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3-6 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Brandin Cooks and NOLA area college hoops titles

Mar 6, 2017|

Bobby & Deke discuss the latest rumors swirling around a trade involving Saints receiver Brandin Cooks, then talk local college hoops success with Dillard Coach Mike Newell and UNO Coach Mark Slessinger.

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And good evening and welcome the sports are going to 8 o'clock tonight at the landing zone to Kristian garic. And set Dunlap a double covered sports and more. Coming up on today's program review of everything happen in the week in a lot of basketball during the you know private. Winning the Southland Conference title and no gates at for the Southland Conference tournament that takes place in Katy Texas also the Gulf Coast athletic conference championship. Was one. By the get a Blue Devils for the first time in school history they've won back to back Gulf Coast Atlantic conference championship is was he with a seventh ranked Blue Devils. Will be seated in the inning guy national tournament. Also coming up Zach Strief Saints offensive linemen as it was promoting national pancake game will be his thoughts on when the black and go get back to work. Goalless with a veteran offensive linemen that. You know pretty much kind of like a I wind scenario getting better with age sex street's better years at right tackle. According to the numbers and people grating amount have been. The last few seasons posed next street LSU coach Howland airy is with a tiger is going into over the weekend they got a ton of its five games in six days. Starting tomorrow a pro football focus Steve palace solo will be with a think it was a latest as we get close to free agency. Tonight the New Orleans pelicans continued their road trip they are on the road. Out in Utah taking on the tough Utah Jazz who won in Sacramento last night won ten to one own on the pelicans were all in the road game but the bigger lead but also came up in. Helmet on and bounced back late with eight. Run down a stretch to win by 810795. Over the LA Lakers was the if they can continue their winning ways tonight if they take on a much better team in the Utah Jazz. We will be speaking with Andy Lawson took over the Jazz okay as L dot com. And Salt Lake City hoops and also. The legitimate Dickau was NFL shut down corner with a top. Players and winners and losers that the issues combined Eric Odom has been there he will be was this as well. 2601870. Operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW dot com ever since the rumblings about the Saints may be. In RS is. In looking to see what. A receiver and my branding coach could draw mean coach Peyton basically stated that no one is necessary on the trading block but we always answered the phone. We're asking you do you think Brandon cooks is gone up regardless of golf hall as we say around these parts and Bobby. And this hold Brandon cooks thing is kind of take on a life of its own. And to be fair the in the chronological Dade order you'd probably have to go back to November 27. Win the Saints beat the Rams 49 point five arthritic back yard to judge chauvinist stat sheet that's kind of when may be some of this stuff started so to speak. Yet begin if you look at at what's attractive about branding coax. Is that two things. He's only 23 years of age. So you look at the outside there and then is NFL experience at that young age. He always had at least 1100. Receiving yards and eight touchdowns each of the past three seasons. So big when you think about consistency. He has been consistent. When you look at that and that's a big itself the team that's why one or number one draft paid little one. A number two. Though will be get his stick out guns. And now the rumor is that the Patriots in the latter part of the first round they were in the mix. But the things look more and that may would make sense. If you look at it. Not the I think it did the cold calling flip. Pat had become mine and Eagles in them getting the fourteen. Saw the Eagles unit. Brandon cooks at bat I would say that you know not bigoted too complicated don't want Poland trade. Led the Eagles in a tie into I I think that. What I know now the those being involved. Being involved in the titans' first round enemy team that that would makes it so La but the thing is that the Saints the Saints are in the drivers seat and don't have day. They give up anything so it Beers and as he was gonna unfold. And adding depth only something uh oh will come about. Silly because supply and demand. Like I said that if you look how a young. Brandon cooks is and and also. His production. And if you look it. Teams demise that bowl wouldn't wouldn't we. A Brandi could type players dredge and opposing defense. With the Saints almost take the approach that we views a number of different receivers. And have been successful at the highest level in the passing game I'll over a decade. So that's why the Saints kind of look at it right now we're showing things that we're Drew Brees is at in his career. As far as it being Mickey Loomis got a win now hot and win now we gotta get the defense better and so that's why branding coach is even. I'll Barrett's forest trade bait because bottom line is because you got to give us some big gets them. Nope you might say oh what is the Mark Ingram. Marty might see even when Jarrett is birds in the contract he got to realize that a team. Can be a winner Vietnam it's yeah you can't trade by used to everything yeah and it and that's why what we say branding cooks. And not even looking at Drew Brees a game as a quarterback position. But I would say on often it's. I look at right now like Armstead. I think Armstead these coming off an injury he would be in the status of a branding cooks on all the decided a ball. And owner David subside. Dolan how would say got any stroke is like cam Jordan obviously Shelvin rank as an aegis. You know got here but we can jarred the jurors so the only. You know high you want a better you'd team and we got to get better on defense so he had to give them some like you said that they get better defensively. If you look in the way of a trade. In three years even before the draft comes about. 2601 mates and he could Texas eight Sammy eats into come back into some takes a lot more to get to as well. Some groups on the floor and then of course and the end of the program is 7 o'clock our own teams and our recaps what took place that you miss him animal must be way. When NASCAR got a lot to come up on 8 o'clock tonight we'll get things thought I would John Maine based Saint Louis and Mike and Thibodeau committee you 2260187. This is sports self. 8 o'clock tonight here on WW. And welcome back out to the phone so we go lose base Saint Louis for John John good evening thank you caller. Yeah are going to be. Oh man to get ready for our. But planned to do that. The highlight of the headaches that the Wayland tennis and I you'd think we've been. Were our best man is a stronger and receive right and ending at. The ball well. And history if it's. It's our where it was Lamar Gordon didn't work. Out and all receiver. I've seen at any danger at all ball. What they need to church or Baltimore PG a part of our I'm. John John time mount mount it to an amount average to gain that John John would you say that would I'll branding coach okay we had a noble and passing office Tuesday without branding coach who dropped by the top ten. Come on now you look good so now I don't come up Randy dating come. Carl an incredible week off. As it they've never had oh we gave never had a week off but it over a decade ended Drew Brees and Sean Payton's tenure what do you tell about the what kind of words that fit it is like six that you don't want to a three. Now we gotta get the defense better John come on you get. Too much in the highlights following the ball and skilled players. Yeah while we got a little less well we look at the replace mark is cold so we get. Michael Thomas and Jamie Graham yet did all glued Jimmy granted offense let you know. The does a number of players that they've group always spread the wealth around in the passing game we've never had a Pro Bowl receiver. Was brand that would do you think branding coach is as good as Antonio Brown with the Steelers. Artists are even Steve Smith that you watch with the Panthers are Ravens c'mon. Did you manage his. Gimmick Chad each and every human being as what you mean I John museum fallen down on a bubble screen in the Jets BBC a dig at the house. I mean you see him go across the middle on us about an ally I like Brandon cooks because he definitely plays a role growl offense. But to say he's a beast he's a little bitty guy. And they. Blew that jet and Oprah. Well yeah I totally out dreary day shoot right Darren is not there bro yeah he had a job we told the agreement that did Darren Sproles listed at. The Dallas wanted to biggest. A screw ups in the hinted the press target of the Saints organization did a ligament formulated should've gave them eight million no yeah that's the I mean and Derrick Rose yet. Sproles could still come you couldn't tell me the manager Derek admirals and his team that Drew Brees when Pete in the Rogge at least seventy plus times. He would he would do it. He's he's doing a Sammy a ball catch a game and now all provisional to meet him. Thirteen 14151617. Honor I mean c'mon if they see it with thirteen aerial sending him catches Decoud at that that's almost an insult to even put Brad Annika is the same breath that Darren Sproles c'mon no I there's pros and I visited NFL I don't know the Brothers human chain from the course three years. He's anything productive. Is an eleven yards a said that the feted again that's why is attractiveness of the teams won a good they don't have maybe that kind of player. And adding to the combination of him and drew can up. But 11100 yard receiving eight touchdowns the past three years no that that production of consistency have been open Mike thank you for calling WW. Yeah yeah. And yeah. Yeah. They do you have. Need to the union bad you know it didn't happen and our. Blow up like basically a Broncos got the noble and overall people who and I dealing with that win a dog in the Cleveland and we don't miss some camp it would have been yeah. In didn't. There's that into it and it not true and I haven't. Certain you know I won't say it never happened that my. Ball on a pretty good. He has to frustrate. You donated your bad your rubber duck in Utah they do. We don't we got town business out there needed it but did the eagle eagle hammers. Now that thing is is also fans that helmet as it is a good argument that the trust factor. Do you trust the saint. Will pick the right divas of player are right player's gonna have an immediate impact like you know branding coach would. Another word did you think you had Eagles pick. And fourteen to kind spaghetti team. Would that player come in here produced in the gaggle nice and I got to pick the right players them as soon top team defense picks. Were a of the Cairo and rank and write about how hi Ian yeah and it did today can Jordan Lee error trial and our I would have to. I'm dogma high peaks now noted you know the ones that have been in there between going all what do you don't mean lately. I would think they've hit normal hat he fits the players. And then not this really honestly though it upon ad is Nolan had been that was late Ivan I'm an element to Iraq given up on it no no you know I can't shoot I think coach bill is gonna help happening so it is I really do to go on the phone and I think he'd be there as we noted as a role formally team. Right we need because that he could play well one thing you don't we can do he could tackle. Knight is gonna get in his head I went overtime winner in the classroom moves so he understands how often did trying to attack you play action and all that I'm not attempt allowed to have it in old me it means to. Who's who's explains that The Who breaking them down to. In some some people are better can be in their from teaching. And explaining. It no difference or coach known as many coaches the defense in his blood. So do a good entertaining we all will have some idea there was in the game will I good teaches it's also teaches I gave my dad who's retired civil engineer. He was a whizzing calculus intrigue and on the tree care policy and he be so my big it and geometry they did an algebra eligible as it was to Ellison took trig immediacy. Then I dropped countless Eagles what. You dropped calculus. Then all of a sudden. He showed me how to do all these followers then problems at all Latin and NASA allows them on as things and doing his brain work he can do it but he couldn't teach you mean it's dose hotel yet. Is like coaching and teaching he. It is my great players on this telling me great coaches you know right they know what to do we can beat transfer that other the players. All right coming Baguio Andrew Michael and bare it all year. And you Collins do you think Brandon cooks will be in the Saints uniform next season basically. That's it would give me your take time in the course stuff and now also on social media is well it's operated jaguar opinion poll vote online at WW real. That count to 601870. And you could take the city seventy eights and get the calls and a moment. And then have bottom of the hour news with Chris Miller the first a CBS of the. And welcome back. Out to the phone lines we go. Mainly stick out we go in New Orleans on line full weir thank you Colin WW Rio. It was gone dead yet actually drew which we didn't get rid of burning trucks I think offensively farm which is there any problems on it would deter period. Why receivers on Huntington and. Yet again is acme well I think it's like social media so wide getting out of control when I got to pick a player for it to words when. You look at Michael Thomas CE you know that the weeded. The jealousy will cause people. To part ways. Pakistan coach. So all of a sun and any comments on. That. You know all of a sudden coach responded with a confusing tweet that'd been deleted. And then here he got Michael Thomas said see what yelled did there. Would that tweed bit sorry that's just lyrics. To and you don't Q song yell good so. My understanding that Michael Thomas does this all the time that each week he tweets lyrics to songs. So I'll live but but it here aren't. On social media today would have a. When Noah didn't like me please. Well Kim who loses. Those social media and because Michael time has improved Michael Thomas don't speaker spoke. And never until Michael Thomas. You know I'm liable associates of basically everybody who has listened alters. Well well at it and if he did. If he did that he's a jerk. Them all. Came out and understand why you would how did he do that at that that is the lowest of lows in of brands teammates whatever you call it. It and that happened Jamont Keenan Lewis. Yeah you know social media incidents. I think its eighth and sometimes we look at again in the derby day to think he's made I don't think it's bad now because. Any time now I can tell you the first thing is synergy here like an AMBER Alert the first thing you do we get out. Because so many people can pass so it goes I think it's a kimono dinner that is what's more of a benefit but then as also pavement a mindset that this sewing Creighton social media. Like from an amendment count nice to discuss the link talent you're like OK I am I'm Michael pregame Internet. Accounting you dig a river not hardly the only thing. But he strengthen via my ambiguity in a different they are available out of our sail well AD at at daybreak that they alcohol is it out to my point is that it's the same thing is get our body of an up FaceBook put the nickel Biehl Twitter. Four of us know that social media I mean it's the same thing. I think you'll rarely see sacrifices something or you don't you know a little bit but big the problem is social media not social media. It goes back to old school even a private phone call right you think it's a private conversation. You don't do that and then all of a sudden it's out in the public you regarding that. Right on that that. That then there's. That I. That's unbelievable it day Keenan Lewis and if that's true would do something like that. That that yet is that I don't I don't know with the unions that's the with with that would be about Covington for Andrew Andrew thank you for calling WW yeah. Egg at Illinois know you. Do it. I try to look at it sold branding coach trade rumor being. In the grand scheme of things spreading cooked. Really only one piece birdie and one trot she appeared bright and and it we trade yeah. And we have the possibility to get. You know another first round pick. And we turn those two picks in two Judy but to be that the players. Those two guys could improve the parent by other militants spot. You know and that it put it throughout middle of the pack right dodger it would Drew Brees upset. At really I mean it middle of the pack be fit we're gonna win more. Great point we got that middle of the pack run defense now we get overall impact as the you know I entered had to use them a look at it and wealth because I think bounty gate at at least of the do it and it's a battle in warm. Winning season in 2013 it would playoff wins instead of bounty scandal. This is ridiculous the the Saints or Marty in 42 including the post season in the past five years. Not even pie might do with a pulled the 500 other not 500 so UK QB offense rolling you know get better on defense that at flights in neat. That that this is nice about it pick the right player. But that's why Brandon cooks brings value and how you can get the first running it Q Giambi with the players that that you get again you gotta give them. They caught a March Madness that goes simply it is the greatest tournament on the greatest sporting events ever and a course here in the Big Easy keep you know. With several teams including for the first time in school history dealing university won the brood that was the Gulf Coast athletic conference championship tournament. They are going for the second straight year back to back champ joining us now is coach Mike new coach new. Congratulations on this one in Maine did so program is his role in right now ample what understand now coach you await the selection showed it happened on Wednesday. To see where you would DC that is that correct. That is correct I don't find that to we're will be seated but also to find out who we play. Now coaches at take us take us through. The tournament you you're pretty much you know several games in a very Bynum from and dismissing my team it was close you in the standings. What what was it like to be all these teams a couple of times and and you had to face him again you know there's an old. Analogy saying of sports it's hard to beat team three times we had to do get some this year. We did and but. I have no problem. Doing the best players. I felt like a law that. Donald last year to this year particular. We we edit things to and we experience. Senior leadership. And a lot in that we will clinch the receiving our championship. A couple of weeks early. Out of a little bit straight there and my unit and a little bit looser focus. But it we we can't get. That we do get back to where were should be. And finished 14 road course. And where in the conga line first rounder and we want one. And assume files about what we want. On championship. Now Gordon still what can you tell by the fans about the new power forward enact any IA all American at the metro ago Austin from Washington DC. Complete team. Well Dmitri is so. The hardest working players. It. Were about forty years he's very competitive he's got tremendous power. And years. The debris. He loves to compete. And still lose. And he has great leadership the bill T and he has early ever Peter actually. Not an issue lecture also. I don't foresee. You've got to move on after this tournament. But without the puck in the league. Coach at any any. Idea what you think you may be in your they were what kind of see your draw and term. Student right chipped in the country now and so. Having clinched. The championship or point 47. I think there's a chance that we can move up to use Kevin. Or eight in that in the country if that would be the case. I opened to. Bobby because they divide that retreat change and Aldrich. And that. So we were the year we would be in probably in number two she blows our operatives. I'm got you in the course Dillard and coach and you'll find out on a Wednesday evening where they will be seeded. In the inning I selection show on that turned me coach without question congratulations back to back championship to determine for the first time in school history. The group that was a role that we always see you guys take it all went. You. Coach good as well I'll give instant. Alright that's it out to Center City if all bark bark but he did thank you for calling debuted a new. Berry is the those are different are used to inland. Outlook column I'm going to talk about operated cooked and Rivet to lose interest and and there but. That an osu basketball currently aren't concerned and program right now of course and so on and would Jeremy don't know what frustrating and it's in terms Rosenberg Mahan. But a good management good coaches were there some days. So that's what gets you close opinion on what you think you survived here and in if she can keep got in there well there have someone please. On Monday deepen their sword sort to reflections. If he does about your bought out I would be shocked yes I'd make everybody happy shuttle is from a stamp par regardless has got to be changed me is apathy is. Lack of confidence I mean when your lose I mean in a row it's not just the lack any truth right limited attendance at the games Cologne exactly you know Oilers you you know I'm missing outs at a Kentucky it would Browns ought to this may be or was that those who. They've got his mean he plays in the NBA is is somewhat on the conference coup but to be finished elected him last year to be finished like the idea this year. Is half what changed now. A year before they had Johnny Jones. Julie were out he gave the blame for a lot of things not keep saying is that about you all on this thing and I do need him it was explained to me right. He went to the board they sip as a coach he found them a coach he found it and go. Into of me. Tubby wanted to come game and have this on is his top assistants. Sumpter and went on line. They didn't agree to it was a financial package something and or I help brown Chad I haven't been a little bit the bullet it would don't know ways they had Johnny Angel now. At this juncture. I would be some are surprised Bears surprised if they can go on a name like Tubby Smith digging in at the dish from. Other than it you know gain some recruits and Airways the program now it's set back further off for the day when a guy like train got it author it would Brady guy. And is prior maybe the lowest points ever has been. So is it a situation where is now can you do a an assistant from the top name program I don't know. If I'm on a valuable assistant at a Bible program on the dale as you might. And I got it we've been here now go down there Obama beat three years and it's into the final turn around. So it may be a situation Amy had to find it up and coming liked it Shaka Smart. That was that RV CU like coach why. Coach why was it with the windy or look at our coach Koppel who Louisa it's at right now and all out Bieber is saying yes I do like Matt did this thing is if I hear me. But look at what Mossad agent and you know and they would talk about these guys especially so as. Had to build a program up from the ground up from the ground they handled the passivity when he went in the they didn't have witnesses them Hughes campus so many. We built from the ground up. When. You know it to game the way one win away from being on national TV Friday night. With a shot in the Big Bang it on it that's huge coming from a school it was really didn't know what it would reopen again practiced all well as a team you affecting fail. Turn bugging you look at and and they towards the latter part of season there were playing hard. You look at Georgia they would Tennessee came in they won that I gained yea you got clearly players aren't effects of using mean in and build upon that but then they go to Mississippi State and they get lax you about team now housed a date yet. Mississippi State now they have started as easy play it would it would three no one knew he had lost eleven of thirteen like you said they won a seven game losing streak and game so I mean that no I mean. UK state. Status quo you know Steve would know you see he got c'mon. All hail gimmicks that have been a call he's he's a he's in western Kentucky he got the two best players out of state and Louisiana Riley didn't premium seating to get him to come it would mean to. I guess sports talk you're listening to WW. Well it would be great week campus will. We heard Dillard University here in New Orleans won their second straight. Gulf Coast him at a conference championship but the first times who initially backed in backed out of and coach mark Schlesinger in the you know private he is when Al right sentiment college regular season Taro. They now have buys all the way into the semi finals in which they will play. Friday evening of back Ian Baker there are reports that to get into the south Blanco have a championship game 630 Saturday Cady Texas. On national TV in that game represents a spot in the NCAA tournament on the line coach that you don't just now. So last visit were you guys and so many of their work and or what was it like to win that trophy. It was a late in it was a it was such a gratifying feeling. Our student athletes and our stamp its just sport there are soul. Into this deal and does shall be put them about that or I'm so glad that there are universe he's champion again and pac it would have been in this incredible city. So nearly chipped in again. Coach it's as far as the seeding process to take us through you would make a winner of and if and of in a semi final game. On our side of the bracket kicks off Wednesday at 5 o'clock went to Arkansas. Braces off would say Houston. The winner will play Houston Baptist. On Thursday at 5 o'clock. And then we'll play the winner of that on top Friday at five. The other side of the bracket the number two seed corporate Christine. Hold the double pile on the side. Now of course Schlesinger. By I'd I'd like you said. And you quoted man's best Boise just to Tammy today our universities at champion our students and staff are champions. Alumni champion it's a huge day for us in. Just talk a little bit about what it means the university gives you look. Before Katrina instructed 2005. You know you gotta look at baseball would defend that belt title in 2000. And you look him basketball nuts in that championship in 1997. So that's again at peak. You know. Actually Peta interest of the alumni should today. Where they want to be involved knowledge the you know basketball pro. And people have. Averaged out to its. And graduated but it's it's it's so much over guys like you're out or an expert by here. Then outplayed the foundation but I'm about him talk and act. Yeah they're church from Wayne Cooper. Give the secretary you know get it fixed. From guys that are able. That to Jimmy all the way from spring or pictured from England Kim two and is it is in your life right now and all these guys who just. An announcement is that they're just so it's that. That we're back on the air and go as high a price. That you would you don't want it to where what we are doing to rebuild this program in in their you know they they are part of this and and that's also remembered by. Much as it you know privateers next game will be Friday evening at 5 o'clock A semi final match up. And the silent count determining Katy Texas have secretive puts him in a championship game on national TV ESPN two Saturday at 630. At the same location in Katy Texas coach would talk to you before you here whereas good luck this week. Right all right so that's a man is gone if folks in the Big Easy you know two games away from beating to the big games this is sports talk on WW.