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3-13 4:20pm Bobby & Deke with Saints WR Ted Ginn Jr.

Mar 13, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with the newest member of the Saints receiving corps, free-agent signee Ted Ginn Jr.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well eleven years ago does Tommy was set in the national -- above league being here it out of the prominent Ohio State University. As a play it with gifted game changing speed now. He said in his eleventh season with a fifth different team that team being the New Orleans Saints it's operas now welcome in newly acquired receiver for the black and go to a game changing you did. Thank you so much so that time and man when you hear somebody say eleven years. Jack I can remember it was a Monday night I was some way eat some and I remember they said he had just returned the opening kickoff back. In the national championship game that doesn't seem like it was eleven years ago that was a long time ago. Oh yes for sure yeah. That ammunition. And a give them that here that Glasser. Accomplishment learning you. Two years ago. So you know to be right that you want to buckle and is always. Did we wouldn't what do you attribute to this long Jimmy in the immediate is the consistent averages about. Between two and a half to three and a half years the lifespan of a player how does somebody. Tripled or quadrupled it in eat in your eleventh year well at the table that because he's still fast. Leah identity and that kind of partly due within. That. You know why can't I can't of them on expansion. Back into it's. Long with chuckled geez that was. And the Latvians at colleges. So ingrained chapter grow true it is. Are we making too small gently. Operate. I'm quite vocal emotional. Major injuries that I haven't already shall. With that without them. She'd have been blessed. And I did that kind of two part question where you are you that right now if you. Ranked itself as far as speed. Have you lost a step by half a step park. Where do you think your rank because I know today's athlete you stay in shape year Rowell. And so like he said if you're avoiding Indy you still if you fast she fast. Not much dimmer than at 3121. Year old if you night dealing with any injuries and and it would that being said you were able this tragedy with him make big plays that Cam Newton but you got to be excited for the opportunities now. A pig to play we Drew Brees because he's friends the ball around and he will be given you a number of opportunities. Especially a dictating how the Davis would woods trying to stop the Saints passing attack. We are you know matters a great opportunity they would call of playing quarterback Drew Brees you know should. Please look at the pleasure to just go allotted just actually that the to. Or the lack. And you think you know back to a place you know much country and so years I've been decent so many years peaked out games. Abundantly achieved in Austin you know which college or pat. And sludge prayer in the financial load political oh and don't achieve the fly. In other wouldn't get would be to these captured OTA it's been like so it's great to rebel group that took out work at or. You know official gets that this season. Listening to it. Athletes of professional football players in NFL history in its head when you look at. Where you're at right now on nuclear thirty plus years. The ages kind of take the approach however I can help the team whether it's as a receiver. Or as a punt kick return rule what are the Saints talked about that as far as. Not only being a receiver. And being eleven there but also on the returning game where the Saints have struggled we've covered. Kickoffs well and puts well. But I returned to educate golf is that in the right whom well. In you can do go to the season with that it will let it should and then just work at a have more and get. It would turn and you know I'm. That pitch they eat in absolutely made the line you know confidential. I would never go in and out like that Lucic. We haven't talked before well you know Lou is on them. On the roster full one week now emotional. You know they do mentally at about ball roll. I'd take my alone. In except we will all of these it is collective plate. Or a bundle up. Now that I know you've played for a number of teams and obviously coming on Ohio State. Lol are you kind of back a bottle are aware do you make your home are do you make your home or whatever team. You're playing with and train year round and that's it. We well you know. So many years. Hit that they kind of different you know why evidently our whole patients trying to preach. You know I just as they were well man meant to but they do. Or. Like there at he would so then school so it was kind of hard at the up. Take a model partly political that it. You know shown you know I just try to stick to whatever that is who won the public right now most of the Charlotte. You know conscious what you wanna pack up ago. It through school and everything yet. Is that schools in essentially. The it is not a popular man squad that's the most which which you know. Being culled from a coaching background a couple of phone book full bore hospitals where you know who taught tentative on a roll here and it's pretty much ease. Dei Ginn junior is just basic is when a new members of the black and gold here on Saints radio WW AM FM and online at WW dot com. Did I just a few minutes ago you talked about when you came into the league you around some OG some guys that had been. In the league for close to double BD he is over double digit years and you soaked up some of their knowledge now do you find yourself eleven years later being in that role. What are what are you tale some of the last few years you tell somebody young receivers come into the league. They come up to you to man yeah how how have you been able to be here you know what what do you do we I would imagine is not. All all just on the Theo to stuff off the field and how you take your your body and things like that. Well you know. Want that nobody is incredibly stupid acts like in our chance it'll was the tradition people not the actual. Judy constantly being there. They're that well all the people form and conscious or into the page article are. Can go Q you mentioned Washington you'll be OK do what the next man to project is not election match. But you know you could take Jews didn't they. Where you do that the goal while and it throughout the game road trip though was going all out here. You know Shannon want to tell you cut its apex. You know. But it's not much break it's a marathon. Option out one of the the most sought as a young guy you know option so that's always know spray. Which then I got all the all that does it in the background that they. Now that the former got to go to the CBS news great. Now everyone's human even though you are professional athlete and all you would probably agree with the is that times you've been inconsistent navy catching the ball. And you get over in the finishing the deal we had a receiver but you might remember him Devery Henderson on Ellis she could stretch it deep and kids bombs. And then he actually got better. Can catch and info laws that one thing that you know could prolong your career. You Vijay is caught the ball more consistently where we'll worry you nobody had to hand vessels who's supposed to catch it. And get a big a reception is the Saints a touchdown but. Just talk about where that's at how frustrating it is at times when you know he can make that plays that just maybe lack of concentration Iowa. Yeah it does go back to Tuesday and we moved in on San. And you know and that and that approach man you gotta go along the deal actually all you choose. In Russia does not beat me I want quite Palmolive DP anyway peavy gave board on top but it ought to explain. Given the chance that I was taught. He thought about the bench late and you know I've been brought up by applause and I can't distinction or. And today wouldn't. Who cares about and write laws and those guys are essential for the troubled pop it back of the that you do in life expect them. Dig in junior did god bless you thank you so Mike there.