WWL>Topics>>3/8/17 Scoot 1pm- Hate groups on rise is it Trump's fault?

3/8/17 Scoot 1pm- Hate groups on rise is it Trump's fault?

Mar 9, 2017|

Are "hate groups" getting bolder since Donald Trump became President? Yesterday – The U.S. Senate asked the Trump Administration to do more to protect Jewish organizations in the wake of new bomb threats.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to our show this afternoon the NTSB's just held a press conference in Biloxi and horrific train crash that took place yesterday afternoon. It's my understanding that at that crossing there was actually a sign. It warned of the nature of that crossing that it would be easy to bottom out. On that crossing and apparently that's what happened to. There's bossa senior citizens. Our tragic car tragic story will be talking a little bit about that this afternoon also North Korea is now warning. I'm an actual war if the United States and South Korea conducts military drills. To test defensive readiness against any possible aggression. From North Korea. President Donald Trump is the commander in chief Young. Kim Jung Jung is the leader of North Korea. Are you concerned. We'll talk about that a little bit later on did you notice that some women didn't show up at work today. Started notice that is there a lot of women at the station today and I think everybody showed up for work today's a day with out women. It coincides with the United Nations designated international women's day. But organizers of the women's march on inauguration day are asking women to take today off not spend any money. As a way of demonstrating the economic power of women in American society. Did you take the day off. The anyone in your office or place of business take today off. Do you think America doesn't appreciate the role of women. And the role that women play in our society. Mean we do need to win first of all none of us would be born without one. But if you're a woman what what is it that you like men to know. About. Being a woman in America we'll talk about that a little bit later. A first up on our show this afternoon president trump has said that this country will not tolerate threats and violence against Jewish setters or secretaries. Yesterday the US senate asked the trumpet demonstration to do more to protect Jewish organizations in the wake of new bombing threats. All 100 senators sent a letter to attorney general Jeff Sessions FBI director James coney and Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. Asking for action to be taken to better protect Jewish organizations. A new series of bomb threats in at least seven states. Has people asking a question. Why have these threats against Jewish organizations increase their what are they seem to have increased since. Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. What's your theory. This is probably not just a coincidence. I'm not saying it's a president trumps fault. But something apparently is is going on here's a pretty general opinion poll do you think hate groups are becoming bolder. Now the Donald Trump is president. To the shipping in my going to our web site WW dot com and and listen to that that question carefully there's no blame being placed on president trot. The question says do you think hate groups are becoming. Bolder. Now that compass president. Of the United States. Are there hate groups that are somehow. Somehow. Looking at president trump. As somebody who is dear ally. In the White House. And now they can get away with this. Returning this is appalling. And you know shocking for somebody did you know group with a baby boomer generation like I did shocking that this is is is happening today. It's not all baby boomers doing this obviously. But you know we were part of a generation it weighs promoting everybody get along and obviously that didn't happen. Or take you back to the around. The president's really excellent speech joint session of congress this was a morning or night here in New Orleans have toward the 28. Here's what president trump had to say about the attacks on Jewish community centers. Recent threats targeting Jewish community centers. And vandalism. Of Jewish cemeteries. As well as last week shooting in Kansas City. Remind us that well we may be a nation divided on piles. We are a country that stands united. In condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. So what's your theory. Why why do you think hate groups if this is what you think why do you think hate groups. Have become. More bold. When it comes to. Committing these crimes I'm sure a lot of these crimes are copycat crimes. But what do you think this is happen. If you gonna join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 260187. Every coach 50426. Held morning Saturday text Amber's age 7870. And I think it's interesting that are yesterday's the US senate senate Asta top administration to do more to protect Jewish organizations and all 100 senators were part of this letter to. Attorney general Jeff Sessions FBI director change Komi and Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. Asking for action to be taken. When action can be take to not sure you know there's some wacky people out there but I just. I don't think this isn't a sheer coincidence. And I'm not putting the blame on president trump. Any more than a put the blame on President Obama when I think that President Obama. Gave permission. For some people to feel like they had an ally in the White House and they could do whatever they wanted to do. I think there were some people who. Misunderstood. What it meant for President Obama to be in the White House. And now what it means for president trump. To be in the White House. On the plus Kathy your under the W a good afternoon. What now. And take oops art it worse. That I'll chalk up that may or black and white. Now he's come out saying you know operation opera jurors. People but an apple that you know but it's too late because I may I'll. Take a cop. Other action out of color. And even though during a joint session of congress speech she can he say we're not gonna tell right just that wasn't good enough for you. Oh. Now Eddie and still you know bad optical Bob. And at and T say it making it worse. Kathy I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon here's the number 2601878. Erykah 5042601. A semi tech's number is 87870. Also with this terrific job train crash escalation from Bob Boston senior citizens into a train yesterday in Biloxi. Is enough done in America. To make railroad crossing safe. Have you ever come close to be hitting by a train hit by train. And committed traced ever fear off the track to hit the cars or cars or the vehicles they have to get on the track themselves to get hit. Have you ever almost gotten hit and was there something that could have been done to prevent that. I'm skirted the afternoon and we'll be right back with your comments on Demi have your help. I I just don't understand the mentality of somebody who feels like pay if you don't they got to attack Jewish people but because they're Jewish. And this is the mentality of many white supremacists. This was part of the mission of the client not just blacks but also on. Jewish people. Here's a Texas says said discuss the solution to dot com. Hum two colleagues at the solution to calm all threats are being made. In America needs more resources. In the mental health field. I don't think this is a mental health issue do you. Is the date the attitude of hated Jews is that mental health. That's just hate. Mean I I and C has some mental health issues but I would not classify that as mental health would you. Here's an update on a pretty Jeb opinion poll do you think they hate groups in America are becoming bolder now to Donald Trump as president. 73%. Say yes 27% say no give a sure opinion they're going to our website WW real dot com. By the way I can't tell you when it's gonna happen but I can tell you that I don't always give stuff away in the final hour of the show when we have stuff to give away sometimes we give away in the first hour. Can't tell you exactly when it's gonna happen but I can tell you that much James Taylor Bonnie ray coming to this with the king senator. This is August 3 is to be great concert I've got tickets four. Tickets are available here. From WWL before you can even buy ten. The song of the day is Bonnie Raitt something to talk about. When you hear that if you are the eight caller tort contest line 260 wins 5042609467. Your winner. From governor WL were also talking about the year that the train collision that took place yesterday in Biloxi. A three people are where initially killed ten others in critical condition another ten listed in serious condition. And fifteen were wounded but they were able to to walk away early a tragic accident and it's my understanding that. That's while there have been other accidents. At this intersection that is this a railroad crossing. There was also a sign there that warn people that this might happen. So did the bus driver not read the sign or maybe he didn't understand the signer maybe didn't think that this would happen to him but apparently because of the the the decree of the grade. Crossing there that it their cars are low riding cars and I guess a bus could actually bottom out. Have you ever come close. To being hit by a train. Should more be done an intersection so at that intersection but at the the train crossing should more be done a train crossings. To make them safer for people. Or should we do a better job of paying a little more tension. And if you would rejoice at the comment about any they were talking about our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every cut 5042601. A seventy and it checks is a 78 severed from Metairie Joan your into the WLA good afternoon. I. Well yeah. And I. And I'll try and and when it comes you know trying approach. You are. Open to many people that are able. Is there. And people are there. And apart true but an odd part. Yeah. Oh. I know how it. Up and if they. And the question. Again. People liking. In in the world are trying par in all I'm. People. And it made me you know trying to how opal and you're well there yet ill. I mean. People and I Harry. He know. It meant to change our. In every. Way when. Am I can't wait. It. Yeah because the arm could be malfunctioning. And it it's important to remember the trees never goals attracting people it's people who get on the track. That causes. These these terrific collisions you know that it was a thought it was a talked about elbit yesterday. On the ideas why didn't people if you're stuck there why didn't they taken off the Boston I don't know I wasn't here so I don't know if there was a recent one that didn't happen but that seems to. Something that that might have. A season lines. Hi John I appreciate the call if you join us for your comment this afternoon is it. It is enough being done our river crossing safe enough. Do we need more warning than we have now. Do you look both ways obviously do you do you find yourself some for a train crossings are frustrated. And especially if you live in a neighborhood where players train crossing. And you deal with that regularly. You can't stand when the train is coming. Because sometimes they com and he stopped. And they pack up and then they go forward and then they back a little more mean you're stuck. There's nothing you can do. So Anderson how frustrating it is. But for those who take a chance on trying to get over the railroad crossing. That's taking a really unnecessary chance should try first just be more. Vigilant. If you wanna join us for the conduct our numbers 2601870. Every coach 504. 2601 A semi tech's Amber's a 7870. A were also talking about president trump. He said that this country will not tolerate threats and violence against Jewish centers and cemeteries. And all 100 US senators are signed on to a letter to attorney general Jeff Sessions and FBI director James combing homeland director. On John Kelly asking for better protection of I Jewish organizations. And here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Do you think that hate groups. Are becoming bolder now that Donald Trump is president of the United States. 71% say yes 29% say no you shipping by going to WB wrote dot com George welcome to the show. Yes our garden but that lady who just towel. She says exactly what I was that or what is in and out so army unit in button on it can be. Yes so you think people should be more clear when you see people trying to get around the crossing arms. I think yes see but they world where it is a pity that we should be able to apple products. This is doable June 2 or does it cross. I'm very quickly George what what more could be done. Canada's when. Georgia I'm pretty sure I appreciate the call yeah I mean what more needs to be done. There there are warnings there are lights sometimes people don't pay attention to elect. That was something that I talked about on the year this would have been in the end. In the mid nineties. And I talked about an accident that occurred with. A train in a car to David Saint John saint Charles parish not really sure. I will talk about that when we come back I talked about how I was honest about on the air but. I was made to feel badly about what I said here's a CBS and every WL news updates and we'll be back. Our soul why do people hate Jews I mean there are some people who hate Jewish people and there seems to be like a new series and other new series of bomb threats and vandalism. Anti Jewish setters and the president of the United States says that America's not gonna tolerate this. Do you think hate groups are becoming bolder now that Donald Trump as president. 67%. Say yes 33% say no give us your opinion by going to govern every real thought count. Here's a check to says president trumps daughter is married to it you yes she is chair Kerschner. In fact she has become a Jew herself. So you know I just I find this I just yeah I've always been. Interest is in and why people are so quick to hate an entire group of people. Whether it's race. Religion. Or our board ever. I mean to. Last an entire group of people. That's. You really have to be missing. Some. I I guess some points and I Q when you just blatantly hate an entire group especially to the point where you're willing to do something about it. On we're also talking about the on the train crash that took place on yesterday's collision between the brush with senior citizens. And the other train coming from New Orleans and I think it was on its way to Georgia three people killed and a number of people injured some very seriously. End of the boss Scott lodged on. The train track at this strait crossing in Biloxi. And apparently there's a warning there because that has happened before whether the driver saw that warning or didn't understand what it meant. He got stuck and so there are questions. Should more be done to make train crossings safer. Or do you and all I have to do a better job and be more vigilant in the cross these these mystery train tracks. I'm gonna share personal story with your just a moment let's go to pearl river mark here on WWL. Basically say you know. Press call I appreciate you calling markedly to listening. I ocelot. Listen up our pearl river and there trying to go back for all the time. So cargo trains and passion train. And I'm in stuck at that track it's frustrating. Well it is to frustrate me at all but it trying to come through now. I mean that they stress that patent troll is talking about upon about them back. And it turns or. Yet the passenger trains they've brought a flyby British there's a freight train and sometimes back up because they've got to hook up for something. There that the bank is. It's hard you can't judge and thanked me and Ottawa happened then. You know and not that the that they can't. Nothing opting widely read while call it legal matter to hand. It is walking across to try and get hit. Some argue there are getting hit out of our out of our law that the stop. And duke comes from store across street. And you put that what did trying to triumph coming in from the you know. And a micro so small that it is in the United States Bowen island one again. Yeah I don't I don't know a lot about physics but when you put that much weight at that speed on our ability to stop is all that great. Now. Where she was well. She didn't make you got that that trying to open and hit me you will about eight feet it freaked me out and everybody the caller. All right Bob. And people forget outmanned decease is. Now you shoot children will grow. But in all an attic Jack and 54 he handled it to you in part on me. Our. You know it it's it's it's. It's hard problem like that they've LaMont after the truck hit it wants despair. And back that truck about twenty. Now. I'm sure appeared at the train just knew you have to now fastest and where you are doing it could throw you equated to its. When trying to stop after it hit the escalating it is took the train about a minute. You know there was almost probably wrote that house that. You know you can also imagine how these are these train engineers field because it's got relieved they're fall I have been involved in this so horrific accident where people don't. The conductor where it was. You ultra opinion poll. Data file and try outs he got out outstanding out still well still shot you know. And that means that moral victory. Well you know. And now. He says he blocked he looked at cases it would enter in what he did you know it's all the yeah yeah well there now. I mean again anyway isn't his fault that this guy's schedule got to live with that part I appreciate the call and I'm going to part of our afternoon audience. Doubt the same people should market dealer and pay attention don't second chances. You know. The stop work. It's like it's government and an even though you get frustrated at a at a crossing on it again it's just it's just not worth. I can tell a story in a few minutes but you know I'm very honest on the year. And I was talking about two assists in the nineties. Are talking about them on an accident where I demand it and kill. And it was may be saint James saint John the Baptist parish. Well I was in Jazz Fest. And his mother. Came out to me. And was really upset with something percent on the year. That was a tough position to be a tally of debt in just a few minutes if you graduate with comment about it they were talking about trains and also. The hate groups and it and it just a new wave of bomb threats and vandalism against Uga ship's owners and organizations. Here's our number 260 point seven. Every coach final four to 60187. Texas 87070. On a pop culture counter is on Tuesday marks the eighth 1973. Paul McCartney was fine 240 dollars for growing marijuana outside of his farm in Scotland. On this is going to be figures. I mean Paul McCartney The Beatles to mean they wouldn't do anything like this Paul McCartney claimed itself fans who gave him the seeds. And he didn't know what they were grown so you plant and with and they grow again mean. I mean obviously they were big enough for him to get busted at some point along the way all you didn't notice that maybe this is turning into marijuana. I mean it's. It's not an orange tree. So I I thought there was. Senators are such a very quickly let me share this this this story this was a very very tough this has happened to me a couple a couple of times in my career it's really difficult when this happens. I try to be very honest. About the things and I I talk about. And there was an accidents where tragically. On a young man Burris was killed. And he was on the train track. And on my show I was talking about now. The young man should not have been on train track the train did not veer off and hit the young man the young man was on the train track. And chest pass to his size mother recognized me and came up to me and just. Late entity. Verbally. For. Talking about the incident in that way. And it's tough when sometimes you you have to face somebody that you have really on had an impact on which you when you talk about something but. Of course I was very gracious in and didn't done argue with her or anything like that and understood that you know I was an easy target. I'm she's obviously on just distraught that she she lost her son and I guess in that situation I was an easy target but. The fact remains. If you end up on the track. There's a possibility that you're gonna get hit by a train from Slidell Larry you're on WWL. They undergo a group. And tell you but you. Maybe it. And or a law that western and technical when you'll know when you. Are you putting can. You've got to stop forty orbit their own picture admirable way it ought to. Would you speed limit these problems. They regularly. Popular characters and to not Gregory. Correct they regularly opera. Well the bus driver could have flown could've stopped and then got stock going arm across the across. And got into another thing right there they do there aren't they don't. Like you to speak. Did Obama get anger on it longer and maybe we ought not indicated. Rob anybody drop. Our team but in Atlantic. Example one example Angela Merkel by as Brad Richard ethical review that there are exactly people. What but not to like about one argued. Going to like football and you I'll art of martyrdom. Epic rectal McConnell fired a market. The department that your petition do not regularly be people. Larry I've got to move on I've I appreciate the call I see the buses downtown all the time on many of them do you have a senior citizens of course this time of year will start to see a lot of young people because a lot of places will be taking spring break. Here's a Texas says said the bush yesterday got stuck on the tracks due to the slope of the track there it's too high of hump. And not a gradual stomped on that's not the first vehicles it got stuck there yeah apparently there is a sign they're warning you but. For whatever reason. The bus driver didn't see it or didn't understand that and proceeded across the track. And got stock market regulations to Jason branch Jason just worn a pair of tickets to see James Taylor Bonnie rate lies smoothie king center August 3. I'll have a military to this giveaway tomorrow afternoon listened for the song of the day will announce advertisers are guilty or just after the news or 1 o'clock. If only Vivian James Taylor or Bonnie Raitt song and our mind you the east these tickets are valued at 200 dollars and you can buy the tickets by. Check you with a smooching senator and a deeper productions. If your tickets now because this will be an epic show with James Taylor and Bonnie raped. I'm scooter we'll be right back on WL. So I got a text here that says so why didn't they get off. Why did they get off on that that attracts. Before the train hit him while they were they were stock. I guess the question is why didn't they get off. The bus if they were stuck on the tracks running out of time this hour serve your hole stay with this will carry this conversation over into the next hour. But will also be talking about today being a day without two women day in America. This is a day that women are not supposed to go to work. Where men are urged to not spend any money so everybody in America understands. The role that women play. In our society and in our economy will talk about that in the next hour. Here's an update on a pretty general opinion poll do you think hate groups are becoming bolder now the Donald Trump is president. 50% say yes and 50% saying no give us your opinion it Evian girls icon this is not blaming. President trumped. It's just asking the question because he's in the White House. Has some people become bolder because they think he's he's he's one of us he's gonna stand up for us he gives us permission to do this. Not directly blaming him but this is an interesting discussion. I'm stewed in the afternoon hang on to be back on WW well.