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Think Tank 1010am Louisiana be the infrastructure

Mar 9, 2017|

Could Louisiana be the infrastructure blueprint for America?  Some experts now say that recovering the Louisiana coast will benefit the whole country in energy and land saving science?  This hours guest: Sidney Coffee - Senior Policy Adviser, America's WETLAND Foundation and former head of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority John Barry - formerly with the SE Louisiana Flood Protection Authority and AUTHOR of: Roger Williams and the Creation of the American Soul and Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America Michael Ellis - Executive Director, Louisiana CPRA (Coastal Restoration & Protection Authority)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Should you interesting show income twelve noon in modes of its remember. President from saying and build a wall so followed wall all along this side of the border distancing thing about it and sing didn't say anything about technology. Too old we can change and in that thing coupon to show interest in Brigham Brigham and point out. I think it was like four of five years ago. A big companies had to or the million dollar content. To implement technologies. On the border and if shall we announced. That technology today is it any better can be use. It and we're hearing trumpet accompanied talk about the possibility. For ping put the bull by cutting back on air port in close guard budgets. Sadly can cents we'll take a look at that twelve noon. McCullough could Louisiana billion donned story could we Jim have. Pride again and we're gonna talk to via. Bureau of covering the words search. Talk about none prop up it's talked about property taxes in this state. Be yours come on Wednesday. Resumed important making suggestions. Saying hey we're worthy outlined. When it comes of the say it's when it comes property taxes in particular pro non profit organizations. Should we or should we not do something. This hour what has soared through a couple of time. Could Louisiana beyond the infrastructure blueprint for America. One of these and leave agencies. America's wetlands. Is trying to do charts that would the trumpet adminstration. We have Sidney coffee with this. Senior policy advisor for a America's wetland Sydney and send your pulling you what his sick bed so we won't be gentle and kind of we won't keep you. Look. At it. There. Really good good purse. Governor Edward she brought commit new museum calls from projects that trump. Says the list of a blog I think about three projects three billion dollars route were already funded. In troll and talking about his trillion dollar in restructuring. Plan. It's a burglar gonna give money to the states and Leslie can prove they can be bread route ready willing and able to sort of project. We were restarted it and funded these right. Yeah there is standing in the death. They. Really eat. Jack how important I can't. I'm I'm Cary Grant get it governor me. Opportunities. And acted quickly. On and ethnic war that we can Africa foundation. My second in fact land truck was sparked a lot and we started. Lake and in trying to intact yeah. The new administration on the dairy issue we we. Act of the week and for that matter. All coastal day any money would be. I. If we try again and lie restoration and coastal projects restoration and protection projects included. The structure built on our. Own ticket where it happened on the character actually only. This is what helped secure our national on a special and Palmer can't. Do project. Help protect. Does act sets that are and they're important to all America actually I'm and especially administration's. Understanding. The Mexican business. Very bluntly governor Edwards and Liz sees as a Democrat. Reading according to trump it's silent and Satan. I. Caught. The I hate. By by a dealer in the acting I actually actually. Are. Correct in practice here. The debt debt one. Possibly one. What scene and it would be. In the country I mean yeah. What. He DD. Master the art of the deal. I think you have everybody on board on especially on the structure. Project at their war he could work. Democrat on it would be structure I. Said man and a but a Democrat and and yeah that we have seen it kind of guy. With what. We have the opportunity to act quickly. And we'll. Check out your day. How important we feel. To you land a quart. Wit the no content together and I coastal. I advocate in the national coastal advocate pretty project at an accident now look at all. In the situation. When can change what we're in and what the rent car. American farm. On which country. And so far win from talking to dollars trillion dollar infrastructure. And talking about existing road. Highway. Rise speed rail rural. Auditioning broadcasts. Back from edged wireless carriers. Even something go hard for Lou butcher pinkie Ilan mosque is involved with choose. Wrapped in France for passengers that million pot and movement literature. Very quickly. Good EU. Did in did that in particular you just mentioned working with the other entities. Republican Andy scientific American in order growers says group in New Orleans and region York's in the region. A must plan for permanent flooding. When they have so much more political pot or when they hand so a big or budget. We dwindled into all the dead worries talking on one side. About nothing that considers close to reclamation. And in real good time that they would get 93%. Of this country it's involved in some kind of flood plain. How to we Brady's hand moved to the near the front of the pack. I don't need to hone you have to did it look like act and look at the court let's talk sports. Let top. The nature of what happened on deck scanned at the now get to wherever it directly affects everything. It affects every corner after country. You talk the talk about it every energy production. If you talk about Britain and com. Virtual machine mutual but it started directing problem won't now and into structure that's why did you. W blank advocates say it's a New Orleans. Want to wait until Louisiana well if your work. Is very important to a oral report global blow. Dredged the river will make sure that the super tankers can get the report promotional. How I'll bet. Tension there that they're Manning went way down all dairy critical that happened. Now western part. And the captaincy. Area in the all. Dairy dairy report if there. Would be on the that. In me it is destroying things you can't hear me on track in theory. Projects in. Governor we're asking for help. Com Shelby. That free up money for acting you are under extremely important projects that we have to. Now nineteen and dollars and I can't we have their scarcity apple. Got it turned. We have to depend on those dollars. But we KY. A private sector have to be part of the whole effort. Sydney. I would explain to you gonna sick bed to talk to. Teddy don't assume anything. Handles disk and you just call in the NC. Rubio good. Income and are you gonna act like Cowher who may end for Gordon and thank you thank you a million times over appreciated the call. Vice Versa dubbed them via. Our group were thinking about something a little bit different when it comes goals went against governor Edward sessions to exit from three projects. Three billion dollars worth. Org you funded. You're trying to build up 14 billion dollar infrastructure Brennan. Why don't you call them old wary. And I don't talk about this subject will not stealing time from Joan Barry formerly with the song you lose you and flood protection authority. And author. The preakness and blood and nineteen. So. John always thank you for the time. Always a good social what are you measure this in any such incidents. I can root. I think it is good chance what the governor asked for essentially is an expedited. Regulatory review. So that. You know we can get does go through the various groups so we can start to build these projects it is as you said. Is pretty much already there are now classic shovel ready if we get the regulatory approval. There are multiple different federal agencies. That have to sign off button on these strikes. And even went expedited approval you'd still talking about probably a couple of years ago through that review process. Column and that it is not a slam dot that they were all approve. But you know starting the process. It is important and speed and it's even more port. I was reading a list. All the people who president pro. I'm Ned we and and begin the talks about one true you know program. Civilians. Realists say draws the bankers. Hedge fund operators. Porn name called ma ma and a column Lynn Scarlett managing director of the Nature Conservancy. Or or those kind of agencies. That did they have some pool in opens. While that man simple prop. I don't know how much. Impact it would have on regulatory agencies I think it's very important. Bet the environmental community. Get behind. You know for example there is the laws that. Or regulation. That protects doll. And one we built a diversion Matt currently going to affect. Not just oyster season and in schrempp. By dolphins. And it's a real sticking point potentially. I think if we get the environmental community. Behind and hell then. You know possibly that particular agency that is supposed to protect the dolphins to recognize. That what we're trying to do is restore something closer. To the natural habitat and even though it would have a negative impact. I'm dolphins in the short term in the long run not only is it better for Louisiana. But. Yeah I mean it's something that did that in those penalties. Need to adjust to. And has like that about the real problem that it knows where I'm not that we get the approval. Or that very aware of me kind of convoluted question all through journal report Tuesday. Talking about and National Flood Insurance Program as most people. It's millions of dollars in debt. If it's bankrupt. And congress. Is set for real pedal and it paid considering isn't sure it's. And I was reading about of looking for anything that might affect Louisiana's stumble on this which I did not know. About instances correct about 983%. Of US population 93%. Lives in the community. Would flood maps. From that for prompt pima. Once our enemies have bullets raid in and then bore hole and saying bode. Delicate it is Scientific American reports is greater New York City region made plane for twelve and the flooding. If he's goes sees a problem if not I need 3% of the country and as the problem. In the eaves coach has dwelled in the political power. How we warm our way into that 93%. To raise our hand does say. Were important. Because it's twelve or 10%. I mean you're exactly right on both points. Where all that together we are the point of this deal. But what a successful does not affect everybody else. Eventually may be sooner rather than later. So we do need to work together it's part of of all the partisanship. And in Washington and of course. And help them. And of course. As you say the northeast which has the money California which has the money. They tend to be liberal man and we're about as red as you can get. It and nonetheless you know there are opportunities. To get together. And I remember a few years ago. Colorado Congressman Tancredo didn't want to spend a penny. Help us rebuild after Katrina. And all the side and Colorado. Got river floods up there and think they got flooding up in Colorado. But all of Sunday or desperate straits any golfer spent money held his district in Colorado. The point is we are able to get. And now and you know that's what the national government. Is supposed to be doing. We have a thing you know I'm no earlier you talked about. Sending federal money down here. I'm always used by people want federal money but don't wanna pay any taxes. Where where did he think of that money comes from this. So I mean there are expenses that are out there real expensive. And is he pointed out the northeast has a lot more resources. That we yet. Don't very good. And tell them all leads of three huge huge articles in the future may be your cup golf. I want to do that seniors and for quite awhile loved lord John Barry and good Tuesday daycare. Or burger and think good about and I'm a guy a couple of things are accounted. Tied together. Present from talking about four billion dollar in restructuring plan or this country. Governor Edwards. Sends the letter. A list to president from. About will be easier as time priority colds and wrote it's reduction projects we've got three projects now. Let me read to you from Wall Street Journal trunks. Did and a quote. We're going to be given this morning does say excellence they can prove that they can be ready willing and able sort of project while. Reorient three billion dollars for these projects we've got the technology. Were ready to go on the court shouldn't be columns. Do we do with whom do we raise our hand and and and in and get called and when it comes to do trillion dollar infrastructure project it would become true. In this country. Veteran says all of this true Michael analysts executive director Luby's in them coach rose reach and protection in the car that he Michael thank you appreciated to island. Hello Garland and an idea appreciated thank you for the what eskimo ownership. Well believe me do you the public wants to your partner. And so it was so talk to me did hazard Bailey and in response to this letter of this communications. I know are we that we just simpler so that you can look that excited about about the letter and the opportunity to get these. As day. Need to ask. And Tuesday democratic governor. Does he talked to our delegation and say hey. A man assumed his slow as some democratic governor I'm a liberal. His is there any chance have been hitting this has is there any chance of those being or. Yeah I mean you know we know all about it. Businesses and this is good for the country and yet that the governor's. Picnic coastal governor and in. And support what we're doing years that sports. In protecting their citizens. Restore our coast and the complaint on protecting and that the asset that we have along the coast that the metal and fuel and feed the respite patients that are. So you know we're we're. Very fortunate to have this opportunity get in front approach it that. But we think that this is you know obviously a great proper state. And in the governor has been very Condoleezza. I'm Boston looked important crucial now via incredible re ruled conflicts. We have three up through the Midland Company country begin union convent Louisiana. And all the Brookline where is we have any idea how much energy we supply to this country. What fraction of what percentages. Our I believe from what I understand that it's upwards around thirty sort of that the detonation or. And root of the Portland shot. In deep orange. Well and ended up pick up we're not certain of the oil and gas production in the in the Gulf of Mexico. And did you use 30%. Of being in dream for this country. And I'm looking here and scientific. Publication. What do you say is poured crucial homeward services. Nine need percent. A deep quarter oil production in the gulf. They're shoreline recedes by three feet every nine month. I you know signed him publication yes that is you have nor do watch more true. Portable using any of this information to sink toward congressional delegation to the president to the country. There there and I don't thing. I can find any of the plays in this country. Work coastal problems rising sea level whatever the hell you call it. Is more important than. I. I agree there and that's exactly what no luggage in the coastal master planned. Which of the 2017 master plan is is in draft form and more violent right now. It touches on just those important aspect of me and we have a sense of urgency here at the security. Exact reason that your talking about where we're losing their post it. Ignored rapid rate. We feel that this plan has that scientists scientific based planned to address those issues. We obviously realize that we have limited funds to do that but we also led to him on the I think that it's important about this. The letter that there wouldn't you know the governor sent to the president is. Just two problems in the national significance of what would be peers you know just not a score well and to protect its citizens which is sort it extremely extremely important but we also major. You know. Component of what we do. If it feeds and fuels the rest of the nation and opportunities like this again. To get a national perspective that spotlight on and very important. Were brought to your security rules as the governor's office and in the state as a whole. Seemed like a no brainer somebody says 30% of the energy come in to hold the goal when he. If it was something about it. I'm very interest our inner. Stay where a man Edward Duncan Michael I was an executive director Louisiana quotes who rose from radiation protection. Authorities superiority. Don't gore who were Rowe Michael load ten more minutes conversation a couple of kinda strange court actions puts they would. This is. Is stubborn idea. Our carrier Barbara thank you president neutral and says he wants he trillion dollar infrastructure. Plan for that country. A governor Joba led boards says it's and he sent a live it's a letter to control on Wednesday in Louisiana hi prior. Priority coastal projects. And I think about three projects and one of the things you said it is. Jesus look at its current commander of this because when you think trump wants is projects are already funded or states that promise to funded these projects. Already bonded to an odd thing. Around three billion dollars better when actually handled this with Michael Ellis director book called the men and in the state Michael. A couple of strange questions admittedly a blog and through publications warned some probes Leeds and two big one supposedly technology. What problems says I did industry. In Louisiana in more than 80%. Of the Louisiana coast. The attempts anywhere near correct. I don't know opted for exact percentage growing but I think it's it's a fairly high percentage. So maybe an interpreter. Ari do in the in the technology. Organs of publications says. ConocoPhillips. Largest private wetlands or more. Said a combination of public private funding would use a pay per cent and seven. Restoration projects. Broke about a 180000. Acres of its own web Leon's. And judicial we'd team room where here's large strange question. I know the governor. Who is involved in the Walt Suze concerning the industry and the east in talks. A node that certain terror issues had sued. And here's my answering questions you have if these figures were true. What would just say into the oil industry IE. We appreciate everything you've done we noble Levy who's contributed the gigantic. Proportion to the problems we have wetlands laws you do a little bit too where I'm blaming who. Bob we don't have fifty or hundred billion dollars. So Phillips content Coen. No public private phones are not gonna help you rebuild room property. Why don't we just say you have during the night way. We don't have the money gridlock. So making a point. It. It back up a little. But letter that was sent to you good to the president is it's five of cornerstone project each group's total of around three billion dollars in. And and and that's and so we know what was asked for gets in the sense from from the president. Is projects that we. We have right now that we yet secured funding for planned to secure a bit we can we can build. You know fairly quickly. If if premium. With some of the permanent issues that do take some time wrapped in porcelain some some relief from that. It's for instance forest well landowners is shoot. On me you know. The security organization we did them that I'm the executive director for rear of the implementation agency we we built the projects sort of all of you know I'm not certain. Is for instant win. Where the public private partnerships. That get this chronic it will you know or Internet companies are. Or are or talk or talking about that you referring to me. Obviously they're gonna reach out to protect their don't do well so. You know they are brings some some funds and some projects that. In his support in you know bitter person we're trying to do your scores shortcut and say their party Britain dolls to to the table in Munich. Michael appreciated call in in thing I'm not asking you you wanna give rumored to have public. No I appreciate the opportunity I think one thing they did you know we want that news is that we felt we understand. The challenges we're facing. It's for us is concerned that. Well any any effort that we can shoot from the national significance of what we're trying to do years. Is that happening. Mr. bearing BQ and earlier in the with a tip of the spear. But more importantly the we have. Natural resources that we need to protect. Not only to new Park City but for the rest of the country so thank you for the opportunity. Thank you appreciate you calling in people who do you would say. Thank you for calling. My goal Elle Woods would BR governor's office and didn't a charge room on. Coastal restoration. And I had. A point out that. Haven't had an answer to this question yet. And I'm only a more to go bring forward. These educated people tell me it's dumb question these years reason why. Boy oh boy in the oil companies have the whole dozens of models of pipeline and Christmas trees it is sinking. And going underwater. Ended some traders. I sympathize with them I think we have been great for a permit me decades. Well why don't we saved them just didn't get the fifty billion we're not gonna give hundred billion. And good luck to you does anybody believe you. They would lie how there'll boom problem lead to a goal way. Double revenue. Aren't coming back judge should nonprofit start paying taxes on the property. But envision over along to a bureau of government rose surge Chelsea. Let route to Louisiana State legislators. Regarding. A constitutional amendment. Or non profit exemptions. And it's out of two really exciting notes that in fact fuel pocketbook and any big way. So they would double BO brigade celebrity AM 05 to reopen.