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3-7 7pm Bobby & Todd with Mike Detillier talking NFL

Mar 8, 2017|

Bobby & Todd talk NFL free agency with Mike Detillier.

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And what about the final hour sports talk coming up next hour. The only double coverage just that allows going to be flying solo tonight because Christians out sick. And you have as early negotiations NFL free agencies begin he's gonna dive and all the Saints needs and who could be on the radar. For the Saints which position should the Saints go after plus the latest on why receivers we need Brandon Coleman and the potential impact. All hands on Brandon cooks and is it too early to call the boogie cousins experiment. A failure with well yeah it's too early because in the new coach who got it right now it's a it's. Is. Joseph global partner from the normally at the syllabus that the yeah seems that he had thinking guess Mike to tell you day NFL in a college football analyst Mike you don't. And Mike I gotta ask you this that haven't seen you since the Super Bowl and everything with which was the most which which ending was more thrilling two year. The national championship with a Alabama Clemson that's super bull with new England and. Or in the Super Bowl Sunday I mean you'd help but 25 points. You know you start now. You've got out at a ton of people tell me. All I knew at the end of the third quarter the Patriots would come back into that game now a more youthful look if you. Actually think people believe that. That. My my wife Mamie turn the gala dinner gonna come back some amateur in the game off well not not now Mike I can't tell you that big you might agreement this. When and you have problems were really in trouble. When the laws they going to lost in overtime yeah like out of all I love goodnight Irene right blood. Yeah I knew that if the Patriots won that hole going dog it was all low. They would gash to me when you're talking a bunch of the you'll. Almost a hundred plate. Not in nine plays and I went to a coaching conference a few years back Chip Kelly was there and he was that arc and at that time. One thing he brought up was. That. Pete sell even and it coaches last that. About what he was do then it would emulate what we're trying to do and that is if I keep you on that deal. Four open at seven need play. Seven or more plate you've got to make three big mistake that'll lead to touchdowns. If I can keep you on the field put seven and plays you'll make four. Huge mistake that I'll get that now if I keep on the field more than eighty blades. I'm gonna scored five touchdowns now it didn't quite equally so that. In the two people would think about what she did at all art in a lot of and it Philippines and wanna do today. Now the key is converting third. But go at it well that's one thing at the belt level if you keep a team won the appeal put 7580. Plays. I'm doing it short on that didn't come up with the depth is an Els. Well like in ten years. Old well. If you kept on the yield on defensively more than 75 plays I think the big difference today. Then when Bob was planned. Is that lack of doubt on the defense aside the football and a lack of real quality pass rushers. That Bobby would play it was two doctor. Did he as a. Yeah you hold their. A handful yeah yeah. Insult where it's lacking that where chips mind that. What's correct now he could apply that in the NFL. But what did in college football. Peyton. And Belichick act and so and Mike McCord insomnia that coaches all instantly but no they. And Belichick go and trying to. Look at some of these things he was our game. He got to watch what was normal again it's a copycat league he didn't you know reasons that we year. One thing he brought to the table. Chipped it it and perpetually. Today and I think eleven get another shot is the fact it came up with that system at all bargain. That camp fuel in the field. In wore you out because little lack of quality pass rushers that day. The lack of quality depth than and that's what we did in the draft. You trying to gain that pass rushing element if you have a quarterback and you trying to get Saddam semblance of on defense would despite went through when he had all those injuries at linebacker and in the secondary. I mean to give people but it been like. This. Team he's been little he's twenty. And he's a big part of what we do right I might go ahead take the break your point about of people when answer questions then. Enough they wanna talk to you about Brandon cooks I don't know why they could be something going on with him you may have heard something at yeah. Yeah I guess yeah I will take a short break Mike that Sylvia is our guests along with Kate and Bobby bare top Manassas and predictability its sports talk run derby that you'll. And welcome back to sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert top Manassas and for Deke Bellavia might deter you a NFL and college football analyst John just a little NFL free agency might. What have you heard about the Saints and Brandon Cox. Apart I think it's a Cuba and it means he won't play in 2017 wallets I mean it that that that script does is now so. It just wind up lines at best about you at this time. And I'll. Felt once I kind of heard the news that the Titans where it is target team. One you look at John Robinson and what he's done he's done a fabulous job with the Titans. But he's accumulated a lot of draft choices. It's so he went out an opportunity here. To get a veteran player. He has does not that anybody on the roster. That Campbell a top awful book coverage. Like would cocaine. Now when you think about it he's only one of three guys in the NFL. That in back to back years. Has caught. Eight touchdowns over eleven of yours. What they'll back from Antonio Brown the only other two got them done and so I think what the site looking for is is more than the first round. I think it was an apt on that kick into this that they would get possibly a mid round selection also into the deal for a first round pick at. No job. I think right now I'd be willing to bet he won't keep that fifth pick overall in the draft but he's gonna hold that it'll. Probably up there real close because he's been seeking to agree on. So the eighteenth pick I think is what will which is looking at here and I think it's like a trying to get a a mid round pick. Also included in that that you'll full coaxed. And the Titans that seven million dollars in cap money so it's something that long term deal that he's looking people. And we got a quarterback like Mario you better protect him and you betting given some weapons. Now Mike before. You know we go back to the caller is can an open neo Nazis who haven't intelligent question ski. A lot of a couple of comments about the com line and like you look at the winners and losers every wanna break it down. Miles Garrett I mean I mean miles Garrity did solidified him knee. What I bread. To be to no one overall pick do you still think the Browns gone that direction. And then also all of that and number a mock drafts. And they had this thing is pagan him in the second round and I said I don't know he may be performed too well at that come by name and I'd be available that being Jordan Willis. The divas that man from Kansas State. Where are do you just phenomenal. What he did. Considering. The drills in the competition. Would you comment on those two guys and also maybe. Who took a step back Doug as we were all in just in in him Jonathan Allen. From Alabama. Mediocre testing I was reading where you have just a medical news all the ratings shoulder. And that you know almost forget about him being a top three pick is that Torre was that. But could slide out and atop the end. And in all of a sudden. I was still be of value I guess in the middle the first round but not necessarily a top five top ten because you dealing. Would that no matter who is just commoner dollar distilled. I think would mile bull what thing is such that Browns. You know he's got the most potential here I can. Which is work now and that time he flashes of what he would dominant player. I mean it was a good player last year right ankle injury absolutely got to Cardinals lack. All on that blood may have potentially he's got a chance that he'll appeal as athletically he's got all the guests in the world that you look simple. To put a round you look at port difference maker. And I think he can beat that type of guy. But if you look at things that balance would be it is athletically. He's so good. Peyton. You want. Her talent on the field. Where you know he'd make all those big plays time at the time at the time but in the you've got to go with miles scared here. With the top pick Jordan Willis I think they've got a global very easily round one the first couple picks in the second round. About he had a terrific senior season at Kansas State he's a solid player. In the open now we give him and pay in any category. But he's of people across the board pass rusher run defense he gives great effort that would eliminate technically he's really now. But you know just a solid guy across the board in the ladies. And athletically I thought he did a terrific job so I agree with you won't be there in round two when you want. And you know my gut when you bring that up all knows when you given the chance to Woody's shoulder scouts and their coaches. And when I saw this OK I played the Kansas State anymore. Here's the most outstanding player ever to south team in the Senior Bowl and the Indy kicked ass at the combo. So he won the offseason. Mean the wind that particular point it's a shall not be when he actor shall create any new. That you know Kansas State other small school people well watch Jordan will play and you see that talented guy. The thing about that is the back at this draft class and he's part of it. Ten guy in my top 35 that are in that deep incident I'll pass rush outside linebackers. It's loaded this year so. That our the past resting. This is. You have to do beat that. And joy and supported. It just you know it's safe showcase. At Kansas State. And so many different areas that I think you'll be late first early second round pick. Would have been out that little bit more about the miracles and and now sport is you got your medical staff let you know. And just about that she older and everything else now. Misinformation out. Now isn't that supposed to be confidential. And I ask. They know how to answer agent or agents that out of they'll put this to the right people to put it out. To basically trying to get there guy. In the top spot. And so you can piece it together real quickly on whether it's. Now complete and it beastly it was not pretty chilled. Mean he's doing one heck of a job he doesn't hurt Alabama it was in the guy now he's totally different from Garrett. From a standpoint of beating quickness concede much bigger guy. We watch him play man he makes a ton of plays as a pass rusher he's terrific against the run. I still believe that he'll be a top ten pick and I think you'll be a top spot it now what may be in question. Is he decided he'd been to one had been selected to get some teams met me and I. Depending on the various points of the arthritis. Is that accurate. May decide the past that he's too good notable player. The ball out of the top Q when you look at how good of a guy and how productive he's been on a team that. I couldn't double team. Me because I got it Williams once I got in on the other side so I mean he played against some top competition in the SEC to. And I think that a lot of times. People overlook that as an SEC defense of linemen offensive lineman and again. Some party that he did every week. I. d.s NFL analysts that Mike to tell you in my exceed around I can hang on we get to of the cans got a call for you we're gonna take days CBS news update here at the bottom of the hour. Then will be right back for more and the cajun cannons got a question for you we a lot of text people asking about certain people has their draft stock taken a hit. Are gone up based on the come line and yes. Brandon cooks. And look at the states possibly do with that will get to all of that when we return dominance is it for big Bolivia along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert or talk and NFL analyst Mike to tell you day. And will be right back after this short CBS news update. He. And what about the sports talk I NFL analyst Mike today is our guests along with a cajun cannon Bobby gave Baer tough minutes is in four deep. Let's go to Q and a New Orleans he's been holed impatiently got a question for you Mike weekend thanks for holding on to be WL. Yeah. Hey kids are recognized Nebojsa kindled and at least Nagano. Yeah. Obviously we would go you only. The year that all. It really good owner first Andrea yeah values yet yeah yeah yeah well. And Jordan. Are being yet to go to Italy and defense like. That. Meant. Cooks offensively. I'll probably is that guy. But I think if you look at Jordan. You know it can get. A little bit more which you need to get help on defense and a work in school with this yet that defeat the purpose of the screen defense for. You can afford it right well yeah I'll Micah green 200. The is he's much. We you know on their choice. No leader in teen actually I would prefer. The one in the cup. The top camped. But no doubt the lead in the team and England New England would be absurd I would bat the period that Olympic full you know that's that's. Against an early second round yeah this. That that happened so. You know I need to cook book covered by the treatment and is it common knowledge. You want to put you all it is where he took me years. Twelve years of is as solid a deluge evidence yet. Eleven years and we in we may have replaced. A key key component in all there yet we still up there in half because Drew Brees so as long as reasons helping him Kendall forward. The yellow. He premier receiver. I'll because we do they have other options stare. The thing to kin is is money. Because yeah yeah this and you just trading him away. You can get draft choices. You understand what he's got down oh. Antonio Brown signed a deal and Adam I think coats is gonna ask what route guy but in that in the same as the cool I mean now. Receivers are going to be there contract often Antonio Brown. Able potentials on our receiver. In Michael Thomas that cupid Laguna that. Peyton my big question about it and and I thought about stock island got choices but also to me is I'm all about you nick in right. This team has you as well. On it and I don't like and you don't like he can not only make the right pick. The thing about this college deals with the salary cap you know really have to pay him for 45 years. No it's it's basically minimal I think the same is true again but it's it's. At the end of the double. Well what you get paid so if you get a first round pick in this place they kick you know local fifth round pick also into the deal. And you can make you work. Yeah those guys on the contract now for the next three years that you don't really worry about it and achievement. And you have a bit more money. That you can go out and spend in free agency again. I think it the draft and we agencies similar that just a handful of guys every year. Fumble create and standpoint handful of guys every year in the draft that no matter where they get it. The production would be the thing. It's all about it. Funny Bill White guy which you sensibly would be sensibly. The key to all that a lot of all he can play well somewhere around well that doesn't mean he won't play well for another team. Sometimes is not the right hit sometimes the guys that interest that's the investigation report that you have to do with it and look at the Patriots roster. A bit of that these three guys they have on the team this year. 21. On the squad two years ago when he won the bubble. At all about all right guys that's what Belichick does. It scary. Thing about it is it's due to get that that thing all the law and will be picking the ball. When I got. I went out to adapt they had the reason he challenges for so bad that scare report. You know blow out pretty well. Well all the all the big Jake did that this isn't that why you brought Jeff Ireland born. I mean it. Saddam IKEA yeah a lot of credit for what he would election 2016 draft laws because and in 2006. They they really have not hit well and you think about from 22 in the 2014. You wave and in the backfield has seen because when that limits when the Super Bowl you've got five players left on five drafts sides. If you try to beat out on the floor so. You know what look at what he got last year Sheldon rank and what things can be really good player Michael Thomas who has a chance to be yes. Our player in this week but on Belichick will be it would be really good football player not you came in like oh like a puppy football wise. Got a chance to be a good player Daniel last gold shield that he's a good special teams guy backup running back and you picked up will. As a kick. Who really came what you once they need to access and seen so you look at that compared to some of these other. Well I mean that. A lot of credit. That he was it would push yet through because if you pick but when he fifteen that's a lot more question more than it is with that. They've got up by not winning sixteen wrap. This year because like it is. When you pick about 22 and and you think about 2017. The NFC south a lot Toppert that it was back into one again. Yeah no demand. That you. The mole. Intelligent move let all wage here at Munich in the year when the Saints were they able to pick up beanie from Pittsburgh. Don't think either guy if he can he help you if he can stay real mica yeah I Vietnam. I had him rated. Yeah and in my book and he was being very productive player Washington known to prop me as many part of entries. Kenya and holed the putt anywhere at that time because he can help you out I think you look at free agency year. Call one of the things the Saints were able to do this time a year ago. Was bring him productive player at a cheap price a Craig Roberts and needs to pour. Mean rarely came in a pretty cheap price the two high priced guys and he got the smarts. Both had that but he he had no not at left in the tank. Football wise pick obviously and you know he pocket passer last year pinnacle the past and they give you an elite but. Want you know you'd see where they're. They're. Wins. And losses because I think about this on the patent. But the biggest disappointment was the Jerryd birds sign. Because he came in the even assured. Because you think. He's coming off me shall this. Bubble might well thought it was the second coming to Darren Sharper. On the field. Want to walk. To the end and kept bill hall's main guy you didn't open it up in Buffalo and I talked to opt former Buffalo Bills team that he has and he was. He'd tell me like I'm shocked. I can't believe that same guy and that he's the best defensive back out ample plea or against. And yet you are shot himself in while not as some of that. To do with injuries but was held the sometimes do and didn't see any of that production there. And so that's the disappointment that you you thought it was going to be you'd Drew Brees on defense and it Nevin now. Ken thanks for the call might go got to take a short break here we come back at some interesting questions here from aspects of that equation and it takes is Mike and I and I know you've been is that an interest and and what did your take on a man. Callers as well and Tex is also 2601 a 78 U Texas State's 7870 sports talk here on WWL. And welcome back to sports talk here on WWL along with kids can't Bobby gave time job and s.'s Mike -- judges might go we got a Texan here got an interesting proposition. And I don't know if you think this will be a good decision at the Saints would do this OK let's say the Saints take. The eighteenth pit. From the Titans took I for Brandon cooks. What they did or could they then would it be a good move for them to to try and use the eighteenth in the eleventh pick in the first round to move up in the first round. Know how much totally against that cut in one you know one player away. And secondly. I mean. It hit the market look at history. Doesn't it tell you although the principles dominant teams the last 2530 years separate sisco would Bill Walsh Jimmy Johnson with the Dallas Cowboys. Bill Belichick with the Patriots would all three of them haven't commoner than anyone adjustable not exactly automatic picks come want it fifteen doesn't mean. So while it's a great idea and it's been passed and Lotta time you. They get a top five you like miss those hobeika eat. And if because fans that tell me even thinking get the next in nudist would have been the next Khalil Mac are JJ watt would that one. Yeah yeah. Oh. Yes. I think about that it might take that to the casinos. Would. I ticket the ticket you know it is. That I think when you look at this team that. Not if one player away but two players away that's one thing but they need help with the incident he needs help but outside linebacker you really don't have. Anything short in the middle linebacker in sporting cover cornerback. And if you when we needed guys you need that that they. I mean that's. Been on and on and yeah I just depends not even talking about you mentioned you got a replacement. Cook books and you've got to read due to Wright's not the offensive line. So why. You'll be perfect all. Didn't pick one. Give me. Give me that would not right. As you picked the right there now might. Look at that. You know to come by and again. And now what are cars and you look at mock drafts and all a couple of questions one three to Switzerland. Dealing with the draft in the com line. That's as this from the seventeenth avenue for Mike. Did Ruben bosses draft stock picking here. I you know paying a manager with all the questions about that what is your take on role with Boston and also. Pity in the news a fluke I know I can remember back you'd DJ flew group and big kid from the all of Palestinians have been Alabama. But obligated all the teams that are changes to the line fields colds Vikings Giants are not only the Saints. And he's paid righted nine million. And now look at the guard position as they have gone in that direction it would Ben Grubbs amid jittery before bridges talk about that free agency with the guard position. And also made leaping to status of Ruben Boston if they don't hurt him and maybe is opportunity to be learn as linebackers for the Saints have been eleventh. But I think about the middle linebacker spot and people like Patrick Willis. Lou equally arguments that would've been the highest ranked middle linebacker Novo grated heading not to work his knee. In the bowl game. Ruben Foster is in that pro. I mean not only Kinney legal run well he's terrific in the coverage sport of the game. One and all facts about it and some people have told me maybe it was you know the culpable will be. Yeah you have to know this is a job interview you can act. Like you gotta be decent. Understand you're rule and that everybody's in that same category. I do not think it will hurt him. They're dramatically. I still think he's a top ten pick out there you right now he's pupil mop board. Global player he has. I mean he has the upper Echelon guys despite the fact he's not shield desert so measured. And so which you look at that I don't think it's going to be a major issue which you've got to handle. His explanation just right but it it's it at 21 year old that sometimes. You know they acted on line and and he's got to understand that he can't do that well on a regular basis so he could do better. And now might for a go to break how about the guard position in free agency wood is your take on that. But everybody is looking for interior player that could that's where the put a lot of pressure is coming from. We'll look at look at all of all he's he's a terrible one he can't play that but doesn't seem more that's when you gotta think Megan but. A year so I don't assure you it's a bit for him I think he's a better right toward the Indians right tackle but right in the right there. That he's a pretty good football player in this week's despite what you might read. On some others like the body didn't grade out eating out there. All I know they got it doesn't mean that that tells me I think is probable and I would write out a win. I'd he's might 'til the tea along with the Bobby Hebert tubman Estes in for Deke Bellavia will take a break and wrap it all appear on sports talk come back on WWL. And welcome back to WWL along with a cajun cannon Bobby Aybar tub and Estes in for the big chief Deke Bellavia NFL analyst Mike to tell you a joins us here is were wrapping things up Mike. What what major moves do you think the Saints will make in free agency or do you think you would like to see them make. And why do you think it's at the guard position or I should they make any. Yeah I think so but I really think all the back corner back. He's got he addressed that issue of getting you know distorting quarterback it's gonna Claude huge. Quite a bit to do it did not mean they got a couple shall vote used to. The Texans as the token agent bully that kind of resign him maybe the top cover cornerback out there. I think well the bat it's like to try to get a cornerback and I think real quickly after that goal are. Outside linebacker. Keep an island John Simon. Tickets may be out of the price range at the Texans today and I think you want to go somewhere else a little undersized that that outside linebacker spot but he's a real good situation. Outside linebacker to I think. Cornerback. And then outside linebacker opposite goal hard court outside line and I think Bulls beat the three spot they could quickly. And you know my right quake. I don't know he might be fractures I don't think he has been Steven Gilmore to cornerback in the bills another Ville third what do you think him. He's a thirteen and well and I'm. We really don't go back to the bills on that we've had success anybody in the bill that Biden might sink them aren't giving him his thirteen million think about that. Thirteen middle of the year and I think he's gonna get that from something. In the riches cap the year or not they'll they'll pay. From mid range players and Gil towards a player but watch what them guys again again that I think is that. Joked you gonna be because. You look at opening a cut three guys in and got nineteen point two million dollar. A cap space the with cutting three guys yeah might think they're trying to make a bowl on a couple built. It detects and after after Spiller and birds stay away from the bills. Gail bad. Mike tell you as always thank them for joining us here at those sports talk is always inside right next nite. LLC with so you'd down the road. One thing mark when our network and master control. Mark. Also the Patriots got Steve Geller for a putting things together. He can Bob beavers always thanking view. For being you and everyone else who participated in texting or calling us today in being a part of the show. And this will continue on since the last gonna talk a little bit more about all of this coming up next. Here on double coverage as he flies low tonight is Christian Gary is out. But as we head on out for the from the cajun cannon. But on the we let alone goodnight people act.