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3/6 10:35am Todd: Kidney shut down

Mar 6, 2017|

We sure love our rich and spicy foods in New Orleans and across Louisiana... and big portions too.  That can often lead to heartburn.  A new study finds, however, that popular heartburn medicines may shut down your kidneys if you take them over a long period of time. Is you heartburn medicine gonna kill you? Todd was joined by Dr James Simon of the Cleveland Clinic.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to WW alt up Manassas in for Garland Robinette are ready jaguar opinion poll how often do you take something for harper. Never once a week several times a week or every day 43% of you say never. 30% say every day. Several times a week 17% and once a week. 10%. Before we go to our our guest doctor James Silas go to Larry who's been holding on strike hey Larry thanks for going to be the bureau. Which. Is a dollar. Bridge. Wobbled. While. You know we get to boot camp. Better. So low you only live once so he which you can enjoy what you can do it like to the fullest until. Are at it Larry do you take any kind of medications for heartburn. Not a lot of lot. I don't know kind of medication. We'll see you can enjoy life all you want to put out tick in the medications Larry some was can't. I'd do look natural. But today. And auto go on and it. You Larry thanks element that you guys immigrant. You to vote by our eye doctor James Simon from the Cleveland clinic we're talking about this and of course is Larry says most people here in New Orleans. The held elected enjoy blight to the fullest we've got a lot of rich and spicy food here and that does cause. Heartburn and some folks and they do take heartburn medication. What does this study is showing us about this silent as they say kidney damage. Good morning. Yes said that they tried to answer questions. That. Has been raised since the initial studies came out a year ago getting these medicines to kidney dysfunction. And we note that. Proton pump inhibitors harper medicine's. Can cause an allergic reaction in the kidneys. That can cause kidney to suddenly decline. And many people out easily to corrections what others to the strokes or other medicines often left was impaired kidney function consumption doesn't always come right back. Have to stop to Madison. So that the hypothesis theory was that. All the people that are getting tees that are developing kidney dysfunction Madison's. Most likely Adler directions and had just preceding kidney function in kidney failure. What this study trite that is currently separate that out. So they cut. A large number of people. From the PA. And only included people in this analysis are talking about that didn't have this sudden declining can function call acute kidney injury. And they still show that people had a significant risk of developing kidney dysfunction on the Madison's. So. What is the recommendation of this is is it is a significant. You know I know it says it's silent you're not you you're gonna notice that. Your kidney function are you gonna notice it as an individual. That something is happening to your kidneys have been taking asthmatic. No kidney kidney dysfunction and the vast majority of patients is assignment. So it's only identified especially early kidney dysfunction now when your kidney failure which nobody wants to get to you. You get sick from now but you know what we call chronic kidney disease where the kidney function as it is to treat but not completely failed. It completely silent so that's what's boring about that is messed people who take these medicines. It may not term remain upbeat in the kidney function checked. What type of some mistakes with have a blood test should they give they have they've been on makes him long term should their doctor Abby. Giving them blood test regularly and what does that blood tests show. Well. And I wanna back up a little bit that this study doesn't shall mechanism that we don't actually have an idea that the drug is actually causing the kidney dysfunction Ali knows that people on the Madison's. Have a higher end rate. Getting kidney dysfunction that people who're on. Either the old apps is our Zantac. Heartburn medicines or no medicine at all. In this you know one thing we we saw I was that the people that are on the proton pump inhibitors are drugs or talked about today were little sicker. They had a little bit more heart disease or diabetes or hire more high cholesterol all the things that can predispose you to kidney dysfunction. Tried to work the way around that with some good statistics to to suggest that it actually let the proton pump inhibitor. But still we don't know for sure that wanted to cut and the other but the signal is this concerning enough. And the more directly answer your question I'd. You know how often. The blood should be checked you know that's. That's something we don't know how you know how quickly it develops whether it's want to hear it every six months that's Smart larger health care policy issue and really. I couldn't answer that for if it responsibly. Now when we're talking about these proton pump inhibitors these are just certain. Brands to someone has Texas a dates of news it's semi asking what about lake. Roll aids or pep city see is that the same or is that completely different. No those are completely different so these would you know the brand named Felix in the subprime sack per topics are some of the more common ones. Perhaps Symantec those new year. Teach to what the H two blockers those were the controller in the group. And then. Rolled it those are those those aren't you know that's not a particular. Was there one that was worse than the others in the state are good and they'll get out. As and they all just love the maltego basic. So. Further study needs to be done I would mention. Yeah you know this this this is the third study suggesting it will be interesting to see if if there's going to be some something to do a prospective trial that would really be battalion definitively whether there's only between these two but that's. Excellent time to do it's been nice thing about these huge registry trials that we have. You know outed a large electronic medical record in the big servers we have taken to contain these urged. Look back at people that are on these medicines or not they're not perfect but it gives us because of some ideas something might be gone on. Now than to break this down for folks because of immune a lot of tax people rising which one I sort of taken this should I stop taking it etc. etc. And as we said before their weather last Doctor Who was on local doctors and you know obviously. Talk with your physician first just don't stop take men and whatever medication to prescribe but. Over the five years of the follow up the researchers is of the front it was like. Father more than 80%. Of those users did not develop acute kidney problems. That's exactly what. Exactly don't panic don't you know don't stop the Madison if you need to be on it. And a couple of underlying messages here. It wasn't when they present these risks if you if you look at 719 to 30% increased risk are fifteen to 30% entry stressed. That's what color relative risk. The absolute risk is he developing kidney dysfunction. On the Madison compared to people on the other Madison's still relatively small who is on the order of an extra four to 5% of patients. At some form of abnormal kidney dysfunction. People like kidney failure where they went on dialysis during the study again not clear that it is due to the Madison. Was miniscule little about a point 05%. Increased risk. So you know that's the take them you don't need to panic and stop the madness if you need to talk to your position. But the other thing is it that the other complaint is that most people get started these medicines. And particulate by the man they just forget about it and the doctors forget about it and he's Hispanic community in Needham. And the recommendation now is Dan. So to take comfort shore during the time of the symptoms resolved. Work on your diet which talked about may be an issue in you know some people. Tried to try to get rid of the harper Matt ways and you don't need to take these one term. Doctor Simon has got a couple of questions for you before let's ago does the dosage amounts. Affect anything is it if you're taking more of its a more milligrams another. Than someone else. Obviously that increases your chances with a great. How are you know. They're backed at a paper now I don't see that they are able. Separate does one would think that if you're taking mower the that hired as some exposure in the canyons going to be higher bit but again that's not necessarily borne out in the papers. Another Texas as would this also applies for the generic forms. Him and so forth. So it's it's all basically the same type of thing it's the dinner. Direct people that are taking the other towners. Ten particular dose debt. Dundee. Because if people are prescribing brand name has been the position not and is doing it for a particular perp count purpose. You know there isn't there's no Arenas in the to going to be unique and different. Does being overweight increase heartburn. The idea among those. I was hoping you would back me up there doctor. Yet it's back but it's a at oak trail the doctors do their all against me. What about and Soviet McCall about the home remedies you know and we know pre business and my dad this you're just taking sodas and waters okay. It would net debt and old fashioned remedy that. Pregnant. Concern other problems is that it is something we don't see Cuba and mark of a Collison. Taking that drink milk or a lot of people take times every day care cameramen and risks. Not things without risk. Bad that's the bottom line is that all the commercials for the visited that's why they give you all those possible side effects. There's risk involved with all correct. Yup he wanted our medicines have side effects. All right doctor James Simon anything else you wanna leave us with a before you go. All right thank you for your time as well doctor James Simon. From the Cleveland clinic 2601870. Is our number to call also was seeing at Texas I recently asked my doctor to take me off of one of those drugs because of just these concerns. And is that the dew diet management there's a great book called funny enough. Dropping passes through help in this regard. Is there warning of the kidneys shut down notes not to kidneys shut down its estate a gradual. Silent as what they're saying but there is some evidence and the doctor first Augusta yes of the accident not really sure yet that if you stop taking it. You can correct itself but. We're talking about today and again to set this right. 80%. Of those that are taking the PPI is that's the approach tonic cup pump inhibitors the preface that prozac makes him proton X tight. Even the deed the generics. 80% did not see this happen. So we're only talking about 20%. Being affected of those that taken daily.