WWL>Topics>>3-9 6pm Bobby & Deke: on new Saints signee Larry Warford and recapping the day in free agency

3-9 6pm Bobby & Deke: on new Saints signee Larry Warford and recapping the day in free agency

Mar 10, 2017|

Bobby & Deke learn more about former Lion and newly-minted Saint Larry Warford from Justin Rogers of the Detroit News, then ESPN.com's Mike Triplett joins the guys to recap the day in free agency.

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And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports talk. He is KG camp Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Topic I can go news at this time thanks. And get an extension to David that I'm a Knicks fan they have come a Jones are free agents I'm back AJ Klein and Carolina wide receiver Ted Ginn junior at Carolina. And offensive lineman Gardiner were offered from Detroit. Would see Saints free agent move are you most excited about so far it's operating jaguar Pena spoke at WWL. Dot com Knicks Alan EMI ADT eighty Kasey Kahne is going to the. Lawrie who. Get deacon look at it just starting right now it wore on though on Mario Glory Road tour is benefiting the Louisiana sports hall of Spain. In my favorites down on front street yet though real all of us. Town or build the city in Louisiana purchase it nobody knew all that being activists oh. The Glory Road tour is starting right now from 68. Any fitting though Louisiana's sports hall of fame. At LA sports hall about Tom Watson right now just purchased tickets at the Georgia's go to the door. He be part of special makes. Athletes coaches that involvement in Louisiana sports hall of Maine. You get a panel discussion. Like the set from athletes and coaches give Berman is going to be there along with the 97 college World Series champs. Doug Thompson Brandon Larson. If you love basketball even though and the level by relishes basketball this season. A legend a living legend. Bob Pettit. Bob Pettit will be there and talk about the Big Three Bob Pettit pistol Pete maverick and Shaquille O'Neal and getting better and that. Now form LSU basketball coach John Brady also be there. I JT Curtis arms inning high schools up from John Curtis will be there. So it's kind of a panel discussion league whenever you're talking about a sport that you love all sports Louisiana. In is to promote Louisiana's sports hall of fame inactives. Devlin destination going to be part of the Glory Road tour. My Celek TiVo's ready there I'll be there around 7 o'clock in new and in my did Terry will close now things having on hand and obviously but I'll me but it the Glory Road tour tonight. A wall called the departures from 68. So that's something you need to support if you love sports. Because it's acknowledging. In recognizing great coaches and players probably and a dark. That have benefited. Playing sports in Louisiana and as we Janice sports all the pain and actors to Glory Road tour tonight from 68. At walk on the important there is no. Mentioned in the release it Johnny Jones is going to be. I don't think so. Yet but I mean just I mean that's that's got to be oddest thing in the world you know everybody comes out now with and it's probably getting you could always fired his side and this year it's an onion. No what did that to me that is Jolie going to control the message is that what is the I don't know about a man. I don't know what would. Mean what else could it unless there's something to gained by key but it all like. You know I guess what you make a five due fire some might think speculation gates smoking who's gonna comment on accustomed what Johnny has don't understand if you Marty guided the on the ice with somebody you'll right. You know I mean you don't want to gag in penalties streaky decode team place you could squash secretly by saint. Were you talking about we have him again at The Who so I mean I is why I can't think of an excuse Stanford. It doesn't yet as I like Trent Johnson Johnny Jones. Quality latest twenty pleasures of twenty years with the Giants it was in looking at him outside it probably a good man not but he was then most. Non. Like. Personable. Can't. I think I've been around sports honey just dislike each. It's like you know what you rather watch paint dry and I you know and again I wanted to do it -- -- nurse from -- well being garlic okay ticket policies he breathe well you never go to dinner with him are going have a beer now at the end you know I mean and that is kind of a little little aristocrats that he is technical analyst that are aristocratic good Johnnie to on the think it is just that I have no worries that obviously nice string them along and Manny I guarantees come yet it is they'll lose to some in the tooth on form. You know yeah Ellis came back to the phone lines the game and we go to first. To the G-8. They'd be Atlanta GA for mark mark thank you for calling WW yeah. Lamar thank him Garland with a guy. More than most not that we can't I'll heard him going mach Pierre Jamar. Yeah. Are on the call me when I don't think we will be at street how remarkable. Sure that the current event from the Patriots. Well you don't policy I was island hand and then all of slow. An edge rusher from Green Bay and then you know a lot of times we took care of all with Nate fairly. The without it the Packers the it would nick Perry. So yeah edge abolish or to be in the ascendancy I don't know enough. Behind this team to these acts in an but the dead that's a good point. Mark because. Well because when you look at that might be like all three. That boo or. Yeah every he's Jabar shared would be like in the very public coming. Not necessarily. The skins on the wall like a Melvin Ingram Chandler jolt Jason Pierre Paul. Eagle at the bottom line you know it's gonna have to have been mark. It and whoever we draft in. The ego we got to kind of open and I hope it's sooner than later and and take a couple of years. That we have been leading sacker in the NFL because that's what big Beasley did for the Falcons he had fifteen and a half sacks. So we got to hole some young cat. Now we draft. And and you would think as defender or whoever in the first round aren't just on our team. Can have kind of a double digit number. Opposite of cam Jordan to help Bob the vistas of the opposing quarterback deep and hard at Texas the Bryan Bryan thank you for calling WW Mayo. I originally doing he gave Brian. Are good out in the dark quick question that we're on our stick and Bradley and nick fairly equal and it out. Yeah. Programs came in where you were saying and at that point. You know Westbrook commendable. Great resort somebody a little bit more in the Saints in the market like it. Any change. I feel like it could be in. It should get more attention but there's an irregular partner. I have no improvement we want and. Global O'Brien national wanna bring out a lot of times it was if you who isn't comedy was not give all the interior lineman credit. You gotta give Robertson linebackers that on the whole. A lot of fans and a guaranteed around the nation date don't notice. The number one run defense. At the point of attack from guard to guard was in New Orleans thing given a 2.2 yards rushing. Now we end up being mentored a pack overall that does begin outflanked and outside. I'll pursuits stop in the run so nick there was a big part of that so odd to me yet we we had to pay him based on his production. There was no option baker are in two if you know that was going to banish doubt and to a queen obstacle in and we ended up artistry. Talk about being great in itself that we knew we needed help you. Well I don't let's say gray wood and his PSAs trending in the right elaborate turned it on yet radical right yet yet but grad you're right it has the ways should be you know you. You you coming in your basic given a one year Trout and you prove yourself in the system says if you prove yourself in your earnings he earned. And I had a quick question on my trip with. It needs needs is calling back a few blocking and I and his discussion early with a group friends are you Mark Hopkins and running back. On that you let it. And I you know Hedo Appalachian. Right he bought it back to back games are a fumble inside the opinion on it is that she's been hindered him but you don't have always used right. You wouldn't went there on his ranking com hours out and and are we would need a lot of is even basis right eyebrow advocate locking. Yeah I got to thank you so much to tell you about an answer right after the break you on WW. The New Orleans Saints picked up on the top available offensive lineman at Wofford comes to New Orleans via the Detroit Lions did help us talk about. The Saints at picking up the veteran offensive lineman is Justin Rogers nine report for the draw Detroit news. Justin thank you so much for the time bullet to Joseph Biden what type of Mayo of the Saints getting in Wofford. Physical death camp and being he'd you know the elbow area but the with no let the city there is all around. Think that you like about them you've got specialize in the third round in 2013 and it it really turned out equally to deal pick up people thought that he would limitations in the game couldn't play in space. He Billick couldn't do that but everything he's he's got the power but he can poll when needy get out front of the screen game. A little bit better than expected really the only down there are bird and a lot of it comes with his his aggressive playing style to get little nicked up from here to there. It's it's never fear is injury but it. Popped and one of the things were put against Phil parred around deal that alignment will look on the back of the legs at least had an ankle sprain to that minor knee issues. Nothing that kept model lineup more than a game or two here there. But you know that that might be the one downside with is. Guilt that and in the electing I think you like about him is he's very accurate. He works with Lecharles Bentley. You know former very talented offensive linemen out there in Arizona. He works with. Number up at the line and around the league and and Larry with a caddie he had been tied. It's his camp is training camp been in played only. And we work with them since his rookie. And the focus there is in a lot of the technical and meant elements of the game. Larry's been out there all offseason goes out there every off season puts a lot of extra time and above and beyond what's required him to to make a better player and and I'm happy that he got the country and I believe he deserves it. You know I just did you bring up that tells Billy and the Saints fans are very familiar he was outstanding in the Saints uniforms are sure to Saints gave him a call. The final moment about a line won't for a bit. As like I look at almost because I'm a big fan of pro football focus how they look at every play and see what the UN when you pass protection or run block and that it was hard to limit him to almost repeat. The highs Woody did his rookie season. Where he was rookie of the year as far as our pro football focus on the line he didn't allow a sack. And earned the best run blocking grade of his career. And so well when I'm looking at one thing the Saints do is they paid their guards their hold their guards play at a high level. Going back to case in point. Whether Saints had a Toobin as guards in the league would Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks and Carl Nicks had a big pay day. With Kevin Grady in there wade paid being gross in the Ravens who end up being a pro bowl Sunday if you look at Wofford especially. 26 years of age and only seven years on that in the young and in Jahri Evans. Had been expecting that he'll build a poll what he did with the lines and played the highest level alongside Max Unger to sinner. It was so funny that that rookie year war for came into camp and and a on the mindset. Barely nick fairly again that it commitment to it and get paid by it and Wednesday in an Ndamukong Suh and those two just to work came over in training camp I mean just made him look silly and that didn't happen when you're going to the most talented or the. Attacking the but the technical ball and it made him a better player. Quickly. Now yet his rookie year probably one is that here and that was the year and it also helped. But there was a lot of problems whip. Right tackle in Detroit they were cycling through them left and right I think he played with something like nine different guys on his right shoulder. And that'll match again mentally and they moved over the I think that helped stabilize the Beagle backing look at pro football books and numbers this year not as good as as a rookie numbers but. You know very consistent player pretty eating greens and pass blocking and has run protection. You know he will it be too easily pass protection but it's not often as we will developing. Justin rod the Detroit news just in how can be the key though we keep on social media. I'm only on Twitter I'd I'd have narrowed it down which is good for my mental state but I. Give by me on Twitter at Justin underscore Rodgers RO GE. Justin thank you so much for the time. I come back the cows and much more details of the bottom of the Allen news more take on the Saints free agency. Thus far and it will be too sick for the rest of the week in college basketball courts coming up. And indicating canyon or luck. Beat going to the Glory Road to a next album might DA will be when median time out talk about the Saints moves today and also. We'll go around the National Football League you cannot some of the big moves that happened today as we go to six so warning seventy is an American about you can text this. At 87 the 870 before look at the bottom of the hour news who heavy CBS news update in more sports talk operating jaguar Pena Pau which. Saints free agent move are you most excited about thus far vote online at WWL dot com. Many ways way Ukraine in Aqua this year. All one at WW of course you can get as hooked up on FaceBook at WW you know you've got all sorts of an action on Twitter at Christie Garrett won and might hear yea it. 26. And it said Dunlap. At Bobby three. Steven Geller and of course you can call is 260187 in Texas and eights in the eights in and of course we have our listeners. Worldwide all over the world on the inundated WW dot com like I do is go. To the home page right it did to obviously you know say where you can listen now listen I think I want come from you know eight. For the ever Newman is staying in his it's hard. He's got a little taste and LA below and loss and see if they do it. We sit right here in the apart world's them this holiday is that in England in this in Australia and technologies them and meet in Mongolia and missing it he terrorist act in the fu again you know with Kenya and members of food and nation among goalies it's the end game is. You you're them every union. June effects of his because things talk a Leo Leo do with some crow for Sosa could be before we go to calling him like that like animates in his as a guide he was still eaten a marking right. We had a caller that called it and I'm marking. You CD's now Pete will still I don't recall a little honoring medal marking him last year. The school and to exit of 4350 once as I can't stand marking him. Wood is on their achievement behind he gave you two yards well last year. Mark Ingram averaged five point one yards a carry. Very similar though would that league leading brace like Pierre Thomas are dues and I put it this week of five point one. He is out there is the best among the best in Saints history. Which drug month you know aren't all the running backs began five point one average or it was an NFL. All of the running backs. No before. Mark Ingram back average of five point one yards a carry it 205. Carries. Was fourth best among all NFL running back now what that being said. I'm not saying markings are top five running back but I think right now Holly's viewed. I Devlin have them. Top well maybe top ten. A running back I think in the NFL on base Woody's it would be department lately that being working on right. Matt to the go by I mean let's go to las the Wayne point thank you for calling WW. What. You mean you're. But all. And property at. I. It's all about in history. Okay were afraid these stories in the ninety's I was not even close I think the best in NFL history. Is to agree yeah. On the night in this thing done now by any NFL team considering we Drew Brees it that is franchise to bring a suitable. That that that adds that as beyond a lottery. So normal long would be. Would be antsy Drew Brees double one negative I have this stage Harrisburg considering what you paid him. Yeah not that that's a homework assignment the immediately. There's America can't put Tebucky Jones because about it and that's but the thing right right now the you have to look at it like what the value it and what you investing in a player's mind. And now what you're having to pay him and did you live out that contract that. Will I gone. Big I think they had this was able fox ESPN one of them. In view our game. That's for sure Drew Brees in the top five ever and I couldn't cover they were saying he's number one I grew that noble one think about wood better free agent for an organization. That ended it who's credited Drew Brees considering. Woody did that is franchise. Saints and saddened EST and he has been back Tom Mike Triplett joins us now trip thank you so much for the time your thoughts on what the Saints have done thus far. Well actually yeah it in the middle that are patient to yeah here. Last year at that year you think signing pretty. A poll all 46 pro football league voters got a trip every one of had them to about street concern about our Brees and second migrant Q what. Packers. Dependent on or just get a list and it pre number one way. So. Also Estrada US arguably an NFL network. But you know there are two guys Dion Sanders LOQ. Urbina great stories two different games but yeah Brees is the best. As for the where I don't know owners say. Jeter's bird and about your bird he did not air out and it's got everyone's saying she hears is like you don't sign that he spent appropriate. But nobody. Nobody complained about them movement and all I'm not so no that bunnies. Is that it happened to it I used to get blistered Urbina they Malcolm Jenkins supporter. You know like. The same intensity and has never been I admit they are out there you're going to see her as a lead podiums and there never deliver. But that revisionist history at the time people like that move. And that's one registered an out as bad luck it was injuries at all like. On the 49ers game when you of their past the Vernon Davis. Our. Area. Yeah now that it dribble what do you think I mean you got to see agreed star or a good start how do you view it. Now hollows on the bandwagon. A war for I thought Nash. And they're not gonna go out and and in and pay like Ziegler type money and I'm going to a Browns but I think that's kind of solid very similar along the lines they've had past success considering we'd Ben Grubbs are going to have to walk for what is your take is that. Yeah well we haven't seen them money yet. Right you know. He got twelve year were urged those 101000000. Berkshire. May be in your you know that that will play into a mature. I had in free agency and that sort of spot list and what do. And unfortunately they're too duties mean I didn't like the market and to be. Pass rusher I think you know like two and called in franchise. Could be different you know hasn't been in seventeen million. Here I'll learn some yeah back. You knew they were in that structured day or are being hurt somebody probably because the market or so ago and now the question marks are still like the secret to all year I don't caught. The second thing is. As quarterback in the top quarterbacks or make you actually fourteen million a year or whatever which is lights entry that they are talking about our country and for Malcolm creative solution. And it took over at quarterback need. But what accent was down the Bartlett at guard rated you know like they're number four need. But may do that you would be there because there were so many top guard Jamar Butler or burden Ronald Cilic does not surprise me and I think that shadows. You know. It's sort of like I approach the draft and hope for the best available player instead of reaching her face that that you are caller they were heavily you know on every other. Com before kind of the ground and they shrine where war virtually values there and he built. When I think is there number four. But probably got the best value ran and I think we have to get structure. Now actually is not a Texan. I solid today. And his Texas says Jason David was the words and the reason why it has not the players' fault. I think this thing is that doing their homework it's simply because his that they wanna suitable. With the cold Steve played Tampa two he was a cover two quarterback. And didn't fit with the Saints are doing so high I kind of Jason Davis Beverly album that lives. The worst three is it on him donkey yet he had hasn't recovered a bit but not trip what about. Like on an oh look at all the quarterbacks is they hadn't talked about Malcolm Bowa brought about Logan ride. I'm like look in. Manto will winners Logan Ryan right now because to me that's a guy. That could be intriguing. Maybe being part of the Saints in threes TI I don't know in the cause but what did you write that right. That's a big question mark for me and I'll admit I don't know. Bryant. You know to other Patriots play out and he's obviously number two there'll. Long. And Logan Ryan. It. It's peca six million dollars a year B well you should. Now that those first 20 abort if Grogan are there low rent it. Nine million and all of a sudden you know it's a position where I think everybody's going to be ball up. The ten million dollar guys economic fourteen minute run and make ten minutes. I think you'd agree it is in. Aside. Or money. He's never been number one he's been a number you would open broke could be number. Potentially so. Obviously you're you're talking about Malcolm Butler longer trying to talk about it number one batters have to. Right now what trim what about. You're take going with the in the NFC south AJ Klein and I body did an outstanding job considering. Given opportunities to evident their Saluki plea. As far as production in and Ted Ginn junior well those speed now he drops a number of passes but he can stretch a defense. And obviously it has potential to still contribute on special teams. Well I like all those. Don't know it can't be so again I just wrote that. Mine are people are real war like I'd like concept. Yeah around 25 Euro. Now it's been a ton of money in the you know when there because you've been in that division. And he's done it on the outside all. Out in the key in on. But I am pretty surprised that it caused by million dollars a year for. Because a couple of compared to like signing Craig Roberts at great move to the Saints and Roberts in. Who's deal it all incentives. As sort won seven of them actions 3.2. And so I'm a little surprised by a million for a fine. Shoot he could turn in color here you know this is a chance to start. On the little surprising. Cheaper but certainly it's not like they went broke the bank or so computer. Mike pat where you're gonna happen it might keep you on social media. Well I. Review on each one of these those are probably do it's it's (%expletive) like Brett and all our morning. And assuming they're gonna figure it out make him move again like what they've done so far though early follow up on in net com follow me on Twitter. Trip before we let you go do you think branding cooks is with the Saints 2017 season are you think he's got a call on and something you weren't. I don't think he's going to be the Saints I mean it's been so public. That I think things knows and equipment deal and signing it yet they seem like they definitely expect to trade him but. I don't think it in the normal way of summary of the ball. At the worst thing in the world if the quote unquote stuck with brand. Right Mike thank you so much that it's not. Write a column before might as about it now free agents the best and the worst. I seed advancing Drew Brees pat put Darren shot the second an Angel Owen. Would be third on my list as far as the worse. Stanley a lot of come in this air. I go back to Tebucky Jones a lot of Saints fans dealt him to Stuckey Jones Jason Davis and Jason don't. Precarious Byrd and Brandon flag in my hands brown. Yeah that set a record yeah penalties ground yet because the expectations not from Whitney hand but you you're out of the gate Deion Sanders name would come out. Mean you put Keenan Lewis and Brandon Browner back there. That they had these these big big going to be able to. They gonna be reluctant to do good and second I hit it long if he had old school rules of Brandon Browner where you can holes where you were right there there's still throw Holden tumors of the kind of change the rules you illegal contact at the five yards now. WW. And welcome mat let's get out to key in cant thank you the common WW Rio. Hey kid although that familiar voice. I think we don't have to disagree I'll get the mania. If and all of it as did the simple. Global game technically and name. And look at statistics. Eric and no way in reality him like. He can ever replace cook. And how budgets feeds wretched deal are not agreed on the road and Hello World. And again they might do they give might end of Catan again in June and it doesn't mean he's on the team. Only only about the only equal the acquisition do right now worthwhile. I of course be resigning. All. Yeah defense to tackle. And no doubt. To keep it from Detroit Larry Wilson yeah that. Jeff likely issue in this the end miscue at. He was ranked as 100 no second best. Created. Guillen and actually he was going to book the book. Give him was running a 140. I wondered if so I don't see him contributing the crime linebacker U was ranked even below. Cannot remember you calling him as he said the same things though about mates to pull. No I know yesterday if I go back and im following you you're you're one of the BBC it that gas 2.0 Duma. I never heard them but couldn't come in on him I'm glad it was it was it was brought. And I'm getting right now Ian. But what about Klein and your client would be equally as that I have opportunity to play and then they'll all look at it what do you see on Google did you see him. Couldn't have. Ten years okay what about my knees that you Google bought him. Would you Sig you looked up Klein he's right where he's ranked below the audience hand. Don't even. Care because I really played at and here. When one word defense in football right. You can that you get them back and I started I'm the best middle linebacker in game six games you know I'm used carefully. Outspoken in this actually. You can you correctly you. Take a guy that's not ranked. Not ranked at all actually you cannot expect that particular play here here regardless of position but yet. No doesn't mean he says that so it's okay Mueller at whatever you wanted to tell overpay for Daunte height now. No no you cannot expect that when they hear your record a position that's not ready to calm me and. In Europe audit if you doubt one of the worst defenses in football it's gonna take me the tournament. Top ranked defense to ball Leah to make any significant difference. So we have dealt number oh mate made a significant differences first you didn't. Well yeah did you could keep him from another. Okay within that that goes completely against which you do see it. Q were guided to break thank you critical.