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3-7 6pm Bobby & Todd: on NFL free agency

Mar 8, 2017|

Bobby & Todd (in for Deke) dig into the upcoming NFL free agency period with former sports agent Joel Corry of CBS Sports.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk here on WWL. Todd and assisted in for the big chief. And it's all the anticipation is not high it's dissipates in right now I night. Everyone's speculating on what they heard you know latest story out of New England their instant talking about drop below. With a shortage of quarterbacks Belichick saying. I think you the first round. This year and a first round next year are all talkative but no problem at all because I think he's still my backup for Tom Brady so. Again if if if that pulls Rob Lowe out of that hole. Quarterback carousel we were talking about give back to talk about and it looks in the Saints in their moves but at the whole quarterback carousel it's going on right now on the NFL yet Tony Romo where he can. And a Texans Broncos speculation or state would Dallas. Payers is another speculation yeah yeah they if there isn't because the Bears. Become Jason Keller Jeff George junior and yeah he's gone I did you get a chance to this are so strong is not enough quarterback and England in Tampa but I Glen eleven are and a state yet and he's gonna show all drink the water in now the 49ers that they're not interested in Oakland every. Well how about how about college cabinet all of a sudden is that convenience out there that all of aside he says on the next season I'll promise international. You know why he had to say that's along I want to jail because it's. Yeah a one opportunity even though the team via you know aside this are ready maim appoint an ominous than the national he wants he wants a job somewhere like talk about going from the and how's that I'll files such an eight on the Matt Ryan Payne and you know I don't know why if you call on the little I mean Matt Ryan to me is legit now veto one consumable. I Dem who to put him in right now when he beat them prominently top five he's deadly Cobb and but it Michael Vick Michael Shanahan. He goes from Matt Ryan to stability dared to before or not is driven to who's quarterback here tonight boy you went about like pull your hair out. Yeah well I mean in their probably going to be looking in the track proper for quarterback or they they make that move. I don't see. You know which Jay Cutler on the hood went yeah Shanahan allowed that everybody wants a headache it's become I don't think anybody it was that he could become the others. As as hokey pokey used to say the Booth all the time he's hit case I mean he did not like to go there. He says all the time this. I don't like this football really mattered to him you now and again I'm pretty good added that I you know I like the money now you know I like the lifestyle I don't know five relief in. And you know Cleveland has to decide if they're gonna stick with a RG three. There to do anything with him or whoever's going to be their baca that you looks Ryan Fitzpatrick who started number of games another one out there I mean it just goes to show you there's a market for Ryan Fitzpatrick even though he's been up and down because there's not enough quarterbacks derive from. Market for Clinton clintons we put fourteen million and play when he deems them and has played a lot. Glenn is a poor man a Mikael. Saint you know I mean I look at Glenn had very similar to Macau. That I think you'd be a solid backup but not as many skins on the wall as the count you know like I'd you know spores that's one in the stability there. On the account vs Marreese. You know as far as if drew would be out McCown mills. The office back it was a problem but he did a Carolina game gave the Saints an opportunity to win. The type of game he had the advantage of that. Gary grace and that. Not a need to feature that right there was a red flag when. The Saints put him on the practice squad and so audio who's going to be the successor to Drew Brees. Right now that's where about next season yeah on. No we got a bedroom for next season I mean the Saints aren't in the quarterback carousel that event wants to and in right now where to start about the NFL in general. And all the different moves and and things that are people are talking about on the scene and yes. Brandon cooks is still being talked about. By other teams wanting to improve themselves. To get a better you know better offense the Eagles. I think you're still in that mix there they haven't totally ruled that out yet. New England is trying to make another play it forward originally the Saints have turned down the offer. That they gave them of the 32 pick with their first round the right of the 36 because it was a rule. They've turned that down now they're saying there may be talking with them they've offered him the 32 and effort in the second round pick. I don't know if that's gonna happen and then you've still got the Tennessee Titans out there who could make a deal for. You know if I am a quarterback that necessarily I'm talking about this now watch that are our quarterback has an ago. The kid from North Carolina. With the polish name is that them online right now. To about skiers them but anyway the point I'm making in. If you are second at their rock quarterback. And you can convince Sean Payton and his Saints to draft you know that there's no better place. And I think my holes from Texas Tech. The said that. He said no I would love to play with the Saints and Drew Brees that's what he said tiger does too risky to visit with them. The big Ol boy he's in his Keogh skiers and and had an Orioles politicos he's yet you know. But my homestead. And you'll likely go in the first three rounds or drive I think second or third round there. He was talking about being behind a veteran quarterback learning about the NFL for a year or two before starting. An experience. You know he's humble. He also having college. He started straight out of high school he waited his turn so he says I would love to Venus who has we Drew Brees. That you know to be him to be in my mid Torre said it would be awesome learning behind drew and he went on to look over the past two seasons at Texas today. Easier product and an offense that how many cases things quarterbacks they have unbelievable numbers at college of the really worked out and NFL level. But if you look in 2015. He had 46. Total touchdowns and in sixteen he had 53 as a strong arm. Now the problem would hand the times and the fans love this bill. He just got to run around like that and I his head chopped off. He improvise as to let his desire to improvise too much. And give up wanna play that in you have to almost mold them and if he could feed don't have that economy or. That can maybe be an opportunity. Now I told saint stands of wood and nation. If Sean Payton worked him out. And likes him and he pulled the trigger. In his second or third round on among Holmes from Texas. That's the future quarterback who he's counting on to take over for Drew Brees and and not thrown to wolves. Next season would have a chance you know after a couple of seasons to obviously play. I'd he's kids' camp Bobby Hebert tubman s.'s in for the big chief Deke Bellavia 2601870. Our number to call give Texas an 8787 he would like to call us though tell us would you think. But Brandon cooks. Drew Brees. Anything going on in the NFL people attacks and all their scenarios. That they would like to seat. Call us let us know what you think would be the best scenario for the Saints. To make a deal with Brandon cooks if it's a spectacular deal like Mickey Loomis and John Maine it's that or. Just hold on the branding cooks and go from there and just work on defense in the draft. We'll take a break style BW. And welcome back to WWL. Sports talk coming up at 635 jolt Corey former sports agent. NFL contracts salary cap expert for CBS sports and national football post Gonzales free agency because there and exert a come out. Fast and furious here Bobby tub Manassas and for deep Cologne the cajun cannon Bobby grows go to Jean in Slidell a gene thanks Colin habit of ago. Oh yeah. Don't want will be world right eligibility would you guys. General manager. I think out the need to look and try and if this makes cents to twelve record deal. Would it mean that it's like you correct. Outside number one draft pick. Consumer and a number two. They're in with the the photo pretty close probably that sort of forced thing. Yes that four TV they want that going full of the combined I don't. Not yet they went out there isn't a fourteen of fifteen feet now they have the fourteenth. Okay with the Titans. How high is it for a pick again against. I've been. It yeah yeah yeah and in this and that the parent to pick as to eighteen exit that being talked for the Saints coach. The rule. Deported and follow them they do you know. But top notch pair church where. What we need to. I've kicked an eighteen. But the evidence that that look and you could say there's 32 teams. Totally teams would pass through. The yeah yet this and the saint Jean would you have to give love to get to that point. Where. You know William when you look at. Okay who can rush the path. Again egg on his supply and demand well okay when a Von Miller when he comes around. Well we've got to snatch him up when you wrote in rookie Garrett about it fixing in his workout at the combine. Did they said he did net them a solidify. His position as the number one overall in traffic cop in the Browns ninety. But Dan is sound like there's like to a three I mean. For a five car. And little words is that to a 345 guys like miles Gary. Then that you can always just we just wait for the next. That it makes it so intriguing. The skills that. Guys like when you do produce in the NFL level like you GGY. By Miller looked bridges the Falcons Atlanta. He didn't work out the first year I maybe could see was not a position. Of big Beasley. From Clemson all of a study led the NFL in a fifteen halves sacks Atlantis season. So you almost have to project. What he's suited you with your team continued development of develop hemming are you putting him in the right spot. Arctic get to number five number six whatever it is tightened. What would be taken branding cook while the interest in Brittany cook. In the second or third round pick to go away. You got to give these bigger. The united in the morning you the Saints are gonna give first topic for. He told him. What what I'm saying we're breathing cook. And Warner. Third round pick. Put ultimately give the Titans brand in the third round pick and we get their fifth in the in birthright. All I know is that how it. It's almost like a slam dunk that that players that has succeeded NFL level like for instance I you know the I mean Todd overall the fourth overall pick. And remember. Means of mine from the Raiders of the university of Buffalo. Julio Mac. Okay colonial Mac. I mean it was projected. That there's no way this guy is not gonna succeed. In the NFL grind is it known he whoever takes him he's going to be just died. That this is not a 100%. But he was just it's on stadium you have top five pick that guy is gonna play at the highest level. Usually an in Houston and. I think would you look at the average. Overall. The riskiest pick is number one. As far as how they pan out in the NFL right areas to the second third and fourth panic they usually pan out in fifth repeatedly and a well and financially and in need and we corners there will be exceptions of people text them. We know but even quarterbacks are all the one that that's why aid the Browns. And no. Quarterback coming out this year no one overall the shall locks are might be is to make the Browns relevant. They need to another quite miles Garrett. Is the guy that you want. That every team will want to and you gotta figure out which viewed the quarterback position after. I 2601870. You get Texas and 87870 lot of people talk about it tree Brandon cooks for Jimmy grow up that that's happened either. The the Patriots won too much form at least that's what they're saying as they're shopping him around but they're not shopping around Belichick says and then. It's not right quick as we go to CBS news Jeff. 3919. Guys would you trade Drew Brees to Denver for Von Miller in Paxton Litsch and he said I am a Drew Brees fan. Let me tell you about that aspect too far fetch and now all of a limit to say about that one thing right here. Is what did Sean Payton pink at Paxton language drive if these things back Phillips gaining Manning happen. And I think that's what he takes CBS sub days next will be right back. And welcome back to sports talk. There are 60 point 878 or get Texans at 87 BA's of this article right now and on nine nfl.com. Talking about the 2017 NFL free agency which teams have the most at stake. In free agency. And some of these names are probably not gonna surprise of the Arizona Cardinals. Washington Redskins. Jacksonville Jaguars. The Los Angeles Chargers that he sustained Los Angeles Chargers. Green Bay Packers. The Dallas Cowboys and yes the New Orleans Saints. Have the most to prove in free agency. This year according to to this article nfl.com. According to Greg Rosenthal that's what he is a value. Joining us now is a jolt Corey. Former sports agent and a pro contracts and salary cap expert for CBS sports and the national football post. Joseph thanks for taking time here joining us on that we WL. I. Is he right or those teams that need we all know the Saints need to make this a splash produce something in free agency that they haven't done in the past. The last couple years they've missed out a lot of these free agency next. Are they wanted to stay in Jerry is Byrd Jared spurred us on an error once that's excellent the sort thumb but do they do they need to make a big splash in free agency. We know I go the opposite directions given bit they have being terrible for the most part and it. Signing in evaluating free agent talent needed to sit out the first wave of free agency. And wait until the prices drop. And Potts signed more value guys when it becomes more vain buyer's market is supposed to be sellers market. And Agile I've taken that approach because I don't want any second tier and drug issues as far as though the top as Roger's obviously l.'s all big Melvin Ingram and in against the franchise tag in the goods Jan Jones disappear appalled but isles on that Ingram bandwagon. But when I look at and I think there is top players. And they've done this in the past would measure taken and now I'm taken this approach if you are gonna spend money. Because daylight to protect Drew Brees to answer it inside out because he does that book. At offensive guard Knight above fluke earned a number of teams won him. But I look at that and the free agent guards that are available in the Saints have paid. Free agent guards in the past. An example I look at when Carl Nicks with a ten would be the bride being gross in the Ravens. So there'd be one plays that I didn't get a solid starter. And educate come on maybe one last hurrah would drew and if you win something when maybe give all of it to guard position that. Well when it comes about I don't know because supply and demand at the highest level might be cost you ten or eleven million dollars to get that time reporter. Yeah he's talking to resign that might be Morten yes. That would be twelve me for year. You talk like TJ lying and that's probably you know be in the David did Castro Kyle long neighborhood of two million per year so how buddy is up by fluke. That pride in being much cheaper he might be reaching him for half that but again I'd look at because. A lot of counts familiarity breeds comfort is Larry war for on the line. Is that connection with the operative what Joseph embark so. Dominant that may be one that's still going to be pretty crises. Despite being the eight million dollar. Per year range after the Chiefs made a preemptive striking in Kate paye or little treatment last week. Now until what is your take. And I talked about and Russia does Kobe gotta disrupt opposing quarterback defensively. The Saints are dead last in pass defense and Aramis sort of pack stopping the run. But what is your take I guess you could say they salad. And not spectacular but what about the Patriots had to abolish shared. Part of packers' nick parent what is your take on those two guys. Iranian and Russian kids you haven't had warned that surge and you do it left detail with. Cameron Jordan. Right but it's to be there. Cure for pastor pressures so. That would be cheaper wrapping you know Peter he's probably be more expensive latitude. Can we did have a break out season at eleven sacks. This year it was kind of a rotation where he lost playing time in New England. As the year went on but he still be cheap that's probably going to be closely per year put. Peter is going to be over double digits. If they knew he would pressure now marquis did it now because. Most of its right or like Mario Matt and who losing guys are productive limited snaps restock at Carolina. Now June oh. Look a branding coach obviously it's out there you look at the com lines on being given interviews in. Team show an interest and I've been at times the Eagles the Patriots on the back and will what is your perception of what is your take is for is. It's fair you know as far as fair value. Is sick 101 when you look at branding coach. And I'd be a fair value like okayed the Titans won branding codes that. Young up and coming franchise quarterback in on the designed to run the ball and Cubs to stretch the defense. Would that be enough but there eighteenth overall pick in and also the Eagles if we get involved they got young stud quarterback. And you lost to John Jackson that. Take that route would they have the fourteenth overall it would be a fair thing. Our fair value like 01 lonetree immediately branded Coates and those two teams. Yeah that that seems more like it is opposed to new England's kick which is the last pick in the first round which is essentially second epic. But you are talking mid first round pick then that's about the at this point that seriously consider. Now Jill when you look at the salary cap money available and obviously continues to grow. You look at Cleveland is Cleveland Smart enough. To built to handle what Herat would all of a salary cap money adapt it's been. And then also looking at the NFC south in my understanding. That candidate has animals edges break dead down when you connect competition. Like Brett it's I'm just Laguna smoker. Now that the charges talking about fluke they'd love they said they'll have his energy enthusiasm. But toughness ultimate team made his passion dedication and going from the general manager. But the bottom lining and a figure rooting get a payday don't wanna pay an eight point eight million. Then all of a sudden you got the line Seahawks Colts Vikings Giants Cardinals bill won his services we throughout their kinda this thing to be in his in his. We Jahri Amazon and knowing his status and fluke of being 25 years of age average being 33. We just talk about the money you have available and how that company competition. And competitive angles would work as far as who did you decide to pay did you have to spend the money. DL yet. He that the cork receptor spending its that the 20172020. Period as worthy person that comes in the play. Theoretically the skid. Sit out free agency in the game days well really and other 115 season injection would get fired. Him but. Me and under plus in cap room. It's just a question. Whether they're going teams actually try to make a splash in free agency unsuspecting Francisco. Who's now not counted toward the close on after releasing. Towards me that they need to betray him might be a team which can be much more aggressive in free agency. Found it. Seems that captain is not every year every other year they're in the mid sixties and cap the. A victim round 67 million at the Rivera summer there. Yeah yeah I'm looking airline and they're like thirty TC remember that it did happen at the thirteen. I. Basically went to a franchise tag for want short. Atlanta has really. Maintain keep our own party candidate. Taking care reasons you will be by signing extensions Robert offer. And there there are right tackle writes Schrager Adrian try to get something done Desmond Trufant could pick up camper about that one is well good. Point Keane really. More than any other she'd try to employ the services and DJ Cooper. Would beat Seattle Seahawks for the record them I mean you philosophy at the opportune line weren't that are trying to find every. Diamond or go play. Or approximately defense basketball. Some alternatives then actually give a conventional opposite of linemen that would be acting Russell Wilson appreciate that. That knowledge dole nick fairly should I go back supply and demand should the Saints him. The let me take the one thing a lot of fans out on the no around the country. As you know as the number one run defense of the middle. To say it's only gave up 2.2 yards a rush they would are number one run defense when at the point of attack. Guard to guard. Saw look at nick fairly new with the Sheldon rankings and all the rotation Colin Davidson what they did in the middle. I don't know how they can nods re sign and nick and I know Mike cause 199 have million nets but I think he wants. But what is your take with fairly in this thing. I would kind of let him test the market a little stay in communication with them because the last two years treat it is the end it worked out. These dead silent one year deals to go to Saint Louis and poignant when you do the country mile warlords. But I'll let it over arch in his path out of. Dracula did. Sometimes when that your perception around the league. You've in his start the game baked in the cake you know we keep the payday you looking for maybe can come and. It's 77. Because no one's been willing to pay him in the past right after two straight shots and free agency but I'm not saying. You wouldn't test the market while currency. You talk to explain with the agent hopefully you can do it informal right of first refusal which is what sometimes happens in free agency. I till Corey. How can people follow you on Twitter. I keep on me and it cordial but it's the or why do you know any coupon mine at work at CBS sports dot com. I'd Jill thanks of a terrific time with us today on sports talk on the WL. I think you're right thank you. I will take a break and be right back it's more you Tex and some more recalls Debra and grand relying on will get to you as well. Sports talk hero on WW Olin one of the things. The LSU game scheduled the San Diego game that I has been rained out. And has been canceled due to heavy rain and dangerous lightning and they're not gonna make a plea vs San Diego the ego. Fans have been calling which led to. Well they had a big series Conan as we can make needs that he didn't. A lot more baseball player now a lot more baseball player will take a break be right bags have to be. And welcome back to sports talk here on WWL. 260187. Or eight tech's 878 semi there's a list out to about racism the top five. Potential bargain signings for free agency and we just had Jules Korea right. But out of those Donta hightower he's on the Seth Dunlap talks about him on our website. In sidelined. He's still Lotto. That being. Pass rise when of Freeman didn't block him at and it in this who rule. BK has government tell he's or in this thing covered and then also the year also Arsenal as a corner wide receiver Pierre guards so long now he is that they Haitian now lightly Jonathan Vilma not like junior goalie. Parent can you imagine Drew Brees throw in the Pierre guards all. I mean. The big receiver I mean here Garza on those who Drew Brees is guaranteed that would be attractive. For him to land and you all and you know vacation it bullets into the go back 200 years. And now decree and told them at Haiti. And they came to New Orleans so it's a pair of guards oh yeah feeling like Miami it was that the homeland. It was a great player. Washington agreed team players that Lester he's thirty is ages thirty. 79 catches for a 1041. Yards well Clinton Drew Brees are probably at upon that RD of the equal value yeah certainly it. Are right let's hear Arsenal take the break he here at. We'll take the break here where we come back target the some of the calls some of these Texas well. Adam man there there are a lot of Saints fans that are just upset that you're not one Brandon cooks to go anyway. It. I mean is Brandon cooks Antonio brown and seen the best ever. I mean okay anyone who does not want Brandon cooks to go anywhere. If you can again night gotta trust the Saints you can say you might not ask that you can improve that deep as token you'd be against that. It's more soccer on WWO. And a lot about sports are coming up next our mind to tell you day and a fellow college football analyst. Will be joining us for the full hour. You know you have a lot of calls for him it's text here obviously says it treating go to the defense. Packed his bags and drive into his new old. Even if it's with the Falcons. The bottom line is fans though that seven in 95 iron same song and dance. It till we get the defense better look and then to be status cool it was on a at this point. Three after 37 in nine seasons. There's nobody that's not untreatable on this team at this point prodigy guy better reading this like we haven't you know to Seahawks a playoff team. You earn your route since they you know go to suitable. And handle anything that we not even sniff the net yet about cam we get to ten win over got a good defense better that's was gonna take. And if it takes. Getting rid of apiece ditto young again it frighten you gotta you gotta do it. Well it happened we don't know that's up to the Saints it's it's up to Mickey Loomis in the Saints pull that trigger we shall see and Jeff Ireland.