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3-9 5pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints snagging A.J. Klein and Ted Ginn Jr. from Carolina

Mar 9, 2017|

Bobby & Deke learn all about the two Panthers snapped up by the Saints in free agency with Panthers Radio color analyst Jim Szoke.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening hammered into our number 20 sports talk easy KG camp by the ain't bad I'm a big Bellamy and if they're free agency officially started. A couple of hours ago and the Saints come out of the gates career how the black and gold they've addressed offense and lab Greg indicated they were dressed offense defense and special teams. Carolina I'm back a preview proud to the issue is talking about eight games this year east are the last six filling in for a ironically. Luke weekly when he went down against the Saints in the sixteen season with a concussion he started the final six games of the regular season he comes over here at the being drafted in the 2013 NFL draft and Iowa State. A fifth round pick for Carolina. The Saints also pick up a another player that's been in the league for years offensive lineman at a university Kentucky it became one of the best guards in the league. For the potent Detroit line offense and Larry wall for the black ago. Get a new kind contract a four year deal with nicks family. And they also want to pick in the speeds to take gain junior who has a sixteen point six career average in receiving McCants. The averages over 23 almost 24 year old super kick return and over eleven yard try to eleven yards on punt return those as three to black and gold have come to terms with. You can take gamble online at WW Kodak camera which at the Saints free agent moves are you most excited about so far. It's operating jaguar paid you pull cajun cannon a lot more to get to. You also seen teams make and other moves as well for instance the goal we look concede that the quarterbacks on the move with. The Texans stray Brock us wanted to Cleveland clean expected to move him. Out of the way that the Texans free up some money and they get sick he's all the salary books for the Texans now they can make a play for quarterback mainly Tony Romo. Now. And give the best option to whether or not they're gonna draft a quarterback with their first pick in the draft which is third overall. The Cincinnati Bengal is a kind of dismantle their offensive line is he lines have gone elsewhere. Long time starting left tackle Andrew Heyward goes to the LA Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars are very active today they wined up beating callais is Campbell. From the Arizona Cardinals at thirty million dollar deal on the also gave cornerback AJ boy gay who greased a five year 67 and a half million dollar deal. Worth 26 million in full guarantees with that jaguar Philadelphia people keep an island Eagles in these parts because. Then mansion in they've Brandon cooks sweepstakes they have probably dropped out of that running because they had signed. Bears beat so wide receiver Al shine Jeffrey to a fourteen million dollar deal a one year deal. And the Eagles also added another wide receiver Tutu did mix by the name wide receiver Torrey Smith so the Eagles are probably our the we stay. I say cook at that time Patriots obviously. Now a big you know it's interest and like you negate cover guys obviously you know we say well it's tough to chorus whose top record. Maybe who was that fourth or fifth guy who became a car on the utilized him in the slot as the corner. And you know different packages so you have cover guys that that would have evaded the Buccaneers in Tennessee's well. Diebler all those big receiver and not have DeSean Jackson and mean it's Q Richard look what he did. And and that's kicked off occurred 'cause and even a bigger franchise tag had to pay imported by many and he wants out now. Right because apparently our solar 49ers do in his whetted the John Jackson I wanted to have a big jacket Dejan Bobby married down you know do what did fighting and of course audio Beckham. But they part ways with Victor Cruz would they do they went a sign Brandon Marshall. Two would meet you have read the martz has been in Victor Cruz right now in my it's much more difficult and in who'd you have also the Saints faced them who who burn the things Shepherd yeah amount Oklahoma and in games that night. So that those of the moves and you gotta disrupt opposing quarterback dig the bombing out of a big guys to be covering editors of the opposing quarterback got to get the key to challenge all these well Jake Kirkpatrick states besides Nate being goes Phil Dawson is now. With Arizona Cardinals so some of the guys on the moves the of the big name moves yet as well as. For a guy like him Adrian Peterson or Tony Romo Tony Romo is expected now who was thought to be released. But now I may be in the fall over trade. Suitors X kinda beat a top suitors to be the Houston Texans and that in the front well and they wanna get something for him and big of where when push comes to show as far as the deal with the salary cap. Really can't wait to June the first. You know I think the June the first is that date where decades ago and we just hold on to. Then you have to out nudges keep them are you got a comment that they were worked out by it and big you know even though it's AFC I don't know Jerry Jones of one im going to Texans. Come is Tony romo's healthy. He made that Texans relevant all of a sudden the cowgirls the united in three chance Bob is pagan reached give it detect is it would be assume you know. Gamble was close to signing goalies cam. Well with their defense army. Well that an item they push but he he agreed with that that wow well that's one thing with the Jaguars did. They've been money and I think their defense has been formidable. But in the Connecticut as the quarterback who. You know I mean and ended Jacksonville. When their owner Connie just. And you get to the playoffs one time you know only be relevant RE India ours you know biffle removed the London don't be like to don't be like instead QB and it. The minister used. To teams and have you know found aren't. Think in the day right ahead of that static at a course so to speak so ideal for Charlie Charlie thank you for calling WW Mayo. Hey Gayle and you don't see him proud member sections 102. In a proud member of that mafia. I would mock ultimately be made on the world he's like Ozzie IED Charlie yeah I don't. Yeah you know he's had a question about do we is doing your money on call them votes. I've had all gone. I'll have to look at that and and I'm sure Chris that it takes in and dominant status is actually junior Litman majority you know it is the been. As big as a deal as in years past you know you talk about dead money in. And who still haven't even though they're not contributing you know why now it is still relevant but you know line. Because the salary cap keeps increasing. Because it because that it TV revenue a look at it ever has 99 million dollar to spin Tampa Bay has like sixty million. So even though yeah I have a scenario oh yeah even though you are a scenario where you have some dead money. It's now like. Look all of a sudden OO that the Saints are gonna be heard for years to come. Well. I shared affected him and I don't think it's affected him at this year because the salary cap continues to increase. And I didn't think so either but that's when asked that question the other thing that's what remind food nation members of it got confidence in want to pin it on Friday Bob caught between one of the. Sosa so not now Charlie was that Tim by Friday night are you encouraged. Being remember the good NH are you encouraged with the Saints have done so far party Teague approach coming courage but it is not over. It's not old. I think we got a Big Bang come and I had gotten a look at these salary cap digit numbers we spent that day what would not allow but I think. So Charlie Charlie what will what do you think this is a 100%. Nick fairly. Well art do you think that you know bang for your buck and you know previously contended get a little lazy we need that money in his pocket and he's not playing for a contract is basically my understanding four years thirty million dollars are are you glad to abroad fairly back island eat fairly fan I'd be extremely disappointed. He doesn't build a poll what he did last season so I'm I'm asking that you want them to sign fairly back. Absolutely the green builder and about it and give the guy asking students straighten out here and wait wait. And get mine in the game and see notre short period and go all the way. So I hope that. He did on and last year he did you just have to do it again you know we get back to back to back to Toledo where we don't know we don't know how we can go battle we saw those blossom until he doesn't do it and write them taken with words act. I'm coming into chase addressed you college sports I'll continue to 8 o'clock tonight WW. On the text Lang paging candidate 77 in. Yet they gobble them fans of fired up as I guess that is never a 100% but look at it 3615. This makes a lot of sense actually overjoyed to Saints addressed needs while maintaining some flexibility in not over pretty. Retaining fairly is extremely extremely important to have continuity and solid players. On the fluent on the front four. Love pine at the linebacker edition of the guard wall for signing is also Rican home run. As far Ted Ginn junior he never play would've quarterback drew reasons caliber. Mainly a very precisely quarterback like drew will make Cleveland better couldn't be happier still have the possibility of adding. Butler Malcolm Butler are no the first from pretty. Given its ability to pick the best available. Player in the draft were evident pardon me. Eight plus grade in angles to 3615. Because a lot of you know the truth to the would he say yeah but then you get out there. And you know so B well they do is they'll like fairly and Andi think like. Almost like a waste of money in and what they think about it you think people can change against. And now my feelings on nick fairly signing is it terrible. Awful disaster of monumental bad investment he's been lazy every time he got a contract he would not be productive with the Saints more dead money coming. We would do better bring in Norman hand retire Norman hand the ball. With the I mean I and and and I know norm I didn't he got needing. And annulment and as a player was Dominic you know beaten yet no we need Barrett to turn and done and and Norman had. Julia yet they have a lot of two months to 601870. You can. Texas an 8787080. Never beat that they it was a tough day with a lot of former defensive linemen to think today. Back to the phone as we go let's go to an hour show for chase chase thank you for calling WW. They have gone back to. All right I at a question about now and Butler and I've heard a little bit about it I am really got they're pretty much out on. In a trader would it feel a lot. No it's still that they'll instill a draft picks are involved obviously the Saints. Now the rumor. The last pick in the first round home. The things that when that. So they could be. I don't see player ever put a player I think would also be involved Malcolm Butler. Weight coach and things getting a late round yet later paid not necessarily in dealing with the first trial. I cracked and you know I got the second question that do you think that that trade leave it be where they're at. Because I mean you. Not a doubt we got to get the defense better we got our pledges to be our right there colleges you don't trust when Sean Payton Drew Brees is done offensively. Well did you know that at definitely. You know you got that tightened batter Ito. I'll turn for trying to pick a spot like that. But know that you go to the shore I mean I am in emption you don't go with what they think the band. Evident in the glove go who would you think the Saints are gonna go with what they think is man who can help our defense let it it's a it was stated Titans eighteen overall back in there probably. -- our. That's go to Mississippi to Tim Tim thank you for calling of the W ago. To beat them. Quick question. Honestly don't know dot com few minutes ago that decides. Ought to be bit visited Wagner and Octavio. And wonder did you they coordinated do you think it will be a good deal in. Well I did say price. I guess that a point when players visiting you dealing with players so who has the leverage. I think man tied tail actually. The news how they did pretty good and ten minutes Saints and charges uniform. Yeah considering that hole when he came into the league other customers and make catfish dealing he social media and you see you were you pleased yet again and all that so Rasheed no he who you know by two of them anti TO has been a legit NFL players you know billable Woody did output of fighting Irish. But the guiding that and that's more long the same ceding control that scenario yeah. Of course address the one of the linebacker spots they middle I'm back about bringing in AJ Klein a lot more to give to add to the a break will be too. Dance edited because we go to break we're not finished Witten linebackers bridges be finished the linebackers. At the highest on the market like a Donta hightower I don't all right here's the thing you know we're we are basically two hours and 31 minutes into free agency. So it's. It's got a lot month ago I laughed my goal okay. I'd give back to all your calls and the more gears to first of the CBS of the. Back out to the phone they go to saint Rose for Terence stance thank you for calling WW yeah. Harper they'll think cherry picked in gym you pick a particular Norman because he did doubt Curitiba. In effect not know the torrent of ball down field. All would you talk like Terry it's it's all anticipation that the in a brand could get a bucket in ninety yard bomb. You got to throw it 67 yards on the field what about mr. dean in the 1980s the Avant and Andy's average eleven yards a punt return of Jimmy Wright and rookie 888. Again and you are second the guard your man and a half back in the B Terence Terence terrorists we have Drew Brees never had a strong arm when he's hit Robert Meachem argon acted Devery Henderson Robert Meachem a brand new coat. When is the ball traveled sixty yards in the air. And even in hi David it's party it's 4550. Yards it's all about anticipation. Look at all of the safety and other big plays of frantic of the bomb it was. It's all about getting behind the defense which I still think Ted Ginn junior and get behind a defense. Like the average like Meachem like branding cooks now to meet Peggy gauging this season slam dunk. To make it. Know he's up an eight where'd he as the go prove himself on even knows contracts am confused what what exactly what you'd think he'd beat the you could stretch the defense. OK what what what about what you that you just have. Again what makes me what makes you think what makes you think he's not all of the EU putting in new ones that's it. Which is tell you we don't know specialty. Would if he never was he that was receiving game like Cordero. The corner or BDB yeah he he'd be like the fifth for receiver our emergency guy somebody's there I just got to take the wedding of these calls come from. That I don't know but that there's this thing you don't know what it's great tonight I didn't even in the league it wouldn't it it got it just so if it is that in junior. Now I've got to catch the bombing I would say a part of five at the Arthur you can draw but at age and but if brenly cooked stretches the defense I'd right now branded Coates went to Baltimore any might complain about that. Ted Ginn junior would not complain about being a decoy. If he's still playing in National Football League stretch in a deep pass and Drew Brees in them every now and Internet on a 4550 yard play in and take off and out run in the pin is in the apple two of them one. Thing. I'm right is it fair addicting and it's sort of ball 78 yards on the field. That's a Joseph Montana did in week yeah he did you know yet on the only candidate to Datsyuk and I think I finally heard that we. I Darian apply yeah it thank you for calling WW. They call call as you call by Peter may not. Well. You know welcome by. The yes stop well we don't really have should root for low ball deal we got speakers. But he. We can do okay. You know all hours. We know you are or are out there. Of course every wants. To keep Egypt's object. Whenever you play it right now draw the date change that field. But it says well thank it would do. A good. Opting. We need to get a top notch veteran core or top. Come on did you Jerry are you listening to music got it well not well how are you know you might. Reliant I agree I don't care how this I'm trying to do okay why can't I don't I am sorry this Saints the Saints and there were offered. Offensive lineman who has long been a starter at. Since he came into the league at a university Kentucky. We Detroit Detroit has one of the better offenses in the national pity and only ballistics he's only 260. To be fan you probably do know that out and I'm sorry I am tired he may have made an unknown but they have addressed the Alfredsson line yeah I mean. I don't know it's at that take for granted dig in on the businesses social media. You try Cuba was going on that would have thought for sure he knew we had to guard right it is not like we trying to get a Gordon oh we signed Nate fairly and we got to guard. It's not like the codes Malcolm balloting it's still rumored. There it is system that's solidified. Right we have a caller. Batting beats out of their old guy that the game is a poor man's Cordero parents that. The DL without talking led the call answer your question about Ito and over him. Well first wouldn't be an all ivy was and the guy and he got through talking what is it you feel like they're taking in June it does not fit into the Saints. Saint not Saints offered but the Saints. And I say what about specialty no limit to use up. What we're taught to do we supposed to talk this is a talk show. People ask gusto we asked him things that somebody comes in uses all he's garbage is something we go say you know it. Did you know he Ethiopia from rookie to lead is start their last six games this season AJ kind. He's just been my hat and ought to be the best and your linebacker in a National Football League that's it we're supposed to do. Always donors who was supposed to do. OK well our bug dig this a party to ninety nearly ten yeah its own a party to nineteen did this that that value of that that was a good things Bobby V tell that old boy did pay again. Junior is a poor man's Carnell Patterson. Now the if you look at it yet I think as Brooklyn M a year program and definitely make Patterson has done with the Vikings. And I think that that's kind of agree you know Claudia and I that it that's a thing as special teams in the and a across the deal you make a big play average now India and you know I kitchen. 89 evolved right. That they Ginn junior would be like pinky at the lottery but he could be coming as Saints uniform and iniki kits like fifty balls 4050 bottles. Even if he has a decline colonies influence in the defense. All right coming back look at the rest you callus and ticking and that we gyms Okie he's gonna do as the latest on taking junior and AJ Klein. What type of players are the Saints gaining from Carolina this is sports talk on WW. Saints and I opponent Christie Garrett is it with us with some of daily news Christian. The epic chief in Bobby as we anticipated the Saints are going to released here or there and do so tomorrow with the designation opposed to one cut what does that mean ultimately allows in the states and money. And spread out the Heatley dollar cap figure the cap hit. Open next three offseason so solving them also they'll get an additional seven point lead out of salary cap space this year. All right Chris again with the latest on a Christian on Twitter at Christina. Derek wants him so Pete current radio color analyst for the Carolina panther unit worked on to now. Jim what type of players of the Saints Keating and a decline in taking June. Well it at the end and finally expert and still lightning past tendencies showed last year. Like a couple of would be that with his speed and I'll bring it to any kind of locker room good guys. Good Family Guy in the end in a decline but it is an opportunity to be a starter but you know what the best line back units in the league in terms of playing essentially went on the Davis Saluki we were injured it was excellent special teams and he has earned the right via. But starter in this league you know this is an opportunity with new world now. Jim if I was a call of the colony show and you you watch the Saints could you call these games and I was say. It dig in do and you heat you just don't fit into the Saints offered what what would be your answer to that. He had a little bit. I think yet it is an interesting it because he's not known for great hands. With the drops because you don't hit a home run ball four is you gotta swing for the fences with a guy who gonna make some big plays but he's he's also gonna drop. Some your record and it. Adam Everett those so it was site that passing game is the Drew Brees and at all and so gets me at the level that the secret out next is surprised he left. And he was told that they were gonna bring him back because most of her success almost all of it has come with Carolina he's been went. Miami Ian he's been in Arizona's other places airports as Cody Beverly done anywhere else nearly done in Carolina Serbian creepy turn that around or. Now his value overall a GM and you say okay ways he feet on the Saints team how much of an addition his team when you look at body of work and his players say branding coach wouldn't be part of the mix and he could stretch the pits and go vertical and Wendy's and the caller not. And then also especially totals as a team yeah I looked at eleven yard return last year to Saints. Policy idea long before last and it was an Irish government didn't return so we big blow coverages that we we can't return nothing. Yeah and he you know he was really gonna punt return that Taylor you're so he's not been as aggressive. In going to fielding punts well more or catches in that second chances so with a new team may be. He'll turn that around you know he's not been a burner on special team to be honest. It meant terms of the that authentic. And immediate respect speed and that'll be there that paled. Pretty guys at least he uses the court you annual event on one ball where you every now and it. A not quite out that needs it admits is part camps and that's kind of been of them throughout the it's career he's he's not a big guy so he's not as a slot receiver in that bucket to go to middle make a lot of big hits he's gonna shy away at a when the play though we gonna shut it down out of bounds by the mean it was a nice bit year got a couple Manning the bigger receivers we had with Calvin management. DeVon punches in the tightening Greg Olsen but there. Be ticket so little bit odd fit for him but I wouldn't look at him as more than. But role guys that might be their for a year that that Gordon is right or reduce speed guy where. It to me it's like a bridge to something else that does not be cramming Coke or whatever. That's going to be a guy that kind of get you through this year that you'll be talking about somebody else a year from now. Now I Jim looking at AJ Klein. I think it's all about opportunity I think he took advantage of his opportunity when Saluki equally. Obviously the best that it best when he went out with a concussion looking at a four year veteran. From Iowa State is it always I guess this scenario you can play which is given the opportunity right place. Right time and Saints fans are wondering. Could it be the quarterback of their things need this kind of like when the Saints brought on board Jonathan Vilma entry from the Jets. You know that remains to be seen because in court Utley was our fourth but linebacker so you know he did he grow into that. I guess remains to be seen it in the Portland you know possibly could he beat any player pretty good tackler. You know he's he's athletic enough. But the you know stand out it's one thing was just a good week. Thomas Davis knocked Thomas down acutely Colin. Now out. And they would check out there apparently perspective I got bored bored that now we've got David mail that. They are grooming their particular they've been with the prisoner release them because our last game in Tampa. They played David Mayo more than likely they decline I think don't want it expanded look at male. As being admittedly decline they get you the guys that that are hurt Q and it was interesting you know he wore that these six. Intently worked at the Nile that would leave the game and why would make it tackle in the crowd would chant blue bigamy and yet they tackle the agent so it just give you a little indication that he's pretty well at an opportunity. Now Jim when you look at the NFC south and how you match up against an opponent so what did you take now would have evaded and that had little with 67 million in a salary cap space. Bring in and DeSean Jackson and the challenges that I consider in their big receiving corps along maybe what he has left in the thing. Yeah yeah it's in this instance. You know improvement continues for another season your three. With Tampa Bay with those receivers that that's an impressive group that's what you want yet haven't been big receiver who also can go to outfield and score touchdowns. And it showed Jack and obviously that's the guy's special teams guy for them that they get a working at tech going to be a question. With Danica a lot this year from the previous year with Iraq on the line and like running game. But the passing game is certainly impressive in that it at Tampa Bay's team on the rise that he would go in the right direction in terms of their unity this year. Pat does radio color analyst Jim so Biggio always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. Did you are right we will continue on WW.