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3-3 6pm Deuce & Deke: on LSU baseball

Mar 4, 2017|

Deuce & Deke talk LSU baseball with Tigerbait.com's Bryan Lazare ahead of the Bayou Bengals' Friday night tilt with TCU.

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And welcome back. Follow a couple of segments able to preview LSU in DC were banners are strongly about first up. Revving up this Joseph Torre hand things off to the LSU sports network tiebreak TCU number two LSU. We'll hear from Mickey Loomis executive vice president and general manager in New Orleans Saints who visit with John DeShea easier. At a New Orleans Saints dot com there black and gold and black and blue reports that the Saints site operated jaguar Pena pull the pelicans and attain the team with the best road record the NBA's second best overall record. In San Antonio what a victory over San Antonio. Gave view hopes that the pelicans are heading in the right direction cast your vote online at WW dot com operated jaguar painful. To the phone we go out to Lari Laura thank you for calling always Deuce McAllister on WW it. JD can do it. Target on my mom can still play Tuesday morning's gulf war. She always loved Choo and market Cold War are absolutely. Say words. And she cheer cheer act like mama would go there and she didn't Wear on you. And time it arm around too much all. My she weren't seeing what mark has holes that. Should that mean you'd quit on the issue at 91 years old. That's why our. Holiday Moore all got the call and tell Paul how much all her. Would that. And our condolences where passing. Out like a really sweet lady and have a direct help put a smile on things. Q do you all won the let's call it isn't still law and. It only comes in you'll but he he has been pole. India Pittsburg Philadelphia the Philadelphia area. There was some different things there still is involved with his boat Reno. Our football league they've won the championship this year so I don't think we are the Lance Moore those calls and he's won a lot of I'm pretty neat they would wearable technology would. Albany and wait out but we love him. But I just can't. Let him know and I'll be thanks. Charl has to thank our. Thank you so much gambling issue we give up outs operas you and your fame going to lawless and that we appreciate you calling in and know deuce is truly grateful for the union. Yes thank you very much executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Making numerous visited with John DeShea he's a New Orleans Saints that town to give his take on everything it's going on right now with the affair anchoring the scouting combine in Indianapolis. And we're back here or no Saints dot com arms on the seizure joined by things general manager Mickey Loomis here at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. And Mickey first things first I'm we've heard all the rumors about Brandon cooks. And the potential people inquiring about him and just your take on the situation. Well John I think you know personally calls every year. You know players and your team and you make calls about players and other team in. But the teams in and you know goes listen. But and we we like Kampman and took an awful lie and so it would take an awful lot to first consider. Making a move there but it. The store is open for businesses is that I guess best way to say it as a general manager and as you mentioned this happens every year does it. I don't wanna call it aggravating a win win the rumors start to league gotten things have made kind of blown out of proportion that is it I guess a little bit distracting. This distracting is it is a little annoying at times especially when you know there's not much factual basis for. The rumor but. But I wouldn't call it distracting. On the smaller or you go about their business in hand especially here. So it's fine. We know that Gerris very will be released the safety in the coming days. Does that speak to the confidence you have in the and the guys that you have on the roster and also in the upcoming draft. Well it does to some degree. Listen I enjoyed having your center team ocean you know worked out a better it was unfortunate that he was injured that first year in and because he's good man he's good he's been a good player. Come in but when given an opportunity to see what's out there and available for for himself before free agency started or at least during free agency. So that was reason mind. And those things fans will be excited that there is more salary cap flexibility the issue here for the team. What does it do exactly does that entail what does that mean well it's. You know look we do have more room than we've had the last few years which is nice but. It's not like we have the on the most doom in the league or anything like that is number teams that have a lot of room available and you'll see how that impacts this free agent now market was left to make you know good decisions. Have to spend wisely. But we're always looking to improve our team in through free agency and obviously the draft in in in trades as well so we use all the avenues and but we have this you know limited resource. I did did did the F than a CO works out you know when you're trying to strengthen its misery and get the reinforcements. Is it easier to do so in the draft or free agency or you know how how you can handle that were yeah I think it it it works in hand hand in hand. And from your years that can be different just depending on the pool of free agents that are available. Vs that quality and depth is drafting and particularly. Get in positions so. You know this year I think our initial reaction is that the draft is pretty deepen and two we're excited about that. In them and you just mentioned this to have been pretty deep we here and it's a great defensive draft is it does it pretty much still that way yeah and you know so far I would say that. You know that that would be our opinion Nina minister good offensive players as well so. I'm excited about about. The players organ in the fourth. When we talk about this team and especially the office I guess we have to always go back to Drew Brees and his contract situation he's going into the final year. What you guys have been through this several times this seems to be no panic is is it. Pretty much called situation again yeah. I fully expect Judith has been the entirety of the balance of his career with a cinema I think he does well so you know I'm I'm not worried about it don't think he's worried about it. We're just worried about improving your team in and get back to being. You know playoff team and and that team has chance to win championship. Are you and so on pretty much in concert on those months quote unquote on this thing pretty much defensive ends yeah or Russ well I wearing concert on you know we've got a lot of masts and line needs a lot of wants. And look we we we determined that list. As an organization is a football operation and so were on the same page with regard to that in. You know now we just have to come up with a plan to film all else. This either or excite you more than draft or free agency. Well you know I think this. It's whatever is on deck. So free agencies on deck that's that's who we. That's what's in most immediate and yet we're here. You know looking at draft prospects and and you know doing interviews in and obviously get the physicals. And they get the chance to see these days firsthand so. In all excites us yet I would say for agencies with Sunday. When you talk free agency how much emphasis I guess is placed on retaining when you have that are proven commodities. Yeah look it's always important that you keep your core groups together. I wouldn't say we have an abundant a number of free agents this year but we've got some guys it. We've been in contact with matches they know their won it and yet I understand you know there at this point where they wanna. She with the market has Foreman and hopefully we'll get an opportunity to respond if if you have to get enough for the right. Part of things general manager Mickey Loomis sums on decision in this is normal things icon. All right Jon that Jon decision making them on Saints doubt dormant things back on his take do so at. Anything it is stood out which Jerry make you say basically you know ID there they always gunning and attained a phone calls as though that's that's the nature of the business. Get that in exhibitions and one of the things that you know it he can lose to. Because muscles immediate things leak out probably a little bit Morton now. On that they have in the pants and you know a lot of times. You have agents that are dropping some of these leagues as well because. They wanted their player played pretty guitar player played and make it pretty you know so. It's always been here. You know. What will rules it would happen. The other part of it is the focus obviously is now. All of the comeback and but they're really focused on the free agency aspect of the because. You can deal pieced together. Different guys that you like that cheap seats. At the two ran out you know on our program which would create in the end so. We have an abundant amount of money but there on the team. It more money. He'd been so it's just going to be being Smart and finding the right fits for our team and being in the you know I was drafting guys as well. You just said to LA issue next browse our joins us here on their BW it. All right. I'm big toe the LSU baseball game has been pushed back thirty minute so we will be we can hit a seven and we'll hand things ought to be LSU sports network. Coming up and 7 o'clock so that means they're gonna start at 73. Senior writer tiger bait that Tom Brown is on jones' mind as they do because of a previous game today. Malkin the that being disbanded. Maybe it means that the so they'd get they that it they're not in his archaeology in a 735. Made it more some more people in this thing. And that's that's one thing I'm thinking oh maybe they're trying to get. Give more time to get more people in. But no the beetle that outside detect an epic game and did maybe fifteen minutes ago. Seem erratic tiger made that count at the L dole on Twitter at the it would the all. We saw the Mets have went man and at Butler is supposed to compete meekly but they can win to be in Taylor's you've got towed me. Some awesome pitching you really put a man and TCU is a program that now their fan base expects this team to compete. For the conference championship in the regional team every team LB. One of those teams it's in the land hosting and the conversation a top eight seeds they really bared his program but is this is a pretty good match at one that's. One I think it's drawn some national attention among the baseball people College Baseball they Islanders when nine. Yet you look you've been to or straight year oh that is good remark anybody. And in the country right now that no they haven't won the national championship but. Note Jim slot mate who. Rick jones'. Pitching coach when east cut things aren't honored to line on the piece a year on a great job with that program. And out. You know certainly. I thought back and all the EU and beat the number one team in the country creepy but she beat number two. And that in some of the polls that it's happening this week you want Nellie used to eat here claw game at Arizona State. Tell you that the law you went out. And you know when you get it one game is not going to be. A true indication. Like in a three game series in the big determining factor in my game without starting pitcher. You know. It whichever of the two starting pitchers most of it that night that he was probably but when McGee and you know now both speakers pitched very well. Gonna get. Inaudible and late in the game and then determine the bulk you know once ordered add it up and I out of the dog and well and doesn't necessarily mean. Seeing that wind is much better the other team it means that the starting pitcher wants in a lot better in the starting pitcher on the other. Senior writer at tiger bait downtown Brian is on again LSU baseball vs TCU won in two TCU won an issue too and Nicole. That game has been to his next thirty minutes which on the network in about 35 minutes here on WW a 731. Pitch deuce you go off O'Brien. It is disposal world on you know on goal is a loss early to Baylor today in the the second game this and it's just a little bit about. What they've done in Houston here in this world so for. Well all that that would shot. But you look border not thing in the paint and shot back at tech not a guy I think might be a little bit on a very good job all year old that law. A lot of very key contributors to their team last year. And I thought it may be could be a little bit of rebuilding job no the rebels say the cup schedule the first couple weeks. Opt out one day at the lady. Something like sixteen already in rankings are. Oh yeah they haven't yet they rightly too you know they've swept both of which was at the probable and Cox were so so surprised a little bit. Right now. It Sammy law that midweek keen as we demand that manga shut out about Baylor or. Not think that old me it didn't record an out who led only one law they were Pete last week about on. I was they'd know that probably going to be to UT that it. I challenge LAQ in the western debate so lot. It'll be in the other rent the weekend goes. A lot. And have lost a lot of players from each team last year like a little bit. You know they've lost about three or four key contributors. Whereas LSU at just about everybody back that's like you know well she's the favorite way out. But you know I omit them and me and him played well so far though it would be probably eighteen to present. LA she would be most challenge this year. Brown is our senior attack debate that Tom follow him on social Miller media on Twitter at the LDO all. All right it's been out to T world but he kangaroos on line three John is with us John thank you for calling WW rail. They do he can do strike to take a cult yeah. I have a question. Chet chilly in the struggle a little question more. Is there how hopeful were you out of sight Jets did draft and you know. And all she wrote this in terms of trouble free you know. And this deal there. Robbins well. And now. What Joseph should. Okay Perez John thank you thank you very much of reduce your take on cash I think interesting deuce 'cause I think he's shown signs to where. I oust them I could you know when he's a guy we Micah groom all in a perfect system but. Look I I think there's a lot of people more they win and the gear Jake Kelly shot. I think so to be command. Tremendously talented cleanest on the leader on and you know success he did against Alabama. Talent is not the course in its the off the field. I mean and that's what is going to have to address with any team that looks are peaking you know. He can make the pro prospect question I mean the question becomes. How are you going to do what he's going to do when you're not playing football and so you know. For the most part he's stayed out of trouble at home it's in the when he was playing ball. There was not really an issue mean bird when he Eagles all these businesses brother. The game there was an incident you know and had kind of immediately look. Can't put myself in this situation. I hit Ronald of this field you know just because. There may be something happened yet to Stanback yet to stay away. And that's hard to do just because the spotlight is on used in you know you can't put yourself in the situation. At street towards the field there was something and pop the bold souls and media. That did not put it in the best light you know that's something that you want to ask surgery so. Playing the game. That's not a problem it's everything else around it that has gotten him controllable on net you know that's where he got into the same issues. Clips and as well. Hank hang tight deuce so come back out of the CBS update your wrap things up reducing it to say if LSU baseball which on the network at seven a 731 it's it's been pushed back LSU and TCU here on WW. And whining now reduce final similar deuce again LSU baseball and pushed back thirty minutes Kos on whether or not an issue because there in a minute maid park in Houston into Louis. But earlier this at the new manager do Seau Baylor showdown will miss 40 in the in in a beat out beat Texas. 90 and tonight it's TCU in Italy she won vs two here on the network after the game tonight be sure to check out double coverage sport symbol but. During the contents you can check the lack of all FaceBook to try flat. With Christie Garrett and Seth Dunlap the a host of double covered sports in more they'll do it live chat during the fourth inning. Of tonight's game between LSU and TCU in one during the eighth inning and in a post game take those guys out. Tonight on WWL or double cover sports in more on the my football coach Houston whenever you know you'd be at their practice and you would be you'd be a full gear but you would be hitting in the U Gingrich to go full beer league. And get ready to eat like dude dude dreary say it loud and in color and mean they meant to be it was scary to be owning on on him Koppen. Speed ad deuce you don't we'll see it too much anymore I think there's only one. Basically want law partner and all of the entire season we talk about practice in whenever. That happens and it's usually that 45 play goal land trio now has about it. Yeah you can't you don't have the numbers you can't beat Jack cook anymore I mean and that's a lot of problems and you talk about. And it practices I mean he could have throughout the year. You talk about padded practices mark I mean he could have in camp alone totaled. You win when their panic you gotta give this some group working in Indian you know the injury factor of losing some someone you know we we go back and we think about it. That's when you lost children right into last year in camp he was of the pad practice and it was a goal that situation and nothing to to offer tough but I mean that's Italian that didn't hurt so. You know you have to be careful with those just because you don't have the numbers anymore. Deuce of course a big one coming up tonight primetime game pelicans take in law and the Spurs and a lot of people have on Beckett and KG in here last night and Kenny did do it Smith on inside the team BA. I was kind of I guess you kind of sit down by his set cohost child market but they did that conversation of what Golden State. And lead the west's jaws balked with saying that he thought the Spurs are going to catch Golden State can be in the buoyancy. And he also thought that Golden State. Without Kevin Durant won't come out the way the inning got to be a Western Conference conversation in which probably Katie Smith attacked Tammy and say some things they also said. I'm thinking New Orleans you know is gonna vacant in the west. In and they can gel it would do to beat those two guys if they got two great players on their team and think about Buren and or young club that can dethrone Golden State no wins. He's miss it. I think it's that the New Orleans pelicans and John bock. Kind of rebut it says man that's the Adams QB thing I've heard you say Keeney OK he's made the Aggies cage always cool. He's to a just rewind a tape and a year or two to three wanted to even a year too so the expectations. Moving forward serie a there in look. It doesn't seem like is that martz dues. But four games behind gamba although you had played him three times. And now you're looking at basically twenty games left. It's you know toward a one game that that's a lot of ground especially you think about you we just had to pit talking about. Dim every other team with the exception. Of the Lakers in the T wolves is in the conversation as far as the NBA is concerned because. Other than us in the designs and the Lakers in 1990 wins so that's. New Orleans Dallas Minnesota. Implement all the the 2425. Wins. Which as you three games back of gambler NAFTA as mean and look at it. Just from the standpoint. And who is very good at home. This season and of course they won last night tougher to be at home because I don't have one of the better America's 1513. But they beat the on the list by home they have handled their final twelve games at home so that is going to be very difficult they do have the pelicans to as well. I would think it when you look at that and at twelve at home that's pretty stout. However I think dues we need to see from a fan base and excitement standpoint. Did the very least we need to go into the drain and we need to go into the offseason whenever this season is one of the delegates at the regular season or it's after. A first round playoff series we need to be whole army saint you know it. We've we've we've we've got on the week we are moving in the right direction and his team now now we felt we needed a place that's BO the foundation is there. That's the very least we should come away reduced it was kind of scratch and I hit like while I don't know who's gonna be you know what are they going do with cousins. Cousin should be in the mode whereas men as well B we know a and it should be debt. Now saying they were coming to my house. I think it's a fair expectation is an attainable one or communities next point one games with C. But we should every C decides to do it this team is going to be at L team next year before this season is oh. Well you would hope so would be doping is an and I think we understand and know it. You don't have the awful capability as far as all the pieces yet. They did you have next year and wanna say that I think the key steal. A spot up to lure away the consistent products and they're great. And then you know we have to do it does this situation would support gore so you know. Two qualities is he going to be important part of the future you know and so I think that will be answered. I was it is policies and I mean but. The foundation is obviously there in the foundation is there when I say that I mean. The two being good this year. Now and it pieces around him not being being you'll understand CUNY is saying that you know they have all pieces and compete and dominate in the way. But I don't think that they can do so with the squad they have now. Deuce put a week in what is a week in. Would do some accounts like I know you got some apparent that you got a different things Dubin Estes Estes for team ended deuce doesn't have anything on the books schedule in his can be hang around the house. In an at home woke what would that entail in the Deuce McAllister. When we right now we have received have been handed it. I know I know saint Lawrence is on board. Of or something in the water and so Bill Belichick of soccer out and almost see what basketball game to I think hit particularly you know right now. And then for me I'm afraid I've become that they may have that follow. Different sports in the weather is that the ball and you know you get women back to Bob and it started part time as party wrapped up. The last game as far as if you beat it concern before they go into the tired the next week so. I'm I'm I'm I'm good right now beat them and it's it's it's it's sports these infamy. So do's about came Manhasset all right deuce and show me show her where to work and we it would be more or view or eight. A guy has got one of those pin down can't screw you post good charcoal we move over to the ball and putt well amused to see in a big tank. Over it and throw some nicks so you know ball some and don't agree what what would do his do and his in your annual culinary skills will reduced due. Not. Tree. And in order to know you you lead Demi Duke at Duke don't. He's I'm I'm really surprised that it that you had called the done anything night. Not not not out of bed at opposite they're allowed these games right. But went out and watch these gang I got to be focused keep it folk don't agree you do the right do you use focus on net when you've got to do. They have been an incredible focus on it real IQ just focused horrible bet between Korea full game that ain't an awful lot of get well. I got you I got no way do is I'm Mike Ditka I don't delight. More more to think maybe two at one time I can in the focus on morning is as good to be difficult as an in your game between the players some you miss that some meat you've. Beriault did for the opponent Dolphin and mean when you get to guess in the you know if you don't put all of meat on appeared to write them okay when you know put that one and we have put Manny admiral peas and overdone the easier. I can I can definitely understand where you come from a game top in the news on this afternoon at LSU baseball pushed back thirty minutes some sort of delay minute maid park. They gonna join drew George on the network in nineteen minutes a 731 it's tiebreak TCU number two LA issue. No rumblings basically on the Saints today has fallen to combat the top news out of the time by Indianapolis running backs ran the forty yard dash today. And looking at those numbers it was the eighth minute four minute show and is he was showcase today along with Christian McCaffery. And also today was Ernie back cut down in cook those are considered the top backs available in the issues trailed four net ran a three official 451. Christian McCaffrey ran a 448. Endowment cook ran a four. Five now a game gone back to deuce recapping he had some of the news that was I guess it was him and making this week. The minute phone net in the football program relish you waited eight to 35 this season. At camp when he wait earlier this week ticking and he way to forty a game do some pitcher recap deuce is take. As a guy who played that it looked to us is like menaced by a panel. But you know to deuce and football players I pounced on the just gone back on what I just heard you say the top of the full clock government and repeated now. It's a lot more involved did just that number it pops up on the scale of knowing your body. The fear or love it if you 85 pounds too far it is like I'm too authority. Coming off a 243. Aram to forty and I've been to 44 while on usually 235. And I got up to four. You saw rob going to do with your take it gain in all what it means and what it means that of the actual player. And also what it means for those teams. GMs scouts or it's followed. Well I hadn't had been that they. If it doesn't necessarily mean. Ban it because you can always lose weight I mean that that that's not the prop. I mean because for me it's about can used to be quicker now you know he's still have the footwork to be David missed tackles make guys miss. Or any enemies defended it comes you know after Ronald. The other part of it is it onto forty from a low liner fabric moron you know and cannot make more people may it's as far as in the hole and or ward. Can argue that Dick York I mean because you'd think so well here are compounding that. Yes that's true but you also taken more. And and you talk about a young and you know probable to play ten plus years and and it failed. What you've got to get to protect contracts that some company went into forty. My rookie year what about will be like in three years in Almonte albeit at a two terrific arm and I have to lose them to forty or you know I. It's easier put that weight at all then then it is to take it off and so my concern because on how many more extreme he is he gonna play because he can't be. You know. What do you know field titles at 240. Running back you knocked your dad it's about a 12 o'clock. You know that that that's what he'll see him and octagon runs away from people when you get in the NF fail you can't run away from everybody I mean but there will be certain situations where you have to use your quickness. To be able Boyd. And so that's the one thing worked realize when you are lighter you'll know how to get down I mean but you what you liner. Mean you can right away from it normally you don't have to take. I mean because you want prolonged their career so you know that's my only concern it's still. To be eight to forty and you run and force filed war and made you move. I mean that that's a little common now he'll it to mean that you'd you'd better place because Tibet which first you need. They aren't going to chop him down and they are going to play in his knees as much as possible because they don't want to. Deuce. Take us through you. At 240 RR RD big numbers irrelevant. Wind when you got to a certain wait wait you weren't used to or you weren't there when it was mentally or eat eat your. He's unity is useless as begin in just one Lleyton ordinance now he can't play it's not that that game I mean because. I know it to forty I pig outs not numbers now I can still take the pulse sweet. But I know that that. Packard can run me down from the back because I am a little bit hit it in arcade due to the corner and has quit. Not too many offensive coordinators or going to use human bird count situations. As a primary route runner and when I say that that being the gap at an angle route that lead in the got to run the option route. They're gonna take you out because they feel like you can't move and do it because he. You'd not a great player and I had 2.2 points that I can argue that a mostly later because I'm a little bit like. You know you can still get some different things that I wanna go to a smaller quicker guy very being offered a quarter. On third now because I am so hit it and so. Now now play at the moment because I'm not considered very now back in more arbitrator to now ban. Because I have to come out Albert. Until I don't rule you know the fall into that situation. Breaking it down like nobody knows and he's a former NFL running back ought to and the rest in Saints history. Deuce McAllister dues as always a pleasure Lou extended time LSU baseball coming up in about thirteen minutes. Hope you in the family have a great week in dues yeah I mean soccer before 8 o'clock time don't Timmy did. It would hit it is some and remember I just saw him do all they had drawn Holland before you bet on they had gotten the ball before he. No not normal on a list is a part of it and that's the only time you before you home at that can be written Tammany know. Gotcha was deuce in jaw and jawed the week in which of family and we would talk next week and now be a big league ready of the combat their course to start of free agency. All right dues callous to the one and only all right MD Bolivia. 26 so when he said DiMarco my key man here who dude when -- you are let's go up to the H town Houston Texas for ms. Carol ms. Carol thank you for Colin WW. You know they discount. I would have a little warm they do it. I know he had to go but. I want to say they did that. I'm have been slow to war related news. By the offensive. Then. There's going to go on the ground and I mean this year it seems in the NC and. That's why haven't I haven't been. What you know we it would pavlik out you see if you pitches and again and it. You know. McMurray well I mean you got the game Leo. Made know in his. That really on the books because this moment because he. Is and it is on the scene. Ms. count like to do all week would you do we. That may I wouldn't call it didn't go out there that is not is not know while green. Oh. You are you going to go around here. And unite and go around there. It. Wall. Would forward them that you Golan. Well yeah you start out like a status but Hugo reversal I used to be in trouble when I was on race go to oh. Morrison in Piccadilly and always get to dessert for. I want to go to clubs down not me. Graves mad. If you sound like you might. Scare. You you well and you're lucky. It. There are going to be against me as. One. That. It. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Warm. The mr. YouTube you can get some. That you know. Yeah. I'm more than proud of me I'm in the damn I went back come home. I did you know yeah I'm at home you know you. I'm gonna wait how long you've been away from him his care. But. That soon so I don't known as best we are viewed as that is all we won't go onto him he is a blown. Anyway you know. Let. It's ma on the boat you guys live in but it by. Whether. My daughter might end of the gross they would him read you zone is no place like home. Good read. On how to actually. They have hit. And I am I ever. Got it and you know me. To come back here yet. Yeah and the way my. Only as Columbia handed down and we look forward to also. Or. They ain't. That's my information on the eyes and I mentioned. Valuable now or whatever would. Didn't get it out and I wouldn't Lucic would be. A slight challenge going toward. Radio Asia and do. Yeah yeah. What I'm gonna do what I'm Duma's campus sometimes I get mixed up a mole give more to put your whole right now and give give mark you'll phone number animal caucus. I'm I'm kind of one of those as missed Kara. I'm simple minded mean they're not act act after a solid Reginald but I am on the better served if somebody is struck me what to do so. I'm humbled Denmark it's normal now you give him your number and now collier in the in the induced to get a straight day. Oh or I'm mark you ticket info on the mr. you have a good week in a. Because the golden chorale and and now what that was a while my favorite spots Lisa due to go ground game home and it's so when he was so I was missing the community cup some people. You know when the spring break they went to the beach in some people. Took some time off in new went on big trips you know mean ops ops in it's his sand dunes and some of them all fellas from Pike County Mississippi in zone green we we had a program on spring break in the count was going to spur to go ground now he's. And as some. Phillip here in New Orleans thank you for calling WW that'll Philip. Holding DL thank you for taking my call so I wanted to compliment you on something that you do that I hope you've been complimented on before. Inaccurate in your view on the ball players. You do a great interview with the ball was thank you. But you put in the eighties. You can't talk about is that you talk about equally home town whatever. Take them where they're comfortable enough to get it you human that we needed more. With Anke you know that the thing is in in the year. Against antsy in the EBC's if I was like right now it. It's a one employ today because I was some of the places I've been better understand. What. The meat is Paul meaning from a standpoint. On. How they are all too interacting deal with the meat. And now I completely understand that because there is let's face it in the today. I am considered someone its in the media in the UP all are always look at the substance to grant him lands on all that now just because. The group that we're all of the industry I am in that is what they Arsenal fall on Labor Day as. That doesn't mean at the phone it in that category right I know right from college and so forth. Bodies on the and the outlook. Stay away from home EEE if anything to saint Nick's question and I respect that I try to keep account like is based on Thursday night's. I like to keep the players show more like him and go with TV read a decision in life where I dynamite and we thought back to win. Am I ask how you know it is now depend on what kind of game it. We'll go back to when he first got involved in sports it you know it it's is very interesting and a plan the ones that. Some of the guys that lesson known in the free agency we don't know much about those are the most fascinating ones they. Can't beat him and not really articulate the chicken and I heavily. This is no different merit him pot meet some people. Speak it except it would mean they sound like Rhodes scholar from afar but there's been both speak it. And in some people out is like gaining don't know but you have to be in the year. We just talk to you like we tell us that don't feel pressure bills rushed. But that one took the most from bottom but Bob lemon comes through this year with this email about. That was I was sent them on the that he could she gave me an opportunity to judge me about it we have found in the looked. But that's a hole of the story but I didn't realize they. Play football. All and in the whole scheme of things and he came from Germany. And he actually got a football scholarship. To a scoop him it was a it was a rook as the school there in the east seaboard. Oh just on his eyes and as a soccer because in Germany beer nobody here it is just it's it's about soccer. And he he got on me and it started searching and so for that would have. And that's how he won and a common and he came over here with the family I guess exchange student and any wind at discount this year eighty played oh and a thing like I mean he's. He's his seat is unbelievable because he hasn't played football at all. He's just meet these small army you can put him somewhere. Talk about you know are now them are small Arctic got the books. And I'm like you know I know you make it on right now and you know where. We Uga with Bobo that's when you as New York. I want to be in great even. Creating it has it got to me William Carlos called boasts an exit in Garrett this time a year of Philippine disparagement to the summertime. It that we rarely that you know if it's a lot more do my dad because not much is is in season and socialize shows get along we yet. We get to do some topical stuff it in some kind of programs of the match. I appreciate what while on the of the double a bit syllable what do you have on your on your schedule this week is sports wise where you can. Oh man that we change it around the baseball it's hard to avoid that the end. Are all these good things in Louisiana you want the other UT and gravitate more toward talents based there's. Yeah I'm the pelicans that break. Yeah I hope so bulletin out and about an hour and a half tickets to ought to do so they can play to. Yeah yeah and achieve your right about few more pieces and make it deep they could be pretty ago. I gotcha well Mayer Philipp look at today as always is always a pleasure and I appreciate. You can words in willow where we are definitely look into doing so some more interviews. Thank you so much for calling me to six so when he seventy. You could take this and eights and meets him ways and it is moment on I was give us. So my sheets of paper one of those things behind the scenes. That is Colin lap car and usually wouldn't be as it's a three full pages. Of inflammation of the youth day via a pretty jaguar opinion poll it's. Programming is coming up. On things and hand in the ninth including a some are you folks that are in active on social media FaceBook Twitter all accustomed. Tonight Christian and setbacks are going to be doing a last chance in tweeting during dealers UT CU game. They're gonna do what those my face the Jets at the fourth inning. And they also do another one to an eighth inning in post game in the near Kabul when you double coached by a half hour at the end the ballgame from him another ball game. Was resistant restarted seventh but they pushed it back thirty minutes over Garnett working about. Nagging sick so they will be here on net tonight. And also don't forget tomorrow Deuce McAllister will be a metro pre PCS. From want to do and it's 36 aren't met coffin on the West Bank kimono check out all the time beating Russia's saint great Deuce McAllister. He will be therefore wanted to stop by get a free black and gold T shirt or autograph me football but he could just check the ball with. The great news that's tomorrow MetroPCS. 3600 Mac off of on the West Bank going out dancing and reduce base analysis on this sock sock. Action tomorrow and then Monday on sports talk. We'll get to the wrapping up of the NFL com nine and what's your greatest position of need for the Saints would you like to see him go in the tank that position in the you get knocked out during free agency. That wake in May be a few more options in the morning we would they do with. Their picks in the drag us inside the NBA's TDs Katie Smith paced the pelicans who win the Western Conference. In the next few seasons are you as optimistic. Holidays Monday from four into eight PO. On the next LSU tiger baseball number two real issue at number one TCU mean in the made Spencer all wait. To the game thanks so much to not names of mom and dog Deke Bellavia this event sports talk. Have a great week in that he.