick in the that investment to pay off in and have a chance to know you can hang a banner this is this is the senior night that most messenger. It worked for had hopeful. Archer and he turned it's a storybook Kim in. To know that that this spent twenty years since younger Bayer. In that arena and our storied past of storied history. What what a great. Compliment to those guys in the sacrifices they made and you know they audience. To a program and our vision and our culture. And you know what we were out policies and we were 00. Which can picture that has a lot about their character. And that type of student at that you aren't in Arctic. Inevitably come in and has been the tiger will be. Mocks and as they you know privateers tonight at Lakefront arena 745 taken on SE in the Southland Conference regular season title on the line coach less. Good luck to you depravity that. All right coach we appreciate. 20 let's go back to the phone do we go in we have how they wouldn't Thibodeau they waited longer Hollywood thank you for calling. And I will now he's. All right the local crop Bob Wear a coat you argument that it gets. All the trade as. Bugger to pay. I'd I would equal regular could beat our program at a camp or who inaudible on and it's not that he that repression record about it. I won't do pressure quarterback. We can't get to look out for a reason. And all executive Bob it was a trade. On that particular caught a break. Trade him I mean the money I don't wanna. See the look is in the would have beat them partly where's that line Anthony. Well what are you gonna get far him. Broke his knee and have questions well they've the media late dropping Wright to be like well while while I was and he played last year in the Al Melba. The men on grass for the Gainesville. Owning was upon Anthony. Now you can't give up on it because I think he can run sideline to sideline. But he's a liability in pass coverage and you look of the leagues structured. Put it as it is anyway he was drafted. No that you and I get that guy you're riding a branding cooks where he was drafted you asking it. It's neat time a player a mid first round you give a brandy continue to get that same type player in and mean it in the first round. Hollywood always good to hear from down there at Dyer intimate though we appreciate it. Come on Mexico a day out and allow Iran Iran to Louisiana rusty Chaman memorial stadium rested chambers. To remain in the run when Miami Dolphins but come back and get to him Antonin Kenneth Michael and saint Rose and trick Ingle pull. This is sports talk banning cooks it the Saints do track or do decide and move Cooke's straight year. Do you think DC gate in exchange for cooks vote online at WW dot com. Let's get out to jailer Roger. RI Jay. Make room Taylor the day you take take its damage if you wanna hold wander and a break I'd be glad to come back tee also. Yeah I think we do it OK okay no problem I just want to let you know my you hang tight day come up which are right now with thought all week because you've been weighed like anybody else and don't want a taking time ways to meet you spoke saying to I would come as crazy hot topic today as well. Brandon cooks thank receiver entering the fourth year of his contract he signed in fourteen when he was drafted. By the black go out of Oregon State rumblings. If the Saints do move Kooks which should they get in return phone would be to take from Sydney Michael and these Adrian next on WW.