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3-8 4pm Bobby, Deuce & Kristian: on NFL free agency and Tiger baseball

Mar 8, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Kristian to analyze the impending NFL free agency period, and Ronnie Rantz steps in to talk LSU baseball.

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Simplify often run a welcome into the Wednesday edition of sports talk here on WWL am FM dot com the triumvirate of host for a Deuce McAllister Bobby Hebert Kristian garic and four Deke Bellavia. Free agency the National Football League set to get in a way. In about 23 hours 22 hours 2 o'clock tomorrow and some of the deals already started breaking loose the Saints bringing back one of their own shallow Keogh safety on a one year contract but as we get ahead and look ahead to. Free agency about who'll start with you and are pretty there are people on line W the Villa come. Where should the Saints been most of their free agent money is that corner or is it at guard. Well. I would say either one I'd rather him go would have big splash in the second year and what I mean about. If you got to guard bridges like Ziegler. Kevin Dillon from a positive thing. Now here's a guy and he said he's the top guys run and passable in. I I don't know he's trying to protect drew reason you won. You know have the running game rule so not a know what it's gonna take that at twelve million dollars guard I mean it's unbelievable money that's out there. But you know there's there's mortgages him there's a handful of guards I think that he could trip and a high level. From anywhere from now it's 87 to twelve million range so I think this thing it definitely gonna look and that market. And at the guard position in free agency because you know they've already played an NFL game two of the experience. But then also how we gonna get to deepens better Thani can do both high each year cornerback and guard. So we have to do one or the other now that they was intriguing. And ESPN came oh win this and and I just look at. A free agent cornerback. That was unbelievable mistake uniform Jabari Greer possibly. Wanted to bath. They cornerbacks in the history of the franchise. So you look at the guy and I I thought that Texas got a franchise. Tag him and AJ bullying are Bowie. Now. You heard rumors last year and about who's in the mix now deuce in light new logo and morbid look at that. You know they have eight ESP you ballot article baskets at a top NFL pre Newton had Bowie. The quarterback going to the thing and the Eagles on the say the things were in the mix that Josh Norman last offseason there's still a major need to Atlanta cornerback. Can win in man coverage and makes plays on the ball. Andy said bullying his 2016. Cape is legit. He finishes plays at sixteen passes defended. And he who worked well and aggressive style they Dennis Allen with the dual and defense. You want to play man to man coverage obviously because Dickey kills old looking at the end of teeth out Julio jolt. Mike Evans. Kevin Kelvin Benjamin and that you last year but I think he's gonna turn around with the Panthers and that's all Nancy's cell. So you look at the Christian the deuce in Alou guy. He's six foot a 191 pounds. And they sell discounted eleven's physical ability. Then he can play up at the line of scrimmage and he's not intimidated. Now that being said. Will be out at a state price range and committed 1415 me right right so it's almost like I was going to be about eleven right so you almost like okay what are you willing disbanded the IR who you'd targeting. But but I just take go pros do that. Weather is guard or quarterback. And we all know we got to get better and it with a drab with the defense. But but I'm bouncy and it's been the money somewhere because you have to and I thought I would think that would be at a position they got good feet of target either garnered a cornerback position. I spare Ryder. I'm okay that's where we don't disagree on and you know my my problem with him and it's not his fault. So to speak is. We don't get that type of pressure. You know we don't. Now we. No we not the Texas pass throw pass that and a couple of you know even would watch out you still have Morris listen you steal. Have odds of any clout and no more giddy that that are giving unbelievable pressure. And so when you're giving that type of pressure you really have to be careful. The defense to bad quarter quarterbacks. As far as. 11. How they're playing Ryan too you know are their numbers really inflated because they are being run according cast a and that's exactly it's so you know I need to see it. Over two years three year appeared from a cornerback witnessed this class being as deep as it is. I can't. Willing to invest in a young corner so to speak with one of my early peeks man go out and overpay for a quote unquote. Elite quarterback has one good year of a meal it's Saints are signing a cornerback everything I understood about about this last 24 hours talk folks are currently is. If they're gonna go in on a quarterback it's gonna come in an 88 and I mean gallery does not be one of these bust the bank. 1213 fourteen million dollar a year on average for a quarterback that albeit proven in the seats that's success there in free agency in the past. With Keenan Lewis and also like Jabari Greer but I think more along lines that has been money I want to spend money on the biggest asset that's to reason that means. Protecting him along the offensive line getting. Up there in age on the right side in particular Jahri Evans for a free agents actually. Getting up there Asia no win than the plays in a drop off there so for four for my money. It would be guard. Well guarded and you look at there's a number of guards and Chris Stewart talked about early appearances making Gabe in house report with coach Lombardi. Who's he was on the two quarry with the lines. The guy from the lines is name oh start to a W Wharton. Wharton our offer or barber or corporate yeah if you look at him Beckett beetle one that's all of a sudden. More along the lines of like a fluke that are. And as far as maybe united paying them. 101112 million range in my building get a by and 89 million Philip they have a number of guards I think damages a proven. Starters now look at lengthened the Packers. And you read about him that he's unbelievable pass protect and what he's done but there Rodgers but the difference between him. And Ziegler is that. Ziegler is a wave veteran blocker is that the best on the to Lyman a market and best in theory is not even close is Kim and stealer because holly run block any politics. But like you hang with him pass protect and but not run block in the bottom line is you know they Drew Brees has. I don't know exceeded his level even a play because he could step up and apply pocket. Because of the guard in this thinner play in how do you still like we've been kind of inside out. Order tackle due to job you could wash. That edge rusher. And let drew a step up within the guards and a Saturday enemies now. They got to be a good idea to hold her own you know on the inside for him to really step up and you know the tickling wanting more rush up the middle that's where we've had the least amount. As if that's why Carl Nicks in Jahri Evans were under the weight of differ granite winning relies. How truly great. NFL all the all the teams. And in big grudge he took a little step back. And big growth is good idols are Carl mixes level but he still is able to make a Pro Bowl and the Saints uniform we paid him out to lead the Ravens. Davis and routine you to a final four to 60187 taxed 8787 if the Saints spent a lot of money on a player in free agency do you want to gag order cornerback cast your vote. Online at W him elect Tom Moore calls. At 260 whites everybody Bears three on Twitter at 26 iMac crushing are also Elvis Dumervil released today by the Ravens. With saint make a play at Elvis Willie Green Ellis in the bill we'll find out a look at our scheme we sports talk rules on. Here on to beat him well. I on Tex sign a semi settled back sports talk Christian do some body you know the you know corner and go guard big money should be spent on. A proven pass rusher with pressure. Mediocre Portland L franchise tag that would be like oh well Dolan is that on the market induced you're talking about this you'd have to say. Mean as though they did you play you might say a one hit one their arm the the timing because of the salary cap. That they play well we kind of considered. The next option when they might be age are my like nick Perry. With the Packers unbelievable Jiabao shared. He's another one so teams that overpaid the year that that's the crazy thing about it but then you look all that guys. You know he was little more in Charles Johnson and the fans that care. France took care of the Marcus ware you know Allen breaks mean Brad Bryant was another player from my game right. You know that may have gotten out. And everybody has nearly to figure so to household name is Leo look at their age or whether rat like DiMarco scored Julius Peppers. OK come on. You know that name but that is done. Them five years ago where that now it look even how little on Chris well you know with the Rams have been eaten as part of the mix with the Patriots but it. Nothing outstanding to two guys I would say deadbeat at next they're truly because of their age. Maybe a lot of side as nick Perry and you about shared it will what are you gonna pay beetle are necessarily overpay and if you do things. And that we do need pass rushers that goes to do deep dig approach me was that edge rusher. That would hopefully we can address it with the draft bar would have pro do you think the thing to do it today. Low I mean the way that things have shaped up and are shaping up. That's where they have to be start to start to lean more and more you know as far as with debt paid you know the number eleven peca I mean just because. Outs out of their control. They didn't get the shot at some of the court and will be named guys you know playing to rooms. You know. The good pass rose's never leave the team with there win it's in or they get traded. Well she don't relate to choose from a market for him you look at average salary but he mean per year. Over five years 44 million dollars. And yeah and that's work at 88 would you look at him I mean is he truly where that he might be a forming. Form but you have to overpay you know Eagles supply demand. It is that that's why a guy like Brock top dollar gets thirty nearly carried do you detect it quarterback to pass rush is as the it's like supply and demand is not an obligatory Ruble. Now Tony Romo. Is all of this in that room we're now he's going to be an out and out free agent. They're there release and avoid a good news poll and number avoid throw but. Worst nightmare for the cowgirls. He garnered a Texan. And bring detectives to assume mobile. The obvious Tony Romo and and that's it Jerry Jones will wouldn't tell by Dallas united in the state chants. He is that that isn't the best team with the Redskins the Redskins might make a play hole yes network cousins yes a sign into centers and yeah exactly I took a positive David in Davis and bootsy was going on W him well. The Davis. Yeah. But. Yet Davis that you guys. That is. What. Is your. Body care. This great. And that brought up playing the and it all of them to reach around the world what I am gay straight. But again like a no place like long and Bobby. From now who's tall and poet on ought to go Tigers. And. No doubt about that is I think he has plenty of lessons do some myself and it sounds like. You go lot of pride and that's for sure what was good because you have a lot of pride in Holland go right you know no connection has gotten much love for those on my son goes on like school. But what you are going no no that that's my agent they all had. The area and around him you can't and that's that's his general mightily anybody that's past the first of the moment right bills do a comeback for Jerry and the plots. Dee Mays in the wall as he's also the least text messages well late 7870. That Ryan rants host baseball the color analyst at full 45. While act Christian Derek welcome back Deuce McAllister body there Christian Derek sports talk here. Free agency less than 24 hours away in black and gold. Trying to upgrade the roster point seven million dollars placement. As much as the Cleveland Browns on for me on via the point the Saints have some money. Are totally or even candidate who it was nice. Is that nine I don't think he's meant a lot and Jackson Utley and say you know Jackson and have a name idea I think fixing things and adding to our Nolan and his team felt in tennis there are supposedly making the DeSean Jackson so. Find out both players that are being linked to at least being followed in saint circles we talked about. Elvis Dumervil little bit in Texas and a yellow completely forgetting. He can tie in well here's the deal it's a different getting yet he's gone either way it works out great but he's injured and have to protect themselves whether it be through a draft pick. At that position or a veteran free agent this is this is about for the Saints eight making sure that the adult a plan in place if he god does not come back many Steelers. Listen three knee surgeries not one not two but three okay well on the Robbie and Robbie in that does Easter seal ACL right right no clean up like all discovered surgery major. And Arkin Rivera watching abilities last year and he was due in Austin. They'll also be category every brag is that all of us and it comes out he got hurt in practice and it was live. And you running you know we just play you put hard and you need gives whenever. But Kaka is that four's he's hell and he's well what is he gonna be well you can't take that chance. He was unbelievable. He led the nation in sacks the university of Washington and as a rookie wood and four forced fumbles and you know he has handles that of football if you works out great but you gotta Covey behind you kidding yourself for sure Kaka is coming back. So he works out great but he's still have to you know make you team better and is now like you given up hope we'll do guy you have to. You know it's got it's yards and you have to error if you are at right. Do his body Christian hang out till 530 we have things nothing else Sports Radio network at Tigers are an action tonight and basketball probably the olasky for Johnny Jones and John Jones error in the SEC tournament. So what that tip off for at 6 o'clock four lines are open final four to 601878 to eleven not eight minutes Ronnie ranch to preview of the tires matchup tonight. Within the state to get three games beginning at Wichita State as well Friday Saturday and Sunday. We'll see Jerry and apostles were running on W in order. Stick call. Air ball trot you know our sole cause elk and World Cup for okay. Percent mark. What can you take a quarter percent. Say okay we need to call put forward to that. It can't be. Another quarter. Deep and put a quarter that at least. Okay he's taken another quarter say. We need. You know might be Kris say he or quarterback. Okay he's put a quarter that. Whichever one. Don't lead directly to Jerry you're out of quarters against well I mean in semifinals and right now we're where we're going to do you know. Bought our first. Quarter. Quarter percent let out. Yesterday. I put that ball back or or. Site for. Good it's quite tree. That war. That got 2%. More what we're. Mean I have MA I have eight Jerry count and I'll acknowledge giant makes a lot of things we need to hit we need to have Jerry go run the salary count on things I'm just telling you it's it's way too much it's we to a number no don't need to go or how about Vicki little was that the salary again Jerry got dutrow. Contractor now I feel we just fractions and so forth. At a ballpark but they got four quarters OK we know we need all we know we should be sent to. You going back. That you wore that out. Well I got in order to play. Break it down sale. Will take a quarter percent. Or. More corner. So it's always silly when you say safety. Probably got a couple of we have yet they're really. Hit it is an elbow appears it hit it is an issue here. The money is not the issue it's finding the right player. At the right price because when I say the money isn't is. You can manipulate the salary cap like we have done in the past as much as we won't so I mean even if we've got a 100% of it you know if it if another team. Has the same amount of money as we have at some point that player is going to say look like the situation a little bit better because the money is a horrible. Or a monetary list to go XYZ because I think they have a better opportunity to win I mean so. Don't get caught up in saying well you only have a certain amount of money because you can manipulate that salary cap anyway you really can't. Push it down the road yeah and that's what I've got to get the right player. Messina actively that a player and you hope and the Dodgers where it was go work out he can work out. You gotta hit on that they'd the next two of our greater the next Jonathan Vilma. The next Max Unger. Could there not only did it with their other team but they did in the Saints uniform type of failure you don't mind paid them players. And they've produced in the back to Sunday he brought Hampshire seats as a curious about in the sprained ankle extreme right the more Morgan was on year. I don't think I grew you'd use the I think you mentioned this in your videos it took on the cited. W will come. You feel like this thing could lingers into I don't I don't agree that I think if it's not done the next 48 hours is not happening is I understand it. Haven't told the saint term remaining. Steadfast on their demand of the top. Top fifteen selection they're not they're not go all the above I look great when you are days partying out of the draft that until April like it that. I drive you that you won't drag this out until we're draft. You it is viewers sit. Own giving something that at some point you have to pull this off on him because this year yeah I mean because if you if you don't if you don't have a bye now Bobby. A team that's gonna drag this out at some point you don't even have to say face will coats. Or you don't go hitting get rid of I mean because. No team is gonna drag it out typically decides. I think they have too much respect for eighth for coats to drag him along you know there's already been going well for bottles or leave him hanging it that's exactly rademan because he still may end up in your locker room. That'll tell me you've had this young man. All all on the block for. Six weeks eight weeks and now you expect him to come back and be free alien nice and in your locker room on me because. You east he'll have the you have before fear and you have to tip your option. Obviously he wants to be paid now he didn't want to wait until his contract is completely and so. They can steal Sam legit as far as the relationship because they can pay him. So you think within the next night Chris humid you party in our thing do breezes. Along these lines. That in Beijing it now that we're talented and party hours they unity of bottom line is we are happy with we coat. Winning and we won so will we movement astle and looked. Say 48 hours I guess you could. That's about 96 because there's going to be there's going to be a team out there has their eyes. On these premier wide receiver. Kenny stills are guy. Like Sean to show on Jackson. How the area and witness in the the day the notion of you'd get them because this happened has happened in the past. About it is in no loyalty in business. So let's say the tides have played hard ball the Eagles. And nothing happened within the next few days and the state losing okay. And you know we think it would Kooks it's Holly's Purdue's three straight years of 11100 yards and these feet down with Elvis and the Titans come the night to Puerto draft or something you know what. That we gonna do that one for one deal Reid and Gaby are eighteen pity party Tuesday beginning given him fourteen paper Brian Cook. What united do today and just because it's a matter of among nova I think deuces on summit you have OT away while beat ever above what what I'm saying but I am saying though. What you think teams of that loyalty individual players go well and that that that naive there though but because they won't have to worry about the ramifications we codes because what happened. Is all of a sudden. The draft occurred. And you have enough time and offseason. The thing is got what they wanted and Eagles advertised I would be one. I guess free agency could dictate that the team misses are Titans know. To argue with anyone in free agency on at a player in free agency. They felt like would would be as good as the fifth on the fourteenth two it to me and Theo I don't know it ain't over till it's over because it. Take a lot to give you added that it is that they target but also would have thirteen Cubs would allotted last edited it and make that I think. That the loyalty and there in left footballers change dealing as general managers and coaches you got to remember this was cute they drafted to go but yet that that is not a big guy that's right this was not someone added that what it was like Joe Horn will bridge on Peyton. Ryan Grant coming up next here on the redeployment from the Dhaka. I welcome back LSU baseball action tonight 6 PM. And Lake Charles against me in the state yet three games this weekend Wichita State. Friday Saturday Sunday Ronnie ran Stoney is now Allison baseball TV color analyst former tiger pitcher Ron Howard. I'm bill well. And here on the field it Joseph Mello ball Mark Ellis they went ala mop up. Call the game and I don't he's big nice ball traveling at the park. I'll tighten him. Oh right field. Crowd like they opened the gate. Two hours before and here. And they called out. At the point. So I don't know what everybody authority about 80% Olin where over an hour before first pitch. Ronnie look at it all the base value witness look at it Jared polish it would until 420. Hotter start I mean it's unbelievable like. He's been extended his shutout innings but the 22 to start the season. I mean I hit it is it just what is it I mean. Well it. There have been intentionally issues there have been a couple of guys that had a phenomenal start typical. They want them now in the eatery and went forty plus innings the not allowing an earned runs are these. Well 1992. Or three Burton with the national pitcher of the year sports you know in the or at one point and he's started all like 47 innings and around without giving couple walks which is on the more pressure than me. So there it but it along. Great ones and what are post they doing right now critical especially because he's left handed traditionally not. Have a little bit wild streak in them. And is great in ball. Or strike out of their own. Great command of the that the that up with a bad break involved that's all we got the best. Company should that worry don't count out. Now about running looking at when you get greatest guard SEC play and you look at the rotation Sunday starter. I was reading where does that cancel as I was still auditioning and who's gonna against San Diego club and obviously they game got canceled. But double what is your take and it's and the spot in the rotation as the season progresses. And where does does backhand and and you are at this awareness these stand in who do you think we'll beat at third Sunday pitcher would distort SEC play. Yeah we'll. If the ball against the meat and a while back that you know injury enemy walk in and certainly think that because. It was a lot of and I he's a freshman big strong right hander Kent has. Out side in the professional baseball I mean it's all in the low nineties even as the potentially. Down the line to be at nine. We're competing at a guy and and walker who's currently at the church starter got. They you know football mentality of the quarterback in taxes are high school. The pro caller and not under six foot. A trooper guy you know that that that it jumped off the page typically but he has great control and I think. You know it's Walker's job to lose don't have to do anything. You know right now this year to take his job and let walker wrote the problems because walker to ever hurt it strikes allow it to. Ryan Grant osu baseball TV color analyst for tiger pitchers and actions sandy it's been the state have to call right thing spent. Thank Allah or ironic combat for Larry in Oklahoma City jail than Algiers Dee Mays LaMont in utilities and so point 78 taxed 8787.