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3-13 4pm Bobby & Deke: with Saints wideout Ted Ginn Jr. and LSU Coach Paul Mainieri

Mar 13, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with new Saints receiver Ted Ginn Jr. then chat with LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri about the Tigers' weekend sweep of Wichita State.

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And good evening and welcome the sports are going to 8 o'clock tonight right here on WW coming up and just a few moments new Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn junior. So we'll break earning get to the speedy veteran player. LSU coach Tom and areas whether it's after the Tigers come up with a big week hand over Wichita State. Column espanola dot com attached to you Larry holding gives us his take on the Saints action going into the weekend of course about branding cooks in a trade to New England Patriots. They have punched a ticket in years they are dancing tomorrow night in Dayton Ohio taken on mount Saint Mary's giving up. But the you know privateers coach mocked semester into a Guillen will be where this. At 635. Brandon playing professional sports better. Is talking about retirement and how many folks are involved in make brackets. And make multiple brackets in game bracket content like bracket analogy you'd be surprised especially how I am a late eighties and of course the stock yes it's sixty and Saints quarterback Drew Brees stops in the radio out of give us his take. On three agency among other things as always a number to get him all these 2601870. You can to Ecstasy at 87870. Off already jaguar opinion Pau. Going into this week in its been a long time since sent him back and go out with talk about all weekend long day it wasn't any game in the week. And that was what went down make Friday evening when the Saints. The wood off betray with the New England Patriots not a passion all weekend long it's what people have been talking about all oh the barber shop. The post office way of outside a church so operated jaguar annual WW dot com who do you think won the cook straight. The Saints the Patriots or do you take. The stands it's too early detail I'll wait and see what transpires. After we see picks being me KG can't afford to go first quick break you and that they kind of on the same page. The bit about these trade two ways. It would have looked him a bit better in earth. And I meant to go with here well can we maybe give the paid his back differ from play in the third round pick from Malcolm. You know now Malcolm but that was involved that note. He can play I mean he. Now the thing is that I hope who their pick in Indian line trust trust and the scouting department and Jeff Ireland. That that's going to be. A pick then it's going to be magnified. Positive or negative way that works out or not with the how to utilize the Patriots deacon and also. What they do their eleventh overall game it would Cubs about what that. It's almost at the point where. The things are so desperate. That they have to get better defensively. It is have to UK keep hovered around 500. In really on the 500. Because that's. Even a slightly below average. We knew every year six having coaches get fired. I was reading somewhere overly eager. It's all season the Garrity got ten NFL coaches on the hot seat in it seemed as an NFL network. And it's a base got third and took. Q so when you look at it now. Was even magnified because you look at the scouting department who you gonna drive you look at branding coach is departure. He ends that tenure of Saints the entire 2014. Draft class. At least coats lasted three seasons. Which is more one more season any of the other picks. So what date right now. The Saints got hit. On the draft like he did last season which I think I needed hit and and I'm a big children Rankin fan. And ID be going past that and I think he got hit this year. And even got to hit nature almost going to be to trifecta. As far as personnel would you bring an on board. Now you know there was rumors out there to distinctive pages may be could re re visit a deal the big big to Butler. Late later on them in the Patriots do that. They don't have to do that I'm tell you right now Brittany coach is gonna have success. In a Patriots uniform. The next two seasons and is still not gonna pay him. The Pedro that would appear on the fifteen million now they gonna get him owners say deep one point eight Indian eight million India but the night and again that being. Paid days so. And the Patriots are gonna read the benefit of branding cooks. Simply because. What he brings to the table you look at Andelman element Ammon Dolan. And Alison have grown comes back well look all the weapons on a Tom Brady has so you don't think Tom Brady's gonna spread the wealth like Drew Brees breakers that gonna get more. A targets. They got a Saints uniform so. Well look at that now he's going to the one advantage for cook well he's gone and defending suitable champions. Right and and that right now with the Patriots have done big when you say. I mean look at AFC are are on the greatest of favored. I'll in the AFC again no doubt found a suitable I don't know who you put all of them but financially and as far as being in the man. I don't being brand it could to be more demanding New England when he was with the same. All right did gain junior judges next this is sports star Drew Brees at sixty and in my apartment aired about it this out a lot to get you on WW. Well eleven years ago does Tommy was set to enter the national for above league being here it out of the prominent. Ohio State University. As a play it with gifted game changing speed now. He said in his eleventh season with a third different team that team being the New Orleans Saints it's operas I'd welcome in newly acquired receiver for the black and go. They gauging you did. Thank you so much for the time limit when you hear somebody say eleven years. Jack I can remember it was a Monday night I was some way eaten some and I remember they said Guillen just returned the opening kick off back. In the national championship game that doesn't seem like it was eleven years ago that was a long time ago. Oh yes for sure. And ammunition. Yeah and then that hear them but greater. Accomplishment learning you know two years ago. So. You know to be want that you want to buckle and it is always. Did what. What do what do you attribute to this long jamming in the and the league did it the consistent averages about. Between two and a half to three and a half years the lifespan of a player how does somebody. Tripled or quadrupled it in eat in your eleventh year well at the table that because he's still fast. Clear to me yet that kind of partly due would've. That you know I can't if I can have a lot of guys. Back into. Mom chuckled geez that was now. Community latins in com like just so they remain just chapter about who it is. Are we making too small gently enough. Should operate. Cool uncle Arsenal. Major injuries that happened armory shall. With that without them the department. Should have been blessed. And I did that kind of two part question where you are you that right now few. Ranked itself as far as speed. Have you losses stabbed by half a step park. Where do you think you're right because I know today's athlete you stay in shape year Rowell. And so like he said if you avoiding Indy you still if you fast you fast. Now Mike Zimmer that a 3121. Year old in the united dealing with any injuries and and it would that being said you were able to tragedy it's to make big plays that can Newton but you got to be excited for the opportunities now. Pig to play we Drew Brees disease spreads the ball around and he will be given you a number of opportunities. Especially a big stating how the Davis would woods trying to stop the Saints passing attack. Williams you know as a great opportunity they would. Of playing quarterback Drew Brees you know should. Please look at the pleasure to just Golan which is actually. That's two. Sort of what I. And you make impact right place you've gone much country and so we years I've played decent over the years big trap games. I'm glad that she's in Austin you know which colors or. And much player on special load chemical while we got to Pebble Beach unified. Enough that we can get would be to these captured a created its been like so you know it faced a rebel group that took out. Were camp or. It on official content if he. Who regularly take game junior and his Saints wide receiver also Le has the ability to contribute on special teams one of passes. Athletes of professional football players in NFL history and its head when you look at. Where you at right now on nuclear thirty plus years. The ages kind of take the approach however I can help the team whether it's as a receiver. Or as a punt kick return rule what are the Saints talked about that as far as. Not only being a receiver. And being eleven there but also on the returning game where the Saints have struggled we've covered. Kickoffs well and putts well. But our return game is to educate goals is that in the right whom well. In can we do it going to the season that it will let you handle just work out I have one that definitely. Which there is no I'm. That you it jeeps it'll absolutely made the line you know non credentialed. I would have remembered going out like that shoots. We haven't talked before well you know Lou is aren't gonna. On the roster full while we now emotional. You know in due time mentally or probable role. I think our world. It except the world these it is collective plate. Oklahoma and I'll. Now did I know you've played a number of teams and obviously coming out of Ohio State. Oh are you kind of back a bottle or where do you make your home or do you make your home or whatever team. You're playing with in a train year round and that's it. When you well you know. So many years. This is an epic kind of different you know Miami upgrade our whole extra threat that they preach it. Natalie. I decided they were well man and at the bit to do. It like there. Actually it's not so they're at school so those kind hearted. Take a model of violent political and that it is emotionally you know I just try to speak to whatever that is one don't like it right now to the Charlotte. In what style Papp public well. School and is that schools in essentially. Did. It is not a popular man squad to the most switch over. Being culled from a cultural background a couple phone book full bore hospitals where you know will talk to him on a roll here and is pretty much ease. Dei Ginn junior is especially gays when a new members of the black and gold here on Saints radio WW AM FM and online at WW dot com. Did I just a few minutes ago you talked about when you came into the league you around some OG some guys that had been. In the league for close to double digit years over double digit years and you soaked up some of their knowledge now do you find yourself eleven years later being in that role. What are what are you detail some of the last few years you tell somebody young receivers come into the league they come on do you it's a man in. How have you been able to be here you know what what do you do we I would imagine is not. All all just on the Theo to stuff off the field and how you TK your body and things like that. Well you know. Want that nobody is you got to finish to act like emotions. Opposed to a traditional people are actually. Actually they understand what being that. Is that well all the people for emotion and in the page article on. And can go Q you mentioned Washington grow you'll be okay. Who would the next man too drastic that you're not to mention man. But you know you can take too didn't they. Let you didn't allow it and it throughout the game should go with his Cologne an out there and you know Shannon want to tell you what kind of shape and it's all. But it is not much break it's a marathon. Option notes on there then I'll talk as a young guy in college nationals you've got to always know Brett. Which I don't he got all the travel distance and in the background that they. Now that the former got to go to the CBS news great. Now everyone's human even though you are professional athlete and all you would probably agree with this at times you've been inconsistent may be catching the ball. And you get open to finishing the deal we had a receiver. A you might remember him Devery Henderson on Ellis you can stretch at the advantage bombs. And then he actually got better. Can catch in Nepal laws that one thing that you know could prolong your career. You be just caught the ball more consistently where we'll worry you nobody had to hand vessels who's supposed to catch it. And get a big reception is the Saints a touchdown but. Just talk about where that's at how frustrating it is at times when you know he can make that play is it just maybe lack of concentration Nolan. Where it does go back to a Tuesday we will. You don't share. And it you know and pragmatic approach man. It is article I'll be actually a couple inches you're frustrated there's not that BB. All of our club while with the EP Taylor and peavy is born on top but it got a bench play. That dimension and now most club and thought about actually unit we have locked up problems. And I just 61 of the gang would. Who cares about the right all those guys are essential had a terrible flop of the two back of the that you do and I respect what. Dig in junior did god bless you thank you so might there. They gained junior folks newest member one of the new members of the New Orleans Saints at the Saints every team in the form of a contract extension. Nick fairly joins us in about thirty minutes Drew Brees at six and ending before we go to Terry you know all they would just of the in my hand and I'm not worried. About you know the role in college who spreads the ball around and the contract in the defense I see Ted Ginn junior do that again but how and how the help of the and you know it's slot I still look at it OK we talking about offensive player. But that's what it's going to be so important. I don't know preakness is not over AJ Klein well Woody's we do defensively were all excited about war reporting guard and everything. But the defense. How can we get the defense were there relevant and hopefully. Guys will step up. The line backing corps mean all across the board will. Maybe Lance and David have been obvious that it can yarn but you have we got it you know at Colorado coach in this and then now housed Winnipeg dollars and not worry about the author. The league when you think about are you gonna say you truly word about offers considering over a decade. Knowledge branding coach what did Jimmy Graham Reggie Bush now there it's pro that say yes that we never really replace that we still have the number one passing attack to the top three offense Chris Ivory Kenny still feel. This that this could help by divas get better and now it's all going to be and hindsight when it all breaks down and the venues they okayed. They did the right thing but it's. Just right now do you trust the Saints organization. That they gonna pick. The right players. Who have a significant impact in you know I'll make you some times and a lot of general managers do this as an excuse. But it is true just visual stunning college I don't know you might be a stud. In the NFL what it's a big Beasley when a studies rookie year right is next year you led the NFL fifteen have sacked and I wouldn't it if you'd had that year are closer to it may she about when he started Babineaux and and it would have been a proud team ever right. So we go out about it yes so the point being it would that it it. It is like. All of a sudden you know general managers always gotta get time it is true three for the Disco they don't work out maybe the first couple years. You know it might take 45 years and all of a sudden. The things they'll Keeneland and I patient because they can't be patient and have success and Morales. But just right now where to Saints Iraq they don't have that luxury we need immediate impact Marrero for Terry Terry thank you for calling WW yeah. Big if there. I don't know why street or turnout we all in the game. He'd what. To. It would. Child Payton and Jim Bill Belichick. It the commissioner. And you get there in the pro be. Neat to doing what pages if it was any. The reports there of each home each owning and regardless of how you feel about the trade it would it would Ares is. Is without question about it Embree depart it is because argued they could do franchises that one big thing they got in common is I would say disdain for the commissioner. Exactly so that's why and let that get paid well. You know we could do it now but right now it is yet our contract off your bank in that. About what he's somewhat New England got him to a contract bidding on via the trade him to because it would. But evidently it remind us standing OK let's say he got a contract in. Linda is the pages boos Malcolm bode and you got a game the first from day. You know in my it's it would be and that's approve of player over the and you want to always get younger and it's the Eagles first round picks is so valuable. We went. And got. In. A program in about a bit betrayed. The war not. I went the PGA if you treat the QB tree and one that they are arguing or. There are many yup which hole would give back teammates and finished making your point right now it's a place that welcomed me and LSU baseball coach common area where the Tigers are coming off some good plays week in and getting sick closer and closer to the start of conference play they'll have Josie Louisiana comments Tuesday. You know wins they follow by 83 game series said Friday Saturday and Sunday against the Georgia Bulldogs Tigers. Winning 304. Last week including the bigs we will Wichita State. And coach and an area you know in the course that time there are certain names. Yankees dodges the Red Sox point nine Rose Bowl as it doesn't matter what Eric. They are traditional teams they are a team do you think of it one point and they were empower this program you took on this week is still one of the most respected program to Wichita State and in those players they have it on a date they know when he put on a uniform that's a proud program. In the get a sweep over a program like that's pretty impressive. Well I know that LSU fans you don't have to convince them that Wichita State they they know the history as their program wouldn't. Even though it's not a school known for football like not a big schools are. Much like to cal state Fullerton or someone of that nature. That they have a very rich history tradition and their baseball program they won a national championship in the eighties and then. In 91 in 93 skips first two national championships to be Wichita State in the final game. So we all know that but Wichita State is capable of and they have a lot of pride in your program and they jumped out to a seven and overeat no start this year. Had a little trouble in the state of Louisiana this year they they get swept last week and it did Louisiana Tech and then of course this past weekend by desperate. They have a good ball club and I just think our team really played well this weekend to beat pitched tremendously out of our starting rotation. I would played super defense in and we swung the bats extremely well so that's really pleased with the way that our team played in the I think it was more of as a result that our team played very well as opposed to which dusty playing poorly. Now could very you mention it you know he's we do theory you combine scored 278. He talked about the pitching especially the starting pitching outstanding defense. You look at the starting pitching did not allow runs across the plate with the struck out board batters fifteen in the allow. To reach base so whether by a walk off our hit. But are you concern on the back in as far as you look at pitching depth again greatest start SEC play. Of concern does the right word you know I'm concerned about everything has to cut which that's what they do it worried that everything. But he's certainly we need some guys to be a little bit more consistent on the back and you know hundred Newman hasn't been extremely sharp but he kept the job done. Caleb get over it think it's become a force force late in the game although he made it. You know he's trying to waste assessed on an 02 pitch and get too much of the plate their best hitter. Get a two run single when he inherited this second and third situation but we can't start off innings and walking batters he won't come out of the bullpen things like Datsyuk. Certainly we have to be a little bit more consistently gave it a little stronger there. At the same time in the overall they've gotten the job done and end in the most the times they've been out there are so it would take concerned is the right word I think which is still part of it is development safer bullpen. Now could you an area what more can you say about Greg Dyke men. This does it end Justin I was reading a quote by you estimated that three of the four odd Titans. The first six homers has gone into the wind. And it just just shot him in four to 21 feet I mean you look at it anyway this in right field center field. You know left feel you'd just say casual fan I mean you look Kyle partisan hit it over the fence. I mean he has been to me unbelievable considering when you get ready to start the season that engine and accident that he had zillions. Hasn't even blink I mean the part to Clement and dealing what is phase of that as being bothered him obviously. He well I think he hit seven home runs and every one of them are kind of awe inspiring in their own way. Four of them have been into the pieces of the win went I didn't think it would ever be a ball hit out in this part of the field. And then his the three as you mentioned quantum was the first depended the year after a week earlier he would. Got hit in the face broke his face basically first the bad year it's a home run. And then the other two. One of them was an opposite field home run. You know he hit the other day and that the other one went over the intimidator. So I mean you could throw a story about every one of the seven home runs so far they've they expect people been on inspired in their own way. He just in watching Greg develop. Throughout this year he just becomes such a force and so to develop ballplayer. A lot people questioned it should he come back for his junior year to draft eligible hopman last year get offered a pretty good signing bonus. But he knew that one more good year dale that you would do in the world of good and I felt the same thing although I tried not to influences to religion too much. But you've seen him to you know become a ball players that I think could be worthy of being in the first round draft choice. And had a future big leaguer which is really that's the idea. You know what you want to go to Omaha want to win the national chipped it there's a lot of unfinished business for a middle she's so I'm really glad he came back for this this year. It watched what he's doing before our very eyes has been off since. Now graduate area speaker Greg diving you look at the beneficiary would you make a lineup changes and you look good cold Freeman. Antawn do plan is seats down the Iowa one spot from first to second so you then you put Kramer Robinson. In the leadoff position and and you look at the trio Freeman to plan its indictment. The same like what did could you tell the futility that crystal ball is that ongoing that well that same pretty sweet and I strategy. But the three guys that the proper pretty interchangeable actually. The reason I did that change on Friday is. The secret to Kramer had been struggling will be eating getting hit over and tech sister. I don't remember where it was city hit the ball that hit debate that was his only base hit like four games. He would hit a few balls hard that. A couple of things were happening with him in the three hole by the number one. That the pitchers really pitched him. In a tough way be in the three hole hitter he's come up in the first inning with somebody in scoring position because. Freeman do participate in on base so often the right from the get go the scene a lot of breaking balls and so forth. And I thought if he led off the pitchers which count a little bit more and we really need Kramer to keep going and not thought it would build confidence. You know by just to see him more fast balls the other thing is because he would come up with runners on base thing. I kind of felt in their I need your desire to wanna do it runner started be real aggressive because it was really not a power hitter. And so what I was doing was doing a lot of hit and running in this type of things right away. And and forcing him to swing at pitches that may be you ordinarily wouldn't swing. Sometimes it feels like Kramer's a better this year. The deeper he goes into the count and think he focuses more in the ball to middle on the other way. So I just thought let's do it for a decade just to shake things up a little bit like Kramer seats in different pitches have a different. Situation is first at bat. And it would so well he's kinda thought well let's let's go to another day at. And they went that well again now now have talked to has always been very particular do they broke quite fiction so but let's just let them keep it that way well we had another good day yesterday so. I think we're gonna keep it the way it is I think the reason it is is it's. Doable to. Is because Antawn deeply that this is hitting so well on the clutch drive and so many runs force. That it seems like a practical thing to just sleep at the way it is right now. Now I've coached married of pain so loved is that is it is the human element of that you can Jared poetry scoreless innings streak. Now raising with the season total to 29. And then about was in his and then you kind of made the quote you know you have rules yeah policies in. You got as the Indians with peach was most that it's part of it that way. And he said he did keep the most act as long as he doesn't. Our run well he keeps up this way he might have a full beard but I hill miles of. I well. You know we're have a little fun with it you know and I'm not want to compromise my principles but I didn't do it different that they did deal so. Started to be Odyssey can certainly tell he's got a mustache and facial hair above his lip as agree with much creative for the much were at that very saturate. So were a little bit of fun with it but it's amazing which year is done for outings hasn't given up per Runyan are these given up any hits. Just pitching masterfully you know people just typical for a long time. LSU coach Paul money as the Tigers I gained this week Louisiana College you know in pregame set at the box against a Georgia Bulldogs an issue baseball. Coach and an area as always thank you so much for the time a good look you in the tiger did they go all right John Dan Emery Eric Taylor Terry ramp up as a way to make it go upon before we talk to TJ again junior. Sports talk mix valiant when he managed Drew Brees. And our hat on WW. Before we got to dig in junior coach dominate Terry and the rare road was with this making his point about how the Saints and the Patriots wouldn't mind sticking it to. Good dale the 820 rule on the AB and hit the NFL player tea thank you for your pace that they want a bang -- up my man had to get the Coke. As who. I'll talk about it yeah yes Leah. We are in our league and I'll trust executed. And that let it when it does it to move operatives. In Sean Payton. I'm does what he ruled it because whose Eagles coach he would actually won some bowl. So exited our figure out spotlight and Rio have ideas you don't guard the ball. On. What Terry did what did you bring up looking used to have confidence in Sean Payton you don't think the NFL as the league in the NFL owners to have congress initial opinion led the Saints I don't know what's gonna have a Nixon. You think Sean Payton is going to be out of a job not to act exactly. Look he he's await better version Andy Reid what did Eddie redo it and they look he's one of Philip W one again as he hasn't won anything. But again like supply demand quarterbacks coaches. That now I might not work here. Because you know he's got a mix things up sometimes and you don't know where argue welcome. We know push on painted but as far as a coach may these highly thought of throughout the lead. Followed up with her bro and an additional pay. Because drew beat two on the Nadal cook we. Brees. Did national maybe okay. Without too. Great point yet. Very good thank thank you so Muslim and we appreciate it down to hang time we don't know about you give the clock. You gonna have it might say you want when we return this is sports talk he's Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Nick's family Drew Brees did on the way. Nicks coming up and Tony meaning it's fifteen minutes jrue and about how intimates alright here on Saints radio WW.