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3-13 6:10pm Bobby & Deke with Saints QB Drew Brees

Mar 13, 2017|

Bobby & Deke discuss the Saints offseason with quarterback Drew Brees.

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The quarterback of the New Orleans Saints he would with the talk about a variety of time is pretty free agency in gigs that I'm about a month from now all season work Drew Brees take the radio or drew. Thank you so much for that time and drew I go back about oh. And over a decade ago this time a year with I guess a chance on an exciting one for you a lot of uncertainty. What what's it like drew for a guy even in your situation to feel like your new teammate taking your proven. You've got to skins on the wall you know that you're due to a top your game you can do some things. But that uncertainty not knowing where you'll be mix if you'll be next I would imagine even the most secure person it's got to mean these games and titles on the wall. It would steal at a varies may be raised eyebrow at like eight yeah I'm concerned about it. What I mean it in the coming years or heavier because. During its free agency you you acquire guys and you lose some guys. You know traits that and you know those things can happen doubts over the last couple weeks. But I I mean really I look at it very exciting time group our parking ticket take shape. What's going to be next year and went on to the practice is fast approaching and you know we've got a lot of experience first three rounds which is a great opportunity acquire young talent. A lot of different areas and you know aside I think we're just a few they produced a few new pieces away it is into the public beginning to come together. And grow very excited about that. Now drew looking at the receiving corps in high he always spread the ball around. You have this is an argument that the Bears definitely in the conversation. But the top a trio of receivers. That being Michael Thomas though Willy as the union obviously branding coach who no longer in the fall. What role do you view Ted Ginn junior obviously still fast can stretch the defense vertically like branding coax. Is that a case in point where you try and get extra work put him to be familiar. Or. Are how how would you compare would you compare him maybe a situation that when you got to Noah Devery Henderson a little better because it just saves like maybe is this. Coincidence but this is saying like the more you work to do every. Then he caught the ball better compared to the beginning of his corner and a Ted Ginn. There's one thing daisy now only he can bring it. At a high level being in his thirties young thirties but he's dropped the law every now and any consistent cancer will what did you work with him the evening get a better in that area. Yeah I think I think that is what's his best football here last year. You know when he kind of made no matter where the Carolina. The second time and he you know he's going to be part of their opportunities made a bunch of explosive plays and I think more impressive than that though these sort of fast guys but I think he's become. A very polished receiver and a lot of ways. And he's a veteran guys who's who's been around a long time. And so I think he brings that element that will that that element of experience. I'll look forward to working with them a look forward to. You know I can't say I know a talk about the player other than what I've seen I see him being in the division a couple of years. But. I think he's gonna have a great role on on our within our receiving corps. To complement some guys that they. I think are great young players. In in Willie need to Michael Thomas and Brandon Coleman. Excited to forward you know this this offseason as well I mean every out he's I spent a lot of time with these guys have. You know there's new. New wrinkles that we were always introducing in the offseason. Earned. Offensively we're policies and certainly as we giggle all the stuff you know that. That's. Beginning to build the chemistry you know for what's going to be awfully great your. Saints quarterback Drew Brees joining us here on Saints radio WW LA MFM in dot com drew. Always a busy time my man down to even as he does drew have asleep I would imagine you know he's he's got a very regiment about his. His body takes care of himself the drew even when there is no offseason with business going on out something that you talked about. I awhile back with a venture with some different things including walk on and now some of the location just on the open up once coming up but just outside the beverage area over there in Zachary. There real open or eleventh walk on location today backers which. I we've got a picture of that blue line beat you at 8:30 this morning. And it was it was quite a long line by the time we open and so burglary was very excited about that location. Restaurants under construction in Tyler. I think Antonio is is is searching Austin reduced confirmed that. As a franchise location and quite a few others and in the week in Texas so. We've we should we should build 710. What those locations. In those areas here just this year. So where we're we're growing like crazy there's a lot of excitement around Brandt we've got a bunch of great franchisees. And just excited that we can take you know what was. You. Small Louisiana brand you know. Over the last ten years in him and ticket nationally as a as a franchise brand out. And our drew look good at not a significant player Larry wall for. And I kind of premise of on the back I kind of surviving gets to the Saints and it lasted for agencies simply because. The track Greg in the past Sonoma or Carl Nicks and you know you try to work on the salary cap who you gonna pay him does go on going to Tampa Bay we bring in being Grubbs. And I thought Larry wolves forward for the bank for your buck. Could be a type player now than against jar because I know you think Jahri Evans. But Basie and the players 78 years younger and we solidifying the middle and I am playing alongside a Max Unger. Oh would was extremely things like that we shouldn't be missed a beat with the addition of I won't for. Bowl then the running game and have protect and you. Yeah I think that's a great addition no coach great at a lot of you rave reviews for him and everyone outspoken too you know he was music great teammate. Did you or did you Escude in the do you talk to close the morning also because obviously ending the quarter of their he had an album. Yeah yeah I know that he and and he had he had sort of put in as well. Yeah I mean. As far as the process you try to find out if you're productive players that were great guys as well and so there to eat and and that's. But he said he but you're Jahri Evans is there such a mainstay at that position for a crucial for us you know so. I think you know Vickers who bittersweet you know and and I don't. You know. I don't think there's nothing set in stone used to howl you know. It Dario ever come back like that by receipt when you signed you guys like that too long term deal you know. Again there's a lot of excitement around him as a player and what what he can bring to the offense to. Now drew what can you tell the fans suckers you faced them I know is now loopy cleavage you played a Panthers twice a year AJ Klein. And he played latter part of season and really came into the game. When a key Cooley had a concussion but. What Tabitha you seen on film maybe a guy like AJ Klein when he's the ring at a table for the linebackers. Yeah. You know other guys that you're just in talking to some of the Carolina players bill had a ton of respect for him. Like you extremely intelligent tough guy you know times that we play against them. You know you've got you got that question you know the result. He had great command of the defense and very comfortable. In and that system which you don't acquire that position to check quite a bit and we see. Lose key we obviously. You know when he's in America to cut of that attention. He. Field communication that's going on the you know they decline whatever he was a very key receptions. Would do a great job of that as well so I think that was a great pick for. Drew when all this has been on your foundation all the stuff you do all of the few you and your wife in their reach now to community you're a fan of being a part of the community about concede you all around and doing things. As elemental point in time grew way it'd be easier and Q we know about the moment and aunt and Jimmy John's as the idea attack sandwich but. And they have and shooter he drew get in the lamb but acquaintances became we want to do. Come out what you would be your favorite dish it or try to get some shifts around in cook as it has it been world process of that signature Drew Brees. That does that the best the best one is probably back to Purdue University there was there was kind of a who greasy spoon. Yeah I called culture xxx xxx diner yet and it was kind of a late night spot. You know and only ninety auto regional at the end had a good look at. But it you know like breakfast what it Forsett Canada a place so. They had me as a as though at least have produced and we that we haven't practiced you know what would it be. And you know you can customize yourself that are out but I don't like. Country fried steak headaches. With hash Browns in Beijing and they weren't smothered at all in in cream gravy. Well October drew us all the children. All of a million Eddie net and we did you'd have a gut. Malhotra. Got bought out at the gut accurately accurately right right right. Hand and sound you hit it. Yeah it's it's fun to go you know uncle of social media. You know little tentative you know like I mean you know after pretty special here xxx yeah enough for the picture of it and I got out of the picture of it. It's pretty enticing. Our television partner it during our era is it xxx is still a steal in as Dubai you know gone all out and was that via. Absolutely absolutely that's that's still have to look pretty legendary place in fact I think it was on you or that show like. Yeah I had the idea what gas area your. Austin drew has everything which which you mentioned Walt on that this is eleven going to open up exactly a great great community over the exact Greek. This outsider Andrew has he has it gone like you like the mobius eating you've noted about the has been to Utah Utah noticeable when this first came together and you guys. Got together that this was something you that you fan you excitement of fall were to happen how's it been now on the Lola gets them over a year to you've been involved in our local. I was. That is I was really excited about this for a lot of reasons of the award brain injury you know one of the founders college grad all about well players that you. I'll. His leadership his passion for the brand and what he's create. On the just being aligned with an apartment there has been tremendous. All of the opportunity to take a Louisiana company and take it nationally because a lot of pride in that you know you feel like. You're giving the rest of the country pace to Louisiana cajun cuisine. On. It's it's it would differentiate that I think from a true traditional sports bar is the food is it's fantastic. In fact. Typically in export or Monty say we yourself about points not so sure it will certainly percent of sales food. You know that because people keep coming back for the suit its grapefruit into great experience you know Versailles and their firm were it not just. Guys went out to watch the game that's a night at stake the family there is some people gain that's the other there's something there. For everybody for at least and then Ian. Absolutely so there's a lot of different. You know market a lot of different cities and didn't Wear a place like walk on walks and then. Very well received where we are you know what the sexes. Is there were fantastic the franchise there. Treat sport that pitchers don't report that boat or sitting right outside. Tyler Texas Austin Houston Dallas San Antonio almost have been franchise church sort of built up those communities so. Were to continue to make our way through itself the Tinder grow on you we've got forty plus. Franchisees are franchises and signed on to be built over the next 56 years so let's have worked. We're excited about you know the direction of order and never mentions her son about the brand. Now drew a more football question before we let you run. When I was there again and how the season and folded in and obviously. You look at all of its indeed Vince is doing and we always talk about the turn oval margin you know in the up. Hopefully go on the plus side I look at obviously firs downs were number 13 down a percentage number one scoring offense. Only second behind Atlanta Falcons. Well but I was kind of surprised a thing like in years past this has not been the case where. We've had scenarios where we scored. I want to say like you know first of four possessions on getting a touchdown but I'll look at what all's said and done. And now I don't I don't know this ever happen except for this year that we were outscored. In the first in the second quarter social gonna to have time. As I and that always playing catch up but I'll never really seen as being outscored in the and it first and second quarter. You know autism when I was aware that that stats specifically. We don't talk about starting fast you know I think important first drive and get points she creates momentum back from saint. You know. I would say if you just took the stat. You know being at halftime. I'd say typical the euphoric at halftime which you were percentage is let's say I don't. Were pretty quiet pretty high on the percentage of winning you know Woodward leading at halftime so. Prisoner you know. I think if you're doing all the other things that you mention right by the turnover ratio. You know third down percentage and sustain drives and all all that and the take care of this that you yelled. The scoring in the first and well second half differential while that. Yeah I mean. I think the one thing you saw it land and do really really well this year and they were fast start team you know there were 88 straight games were a year. Or touchdown or less of them. They use felt like special playoffs and they page about seventeen not ever been and they just get rolling quickly him. There's definitely a mindset. Horror. An emotional psychological thing goes along. I know potentially at Roland as a team. You know winning 12 games in a row we get up on people all the sudden you give them in the field lights. They do this in the big hole shall overcome and I think he's put a lot of pressure on them so an assortment Kirk. Last start we're in the first pass of the second half with a lead and just being able to ride them. Drew Brees cause so many different Nancy where is the big going on the Saints and who'd a nation on Sundays and other days and also in the community. And clueless at the mental welcomes location. In second in June when you get ready start cranking out with a Dunkin' Donuts do you get up to my neighbor to intentional prayers now drew I'm not too proud I'll be glad to glaze and four in ninety your leg power a rocket over the don't know account bay about make sure nobody nobody gets one delays without painful. So you are out of two over here in oh sure benched. You're so wrong coast. Drew Brees drew as always thank you so much at a time good luck this out with see you before long and I'm you have Sam their way up Andrew formulate your own right quake you feel about your bracket that we have in the final four and we got to win the championship and I liked Knicks want against her and they're Drew -- here is he's a freight train man. Yeah he's this stuff up per Purdue. They've you know they've won the Big Ten outright regular season they lost the first round at turner which. I'm I'm. Hope it is a good thing is that it provides hope the most patient you know great debut in the and to that he can term it or so good habit of former. The Big Ten in the regular season so hopefully will be really motivated to conceded that bracket. Outlook to the Oilers though you know sweet sixteen and beyond so we'll we'll Seattle played up at Melbourne are all so. Absolutely Drew Brees drew thank you so much for the time what talked gains and Carter.