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3-6 5:40pm Bobby & Deke: with Saints OT Zach Strief

Mar 6, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints offensive tackle Zach Strief about the offseason and how the Saints can get back to the playoffs.

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They gonna solve the I don't know if he likes if there is such a salty one but tomorrow is pancake day I'm being told it is national pancake day. All reporting one they made this week is next street does act. How did you get involved with promote national play like that I'll call you up. Yeah. I had a couple of dude you're glad to get of that. I mean I learned and tactics but I. I actually. You know it's national ticket. 01 of the things that they do it as a picnic for the purpose. And so tomorrow a week ago and any I 77. And get three short stack of pancakes from my top an exchange. That for you to make a donation. All proceeds to mark on to the Trout miracle network. To support children hospital here in the world involvement in career so really. I'm doing it for children possible that your got a ball but I'm not one to turn them. You're right and and it did did does that straightened out this is not disappoint them Zach is a huge. Got a community and and though you have all of that. We talked about how hot they right now but the one thing the Hawks for the calls out that you start out with two or three teams that. How many teams out there last year. Yeah I think there at 97 I'll mind you know I had after got to be some see it grows his face as soon as you like being around him yeah yeah I'm not exactly an out there are. Auburn actually created. A kind of movement and a barbecue restaurants in the world yeah it and bring it up like crazy and that it's amazing. All of those guys that are opening round started barbecue in Hawks. I mean a lot of those places leadership that have been here got in the bar you because the Hawks to raise money offer that you know another often caused as support. Research for pediatric brain cancer and in and haven't sent in turn on turn those in a restaurant businesses so. Awkward talk that you effect on the community pressure. Saints up as a lineman Zach Strief is our special gay is as act on the you know it's a new day and even when you come out of out of all Weston it wasn't like it is now. I can imagine that the whoever was there you know the guy who's in charge of the academics and if the student athletes at the pit calls. Who helped you guys deal with the media. He beat you he he wasn't afloat abreast of what's going on now because it wasn't going on the end you know two years ago eleven years going to come and all western but the social media aspect of it isn't as some different things in the news now and that I suppose there out their involvement maybe some new clean make this goes on across the country. What would you do Zach. As Anthony now a days. When you're dealing with social media knowing that we helps out way more than it hurts it saves slated does. But it seems like sometimes I don't know if it's in the wrong hands the wrong hands of other wrong people. Play its best when it comes athletes it's damn more known for either having to come out and say I'm Sarwan the vin doing the right. Outlook and I think social media has built and a practical. Not not just athletes but everybody jumper or people don't get a grip on what exactly the effects are a social media outlet that. Kind of how we communicate with each other and you know the reality is. It's it's it's something that's done behind. Greener. It's field Friday and it couldn't be more public. And you know for me personally. Rule that I try to use him and permanent price extreme Ariza that much of that. Before it say anything. I'll write it out and I'll look at it sentiment out there anybody can think oh that would not appreciate this statement. And at the end of the day if somebody is an issue with it a little bit it's usually not work. The headache personally. You know that doesn't mean that you write something that but you can't do that you know the whole country's going to be. You know orbited negates but I mean if if it affects somebody's negative way to mean I don't I don't see the purpose and in entry area. But again and I didn't grow up with a lot of the supplement FaceBook came moment now in college and it was literally for friends you know what. Public. You know it being college. And they've. Yeah yeah news in the edu address so the only current deal and and now twitters programs that channel thing. To be honest with you for me. EC I think it much bad come out of it as good so. I used it is best I can when I think situation permits but. I'm probably a little bit more private than a lot of guys are. Now was that look at it next year but mainly in the future and looking at the offensive line. If I can recall coach Ross on the thinking Gant said the latter part of the season. On a Monday night and acts than this half with hypothetical scenario. Look in in his crystal ball down the line. And looking at the right tackle position vs the left tackle and what are brought up to him and you considering. That how the right tackle is has become just as important as an attack assembly because we haven't to block. You could advance pass rushers well whether it's JJ watt way it is by a mile. Von Miller big Beasley while coming. And attacking that right tackle. I had told him now. You plated the highest level you can be to tackle next year but I thought about it and talking about down on the road even as greatest Iran Armstead. Was at left tackle would ever be as scenario maybe you get ramps are you could see coach rocker Sheryl coached me in all of it's a blind. Maybe work in and or homestead at right tackle it deepening that. And that and gaining with him from Stamford. Anders and it does speak it can have success at left tackle could you see that that scenario coming. Well I certainly purse I think you're right I think that the the trend and yeah go on to putting surely pat structure. On the defense that left side and so the offensive right tackle getting. That player. It makes perfect sense right. I mean there's been a push for such a long time. For the the left tackle immediately at sector that the quote unquote blind side of the quarterbacks. You know and and and searching for that at the foot there better rupture at the other guy so. I think that trend continues it makes perfect sense. And and you know a term of art team in general you know I don't know. I don't know I don't know they would and a you know. Playing around the switch and her on her or not I think what it does it really puts a premium on pass protection for right tackle. And and you know I think they're as traditional. Waiting guys that people view linemen tackles and in particular with. Left tackle being more athletic and right tackle mean more of these smaller. You know count bruiser bigger heavier guys. And now I think that's been real true for a long time in the well. I think that more old school thing. On May be when Mike got in the NFL that was more true but right to be honest with you looking currently. Through ever want to pass protector. You know I mean there's no. But staying at like the right tackle that just now block every techniques that reply and it often that exist anymore so. Even offer at the bit to run the ball on a run in the outside down scheme they're more athletic guy so I think the transition is going to be more athletic. Pass blocking linemen. And and you know I think that's good and yet I I would make. The predictions. That would happen if some team will realize that realize that deepened the linemen are getting smaller and smaller ball or more more geared torch pass protection. And Internet start looking pretty big. Powerful maybe not as good pass protecting. Offensive lineman kind of flipped that script a little bit just like deeper into the done exactly tree you know look and Donald is an unbelievable football player you fantastic. Rushing the passer but he also lead to five. And so if you put two guys on them and accomplish Adam old game. Things can happen you know I mean why not an ideal situation no different than what the tentative. Do you consider that done by putting these 250 pound speed rushers. On the. Now Zach I know you staying contact we're Jahri it would Jahri Evans and you look that 33 year old when he started. All sixteen games at right guard in the relationship. That you are having up in. Think in the same way Blaine as far as the combo blocks and what you are doing. Now he said to become unrestricted free agent on Thursday. He said he's prepared right now to play again in 2017. Obviously we want him back. Assists so what is your take obviously you I I've taken the approach. That I know as a quarterback and not that young rookie climbing K work out. What would you spending money free agency I would thing I said was actually I'm sure of Jahri Evans is not alongside of him. He much rather have our right guard that's a veteran. That and understands the NFL morning maybe just in order young guy in their alongside him. Well I think the realities are that you know there. It top rated pass protect in the league is getting harder harder and it takes time. A perfect that and you know certainly from an offensive line standpoint you know you you wanna PO communicate. With the guy next to an Internet employ any kind of talk about. How how much that you Permian job because we've been together for so long on and yet look I think there's guys that. You know some guys that hadn't been here the last five years I mean not have as you are or where it got its only been here per year Q because not taken reps with that guy. And so I don't know. I think it's it's more important keep lines together I think it's important that you're with the same guys that you understand it guy. You know for me personally you know I can play next at Toledo and then you know. Killed that day pretty well you know we've we've got a lottery out together you know those guys. You know I can fit in with them when you bring in a whole new face I think he gets that that's worked and in below that upper. And yet you know that's not a pop will obviously threw Max Unger tested and you know and anybody can. Zach Strief Zach again let everybody know about the great calls that have been out here locally with the I hop out of the paint absolutely. Although I'm out location. Mark from 77 I'm going to be. On the canal street location tomorrow seven and 9 AM amounts premium put some pancakes. Bob would you comment fur short short stack brief short back the bank Jake. On my top make a donation. It's gonna go to their pancakes with a purpose. All the money and go to the children's miracle network Donald Trump hospital. And our children you know all around the country really felt permit an awesome deal and of the meet people tomorrow morning. Zach I always a pleasure thank you so much stuff what you do on and off the field. Thank you and arm or.