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3-13 5pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' offseason moves with DT Nick Fairley

Mar 13, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints defensive tackle Nick Fairley, then discuss the black and gold's offseason with Larry Holder of NOLA.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk along with the Kasey Kahne Bobby ate there. I'm Deke Bellavia and one now we will be John my Saints quarterback. Drew Brees operated jaguar opinion poll do you think won the branding coach Trey. Patriots the Saints all you have to wait and see you can vote on line up ready Jaguars and you pull it W did you go. Dot com people in these thoughts Nolan for being one of the most dominant. It is in all of college football when he played for the Auburn Tigers in game became a top draft pick. Thirteenth overall in the first round in the haven't ran after the Tigers won the national title. With the Detroit Lions in its in time with the Rams and now this thing since sent to stage an opportunity to welcome and nick fairly did radio and nick thank you so much for the time and you know you are so go to nick when when fans turn you being here they were there was so excited. And I think the majority of fans in these parts because a geographically where we're located. They understood where you have played the pros but they were gone like man if nick fairly is to get that we heard about when he was in Winston Nicole and and are not that I know we go because it and I know you know I'm coming from bigger for people people who knew you from the ACC before he is a pro. Right right content. The. So at Sunday now that I do live look back on it with with a one year deer and I'm basically hate I'm going out here and in eighteen players always say at the prove themselves all the time and we're. What was it like last season for unique when you look at basically it it was a it we saw a number wise as a career year but your take on the season you had last year. 00 so moral one bruises in the order. Kamal lecture tour that proved last. Two. Our commanders here in the years ago when you're allowed more and they're all four. Then you essential. Warriors. And Libya or. Now a big take the fans. Delegate give it to blind meeting room and and I told them and is that an opinion. That this what do card on the field you know you look at this. We have to get better as a defense as a whole whether it's Russian of passes past a stop in the run pass defense that all goes hand in hand. But I told fans and Sydney crowd it was a big part of this that if you look at all of the 32 defense is the Saints we're number one. Against runs as far as average of the middle the only gave a 2.2 yards of run. Aniston won it fairly is a big part of that rotation when you talk about Tyler Davidson. When rain gets job back you know I'll Ohman yeah out had a that dug the hole double bill of goods but the point I make in. Just break down my put of fans like the pride yellow cake and I'm not he's being able to have righted the guy that ideal. All of them. So Lugar reportedly trying to grow stronger and attitude and some daughters d.s as you do more at work there. You really practice you have them go to computers. And so deep to Julio is so should it. All. Could do we do you guys care about. Go out there or triple off. In general than about there so that'll be us well but if go. Lecturer bit ago he sent him there out of that most don't learn to break camp. Now nickel when you look at. The way you that in your career. Obviously how important it was a blog you can Aggie KG needed to bit you could play a wooded area that you our community that you familiar way it. Because you look at did the self. Mobile and you all of that kind of goes hand in hand at the proximity location. To be held to play would at the local team basically does the mood and nation is big and mobile. And to build that get rewarded financially but also at the plate with the home team in this thing. Oh yeah his surgery. And actually global sense world has achieved. Or they were considered in the eighty's Q oh well to beat us and they went there. You know to move the register to vote you'd rather hear. Couldn't go to the so so great years ago you say that you're. On the first hired chip. Those are slightly higher operator. Here say. Bruised ego. Now I think it was late in night income conflicts and conflict and TV and tell her you know remote control and let it DNC. Menace the current big fairly and I'll look at it as you know as Mardi Gras time earlier this league and it rarely does celebrating Marty on mobile and and I guess they had some show planned in the that said they couldn't get a mile of the state. There's a so what happened that would and you put your you have a good time man has. About a world don't own. All. Drink yeah. Not a fan base and MOB Eric bulk weight maybe the so what happened this that the the performer. I came to recall his name. Was he deserves that is as said that few of the agent. Well there are. Emeka admiralty mobile knew he nickel and ya bra that. Aaron the Knicks fan is not as against new for extensive with a blanket go. I'm back in and look and when you come out of high school aid you know in mobile. And you go to Cologne game where you became Amin policy unit almost double digit sacks in 08 they have for the wolfpack. And we when you come from high school to to college was it a situation where the schools that recruit you had interest US has to. That we can send followed youth through coal man was it placement or did he kind of opened up the game at the those seasons there. In and you had I knew I guess a new recruit them to. All there and say coming out I recruited well arbor and our numbers are. And good to lose dutrow left and he either goes through college. Here late. It political careers where they chemical than I want them to back of my or an Auburn just according to current one and go into a. And equity you look back on their magical to doubt in season I'm now forget that Kentucky game and that's kind of lure aimed at people who didn't. Realize who cam was in and nick fairly where I mean I was like back in fullback for the when the game there where it was tight defense but. The big plays you know in the evening gaming mandated. You had the two best players in the conference call home eight sacked cam offense in VP. You all these fans well what was it like in practice I mean I can imagine the competitive noble or what was it like every day active facing two guys that to some believe. Hoopla that I shouldn't no it did it hurt to do over trucks. By Ryo and try to makes as well is cool New York a low on the brakes well. So if they activated as kind of broke through the work out there record figure they're. The Braves then look and he's sort cracked. Nick now when you look at it moving forward do you get in the league and established veteran you were water with a great extension at that a co a career year you've had a great year. What was next an extra. All of the government rule made the cut you were treated great. You're right yeah you're injured people in the current birds. Whether it. Yeah nick over the years from high school college pro in any names that do you teammates view France gave you was it some. Got it and I get on the affectionate the main you have back in the day when you were in mobile come up as a youngster at any big name nick fairly game that was still a bit nasty big six is. Yeah she. New you know it's yeah you know have been big gorilla. Vick color remark on that is true or more. Feared hitter Dmitri. Over the world big Irish. It hurt him by congress Italian you know at at at at. Her Knicks fan when it congratulations gate to Mimi you'll you'll a product of if the system is what they say it is it is supposed to be you that you get an opportunity. You take advantage of it and you should be rewarded and I think that's exactly. Would you DN noticed this defense and his team in this game based are certainly excited to chip back in the fold. Move of both the foremost he's been gradually see union family. It was a year Guillen in April when DOT's we end up yet that you don't have the ego big you know everybody's got to be a little better shape you know training camp mean and I every goal out if he. It. Fanned nick thank you so much to enjoy it. I RI consensus first team all Merrick and a consistent Q Cole all American west the Mississippi. As athletes to fatten talking again and I can just outside I can't walk though can't Mississippi. And game and DC united I didn't realize in the counts as game if it was a situation where he would recruited. And handing the recruiting process kind of opened up again at he's used to did you Kono but basically when he says he committed to Auburn in the end when he he had to go to ju co. And went back to Auburn could become a place in there. And board it's solid man you know he stay within not a time to see it opened back up mean some people go to different places. And you what he did it off with them believe me I don't know if you and I was see Bobby. This same time I'm sure they're probably had it. But I'd as dominant as a performance is cam was all offense and Auburn a year. That's when nick was on the righty clearly that he's PP in the ACC. Well it and then you look at the Woody did last season now he needs to do now. Along with Sheldon rank in they don't each got to get double digit sacks and they keep combined. How about 1415 sacks d'antoni made it is seeking get like six six yeah sacks a year. And rankings and about generosity and I have because I had a season. What ring is that for reporter yeah around there so that's bad that that the combination of them up the middle they can hear bargain McLeod and actually sounds. I got a good rotation all right nick fairly folks coming up and about 45 managed Drew Brees the the a carousel of Saints where is continued down to the Merrill hang tight we had to get to need to come and you next. Put double rolled all WW. The elderly and jump on Jon to let him roll a Marrero are done in golf the euros doesn't commence again because CBS news that the united through would be some time of the him man. Problem that they got today I consider. The days ago and say about him at the draft on him and possibly. I don't as a short two years most volatile league and we go to the series aside experiment. Bought story you'd big statement wouldn't. It be. I was out I I don't think Bobby had a and they emphasis the words buss went with what we would tell my man they've been a call or someone. But what we were talking about those days I sit I think he was to be optimistic. Because a tablet track record like coach Nolan come to him now. You know coach him in a lot of times it's. It's how you present things to people some people take. They're receptive to a certain way of coaching and teaching and some to another but I believe everybody can be reached it is just about finding that right. They're right formula I I think people should be optimistic. Now I have to this off the offseason OTAs in the first part of a training camp if they don't like is turn on that one thing but I think their bicycles as well. You know Jonathan is that physically as he could tackle him and don't throw the ball but the way these playing in the middle or strong side. He had a hard time designating. Run pass option in our pass run you know play action. It's so wet day you know he moved and built a strong side he struggled cover in the bags. Have a responsibility at middle linebacker and obviously inept on the indispensable and I can recall. Come on that Jim man dude did it is it receivers running backs two wide old because he didn't do his responsibility. John and ornament do momentum approach you all its Muslim put put a mojo and we'll come back Taylor to finish at the CBS could have been patiently waiting and we'll get to Mike and Thibodeau. This is sports talk you're listening to WW RA CBS news update. And welcome back to sports talk. We'll go to Mike in Thibodeau is coming straight about it might they get the call and WW yeah. Yeah. You. Have two sources. Absolutely they go home and I am. But I think he's gonna do. Pope and in the past two couldn't get it has been. And and Tomlinson and she did but it is human bridge. Demanded. That you. Log you tell my take Ginn junior you both treasure defense. Now he's not as young as Randy cooks he's diagonal on that level. Is Randy cooks ashore. I think than any team would be a solid two. The changes because he's a little guy he's not. He's now like a coals than RRR Michael Thomas and you considered a noble wantonly. Because of their size now Antonio Brown we see smaller receivers that they play bigger. In their height I think a branding cooks played his height and we talked about him before about the yards after the cares I can blow by you. But as far as on a bubble screen aren't jet sweep for just across the middle you know he cares to blog look in the fall bodies trying to preserve himself. The last a long time as far as. The LSU coach I guess on the low partially because there's the handful of options. Deacon I think in my belt to work this out. That B Mike Brey than RE dame coach. I'm familiar with him he played. When I was in college at northwestern state university and activist. He was playing basketball and and and I was on the football team and he actually a big idea fifth seed. Looking at the fighting Irish do play at twelve seeded Princeton. On Fridays so you could see a coach marine. You know I was kind of surprised I got what he's making more money in that and gardening so he could be. Now I could have a ball Soviets success at the end of pay raise and our dame. You know being his status that. Because that would be one coaches because I'm familiar with him in economy in a homer on that one. Oh in my gravy because I know him going back to the late seventies. Larry holder of the times Picayune and Nolan dot com very active be vital social media across the board. Would this now Larry always a pleasure the Saints last week Larry. You know that would date dad what is that thing you know a lot of times the majority of people on that the minority of those who speak means that. Because of the bat in which he gave now in the form of comments on post and different things and not so martz may be the majority it sometimes may be the minority. But wait you look at it Angel or world which is right on line you go about things now. The majority of feedback I'm not saying this is the majority overall but the majority of feedback that we had nation didn't to put too much particularly. Fair for the way to trade went down Fred. Yet courts started operating and I'm. I'm probably gonna Ottawa pretty steady and that probably art just person. Art is critical of the trade. That judging by my peers than when I was dead. It's more even thought it would be what. In the people's reaction of the trade that would matter action. It's pretty multi layered. The fact that. I think asking price was pretty public. They didn't give the player they didn't get it I have a draft pick and they wanted. And note to me in the slightest sign of weakness and it looked like the back the public like New England swept in. And scooped up but got they really like and plot you look at it. Reigning cook but essentially forced his way out. He got he got it way and we to a better eat at all to me that's just wanna that are two different reasons. Why. You know why I'm not as favorable about the trade. To me. It's almost like if we did note the asking price ended the trade would come out. Maybe I would've been a little more favorable but the fact that. The act and pride as public and today he pulled the trigger on a deal that was but neither hot I have a pick or what the player. That could have made an impact I think hurt them in. Just kind of almost shows you that. Today make out a little desperate at that make it. Now Larry but that being sick and you hear rumors and everything in bars. Who you're dealing it would teams would pay like for instance with a B the Eagles are particularly the Titans. And if you couldn't. City would attain it eighteen overall weeks at was in 01 point one. In the game and you kind of look at it was that he would never available considering with the Saints in them getting. Brandy Karachi colleges eat they sometimes is smokers are. But I like I think that tight in the Eagles really offer like a 1418. Pig because. Right now. I think I would say now and because you'd think is eight he was on the table. I think I think the Saints would be given up cook. And de Klerk rounder. For eighteen overall like that I think about that he would went eighteen was there they certainly it rocked it out alive. If that made that call or actually on that they like all the eighteen. That you know it's. It would take and am the type young man backs local radio up there earlier today. And there were indeed he was that about if there was some sort of chatter about maybe trading number five and the package involving number eleven. And he didn't. He didn't say that was the case but he did not you know the case so I just think it's ain't one and an extra pick they got that. But all but you the last time they made a trade like this. In a ball player and it evolved the 31 overall court talked about Jimmy your entry elite got a player that you knew. Was gonna come and contribute and what a debut at that 31 player. I'd step on an opinion he's nowhere to be found that chart so I think it's another thing that to meet the bank. Don't have the benefit of the doubt. On the news anymore they meet so many bad news that I can't just sit here and be like in and out because I can thing and then. I haven't panned out and that's why they're 79 after years. It is a rule. Particularly feel well again 000. Yeah actually it's oh GPA zero point bureau that now that they're. And I'll margin for error. Now Larry L along these lies lines. Also. A Malcolm Butler I mean everyone I think if you follow the NFL going back that is suitable and and it's significantly Malcolm Butler. Who seem like he's getting better and better says that big game in the suitable likened to Collison and reduce. Watching him against branding cooks. And I reds on it was like seven on seven also team in I think Randy could maybe beat him one time out of ten. And nine really bug bella got the best them though the reason I'm bringing it up another rumor like look at a chapter said that maybe. That and yards and you mainly could revisited DO club Butler Lito mobile what does it take break that down considering restricted free agent Ortiz at. And that's a possibility. And so are going to be discussed. Now we'll go down who knows but I mean that was the player. Most connected to trade. The back it is restricted free agent eat technically not under contract. Can't trade. So I until. He actually signed the tender. He can't. You can't be treated it like the appropriate side. And you you haven't sign you're not practicing you're not with the team I mean that's where. Butler's right now. But you know how that would be good now I mean active on the may all gone into an offer sheet once they get restricted free agent tender because. If you do that. And you you you're a big contract and you haven't get a number lap so they targeted these bat they would get have to trade him. You know under being a restricted free agent so. And and he's done as well under the contract don't give him an offer sheet but you would try to trade him. Opera there the big contract you and would be like three point nine million but yeah I mean Butler got its own issues up the New England EPO disrespect that they brought in more. Big contract well in line lap you make in ten million a year he signed deals so. It's it's complicated though I understand why that is good now. But yeah it to me issue. The saint hand with public they didn't get what they wanted and to meet head to head that gap. I don't know what that worked out on the under now now really. I mean I couldn't put it all I mean it at forty million dollar in debt money but not on how. Right now are I. Now Larry you comment also on. It will Purdue guard I kind of predicted that does that thought it's lived in with the aid that in the past had been Grubbs and is that it right now as the market value eight plus million. Now with four years 34 million deal. Alleged comment on him and also AJ Klein I think. Given opportunity. He could contribute at a high low for the Saints and he was it like even in play Carolina come on he's behind Luke equally. And nine yeah he's also capable of playing he said. All positions but primarily also in the middle or strong. Yeah ID. If you take away the cut straight to me if that didn't happen. We be talking about how well it leads me personally I thought about. But painted a great job managing their money and getting it solid to good player and and Larry war might be about players that in the yet the whole thing. I've news you right market value. It didn't go and spend twelve million on Kevin's night there it stuck with on the next level Larry war or is good player. He's young and come into play right guard. You mentioned AJ Klein. And may they're paying him starter type money you seemed to start somewhere. And he's at least better and there proximity track Iran last year. With. Came bar night it opened a prayer that it works so at least you know AJ Klein capable claim that position. Might not be superstar that might be better than what we've seen because he didn't play people are so I think that's gonna help as well get in. You mentioned about the you predict signing to. You gotta returner. And because you can overspend at guard you were able to spend market value for nick fairly and that. She got work hard and it would back I think that that's pretty. With Larry holder nota dot com the times Picayune it would his skating mayors take a with the Saints have done. Thus fall in free agency and of course the reigning cooked straight you know Larry gone backed up I ERR a the original. A question know what I had asked talk about you know the fans take and you talk about how do you critique. The trade was shot out of a 28 capping many of the fans and I think our fans are as knowledgeable and now more knowledgeable than in most they'd like to be correct. Was that. When you factor and day you gave up a one in the three to move up from 47 to twenty. Beckett fourteen so that's a minus one going to the coaxing don't gather. Can't from a franchise that doesn't have. Anybody from fourteen left and you're trying to make up for picks that this whole Manny situation how much was that ante at though process when you were waiting out the first. On sedatives straight. We played under Italy it just because he situations are different. You know so I think. You know I just think to me and it's not you know pot one minus one whatever you know idol beat. You have to expect it yet at cumulative. Amount back I mean right at it I think if things would have traded cook and a third. And then at eighteen was on the table that was the deal Baylor on they would. You know lost the got it there too so I'm hoping that mattered to me I just think the fact that the scene and was out there. We knew what they were looking for and I didn't get. Either the player or the pick they were really looking for I mean it might mean 32 the first round pick. Well arbitrary to not hurt underrated players in the draft that does like that happen so. You're essentially getting second round grade. On a guy you know that we get lucky and gotten okay that's great but. There aren't 321. Round grade players typically draft so well yeah and the yet so it at that's where I'm coming brought in the heat of the you know. Have we sent to you know being sent to so they needed to back not in that it out in. Now Larry Wright quake with the draft coming out. Is the pressure obviously on Jeff Ireland now because he has established to get it right because you know Mickey Jones gonna lean upon him and he's the guy kind of behind the scenes that. Would you say that if it if it's great you gotta give a lot of credit him it doesn't work out that he's the guy kind of calling the shots and given advice. Not yet easily get by guy. He's the thirty year run that well yeah I think you can squarely pointed him. Odd outline our communities you know when they won rebates to. Probably did it in fifteen at liquor in the race and in and out and Agassi at your picks and we could say that perhaps the book and pretty night right now but they've got. Did I it. Seven and on that cut it anymore street three years Munro or collapse. You know coaches get fired with those type of numbers and I'm pretty sure on Payton's Saints note. That's right there is penciled that he feels that is playoff credential request please god Colombo and fitness. Yeah. Job in a while narrowed it was coming up in a dish in the mind and in which working on a whistle social media. On you don't check every one of my chat today and all about job 500 comment on just the chat along. And then not you know on the comic take a look at what they need to do. At the moderate position later in the week which cardinal dot com and I have my neck in mock draft coming up Thursday morning like at. You look at the plate whip that could check out no not. I'm in the Patrick Ian later. On you'll look pat Larry evil there's somehow like got my name on Twitter I don't know I did it. Man man I enjoy the time last strike column as the Saints at the erratic extraordinaire on nine. No dot com and at times Picayune take him out Marion hold merit they do so much of the time. I think that all right we'll continue with sports to WW. Just a few moments away we will be speaking with Saints quarterback Drew Brees got a lot of Kyle are in the family and dig gained union pulmonary. And there are holding have been in the mix guy Drew Brees coming up and the coach that's right tomorrow night in Dayton the privates kids. They'll be rolling in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Of all the teams in Louisiana they to a division one teams we got one that's going to. The turn and and that B the you know private he was negative play mount Saint Mary's not Saint Mary's our very own artists and married as a cowboy remodeled saint Mary I from Maryland that's right two different teams are going down privateers a common up Barbara how how sweet would we Younis in those. Do she and top they had on national TV tonight talk about taken advantage that you Tamil national team we got the call courts legend gale at all on until you live off films video that those don't we now we're depravity is are you marks Lesnar joins us. Next hour to his quip Drew Brees and thirteen minutes on WW.