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Mar 8, 2017|

Did WikiLeaks expose the CIA to protect Americans against big brother or to hurt America?  America’s spy toolkit has been exposed.  This hours guest: Bill Danvers - Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress. ngress, various international organizations, and the private sector.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sure does sound scenarios. WikiLeaks. Releases thousands of documents and piled you assuming. Better send eggs close at two roses CIA uses that hack. Virtually in the thing you can think augment it and brazen. It's a million questions for us as civilians at all so for hours security. Luckily like I Kendall was slaughtered turned to build and birds senior bell will be Center for American Progress. Worked on national security through 34 years in the executive branch congress batteries in that actual organizations. And the private sector build. It's always appreciated the call. Grown it's great speak with you again but I like this subject is is one that really concerns me in trouble. Boom boom. Get Hindus to civics didn't give me your thought. It's on a roll outs. Well thanks for the opportunity and I think a couple of things if if it is true I really think it's an act of treason. Whomever did this I really think what they've done is they've violated not only trust that they've given over over secrets and in really road map for terrorists that they can undermine US security. And in US persons working on this issue. But but that. Slightly hopeful news is that it right now it's what appears to be documents that the emphasis is in the press accounts of this. And the fact that these CIA is is is saying that they're not gonna comment on that. Which means that. There is a possibility. That these these documents are our Arctic we've go a lot of big news there in India and I'm not suggesting that they necessarily are but there's that possibility exists and think who really need to have an investigation Aniston Aniston. What happened and whether or not the documents are real and and the good news on that front is that we've got. A house and senate oversight committee the intelligence community. They can to help do this job and of course the intelligence community will do itself on its own oversight and everybody can work together to find out. That'll what happened but just exactly what these documents are specifically. And on the other thing like emphasizes that the India in the press capsize in the talked about in. Hacking into. Your portable phones or television or or or the Internet of things I think they caught. The intelligence community does not and I can't emphasize this enough does not interfere with US persons. Amid that that's just not part of part of what they do in in in and they wouldn't do that so America don't have to worry about anybody. Spine at least when he went from from NATO to community spying on on the beat to beat yourself. And I would Angela and Lynn let me take a little bleak year focus on the news says jogged my memory. And mourned as it is as true. I I heard a couple of his talk and has its months ago talking about general plan. Saying that he was on vacation and panel shouldn't call him he's Saucony and viewers intelligent chances is monitoring. The the embattled senator. But as soon as an American boys comes on the line there is supposed to get at all is that true. There that I don't know Garland I was sick today but that's it that's a very serious and practical question. I I don't know that that's the case but I do know that they would not monitor. A full called the general Lindner Euro I would make two. To who to a to an individual. But they've. Dave that part of their job this is espionage in to monitor. Those who loves those who were overseas in India in our US persons. Worried actual words and give generously if we we as citizens should be. Afraid they're listening to was sober are prone to over TV or water over four of them to doom that. They've they've got to give legal authorization. Bill. They wouldn't do it there is no legal authorization for the and to do that costs. But the point that I wanted to make they did that they do. Monitor US persons. I I don't. Let me and let me at least it is Lou I was not able sperm don't really know exactly how all programs works on that revealing anything in particular here. But but I do know that the losses that you can't you can't modern you're dispersed that that's something they do what they do. And now I'm. Get involved with with with. The US persons are doing that's more more I think the FBI and the Department of Justice gets involved with that not more. Crime and in the end users are scarce operating here but that's not that that's something that the intelligence community does certainly is CA does but you know. It's like oversees mine and an act of blackbeard and that's another century. And I go overseas is my Blackberry. The American monitors. Other kind of died in the Chinese mind your audience right now north. And then it goes is something felt when we we breathe the intelligence. And industry reports and Craig may upon reading the wrong. They basically said that during the presidential campaign. When we read to. Movement. Really did direct quote viewers' intelligence community concluded the Russian government in appeared. With the 2006. In the lecture and Russian President Putin ordered and influenced campaign. Aimed at US presidential. Election Russian goals. Where it will undermine. Public played in the democratic process. If that's true. In that dog from the Russians came via Wikipedia. Or WikiLeaks I'm sure. I Wikipedia as quick as a good. Good group WikiLeaks. Again be you know or love Russian government. Of producing lives in order to reduce. Our faith and in our security community and and our democracy is that too crazy acquires. That's actually. Victory question though about whether there waiting and waiting I think is is is really the the issue whether or not there awaiting. Arm of yeah. Russian effort for disinformation I've done a lot of work on Matt in in in their clearly is an effort in the reserve. And unclassified report that he may have been reading from that was put out in in in early January from the intelligence community sort of discusses this in very general way and has been a lot written on it India in in the press in in in stroke lead journals. So clearly that's an effort the Russians and it can clearly during the campaign. The Russians. The DNC and John Podesta Gmail among others. And I'm clearly WikiLeaks got those emails now whether or not it was a direct connection or indirect connection I don't know the WikiLeaks was certainly complicit because they put that information out there so no it's not an odd question that you asked that this specifics of whether or not. They got it. Directly from the Russian government because this is speculation de base saying no they they did in Indian nation that's not the politicians that may be the case nonetheless. Even as an unwitting. Arm of of of what the Russians were trying to do I think I think we have pretty good evidence that that indicates because they put out these. And emails from from from Democrats as well. Our eggs on a limb limb and take a break here when we come back. I got to find it. But there were some new reports have basically said there are contractors. And individuals weren't walking right along with the information. And water Bim may have given it to bring these leaks or. Some foreign entity may have. Gained them and given it to WikiLeaks. Did the question becomes. Does the CI AE and in the FBI. Not have been dubbed cyber security protection sudden not have their rent from Asian stolen and that they don't. What does that say about our security. Doubled up. It has not been totally verified with the meat you would Sherman exits are elected is WikiLeaks. Yesterday. Released thousands of documents and files Holmes Ben plays that you exposed to the tools the tools of the CIA uses. To have to do the work and the tax mark the hole. Internet connected televisions or even though important were they say. They've got to be ability. To. Circumvent all of these it's. General. And up some bad bad bad news. Do you. Algorithms. And and different things from protect them they think they can circumvent all of that so. As always our turn to build them burns senior poems and through American programs worked in that fools security. Awhile and they rose Monday. About 101000 miles long. But with a little bit. Build wind where and when things weren't as to when we came back that mention businesses from witnesses from Wall Street Journal. We can leagues says CIA recently lost control. A little majora few minutes hacking Orson. The entire acting capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulating. Among former US government actors. And contractors. And then on all of the wise man. A dead true. What what protections against foreign cyber war there. Well I get by its of that first to vote on this is I believe it's true in in the journal has proved and they they make that part of the next article that put. But it also I. I think underscores the point that that that made earlier trying to make earlier anyway that there is in need to investigate about what happened if something did happen were not a percent sure that something did happen yet. But it it did then he did I have no doubt that the agency will looking into this early in the end and no figures don't get to the bottom of it. As to what happened why it happened how it happened without what they can do to prevent this from happening again and I've been ventures that the year. Congressional. Intelligence Committees will be involved with the processes wells like a pretty confident that they'll be able to attempted to look at this in an end to put some some some further. Things in place to stop it from. Happening again I think the other thing here to remember is that the agency in particular the CIA in particular has. Tremendous safeguards in place to do to prevent this nothing percent. But I think this is to be looked at as as an anomaly very rare current system something as as opposed to something that is that is rampant in the and problematic. I have complete confidence in the people that work out there in terms of keeping our secrets safe. But does that mean you're you're gonna hit at a percent I have a lot of confidence. Edwards Snowden did this. With pianist day that not too light goes real call and in India in the NS they have a lot of good security measures in place as well but that the things do happen but I. Think the journal characterization that this is a ramp from rampant or chronic problem is is way up the mark. And again read we don't know at this point in the end of this is true. But best point that sport there is currently. What board boards being reported do 8000 close documents for more than Snowden released. Were bullies too. It gives again if the investigation. Proved it true. Actors know wouldn't. There was a big call all of old K we're gonna fractured does we we got brutally. Turn the inaudible on not allowing any blow Torre enemies. Of this is true. Here it is slot they print the bad and. I think it's I think it's a very bad thing is if it's true but I'm not gonna point the finger at the intelligence community because. Because someone on the group decided to some access to information decided to commit an act of treason. I would not do that at all I would say that they're they're maybe measures that need to be taken to to further safeguard but I think they do a pretty good job. Of oval race safeguards but but but getting back to your point yes this is that it's not a good thing if it's true basically you're giving your road map. Per cares about about these kinds of operations. It and you deal that was even even the smallest of secrets are classified information they're doing most of this information is classified for reasons. And in began protector secretly protecting our country that's at this result. And that's I guess were which gets my dander up probably more than anything else but let's not point fingers let's get that investigated its troops and that they let's let's get to the proper to do at this. But bird if that is 102. Or five people. How do you safeguard against god save cardigan somebody. Where it's top secret tour these reports are labeled top secret reportedly allegedly. Florida and he came back from out. Well I mean. We'll tell you they did they polygraph. Anybody who works works for the CIA. Does that I think I think that's it that's a good measure. I think they'll do whatever they feel they need to do in orders to strength in the security measures. And I think all of that is very very useful process I think all of that is very good it's huge to have there and to protect. But you're never in. Percent in NN I'm not gonna blame did the people at the C the people running this because they haven't you know how to percentages simply won't do that I don't think that's fair. I think we have to safeguard yeah I think it did you know people ought to be a bit more patriotic it's. In their approach to these things people ought to ought to realize that there's absolutely no reasons to. To. Give out these people these secret so I'm not sure what that's all about I mean I don't I don't think that's right or that that's fair I think that undermines. Undermines. Our ability to to fight terrorists particularly is that in this kind of not that happened sort of almost ad hominem way. Builder and birds can't do the show without you will always appreciated his time had made great day. Did you say you. Indy and we're we'll talk about when we become meg just shoot me whose eggs are 170. But I've on the scooter over the last five years who'd you'd trucks. When you hear there's even if you think it's probably average and median pay dues whatever. Windy at the tryouts. OK did you cure in the what celeb of yours now war. A serious Audrey. WikiLeaks released thousands of documents yesterday. Cut its exposed the tools what does this CIA uses. Act. Hours Smartphones. Our computers. Our Nelson and your applications. And even. Sing and song bridge. Dave Dave reportedly had allegedly. Have the ability to hacked into was Samsung television. When you think they abuse turned at all. They really have put eight faults all button there electronically. And everything you say you would in the hearings. Is sent back and recorded by the CIA now. We were born no news report that I Brett conservative or liberal sellouts. Golden bird senior pro world and it is scud he's got broad trigger broad community with the American progress which is liberal but he worked. On national security issues were 34 years. In the executive branch. Congress. International war isn't even the private sector and said the person Ingram of real thoughts. Is this has not yet been proved. Bug to me he he would it it turns to the court. That I have an out over the five year it was five years. And as I've seen in our compliments. In the drew differences. In the law enforcement axis. And the education suits. In the media whatever they beat the reduction. Of rocks. And does business. Include a big hand war. To chip away at that trust. More so than usual. Our breading jaguar dub it a real convenient home. Did WikiLeaks exposes CIA to protect Americans against Big Brother. Or to hurt Americans. And in the test. Forty minutes I'll watch it it's fluctuated back and forth. And his average about 5050. Right now it's 44%. Protect Americans against big brother. And the other hurt America. So. It's whom. Is it is. That it sets for me. More and more we're losing patent and don't know who'd trust so consequently. We go to what I called the echo chambers. Your conservative. Drudge Report. Like board auction news. To hear they heckled what you already. If you're liberal. During the march impose a student. Of New York Times. To hear what true or ready boldly. And what ever. Extreme his noises. Come from the echo chambers. Driver immediately discounted him. Or ignored him. Would and where we go with. Portable golden. We knew we hit situation. Where have we don't want to know. Where where he might be brawl. Had that's why would call thing tac. Top food. Pink usually. Lets. Don't have to do which is seldom. In them would set out to do is prove it. We sent out to disprove it. Not because. Ma ma am wide open to criticism because. One of the worm wrong. I only did more educated. More intelligent. Aboard border with the issue where is. And induced to be. It's how insidious it can become. Remember. Our intelligence community. Investigated. Russia's involvement. In. The 2006. And election. Of weapons saying I'm. I'm according verbatim. United States intelligence community. Concluded. I've PO Russian government. In appeared. In our presidential. Elections. Puritan himself. Ordered an influence campaign. In 2000 succeeding. Aimed did our elections. Russia's goals were to undermine public played. Endures democratic process. And they use WikiLeaks. Do that. Now WikiLeaks. Those boos don't. Is it something Russia. China are wrong. Got a hold. And re adding toured dues rushed two of our process. And if so what do we do. Your thoughts. Tuesday Gerald 170. Government. You know. Are you here in Auburn thinking about the pretty jaguar. WTO. Opinion poll. WikiLeaks. Is you expose bees CIA. 01 of them have launched to the world. Morello skiing I mean did they do to protect Americans against Big Brother because that what they when he. Order to America that the 7% of via. Say her mirror. I agree with that to buy a used selected wickedly. As an area. Kind of role logo organization. That was against the government. Was Laden's no. When where and we were being abused when we're in the by the government. After. I bred the intelligence report. On Russia would definitely. Trying to influence the presidential. Election. And and the fact. That recorder and the fact that Putin. Was the one did designated. How that attack occurred. And it was a Libre through WikiLeaks. Oh loss they're much I've played in them. And and again in the world what we're talking about it Jerusalem is wickedly released thousands of documents and biologists. That it says exposed to lose these CIA used that Smartphones. Computer operating systems and and tell the world that thing. And end you remember. At roots loading. Oil into the league reveal names of programs and company's services and NSA and surveillance. And and in some cases even the targets of Americans binding. But this actually weren't talking about it for a true end. We had an expert on to those decades of experience in this kind of thing considering the first thing we don't think about. As whether or not these reports or true. And take and congressional. Investigation. Its gonna take a V and investigation but just CIA itself. But in these. Leagues your true. They contain highly. Technical details. About how surveillance is carried out. It would make them pour more revealing and useful. To an adversary. Than Watson Oden did. In India we were we didn't through the crossed. Bin of these documents claim. That and what those CI ACLU. Don't say you've got these Samsung. TV. What happens is your TV appears to be switched off. In a plague moat. But record her conversations. And send them via the Internet. To the hacker's server. IE you there's CIA. This malware. There's there's there's hacking. Could penetrate and crew and troll. The operating citizen for android. And I've flown home. This software and while the agency be used user's location. Copy and transmit audio. Text from your poem. And corporately. Turn on the phone's camera and microphone. In the incident the resulting images. And sound files. To. The CIA. And you can't possibly Reid. He even if you think WikiLeaks. Was led the vibe Russia. China and Iran. A little bit of you going. Oh. Does the government. Now have the technological. Ability. To avoid being encryption. A core and accepts. Did tell us were safe. And surveillance. And if it does it to you reports. Proved to be true. I'll mortgage moral law parts of me. Does that give you regardless. Conservative. Liberal. Governor bill big gigs levity in moral 53 year after. Don't go away you scoop is next. New series of bomb threats against George communities centers. Have lawmakers on capitol Rula asking the government for increased security in the big question and scooters again as you know. Why some threats and vandalism. Against George community centers and George cemeteries. Dramatically increase in trump won the election. Is Eric connection. No glory bridge show screwed in the afternoon dub dub ya all brigade seventy immoral 53 at.