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3/8/17 Scoot 2pm- International Women's Day...did you take the day off?

Mar 9, 2017|

Today is “A Day Without Women” Day – which coincides with the United Nations-designated International Women’s Day. Organizers of the Women’s March on Inauguration Day are asking women to take today off and not spend money as a way of demonstrating the economic power of women in American society.

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So did all the women at your workshop at work if you're a woman did you go to work today did you know that today is a day without women kind of like a day without immigrants arrive this started off as a movie years ago calls a day without a Mexican. It's all designed to make America appreciates what the role would be like if you did not have this particular group in your life. A day without women. Coincides with the United Nations designated international woman's day. We talk about at this hour. On if you just joined us we've been talking about terror president trump telling his country in the joint session of congress speech which was an excellent speech. The president said America will not tolerate threats and violence against Jewish centers and cemeteries. Yesterday all 100 senators signed on to a letter to attorney general Jeff Sessions FBI director James coney. And Homeland Security secretary John Kelly. I'm asking them to take action to better protect Jewish organizations there's been a new series of bomb threats and at least seven states. And people are you know asking the question I mean why. What's your theory. And here's our party general opinion poll which has gotten very close this afternoon. Do you think hate groups are becoming bolder. Now that Donald Trump is president. This doesn't necessarily blame president tried. The question is do you think he groups have become bolder because. Trump is in the White House. 52% say yes 48%. Say no give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Also wanted to mention that there are reports out that since I think it was since last February but particularly since January. White supremacist groups have been ramping up the are recruiting on campuses. And Vanderbilt university in Nashville. On a printer. Was suspected of being hacked because he was putting out anti Semitic flyers in January. As central Michigan university in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and Adolph Hitler themed Valentine's card. Which was authorized by the school's college Republicans. On made its way into. A large group meeting. In February last month. At USC in Los Angeles a vendor was discovered. Selling items were sought so swastika symbols on them. And president officially asked to leave in the anti defamation league has had some threats against it. Because of these these hate groups. And an era again what white picket entire group of people to hate I I I I don't understand I never understood that and I still don't understand it today. In 2017. Three teenagers have delivered an anonymous apology note. And fifty dollars to a Pennsylvania library where they sprayed a swastika. Using shaving cream in a parking lot. The teams left the envelope containing the note and the money. In a book depository at exit her community library in Exeter Pennsylvania. Police and firefighters were called in to a wash away the graffiti on Friday the envelope stones by library workers on Monday. The note read. We are three stupid teenagers apologizing for our hideous acts. The teams went on to say that they didn't intend to offend or hurt anybody. They're sorry. They said that. That they have outfit. All have religious roots. And did not intentionally mean this. In any form of hate speech or. Dislike goodness towards any culture to teach apologized and said they will never act like that again I mean that's it that's that's a nice thing. But she would have thought that if they had the qualities that they talk about in a note to never would have done that I do applaud them for at this point saying hey you know we're sorry. Are you you wanna join us for the comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601878. Texas face every case every from New Orleans Brian welcome to WWL. And hand and on good. I'm prone dark about while McCartney and and then getting arrested. Are in trouble for grown and we better now. Yeah I am a fan gave him some seeds seeded know what to seize worry plan and they became marijuana. It's great I think in the end college here action. And a I. Apparently. Like it was like crazy. He did and then but that they think. These days is and will not being gras with Merrill. A regular. That I cannot. You know I mean the way you reacted. You know legally tested this theory actually that Udoka. You. You know people used. Don't know look I Brian I've been very honest on the air look I I smoked pot in the past there was a time in my life I smoked pot almost every day I don't smoke now. I don't anticipate that I would start smoking if it was legal I don't not do it because it's illegal I don't to have because it's just it's not my thing. But I have laid out and I'm very very strong opinion in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Yeah wouldn't accurately ethernet and definitely an important and I think it will societies aren't like. Agreeing that we need is a crazy thing people don't like. You know react like accurately their purpose was growing like I think gonna change and like you know. You know again like Al like Blair anyway wars you know it was to be more worried about things like that then things that you are illegal be done. The government illegal. Well all right sometimes I can be a little sarcastic attack the other day we played the trailer for the movie reefer madness which just explains really how hysterical. This country wants to buy marijuana in the past. And as I say I'll I'll I don't smoke by I don't church people who do and I have different known India problems to be caused by that professor. Story for another program where Paul McCartney was here in 75 for recording an album at Tennessee State studios are now to Santa and others. On I was with Paul McCartney and his band wings. On the on a river north forget which one of the riverboats it was the one VM one of the river Boris it was a private party there. And I'm Denny lane on asked me if I could help them get pot. While they were here. At the time I couldn't but you know what if I could if I probably would have done and it being honest about bright out it kind of got to move on. And then a prop grow the grass roots who's now a pastor way he somebody else who came to me say he gets some stuff. All right so today is. A day without with. If you're a woman. What is it that you want men to appreciate about Q. Do you think that we. The men of America. Don't appreciate you. What is it that you want men to know about being a woman. If you gonna join us from the comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. Takes a receipt 77 he also this afternoon rule book we'll talk about this graffiti spray painted aunts my alma mater east Jefferson high school. That says. Hashed and sandy hook 2017. Shooting out the school dash it crazy white point. And if your own hole and got some people who wanna talk about their theories behind the increase in hate groups against. People of the Jewish faith we've got all that coming up next. Under interview well. And that's Helen Reddy that was an anthem my guess that was in their early 70s now I am woman I am proud I am invincible today is a day without women and women are supposed to stay home and not spend any money just to show the world how much. They are appreciated. On got a text here that. It says I didn't Wes and Kris he white boy they spray painted the school. Just like the person arrested in Saint Louis turned out to be a black guy angry at his ex. On you know that is that is possible. I was suspicious of Edison is a register graffiti attorneys Jefferson high school. And Jefferson Parish sheriff's office was called into investigate the graffiti which said shooting the school op. Dash. Crazy right. Hash tag sandy hook 2070. Sometimes things like this that shiny negative fly on one group. Is actually the work of another group that wants the negative light shined on that group. I've before I get back to your calls on Associated Press correspondent was our reporting on the and the way it's international woman's day but specifically in America this is a day without women. Charles dealer desks much as this report. I. At the University of Rome female students some brandishing purple smoke bombs. Cook will be the official color and international women's day shouted slogans demanding equality for women and and hung to do about it in central Madrid where a day earlier. The group of women end to hunger strike to demand political action against domestic violence in 201614. Full women died in Spain at the hands of that palm is. Indeed eastern Europe's Romania would mean lay on the ground and read out the names of women killed them by males bounces but in Germany or female airline crews can do to try to jump interest in the industry among more women I'm Charles defensemen. Are so that was the that was the international woman's day report but here are sounds of women chanting as they march in Washington DC earlier today. As for the comment this afternoon on anything. We're talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601. A seventy. Text is a 77. A from Kenner mark thanks for hanging on welcome to our show. Do the site critical. It Munich yeah play that you could appreciate it and get a lot community can do a lot about quality and whatnot. 03 Q did she would pull that it. Ilk an active to look. At local and now. Markoff had a real hard time hearing you are what are we on speaker. I picked it up and did you. That's a London. Oh yeah you for being what. Is it a bit. You know born. A boy. Who should. Be a war days who do remind. People. Mean when. Monster of the create. And Jere who actually believe that. You know reference to be patriot. They ran it. And called it and it's been allow the new perpetrated. Put down to read users should I think you edit black out the problem it and any it to be and it will get better here. Let the situation with that statute case in point. Not that they expect to all his door appeared start and one which but they rapper pit stop bean bag to be in the out. And I think and who's been in forces that. We're mistreatment of of people should note that there is that concern and what is report. Then the people get it to slow. Day. Debt at a deep Japan and so it and bring it down about it and out the world. And grow everybody potentially not required but a lot of people that otherwise wouldn't go on the back. Mr. Nor did it does mark. There are people who who who copied things that are being done or there are people who join. A movement or. Our group or a trend because it gives them meaning. Even if they don't really do anything actively wrong they feel like they're part of the movement they feel like there's something they're part of something that's on the news. And it gives meaning in their lives and saying this is the right thing that I think this is one of the motivating fact. And so let's see let's go to Amanda Jones junior on WL. The and hang on Joseph hang on. Okay thanks well. Are you to call us back on and on our phones go across here so a lot of East Coast back and will you join 260 when he Seve text he simply Saturday. Big might welcome to WWL. I'm good. I not involved where both. I want all the balls all. These boxes that don't Allred. Like the problem. You know why. But volume up on that would stop some real. Mo Altria. Order a big blow. It you're very well not real old you go to pick. You bought your book is not at all. Why they get a while ago. About but they had a lot of hypocritical that perhaps they have their make up there you go out and brought back the lead up to pick. Crisis. Mike appreciate the comment it's my understanding that there was a sign at this particular crossing because of the the angle of their their grade. On other vehicles have gotten stuck. And it's a warning about any kind of low riding vehicle and I you know I I guess I don't know for sure. And I'm thinking that perhaps. There's just there's so much space between the axles of the boss. Then if it's. If it's our grade. There has hump. Yeah you could conceivably get stuck and apparently that's what happened. And then the question would also be able if they were stuck on the track and train was coming why did they try to get the people off of the bus. This was Abbas senior citizens but. The VCU citizens might not be as active as a 21 year olds. But they're active enough to be on this trip and they're getting on and off the bus at various locations and in showing that the the trip to Tehran he was truly a tragedy. I'm not sure more needs to be done to make railroad crossings safer. I think more needs to be done to make us safer when we crossed. The railroad tracks that trains don't veer off the tracks and hit people. People get hit because they're on the tracks and you know it's it's it's so. It's so convenient to blame the railroad crossings are playing the river replaying something else other than accept responsibility for. Behavior but you know the the truth is we as people. Need to be more careful. Instead of thinking but oh no the railroad crossings have to be more careful. You have to be more careful to. CBS news followed by Debian real news update on scooter we'll be back right after that. And today is a sad day on our pop culture calendar or is on this day marks the eighth 2011. Mike Starr bass player singer for Alice in Chains died at the age of 44. An overdose of prescription med sea was in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the time. On it and lost two were frog could overdosed. Meant Allison change they were one of the vans that really defines a whole grunge movement back in the nineties. I'm scoot in the afternoon quick update on a pretty gentle people do you think hate groups are becoming bolder and Alvin Donald trip as president 54% say yes or 46% say no give us your opinion. By going to WW well dot com. Today's a day without women its side data coincides with the United Nations designated international woman's day organizers of the women's march on inauguration day. Are asking women to not go to work today. And not spend any money. As a way of demonstrating the economic power do women have in American society so did you take today off. What is it that it's you think the world doesn't understand. About you as a woman that you like them to understand I mean if if not a woman I'd like to know okay. If a guy has the same haircut is me. Why does his haircut cost less than mine. If a guy brings in a shirt. This even larger than my blouse. Why is it cost more to get my last point mean those are some legitimate. Questions I think if you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 260187. The area code 5042601878. In a text is a 787. A for Amanda Jo-Jo welcome to the show. Yes. Again. Hartnell and Communist international women and there is no way in the world that mainstream and Natalie Portman. It sparked concern in a bittersweet badgered better coworkers. I mean man is much better with a woman in a kind. Yeah and I have to tell you that or a day like today on this this being the day without women on this is not the only date gonna go without a woman in my life but that's you know part of this muscles. It. But you know you I'm meaning not only not only do they give birth to a us by the others. There's a lot to its we may contribute and related note the whole idea of I think the united way your New Orleans is very involved in this but the idea that. The same job is being done by a woman and the woman is paid less than a man for the same job. That's not to and it's an equality. That would well be addressed fairly and are questioning. What country your world. Here's a woman been better served in America. I mean if anybody has been mistreated is everywhere but there. A great. Well relative to the world yes of the women women are treated to. Very good here how ever when I just brought up the idea of people today there's there's still some ground to make. And I think it development. This poll have a real problem with a pulled your verbally associating trial racial relations. Can you imagine this call to say Obama instead troll. And I'm talent all of this started under Obama. Literate black straight on Marten. I mean they've found a way to push your button. Letters street media. Race relations current government. And it never gonna get better until you put all that aside and talk to one in. I I I did talk about that earlier Joel I appreciate the call and I mean this is not an easy thing to talk about. But I have long believed that. President Obama in the White House. Gave some people in America. The idea that. We can do whatever we want. Their attitude wise we are in the White House. You can't tell me what to do anymore. And I think that has led to. People being more bold. When it came to some of their actions. And I've been very careful to make the distinction that this this poll question. Do you think hate groups are becoming bolder now that president truckers don't don't talk as president. This is not blaming president trump. It's it's that it's the does the same thing. It's a group of people. White supremacists. Who. Believe that Donald Trump is there allies. In the White House. And therefore. You can't tell them what to do anymore. They're doing what they want to do. And there are. Becoming even bolder. With expressing their actions. And expressing the hate and then again as we talked about just a moment ago you've got people who. You've got people who. They're so insignificant life. That they. They become part of something that's on the news. To give them some kind of vicarious. Notoriety I mean I'm not a psychiatrist but it seems so obvious that that's something that that happens quite as journalists they would issue and join us this afternoon to 60. When a seventy. Every coach final four to 601878. Text embers a 7870 I'm screwed in the afternoon. Happy birthday data Gary Newman and this was one of those real early. New wave. Commercial parks on some back in the early eighties. Gary Newman 59 years old today. Will be back. It was on this day marks the a's back in 1983. He. That president Ronald Reagan in a speech to the National Association of Evangelicals convention in Orlando Florida. And I believe this is the first time this happened referred to the Soviet Union and Russia. As the evil empire. And the whole idea was you've got to change. Here evil ways. You know are just listening that our commercial for our Roger Waters the music of Pink Floyd. Cochran coming here. Do you think is the baby boomers continue to mature you know how the other oxygen tanks. There are wheels and the kind of real surround you think it's gonna get to the point where like baby boomers are gonna have bonds on wheels up from New Orleans David George WWL. Yeah a little surfaces where this is an anything about. They actually mattered taken away and it is just statistical fact when you talk about. Someone called about any country street one well. And in countries that along with traditional women in fact. Iceland and and so for the you know it is. A long long long time women have been equally non. Thought societies. Edge to them forever so they have put that question yes country women. In fact they're much equal. Rights and coaches went a bit out there. And it's political. That that sped out of I execute to their dispute is the reason it's still on equal is because. Well and it had catcher. And so. If there's. You know they Ketchum. The base of factors that does what sort of misconception. That you interest audio and college so well now. And he took that statistic alone it would be much equal. I don't I don't think there's an excuse if a woman is doing the same job as a man she should be paid the same regardless Arnold. Hitler consider their uncles aunts group couldn't statistic shows well pat. When angry at stats don't say. Oh David I'm not talking about stats I'm talking about the reality that if a woman is doing the same job as a man she should be paid the same. But the scope. It's measured by our our women who are doing to seen jobs and we're not. And you're talking and do you have do you have a Serb very it's all right to doubt they'd be in an. And say and that that the way that. Is strong out the second and anybody can say they've not been so again you go to US. The probably stand. That's what you get these numbers in from state so you present them and so they'd be in eighty. Lower because they're not torture him. Salary and income that is outdated but it trench and took a man and woman. You know this group he's only email support and an and it just increase in the seventies. So towards her career and so she was so full on. Yet maybe she should increase should cycle but but. But it's still go apartment trying to make is that gap has been close it's not as wide hopeful not at all. Not as wide but it's it's still there are so a young woman are lees college or at least high school and she goes to work today. What difference does it make how women sorted out that person should if she's doing the same job should be paid the same however there are situations like this. Text says on scoot I worked for the Postal Service and we are paid the same as women. However we can't deliver heavy Parcells. So man has to do it I don't understand. So yeah I guess in some cases. Men are doing jobs that women can't to. There are still jobs. That women are not. Paid equally I the united way here in the New Orleans area is is. Very very big on this particular issue. Are if you're hold hang on I'm scoot more coming right back with more of your comments on Debbie if you well. Well I'm a little more 2601870. Text 870. Fortunately had scooped WW. To celebrate a day with ballots. Woman day today we have a woman day MTV has turned the am upside down so it's a shape of adelphia. So as I'm concerned they can keep it upside down Phyllis are playing music again and also a Nike has sun has just introduced. A high job he job. By pronouncing it right hours. I'm never sure exactly the same time he job. That's a Euro and headwear for women. They have. They've introduced a performance he job for. Muslim female athletes and within a right as a whole Nike swoosh on the side. Quick update on attorney general opinion poll do you think hate groups are becoming bolder now that president trop is. In the White House 56% say yes and 44% say no. And from west we go reaching here on every WL. Pace who died demands on the show thanks Gucci. But I get that is that a question. Maybe on the record courier for a I'm billable work like job well we're and it was GDP. More than account that was the female. And maybe some money economical what jobs out there that debt if films about being able what proper fashion blog page. In our network there's a way I don't have the listing in front of me Richie and and the good luck to get this is is much narrower than it used to be but there's there's there's there's still a gap. I got a text here though is says I'm a nurse in a C share and we definitely have equal pay for men and women. Zero variance that's good. But here's another Texas says regardless of how the gender based labor statistics are developed the bottom line is Louisiana is in last place. And the last time you remember hearing we were in last place in terms of equal pay for. Males and females. You know what what thank you a student and again at anybody looking give me media. And equipment. Dictate that rule went on those jobs. Not shall. Then they'll appeared at a believe it but I occult. I know I thank you for the call appreciate you were being part of our afternoon audience. I'm earlier in the news there was talk of a photo with two of the suspects they spray painted this sound hateful graffiti. Suggesting that a crazy white boy is going to issued a be shivers in high school sandy hook 2017. Dash Krejci white point. Hi somebody suggested maybe they're not white boys. I looked at photograph that's on our website at WW dot com and it looks like two white guys to me they've got hoods on not white hoods but they still have puts on which. Makes me think that there are those kind of guys. And even though they're young sadly. There are still those kind of guys out there will be back.