WWL>Topics>>3/2/17 Scoot 2pm- Is there not enough objective reporting of politics?

3/2/17 Scoot 2pm- Is there not enough objective reporting of politics?

Mar 3, 2017|

A caller to the Scoot show says there is not enough objective reporting, Americans are not right or left - most are moderate...do you agree?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Before to Mexico's Amir share this with you for foxnews.com. I senator I'd show mansion Democrat from West Virginia now what this is a guy he's a Democrat from West Virginia he's up for reelection. But this is a guy who is from a state that overwhelmingly voted for ultra. So he was one of the ones at the SPC a tonight. Who was consistently. Standing up with the Republicans. All the rest of the Democrats sent out. But senator Manchin said I've met with Russian ambassador. With a group in my capacity with a group of other senators. Senator Ted Cruz on MSNBC this morning. Said that he met with six ambassadors. In the last five months. And then you've got tired Claire McCaskill senator from Missouri. She tweeted this out today. I've been on the armed services commission. Or committee. For ten years. No call. Or meeting with Russian ambassador ever ambassadors call members of the foreign relations. Committee. But it's interesting then in August of 2015. Claire McCaskill tweeted out. Today calls with British Russian and German ambassador's regarding our Randi. In January of 2013. The cast votes weed this out. Off to meeting with Russian ambassador upset about arbitrary cruel decision to end all US adoptions. Even those of progress. So. Clinic NASCAR was not honest when she said she had ever met with. The Russian ambassador. A from Harry can't talk your under the WL. It was a good. Well I'll economic brief as possible first that we think that session should recuse himself and pretty interest of fairness. That being said I think it's time that people in this country. On both sides. Step back for a second. Not quickly run to their party line and allow these investigations typically. An objective. And investigation. And stop just being at each other extra latter so it too divided regarding public party lines. And common sense is on the wayside at all emotional react. Content to my body dumbed down to spend it all in particular party I'm going to attack it. And I think it's just they'll both sides are equally as if that's. No they are an end there are plenty of Republicans that are saying that the session should recuse himself and in. Let the investigation take place. And it'll stay at one other thing regarding. As well is that we need to get back and demand. Objective. Reporting. Not subject to reporting the news with my own flavor that I wanna be an echo chamber and hear what I agree. It got to the way to treat it to be deterred. You can either agree with that you can disagree with the challenges all that good. You know but we have to get back to objective reporting. This cut that we can't believe anything I disagree with his golf state means it's it's it's going to break free society apart we need a check. Report. You re port. And that reports so we're. It is an opinion it's regarded even if you agree with that that. Well it will be interesting to odd to see what happens with with with this story about Russia I mean there there are a lot of media reports in this latest one breaking today was from the Washington Post. About trumpet ties with Russia and they have the information on that they say is solid information from. I've US intelligence agencies and from the FBI and and from our allies like. And the British and Dutch they've got this information now if they are wrong. They should be publicly. Condemned. But they had this information I mean right now we don't know what to believe they're standing by their saying this is true this is an objective reporting. And I guess we have a choice of believing that. What an objective objective investigation whoa whoa mobile on full it is correct is that not correct that's for the sake. And it's important. And security of the nation's security executive branch. We need to make certain that these allegations are you are or not true and we have we have to live together and put our. Country or our party. Yeah and Todd that's easier said than done for a lot of people and it's really sad that people there are a lot of people in this country. Defining themselves as conservative or liberal first and then American second where America. Conservative liberal yet and it's really nobody's completely 100% conservative or liberal ask and it. What is the position in a conservative or it would odd that the most part people somewhere. They are and that is the great majority of this country which is what this radio show is based on every afternoon from one to four here on every WL. Not a glad you called here's a text I 55 north shut down root document Shaq. One car accident. I'm not as we're cracked if it's a beautiful day. How could there be an accident on I 55 on a day like today I mean what was somebody doing to cause an accident on a day like today. Think about it I'm scoot in the afternoon and we'll be back and every or you'll.