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Who was Dorothy and what did she know about the JFK assassination that may have gotten her killed?

Mar 8, 2017|

Guest Mark Shaw offers new theories on the assassination of JFK> Who was Dorothy Kilgallen and what was she about to expose before she was mysteriously found dead in her hotel room in 1965? And what did Kennedy patriarch Joseph Kennedy have to do with the assassination? 03/08/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. I know I ran the ball all towns sorry to have everybody along tonight welcome to the show it's going to be haven't mentioned yet is hello to everybody tuning in to be on inaugurating what you listening on air or you listening over the Internet or whatever. Welcome the show we do we have we've got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Marc Shaw marks the author of twenty plus books com. Former legal analyst for USA today CNN in US Satan well hang emphasis USA today toys. And an important. And I know aren't affecting California based attorney. Reporter who's dedicated the last ten years probing into the truth by JFK in the army Oswald assassinations. And we're gonna get in debt with a lot of stuff that. Yeah he's got a new theory in a book that he just wrote plus what could talk about it his most recent book which is a body Hollywood reporter in investigative reporter who stirred to probe. She was a veteran. Did cover the most sensational crime stories of her day. Started to look into the JFK assassination and then suddenly mysteriously. Died what was officially called this it's an accidental death but it's this is the circumstances around at a very very says. Bishop slowing do you know anything about that reporter and it did her name is Dorsey yeah he's gonna tell us a gallon yeah I mean it's really weird when you when you get down to Lola. What happened tour and its founder and so crazy stuff yeah SO have an opportunity to talk about that with mark when we bring him on a little bit later. Tomorrow Nigeria got Elizabeth Joyce joining us she has a psychic insights since an off psychic source that's residents have been a psychic sense Burress even and entity that is berth. I against. Nevada and start if you if you don't think about it at Barnard a has a she's gonna be on joining us and talking about. Let's all first she was born as one of two sets of endemic twins on spent a psychic sense births as she become internationally respected for guests. As society and and healer so we're and we talked to her about that as well. And then Thursday we've got this she squatters or was not set on Jim always nice that he swung at. Like to see show she sells seashells now with the sushi is pretty close but the she's watchers is mid west first all female team they're searching for bigfoot their quest is to gather information. Obtain credible evidence of big foot and ultimately establish contact in peaceful interaction so other she's watchers will be telling us about the latest efforts to find bigfoot on Thursday night I love the whole peaceful interaction especially now when you're seeing some of the shows and killing big killing bigfoot I went to the point. I don't know I think I did this just so somebody you'll be going through the the TV guide see it in turn two yet it's pretty much just to us stir up controversy and attract attention Mattel and I don't know how successfully are by. You know does it does attract attention you see that that title show up on screen killing bigfoot. They remember that that image that you and I were talking about earlier that one in Zambia no parent Walt and and for those did you Alter there's been this strange. Image that's being going around online play crazy about this. This weird channel type person that was hovering over shopping shopping mall. And sad tele Alba and just like I you and I were saying JG has you know it proves that it was a hoax. Yeah yeah you know it's more it's those are meant more and more common as people get more more familiar with the software available makes and that's the problem I'm were fortunately researchers to manage to identify you origins of the shadow person and appears at PNC in question was merely kite. Hope serves had taken the image of this terrifying looking kite. In superimpose it over the shopping mall to create this this crazy scene. Yeah and since it's a shame the people try to get away with that stuff be you know what what I found is well the fakes. On YouTube and and FaceBook where ribbons to be get more shares in Moore likes in the real ones do a mutual Earl passed around check in now so there. The objective is to get attention or even make money and one of those sites they seem to do okay with a. Yeah sorrow. I'm crazy but it was definitely was shown to be seen a fake and take pictures so. And then assisting a lot of people took it and ran with an early. Thinking about that and there was a sign of something to calm and the justice just wasn't sorry. We have to forget the telephone number of folks the calling line is 446877669. If you'd like to Colin and be part of our discussion we're happy to have you. But join us at that telephone number also stopped by the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com so. See my zillion under reality radio make she had over there like the page and also if you're listening on any degree stations we air on feel free to join me online chat or always a merits. Go to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live button. And join us. Right where to take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Marc Shaw is our guest for the night we're going to be talking about. A new series he's presented regarding the JFK assassination it's beyond reality radio Jason hawks GB Johnson don't. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the think beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. And really really GCC GB. Johnson again welcome to everybody if you're listening to one of the stations as recently joined the beyond reality radio fan when we welcome you wide open arms and Bigelow. Invite you to the chat room. Yeah asset head over to be unreal to radio dot com click the listen to lie if you can join me online chat with us moral and there actually taking your questions communicating back and forth and just a great community of people yet and it's a show is in the concept is new deal we talk about all sorts of things paranormal or weird or conspiracy related in tonight. We're gonna take in the conspiracy route we're bringing in our guest Marc Shaw he's an author and an investigative reporter his website is mark Sharpe books dot com. Two of his the books are we talking about tonight anyway are the poison patriarch. And the reporter who knew too much in the spring mark into the program mark welcome to be on reality radio traffic to have you on the show tonight. And thanks I appreciate it thank you. Alex are coming on and there are so when there's so much controversy of course and they goes around the hole and JFK assassination and it all the people that were involved and and a lot of different things actually I've eaten was dealing with a production company just recently that was working on this as well filming a whole other segment with other individuals. That stay there that believe they were involved from mob ties down. And so it's always it's always good to hear these these different series into a lot more and you've done you've done a lot of a lot of Obama. Really researching and digging deep into this. Well what what people call it the greatest murder mystery in history it probably still is I don't know what we even. Possibly rival it you know look we're we're how many years away from a decades away and yet people. Still wonder what happen and and I think through the years and fortunately there's been some distortions of history with a lot of the all the books written in the series have proposed and all of that and that's why I was so. Proud to be able to write this latest book about it or secure gallon. Who I believe is probably the most credible reporter who ever covered the JFK assassination and I had no idea that that was that this situation when I began the Balkan fact that was not a write this book until I've learned so much more about Dorsey then her. Actually being as many people remember. A star on what's my line which was a television show very popular in the 1960s. Yes aim mark if we get too deeply into what you discuss in your books. How does someone become an investigative reporter what's the career path obviously were being being a journalist is part of it but they simply got to this got to have enough curiosity to really wanna dig in the stuff. Well let's just such a great question nobody's ever asked me that before so thank you. I think it comes from my you know. First starting as a as a criminal defense lawyer I was a public defender. After I got a law school and and you defended downtrodden and you go into the courts and and pretty much tried to. Impress upon a jury that somebody wasn't guilty of something they probably work. Guilty and so you start to get an acumen for that kind of thing and and debts had a private practice it was very successfully tried some. Really high profile cases and that work with some hope high profile lawyers and so I got more and more into it. And then I think to hold did justice and justice denied team that's where that came from most of my books have that scene now and and that's where it came from because when you're a criminal defense lawyer and hopefully even as a prosecutor you're looking for the troops. And so you go to whatever. And extent you have to go to to figure out what is the truth in many times that's very difficult so. I think good investigative reporters and many of them have come from the legally under the at of the streak. Many of them of course became and investigative reporters being journalist but. I think that's where it started for me when I was standing up and in a courtroom and and trying to defend somebody that the best in my ability because. They had a right to that defense and I think that's what led me into this area looking much closer. Investigating some of the cases that I have. But as an investigative reporter I have friends that. That do this for a some local news stations and and others and the wanting to have told me is it's it's a dangerous part of reporting because there's always people out there who want cheap you want you to pretty much not find out information. And the willing to go all different and expense to to keep you from correct. Well as anybody in the in the journalism area on the broadcast media like cute guys somebody like me. You know he's in York you're curious and and year tenure wanting to get it to true. And so who are on a situation where we put ourselves at risk because there are going to be those people. Whether it's with a book or whether it's a radio program whatever gotta disagree with what. You've set and especially if you get to too close to the truth where it involved down and some exposure of something they've done. And you really put yourself or risk and we're gonna find out by talking about door he killed Alan she's one of the most courageous reporters who ever lived because she tackle the toughest cases. And she was not afraid and even just a few I would say within days of her dad. She was telling people you know that she was scared and and she was worried. For her life and her career for herself and her family and she was worried I think one quote in the book is. You know off the wrong people knew what I know about the JFK assassination could cost me in my life so she was aware of those risks. And I think anybody who is is worth their salt is that an investigative reporter. There after the after the truth first and and they're willing to take a risk of going after that. One of the things that I always find interesting when we're talking to somebody who's looked into something like this particularly JFK assassination. Is what was their story at what point in their life did that story capture so much attention or so much of their curiosity that they decided. Two we don't put other pursuits aside and investigate report and write on the JFK assassination how did that happen for you. Well you know it's it's amazing because. I never intended to do that the first and its citizens the 25 book probably the first. You know 2222. We're on different subject Mike Tyson's trial. And Jonathan Pollard despise. You know all kinds of different. Things that interested me and yet. My whole introduction to the JFK assassination came. To kind of site street because I knew melt and ally who lives one of the most famous lawyers of the twentieth century. Practiced law at one point and then an office in his building in spammers Cisco and I got to know him. But he represented people like The Rolling Stones and and Mohammed Ali and others. He represented a model he also named a but Mickey Cohen who was a big gangster at the time so I got a Nobel why. And when he died 1996. I decide to write a book about him. Well I was in investigating and looking into his life and I found out he had quite an affiliation in interest with a mop the what is. A cold or still many you know meld the mafia and they love him he hung out in Las Vegas he represented Mickey Cohen. He really like that celebrity status where people thought he was actually a member of the mafia and so. I got to look into that and found out that his most famous client of course was Jack Ruby. Who shot Lee Harvey Oswald in Oslo allegedly shot JFK and so I started getting into it right then because. I have some suspicions. That that this defense of ruby may have not been legitimate. And I started looking into that more and one thing led to another and and I couldn't tell you right now exactly what led to this most recent book. But I took that. You know edit information that learned about Belle I wrote the second book which was called the poison patriarch you mentioned that and I traced back. Joseph Kennedy's. Double crops of mafia. When they helped at JFK when the election. And what happened after that basically was the fact it. The mafia at some point decided and especially Carlos Marcello who Bobby had been. You know really after in and cause a lot of problems or decided it look like to me that. You know he had to get rid of JFK so nobody was powerless. And that's exactly what happened you don't killed Bobbie because Jack Kennedy will come after you with everything they have a government as. But if you kill Jack Kennedy Bobby Kennedy's are less than exactly what happened so I propose that theory and that book I could not get a comment out of my mind. That Melvin L I made to a brand when I was looking into the researcher his block in this guy it was a a doctor in in San Diego he knew bell I really well and he was talking about Dorsey kill gallon. And I still had to what's my line star he said oh mark come on you don't know anything to out her other side of her life she was a crack. Investigative reporter. Pulitzer Prize secure nominated journalist. And she was all of these things into covered Jack Ruby crowned apps where. Bella I met her and you know what's interesting after she died. He said to me well they'd killed Dorsey now don't go after ruby they'd killed Dorsey now they'll go after ruby. And I'm sure if you guys would have heard that comment made you wouldn't have been able to stop you would have wanted to look into that to see what happened and that's exactly what I did and that's why the reporter who'd been who knew too much is the book that. Has been released now for about three months then. And that's what led me to that so I kind of fell into the JFK assassination by accident. But I'm glad I did because again I think this book especially is one that I can be very proud of. Before we get into the details of the book I don't wanna do before on this side of the break visited the time is just too short and just got a couple minutes. You know there have been a lot of series and a lot of books and a lot of people speculating and and and possibly getting over what happened what didn't happen who was right who was wrong. It did where were any of those. What we would consider the more popular series. Some things you started from a did you discount all of that and start from scratch. Well the difference between this book in any of those including mine is the fact that door particular gallon was there. You mentioned when you start the show that this was gonna talk about. Conspiracies and what I had discovered and everything else like that was really not that is what door he discovered through an eighteen month investigation. So people like Gerald Posner Vincent Bugliosi or. God willing Bill O'Reilly and these other people even Steven king who written about the JFK assassination. You won't find one speck of information in their books about door to kill gallon and her theories that she had. And those guys weren't there I wasn't there in 1960 injury but Dorsey kill gallon was. And so I didn't. And let those theories. Bother me at all I just really honed in on what killed gallon. Investigated and what are conclusions were and what she did that caused her to be too close to the truth. And as the book proclaims that he didn't die accidentally. She didn't commit suicide I think the book proves that she was murdered. Right okay we're talking with a mark Sean author investigative reporter. The website is mark Sharpe books dot com the books are there we're talking about tonight are. The poison patriarch and the reporter who knew too much we're gonna take a break and when we come back we'll continue the conversation. Our telephone number is 8446877669. And we've got a lot going on Chad TJ. Absolutely so and if you wanna join the chat had a beyond reality radio dot com click the listen lions. And you can join me online chat right there everybody's in their talking. Forged give us a call again 8446877669. Listen to Jason. Dvd on a really great. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Beyond reality radio with the Jason who has. And Jeannie Johnson again now welcome to everyone thanks for joining us tonight before we bring our guest back in a wanna remind you the telephone numbers 8446877669. Great program coming up tomorrow night we've got. Psychic Elizabeth Joyce joining us Jack. Yes Elizabeth is a internationally respected for guests as a psychic and energetic healer. A modern day mystic author and a master spiritual healer so makes you tune in on Thursday were going to be talking with. She watchers can't mention I'm not gonna sit Arafat spoke she scorcher Schmidt have been midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot. So I'm assuming intersect. Yet they've been out searching they're trying to quietly established contact all ultimately be peaceful and report on so we'll see what their what the latest is what they found and where they've looked. In the meantime tonight we're talking about that JFK assassination with Marc Shaw and some related topics. Mark is an author and investigative reporter. His website is mark Sharpe books dot com. And to the books we're talking by about tonight are the poison patriarch in the reporter who knew. Too much again mark thanks for joining us on the program great to have you here tonight. Thanks so much but I don't protect and ask those those next tonight is fascinating topic at variance being very interesting he ought to make sure you tune in that if you're gonna tell you if you're still in California we we earn a margin journals there's an amendment right listen to it. So mark. We have mark before he went to break per kind of setting the stage to get into the books and I'm not sure how you wanna tackle these two like to get a you know get a perspective on both. On the poison great patriarch talks about that the Kennedy patriarch obviously Joseph Kennedy who. Was a business tycoon and kind of set up. The whole Kennedy clan for what we know them as today so when we talk about that a little bit because that certainly proceeds the assassination. Well. You know again you'd you'd talk about the theories that have come up over the years and I respect everybody who's. And look into this and everything that sometimes I just feel like you got use common sense as well and my books I'm very proud of the fact that night they have primary sources I don't speculate I try to find people there. Who can give me firsthand information and I think traps were a lot of these authors and so called expert on the assassinations go wrong. Is that they just get away from that and there are having one way or another to. Manipulate things around to a conclusion they want to reach. And then they make the fact that that instead of the other way around which is the way it should do at the weighted or QB Allan. With the poison patriarch after I'd learned in the bell iBook. That the bell I was so fixed with the mafia was so close to those people. I really wondered if he had. You know fairly represented Jack Ruby trial you remember it was insanity defense cycle motor epilepsy. Sanity defense he wouldn't let ruby testify. It was just something you know that was fishy about that. And so knowing about the the mob related thing that led me to look back and eagle all the way back from ruby and having shot Oswald and all that all the way back to the Kennedy I am well. There's a lot of speculation about Gil Kennedy and and whether he was in the mock with the mob and in the government's boot later and all that kind of stuff but there's no question of the fact. And I think it's been proven that in 1960 Jack Kennedy was going to lose the election. And he could he needed to win both Illinois and West Virginia and to do that Jill called in some friends that he has through it is. And befriended. Frank Sinatra who had links to the mafia. And he got some of those mop dios old Sam Giancana sent trucks account today and Carlos Marcello those kind of people to put up some money and also. To manipulate the vote especially in Chicago and Cook County were mayor Daley. Rained and all of that well they agreed to do that but there was a there was that the deal with a double because Joseph Kennedy said these guys are right. If you drop us an again common sense to you help us then we're gonna make sure when the administration gets in office. We're gonna leave you alone will lead on it and we're not gonna go after you guys. Well the first thing it happened and I was able to find it very respected journalist named John sickened Taylor whose. Yes it is as honest a man who's ever in the journalistic business. And and he was right there when Joseph Kennedy after they won the election. Pretty much ordered JFK to a point Bobby Kennedy attorney general Bobby didn't really wanna be attorney general. Bobby Kennedy became attorney general because Joseph Kennedy wanted him to be attorney general and people have asked me. Why would he do that why would he throw that in the face of a mafia also because Bobby Kennedy had been after the mafia prior to the election. And it was just predictable that he would go after them after that. After they got in office well. Joseph Kennedy had big plans. He wanted to be present in the United States he had really lost a lot of credibility when he was in the person. Who objected to much to what Adolf Hitler was doing when Joseph was ambassador over in Great Britain so. Joseph had soiled his reputation and couldn't be president. So what does he do his son he's gonna live through his son's. It's like parents who. Well lived through their their little boy playing Little League Joseph Wanda lived through that through the boys. So that so Jack Kennedy began the logical person to become president. Joseph Kennedy was even looking past that in my opinion and I think my primary sources played that out he could see. That if Jack Kennedy was president for eight years and Bobby Kennedy's in the spotlight as attorney general key kid and run for president and beat president for eight years. And I really even think he'd thought. It if that happened Ted Kennedy could somehow or another be in the spotlight he conceded Kennedy's ruling for years and years decades in fact. So Joseph made. JFK at point Bobby well what happened predictably Bobby went after those guys. He deported Carlos Marcello. He charged him with racketeering and has November. 1963. Came along but Carlos Marcello led the biggest empire of any of the dons in New Orleans and Dallas. Is back was against the law please use and common sense with Modi. And I know everybody else wants to go into the CIA and FBI and all these kind of things and it certainly can do that. But there is a direct connection. There because you have mode even in an instant karma or criminal defense lawyer I was always looking at Monique so. Well what happened well Martellus. Is backers of the law and so he's got to do something and so he says to himself. If I kill Bobby Kennedy Jack Kennedy will come after me with everything the government has. But I killed Bobby Kennedy. I feel Jack Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy is powerless and the proof is in the pudding that's exactly what. They disbanded the force that they had put together in the attorney general's office and they never went after those guys again. So that was my common sense Perry in the poison patriarch and I think it makes cents. Or and it's not too far fetched to talk about. And those are where you were saying some people with the CIA and everything else but. The mob in the CIA were working pretty much hand in hand on other projects at that time as well correct with the whole thing going on Cuba. A bunch of other other things. Yes and I think people you know it's it's OK you know in my book I present the facts and people can make up their mind this book has just gone through the rough but that's their reading. After three months Amazon's run out of books again you can still order it it'll take a few days the audiobook and that. And they can dollar up there so that can be purchased and it that the bookstores and all of that but I think people have found that what door to kill gallon. Was able to investigate. Will we can talk about that in a minute. But she had a common sense theory about this as well which follows somewhat of what I've just that explain. And she did it by you know investigating and by using primary sources because she was the most powerful reporter of her time. And so yeah you can get and these ancillary potentials with the CI a the FBI or Lyndon Johnson or whatever. Which you have to be careful because you know if you do that there's a lot of later you have to go through. And this is where so many of these so called experts I think have gone wrong and again right. I appreciate their research and I and I respect them but I think they got off the trail. By going into the hole Oswald. You know pardon assassinations and all these other things when if you just look at this common sense to read. That that I believe took place indoors seek a gallon believed took place. It just it just makes more sense in you don't have to have all those layers you can just go home. From Joseph Kennedy what he did. With the election and right on through the whole assassination situation. And and want proof of the putting their care is I don't know if you knowledge and about two or three years ago. Robert F Kennedy junior was interviewed by Charlie Rose in his much admitted that Bobby Kennedy his father. No it was the mafia know what was Carlos Marcello. Because again it was just common sense Bobby knew that he had gone after the wrong people and unfortunately it cost his brother his life. Mile and you know it's fascinating because Joseph Kennedy even even with the assassinations both JFK and rfk. He'd kinda. Came close to the scene if that was his dream his dream achieved a mean. RFK was a real contender for president and Teddy Kennedy had a real shot at one point two and and obviously history he tells us what happened but Tom he got pretty darn close. Well he did and end he was a ruthless man I mean I'm sorry sometimes when. People talk about the Kennedys. I don't put a mark on that pedestal. To John Kennedy almost. You know he tarnish the presidency with his private life and other things the did Bobby Kennedy. I think I thought he was above the law when he went after a lot of these kinds of people but. You know and old people and power like that you know they feel like they can get away with anything and Joseph really believe that that dynasty. Could happen and and he he could have come close. I said the other day that John Kennedy's death is a senseless. It it shouldn't have happened. If it were corrected Bobby if we have done is door to kill gallons corrected I'm correct in what I'm saying. Then it should have been Jack Kennedy that guy he hadn't done anything to. You know to double crossed the mafia at about double cross Marcello it was Bobby Kennedy and and Joseph Kennedy did do it. So it's really unfortunate because. And in the course of history could've really been changed there. If JFK hadn't died and because he did. Certain things went the way they did that as Joseph Kennedy had dead great plans and and it kind of it it could have happened. We've got to go to break in just a minute here but I'm gonna bring a listener question and this is Jim from Boston Jim welcome to be on reality radio. Thanks thanks for having me and I read mark hooker or my mom was fantastic. Well publicized that the mr. remember opposed to poems how how ironic. And desktop does yes the point. My question was a quick question and you don't Jenny files. Yes they did. Okay how much. Legitimacy is in his what is necessary music. And that was seven or notebook subject that. I've watched that interview war. And probably people know we're not ready to horrible it was and the fact that he has some of Mercury nickel what grounds that it would be to trick or Mercury. I was just kind of my question that you felt about their. Mark when you tell us who that gentleman was that he speaking of and and and answer the question them take a quick break. Now he's one of those that would you know he again. The listener probably knows a little bit more about it than I do in some ways because I looked into that but it's been some time since I did that he was one of the people that was. Supposedly on the inside of the whole thing happening with regard to JFK assassination. And at some particular points it if I remember right he was interviewed in prison. But whatever it was he gave this whole elaborate. Explanation of what happened. And many of the things that he said seemed to really make a lot of sense. And so. People can can look at that interview and and just as this gentleman has and they can make up their own mind with regard to credibility. I think most people would say there's some polls and what he says. There's some conjecture about things there's speculation in there and everything but. They instead of my saying whether I believe it or not I'd rather people watched that interview. And make up their own mind as to whether it's that credible or not. Okay we're talking with Marc Shaw author investigative reporter we're talking about two of his books the poison patriarch and the reporter. Who knew too much we're gonna take a break we'll continue the conversation it's beyond reality radioed Jason Parker. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond around the radio Jason on his GP Johnson told. Number saint 446877669. Where in the middle was discussion with our guest mark Shawn he is an author. And investigative reporter we're talking about the JFK assassination and some related stories and mark would be kind of flirting with the idea of talking about the subject of your book the reporter who knew too much. And Dorsey kill gallon and what are we introduce the folks to exactly who she was just kind of talked about a little bit but really set the stage as to who this woman Wallace. Well you know I missed it I missed it completely guys and sewed it all these other authors that I mentioned you know be in the OC and Posner. King yen and all these people you know bill Riley everybody nested we we thought the Dougherty QB Allan was this. And this car of what's my line which was long running twenty years running on CDS. Sunday nights that 8 o'clock. This game show called what's my line with a against people's occupations in Gorky was that. Star performer on that show is one of the four panelists that they had in all of that so that's what we thought of her well. You know you have to understand we can talk about the circumstances or death in just a little bit the mysterious part of the whole thing that. You I came to learn in and people come to learn through the through the book. Of the remarkable career this woman had. Not only was he a star of the television show but she was a syndicated columnist for a huge newspaper called the New York journal American and that is back in the day and age when people got their news from newspapers she was syndicated to 200 newspapers across the country. Meaning every single day people read it or he killed Allen column millions of people bit. He was also at a radio show whether husband who was well listen to buy a million people every. Every day in New York City. But her main claim to fame with those who knew about her was this crack investigative reporter who. Had covered many of the most famous trials of the twentieth century. The Lindbergh baby kidnapping case the on. The you know the English scandal the perfume all scandal. She also was you know the star reporter at the doctor Sam Shepard case which people remember was that foundation for the movie that but for the fugitive with Harrison Ford. So she was at all those trials and she covered all of those trials and I have no idea that he had done that and I had no idea which he would then covered. The Jack Ruby trial and was the only reporter at trial to interview. Petit interviewed Jack Ruby twice he did and and it's confirmed. I do wanna point out that there's a website that Dorsey kill gallant story got all the work that Dorsey killed gallons dot story dot org and that's where Oliver columns all of her articles. Photos quotes about her and more than fifty videotaped. Interviews of people who knew kill gallon best including their two best friends are hairdressers the last woman to see her alive. And also Joseph Connor hill. And who was the co counsel for Jack Ruby so that the primary source evidence and you can go in and learn about. Kill gallon and her remarkable career I don't think there's anybody that can touch her I remember you get a kick out of it I remember when I first looked into her. Her life and times and I as sought to quote. One album was by the New York Post it called the most powerful female voice in America at the time and the other one was a whopping line. It was by Ernest Hemingway. No last. Celebrated authors said she was the greatest female writer in the world. And I thought why haven't I heard this woman why don't know about this side of her and so I had missed it. And it was just fascinating forming as I went along. You know through my research to learn more and more about Dorsey took out. We sheet. Respected during her time or is this is did what was who was she really just not. Given the appreciation or professional respect that she deserved until after the fact like now. I appreciate your listening so much to what I'm saying because that's a great question based on what ideas that you have to wonder about that. Just think about the fact that she could straddle the fence as a game show panelist on I hit television show. And also be respected and revered as a as an investigative reporter and journalist mean that was very difficult to do. My favorite photo and use it in the book but it's also on the door he took Allen's story dot org you guys can take a look at it. And she has adapted to our doctors Sam Shepard case. And there's a photo of Dorsey and she's standing there with her notebook and her hand and surrounding her are all the other reporters. And they're just adoring her they had such respect for her because Dorsey he'll gallon was all about troops. And I have heard from people around the world as this book came out there are sounding like a 130 reviews up on Amazon now it's just an amazing. Revelation for people when they learn about who she was and how popular she was in a respected she was. There's never been and at the collar media icon in this in the subtitled book and she certainly was because. She was just everything at that time and you have to remember. You know she broke the glass ceiling before we even knew anything about it because. Besides all of these career she had she was raising three children so. I think people fall in love with her and have respect for her as I have and and see what had a credible reporters she really was. Okay here to listen to be on reality radio with Jason NTV. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and deployment is guaranteed. The next Derrick Todd is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. You're going to win this and we thank the new. Radio stations that have joined the beyond reality radio family we are really appreciative of that is the number continues to grow into it looks like will be continued Ed stations in markets so. The most likely will be on station coming up in the near near future every week grading more and more stations will be announcing them usually in the beginning of the week. All seek a white FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radio we're going to be updating it there with all the new book the news stations coming on and Libya on reality radio dot com website. This week who gets great gas coming up tomorrow night we're going to be talking with psychic Elizabeth Joyce I'm born as one of two sets of identical twins. Elizabeth Joyce has been a psychic since birth which I guess compared to be tough to really. Argued Arafat but she's coming to an internationally respected as her gift with their guesses a psychic and energetic Huber. A modern day mystic author and master spiritual healers or a guitar quarter this Thursday Jimmy we've got. She ask watchers via this this she had almost at the wrong way to the she squad times. They are mid the mid west first all female team they're out searching for bigfoot their quest is to gather information. Obtain credible evidence and ultimately establish contact and peaceful interaction and if I work if I were sent a squad to fire bigfoot. I think I'd wanna be found by the she's watchers if I was going to be fumble anybody tackling Arctic deduced from. Four I don't Augusta but once you wanted to fire from are guestimate as march are gonna bring him in just a minute we've got so there's a story here that I thought was interesting that we should talk about there's a radio station in Indiana. There was broadcasting the emergency alerts and argue here on the radio once while this is an emergency alert system and is that told analysts often. That that's a system designed by the federal government the FCC to alert people if there's a problem and you know there was a day when radio is it was the only medium that they could. Reach people that way nominee settled on TVs to yet so. Are they still do that but anyway via a radio station in Indiana was broadcasting these emergency alert alerts and the message would come on and not saying this is a test of the emergency alert system instead it was coming on saying. This is a warning of a zombie attack. Latvia and these broadcasts were replayed frequently throughout the day on a radio station in Winchester Indiana it warned of an attack of flesh eating zombies in disease outbreak from corpses. And in December report now is coming from authorities in the county that there were in Randolph county. They kept finding out there was no local emergency the sheriff's department said they've picked contacted the radio station they also notified the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. And said there's no emergency or disease outbreak apparently this radio station had been hacked. Well while somebody god and to their system very within two feet and and when you've got automated radio Shea stations and as somebody's been radio for a long time I know how that works and you know how to get and you can do anything and that's what they did and they were broadcasting these alerts. Of a zombie outbreak now there are people. That are saying no there there we don't leave that was a hack we believe that now the government is covering up something that was really going on. And they may have contained zombie outbreak they just want people know it was really happy so I don't know who to believe anymore you know. Well you know it's to all the people we we air out there and Evansville Indiana and WP BX 17 point five. We will not do that. If this winter there's a zombie attack a fact you can do darn well bet there's a zombie it's American and a gambling. OK again our phone numbers 8446877669. When we come back we'll bring our guest in its Marc Shaw he's an author and investigative reporter we're talking about his book the reporter who knew too much. It's related to the JFK assassination there's nothing. More conspiratorial or espionage jolt if that's even a word in the JFK assassination and give us a call. 446877669. Gimme 4468776. Or not. Yeah. To show it's beyond beyond radio. Women over forty point here talk. With Marc Shaw what's his mark Sharpe books dot com. A couple of books he's a lot of books to his credits you don't check out the website to see the mall but at the poisoned patriarch. And what we're talking about right now is the reporter who knew too much and we're getting to The Beatles that before we do that mark. We get to people on our chat room again thanks for joining us who've had to be on the chat from the wanna know though the website that you gave out a little while ago related specifically. To the reporter who knew too much I think that's pretty much the website right. Quality it'd reporter who knew too much dot com there's information there that. You know it's interesting you know the person who called in about Jim files well he said he was the shooter on the grassy Knoll who shot the president you know and and he might have been I don't know but the problem tablet that is you know where the confirmation for that kind of thing where do you get the primary sources who can. Confirm what he says well one of the things I tried to do in this book especially in I was blessed to have them was to. Present on the web site and and when people read the book again seated there are certain places where our sakes. More information you can watch the video. Of this person saying this I just couldn't write it in the book you can go to the door he killed gallons story dot org. And you can see mark Sinclair whenever header hairdressers. A talk about her being scared talk about her buying a gun just before she died talk about finding her body. There are three or four those that there's more than fifty videos they're so. Oliver columns all of her stories all of her articles everything is up there for people look at and I think that's a credibility for the book because again. If it's Dougherty speaking here not me and hurt her voice has been silent for almost fifty years so hopefully now people are gonna hear from Dorsey. So let's get into the nuts and bolts of what she was looking into what she found out and why it cost her. What you suspect was her life. Well you know you guys are so good at this I won't be surprised when you do have stations all across the country because I can tell that you. Really thought this through and you know what you what you try to do in this situation he has to reconstruct what happened in 1963. Through 1965. Dorsey took on. The JFK assassination investigation it was personal for her. She had taken her young son carried the White House while they were there JFK came in the library and he befriended her son. Gave him a PT 109. And for his lapel look at some letters he bought from the third grade. Classmates and so when JFK died. She wrote if I remember. Something to the effect. It was what I remember is a tall man scooping over a little boy looking at the letters he brought from the third grade class what this is the man who was assassinated in Dallas so. But had served who was one of the panelists with Dorsey on what's my line set at Kirk when Dorsey went after something went after a case or whatever was. You know she would she would just give it an overall he did that with the JFK assets and she started to trial. Joseph Connie hill the release co counsel will tell you you can watch it on that web site. He will tell you how the ruby interviews came up what ruby thought of her and all of that so we know that that have. We know them that she exposed through whatever sources. His testimony before the Warren commission and those are the things that we know she did so what did she do next. Well we don't know exactly what Jack Ruby told her but where did she had cheated and head to back to Dallas to figure out of LBJ was involved she didn't head to Washington DC with that. With the the CIA connection she headed to New Orleans. And she was there once and she found its information it was a rather. A disturbing situation because she told hairdresser she was with the goal Allman not ask any questions and things like that. And it's November 1965. Neared. She was very close to be to being able to expose who she believed was involved in the JFK assassination. And I think she had connected both Oswald and ruby together but more than that ruby with this Marcello. And that's what she was about to expose with a book she was writing for random house as November of 1965. Came along. And the Wear those people those enemies that she had made throughout her her career. Who couldn't let her publish that book. And and that leads to when we can talk about exactly what I believe happened from. The few days before. November 18 881965. And through the time when she when she died. At that point when she was working on that book and putting this information together it was generally just accepted. That it if Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone shooter. People were really in a position at that point. To question what the government was telling them right. Well you have to remember that. And you know heeded that her reason and it think it's common sense again. If it's just a crackpot like like Lee Harvey Oswald nut is what they called in to and he's the one responsible for shooting JFK. Then that absolves. FBI of any responsibility because they couldn't stop something like that but on the other hand. If there is a conspiratorial. Aspect to it if there are more people involved. And that is gonna show on him that he could've. And known about it he could've stopped it whatever maintenance so he shouting that out and there's only one reporter at that time. Who is objecting to that. Seven days after the JFK assassination. Particular gallant published her first article the Oswald file must not close. And then she wrote a number of these which are up on that website that I just talked about questioning all that well. She certainly made an enemy of of budget Edgar Hoover's there. And so as you as you go along and you watch what she was doing and you and you listen to people who do are. And you you read your columns and everything you know where she's headed. And it's a wave from Lee Harvey Oswald Oswald is a confusing to figure there's so much. Confusion about Cooley was in all of these other kind of things she focused on Jack Ruby she felt like he was the key. Dissolving the JFK assassination. And just a few days before she died she told her friends she was gonna crack the case wide open. And that's and I think that was based on the fact that she had connected. Ruby with Carlos Marcello. Well it was a lot easier from back then of course he keeps things more under wraps and to control them like you were saying yelling Al it was it was Oswald alone household alone. If that's the only source of information you're able to get us college you're signing online are able to. Connect with people all the world like it like you are these days so it was a lot the lot there was a lot easier for them to. To manipulate and control. Come comedienne and all the information getting out. And that let's let's let's make this point you know. And I applaud you guys again there were shows like years. There weren't shows out there that we're looking for the truth and that were questioning things all the time that your guests to come on meet whoever it may be. You're questioning things well we didn't have that way back then UC. And so. You know people just reconcile themselves to the fact that it must have been Oswald well it's the same thing that happened when Dorsey QB Allan died. You know they they were told. That there is despite as staged death scene that people read about in the book. There's no question about it. They were told that she died of a combination of Barbeque attend alcohol. Well for whatever reason they just bought that. At well that must be what happened she had you must have some drug problems alcoholic problems and so that's it. Let's barrier that have no investigation of any kind which is what took place. And so there's nobody questioning anything not her family not her friends matter what's my line colleagues. I mean basically nobody has stood up for her for fifteen years and I'm proud that I've been able to do that. But it just exactly what you're saying is that we have to be careful even to date with what's in the news to question all the time. I'd have to agree on everything but we need to question all the time searching for the truth and that didn't happen when JFK died and it didn't happen and or secure gallant. What would also mark I'm sure it was even harder from media to get the real worry now because of certain operations have been declassified now already Town Car operation mockingbird which was the government's control and influence over the media. Which they would put out what they wanted to put out and that was pretty much the story that they were going to call for now golden that has been. And that's been released now all those documents on operation mockingbird but he goes to show that the government was so imbedded in the media. That they were controlling all the stories how they came owl. What they said pinned in all those eggs. Well and has anything changed. For days but it to today's political climate. You know the same things that are happening back in 1960 I ever happening today and you know so many people who've written in the with emails and and and the reviews and everything across the world said. We need reporters like Dorsey two gallon need reunion reporters like Walter Cronkite. Or Bernstein and Woodward. Or people you know who we we can trust. With finding out what the facts are trying to really search for the truth somebody that we can believe in that way. Because again. Government today is just like government was laid back man. And you've got a question you've got to question these things and and fortunately. You know I don't know the we've learned a great deal in many ways but. People need to make sure that they are really looking for the truth the Internet is. Is a you know what can you say it's a playground of all of the different kinds of news and things like that it's out there but you have to be careful looking at some of that. Because there's no substantiation. For the real facts and so. I just really help people and when they got my book I wanted to. Ask questions and and probe and say Marquardt you get this or is that really true or correcting me at times if they want to. I want them to think for themselves when they read what I wrote. So I have to ask the question just because soon kind of sets up to the whole story did. Dorsey have any history of alcohol or drug abuse that there may have led some credibility to the to the group the official explanation overdraft. Absolutely none. And you know that is that is there's nothing new about that. Let's say UN and YouTube guys you know Jason and JP let's say that you come up with some sort of theory or whatever on your program or you proclaim this or that is true or something like that it's one of the easiest ways. To be able to discredit you that's throwing money you guys you know they're they're kind of look back in your past and see that you didn't pay your parking tickets are used. Did something that the easiest way to destroy credibility. And that's what happened with Dougherty. There was no evidence you can go you know people young people love this book they'd pay day. Have learned about Dorsey you'll gallon through the what's my line television reruns on YouTube they're all up there. But go to her last few shows batter up there especially the last one the night before she died she's a shark is convey. She guesses than the occupation of one of the contestants who later on Caesar with a a mystery man that week in the book is a murder mystery in many ways because. She could have died and a suicide accidental death or murder and I think we show that she was murdered and we have the suspects in there that people could look at. But the woman who was on what's my line machine guest that woman's occupation was one of the last people to seek he'll down alike she's up on the web site that I just talked about so. There was no substantiation for them but here's what happens okay let's say YouTube are accused of something in your past. Well let's go first inclination from people. Did they say to themselves wait a minute I know Jason. Know many times unfortunately it's human nature to think well it's probably true. That's what happened with Dougherty kill gallant. And that's why I think you'd you know both of you that I have been able to convince the New York district attorney's office to investigate or these death against all odds people told me it was crazy to even try. That they wouldn't investigated cases 52 years old but they are doing so. And the New York Post as to Adelman that recorder announced that a couple weeks ago to huge fanfare because. Now Joey Dorsey is gonna get a shot they're gonna look and all the documents that I haven't evidence and all that and that's what you would hope would have. Happen if you have to work used to things but unfortunately many times it doesn't. And when there's a homicide especially. You know Dorsey with the victims victims have rights. And people say to me well why doesn't make any difference about this case it's fifty years old well it does make a difference because. It doesn't matter if she was. Killed five days ago or five years ago or fifty years ago it's a homicide and victims have rights just as you guys would have writes if you were accused of them. Right we're we're talking with mark show when we come back we're gonna find out what we think there when Marc thanks actually did happen. In the deaths of Dorsey when we get back it's beyond reality radio Jason JD don't. Jason Hart JB Johnson so good everybody along our telephone numbers 8446877669. Tomorrow night were going to be. Talking with. A psychic who's with joints yes we are determined and threw me out on screw me up and islanders yeah I don't know that Elizabeth joist. Born as one of two sets of identical twins she's gonna psychic since birth that she has become internationally respected for her gifts as a psychic. In healer so we're going to be talking with Aaron and Thursday were talking with. Sheets watchers I have to say that slowly each time a midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot their quest to gather information obtain credible evidence of bigfoot. And ultimately establish contact in a peaceful interaction which I think as a positive thing with all these stupid shows of their killing bigfoot moments yet. Absolutely tonight we're talking with Marc Shaw we're talking about his book. The no reporter who knew too much is a story about Dorsey kill gallon and we gonna bring mark back in here and we've kind of set the stage here we know. How she died book while we know at least what was done to her own mark he said that. That the crime scene if we'll call it that was clearly stage of the death seems clearly staged. And at what other things tell us what the what the scene looked like and what other evidence have you won covered the points of the fact this was not. On an accidental death as was reported. Well and that brings something that I don't wanna mention them or forget and that is that since the book's been released and we and got the New York district attorney involved with. Investigating dirty case. I've been contacted by people who either relies back then are no people who were alive back then and they provided some new insights and new evidence. About what happened so I would encourage your listeners hitters anybody out there that knows anything about this. They get in contact with you guys are meet through the web sites because I've been passing along new information to the DA that they would use in the investigation and here's what we know. And she you know she told her her friends she told her. Comrades there add to what's my line that she was in the cracked the JFK assassination a wide open you'll. See a video on the door to kill gallons story dot org where mark Sinclair. Says it is she told him she was going to prove. Who killed president and so she's writing that book for random house she isn't being careful about letting people not letting people know what she's doing so or circle of enemies. Are her enemies are circling around in the air they're deciding on their own. You know what they have to lose. And and and I believe that it's pretty clear that it was this Carlos Marcello the the mafia Don in New Orleans who had the most to lose because I think that's who she was gonna point towards as far as masterminding the assassination so we get ended November. She takes this trip to New Orleans with her hairdresser annual earmarks Sinclair talk about the fact that while they weren't there. The home of Carlos Marcello while they were there she called and instead go on the New York City don't tell anybody you're here and don't ask me any questions about it. She went back to New York City and she was gonna make a second trip to New Orleans so now we get to the week before November 8 1965. She is still you know working on her columns and articles and things like that working on the book. And as we get to that fateful night she goes to what's my line was on Sunday night on CBS at 10 o'clock twenty million people watched it. Her hairdresser mark Sinclair will tell you how he got her ready for that appearance. We see her on what's my line and that's up on YouTube last show. She is as sharply she can be she guesses as I said before. And the occupation of this Catherine stone who is up on the videos as well. And then what do we know we know that she left there she went out had a drink with a producer on what's my line at two. A tavern in New York City that I visited for. I research. PJ Clarke's. Then he had for the Regency Hotel which is about six blocks from where she lived on east 68 street and Catherine stone you'll see her. And watcher and hear her talk about she's talked kill gallon in the corner Booth. With what she called a mystery man. And I have been able to identify and I believe that mystery man is drawn to attacking. Who is still alive today and and hopefully will be investigated by the DA. He was a mid western journalist to inconveniently. And it killed Allen's life they had a romantic interlude. He had shared some of her JFK assassination information with any of that dubious violent asked some connections to the mafia and all of that and so. This Catherine stone sees her there. What happens next is we don't know how she got home but we know that the next morning marks Sinclair again in a very chilling. Part of his interview will talk about how we went to the third floor. How he expected her to be in the dressing room because she was he was going to get her ready for a appointment she headed her young son's school she's not there he walks into a bedroom a bedroom she never slept in. For reasons that did did that people read about in the book in a bed she never slept in chief sitting up right in the bed. As he has on her makeup her eyelashes and her. And I hairpiece that she never awarded bed wearing clothes she never word to bed. And so Sinclair and and at the Butler there today you know see her end and she's she's dead. As Sinclair a talks about and Sinclair is so upset that he leaves. The authorities are not called until the afternoon midafternoon we don't know what happened between 9 o'clock and about 3 o'clock and the authorities come. Two detectives are called. They come they take a look at this death seen. They don't investigated all they decide because there's a empty bottle of second all pills on the eight. Night stand that he must have overdosed. They don't check this out they don't do anything to substantiate the fact that she added any sort of drug problem and so they basically just leave. And who comes then. The medical Examiner's office not from the Manhattan branch. But from the Brooklyn branch that he died in the Manhattan area but the Brooklyn branch comes. And the book you'll see that I have to re eyewitnesses who were very and that Brooklyn bred to swear that the mafia controlled that. Medical Examiner's office. The official account is that she died of an acute overdose of Barbeque its second call and alcohol. And it basically that that conclusion is is done relate to the media. It credit case closed nobody investigates in any way shape perform well I'm not the greatest researcher who ever lived. But it wasn't too hard to be able to find her autopsy report which has never been published before it in the book. And it shows what went through it I saw yeah second always been there but then I'm reading a little closer and here it says Colin doll. For anybody that knows about that that's a more serious drug to help you get to sleep. And so I was very curious about the fact that that wasn't even listed in the air. And then I found through a primary witness the sun and the widow. Other toxicologist. In the medical Examiner's office in Brooklyn who two years later he and one of the toxicologist re examined. Liquids until gallons body and they found not one not two but three Barbeque which in her system. So suicide makes no sense accidental death with three Bartlett to it doesn't make sense either. She was the reporter who did knew too much and I believe she was murdered because she was so close to the troops. Well now do you feel like they do if she was murdered in that way that they did that mainly to to tarnish her image so even if anything was ever found anything did Kamal that the issue is working on it would just automatically fall back to welcome lunch have a drug problem shouldn't alcohol problem it was pretty much to tarnish any any positive look. Outlook our. Well it's like as as we've talked about that's an easy way of discrediting. People. What what's interesting about that whole situation there with you know how they dealt with killed gallons is that. You know for whatever reason it it didn't appear that they really wanted to try to figure out what it happen and the forensic in the forensic evidence is in the book. You know there's no question I don't wanna give it away because I want people to make up their own mind that there's no question. That killed gallon was eliminated she was she was silenced and that's the worst form of censorship no question about it. But that nobody really you know got it nobody really looked into it and that's why there wasn't any investigation. But I'm pleased to say that there is today there's going to be today. Well you made a good point to talking about how the mob that our idea had its own connection to the medal medical examiner Examiner's office. And that's on our common content that's a usual thing when it comes down to areas that have. A strong mob presents just because they're able to control the actual cause of death and and a lot of those cases and and help some out of correspondent. This is scary it is not that it yet and it is scary and and you'll see testimony from a couple leads toxicologist talking about the fact they were forced to sign. Also autopsy reports. Bodies were mixed up in terms of who it really was in the act and it's thing. You know again. If there's anything that comes out of this book I hope that it's for people to say. You know Dorsey took Allen was somebody who really. Was trying to make sure that everyone got justice and when Dorothy died she was denied that justice. But today again we need to question we need to make shear through people like you that are on the air and others. You don't take things for granted don't take them at face value. Make sure that you look into things and you'd try to find the truth for yourself because. It's just so easy these days for that truths to be compromised and that's not what should happen of course. You know you've kinda wrapped up the story here forests in the rest is in the book obviously do I do have to ask you because they sought somewhere along the way. That Frank Sinatra was called her arch enemy what is the connection there. Well you know again we've got Hoover is it as as a suspect we've got to. We've got to Hoover we've got to Marcello. She had some real problems whether president she was about a two changer will lead him we get this mystery man at the end of the the of the night fear that the night before she died so all those people are in there but one of the suspects that list is Frank Sinatra and people might say it will mark what in the world has left. Have to do with anything well. They didn't like each other. And they had been friends that door he wrote some Collins and you have to remember how powerful she what you know most powerful female voice of the time. He wrote some articles very very. You know critic critical of killed. Sinatra's girlfriend calling them to lose season. And all these other words and everything will obviously frank didn't like that very well also in his nightclub act. He he began by saying let's take a couple of a collection invite or seek a gal on the chin. So they can last one here he's setter at stake at tombstone or office. You know and and frank didn't you know he was not a guy who played around so this was serious kind of stuff he was doing. So she wrote some more columns about him and his girlfriend. And so that they just basically you know hated each other at the end of Kirk and at the end of her life. And it's interesting you can you can read in the book but when he was told they kill gallon down ID used his comment was well I'll have to change my act. And and that shows you you know EE there was no love lost between Caroline. Okay a thorn in his side is out of the way he could have given a damn about what happened to. Right we're almost out of time here do you mind taken one more listener call. Erica let's go to the phones this is Vince from Missouri good friend of the program Vince welcome to the show. And I don't ask. Seasons. A lot of that they're really at our mood was this. About. Him about the JFK bank. And that was so you're going lap and I tried to beat me he can't do it. But. You know the man almost. It has dabbled in out of Delhi gangster. Here's a good player. He was gonna go no matter what. And Lee Harvey Haywood you know he uses that they would say look but he was involved. No doubt in my mind. And is you know it but I mean the people that. Did did all it shouldn't and save most if not all been dead there might be award to survivors after I doubt it very seriously rough back now. And art facility fans overall. So Vince what's your question for mark. My quest remark is. You know that series. What is its final resolution on it. What does he think you know I've worked on about this woman and come out there assassination itself do you try to these people are still running around having fun. Well it sounds like Dorsey was pretty close to revealing some information marquis might have a good sense as to what the real answer is. Well I think again you know what I'd like for you thanks for the call and I'd like for you to read it if he can read the book I don't care if you buy it or not the library and get it whatever you want to. But just to see what you think of what doors he was doing I tried to take the reader on a journey with knee. As to what I learned about her and who she was in and what happened to her in where she was with the assassinations what you think of her. Series. As to what was happening and what she was gonna write about based on the evidence that she had collected now her JFK assassin and assassination filed disappeared. When she died we're died we're still hoping it may be out there we can find it but. You can really see what she was doing through our columns articles in which he told people. And that I think you can make up your mind and I think Dorsey is right based on. Her her evidence than what she had concluded. She believes that this based on Modi that was Carlos Marcello who had the most total to lose and that he is the one who masterminded. The JFK assassination. Marks books are laying done beyond reality radio dot com slash guests or you can just go to the menu heading guess mark where else can people find more information about all of your books and what you're working on next. Well thank you the mark Sharpe books dot com a web site has the books on it I'm gonna hopefully write a follow up book about this based on the new evidence that got in the investigation by the DA's office. But the two web site about this particular book. Are that that the door to kill gallons story dot com but. I really would rather people go to the door BQ gallons story dot org and that way they can get to know Doherty. Even if they don't read a book bacon egg and read about or they concede it quotes honor all the photographs. Oliver columns and articles and these if these videotapes and and then make and kind of in their own minds say to themselves well is this really a credible reporter like mark is saying. And they can make up their own mind about that so those those are the best sources. Great thanks so much mark for joining us have been terrific guests looked avenue on have a great night thanks appreciate it. Are it's beyond reality radio Jason JD will be right back after. Jason harms to be Johnson's been quickly passing ninety here. Well it has explicitly he he he really gets into a lot of the information and I love you I'd seen through chat and everything. Talking about the never really knew about this Dorsey kill Elena. And that the connection between. But you really you got to look into it that's the reporter from new too much it's highly interesting story and he's done his homework investment story about a fascinating character that seems to use. When effort forgotten in history that are very had a very important role that needs to be told. Let's quickly go to the phones here we've got Jay from Florida on the line Jay welcome to the show you got about that 45 seconds body. OK welcome all the newcomers congratulations on that not a fake and real quick the only day on the JFK. An excellent to nodding remembered that. They kill shot came I believe it was from within one of the vehicles. Displeasure troubling that heard this past weekend. Fear is took the devil or Satan what faces stick guide so keep that in mind. That's why we're told the Bible fear no evil. But secured believer Horry. Police say Christian member leveling get to negotiate and deception at the time and blood Lucifer ungodly sexual temptation. That is that and we'll let them be seductive spirit is as part it was being unleashed now on the planet especially since they opened the gates of hell. Let you in June 6 2016. Aren't they all of the current. Sorry we have to cut you off our not a time as is so yes it tomorrow Nigeria we've got Elizabeth Joyce psychic Elizabeth Joyce she is from Bergen county New Jersey housewife and a mother but she's been psychic sense birth and she's in my actually respected we're going to be talking with her modern day mystic author and master spiritual healer and then Thursday we've got cease ceased. She doesn't watchers I don't know since she's school lunches. There and hang out with a since mid west first all female team searching for big fraud and they're looking to establish can hang contact. With big foot in a peaceful manner and I think that's huge but. A big thank you just to go out to our march offer coming on hang out with us tonight. Talked about his books check amount the poison tape at patriarch. Out of the trailing Joseph Joseph. Of JFK and his latest reporter who knew too much. So and if you haven't yanked it over and like the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We're going to. Be updating that pretty much every Monday with the news stations that were coming on to and then head over to be unrelated radio dot com. And I you can tune in just or disclosed to listen Ivan join us during the show. But great agreement shows tonight. Yet thanks every for joining us we're out for tonight but we'll see you tomorrow night it's beyond reality radio would Jason JV at. It's. Turner. Yeah. Yeah he's the HQ was lying and saying hello it's beyond me I'll be reading a little more if you're not information you want to follow him blindly. 12 meeting Gaston beyond reality raining only an email to swing any that's. Slinging any EDD linemen and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.