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An evening with Psychic Elizabeth Joyce

Mar 9, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with acclaimed psychic, mystic, healer & author Elizabeth Joyce about her books, and her talents. Elizabeth takes listener calls and offers some readings, and discusses her past predictions. 03/09/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Australian radio chasing home on TV Johnson so great to have every one a long for our million. This is considered the Thursday. Morning program from the East Coast anyway. Yes it is very welcome to be unreal at radio nobody tuning in that we got a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Elizabeth Joyce actually psychic Elizabeth's choice. And she's been in the field for a long time com. The launch she's into the whole spiritual teaching he Elaine and well even prediction so this should be really really nice showed tonight. Yeah that's going to be great show she's an author as well got some pretty interesting books we're gonna talk about and get into me who gets in readings they movement have a chance sticks and calls and get some months listener. Greetings to you tonight that some 400 bucks I don't want to go down Larry seats. So adjustment that they don't know. I actually know this is actually brings a pretty interesting point and wasn't necessarily gonna do this but I you know at this point a minute a minute see who. Do anything that might help pipe I spent the day of my mom yeah and those who've been following the program for awhile know that she's not well. And we're really at the point where it's getting. So it's been serious for a long time but it's about as serious as I can get at this point and on and ask is that folks listening who. No this story and have been following us for awhile on dissent some great thoughts or way in and hopefully on the hopes it off with some good things will happen. By Celine you know my prayers are with you and your entire family and I love your mom she's always been a screen are too many thought it was just incredible guy when he was around and of course you know my how my heart goes out to you and your entire family is absolutely thank you but our rate so it you know what I thought that it doing now. What did you spend the day going around a covering every TV camera and every computer camera and everything I could find in my house. Like today did you decide to do that because you didn't see through the WikiLeaks thing known all know he didn't Obama into WikiLeaks just came out with this whole thing about CIA and how they've got these programs in the been hacking people spark TVs in their spark and then their computers and now in their phones and and it released all this all this inside information which is just. Crazy I don't know one hour. Yes so and to top it all off and with that and that they also have this whole thing where they can. Literally break into computer system and leave a footprint that would lead people back to Russia or any other country. Has this becomes still it's it's it's become rather uninteresting so this whole thing was early some echoes from the was released yesterday and it poses on the MI FaceBook page about it. In my personal page and I of course I read a lot of friends from a though that the West Coast and some of them are like how this is just hearsay this is just to yourself on how well have you watched the news today. Because it wasn't here say in the last ten years everything WikiLeaks has posted has been found out to be true it's getting it's getting amazing. You know low that they they deny deny deny and then also notes here it is and sure enough yes and it's definitely weird that expressly when they information gets released that they have the footprints from all these other countries so they can the US can go win. And protect computer system and leave a footprint that leads you back to another country and blames another country for certain crazy kind of allow. Just a couple of notes about what we've got coming up on the program because we're pretty excited about tomorrow night's program Jamie get this she's like just coming and it's hard to just so it's going to be fun. There midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot. Their quest is together formation of team credible evidence of big foot and ultimately establish contact on a peaceful interaction which. I said numerous times I think is hugely important with all these. Dumb shows up killing big foot and in all this stuff so. I think that that's that's a great thing you know if if if big puts out there and of bigfoot has any access to two. Pop culture or. Current popular media and in television then they are going to see that thing in the back and be particularly happy about it. Now I'm solely so they they definitely need to. And there is just too much craziness out there and I think lake finding bigfoot stuff history too so. Yet so our Melissa to break when we come back we will. We will bring our guests and Elizabeth Joyce psychic and will lag chat with her it's beyond reality radio Jason and JD you've got a lot coming up. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio webpage. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I don't really really chasing you can't be as we. Cruised through a nother show here a lot of great stuff coming up don't forget the telephone number 84468776. X nine is a toll free number invite you to call an eight point. In the program try to get through calls two calls throughout the whole mine you know whenever we can. This crazy when him sooner and all the sudden money. Much facetime church going off in my right. And I have no idea I get spam call on my iPad you know my audio all the way down on cereal credit going through an idea it was fun it was like what the FF I'm in the U spam calls all day long it's just a telemarketer and alternative facetime. I know along the it's kind of funny because I was I actually had a conversation when one of those. The men and online banking you know mortgage people the other day and I own unique column on phony challenge and next thing you know I'm getting text from him I didn't even call them from my cellphone and holly got it. And I'm getting texts from them is trying to souls of me for mortgage and it was just we're awfully strange but I'm you know who might now be asked this question yet or I would say area a psychic Elizabeth to absolutely let's bring our guest did for the night it is psychic Elizabeth Joyce. She is not only a psychic she's a mystic she's a healer and she's an author Elizabeth welcome to beyond reality radio its traffic to have you on the show tonight. Thank you it's my pleasure being here. How we look forward talking dealers and there's so much to talk to you about because you've been involved in this field for so long it's yes I have. Just a grad and I remember seeing an episode that featured U of let's unsolved mysteries. Robert. That's right eight and who were such a phenomenal show but it and TI just I remember seeing that episode that featured doing GB and I were talking about that are yourself. So Elizabeth tell us a little bit about how you got started we know that you were born psychic at least that's we've been we've been talking about so. Intel say get your start and and and how you knew from basically since birth that you had these abilities. Well I'm also port one of two sets of identical slit. Now you know and it twins have a little bit of perception. Has to street Whitney you do go to. But no the fraternal but here's the thing in my my twins were initially there initially triplets and a Logan who on my twins was supposed to be an identical. And it didn't work out that. We have in my twins actually were lucky lucky enough that they even have different birthdays they look nothing alike. So we're going. Married I married average allotment. That's pretty funny anyway. I was born with his tail and I was born. I can't whenever I have is that there had it. My grandmother went shop when she was born on an Indian tribe in Maine. And married her husband and today Hampshire where my mother grew up so when I was still pretty. I went up to her and I put my hands around her ankles equity in it that I don't why you break your leg Grammy. And she told on other. Then I had seen something unique players admit she thought it was warm advocate an entry days later she tripped on the stairs she sprained her ankle. And she told my mother. That she felt that I had presented her. From breaking her leg by putting my hands around her ankle interior protective energy in the area. Alone so it'll start that young. Gap and then when I was. I was about eight years old I had TP and I was sent to opt in if you don't live for a year and portage she keeps me neat stuff. She straightened me at that time she told me. What I would grow up to date and what what happened. And it just I'm writing a book it's coming out next month at school I'm limited reality edit palpable story. Well and so we did that but that did that a lot of pressure on you when your union that little being told them what you what you're going to become now. Future. The list there was no pressure now as a matter of fact that second time I've really heard what apparently is. In my second marriage to. My husband who passed away. And just before he passed away he had had some kind of division told made that I would psychic I'd never heard that work. And I sentinel what does that mean in these enemies you're gonna be. Telling people about their lives about what's ahead of them. And he said that's my departures on through college and it all turned out to be that. When did you start. Doing this for other people when you were. National yeah after I had injuries that they show unsolved mysteries so much that at nineteen and I had a recurring injury. That's how I knew I was pretty psychic and I was working in aviation. And I haven't I have a dream one night about the explosion of a house. Our bodies flying out and it. And going into a back field shall tumbleweed. And I kept hearing area died she's used in taxes but my family and action. So I called I called a person that I had met and I was going to you might deplores. With my children. And I had taken to her as a psychologist. And I went to hear 'cause I'm really not that it's going crazy injury would not stop. And I started to town or what happened future why she said I'm from east and access. And I am dismissing. She was caught in the Houston oil well it's explosions which has since every night. And they couldn't find your pocket united gosh anywhere is to a map out the trailer park the oil well aware of the body what they pounded three hours. While and that pretty much all started after November 30 1979%. Not November they're accused it was in March that that there is let's let I have. My out of body experience with a ten and one error and doesn't. And that was a big thing that all the recovering in and the unsolved mysteries where you you have an an accident you are with your son. And it was a drunk driver they had two days now can you can can you fill in the listeners on the. Yes I was driving my son and his friend to a party and a very wind he wrote in about a river agers it was hit head on by a truck driver. And I had a the out of body experience I started to Diana's site that my husband had passed way also hit on had been murdered. And they both came to me. In this experience of going through the tunnel. And on my left what they'd blue light and not quite right it was an orange light and my it was Ronnie and they are slightly joke my husband. And I kept reaching toward them and I heard go back a packet capture right gopac go back to you have to write Staubach. Bernanke isn't it I didn't run my first sentence is patents that and. It's. And in night did I do it right and I did get published in Mac is being. Web site. And on that though they they talked about how they had to. Recessed to use three separate times. Correct. Starts stops in. It and then I think. It was rated for its one of the time between. The change. Meantime I'm out have a great time. And I would that mean uterus and I think I. Can you can you describe what was going on during that time for you. Oh my goodness I have described. I've written holds up well it was a feeling. Being weightless it was a feeling of being totally transparent. I was aware I could see it through my hands. And I could seep through my body. I was also where. That I was being pulled in different directions it was my consciousness. I thought my choice as to whether or not go into the dark forces are goes straight to spotlight. But still light was so warm and help migrate out of its way back before we even had these writers that are right wonderfully Alabama there. There's just before Raymond moody it's just before we Kennedy out of body experiences. Net world well alone so it was very strange to me and I went under what was going it's extremely curious. It was a beautiful experience there really was and I was differently to. All we hear that a lot when people have these out of body experiences are near death experiences. Where and they they find that either they didn't have any abilities prior that now they're mourned two and in their able to pick up on a lot more and see things that they were unable to see. Others feeling. Well that's a thing others who've already been someone tuned their ability seem to be now more enhanced. Correct also. And there can be a little cage and I believe I have wrestled change have you heard of earth angels. I have I haven't really looked into the much. Well what third angels are. Is sold change we come from the old school all of constantly have our different pods are ticket locations. It's all vibration Terry after Jan. They called back to that and we look at what we couldn't accomplish or what's to a lot of balance somber soul and that we re incarnate to try to get those. Imbalances back into balance again. And in the meantime you have a pot and you have a master teacher and you have. They're either seven or nine I would say massacres that oversee everything in the pot. And you know you go to them and they keep me here like assignment and then you have to take your parents and that your toward. And you start your life and your life is determined by your rational logical chart your astrological chart showed issue. Act which you'd have to correct in this lifetime to show you how. They have and I happened to show you your challenges. Is now ask me. We're talking with a Elizabeth Joyce psyche mystic healer author. The web site if you wanna I check out her website is new. Dash visions dot com and some of the books were going to be chatting rush get a whole bunch over time we talked about unlimited realities psychic attack are you a victim and ascension and assessing the accessing excuse me the fifth dimension. And get a whole bunch other books on there as well and stuff going on but you know we're gonna try to go tackle these may be one at a time but I wanna know. As you develop these abilities and he started to help other people. Did you ever have a point we were kind it made you nervous are you get get fearful of having these skills. I did not. Because of my grandmother I was swat. Never disappeared energy. To be able to recognize them can be able to discern what did they recruit for your country and issues. I'd ever had here. So you're always comfortable when that. Different you know. Yeah when you're growing up with those of those abilities and that's all you know I suppose its leaders that there is a certain comfort to that. I I didn't want to offer and I have a 24 hour answering service. And that number is 2019348986. We will talk about more about that when we come back from the break. It's beyond reality radio again our guest is Elizabeth Joyce or telephone numbers 8446877669. And head over to FaceBook page like our page FaceBook dot com slash beyond around the streets. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and applying is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. It's beyond really radio Jason hunt Stevie Johnson and meals. Great show tonight our telephone numbers 844687766. And we didn't take many yet jays tonight anyway to again welcome all the new radio stations to the beyond reality radio family. Absolutely everywhere from Washington North Carolina. Evan Powell Indiana California. Mississippi in image you're out their welcome to the beyond reality radio Stanley and we look forward to adding a bunch more coming well the next week or two and actually serving as soon as Monday we get a bunch more coming on I think that'll be the pattern for a while as we ramp up to take stations while took. You know make the commitment to a new programming to do contracts and Spiro schedules and also apple works I'd be part. Of all those stations and we're also excited to have such great online community whether it's the chat room or just people listening to the stream more of the FaceBook page stall it's all part of what we do. Waksal and you can head to. Beyond reality radio dot com train station in your area where we are all across country right now and likely set will be adding more and more there in the near future so head over there and for not comment as station in your area just click the listen lied to listen right online. Her from the website join us in chat we're there we take questions for the guest a lot of time to get surrender as well also had on over. Yes absolutely and our guest tonight is Elizabeth Joyce she's a psychic and mystic healer and author. Her website is in new. Dash visions dot com a couple of the books that we're going to be talking about with her tonight unlimited realities psychic attack are you a victim. And ascension accessing the fifth dimension and is to get home much of the stuff on a website is bring her back and Elizabeth again thank you so much. For joining us on beyond reality radio tonight. What are things you talk about when it comes to your ability easy credit the divine. Now he had an M and I guess the first question how to is that the divine as we would know it as god or is it given the definition for that. I think it every revision of the world has their own definition of what the divine is ready for the divine is beyond religion and divided energetic. It's pretty much higher power. It's what brought things and we really don't know what it is there where it comes comments from the center of the galaxy. And of course is that god source and the angels and our guys. Panel by higher forces not to lower one's got our our horses well. But to divine age your inner voice is. Pardon you oh. Dad always knows right from wrong if you listened to it we can over ride it because we have freeway now. But when you listen to your gut reaction. He usually win out in the long run and whatever it is you have to make. Now is that because. More pretty much were were all connected somehow through energy or whatever were. All the law balance the law balance yes it does perhaps it would connection at all I have to do with chemistry. And science. Because you know that electrons. Can jump ball. The place and they ran and we don't know why and sometimes we have things happened to us that we don't know why it happened. But it is energetic. And its mainstay in the balance when you file your inventories. You get that balance pretty pretty chaotic if you count. Right and you mentioned the source and I know that's that's that's an important term for UUQ related it to the divine but canceled more background what what what are we talking about wanted to rub the source. We're talking about. Whatever power of the and that is that believes the universe. And move all the galaxies. That holds everything and took place. We are hiding out warm orbit science have a lot to do that outing in music as well Matt manic. There's so much that we don't understand is our penalty on human beings. Because we're on the planet attic out to be aware there's something like what forty million galaxies in this universe and that is probably having universe and. Yet especially not item is expressly only do you got to really sit back and think that word just a grain of sand on the beach if I Natalie. But you know what we don't really know what resources that we elevators there we know it in the fine we call a defiant because it's pure. And we're not pure. Humans are animals are not pure not like to divine seems to me. No. Well and I thought I totally believe that's true. 100%. So now but as a as a psychic sensitive. And we wolf first off which do you prefer our. Do you prefer the weakness of the word psychic or do you prefer the word censored when I see psychic I was Cilic has won 900 number attached. Yeah I do it do I think a patent and that whole thing has been to file very much. I don't think I am sensitive I'd like to think about it and I was brought up to Christian network and when the lord did this sermon on the mount any talked about the case that he is leaving behind he said it would just mean became a knowledge and the gift of healing. When I was a little girl on my grandma it was trading me that's what she called it. Big gift of knowledge. Now as a sensitive so. And you're you're able to communicate with the other side of it but are you able to also a CC. Entities around. All all of them there's three there's clairvoyance bats which you can see it clear idea about what your hair stand on man. And they declare audience that's when you can hear. Apple's street some people don't have Ausprey. Now and there's and we talk on numerous times on the show I'm. When it comes down 201 off children children usually more prone to be able to see things in adults because to a child anything's possible a big fat guy comes on the chimney every every equipment Christmas a big bunny brings in the basket it's on. Tune in more than half their bodies have been tuned it out yet and that's about. Earlier about six years old. Well and that's what I that's what I was getting into is the fact that. It's not until people start their parents or whoever start telling them that this isn't real that's not really of African invisible friend Bobby isn't real. That they can we start closing them off to the possibility that anything is possible on the start shutting that down. Now. That's society that is changing out thank goodness seeker per new kids that are being born. Yeah and I agree with it definitely seen slate. There's not so much out of parents and so forth really shutting shutting their kids off. It's people seem to be staying open for longer periods of time. Now as as you as a child. Tom you're you're pretty much sort of guided down this path and I'm sure that so you are Turkey turned down when you were a child as. As a most most children are. But you being guided on the path I think helped you strengthen its ability at a younger age to get to where you are now correct. Yes you know when we're little we didn't have to VCR to VCRs. When it has when he didn't have television when I was area I older sisters did. Bio businesses. We had our first television. When I was about like two history. And what I used to do that and to myself. Is it open I definitely got on my bed and closed my eyes and tactically aware of the country or oral and I allied got a parasite at London's. I got Australian walked the beach. That's what I would do to educate themselves. We're talking with a Elizabeth Joyce psychic mystic healer author her website is new dash visions dot com. Bring about some of her books and some of the things that she's done and you know but bring up. Some of the predictions that you made over the years to get some pretty pretty high profile actor proof predictions and one of the ones it was curious to me is the Monica Lewinsky Bill Clinton think. What was the prediction we all know what happened but how far in advance did you see who is going to happen and in what would you do see happening. Disney Anthony eight to nine interrogation 1998 out by that. I had my web site. IWeb site went up in 96. When computers are brand new. And I wrote on my web site a dark haired girl named Erica while option that the White House. In January of 1990s and relatives in September 19 cents. Blah and angry blond will bring forth the troops and President Clinton will be impeached in the long months of nineteen. I. The I guess welcome president gore because I didn't know any better. And you really kind of kind of framed it in and hit the nail on the head would that when you also talked about the 2001 Twin Towers tragedy 9/11. Well goodness that was something that was at a New Year's Day party whip my women's group that people that I teach how to open themselves up. We had a New Year's Day party at my friend thousand. They all sat around after. Dinner because they want to be accountable was coming at such person that came out of IMAP as a twenty hours or canceled this year they're gonna fall like feathers. And I said it's gonna happen in September. Right after schools starts. And they are I think all we don't want me here pap test. We don't we later bowed out stone tunnels anything and the problem lies in but it image changed the world forever it'll never be detained again. And that we went on to things. Educate did you try to inform anybody or warn anybody about. Tony you can that you learned not to do that. You learn not to do that because there's no way it is anybody's gonna listen to. The leaves me. What you do is say thank you for sharing. And you know that went out security comes that you're supposed to share it. That you well. I am sure that many people picked up on the twenty hours then and August of 2001. My friend that's going to slide back to India and Asia came to me and she said. I think I. I want the leaders September 11 of September 18 which station by cal but did he have to count the eighteenth because there's no planes that are going to be line on the and why. Why I just don't it has no place like you answer your question and I heard tell her eighteenth there's no play is lying on the ailment. She hit it big it is going to be and writes I can't sit well it could be. And then you read it well implying with Kuwait and wanna go back early on and make it for the Atlanta. Needless to say she's out on me. But I didn't know why. And that I was going to New Hampshire that weekend for my niece's wedding. And I salute for Philadelphia which is where I live in Bucks County. And I was meditating. To find out. Whether I can come back kind of Monday or Tuesday. And spirit have come back and under because it won't be any pipeline and Tuesday. So I came back on Monday and it was very interesting is flying out of Manchester airport at noontime and we got. We got had to land. At Bader field in Connecticut that we were there for three hours because they closed Newark Airport they closed Newark Airport and I peaceful war. Twin Towers happened I'd got to do work. And I went to find out about my bags not worked aviation select seed tickets are rested all at the airport something was going on. And I got the last bus back to Philadelphia from Newark Airport. And I told my husband I said it's gonna be a bomb there's going to be something bad Japanese and buy it because they're closing Newark Airport. They're putting everybody up overnight you know I don't know why that wasn't in the news. Well that's I'm amazed amazed hearing has 'cause the first. And and and then the next day. At 830 my political mission energy can put on the television I think whichever she doesn't matter what channel. Side sort of common airlines. On so Newark Airport was closed down you saw that you saw. War in most government officials all strike there. Prior just prior to nine Lyle. While that's really fascinating actually. Let's take a break point combat global given that a little bit more it's beyond reality radio Jason in JV or telephone number 8446877669. Or guest is Elizabeth joins us. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the the beyond reality read you win the get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest check out in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's beyond really uranium. Songs JT Johnson and their telephone number is 8446877669. Got some great shows coming up and the next couple nights Jane. Yes we do tomorrow night we're going to be talking with the she it's watchers mid west first all female team searching for bigfoot in their quest is to pretty much find bigfoot and establish peaceful contact and interaction with him. And then the following week we have Monday we will champions. He learned that his Foreman. And saris are ros. He covers Roswell, New Mexico my notes are all screwed obamas are. Yeah he's a Roswell, New Mexico transplant and he grew open cape Cape Cod but then now went to Roswell, New Mexico when he talks. About the fact that the US hotel a lot of people still think you know ms. they're skeptical of it is actually the real deal. And he believes that the townspeople in Roswell to the stays still feared government reprisals. And tonight we're talking with him very well known as psychics sensitive. Elizabeth joyous and she made some not. Really incredible claims just a little while ago that she headed to Newark Airport the night before 9/11 and saw that it was pretty much closed down by the government. And I'd like to get back into that thanks for hanging with us Elizabeth. You from. So it's a fascinating time I its you know the other airports and planes were diverted to other airports to wait and then we got it and yeah I guess to get to passengers up I was supposed to continue on to Philadelphia airport but that didn't. The island of taking a bus home. Well and strangely though I know that one of the queen's. From 9/11 left from Newark on nine. It dates do you think that's good awaiting her what happened in Jersey City doing your app Rangers Eddie sent along the Hudson River. Portly injury city cliffside park on that area. They do that people are going up on the roof and they were putting up their telescopes. And now a lot of other cable restraint or major any civil a lot of watch the events and networks want you to their telescopes. So network without before this happened to tell me why every Arabs school in New York City was closed that day. Company Y a six year old boy in first grade yell at its seizure two weeks before. Pointed out the window in Brooklyn overture in New York insidious eco terrorist the air in two weeks there going to be gone. What we we interview a lot of interest in people on the show we had a an ex FBI agent a couple weeks ago and he cut he covers pretty much. He's known as the ax man from the FBI. And he's he's covered all strange events the FBI it's animal and he was big into the the nine elevenths and there and they were they had to go back who's telling us in the stories where they had to go back in interview a lot of these children who were. Actually drawing pictures and saying things prior to 9/11 parents calling the most indigo children easy duke kids. Yeah Abbott and in the event is called it's called me a hundred monkey you know that story don't you. Smack him. Back in the forties when scientists are trying to teach monkeys in California. How to open a Coke bottle. And they finally caught on. And they went back after it again warm on cages he would take teach them on the elliptical final on a blanket and the marketing and managing opened it. So almost as if they were somehow. All connected no way that learning moment it is true. It proved I think it true connection. I thought that was made into a blue wave back. But. You do don't know if it's out of any energy you know it was another time in 1990 pretty when the Twin Towers were hit. And the chart created to the hotel. Yeah yeah I was that. I was in New York City that is actually you know. Well I was driving that day that I was called by some people that I know. The New York City and on Long Island to ask what happened. Or if I knew anything about it and I gave them. A street corner. Opt in not lower Bronx and they went to at street corner and that's where they found that they were making the bombs. Well. So what I would get back to give the coming in about the Hudson and people putting telescopes they are you saying that that there were there were many many people that were preparing to watch. On how much. You and how did you I mean you may you said before how has that how did the news mainstream media or any media for that matter not pick up on any of this and that's pretty. Outside things that the mainstream media reports that they think are supposed to report and I. I think as those stories might have been next to. So in other words where there there's them all. Well and there's been projects in the past and done by the United States government to control media and answers Tuesday students and animals from a firm believer Malia I'm I'm under the same. Same thought as you on that. I wrote that wrote a wonderful outlined at what's happening it's not my web site need to go to my website to different agent Gaudin or Malaysia's seed picture count out. Economic and read it. In really surprise you. We're talking with a Elizabeth Joyce undo what save into his new dash visions dot com. And we've got about well just a little less than a minute before we have to go to break. And when we come back on talk more about this but tell you've also done some work in helping missing person's friend. And is that we with the law enforcement or for private for families soon what how does that generally were. All of it I knew all an act and lots of law enforcement act I'm not a prophet tea. I agree would come back we'll talk about that a little bit more again the telephone number is 844687. 766 mannered guest is Elizabeth Joyce we will be right back to you wanna get on your FaceBook here before and give us a call. You got a question for us or Elizabeth's but the FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio or you had to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live enjoying the online chat there's a lot of people on their its big family nice community. And they'll deathly make you feel welcome but. There were to take quick break can only come back a lot more with our guests Elizabeth Joyce you listen Jayson. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next -- time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there. Ariel yeah songs yeah Johnson telephone receiver for more succeed seven. 7669 great to have everybody along with us what you're listening on one of your local radio stations are you listening online and it's hearing Chad if you're not you should try to be in -- lot of fun yet just head over to beyond reality radio dot com click the listen live button right there on the main page you can join the chat while you listening on one of the great stations where on or listened right on line. Senator guest is Elizabeth Joyce will be bring her back into the program in just a little bit she's a psychic a mystic healer and author her website is new dash visions dot com. Tomorrow ideas that she's watchers now they are the midwest it's all female bigfoot hunting group they're out to prove bigfoot exists. Make contact and make friends. If that we need to go hang out in the woods and try and pick for. I think my then be a lot of fun I want to see what their tactics now is there he's Dodgers she's watchers plus he's going to get. Is there he school hunters but there's little to I don't know either idea and by the way Friday night when you're if you're listening. There will be AM best of program. On the local radio stations and then Monday will be bringing will champion into the show he is a transplant to Roswell, New Mexico he believes the stories there. He's got some evidence to talk about and he says that community still fears government reprisals. So they question for you how many how many points do you think eternal beauty sequence can internal ET. Twenty. I don't know I've never fed it points to a turtle let's say just less than files but look at what's I is going to retire at a penny and there is sick Terkel on treatment of a sick turtle in Thailand turning to a pretty much treasure hunt. When veterinarians. Had to remove and just an incredible 915. And coins from the struggles stomach. While yes and a remarkable I sort of an hour search I sort of a piggy bank but it turtle turtleneck. 67. Hour surgery where four of those hours alone where. Wear them removing these coins from this turtle in Thai tradition. Which states that throwing coins in a turtle pond is good luck I'll considering a paternal. Named arm Sen. Survived voting 915 points and having a surgery I guess maybe elections true. While. A 950. Points I mean I don't know what that always been an eternal can't weigh that much therefore that's got to really be difficult has been a lot of we ate the I mean that explains what turtles move so slowly he has been doing that over time. While it or via the south but. Happening now error I don't want to say I don't know to say about it either we've got a whole bunch of people on hold we're gonna get to phone calls in just a little bit and bring our guest. Becky and her guests tonight Elizabeth Joyce. And if you are joining us if you had if you weren't joining us the first hour Elizabeth told us about some things that she experienced some well just some predictions that she had from Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton down to. 9/11 in some of the things she saw the night prior to nine elevenths which. It's just been incredible. Yes some great revelations there to take a break in the slot. More coming up don't go way beyond. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jason horn's team regional. Some great to have everybody here with this or telephone number is 844687. Sevenths 7669. Springer guest and was Detroit's. Who is a new psychic in mystic healer an author her website is new dash visions dot com. Again Elizabeth thanks so much for die hanging on during the break in and remaining with us for a for the rest the show here. And let's some we've got a lot of people on the line here let's try to get through a few of these phone calls. This is staff from my Massachusetts staff welcome beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. I love that will show. It is a good time there will make you do there tournament tournament. Have a question I was wondering. Your gas has talked about twin cutting connection. And people that have happened and happened resuscitated. And they came back in the Hadley. There are sensitive very there's psychic what are her thoughts and feelings now. OK so when I was having my pattern I was in labor. The doctor said that they didn't have a heartbeat for about three to five minutes so they last week saying well we don't market child gonna have. Any sort of brain damage or anything because we kick it up. Are. So it. Say her heartbeat bits that is the chance that she could possibly happen something because. You always talked about seeing things she can predict numbers and CE you know she. Weird things that are gonna happen I'm wondering what her back on eight in ten or are. Okay this is so if I understand what you're asking staff you're saying that term that can an infinera reprieve born infant whose heart isn't beating is that the same as basically a near death experience that's. Yet what do you what do you think Elizabeth what's what are your thoughts on the. I don't think it's likened near death experience I think it's such out trying to I have and host a body. That's I think I also think. We have do I wanted to know when it's how the sport like year. 1990. 1998 arcade machines are rainbows child. I have been called broken down Richard had indigo. That we have the rainbow that we went in to 2001 it started having crystal children. But now that we're in now 1112 and thirteen we're having. What's called a farce seen children. And these people these these babies. Are so beyond. It's there dimension human reality. That they hesitate. Aura might be difficult for them to commit to a body that some limiting. And yet it's children to have great kids. Board gives that we can even imagine and that is supposed to be happening at this time because where is a human transition area. Says when he twelve that was against a running twelve double helix and new energy from the center of the galaxy has product these children. That are coming and that are gonna grow up and they're gonna form. New groups account Mac column deal. Ways of being from the nineteenth century in the twentieth century are gonna start. Having warm mostly in harmony on the planet and days working cooperation with each other and supporting each other it's not all this hate. Fighting bigotry and prejudice I would I would educate your child. I would start teaching your child Madison. Great hey thanks for the call staff that was those are great question let's go to this is a leisure. Police show welcome to be unreal a degree of pretend and show our. At least she got to turn down and got it turned down what are you listening to forests. We're gonna police should back on hold we're gonna go to this is Beverly in Williams in New York Beverly welcome to beyond reality radio. Oh how I think you predicting my call. Thanks for welcomes additional. What's an amateur. I I was. Let me ask for a little bit about. My health prediction. I broke a 128. Mode and an automobile accident. And 2014. And I've been getting better and I am just wondering. If you don't keep getting better. Of course that well and I can count that you're getting better and a lot of that is because of your mental attitude. You know wonderful man garage and I think you're determined. To. Be healed when your birthday. Lisa and Beverly still there and I am what would apply when is your birthday. Our July 25. 1940 what. Ear canal. Very very strong had a strong car you have could be. And that's part now why. Your healing well you also have very good connections to the divine energy. And that's what it won't probe process change it and right now and stop. Girl. Well what they have connections of the divide and energies that means that you have a higher. New amber. Has mentioned energy coming into your body and you cannot be at Disney's. So you're hearing quickly probably because you're going to be using actors and steered two years. And develop your news urgent guests that are growing strongly lived in new and you conceal package. April or pulled. So happy for events grade for all it can't I can't got. Thanks for the call and yet it's called Beverly we appreciate that from Williams in New York let's go to. This is Val. And Val welcome to be on reality radio great to have him show. I'm delighted I can't believe I cannot allow for somebody like a little earlier we've culled from Al par in from the pro in Massachusetts. And I welcome this motion plus and are you listening and W marquis on a Boston I certainly am my favorite. One of our favorites to accept a source had. And then I take it nationwide. Yes smaller alone the country he says so what's your question. Tomorrow for more delighted I was wondering if you're aware that this is going to be killing briefing tonight. Elizabeth the that. A are you you'll confer any annie's reading and anything certain and specific and. That's what you might I think our our feel I don't phone call it needs to be a direct question. OK is there any way that medicine clean can help look coping with anxiety and yet he'd be. He says yes and then how do not metaphysical. Absolutely. Not I'm an employee. What do you need Ian may get some moms. Sony music I use art does by the crimson theories and play it. In your house which is gonna clear negativity also. We try to burn it understandable. And stage especially on the new mood and the full blown. Two fairways negativity and do your breathing exercises. Their imaginations. Stick your shock prints that you can do that every day that's great and you will come into alignment by the way. I want to get my new book the new spiritual chocolate. And how to work with them. And learn about the age charter which started opening on new. Quote about corporate. The H operates about seven soccer. It's beginning to spend an open on new and you're you're being showered with all those you hit the magic energy they need to pulled the body. Access. What was the name of corporate. In news spiritual chock Chris and how to work with spend it on Amazon.com. Writing like crazy here this year terrorism in the Atlantic when do you look at what is expected. You can't mention packaging. World. It's in Massachusetts. How we only. Also we but we've also got her books listed if you go to the beyond reality radio dot com website just click on guests. You can find her or her information right there and direct links in the books. And how do you spell that at a mutant. ET RD AA as. Any. The AF. And colonial LaMont can now and it means prayer beyond prayer and it's very powerful and wonderful. And that totally wrong. Tikrit uses series. Crimson is well this is medical. I wish you continued with that. Continued in its data carry out your wonderful work and I cannot ankle enough. Thanks so is that what you're having Barack as far as a great guest thanks thanks for the call Val we really appreciate it deceiving if that one more in here before we go to break let's try a leash again police shut. Welcome beyond reality radio you would this. There she is my. He had it and I mean not that I'm content. And the parents. When I was younger like there is little unfortunate and that pat would bet com. I'm I'm 35. Whenever I was fourteen Adam boyfriend who committed suicide and analysts. So her like. We didn't expect it and come here and corn in the pocket in Durham out on the bank and then. I got pregnant. That stranded on the attacked man I'd hear later and I got pregnant passport. And how that child and part time died and and then Gerald failed. They've kidnapped the content that 27. By both of those incidents I just don't believe that. There it acted Tibet like they've been to 1000 or simulate actual called the end and investor and 900 sellers. They're just damaged. And at least still can't find her body and we had spent years. Will confirm her. Talent when her parents who and it went a little bit and cutting and I don't. And it. I tapped out for more information I think he should answer this for all air. But I will values and then a lot of this is karma but we can incidents off air. Send me an email on a little bit underscore majority that Verizon dot. We are all right number. I think and I I don't know why amber and my number is 2019. Trees 4898. Can Hillary. What was the other question. I've been battling how problems and and I have become my blanket and I just want numbers that they need in this chicken singing. That's gone on like every direction not let me going. I'm currently playing and like everything has completely tanked in my life and in app still there's some better outlook of rebuilding and I don't know what it. I can sort of put my output. It's called it's called spiritual counseling and I do think that you need some I also think you're still traumatized. An event in the Patrick Connolly the ones you mentioned. So getting tragedy we can work off air tank. There's definitely a lot of personal things it should happen on herself and I totally get arrest as. Now Elizabeth this just take a lot out of you when you when you do now owns and don't know OK which is great. Joke that you should I learned how to do it. Okay because I hear from sell a lot of sense and is that that it takes a lot out of major rains them and. That's because they don't have anti out and and go in neutral. What they're doing is they're going in with Jerry notions that when you go into it other person's energy you have to go higher place of it to around eight. At least it and then it doesn't negate that tactic because you don't bring back to worrying concern Chiu. What you bring back there were concerned another person to you you can become disease you can become lost and gears now. Tony and learn to protect yourself just iboxx psychic attack our unit picked up he learned to protect yourself. Marvelous there's many many ways to protect yours now. And we can Lou I know gonna take a break and in about a minute but that's 10 that's a big question that I wanna be able to cover. In the in the next little while after this break in because and that's especially is a person who goes in investigates a lot of these claims paranormal and I had and with it will Cecil claims senses and and psychics and so forth. And a lot of times if you will we descend into these cases solved them by him by numerous lit religious organizations and some of them have. Negative type entities that we're going into us I. And the thing is to say if they're not prepared for it. They're wide open and they need to be able to close themselves off release prepare themselves for what they might encounter. During the investigation until it has seen a lot of people. Fall. Okay our guest is Elizabeth Joyce she's a psychic mystic healer and author. We're gonna take a break we come back we'll get to more of your phone calls and more conversation with a was habit it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy your telephone number is 844. 68776691. Jason Parker JB Johnson and knowing from ghost owners and now you know from beyond reality radio Jason you wanna say anything about ghost hunters are you when the because. From what I don't know honestly we're so we're just working on not some stuff with co signers and we're looking at bringing it back we we decided we didn't want a re signed for a twelfth 412 season with the scifi channel we on the show. And we just in wanna keep on going with time we felt it was time to. To move on and and we're talk with the other networks right now and you know it all depends we we want if we're going to bring Michelle back we just wanna do it on our own terms. And I keep ownership of written to keep the way it's banned but of course change some things a little bit but. Normalcy and I honestly is not a lot of great conversations on it and turned Woolsey were ghost. Are if you've been on hold for while dis hang on we're gonna try to get to all the phone calls as we can we've had a great response for guest Elisabeth Joyce she's a psychic a mystic healer. And author her website is new dash visions dot com. She's got a bunch of books we have them listed beyond reality radio dot com. Under the guest tab or you can visit her website she's got more than just books there effect Elizabeth do you get people can go there and actually schedule readings and things right. Yes what they do it face schedule daytime and then I. Contact Shannon least at this stage and I have choices separating its more than one kind. I'm a person that doesn't like to create and run. I also have reading where you can call me Vermont and that you pay into the treasury you know pain for the rest of them it's three. Because we have to be able to follow up on occasion that's only fair. Read that makes sense some. Let's let's see if we get to a more of these phone calls as we do have a bunch this is Chris from North Carolina Chris welcome to beyond reality radio. I got nailed on the missile missed. Cues it is giving thanks and offer some caller. I can't sit there. As they point or studies that. What's your question. I don't want to if there's if you do on the thirteenth day sitting that might be holding back. They like I can never get here are my target or so bright they are. And an Italian debt that comes from lack of self confidence and that may not enough to understand that that. In view of the implementation. And work on. That you had to get it done that you're very good at what you do and it is some. Energy you'll find that your life will change and that you are having faith in yourself is taking time it's not McDonnell. Everything takes time especially is spiritual work and I do think. That could come from events that you've had in the past due still hold onto. Remember your beautiful person you are child of god and you are successful anything that you try. All right thanks and hello Chris we appreciate that let's go to this is Dorothy in Kansas Dorsey welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show or kerosene cans. This and. I. Think he's immature and my calm her opponent that I'm wondering why I've been deeply deplore touched. To a point where I won't function normally anymore. And I know I have been helped topple. Well I'd like to know which one question addressed first and the unaware all of them and J&J B a lot. Well Franken goes let's say X and bullet. Appreciate the target whether it's your birthday. When you know you are okay. You actually Richmond to come up first level one that comes up first is what you think about first. Whatever it is is not right or wrong you're thinking about something and that. That'd starry you're subconsciously. And it asks you to come out to be released. So whatever your first emotional. Trauma is sick about it. And see if you can understand it in your mind breathe and understand entry of some loves to it understand that they happened because. On the circuit being changed or confusion. And that anti negative diplomatic outcome and it comes up next desperate takes a spiritual training. For you and it might be something you might wanna follow applause line. But you get yourself back in the center and and it won't take that long. It's rated RL IQ that are pouring yep dearth he'd want to go to the website new dash visions that come I know on the was with your email address is there you can get return here as well. It'll look in the worst court juries and Verizon dot net. Elizabeth underscore Joyce at Verizon dot net thanks so much for the call Dorothea let's go to Phoenix in Chicago Phoenix welcome back to be unreal and radio good Debian show. Had a community that thanks I gave me hide it and I'm favorite men. That you would you mind. I am I wanted to ask Elizabeth I just went through a large transition in my career. Area of my life and I am there's many different things like that so that I have no idea your reaction to look at my energy. And it's vital that I'd make a decision pretty quickly so I'm Caitlin and her and you get. When you're first thing. Day after Christmas 68. Okay skiers had to carry you answered my question Saturn is in fact take you Medicaid. Unlike and the like to do. Man I'm a Capra corn. Have not yet I have heard many times. Okay. And it is that. This is something that happens is sighted view and it's something that you're gonna have to decide terriers out. I would think of each choice that I haven't seen what my body tells me. Because your body will tell you wish one at that it works Oreo. Picked up what you like the best in Gulfport excellent and that you have fun and joy and they issue real good doing. Yeah you don't see anything in particular her and highlighted because there's like three. Three choices for mail in DB and that's what. Our registry I'm. Let our identity cherishes. Their partner and creative field. We need to be specific. Is this something you prefer to talk to about offline. I mean not a more than just the sender in email it to its Elizabeth underscore Joyce and it's Jae lie C at Verizon dot net. Thanks Phoenix for the call it's good and in Pennsylvania and welcome to be on reality radio good to have you on the show. No anywhere this. Australian here let's see any I don't write it anyway this. Yeah ramp up and also the show. I can't hurt by the have a hard covering in my life. And responding as they need to going to get better for me. When he your birthday and size 1860. Is that a little slow and heavy for you which you have slow I don't. You know I don't know I don't know that matter but yeah I doubt I know I've also been financially industry. I would not tell you that you are having a change coming. And you'll see more progress in May and June April April shot we've we have created and Mercury got a degree in April's. April and you need to make your plans and may is when you're gonna execute them I'm sorry that it's that long accurate do anything about it is all on the cosmos. I can't see been getting much better for you mid day. Yeah they won't let Eric point. That's a blessing. Alien apparently. Not OK and maybe we can follow up further offline thank you for calling I really appreciate it. Yes it's for the call. Thanks antics of the call. I it's just turn that topic a little bit here Elizabeth and talk about your book the psychic attack are you victim. You talk about you know a number of the symptoms to determine whether or not you might be under psychic attack what are some of those things that they give that away. I could be if you break up with a huge head and you'd wake up with ringing interiors. You can feel like you're being pushed by an invisible force. You're psychic attack but you can't function. Well maybe you're not hungry baby you got the blog. And you concealed sometimes you can feel a person and I'm talking about my expert that really sending you bad energy. And there's ways that you can very quickly lift it as well what is it and mobile force that there could be a little bit more typical. But sometimes you can do something moving around inside your body. And that's why I called shadow on on the coast soared shadow of that entity and you can critically. They have to leave there's no choice which you say. I command you to leave and I commend you to leave me now if you're not have a light get out of my body get out of run get out of my life they have to lace. Well and I lake a lot of cases I don't like we're talking about last half hour. Come and we get sent to inform by a religious organizations and to write a preliminary reports on so called a demonic haunting your possessions now some of those cases I've found I'll come home after after the investigation for a couple days. Only down a wake up the next morning and I'll have a pain that runs in of a massive had to interact in my head but the pain can actually run up almost as if I've pulled the muscles in the back in my neck all the way up into my head. You know that is that your bank account car what the leapt on. What you can do what you should do before you laid out it's clear. How do you clear it can take. The salt bath or you can. Collapse side and commanded negative energy simply convert your agent in the sense. And all wrapped your body all around your aura which you have to clear batter or. Before you laid out and go to sleep when you can't hall full even if you spit at work you're checkers and play our you have to clear. Well as somebody who grew up doing martial arts or even elsewhere I was always very much involved in chi of course the inner energy and the way you can protect yourself and so forth so and that's and that's something I've always a voice focused on the the energies it inside you I've never been one to go onto property with an object a cross or holy water because if if I if my faith is in that make it's taken away then I'm vulnerable. So always felt as long as the energy in you. You can always defend yourself protect yourself. I don't think you listen to what I said. Actually used to it askew come home you have to clear you have to. Because. You are probable you'd used up that she and figures shot deity and every all that and you need to replenish yourself. And for you courtesy. That Mort there's no doubt that what's actually it was just disciplined to think that. You know I I. I do it I'd go oh there I. Out at the matter rose. Just taking a deep breath and create an energy down. You know have a good attitude on my martial arts surround yourself from white light before. You laid down. And you won't have that attic in the morning. Out to turn that I would ask kind of a blanket question because it seems to be. A number of people that call and we're actually just we're quickly running out of time here at that time. You know seem to have that. Bit about the direction problem not sure which way to take in life for what route to go and I know. Elizabeth that you know you you work on an individual basis but it did give a of people and kind of in a group. Who felt that way just some basic advice on how to help themselves what would you say. Well I would count and to look at their astrological chart I adapter karma. I doubt what talent that they came report it and it. And just start working with those talents some people don't know how to read an astronaut or are. But that's where the answer is I do people's karma that's one of the greens that I do went on medical center and they are you a choice. Which. Which career you'd like you usually impasse like Utah and several. But it does help to know what direction to go and like he did woodworking or if you are right here. Or if you were in acting you know it comes out of your karma. I think that that would help but are we at me he is stacked girl had been able to say. ABC. What I hear it. I can count which one's gonna work. Read the specifics help you here and yet. Well we're basically at a time people there's a lot of people that wanted to get on with few but you can direct them to your website in email address and let him know how they can get a hold viewing in contact you for private consultation. Yes a phone number is important need 24 hour answering our. It's 20193489. At age six KG mean that masters look at. Me. And all that information is on the website. And that's new dash visions dot com. Great who has missed Joyce thank you so much for joining us has been a fascinating program and we hoped evident tonight. I would love that thank you so much spin agree him. We're gonna take a break when we come back from the. All season it's here to listen to him. Our system and a great chance stuck with a blizzard and its ought to do that when Nixon Vernon show when she does a lot of mobile in a slump hoping not because I don't have that can be opened and fitness. For those he thought there might be new to the show and we had a psychic on the test. Well now and entering interpreter on in the past that was. Energy he had had the stream numerous times in his younger vote as a teenager and a volcano incident well that's what we learned quickly what that meant to lose rather embarrassing on national radio I assets industry. You know again we like to thanked the people that help us go from ABC in a being when we started NC being here and I nationally syndicated radio. And a the company crypto is has been with the since the beginning today great sponsor great friends of the program crap go order one incredible company they're not only great company and and do great things it's just really innovative and really come up with some of the best products yet they do in fact we always like to go give them an opportunity to advertise some of the stuff so we're gonna do that we'll be right back is beyond reality radio Jason NG VP GAE hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab my out of the microwave bill. It might. You. 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Not be considered some protection device and it's illegal in some states techno states protect Allstate's. No great product from our good friends a craft oh great great product actually in the mean that totally thinking about you and your thumb injury I -- around Christmas they saw a real a real problem and in the real world situation and they came up with the product the song solvent that you've got to respect and any company would do they get. But speaking of that did you see that the very the international potato center. Has now launched a series of experiments to discover whether or not potatoes can grow. On Mars. Really line of they were talking NASA released have a thing about. Trying to send magnets to Marcy actually help start. Setting up that atmosphere system where it bothering phase two of this particular effort to prove they think in this again this is the international potato center and in such a thing existed and I shall be a member but what it probably should put that they began an experiment in a simulated. I'm the it's facing a box they call it to Mars. Atmosphere conditions simulation. And they begin the external in February 14 2016 they planted a a potato in that device is called the cube said. And it started to grow so they think that that actually means they would be able to grow potatoes. On the red planet. Well I mean what was that movie that was just now. Marshes in the Marcia Marcia units and stuff Marxist ruins and using his own ways students who have wondered when and and dizzy I mean I we saw in the movies and on TV it's got to be real that's of the degree craft go product by the way. For the bureau data mark you know your own home and garden with your own boy who wanted to what we can we get a big shout out to Elizabeth George for coming on and hang out with us tonight she's just a wonderful person even though shield in Maine and treat me like my mom I think -- offer itself. She's such a sweetheart but she is she is a wonderful lady and tomorrow we've got she ex watchers coming on midwest first. All female team searching for bigfoot. Their goal is to obtain credible evidence of big for London at establish a peaceful interaction and connection so. And we got a lot of great things kimono. Yes and and of course Friday night on a local radio station W best of programs we do for Friday's and then Monday will be back with more in a live programs we've got some greats have coming up on Monday we tuchman Roswell. Come with who will champion who is a transplant he grew up in Cape Cod moved Roswell and he thinks it all is true and the people there are still afraid of. If you haven't yet and you download the show that at iTunes or wherever just do us a favor make sure you're ready to show for us and helps bush should head forward and again like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio you'll have a great night we'll catch in a march Jason NG if you Wear a tie. And media is to discuss its in its injury chances intercom he. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a link and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got it. Formation you want us to follow what fun or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio in email to sleep getting. And then some slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.