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3-13 5:10pm Bobby & Deke with Saints DT Nick Fairley

Mar 13, 2017|

Bobby & Deke chat with Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley on the heels of his new contract with the black and gold.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

People in these thoughts Nolan for being one of the most dominant. Players and all of college football when he played for the Auburn Tigers in game became a top draft pick. Thirteenth overall in the first round and haven't ran after the Tigers won the national title. With the Detroit Lions in its in time with the Rams and now the Saints and sent to stage an opportunity to welcome and nick fairly did radio and nick thank you so much for the time in. You know a year or so go to nick went went fans turn you being here they were there was so excited. And I think the majority of faint in these parts because a geographically where we're located. They understood where you have played the pros but they were gone like man if nick fairly is to get that we heard about when he was in Weston Nicole and and are not and I know we've gone because it and I know you know I'm coming from bigger for people people who knew you from the ACC before he is a RO. My way if it. The. So at Sunday now that I do look a look back on it with with a one year deer and basically hate I'm going out here and in eighteen players always say yet to prove themselves all the time and we're. What was it like last season for unique when you look at basically it it was a it we solid number wise as a career year but your take on the season you had last year. Oh I'll move one loses in the career. Come out. Lecturer a program that proved that to our commanders here in the years ago. I well and there all four. There in the who essential. Poor years ago and Libya or Google. Now a big take the fans. Like a diva it's a blind meeting room and and I told them and is that an opinion. That this what are card on the field you know you look at it we have to get better as a defense as a whole whether it's Russian of passes past a stop in the run. Pass defense that all goes hand in hand. But I told fans and Sydney crowd it was a big part of this that if you look at all of the 32 defense is the Saints worn number one. Against runs as far as average of the middle we only gave up 2.2 yards of run. Aniston won it fairly is a big part of that rotation when you talk about Tyler Davidson. When rain gets job back you know all mignon had a bit dug the hole double bill of goods but the point I'm Aiken. Just break down my put of fans like the pride yellow cake and not he's being able to have righted the gut and ideal. All of us. So Lugar of Portland to tryout or go to murder and attitude. And some daughters these decisions are more at work there. You really didn't practice. The other then go to computers. I saw them beat you know it's 002 at. All. It in the new guy you know that guy that air national scrapbook put off. It it isn't about they're sort of will be much with Butler go. Not lectures this scenario would be for him there go out on the back move a runner to break camp. Now nickel when you look at. The way you add in your career. Obviously how important it was a blog you can Aggie KG needed to bit you could play a wooded area that you our community that you familiar with. Because you have ended the self. Mobile and you all of that kind of goes hand in hand at the proximity location. To be held to play would at the local team basically does the good and nation is big and mobile and to build that get rewarded financially but also get the play with the home team in this thing. Oh. And I actually global sense than the numbers you. Or they were considered in the ancient Q who won't cheaply as they went there. You know who registered to vote you out here. Edmonton the so so great years got to play action. On the first heard chip. Those are flatware operator. You're. Saying there's no news ago. Nick it was late in night you know conflicts and conflict and TV and tell her you know remote control and let it DNC. Minister current big fairly and I'll look at it in those Mardi Gras time earlier Jose Guillen declared its celebrating Marty on mobile and and again as they had some shall plan in the said the couldn't get in my of the state. There's a so what happened that I put fuel you're having a good time man has a martyr. About a world don't own. All. Drink yeah. Now you're a fan base and ammo Bay Area both Wade Davis so what Avant does that the the performer. Came recall his name. Was he deserves that is a said that few of the agent. Initially as long who broke. It met the admiral T-Mobile newly nickel and her bra that. Aaron the Knicks fan is not as against new for extensive with a blank ago. I'm back in and look and when you come out of high school aid you know in mobile. And you go to Cologne and where you became I mean how is that unit almost double digit sacks in 08 they have the will pick. And we when you come from high school to two college was it a situation where the schools that recruit you and Hewitt has to. I don't Williamson followed you root through coal man was it placement or did he kind of opened up the game at the those seasons there in and you had I knew I guess a new recruit them to. Are there and say carbonneau. Have a clue arbor and our members are. That you lose Duca went there and he either goes through column. Here great. It political careers where they Kendrick opened up what from ma ma ma and Auburn desperately that there wouldn't go into it. And when you you look back on their magical two down European season I know forget that Kentucky game and that can lure aimed at people who didn't. Realize who cam was in and nick fairly where I mean I was like back in full bag before they won the game the way it was tight defense but. The big plays you know in the evening gaming Camby did you had the two best players in the conference call home eight sack cam offense in BP. You all defense what what was it like in practice I mean I can imagine the competitive noble or what was it like every day active facing two guys to some believe. Who there were exempt no. Candidate prior to who I would go well where trucks. But I know we owe him try to mix as well too cool or below on the bricks they all. So if there has been kind of broke through and laughter. Record for them to those who has Lautenberg and couldn't beat sort prior. Nick now when you look at it moving forward do you been in the league and established veteran you're where water with a great extension at that. A co a career year you had a great year what what's next an extra. Well who's director of the could you were a few days. You're right yeah you're you're measure to keep order Nomar trade cards. About it. Yeah nick over the years from high school college pro and any names that do you teammates do you France gave you was it some. Got it and I get on the effects near the main you have back in the day when Ewing in mobile come up as a youngster at any big name nick fairly game with a little bit nasty big sexist. Yeah she. Live you know it's yeah it all been big deliver that. They collender Murton on the days of true blood or period they're going to be. Over the grew old Brittany Irish. You know hurt her period I've congress Italian you know at at at at. Kruger Knicks fan when nick congratulations gate to Mimi you all you all a product of if the system is what they say it is it is supposed to be. You look you get an opportunity. You take advantage of it and you should be rewarded and I think that's exactly. Would you DN Ortiz this defense and his team in this claim based are certainly excited to Chip Beck and info move a poll of the foremost he's congratulation union family. And we'll see you again in April when DOT he's been. It up yet it that you don't have the ego big you know everybody's got to be a little better shape you know training camp mean guys night game we all out if he. Fans thank you so much enjoyed it. I RI considered expert team on merit Connecticut this is puke all American west the Mississippi. As athletes to fatten talking again and I can just outside I can't walk though can't Mississippi. And gain an DC united I didn't realize in the counts as game if it was a situation where he would recruited. And Andy they're recruiting process kind of opened up again at the he's used to did you Colo but basically we says he committed to Auburn in gain when he he had to go to Duke oh. And went back to Auburn to the kind of place him there. Board and its solid hand you know he stay with him not a time to see it opened back up mean some people go to different places. And you were heated job with them believe me I don't know if you are that was see Bobby. This same time I'm sure they're probably had it. But I'd as dominant as a performance is cam was all offense and Auburn a year. That's when nick was on the Friday yeah clearly that you PP in the ACC you. Well it and then you look at the Woody did last season now he needs to do now. Along with Shelvin Rankin. They don't he's got to get double digit sacks and they keep combined. To have about 1415 thanks d'antoni made it peaking get like 666. And a half sacks a year. And rankings and about generosity and I have because had a season. What ring is at four reporter yeah around there so that's bad that that the combination of them up the middle they can do it anyway cloud and actually that was right at your rotation.