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3-8 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Kristian: on NFL free agency and LSU sports

Mar 8, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Kristian talk all things LSU with Bryan Lazare of Tigerbait.com and discuss NFL free agency.

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Often on an hour to. We're here till 530 we have things off to the Elgin Sports Radio network the Tigers in the SEC tournament hang out with two legendary former sees players Bobby bare Deuce McAllister crushing arguing the until 530. We do cobble phone calls or not time body with a Ryan grant's. Yeah Ryan rants and you know obviously does a great job relishing baseball but also wanted to have them on. Tomorrow night we have a benefit out walk on right here in yards of Portis from six to eight. Is called the Glory Road to glory is benefiting. The Louisiana sports hall of fame in Knight commission if you never been. Wanted to ban sports hall of names in the country. And it's in nag nag at issue is definitely a destination. In if you love sports. And you love Louisiana athletes that you Clinton. Go to better venues for the museum. And now so tomorrow night we had the Glory Road tour benefiting weekend sports hall of pain. And I guess that it is in knack management tomorrow night OB at walk ons on partners. It's all you can eat food and drink tickets available at LA's sports. Called dot com or purchased tickets at the door. Says we end is stardom get ready start SEC played LSU baseball. And have a special guests with panel discussions. From athletes and coaches and skip Bergmann along with the 97. College World Series championship team. Doug Thompson and Brandon Larson will be there. Also wanted to greatest basketball players is still is basketball that are as we go earn SEC. Tenement later tonight when the Tigers play Bob Pettit. Bob Pettit to about 100 top fifty players in professional football time. You got Bob Pettit pistol Pete maverick Shaquille O'Neal Bob Pettit will be there form LSU basketball coach John Brady also. The local flavor IGT Curtis. But Z obviously I was inning high school football and now what he's done a John Curtis Curtis is sports all the pain he will be there and always. All of a diplomat did deuces familiar with Michael beer man Lewis Michael Lewis is going to be there. And then also myself and Ahtyba. Will be there so. This is something that I'll always wanna be involved in because it is the history. That athlete seed teams. That have Louisiana association like you said. Now have a fondness and activists went to northwestern in Louisiana sports hall of fame in activists though. It's called the glory were road tour to beat toward knighted 68 walk on some pointers. Again tickets all of our available. Call LA's sports hall arm logon to LA sports hall dot com or purchased tickets at the door and all that. All you can eat and drink who is not that. Ice and take that out tomorrow and deuce Christian embodying and I yards force on here with 2530 and jump in the conversation a final four to 60187 free agency. Set to get underway 3 o'clock tomorrow as teams can officially. Announced deals been the legal tampering period over the last 48 hours where teams can negotiate with players but. New deal can necessarily be struck we've seen already elites on Twitter won a particular Tony Romo being released today by the Dallas Cowboys news. Now where he Fijians are going to go to Denver well he's got his. Looters as far as you know I know he wants to go to a contender you know at this point it's not about the money so to speak. He wants to be compensated will but I mean if it's about the money in union you look at what wanna Cleveland. He's not going there I mean he wants to go he can go in and win and try to compete forcible. Was interesting is. And and and obviously. I I think Dallas did it right. They could've killed doubt and try to get a draft pick form. But I think that they have enough respect for Tony to say look. We know Richard not a part of the immediate or long term future here. We're going to allow used to go ahead and be released now. And they can post dated you know this could be a June 1 release so. Quota and Cole but. Let him try to find a team let him try to find a hole. Well and you look at a couple of players would talk about him last night initial appearance Arsenal. The receiver in. He's going to 49 and things like sixteen million you know all of that's over here but what is version it's that old it never thought analyzed guaranteed sixteen Billups or does not guarantee over to contract but they're assistant. Bob Bob Bob Bob what if he's stuck to the partners is two games at the end of this disease merger hall of sixteen million. And it it in a point Aniston have a quarterback so he lug nut at brown or maybe I'm David agreed to I'm Brian war I think it is that I have a part of its long term they don't have an answer right right right yet they don't have an answer but they do have a quarterback by now about. By their offices there and watch I'll put it Giants opening the New York football Giants next year Brandon Marshall and another weapon that you line. So go what are you all they get the don't think this thing. That when the Braves he is a fish and is on and do you think we have an initial signing. Of these evening beginning Kamal finalize. Didn't mean to me you know like a couple guys won't reason why are his won't yeah I'm at first the first installment of our season ticket package he first payments due on Friday. Often they get a family now me like that at a how about that Allen every time I season's exit do your first it's always try to freeze starts Thursday. Plus I just I just know that the saint did they they can't help themselves in free agency. They're always in the shop shall be W most of at all on how aggressive they wanna be in free season they're gonna go out there they'll make. One you know splash are few ripples in the pond I don't know if it's going to be no I'll be turning kind of deal where you know used you'd doling out a hundred million dollars put. It's going to be pretty significant signing at some point along. So you vague LB didn't advocate signing to me would be either a Garner corner. Well but it was would have told Mike I'll get a -- that to the avid like. High power you know not to hightower and yet it's it's and to be you know part of the club that. Larry had to be a quarterback and the Larry in Oklahoma City was going on your W well. Our. Crew and do. And say they're only born yet. And you know you. When the takes in Linda he's a free agent and I get my. At this. Particular and it. Right did you watch the team to play in his the normal and the. Mahan a daycare I always do my jumper put a quality yeah auditor take their money you compare opera of my arm and there. It to other have been an expert teacher last year. Next you draft. Coordinating get a cornerback. And try to get deployed mixed up or non. At home. No. Nothing. No thank you misses the ball into on the whole not a minor part. Comes with a host of off the field issues we have as Sean Payton might be used in imprisoned human being I though lemons into those probably late third or fourth round. I mean. At that point in our it might even go to effect in that he's an adaptive something you'd services sack second round early third so be it but I mean if I'm the -- my game late third fourth rounder. I mean and that's the difference in two ways a parallel attacks and obviously some mates have McKean in Lewis on it to Graham line it was talked. You know out of Italy is the caption that mark is fine line even phi Q loses you know FaceBook and I would off delegates on the Kolb. They us. All body keenly looking he's listen you wanna talk about a calls yet Kokomo keen popped out to ice more song rules only on W grow. I'm rob and appear on sports argument and often LG Sports Radio network as the Tigers. Given away in the AFC tournament. By one and done in my last game were Johnny jones' tiger basketball coach welcome back though. Whose body Christian the next seven minutes. I'm a text rates and the 878. And saying it Patriots want cooks so bad. It's traded for the drop below and play our draft picks when you think force of the Patriots are not given the problem for anything less than two normal. Now. Our. I agree I disagree with you there. Because I think they are a team that as the draft it's closer. They would take one this year and in May be. Two moon bay conditional. To a one next year what a name because. With the with me down. Bay noting have to get something for yet you know in an aunt and it's not going to be a situation where would cook cook is playing right now. You know he is a part of your team he is playing and performing right now. Slot beat his his situation is a little bit different band while blows situations. I. Blessing though is that it would defeat the purpose though easily move the currency of cooks he is to its improve your defense did today as it got right you don't you don't move just because you get of. Quarterback the road now moving cooks again again and office of playing her quarterback of the future those downgrade of the bid to win now. No cause Sean Payton had three straight seed is seven and nine. This is gonna win now and how they gonna win. Let's that I I trust that they do off visiting outing at the defense better. I'm back the phones we go Jerel and Algiers your NW to dwell. I agree with the net. Com well it I wouldn't. MI and hey Gerald jail I'm sorry that I'm poor I'm Portland I'd do that NC violence are waiting foresight policy doesn't put on hold. Brian apologize violence RC a writer to beat aka. I don't don't. A good I Bryant now right quake. Woods who is he leaving the next LSU coach. And does a number of names that pop club in these big yellow shoes willing to offer a three million a year. Again and a top quality basketball coach the basket. There are only paying him three and Nate there football coach Dana the entry mate at. I had as a hobby and as Bob bass well if they really care about basketball that's that I that you would take that you'd have to 8390. A coach that you'd be confident and again. Well I. They if the car Alex you. While coach would be. Tom Harmon he would make it and a million dollars or kimbo should be making that they now I'll. That are in. Three million per basketball goes when. You know it may strain and a million. There's not bring that about coat and a victory may not that the people who. Outlook when he LEQ they don't even care body another well. Right right now Bryant so we'll. Big give me should top three had been out of those top three through Hoosier of front cars Hoosier that you abnormal and. But you know Bobby's it's pretty hard worker it was right now rated goes it. You know basically come dot era on and I got it meaningful. And and and I see it. You know you say your ears that top guy I don't know I can do get in date. Not and name which is weak outing is more or not think it should be to nickname hired there. They're supposedly talked it they'll be some type of contact with Mike Brey who currently head coach at Notre Dame operate that a lot of that the Notre Dame or started many. I think why would he it is even considered you know he's been at Notre Dame I think seven. And I you know what's crazy Bryant him and I was that novelists that together in college. Are elitist same age. He's been eleven NCAA tournament in seventeen years. You look it would make unity make it like one point they haven't had Notre Dame out here and Alex you bet eagle eyes you're 25. Admitted that the next guy though that the possibility. I think you have two guys who have. You know on the LA issues stay up for. Kermit Davis who's been at misses at who has been in middle and a decent. 2000 the rays have a lot of except. And Eric Marc and who did last year he was on Johnny Jones is that the hit two good years at Nevada. And. As NBA experience yeah. Right and the experience that the guy you will wait a young guy ECU. Has been there for a couple of years replacing shocker Smart when he went detective and he can't a lot of that there. Kevin Dietz who day Rick Pitino disciple. At from Louisville he's and it hurt except that North Carolina Wilmington. Erupted near there you know by him and saying you know but lately and coach Hewitt broke one year I. Went to Marquette now at Virginia Tech. So I look at it. I don't think it going to be a bigger there that it wasn't football he knew there were a couple of any doubt they're out and again most of these guys are all these guys are candidate to going to be Indian doubly target though law. I it's going to be a wild. Or LSU it makes. Brian is our senior writer tiger bait dot com stay tuned for coaching changes and Ellis is good so we appreciate Brian. I cry I LSU basketball next in Mississippi State. Deuce Bobby Christian sign and often in join me and said Dunlap for double coverage after Allen shoot. Now likely gets bounced from the tournaments as I say that Nolan into when they gonna go to a miracle to out of Iran is a to decals are crushing Eric sign off here and Bobby do you Damon on the relay jawed good night you'll that.