WWL>Topics>>3-9 4pm Bobby & Deke: tackling the first day of free agency and will Cooks get dealt?

3-9 4pm Bobby & Deke: tackling the first day of free agency and will Cooks get dealt?

Mar 9, 2017|

Bobby & Deke dive into the first Saints free agency signings of 2017 with WWL Saints insider Kristian Garic, and get the latest on a possible Saints-Pats deal for Brandin Cooks with WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia.

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And the New Orleans Saints have come out of the gates smoke and being aggressive welcome the sports talk a lot of free agent tell coming up on today's program along with Bobby bare. I'm dig ability coming up we're gonna talk to the people who other movers and shakers as far as who is. Given us the latest on what the Saints have acquired post the latest on branding cooks and could get hot be sweetened. Coke looks to be on the move to the Pacific with the Pacific to the north eastern seaboard in New England Patriots would talk to might try you get the guy that time Jim soapy color analyst at the Carolina Panthers talked to us about the Saints acquiring. Wide receiver at Dei Ginn junior linebacker AJ Klein. We'll go out west to speak with them mister Rogers. In their mr. Rochus on his name in Detroit to tell us about one of the top offensive lineman available and issues create some players now with the Saints and guard. There will offer might chip it espn.com. Saints insider will be where this MIB 38 is with this as a way to 601870. You could Texas at 87870. Operating jaguar Pena photos online at WW Kodak now which Saints free agent move. Are you most excited about so far and I'm back eight day climb from Carolina wide receiver taking junior. Offensive lineman Larry wall for players to vote online at W did you Rio dot com Saints have a report Kristian garic here with the latest. Chris in the New England Patriots in the Saints when you think about it. No need to get into a rush on the earlier a situation that kind of developed basically 832. For branding cooks Saints and nom but. It makes it's these two teams negotiate they've done a lot of stuff in the payers. You don't affect right off the bat there way out of in the east on the other side to AFC you're down south in the NFC. And you come back it is Cadillac making those offers full house eat there is not random comeback now that's a low low. Come back when let's see we can meet it seemed to be that's what's going on right now between knowing and in New Orleans for Brandon cooks. Yet it looks like more more you know these seats he's not feeling tell out trying to get the best deal for each side and now I think that ought to jump to conclusions today when the when the Tampa when the Patriots signed a cornerback Stephon Gilmore the saint promptly signed wide receiver Ted against and that kind of maybe. Hate the way for guilty dumb between the Saints and Patriots I think though that. This is not necessarily a foregone conclusion this is going to happen but originally over the weekend last weekend the Patriots offered a Saints at 32 overall pick round one. Saint balked at that move so he could CY makes sense on a number of levels for the for the new world sees they've said that they wanna target a cornerback they but he couldn't come jumped in the free agent market and it would cost them big time so the seats are being. Cautious with their money I think Malcolm Boller hopefully comes as the price tag that they would want. It thinking get a draft pick from the New England Patriots might not be as silly a 32 overall pick for Bryan coax put. Made it looks like you know the that this deal is not a silly dead but I thinking it's lots of ways to go hopefully final. Now bug Christy when you look at Larry Wilford and I'd mention him because I thought this thing to definitely one regard and you look at. The top guard like Kevin Ziegler. Well from what I read he was slightly Kevin Steelers needed PG laying in a Larry warp for within that calmer station. And the thing was intrigue in about war fort obviously. A solid starting guard but he's only 26 years of age. And you look at this past season what he did for the lines and I know the Saints though watch the film in the lines played the Saints at and how well he did against the interior defense. Of the things he surrendered on the season only three sacks 28 total quarterback pressures that. The one thing and he came out of the gates smoking as a rookie. And you know we all fans of pro football focus in 2013. He was pro football focus a rookie of the year he didn't allow a single sacked. And obviously. The one thing he can do he can run block his run blocking grade was dominant so when I look at the Saints. Ganassi lesson jrue is more and I think that we can run the ball consistently well. And then drew will be even better next year and offered to people and click in so lie to me Larry war for. That was not out artists and no brainer. But here you gotta guard we're not having to dry to draft a top a rookie guard you know he contribute from the get go very similar. I would say debate like Elena say being Grove's junior when they're part of may have in the Ravens now little younger too yeah he wasn't Carl Nicks. But he still made a pro bowler Saints uniform so business under the familiar sit territory over the Saints would have had past success intrigue and. Yeah and look and ultimately they've plus they've tried to address position for couple years now and Jahri Evans played well. Now on a one year contract a year ago but they wanted to invest in this position they try to do it through the draft last year couldn't find the right fit couldn't find the right fit for the round so. Larry Wofford I mean they were in on the Kevin Seidler suites sweepstakes put up quickly. When he decided to go the Cleveland Browns route. They bowed out started looking at the end of the second option I think it's on that wouldn't. Larry Wofford as you mention became out of the gates as a rookie out of Kentucky third round draft pick pretty hot play pretty well is play his production dipped a little bit. One thing I find that thing about him is he's consistent I mean look at his games law. He's got 1516 starts on average up for years so that's a that's a positive sign they'll stay healthy he's durable. And I think the seats need to address this off it's a line it's so far in in free agency. You know the three games that they then that they've signed so far off are all needs for the Saints and I know that has Specter might be one receiver taken junior. But that. That guy can give you return elements I think that's why ultimately the seats now we got to mean that you think you should they decide to pull the trigger on Brady coached it gives them a little bit of insurance but he declined linebacker from the Carolina Panthers play behind. Rookie cleanly played the last six games for the Panthers rookie who's out with a with a concussion so. Obviously they're very if they were both of those players haven't played about twice in the division and then also closing in on a deal for for nick fairly right now. And now also. You know when he talking about individual players and of size and whether Iraq I'm sure they talked to coach Lombardi. Who was the lines Aldridge who coordinated and he comes back to the Saints what do you think of Larry Wilfork. I don't know course Obama's him and he's a stud. And you know lead again and did you look at the lines offense in Matthew Stafford. A very similar to drew regional Matt used to average has thrown they owned it when Tommy did an oval won't 5000 yards. So very similar offenses when you look and at the line. And the Saints a lot to me Larry Walker was a no brainer now crystal what. You know any numbers on hand as far as his contract car. Haven't gotten those in yet but were expected it to be that big splash if you will. In the free agent. Market for the new policy that was not complain Ottawa at least on Twitter so it was in Miami epic splash I don't know we've seen the numbers he's probably like eight or nine million dollar a year guy right yeah yeah absolutely so I think that's that's the right ball park to look at and look. The eight declined deals a pretty good was Timmy dollars guaranteed fifteen million dollars over. Three years of life of the contract with the fourth year avoidable. So you know not a good. When you talk about the expires epic a lot of people don't seem to understand is that. Which kind of what the common theme I think everybody knows in and understand this we say get the defense better. But when you look at it and you investigate okay the guys they brought him in there about it was kind of pupil donates to pour look at what he did you look what he's done here. Just because something is somewhere else they they are expected to protect they have a greater role when this and as the preakness is all about class and shooting at the peak at. Outstanding outstanding job he's a gadgets there and a back up lap back oh Carolina's defense. Is is is good if not better than most autos in the National Football League so this guy just you know he needs he needs a staged. Now he's gonna have a state where he not to back up. He's not to open and he's the main track where you need at quarterback and it was like helmet late actor and film and we try to get defense better a lot of times they'd beat KC it's player's name that you can't always been in you know you don't did get what you do and return. But like these guys and Bobby and our talk about this a few minutes ago I fully expect things to do more good business like he did last year. It Buffalo want to appear on one year deal some like that. Did you do well did you get paid just like fair that way it's a low risk high reward situation for both sat. You know you gotta put aggressive to put a lot of pressure to and that's what it's all about competition on November oh let's say the Butler situation would work well. Wallace and he comes on here every that is things because he has the skins on the wall and beat we beat a number one cornerback yup and it got okayed Gelman you wanna get paid and you got to play great you can do is play good and they're so good there's nothing wrong Wednesday of that what do currently competition and you look at Ted Ginn junior. You know what does that mean that that Ted Ginn junior brochures and a team they bring a man. Series that would this is sport different team yeah clique is fast easy to trigger a special teams. And the one thing if it doesn't work out with cooks he could stretch a defense that there's one thing he does. He can apply and you know Drew Brees that I know would make him a better even an easy 567. Balls yeah like Dan Beebe yeah. Yeah I also know that mile an happen you can see the comparisons here. He's a lot like Robert Meachem Robert Eaton was that deep threat and the much had taken you it was a return ability in and they had he endeavoring Anderson on the roster the same time that could be cooks as well I don't think it just because they signed. Taken that this is a precursor to a trade for branding coach that the the Patriots. Christie Garrett won at Kristian garic one on Twitter. Fellow Christian on FaceBook WW dot com and of course tonight. Ian said Dunlap and double covered sports animal you can visibly Christian will be back on a show as soon as is the most Saints news breaking paid out when Latif. Give back to be at the crime though it's nothing that out I that's all right Kristy gag him at the latest against the Saints. AJ kind into a game junior come over and Carolina. So about way you pick up some guys that they count on it. In a division you gates a little more strict that you take in the way from the AM. You pick up a Saints and I'm in there Wofford you know there while it's good to scientist at this man. Three out the last four years in which their offensive line and deep into land physically man handled the Saints in the last few meetings you can best believe. The interior defense and after the saint this year that was one of the better into your lap performance as we've seen in awhile. They got handled that date you Waugh was a big reason wise of this of the moves that they've been counting awful while on the intimate when you're on that and of course we're renting Cooke's been moved. Who go to New England at the bottom out this is sports so you're listening to WW yeah. Saints coming out the gates being very aggressive got to go down the going to be some high points of all the big moves. Which Saints free agent move argue most excited about so fall on my back AJ Klein. May remember him he's been a stay back up when he. With elevated to a starting role than night. That the Saints played Carolina when Luke Heatley went down the concussion yes by the rest of the season at wide receiver take in junior and open to going there waltrip from Detroit to compare and I don't want to Detroit. Vote online at WW that counts among the big news about beating the Houston Texans now have gotten our rideau quarterback. Brock us Waller. They trade him to. Be good rounds which cleaves and is expected to waive him before they had to pay him at seventeen mean for the 2017. Season. Wrap around then I'll dynamic in his plans to time. The in this sweepstakes right now it's at the beach Denver and Houston making a play for Tony Romo in Jacksonville Jaguars would have to win the first. Phase against it at first I was a free agency. They have added a cornerback AJ boy DA dye has considered him as Cora met the quarterback on the market value DO 6567. Point five main Tony six guarantee an also. Totally as Campbell one of the top defensive pass rush does its act ghetto since he came into the league at a university Miami. He gets a sixty million dollar deal Bobby thirty meaning geared TE thirty year old he fits the land it. Thirty meaning guaranteed so now you're looking on the in Dante Fowler. And LA as Campbell on the Ian AJ boy a is on one corner and Jane and Rams impose a must be at. The lap back at Jacksonville they got some names on defense. Well I and the ego would that kind of supporting cast school quarterback. If you gotta do so you instant book any big cumulative brain at Campbell at six foot 8300 pounds. The key is that guy that a city in their school the school again and then you're gonna have him. On first down if you wanna put him on because he's that good against the run yeah Andy when you what you pay as best pass rush on the field you could put him in the interior. And any team gets that last time I guess I played the last two drew down but he when drew went down we lost the ball he picked that went scored. Well the owners say the last eight years colon he's averaged eight sacks. Why yeah. We talked about a guy around sixty sacks eight years so no. The Jaguars and there water those teams on paper they look on the Cleveland and AFC south so they should not that it ought to apply they should do so also Bobby one with one would think now just guessed the meeting here. You cross South Philadelphia for the branding cook sweepstakes because they have added. Bears pizza palace on Jeffrey A one year fourteen million dollar contract with Jimmy so Bobby that's the kind of talk it they were looking for an ammo they language here. Do image Everyzing begin candidate and they wanna pay and legacy what you have an outstanding year we will pay you yeah you know it's almost like a franchise tag not a franchise tag when the a one year. 1415 million dollar deal that they'd think they'll all along the lines and it would jeopardize being the Eagles. But he got by Jay Cutler yep going to be released by the ban. That's big news OJ I gonna gonna go to Jazz how they had the New York there's no way. And I have right now it's a owner Dan Snyder saying that he would not is not expected to trade quarterback Kirk cousins. A lot more to get to cross the line and if not it's gonna always with. Tyson Jackson he would get most I news boy but a CBS a day. Saints have brought in some free agents wide receiver Ted Ginn junior from Carolina linebacker AT climbed from Carolina and offensive golf from Detroit Larry Wofford. Which moved you most excited about so far vote online at WW dot com some other big news today. Brandon Marshall staying in New York but switching locations he goes from the Jets to the New York Giants. He gets any idea worth. Twelve Meehan dollars Vernon Davis a tidy and he goes to the Washington Redskins the three more years the Cowboys to bring him back wide receiver Brice Butler. Also with the Cincinnati bagel with Bobby La long considered a model consistency. Was a stronghold in that division believe it or not over Pittsburgh and Baltimore with a teams with the rings. Cincinnati won it most years in a row this is the first time in the AJ green and I don't care they did not make the playoffs. Was this year when you look at it. They may have decided it's going another direction easy though the offensive line. You talk Lima had Hickory NC he or he goes in one of the one of the most stout offensive tackles in the game to date. Andrew Whitworth now he moves on to he moved to the LA Rams so im moving ways. And Cincinnati is shaken up on their offensive line to today is also signed former LSU wide receiver and him being with receive it. Banned the sale and above rubio is about to agree to terms with former Carolina fullback. Mike Tolbert but Buffalo was saying he would not be a fullback in our system he will be a run well. It of the debate of the Bane of the chief did in the Eagles don't pay any that the battles with the brown family that goes back from that Paul Brown. The bagels are so old school that's like Jim thinks you cover house Art Modell they still haven't changed their ways. The debating those wanna have success but I'll pay in Nolan so that wouldn't surprise me will worth going to Rams. And he learned now going two to Cleveland Browns. And I and he got a win under trenches automated and being both have some bit of their sleeve and have someone. A couple of players waiting in the wings but we know those players can play a bit. Think all relative to read this takes his nearest regulation now would now come Butler and now bring in the cooks. We we're at you know with the training camp was a junior and we've gone out to repeat is that this thing to practice and is the Patriots. And I'll watch it it would do's and and if I can recall. Deacon and I tell you this. On March in the red zone period and what they're going to oil like little wanna tell my team not necessarily just 101. Went on a pastor is kind of a team drill. And when Malcolm Butler was gone against Brenda couldn't sit way in the 5050 deal. Brandon cooks beat him for sure one time. And maybe it was a push on the one something eight out of ten times Malcolm ballerina but any accident went to aid amount. Not now and I'm just going by what I see now late in the game. Right that's when their practice you know two guys are radical about it again so yeah exactly go about Louisville and and it and it film everything. So does that the Saints aware that you Google you know that the pro scouts and in the global look at Malcolm Butler. You know with him like he's getting better and better as the cornerback so just how would this and that. That's son of an opinion it's it's actually would occur on the football field Patrick in Metairie Patrick thank you for calling WW ago. Oh yeah bank statement while Bettman the great debt. Think that's exciting you know free agency it just shows you NFL's a basically around. It out it actually end now and these guys get paid millions and millions dollars to make the eye and that there is and don't let. Expressed my all the things are many things are them. I'm going well you still have your opinion of him that was why you call. Okay well. Do a little. And I get your take first. We'd week. Like how well what about about him him try to start apart. When Michael Thomas and Brandi could have. I mean I'd get Carner no. With the aim it there but there are I mean yeah again. I am happily I I will never be better than him on the field but. Yeah you know pat and I am I am not in my knowledge he hears through stuff like that is that kind of stuff. It's thrown out there like full attention. And if we acknowledging that they were doing exactly what he wanted us to do to give detention that's why you have heard me say one word about it. But you know but I is that overrated it and. Yeah I I actually got I really believe that and I yelled one aspect they knew that but. I mean why if you come in light. Mean again I'm I'm not giving it out I even need to do as a younger guy and. But led to Patrick that says because as they made social media and rather than it is the Bulls and even if there is not any truth to it it could be Michael lewis' opinion and right. And Mario and Jerry and I fail kimono and I'm Michael Lewis Keenan Lewis opinions. Might try DO WEEI dot com at joins us now might take you so much for the time in New England Patriots with a system that they have they can cannot. Sit back and watch other people make moves and they can pick up this savvy veteran that wants to make one moron in the Super Bowl likely long like Moss like on the ones. That they've been so successful. But we're contacting you Malcolm Butler the situation with the and we know that they picked up a lot the I'd defensive back from Buffalo. If there's some interest in doing their hands in branding cook's name what would be a part of some things that knowing him. What positions are taken part ways with him not be hurt on a depth standpoint. Well it's pretty complicated story guys and I'll start with the fact that. They have paid. Confirmed. Forty million guaranteed 65 billion dollars over six years to step on Gilmore. And that's about fourteen million dollar deal sporting knowing Eric cheap real experienced out. And what it means it is certainly now come Butler whom they have the ability to match any restricted. Franchise offer sheet is probably can come back to New England they would first have to resign him. To that and mercy and then it would have the opportunity. Searchers. The trade it would seem like Moreland and Cox yep Bill Belichick to a point like this and it get a young receiver. Certainly am going crime like branding talks to you know possibly go on the road beyond Julian settlement beyond. I'd be any Amendola date would definitely why. Brandon Cox but I think the Patriots would in ninety world that we could go out this morning. Would much prefer signing. Malcolm Butler long term and then you put Butler. Gilmore back there as to potentially number one quarters and during the crime that is. Definitely would Bill Belichick would prefer more than anything else and certainly the Patriots haven't. Lot of cap room that they can work with they've been using that cap room are pretty aggressively not only in the Gilmore. Trade. That he would but he Gilmore signing this morning. Pretty you know. Used chart commit to resigning Alan Branch today. Word is that this is just breaking be re sign draw department. So the Patriots are being very aggressive trying to stay at a quicker. In terms of the next three or four years and I think. You know what when all's said and done they would like to resign Malcolm Butler. Now Micah I was at being sick you're never gonna have too many cover guys even in the third corner as a starter evening that on the nickel packages and and in the position that you put in annually to be that weak link so when you look at how the Patriots is structured in what they've done now bring in and Steven Gilmore. Because all I read he's expected that thrive as a number one cornerback and and you got a guy like now combo lose put of skins on the wall with the Patriots. What is your takeaway on Logan Rhein. Another cornerbacks in like the rich get richer and and you know I kind of mention him may be a possibility for the Saints in free agency. Will what did you take them Logan Rhein. Well birdie is and just how the Boston Herald also reported that is that the Pittsburgh Steelers. Are definitely interested in Logan Ryan back on it would make sense. Are out there there are not going to be able you know keep Logan Ryan and I think they figured that. Stephen Gilmore is to step up from Logan Brian. And certainly their insurance their leverage against. Possibly losing Malcolm Butler after next year. So you know I think Logan's line would be great fit nor on a thank you would be great fit. Pretty much anywhere he goes. In terms of a team that needs a defensive back or even pick a team like Cincinnati Bengals would bet. Because they could lose streak Kirkpatrick two out free agency. And they could you know who knows what's gonna apt bout Jones so you know I think Logan Ryan has pretty much. Played his last game with the Patriots. Now Mike. In other pages again at that point it seems like the perception is that. When they really have the pay in the villages elected Chandler Jones different players different scenarios and New England. That they'd be confident their scheme that name out of -- waiting in the wings and you don't have to pay the big bucks. A look at I've branding coach why he can be so attractive with the Patriots and in their system. And they could wait and see what he does in a Patriots uniform next year and if you pick up the fifth year. You in a pain and that might do for you really had to give the big payday. That and that is the Patriot way I mean that. Exactly what they love to do was get a player in the final year of his contract. Playing for big contract they did it would Martellus Bennett. This year Bennett played through broken ankle potentially for the last half of the year and they really were pronounced with that by the way they look. Martellus Bennett. Work ethic. But that is just an indication of the way the Patriots do going to get a guy really wanting to play for a new contract and get a vote. And certainly branding cook could fall into the category but I struck again. That the Patriots would have to sign Malcolm Butler to a tender chic to pull some typo Butler Brandon Cox. Trade but I also tell you guys. There at the possibility Donta hightower. Comes back Patriot I was settled in as does bring. 5050 proposition. Our high tower has been rumored Natalie go to. Beat talks with the Miami Dolphins but possibly your brain right and you know and I think you know adopted my soured on a new world and if you will of the stadium you know the north those twelve million dollars and I think it's gonna cost. Per year. And a good chunk of that you know guaranteed 3540 million. You would have certainly a Pro Bowl caliber linebacker. Now Mike and I was gonna bring and a where Dante hightower and I think you know bank via book what you're getting and I think. The Saints have to approach we went AJ Klein. The linebacker on Carolina. And who did unbelievable job I thought when eyewitness when Luke he Cleveland Allen the concussions. So would him on board and Aussie guy and I go to the hightower now because AJ Klein it. With high it's ours to meet and I think coach Belichick with the deal with their Davidson's scheme. They protected hightower unbelievable where honestly say that stop the run rush the passer. But it is amazing how the then it really let him get exploited and maybe one on one pass coverage. And and that it you know as you can't be strong in every area. But I think because that apprised the Saints and adding with a direct toward AJ Klein and then having to pay Donta hightower when the contract that you. Right and I think you know that would be certainly in line with the rationale a lot of GM and I'm not familiar with exactly how much cap space the Saints are playing with but that is really driving. A lot of these deals and I think you know a lot of teams. Feel like you know we're just gonna spend it where cap space. Because we have a cap space to spend other mean. You know like Cleveland Browns to a lot of needs. Can not only you'd like. Cap space to acquire players are free free agency but as we saw Brock Rottweiler. They can use that cap space. To try to back in the NFL rules around buying draft picks and in pull that deal. To get that second round. And I might miss it left of the Browns actually did something pretty it and. I think they'll I think it was a very. Creative move for the Cleveland Browns that is that the NFL let it hold up which I think in this case they probably will but it certainly will be exam. Might put try to Mike Huckabee the Tebow Wiki on social media. Now on Twitter. At drags he our age he had an arm in a grand mom also up there as well attracts one. Mike which I might as always thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Great crowd here thinks like our rights sports talk continues on WW. All right again the Saints. Come to terms with two players from Carolina linebacker AJ Klein wide receiver did gain junior. And Detroit's. Starting guard on our fans there Wofford which seats free agency move that's all you most excited about. You can vote online at WW a Beckham connected Johnny's not there and the rest you callers. Plus a lot to give it to what tic in on these players with their fall mark. Teams in gyms Oca color analyst with a pad this gives us the latest wont have a play at the Saints getting in Ginn junior. And AJ excellent sports talk Rose on 8 o'clock tonight or WW.