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3/6/17 Scoot 3pm- Cable news channels, Trump and "Fake News"

Mar 7, 2017|

Should businesses ban any and all cable news channels from TVs on in their businesses? Has the political debate in America gotten so heated that TVs on news channels in public is now a problem?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a Monday afternoon I hope he had agree we cannot say you know yesterday was a nice day it's hard to get cloudy later in the day but I tell you yesterday. I spent all weekend watching the news channels enemy there was just so much going on it was like watching an unfolding drama. You know what was gonna happen next time so a lot of great information but then I decided yesterday. I took a break for golf. Peter knows and go off. Interpret for golf yesterday. I watched Happy Gilmore from beginning to end and it was awesome. If you and joyously comment about any they were talking about this afternoon unit number 2601 a seventy tech's 87870. It was on this stay march the sixth 1981. Walter Cronkite spoke these words. And that's the way it is Friday march 61980. Juan. I'll be away on assignment and Dan rather will be sitting in here for the next few years. And. And that was it that was his last our broadcast on the CBS evening news and so this afternoon we've been kind of reflecting on how the media has changed. Something we actually reflect on quite often. On the media has changed since then you'll never. You'll never go back to being the way it used to be. But we have to be Smart enough to realize that the media is biased and people in the media are biased and they've got their. They've got their agendas and they got theirs Lance and even if they try to be objective it. But the words that you use the story she select to pick the pictures that are selected. You show a bias. In in a lot of different ways so that's never gonna go away. The news was it was more objective. Back then. But even Walter Cronkite and we've talked about this the two Walter Cronkite did in the latter years after he's gone to Vietnam and came back. Even Walter Cronkite showed a bias against the Vietnam War. He was not totally objective when he reported on the Vietnam War it was obvious that he was supposed to talk to the war even as this objective newscaster. Walter Cronkite. There was. There was bias. But there are still people that we can trust. In I mentioned earlier that an almost every Sunday I watch on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace. And I think Chris Wallace is excellent. I trust him. He is as tough on. The Democrats. As he is on the Republicans. And he stuff on the Republicans too I'm sure there are a lot of Fox News fans who are not happy with net. You know Shepard Smith. There have been those who have complained about him because he's not. As far right as some people would like him to be he's more objective in sick totally objective more objective there were people who didn't like Megan Kelly. Because she was not on echoing a line of the rights on on Fox News she was not in step with. Those like coach Sean Hannity who were very very biased. So is there anybody that you really trust and respect in the news. What are the names may wish attention because there are people out there who are looking for people they can trust. In the media. I also mentioned Joseph Scarborough. Was a former Republican congressman from Florida. And Joseph Scarborough. Is the host of when there's a number people but he so wanted to host of morning Joseph on MSNBC. And there. There's a lot of anti democratic stuff. On MSNBC in the morning. But then when it comes to things like truck tweeting out what he tweeted out about President Obama on the wiretapping. His phones before he became president. You know Scarborough like many others like myself are going to wait a minute. You know where's the evidence. And I I realize that we don't know everything right now but there are just things that I find curious to practice. As as has been the case so often with the truck administration and look I'm I said it as soon as trump was elected this was a fair election. And trump is the president of the United States. He was fairly elected. You may not like that but he's president. But that doesn't mean that we're we're not going to. Talk about. Things that happen. And Jeff Sessions in the way that he handled the controversy over. On saying under oath that he didn't have any contact with any Russian officials in the coming back and saying. Well I would have to answer that differently. So. If president trump has. Evidence. Then why has the president said through White House spokesperson now. That. This is what he believes. And congress needs to find. The evidence to back it up. The speculation. And speculation at this point. Speculation is the president from. Got all fired up because of ultra conservative radio talk show host win on a rant. About this wiretap. Maybe from a story in the New York Times correct bright part has also covered the story. The president of the United States. Cannot. Get news. From radio talk show host. Without finding out more about what they have to say. Are more about what they've what they've said. If you enjoy some comment this afternoon about any they were talking about our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601 a seventy. At a text Amber's age 7870. And also this hour let's talk about the political debate in America has it become so heated it. Their television sets in public places and in businesses. Should not have on the news channels. The YM CAA Scranton Pennsylvania is now banning the cable news channels CNN MSNBC and the Fox News Channel. For TV in the gym and in their location. Because of tension between members. Do you judge of this is if you walk into a business and they have on the Fox News Channel or MSNBC you're seeing do you judge the business by. The channel that they choose to put on in their business. Have you ever got into an an argument not just a a con discussion or not to share comments but have you ever gone into an argument. With anybody over television in public isn't this a growing problem. And here's our party general opinion poll this hour should businesses. That have TVs on banned all any and all cable news channels. Give me your opinion by going to our web site WW dot count for Mississippi John welcome to the show factoring in on. Yeah. I don't economy. About down for a hero. He. Back and say about people. Brenda one of my body. You the factory the property it would be more a lot of well yeah. Well President Obama is following. Be in order. But the same net you don't agree there. Should be. And I think he drove that general of the when a man was stopped erupted. National. I. The black threatened no about. And may use of the of the question. The buyer or did any hope I don't. Yeah and John it's it's not the contact. With Russian officials that's the problem it's what might have been said. And look if on if the the Washington Post I believe that was a newspaper that. Ran the story there have been others. Other outlets that are run the story as well. But if these if these stories about Jeff Sessions. And other election campaign workers if this stuff is not true then they lose. All credibility and if there's a way to punish them. They should be punished because there's. There's far. There's far too many people and this has been going on for awhile. Far too many people are quick to get sucked into believing fake news news it is simply. Not true. John I appreciate your call apart if you hold stay with us if you wanna join us 2601. A seventy. Texas a 77. Here's attacks I trust David Blake from my news Steve Blake doesn't morning Newser under the bureau. At the text here says sent PBS news hour from six to seven nightly. Here's sent text that says we trust you scoot. Here's a Texas says I trust Anderson Cooper Anderson Cooper doesn't want to. That I trust. Here is attacks I trust Sean Hannity and mark Lydia. Okay. Dan you trust. What feature bias. And because you can like those guys. But they're not gonna necessarily tell you that the truth they don't care about the truth. They care about the truth according to conservative ideology. Happy birthday today to a legend David Gilmour Pink Floyd. 71 years old today. I'm skewed in the afternoon and we'll be right back at mark your comments here under review well. There's a lot of lying going on I mean I don't know who's a liar we don't know yet who is a liar but somebody's line. In fact there are a lot of people who are lying and you know we just all wish she would end but I guess that's not gonna happen. Here's a Texan answer the question they scoot do you think Rachel man now and Chris Matthews. Are biased demo by MSNBC. Yes. They are very biased. Here is another text that says so I trust. I trust the update desk on Saturday Night Live from my news I love this audience from river ridge Jack welcome to the show. Good. Well. Not week and I'll call it. There's a lot on it. In and it. You know. People in each. Race. Or. Action. At the it. You know. Roach. Yeah you and he did not he did not he avoided answering a question. So. You know try and sweet. Urged. To read. Your goal. That people keep rare. Audio. And edit it sure. Where he's not like. I'm. Or shall. It me. Or he. What you. Should general you. You don't know. All. You know. Low. Lower fate in the media I mean you know if you if you if you do something like say. President Obama. Ordered wiretapping he's a bad sick guy. If you say that and the media questions you you can turn around and just assume that the media is bashing you the media is presenting fake news for the media's out to get you. It's it's your responsibility to deal with the aftermath of saying something that profound. And not having any evidence to back it up at this point. Oh. A double. You or. Can't beat you ought to. Exchange morning. You know are up. An image. Consciousness. Between. All over this and bring it in to what their you know. You know. That you know wants. And he. He shouldn't he shouldn't care about are outsourcing their economies president of the United States but this gives us a glimpse into his ego. And meanwhile. Is. Oh. The aggregate. Jack I appreciate the cult and I would encourage you that if you never called the radio talk show before. That this is the first show you call. And it's very easy I do I give out the number you call I get tears quickly or can we have a lot of callers I ditch your score plays like canned. But if you've been listening for awhile chances are that at some point ether I says something or caller says something or said something from it and attacks are printed text. That is cause you'd have a really strong passion opinion about something. You can express that opinion. And chances are there are a lot of people. Who agree with you comedian if you disagree with me I guarantee you there are a lot of people listening who agree with exactly what you're saying. So be free to express your opinions and this is really taking advantage of the First Amendment. I if you're on hold stay with this have got to CBS news and every every release up to to get to and come right back with a more of your comments are numbers 26 cell. 18 Saturday program that in India phone. WWL. 2601 and seventy. Terrico 5042601. Ace every text is he 7870. I wrote an op Ed blog for our web sites which is titled the March Madness of politics. It occurred to me over the weekend that we're now dealing with a new kind of March Madness. It goes beyond basketball this is about politics. In these controversies flying through the White House. Are making some of the day the fictional dramas about politics on their dues. The networks and there via the cable channels premium cable just making no seemed denied. If you can't even beat this exciting and don't show Libby that this is so real and so it's a basic. I was glued to the television all weekend I'm scoot in the afternoon will be right back with more of your comments after or CBS and WL there's a here's a very reflective tax. It reads screwed I have really tried hard to let the outcome of this election. On. Not get to me but it does. Candidates that I didn't vote for in the past have won and I could accept that and move on. This one is different and I find myself taking it out on anyone and everyone. That has supported him were appears to have. Or appears to have. Our appears to have support him which means having a television on in a business I have walked out of a business when I see that they have Fox News off. I just have this gut feeling that this is not going to end well for our country. Well I hope it dies and it's it's it's up to a city if you're just joining us. One of the things we're talking about this afternoon is on the YMCA at Scranton Pennsylvania where I think Michael skyworks held on. They received. Information to fight almost broke out a physical fight in there have been apparently some of verbal skirmishes. Because of the networks that I think they had Fox News on I'm I'm not I'm not positive. Anyway the YMCA because of the cable news channels and the conversations. They heated conversations that had been inspired by people who are exercising working out there. They have now put into place a ban on Fox News CNN and MSNBC. On all of their their TVs. Should businesses. That have TVs on. Should they banned any and all cable news channels that's a pretty general opinion poll 40% say yes 60% say no give a sure opinion. I going to WWL Todd can't. And from party leaders welcome to the show. Collateral and lose yet to be out. About it can't stand but I. I'm at apple so well because one partner. And at the top brass. It outbreaks that he actually I'd do it at that are critical Italy it got Greg edit it if he can't get that quiet. Look out there you can't buy. Was it out. Well Liz if there if hurricanes coming the weather guys are real serious though it's it's okay yeah brought that up. Right I'd appreciate the call. I love this audience here's a Texas says South Park is the best source of news. These days here's Tex I trust Robin Meade is a Robin Meade on non HL win. I think she is from Algiers Bobby welcome. That particular call sure. Well before it's not my comment about dot news media who trust column which they're Pink Floyd song GAAP one. I love the Wall. Street and one of the wrecking. Ball yeah well on my would be time. Time as I mean ahead of an art and our own new idea many classics. Are great yeah I mean. And art you know I never did either and into today David Gilmour 71 years old. Yeah her great great guitar player on. Let's of that pop didn't and Tom urged Republican conservative the only wants Ian and I trust as an equal well. And on fox. All are like Chris Wallace. They keep story that all sides of the aisle. You know and he's tough on source of the I'll. Yes yes he has yet he has and on believe them bill. It is it is I'm not one can be top bomb. Corporate and armed. I don't watch NBC and that's MBC too much. Anymore and it went back to Guam places that have. MSNBC. Austrian and all. Fox News are greeted I don't think patient have a monitor weather outlook alone it would are owed to every now on and and now collapsing and an on block scoop where I have a there's been. I wanna get away from that spell I wanna you know a month and listen to music market understand sports on. Like football and baseball and not while it might be hockey. Let perhaps some music on cute that's my outlet. Bobby I appreciate the call you don't you know sometimes it's as is true and and in particular talked about. I talked about a coffee shop and industry hand and arrive for started going to that her coffee shop. They have Fox News on. And I thought that that was a statement have doubts on how they felt about their views of how they felt about the year of the clientele there. Well then I noticed in which an I don't care because I watched Fox News to. That is about to me but I thought that that was very you know being a statement to by business. And then I noticed they didn't have it on anymore. And I don't know if they've gone back to an odd I don't think so but the last summer as it there was not on the figures stood there channel four and and I are today the weather channel's on. I'm so it's interesting that on May be they got some criticism from some of their customers like okay. We don't come here see Fox News you want our business get them off and there. And I'm sure that there are those who would say the same thing as MSNBC. If you're on hold hang on coming right back our numbers 2601 a seventy text a 7870. Once again tomorrow afternoon I will have fond we'll do another James Taylor song tomorrow. I've got a chance tomorrow for you to win James Taylor Bonnie ray tickets before they go on sale on sort of the smoothie king senator. August 3 he got a chance to win the tickets before they go on sale will announce the a song of the day and oh just after 1 o'clock we start to show. When you hear that song if you're the eighth caller chart contest lying you win the tickets before they even go on sale. A lot of spinning going on our show so we thought the song was appropriate for. What the hell on this day march the sixth 1964. The Elvis Presley movie kissing cousins premiered at theaters nationwide. Kissing cousins. You know I don't remember ever seeing this movie bride I mean what's appropriate about that. And it went where it was this movie for those people who well look for a date of the family reunion. Of three from Madison don't Dennis your endeavor W oil. Get it. And it's thanks to second McCall your judgment make up our initial comment you very fair Al east thing that you had made this comment according. Call you know and that's how you are polished up there you do preacher I'll appreciate him epic. Only to comment on you now choose. Which he said before Saturday. Aliens Hannity and now. Eric Bolling and on the right inside. A far right in the left hand side regional matter O and Chris Matthews but I. Basilan and mama and she conservatives is lower England. She's very intelligent people on both sides yeah C I saw him again. She is she's an objective to me she's not I wouldn't consider it seemed my perception of flooring from his she's not in the middle she leans so far to the right but not so far as. Saint Hannity for example. On there are people on Fox News that I trust on Shepard Smith. Trust eyes I said when the top names in current policy is Chris Wallace. And Britain bear he's object national. And intellectually. You know. Aren't far left and our right we have so many people at. Pushing too far Asian stated and I think the middle people get too much credit. It's appreciate the call it's okay if people pushed too far to the writer of the laughed as long as we are Smart enough to realize that's what they're doing. From battery steadier and a W out. It's pretty you'd stop. And I'm gonna listen you crafted it I don't want or lecture in he asked her about. Loretta would choose video. And some feedback from the winners and much to view it it's pretty for a stroll in the okay to Annapolis. Art Steve I appreciate the call I have not heard about that part our show's almost over a look into that and maybe we'll talk about that dirt tomorrow afternoon I had some people last week on. I've criticized me for my criticism five Jeff Sessions attorney general. I'm saying well you know. Why were you critical Loretta lynch. I was critical of Loretta lynch. I was branching and raving about Loretta lynch and Bill Clinton meeting on that. Playing the tarmac. Pete I was livid about that it so you know once again the don't assume if I say something negative about somebody don't assume. That I think something positively about person who's on the opposite side because that's not necessarily the case and you know I realize that there's this. There's this pattern in in talk radio of it's either one way or the other one of the things that I love about doing the show. And one of the things that I love about coming to work every day is knowing that I'm gonna hear just a lot of different opinions. Of people on the right are comfortable with calling people on the left a comfortable calling. There are talk shows that filter. The callers and the text. Through this. Prism of of political myopic. So. You know. We're a little different. And that's what I think makes the show fought. Astute we'll be right back on W bureau. Here's a final update on our party general opinion poll should businesses that have TVs on should they banned any and all cable news channels 39% say yes 61% say no. Hey Michael I've got time for fan's comment I want to work here and. Great idea. Or. Political myopia and also. March Madness no. That George. And who. And the president occupant. Of the out by the way. The well it is what. Should the complex problem I'll let you know. And and most important. Donald Trump and an analogy. That all. Of the time when you're Cushman and about Jews. All available. The control. On age shop. And got it on the net and what crop. Up at like in the editing one. It's logically correct. That is a very very astute observation Michael I'm gonna be watching that I appreciate that. So I'm gonna look into something at a listener called about just a few minutes ago the Loretta lynch video I don't know anything about that and I'll look into that. Also on NO PD is are talking about. On a new unit to fight gun violence time an illegal guns in New Orleans we'll talk about that to tomorrow afternoon as well. Sports talk is coming up next with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia the NFL combine is wrapped up they'll be talking about that also T and t.'s Kenny Smith thinks. The pelicans will win the Western Conference within two years they're back in action tonight join the guys coming up next on sports talk. When I think Diane Newman Todd Manassas temporal Mary Alice attendee and Chandra Levy New Orleans.