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Think Tank 1010am GOP Healthcare bill

Mar 13, 2017|

Let’s talk about the GOP Healthcare bill & progress or lack there in Congress.  Where is it headed and what will it mean for the average American? This hours guest: Stephen Portnoy - CBS Radio News Congressional Correspondent Tony Mills - Political Analyst with Real Clear Politics dot com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette on your Monday more Manning and you have it feels a little earlier than normal it's because yeah we sprung forward over the weekend it is ten minutes accurate and a am this hour the think tank we're gonna get caught up. On the back in for the bouncing ball that is health care on Capitol Hill what's in what's out and where we headed with this thing will get you an update next hour one and though. You what you're funeral or memorial service to be is celebration of your life or mourning of your death. And then in the near now or were talking about what the saints were up to over the last several days trades free agency what's the team got to look like. When they get together for the first practices of the offseason. Let's go straight now to Washington DC go on while command CBS radio news congressional correspondent Steven Portnoy hasty even. Hey Dave good to talk to you glad you could join as I know things have been wild and crazy and kind of non stop there. In Washington but for those who can't follow every turn and every twist of what's going on with their health care legislation. Where we at what's in what's out and when will we actually have something that post and kind of start understanding. What we expected date neighbors early as today could happen tomorrow we'll see weather permitting you may have heard his epic storm come here in the east. But I'll tell you what one of the things that we're expecting is these scored the official estimates from the Congressional Budget Office. On how much of an impact this GOP proposal will have. On the deficit. And on the insurance markets. Now every time a piece of legislation comes before congress the Congressional Budget Office analyzes it. And delivers its official report or its official score on how much it will cost over a ten year budget window. So what we're expecting here today or maybe tomorrow will seek from the CBO. Ease exactly what kind of impact this proposal will have Republicans want to. Keep much of Obama cares framework in place. But take away the subsidies that it made it particularly affordable for older Americans and poorer Americans to buy insurance in these exchanges. Convert those into tax credits. That in some cases would exceed. The amount of money that has been withdrawn from a person's paycheck or withheld from person's paycheck over the course he would be get a call this refundable tax credits. And a lot of conservative Republicans say that's a welfare check. For someone to get more money back than they put he and so a lot of conservative Republicans oppose that they also won a CF. Faster unwinding of the Medicaid expansion that occurred and a lot of the states. As a result of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. They want it to wind down as early as next year while the proposal from Republican leaders is to wind it down in 20/20. And so you have a lot of members of the house freedom caucus who say they're not on board. And Republican leaders who are pushing this are bracing for some bad news in that CBO estimate. It could wind up costing the government billions of dollars in terms of the deficit and also wind up according to the CBO will seek. Resulting in millions of people losing the coverage they now have. Dammit it appears that many Republicans are bracing for that by saying well the CBO hasn't been right in the past about estimates about one obamacare were caused. How many people would be covered by obamacare so it's in the they're trying to discount the report report even comes out. There's no doubt about it they're feather in the next. Iced it with respect to the CBO estimate and it's it's so interesting because I covered. The debate over the Affordable Care Act at 2010 and I remember. The CBO estimates which suggested but by this year by 2017. There'd be 23 million Americans enrolled in the exchanges. Since then the Republican. Take on that when the numbers are not coming in. As high as been to say a hot seat the American people rejected. Obamacare because the CBO estimate was right. Now they're flipping it around and saying CEO got it wrong. I guess when it works for you knew it works via hybrid doesn't you attack it so how many Americans are currently signed up for obamacare. It's something about twelve million people are enrolled in exchange plans to begin CBO estimated that by this year. They'd be 23 million CBO and the economic and economists at at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Basically assumed. That a lot of companies. Would stop offering health insurance. And a lot of the you know frankly they they predicted that there'd be some job losses to war or not not many but some. And the people would. Leave full time employment and scaled down to part time employment because they wouldn't feel. Sheen or locked to a full time job that they could buy a plan on the exchanges and be able to have that flexibility in their life. So that's why CBO assumed that millions more people would be enrolled in the exchange either because they chose to because you're forced to. When in reality it didn't turn out that way a lot of people. Either decided not to buy plans are frankly couldn't afford plans are decided it was worth the risk. Of of having to buy a plan that could afford the that it wouldn't be able to use because. The deductibles are so high all the complaint you hear from Republicans about some of the the plans on offer. Is that you know you spend as you hear the White House spokesman that you spent a lot of money. You get his car you put your pocket but when you go to actually use that insurance you have to spend even more money. So what does that get you. And lest you get hit by a bus in which case it really significantly lowers your ultimate cost. Ballots of that doesn't it in the mean I know it cases that all of us. Now that that's that's the exception not the rule thank goodness very few people get it by buses and we hope to keep it that way equivalency that change. I guess. My knee basic question you right now is when president trump was elected. It was all that talk about finally Republicans were rejoicing that they have control of the house controlled the senate. And a Republican in the White House and that they could then push through the Republican agenda but it appears this unity of party. Has failed to come to fruition they have all three of those things but it doesn't seem like the GOP is getting on the same page where they can't man. Get what they want pushed through there seemed to be factions within the Republicans that just can't act at all. And it's a symptom of the divisions that have been and not so much beneath the surface in the Republican party for the last. I don't know 5678. Years since the rise of the Tea Party which incidentally was sparked by this whole discussion of Obama care. You have had a number of conservative Republicans who say that on a principled basis they're not gonna go along with their leaders just because they're leaders wanna get something done. They do not like being told from the top when it is that they're supposed to get off. And they say that just the opposite should happen that they should beat the drivers of that the that the the legislation and that their leader should get in line behind them. Was so what you have now is you have this kind of sort of bifurcation or at least the split. In the Republican Party where you have a number of conservative Republicans who say our principles mean that one. There should be no government mandate that requires you to buy insurance and no penalty if you go without insurance to. That EU what I should did you know not. Have the government doling out cash to help people buy something. That you're telling them they have to buy. And three that the welfare state is already too big. That if you don't have health insurance that's not the government's problem and that EU there ought to be market based forces that drive. People into more affordable plan. So for those principled reasons a lot of the conservatives say that they're looking at these changes they see it as to tinkering on the margins. Really small changes that basically you heard Rand Paul called this obamacare light. Taking existing framework and tweaking it here in tweaking it there but the exchanges remained. A lot of the regulations. In terms of forcing the insurance companies to cover certain things would stay in place at least temporarily and then the trump administration would change some of those rules as best they could. But they're the big changes that Republican leaders have been talking about for so long about allowing people to buy insurance across state lines and tort reform and a whole bunch of the things that are actually meant to. Make that you increased competition and lower cost. A lot of those things aren't going to be put in place right away because the new rules in the senate as a little RR arcane and in the weeds here but a lot of the rules require sixty votes in the senate to to accomplish the mission that Republicans have had for so long. What they hope to do is they talk about a three stage plan the first stage is this repeal and replacement effort that Republican leaders here are trying to push through now. The second stage would be the HHS secretary Tom price. Tweaking regulations. That he can within the government within the executive branch and the third phase would be getting. A lot of these fundamental substantive changes through both houses with a sixty vote margin in the senate. I Republican leaders are convinced that you could on old one off basis. Take individual proposals and get sixty votes behind them individually. Like for example the ability to buy insurance across state lines the way we do with help auto insurance that's our thing. That you could get sixty votes for that as a standalone. But the difficult he has been in this. Umbrella package of repealing and replacing the same time. Because there's not going to be a single Democrat that's gonna get on board. And you've got a number of conservatives in the house and senate who say it's not acceptable to them so there's a tremendous question right now as to whether. There's enough strength behind this package in either the house or this and and the house speaker saying it's a binary choice they need to do this you don't it's the last chance Republicans are gonna happen. And you got its president trump trying to charm. At least for now Republican members to get behind it so will be watching it very closely with him you know little. You know if those harms become threats at some point. And if they seize this opportunity. Or miss this opportunity repeal and replace obamacare. Right and so will have a pivotal thing happens as early as today and that is the CBO score this is again. The official estimate of how much this thing's gonna cost and how many millions of people could stand to lose or gain. Coverage of displaying goes into effect again it's based on the best estimate of the economists who work for the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office seen. As the score keepers on Capitol Hill. Who really had deep analysis of all this the independent estimates going into this though by at the Brookings Institution and by Standard and Poor's. And even the AARP is to their own analysis they all say that the text of this GOP repeal replace and plan alone. Without faces two and three would result in millions of people. Finding that their current coverage as either unavailable or out of reach from a cost standpoint. So it's gonna be bad news any Republican leaders know it they've tried to brace themselves for it. Maybe the best thing they have to hope for is that we we've got a big storm coming maybe it'll. You'll notice lizard its latest hey everybody I don't look Riley three airport look at that big snowstorm. And so and and listen also to and it's a incredibly busy week here at the White House. Tomorrow the president Germany is gonna come and talk present trump about trade between the US and Europe. This week that the president is gonna take his case for obamacare on the road he's going to Nashville for a rally late Wednesday night he's got he's budget. Being unveiled this week. And later today he's gonna sign an executive order it's aimed at analyzing the size and power of the federal government and whether each. Agency and department can justify its own existence and I ate each person who works at agencies that it wet weather that person needs to be there. That this system big stuff. That the trump administration hopes to accomplish and it's a big week as they aim to accomplish. CBS's Stephen born I will be listening to each and every one of your reports this week. So you can keep us up to date on what's going on not only with the battle over health care and the legislation surrounding that. But all the other myriad of things that you have just mentioned and I'm sure there will be some surprises we haven't even anticipated. Very quickly before election run I do wanna ask you about this one development and health care of the weekend of the deals with. Employees who declined genetic testing. Could face penalties under the bill. Do you expect this amendment will survive or this portion of the healthcare legislation will survive and that employers will be able to require your. Their employees to be subject to genetic health testing in order to get health insurance. I'm going to be honest he gave I don't know a great deal about this proposal I've heard reports about it I'm gonna do little more digging in my hand. But yet it seems as though it if it's that objectionable. I don't see it as that. Likely to survive. I would imagine that something could very easily throw out with the bath water if there is going to be yet objection to it obviously a reason you'd want. Such a provision in it is CA you know 88 employee errors could figure out away. To predict their health care costs going forward that that stansted to benefit them in the way they planned but obviously. There's that potential of people could be discriminated against for their genetic makeup and nobody would want that. Our eyes never dull and so much going on in Washington these days you have line big jobs even born I thank you. For being our CBS correspondent keeping us up today and on and all will be checking in with you very shortly we appreciate the time. You Beckett Steven Portnoy in Washington DC I'm Dave going up Nextel dive a little deeper into this. House committee passed legislation that would allow your boss to order you. To have genetic testing what's that all about we'll find out after this in the think tanks. Dave cone and a think tank for Garland Robinette over the weekend that we saw several reports including one from the Washington Post dealing with a US house committee. They've passed some legislation that says employers could impose hefty penalties on workers. If they declined to participate in genetic testing. As part of a workplace wellness program. In general employers that don't have the power now under federal law to require genetic testing because of privacy concerns but that may change if this becomes a part of the larger health care legislation. Does it make sense to you that people should undergo genetic testing so employers and insurance companies could no. What they're genetically pre to posed for in terms of health problems so they can get an idea of what will this employee cost me. To treat them over the next 5101520. Years however long they work there. It makes sense. On one level to say if we know what it's gonna cost then we know. How to manage the finances but on the other hand do you want your employer. Knowing if you have genetic markers for particular diseases do you want your employer to know the deet tails intimacy. If you were DNA. And what your future may or may not a whole heck do you even want and now. Watch you're DNA says about your genetic probabilities to determine today to develop certain diseases some people. Do some people go to great extremes to get tested. Genetically to find out if they have the markers for example breast cancer. Some even then choose to have their breasts removed if there's a possibility. Likelihood. Or percentage chance they could develop breast cancer. Others say I don't want to know. I want to live my life and find out so many questions associated with this legislation. And it just one part of the increasingly. Confusing. Complicated twisting turning and folded over and over again. Legislation that is health care in the United States wearing keep you posted on every twist and turn every nook and cranny. As we can hear on WW well I'm Dave gone we'll get some analysis of what's going on after the news. Aged 10 o'clock in your car that's the one I always forget until the very last and it confuses me to know and when I glanced down as I'm driving and suddenly questioning late is that I am I thought it would. So please if you haven't sprung forward the clock in your car make sure you do that and 35 AM right now folks. Add couple days ago when the 935 but it is what it is that time has. Has changed a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll should employers to be allowed to provide. Her be allowed to require here genetic testing to provide health care coverage. 88% of you logging on at WWL the common voting in our brigade seventy ready jaguar opinion ball say no. Only 12% say yes house committee has passed a bill that would allow employers to slap big penalties on workers who don't. Take part in quote unquote wellness programs and get genetic health. Testing will delve a little deeper and that just a moment right now I want to bring into the conversation political analyst with real clear politics dot com. Tony mills say Tony. I don't think I'm glad you're here big day in DC when the Congressional Budget Office will. The nonpartisan. Congressional Budget Office will issue its scorecard. On the Republican health care. Proposal and let us know what will it cost the government what will it cost individuals and how all the numbers add up. What are you anticipating the CBO to say when this report does come out today and Willet. Help or hurt the president's efforts to get obamacare repealed and replaced. Pretty unlikely that the Republicans are gonna get good news from the CBO. Seems to be the safe bet the question what impact no. Eric it's sending what gets I think. Obviously. Not good going to be good PR for the president's efforts of course to this new health care bill. On the other hand I think we're gonna see the Republicans starring and liberty guns start injecting. And skepticism in India that's that's I think the Republicans will probably. I'm not be taking it too seriously. And that may or may not have. Downstream approximately later that I think in the short term they're gonna try to probably downplayed it he has. Where are we headed with this legislation to the CBO report comes out it's not going to be good news for the legislation by most accounts. The Republicans will try to downplay its say well they're not typically all that accurate this information is that reliable. Where are we headed with the repeal and replace efforts on obamacare and do you think there's gonna be any consensus enough to get the votes to make anything happen. Well we're real now that the the the bill could mean how's that that's proposal mccreery too many last week in and go to the third this week. Speaker I'm hoping that you can pretty to a house four vote next week. I would feel with the idea of getting into the senate. And out obviously under the senate ultimately on the present that's April. A tall order not least because there is genuine disagreement in the house already when the bill. Either goes far enough in repealing replacing obamacare. Or if he goes too far to our line needs to its control votes in the house about 216. To get the bill through. And many conservative members party have extra. They're Berkshire misgivings about it against that sort of bounce there between the more moderate wing of the party. And the conservative members. And then try to get the bill. A bill the senate that they can past. That merely tapped him multiple variables that you were. You know we've always talked about the two party system but it's starting to feel a lot more and more in Washington. Like we have at least three parties if not more because you have a really seems clear divisions within the Republican Party they're almost like two separate parties that just can't get along get on the same page even though they have a majority in the house majority in the senate. And a Republican in the White House. That's been important in and there's been some discussion about the sort of thing I think it was person answered about you know. They're always been genuine disagreements within parties and and to a certain extent. Parties or coalitions and into a certain extent that disagreement or help in normal and I think speaker line that last week or. We're seeing the normal legislative process work there's some truth to that the legislative process has mapped the owners the agreement and competing interest. And Barry is the kind of microscope on our profits right now that being I think the world is seeing is. You get that the Republican party's difficulty in bringing these disagreements into workable collection. And he will be a big task of speak out at the speaker irons are speakership and also president firm's leadership defeat picnic at all and together. Now do you think they will a repeal. And B if they do repeal will they come to an agreement on something to replace it with and what might that look like. I think it's typical saved part of the problem is that deep disagreement right now. Are on substance of the conservative wing of the party wants. Sheet opposite the current bill proposes rolling back Medicaid expansion also apply tax subsidies. Four. I should learn from. Americans who don't have insurance through their employer and the more conservative wing of the party want to. What seemed it would at a tax subsidies ought to have Medicaid double back up even earlier took part in how great your corner. Come together on certain issues on the other hand but he. In a moment and opportunity here which I think they would be on why not take advantage of I think something's probably ultimately in the crowd that. Special because they have these senate budget reconciliation process as a means to get something done right now. What that will look like I think. If it's hard to say it's not clear on how much. President probably going to be willing to negotiate with the more conservative. Members. And I think that's the frustrating part for the listeners for the public for the citizens not knowing. What their health care coverage might look like and now we're not talking about years from now which I'm a potentially months from now with the repeal takes place. In April and then they have to replace. What's that time frame look like we're gonna find out from Tony emails coming up after this as we head back to our political analyst was real clear politics dot com. After this brief timeout here on WWL. I'm Dave cone and for Garland Robinette text mediate 7870. You can call it 5042601. Point 78 Aegon voted our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll should employers be allowed to require genetic. Testing to provide health care coverage. We'll see are you voting online at WWL dot com business. 1047 Dave Conan for Garland Robinette Manning a think tank in our guest is Tony mills political analyst with real clear politics dot com you've probably seen him. On just about every news show there is out there helping us understand what's going on or as best we can in Washington Tony. When we jockey a moment ago you said you think that April is the target for repealing obamacare. Do you think Tony that. There will then shortly thereafter beer replacement. If not what's the timeline for replacing obamacare. And what might that look like. Sure well people have been the target date that speaker rhymes about that something like. An ideal and it's not clear whether or not gonna get. And of course that'll soon that the bill passes house. And then. Passed the senate and get signed into law for the that there isn't a lot lot conditional there. I think that if the current plan does become law. Some of the changes that are that are that are involved and the pill actually read murders first several years the case and so for example. People care act. Have as part of the Medicaid expansion which the bill would. Would roll back. The that would happen under the current proposal to go out want a one of the things that being debated right now are two of the more conservative. Anniversary of the house select feet that they moved up to 2008. That depending on which version of the bill lined up. Are being kind of lost any. Something that would have an impact for. At least until 2018 about that ought. It part of the appeal of this built for many Republicans that it does repeal and place. At the same time and that was an initial debate whether you can be done together. But the Republicans of the opportunities. On the rules in the senate. The budget reconciliation process actually begin replacing bell that's part of the reason mark speaker writer pushing hard for that. Where older more conservative Republican. Had previously been arguing for repealing perched. And getting that done in the work place later. So I guess bottom line is there's a lot that we don't know at this point we know there are goals we know there ideals note there is legitimate debate underway. But we really don't know what this bill. Might look like you even noted if at all. If it passes at all and so maybe obamacare gets repealed and replaced maybe it doesn't and may be what replaces it. Looks a little like it or not like it at all I guess it's just one of those wait and see things that we're gonna have to discount. Weather the storm as it. Yeah that's right I mean it's important remembered that at this point where we're talking about. A proposal that Madrid are two committees that will have to make enter another that the CBO are coming out we talked about. And then there's all the work they both beat Carolina present Tron have to do to get different. Of the Republican. Parties sign on and third depending on how those negotiations go different aspects of the plan may may change course speaker I'm said that he wants that passed that bill here's. So that's his goal Ulster defense dual president trumps. According to the chairman of the country Crockett more assertive. The Tea Party wing of the house at said the present trumpet open to their and put on changing the battle. So it's at that point it would get dyslexic how to negotiate are going to go I think. Then this week we should probably know more. And I look forward to knowing more in my big question is will my health insurance costs me more or less when this whole process is over and and I really don't have any idea right now. That is the big question in. That the chairman of the house for a pocket but I mentioned after the bout for him in the big trap. Premiums go up he thinks they may have about bills so we'll see what they had in nick and managed to do. And I think oh and all of us would like our health insurance across those last our health care costs as last when all's that is done. And we also want quality and I guess we'll see if we get both those things will keeping an eye and it all week and we appreciate your helping us understand where we're at Tony mills. With the real clear politics dot com emigrate. Earmark weather the storm by the way politically and the snowstorm. Heading your way I'm Dave cone and for Garland Robinette we'll take you voting and now are WWL I come negates him he ready jaguar opinion poll after this. You're text messages at 8787 in give us a Holler at 50426. 187. President Donald Trump just made some brief comments about the health care legislation and predicted that in turn to a quote go. Down down down if congress passes the current house GOP health care bill. The president says the number of plans available to consumers will go up. With changes in the law as proposed more coming up in the news Don thanks for calling your on WWL. Called it's. A problem that's up in the pocket. Like. Struggling to keep. It. It's not that we. It could or at least parts. And we. Were quite articulate our. Network. We hit one between. Major. They'll support under my belt and the sport but they become. But Don daunted thank anyway you slice it we in the middle class one that paying for the health care for those who can't afford it either in the form of subsidies in the form of extra hospital emergency room visit to go unpaid so our rates go up. Or through taxes that we pay for Medicare Medicaid are we gonna pay port. One way or another in the end. Don't. Actually. Before. Yeah. We're. Education. At. The verbal. They'll all stay in it and then we can call that education and pick up. Would that be something of Louisiana became the model for the rest of the nation for something. Down we appreciate the com thank you for your input now but let's think about this very. Difficult situation that one text message to date 7870 is going to quagmire. In Washington. Over health care we're gonna continue to think about it and let you know as soon as that budget report comes out and we're gonna follow every twist and turn you know at the top and bottom of every hour in the news. Iran WW well coming up next hour. I wanna talk about what happens. After life. Have you talked to your loved ones about how you wanna remember be remembered. I'd do some them last week I've never had to do before it wasn't easy. But I wanna you to help me think about it after this.