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Think Tank 1110am non-profits start paying taxes

Mar 9, 2017|

Should non-profits start paying taxes on their property?  60% of Louisiana property taxes were not taxed!  This hours guest: Amy Glovinsky - President/CEO BGR (Bureau of Governmental Research)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All Garland you talked should all over Europe again it's those it's remembers about the and tied prone to the pro trumped. Would you do Lucia who would chart in his letter to members of the legitimacy to legislate Jude concerning. Constitutional amendment for non profit exemption. It's loser right. Well the reason I'm doing and I think I could be brought I think it is crossing you and media a lot of money. And word change shouldn't some former patient. According to do you. And usually use literally got my hands. A 1996. Bureau government research found that two thirds. Utterly hawking would probably die and your brilliant. Two thirds of New Orleans real property tax volume was off the Rolex. 2011. Be jurors submitted 60%. Of property guy who was off the electoral. Local tax bodies had to. Forgoing more than a 120. Million dollars in annual revenues. June to be exemptions. March 2006. And beat you are pointed out. Bad weeks and it's constitution. Is significantly. Out of step with the national norms. When it comes to this issue. I'm they have this all wrong but thankfully I've got president and CEO. Who's set being bright. And legal and Vince CEO presidency you'll beat you or and we thank you so merged with the call. Person will tell Cleveland got anything Roland said general you play didn't talk to me. Well it. Looked like the clock for two days good qualifier. Glenn I'm sure. And I think how it would be your summary aligns precisely what what we've observed and our work over the past. And act out of twenty years with the looking at petitioning. But in the wind. When I mean I mean I echo back to it again. Two thirds of property values off the rolled 125. Million dollars in annual revenue import constantly. Talking about in this city we got to find new revenue which produced new revenue. When you Gordon of the legislature. Would these figures. What what can respond to see you again is that there is seen in July. A no brainer in the in on the on the side. We sympathize with the nonprofit. We appreciate what they're doing. But. It. We're paying a lot more because that camera. Right and it it would seem to and that break her in early for us and are used to now. What kind of response we might. We're hoping that the time is right particularly given. Critical needs in Moreland. Need to and create city rabbinate and the fact that our constitutional nonprofit. Exemptions early or read the tactic that otherwise could be supporting some of these critical need. And again Greg community have a problem. You can make that self abuse surveyed with these state constitution. Right. That's right we didn't make about Arlen. We survey. For apartments within them as recent work we get we surveyed that he's that competition BG art body of work. On that particular issue goes although it back in 96 and it's not before. I'm and it's been building prettier in terms of how critical issue as to the cities rocketed. That we're hoping we're happy that this is the aerobic and captured the attention of the legislators and alligator right. And I didn't know that it's 1974. Constitution. Remove language. The Louisiana itself and a constitutional. Use requirement. For nonprofit. Exemptions so in. We've reuse to be like feel watt 34 states. That's right they're used to be. An actual. You're apartment and it gets slightly better than Mac or London 1921. In the constitution prohibited for profit activity. So it seems that band just gradual erosion and ready year at likely under I'm not about. To get the point where we are today which but he answered. Very significant overreach saying. Relief for non profit from property tax. But actually paper the city's services that they use. And and I'm Gibsonburg. I think a burden surer than him. If I had. Church from them. Church clergy. In shortage of church property. Apply a head nonprofits. Ngo sitting who brought from on the beat today. They would say we is fueled practice shoot guns. Tremendously melanoma and what we can do for the poor moral what we can do for communities. The good work that we do who. Would you surveyed. Fifty states. And let me read his survey confirm Louisiana's nonprofit exemption from Maine and usual. Among 34. States. Where there are nonprofits. Operating. Because. They they get taxed. Well I I can't speak about. Particular data that the nonprofits and other state accurate they're really good point and I had a lot of extra they went clear on not BJ our position. Says his support and it it's it's not nonprofits. Should not get a property. Tax exemption. It's not to eliminate the exemption altogether. The purpose. What we're advocating an early for a fix things. These exemptions as to align them and Gail and use the actual public benefit that the nonprofits are providing. If you look at it from a contact of that being a public subsidy. I'm a relief from. An obligation to pay property taxes. And exchange for the public benefit that provided. Certainly your bill enabling comments supporting. That the very important nonprofit work in the community. Hum or go in and take breaker you've got to do. Constitutional. Amendment I think recommendations. Terrible legislature. As to how good should change stay Willits. Were worth thinking about something that suggests sleep deep down. Constitutional. Amendments non profit organizations. But it is saying no I'm prompted the exemption. That is costing. Us tremendously. And the question becomes who we'd limit the exemptions. Do we establish parameters. Do we do more coming right back your thoughts comments two's are general 170. Double rubbed via. Very gentle words things go your role of governmental groups are sent a letter to members state legislature recording comments to from them and war. Nonprofit. Exemptions. 1996. Beat Europe around two thirds of New Orleans through properly done it was all that tax roll. 2011. BG or has some 60%. Of property Dolly was all of that that role. Local taxing body. Lost about a 125. Million in annual revenues. Geared to these exemptions. March 2006. During the age York. Points out the Louisiana constitution. Is significantly. House out. Think wood about thirty states. Veterans enrolled as we have by Amy you going to and skiing. President CU Dijjer. And talk to me about the a constitutional. And then broad recommendations. I think Q did you send to the legislature. Started with those starting with the limiting exemptions. Right we have a lot of sites are on. We've got some pretty and you all saying and our competition relatives and nonprofit property tax exemptions and pretty important it's because each one of the prize acceptance that are for example. Right now. We've relieved. Watch club since fraternal organization. A property tax. Labor unions trade travel and commerce activity in professional societies. I reference is that particular become. And our survey work we that they're fairly unusual property tax exemptions and moderate you don't usually made. Activities by these parades are and the cat these category exempt. And I was laid pretty new low taxes. Proper contact. Cracked property tax exemptions yeah. What what we're recommending to declare it not that way eliminate that nonprofit property tax exemption completely. Let it at right rank him more outline what what's happening in the rest of the country and more outlined what was. Is. Reasonably related. To its original intent which was tipped to provide concessions and non profits to our. Providing what otherwise it would be a governmental service. Or who are providing at significant public benefit. That is a quid pro quo involved. Talk to me about prohibiting the legislature. From to apply in exempt. So what actually recommend is that we take right now what are on the and unusable category of exemption that it that bring those categories that line with what's happening elsewhere so in other words. Rather than the specifics that comments in a minute ago we led. Recommend and nonprofit property tax exemptions apply to organizations in the category of religious burial charitable. Cultural. And educational. Organizations. And use their properties. For nonprofit purposes. Now what then happens what's the constitutional amendment is in places that it thing convent on the Louisiana legislature. To specifically defined. The permissible. For a characteristic that activities. Under each of these but to get more specific legislation in terms of the activities that are contemplated. That's important for the governments and the minute together the public benefit components. That is expected from the nonprofit about the legislators. It sure is achieved by virtue of the legal framework that we haven't played. Anything else I'm not asking you about. Well you went to Oakland. Well I think the public had under and that. A big part of what we like to achieve this to ensure and the constitution. That property about it and by nonprofit. That has relieved of it property tax obligations. Is. That's currently used to for a nonprofit purpose. So delayed a lot currently written nonprofit use does not mandate it. Now the property could be sitting idle could be used for commercial purposes it could be used for other purposes not related to non profit. Ignition of the nonprofit Annika is still all within the context of conscience and that needs to be rectified. A media preview of what should be cured does I've appreciated called have agreed to. And that and it's this kind of ties him with what we did what Brad Flynn in the purse power. When I am house why don't we tell boy oh companies at double a good over the decade for the state. We chose can't wait we can't yet. 50000000400. Billion. To rebuild the coast. Oil company you are huge or privately and perhaps from the view of 80%. In the Louisiana coast. Good luck you've got to save your room plates. Well kind of the same thing but these nonprofits. And we appreciate it nonprofit fri eight. We've we appreciate what they're doing. Good to third it's all the tax roll. 60%. Of property back on you all the tax roll. 200 and when million dollars in annual revenue. And I and I'm going. Debra and walks and age with the oil companies under role. Good this is where it's always been taking care of our non profits. Ending Coleman told me were wrong to secure when they sent me. Where did we get to the point where we say we understand the Gordon you Dylan. Both were poor. We don't have any more money were stretched to the limit. We can't afford to take care of you wouldn't be more you won't have to take care of you. I mean in the in the red state to were. Perseverance. And self worth and so drop is so important. Why is that not the driving. Commentary. When it comes to these issues something think about it in the rule thing to. Yeah. Arrayed. You know gifts this style of our bureaus you and me. And it sure it's a talk about things I read about burger and I don't have time to shore but. Yeah asserted we did do her show oh well on WikiLeaks. On the team. About 8000 plots document from the CIA. Supposedly. Much worse much bigger. Much more extreme. Than drunks no. So. I'm breathing this morning here he entered what I've read. The computer security world is bracing for the next bond. From the massive WikiLeaks. Document leak. And then this is what we're acutely might do. Gotta contest wouldn't wind wickedly exports came out I thought this is great worldwide organization. Set up. To make sure that governments don't abuse the ruling says it is insurers citizens of other countries. But after the election the presidential. Election. The intelligence. Communities Indians out of Russia. Was involved in trying to act. Presidential. Results. Trying to just roll up our democracy. And the vehicle they used was WikiLeaks. Treated to give him. The information that down. I don't worry about him now. Hundred Euro Russian. Side all or wrong or trying to North Korea. Ruled confusing out the broad Schwartz says computers dirty war. This bracing for the next bombshell from the net answered WikiLeaks document leak. Disclosure. Of the actual computing group hole. Or CIA's. Alleged cyber weapons. Now. The experts we talked to yesterday. Said urged ball. We don't even or of being absorbed true records. Nobody is. In debt parties certainly what he saved a team. But if deal. In not just the documents. But they leak they dump the computer code here's what's being said were being thought. And this is probably. In the picture. 456. Security experts read this morning. Said the ruling said the codes and it's one of those were in particular is due who has nothing liberal. But still a breaded in wired. Britain. Think in American scientific. Them across a spectrum of media. Security experts are saying. If these codes were released. It would be this cyber equivalent. Releasing them neutral on ball. In the middle of Thailand where. And yet the suddenly sophisticated cyber weapon created by a one of the world's most and how old former intelligence. Agencies. US a loss. Would be available. When he won. Roll and small country. Without the wrongs they computer security apparatus. Two teenagers. Teenage actors. In their bedroom. This. Highly sophisticated. Now where computer cold. Could be huge from China. Two teenagers. In the bedroom now. It's a brawl. Perhaps it's paid news. Have had eggs and rationed by the media. But. David to think that this is possible. Shouldn't something be done. Jordan would find out. Immediately. And as is true. She couldn't find out if they actually have the coats. Look hello we can do. If the world. Dad's behind Ian. You plans. CIA. And intelligence. Computer code capabilities. Your thoughts Jews eggs or 1878 W. Negative about a number of things over the last cup Blount was one of them oil companies console and laws were Regan doom. The school board of our losers don't say Bernard dog and I appreciate girl. Page garlic you know. Our our technical bought it and the conversation when I got out there and I wanted to make more mature. Understood the part what you're saying. Basically you'd someone's mind in that evil company holds 80% of the call of Coke's. Somewhere around there are opting to say person. OK and you know world record wore. Paper apparent lack of our carrier. And when you Rodney walked away. All of you go through that pipeline canals that people companies dog over the last along sixty years seven years. And it's intimate that they caused. Probably 80% of the cold is. Where new. I've been lengthened or forty years. Indy is your problem is a good deal with the show. These big primary. Call ports or the Olympics. The EU cutting these the canals circle. Maiden maid of big dance but it was amber at 111 we're saying is it. We're talking about shall we the company companies are more or fighting thoughts and in the meantime. Use the loss use yours and sing them aren't the loss is humbled he. Her reward board would save a dual come. Hey we appreciated that for decades you provided paychecks. You shored up his economy. Of Q and we would probably be in Ecuador. When it comes with the economy. Bringing it to 200. Billion dollars. The key is ignored. So how do we -- ought to hide well from blowing way. So what are more gorgeous than he would love viewed as some on the cheek and say. You've got to say Buell and stuff because we're broke we don't have the money that you. And I got like kinda of biased opinion because. You know it is Iran. In the boat you see it if you look at error photo. You see all of your canal that. It all companies dog and you know I don't know the percentage would of contributed to cold call we wrote a book is definitely. A significant percentage of coastal erosion that is doomed to be all competent in what they've done over the years. I agree I agree when we do an advantage for immigrants who won't. And they all think it. Cold I think they need to be told you know war yet you all about how good they. But what about all of the things that don't damage in the past that they did own up to do I think about that what would it have been to. But they are going to proceed to they have proof. That that room. Contributed. Enough that he he major percentage. Ought so. We're gonna invite them. And they're gonna play dogs and you know and I both know Bob court plight. Gordon for years and years and years or so what are we had oil where we're just saying you have the whole dozens. Of mine who holds a pipeline and right. Blows aimed at or below. Them. The entire south Louisiana coast but yeah I grew up in the oil industry good Christmas for you got ain't form. A nurse off. Is gonna goal way regardless of whether it's warming our lives or whether rising sea levels. Because there's one thing for certain. We're sinking. That at and to nobody. Can argue with that. I didn't argue with that it's you know it's like me living next year and in your house is falling down. And I can save you. I don't photograph. Your house and falling down and and Paul when my towels. What do what you say can be. I don't have the money to fix it what words you. I don't have the moon pictures stuff. Oil companies. Duel had the Montrae. The program but money talks stuff they do absolutely. Dining and it. Going and I'm not out of there and the other problems that we have is that. Afford it put them anywhere in our unit in natural fall on a flow and overflow banks go. And and I'm not a problem that we got from happening as they do. You know all company. You guys eleven. 140 sure. You've gotten Mercury Mercury. I. Unload. I. I grew up being flown to others while ago bode dissolve in an overture talking about it. An odd bug you did I did you did towards your bald nor eggs you are appalled. How about we get to the board we orb war. You've got demoted big suit is an urgent shareholders. We're sorry we got a good hundred no and I'll probably watching this are you kidding me. Dubbed an idea. See why. President dropped. Thing good about. Number worries soup along the border wall. Two of the ms. cuts to duke called scarred in Arab port security. League's leading up when to. How would you. Say look there's in the thing today. Gibbs cultures eggs or one lead celebrity deaths. WW obligated celebrity or moral 53 you have to.