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Are You a Conspiracy Addict? Maybe there is good reason...

Mar 14, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Will CHampion - self-proclaimed conspiracy addict and author of the book The Dreamland Files. Will looks at some very recent conspiracies theories including 9-11, and the events in Roswell, NM. 03/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Aren't loyal wife and I are casting morning depending on you where you are it is Jason Hawes TV Johnson beyond reality radio as we brace for. Sonoma get nurses and home together it's so tenacity you what he has gotten in New York Times holds. And there were looking at media to twenties or so inches. Yeah northern India where he killed near and on the no side has and hasn't started yet they're worried they were just reporting on the news earlier of that. At some points we are expected to have three to four inches of snow hope for a while and and they're talking that. That's a start and beam at bat around severing in the morning. And so it's gonna. Even for. Well I know everything around here resort even closed canceled and postponed or whatever that there they do emergency I think the whole State of New York is thirty declared a state of emergency you know nothing's fallen yet. That's what they've done here today they actually closed down pretty much all the schools in all three states Connecticut Rhode Island Massachusetts. And they and their bracing shut down all the oh and pretty much over government buildings which they have enough days off and Norris. And yeah everybody is getting ready for pure chaos is easy freezing which is is crazy because. When I was a kid growing up in upstate New York candidate I mean they have a snowstorm dropped a foot and a half two feet on us yet. Yeah that was a kind of a common current spending and a half the time the school buses is still be going and I remember do we my sisters would get snowed in school cepheid and I identical times but. But that was like when three feet of snow fell and it was falling so fast there's just nothing they can do you know I did there I don't know if they were just more willing to take risks back then or foreign memories -- it's always you can actually is just rising cars and no seatbelt as truthful and everything else it's a candidate has been on them imagination Howard even align these days alone everybody tuning into the hunt reality radio. We got a great show coming up tonight we're going to be talking with will champion. About a flawless series of things he's he's I don't now on Ras all met at New Mexico border of Roswell incident afterward talking all involved patent. Analyst goes on on aliens and disclosures and. Yet his creepy strange yet this is this story's pretty interesting he was born on the East Coast and then moved out to Roswell, New Mexico where he says as he learned more and more about what happened their back in 1947. And what is it has happened their sense he became. A conspiracy addict that's how how he he describes himself and we're talk about the Russell stuff he's a whole bunch other things that he's looked into and investigate is when a chat about. Whole bunch of different things with the will he's got a book out. The dreamland files so we'll have a great conversation with him and under should be pretty interesting. And tomorrow we get Chris Alexander he served as the editor in chief holes left legendary horror film magazine train Gorham and also its sister magazine Gore's own. And are we talking and the bulk colts films and into won't and so much more. Yet this is were Doug iPhone isn't simply oh I've fallen a bit of a suites on their 'cause it's my really my passion these old uncle hormone and stuff like that so. And Chris is one of the most knowledgeable guys about it. On some anxious to iChat with him what we should be and we should get a lot of calls a lot of people chatting reminiscing about movies they like that fall into those categories should be good. CIA I tend because what's movie news movies with me the other day Justin and really couldn't get them men and one of them assembly and it wasn't even. Wasn't even terrifying movies it's more than thrillers it was a silence Atlanta Diana and her. And you know you want settler couple certainly on the thirteen year old boys in there like Lou can I tell him is going onto had to Smith's dramatic. What you hear from finally realized that you know it you know we we raise different Nam but nowadays they actually they loved it. They love to download the second in this psychiatry is psychological Lola. Aspects behind didn't just so much more old school and now they wanna watch the other ones that lean on and we started watching cartoons like I don't know this one this one's worse so. Yangtze Altria. Top of the building and an expert at that pin no William ammunition on humans and impede next is what they're noted that ornament has seen him until they're like fourteenth and there you go as the there it's just not a good one I watched that because Steve recommended receiver from the shock even recommended I check that out so you gotta check out this movie I'd never heard of and I watched it and I was like. What in God's name could I just want to yeah. And and they get progressively worse as you go through human Senna. Texas with lists as it Wednesday night Anthony Hamilton is the author of mind time and power to book that describes results of his thirty years of research and into how our thoughts and feelings shape our lives. So a degree conversation with the Anthony and Wednesday. And if there is that we got Brian Clegg is the author of the book extra sensory Syria is huge demand in these aren't among them paid so and I definitely wanna give a shout I'll we've got a couple new stations that it just came on board we've got Kate feel are in Colorado Springs. And that we also have. Atlanta Georgia and and new stock. More than six. That's terrific welcome to those stations and all the audiences they bring we love seeing them beyond reality radio radio family grow the station list is getting longer and longer nation know. To convert and make the command that we knows whole bunch and coming online as the weeks go through here. And our dynamics and the static of yet that's likely to. Our we're gonna go see take a break here will come back we'll bring will champion and most are talking about Roswell, New Mexico and all the other craziness that will's been up to it's beyond reality radio it's Jason Hawes. GB Johnson don't go away and get. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. The next Derrick Todd is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Are all back to. No Ariel uranium Jason laws Stevie Johnson great show planned for you tonight will be bringing world champion in just a moment I don't forget to stuff and FaceBook page. It's something that we like to use to kind of share information other show what's going on. Yes it's FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and then if you can also find stations that we err on there where you can head over to beyond reality radio dot com. Thank stations there that we are on in your area or if you just wanna listen online you can click the listen live button join the chat listen online. And join everybody and that's a big community and everybody's always happy to us to welcome the newcomer. An ailing and we welcome but also offer guidance and inside their taps family members there's some people sometimes chatting about some in a paranormal issues they're having. At home or work whatever happens to be they get advice and some guidance and Olson's work out pretty well. Sure dose on its great community really is a big tram yet okay let's bring our guest in oh we are going to be talking tonight will champion. He's an author a self proclaimed conspiracy addict. He L learned in his formative years that want to move from Cape Cod to Roswell, New Mexico we learned all about the UFO. Story that we're very very familiar with the incurred 1947. And has been talked about ever sense and as a result. He has become an incurable addict of conspiracies and it's and an author as well so well welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show with us tonight. All thanks so much for having me. It's a pleasure. So what some let's get right into this and figure out exactly who will champion is our audience some some may or may not have heard a few but we wanna know who you are and that kind of how you got to where you are today. That's fair enough. Well. Let me just say it right away to eliminate any confusing a short answer is in this context. I'm an author by trade and I'm not the British drummer of the same name that I hey Barry we must have the right here on tonight's an exciting girls to sell harsher. Looks. And today of course I am a thrower or writer and a keynote speaker. And I'm miles. Off I'm asked to do radio spots much like this one. And I thank you. This for all of that I was actually a paramedic. And then me sovereignty law consultant. And civil case litigator. But I'm first and foremost and always is in the American patriot and I assure you I love this country is literally in my DNA. Am like millions of Americans. I'm just fed up we'll look corporate run orwellian monstrosity. That it's. Been masquerading as our government particularly since nine elevenths. And I assure you that is without question than inside job. How do I know that's true. On bullet point it was certain details testimonies and material evidence came to light as a result of my most dangerous. Excursion into our big gross court system. And in fact at included the government's role this very heinous plot in the dreamland trials. My area e-book conspiracy thriller. And the that became my chosen means a blast the truth out on the world that's. Just a part of the store. Oh well it's interesting that you said that because we had we have a guest on last week psychic Elizabeth Joyce. And she was talking about she was flying today the day prior to 9/11. And flying in the new work end. When she showed up there there were government agents all through this place on this is the night before nine elevenths and that they pitch shot down a bunch of things in the airport. And she said it was that is the strangest thing in the world because there were all these government agents there. And it and it looked like something was happening. So and then she was also talking about people and that she had talked to Jim shoes saying that there were people on top of the building trying to get. And views of things prior. Prior to this happening sushi she was a firm believer that this was it was an inside job and a lot of people knew what was going what was going on long prior to it happening. So is mentioning that you come on sort of what that same same belief system. Well. A Seattle that is quite uninteresting but it's no secret as the secrets out and it's been out for quite some time. Com. Or 9/11. Now without question wasn't an excellent job. And before going farther. In I would like to encourage you to your listeners. Please don't take my word for any thing I'm willing to say. During the course is senator if you slip bees go to Euro research look things up. On your all to your independent research much of it can be on on line now. And not for your own conclusions I think that's fair. But to come. To be perfectly. On on the spot about it you know I've I know. Come. There or refinance there were. A secret operations. Being conducted. Com under the cover of darkness the night before final and and anybody that centrist it can just go online and look up operations tripod too and tried all three are all about. The the reader's digest version. Of other goes something like this. The the night before. The world trade centers there are New York City were brought down. Com. There or federal agents running drill alls that or to simulate. An attack. Com on the on the World Trade Center. And during that they actually. Sent teams down below. The tower us. And to the faults and they skirt away what do. Tons and tons tolls. Tons of gold and gold bullion. Gold calling us and part of that came. A part of my story. That inspired. The story. That I wrote about to dreamland trial looks. And it's very much. Out to my dismay. That became a part of my. My personal story as well that's why am. Rather well acquainted with what was happening. This was without question an inside job. Now are you a firm believer I know that there's a lot of different. Series and and so forth out there and I've always had my thoughts on it because especially with you know certain buildings are certain areas buildings being taken now that. The paperwork being in Elle looked into for trillions of dollars that went missing in all these other things come. Are you firm believer of the whole super ceremony series that government insiders had access to the building in and used to. All these are access to beleaguered American sets he's charges. Certainly the facts speak for themselves there's a term in law. And that's often used. It's well Latin term it's called race is so low order com. English translation. Now the thing speaks for itself. In other words if the thing exists that's all true unique personal arguments necessary no. No on eight for point and counterpoint. Arguing about it. The other thing exists in remote itself let's all prove that you need. Share were. Massive amounts oath military grade or might. On the scene and on first responders. On spoke about it at length and our government media com plex harsh at all. Well and I saw videos of first responders firefighters and police officers talking about how. After after the planes or anything they heard explosions right before the building fell they heard what sounded like and detonations going off. And and I looked at now look to global accident and those different claims and also right down to. Building number seven which should look like it was equipped controlled detonation. Just like to do enough and in Vegas and stuff to some of the buildings out there when when they're dropping them. Anna of scene a couple of those controlled explosion drought Wednesday X. And now identical. Stuff if you look at these buildings. Collapsed downward in little girl out footprints and you just don't get that from external forces. That are replied. Moral us toros are normally. Just doesn't happen the way and we were told but. You know nothing I am. About to tell anyone on your new show at night could possibly. Be considered true and you know. That's exactly how things sought our. This included. Will we have about a minute before we have to go to our break and them I'd have a particular real little bit surprised we talked about 9/11 at this point but now it's certainly fascinating topic. What do you say to people who suffered tragedy. In net. Events are those events because it was more than just a World Trade Center. Who are really trying to grapple with a reconcile the fact that there may have been government. The US government involvement in the deaths of loved ones. And he I apologize if we go off. Also early hints that conference room by doing a 100000911. Thing it is it is the way. It happened almost seems to me like two way in my my e-book came about it just took a life shall pretzel. Is the that was injured by the seat miles thousands of miles away. It came about as a result of my excursion into a court battle will. Hang on right there where we gonna take a break when we come medical I wanna hear on 9/11 affair because of course 9/11 affected everybody in the in the US and then many outside the US. And and where it affected you as well so only when we come back I wanna get into that so we've got some serious time to talk about it he'll listen to Jason javy. Giambi on reality really. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the and things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tap in the menus and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It was Jimmy Johnson and ask me when I can. Any any another week of being on reality really on your favorite radio stations around the country plus online plus as a downloadable podcast later in the room weaker whenever. All during next Armageddon. All during economic good as the dooms day snowstorm approaches a from wears a conference coming up the north how districts Canada and and downs and urgings to move from different systems guaranteed front us right over our heads to dump that. His house on answering that's current budget and it's so funny when I have observed he runs out and starts packing up on bread milk point they can't survive and that's great but our our guests and our guest tonight is. Who will champion. And double for a winter break we are talking about 9/11 will believes that it was total inside job which many many people altered do you have had deadly system. And will's actually done a lot of research and and then really dug into the details and possible a lot of information but will before and they training analysis arm. For winter break you're talking about how 9/11 personally affected you as well. And it because we you'll there were tooth a total of 2996. People that that perished and so I'm out of a hole number I know there were a bunch that word terrorist like nineteen of them or whatever but arm. How did personally affect you. Beginning. Actually in the year 2001. A necessity. Although I knew practically nothing at all out sovereignty law and procedure and court litigation. I had to become a crack shot. Legal battlefield tactics and fast. Not gonna back up to train a little bit and the trying to termite just used. Because it applies and I think this is. I'll supremely important it's. The terms so opera. That I used. In in our context our discussion tonight. Literally means one who possesses. Supreme authority over us all right. Possessing. All social and civil right. Not under any legal disability. Or the power of another guard should. This is critical to a stop every single American so this. Why because a we have lost as a nation we lost our sovereignty. And this is something I've became. Very well point on this is where I began to. Hammer away at the forces. That have been brought against worry the American people. Come the type of law by began to get. To be expert and it is actually. The American common law nuts or the real how oral flaw in his step. The common laws foundation and cornerstone. Of our societies legal system and our legal traditions its. What we have now it's pro forma courts. Nine Anderson forced. By military police. And the other cool and cool authorities. Is not American outlaw it's not our law at all. It is actually British admiralty law in jurisdiction. And that is symbolized. By a an American flag. All glory it's surrounded by gold fringe were gold ropes castles. In his display. And that is not your flag shouldn't. On saluted. It just symbolically represents offshore and system law and shorten jurisdictions. That those. Them. While it's it's taken over our court system. But one can pre trailed by reverting back to the true law or lamb but not the law the CE. As the admiralty. Compliance. And the one or two principles. That I should emphasize one. It is the town admiralty law actually. AA isn't as it appears now has been forced. Fire police or military and our court system. It's actually a subset of that that is commercial all the Lowell the banker. Candace came came about in the year 1933. Oil and unbeknownst to the rest of the country. The US federal government incorporated. Canada's corporation not so much land mass. But it is a corporation not corporation it borrow so much money. From its creditors seen international bankers discoveries that are. And it could not repaid the lol so she's at foreclosed upon. The federal government. And declared that. Involuntary bank and voluntarily bankrupt. And as of that time. Com are common lawless set aside in favor of British admiralty. And come Marshall lost soul in that all law is commercial law stole all the banker. So another or issues because because we learn so much debt they were able to pretty much a body. And by all forces into their into their law into their system. Yes. And yet. As unbelievable as that may sound. And has a lot of that is liberation history books witches or like a man. I'd bring forward tees. Historical facts have been buried and Nam. Very very powerful legal secrets. There have been suppressed by the world's ruling elite that keep us. Under their power their ownership. Did say ownership or control. And that's so I'm not she'll kind of complicated. But it's really very simple. Nothing about our system of law and government. Is. Action actually how we've been taught to believe it is X and I was pretty shocked. In true. But in the system now where were made in the country's 119 Chilean power almost when he Chilean and that. And we'll so much money to Saudi Arabia oh two China and so forth. Why haven't we taken on or men forced into a situation where were taking on their loss or have we and we just aren't are unaware. While now that's an interesting concept and I cannot answer that question however what I can't answer. And I I hope I can bring this back full circle. But essentially. Am. The monies that we continue to bar role. From foreign powers such as host China. All of that. Come loose. With a price tag. And no other people are aware of this non Null in this just border right out here on your show though. These folks know that sooner or later the end game play you and they are in our economic system will have to beat. Up broadened to play. And soul one we are government takes sell these giggle lol from places like People's Republic of China. There's always strings attached and then this instant. It's it's it's China. Has reason to believe that. Our. US government will. Golan too deep fault and not pay the interest on lol we can't backcourt frankly. They're prepared to foreclose on Osama Detroit much like the bankers. The Federal Reserve System for close to the federal government. They are prepared an authority begun. 22. Asset swaps for debt. In fact I believe there are tracts of land there has eight tract of land arc. Hope I'm getting loose correct its little while but I think there's attract. In perhaps you'd tall. That China demanded we hand over to. And there is a sovereign patch. Of Chinese soil. Would fill our solar will. With our borders confines. Doesn't belong to us. It is sovereign Chinese property and the world's cities. Manufacturing economic base water supply power grid everything and it's right under our noses. Well I know the US foes just a foreign countries just under six trillion dollars. And I know that that's been a common thing is innovative treatment whether it's land or or other things of that nature it's. Taken in trade them on different things out of personal she'll try it but it is what it is but how do we get full how to lead. Or we had to take a break right Judy. We hope when when you take a break now and then we can come back and continue this discussion does removing and some interesting directions here assume that because we got to see how this full full circles right back to nine month. So but are our guest tonight is will champion and we're talking about. Well a whole bunch of things 9/11 conspiracies and full circle how it how we got to that point and the laws of the country. You listen Jason G beyond beyond rhetoric. Our telephone number is 8446877669. If you'd like to call and offer your thoughts comments or questions for guests. A world champion would be tuchman a whole bunch of different things JM in media kind of started. With organist from a lot of time talking to run a mile Roswell which we will. But we've got to cover some territory. Well and I know will's gonna guide the spectre gifts we start we start to talk to you and will just. In just started filling us in on 9/11 and that we then we rolled into this whole thing about taking on a lot of British law. And where where it all started members still there and a welcome back to the show will. Well thank you. All right so I'll do my best fourth and Sunday to bring this. What not solely ended B is really interesting because of courses it's one of those things where what you're bringing on. Is is known history but it's it's one of those known histories that has kind of been for you pushed under the rug. And kept quiet nobody ever talks about is me not confined to many books or anything like that and it makes you wonder why. Well. The rationale is obvious. A little more mysterious you'll are the more secret she holed the more power. On the close all the hold me in knowledge is power and the more you know on the lesser nobody else does the more powerful you are at that time correct. Us. This is exactly. True this is exactly on. Now. One I can do to try and turn this background as good as quickly as as I can. Com and still provide you and your listeners was something. That's memorable something will soon need an. Pills along the way it walls learning that is the sovereignty law. And by the way I'm not an attorney and I'm not a member friendly bar association would like the company. Pretty much. Along the way I was told. So was learning. From the stress the very best of the best. Up people were expert in this type of all law and procedure. Els told confidentially. And I'm gonna ask you looked kind of tighten up your seatbelts a little bit. Here as we proceed from this point. I was told repeatedly. On confidential basis the laws and procedures the owls learning more sobering. So incredibly. Brilliant that in fact they may not have originated longer. I chew on natural moment and a young mom and hard with this woman and well I did too and believe me I was this as. Mainstream. In my thinking and at as the next person up until lowest point in my life. But I later I was actually able to Trace the most important components. Of the system all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. And something called hammer out by his walk. Which I believe it still referenced at some to some degree. In certain history books and textbooks. But hammer out by his long coat. In falls contract. In fact a very large. Chill coat that law the scar installed literally. And falls contract and that's the crux of everything. I was studying and master. And I've found all of us. I've I've found myself really. In a very risky if not downright dangerous business because things that I learn. Eagles courtroom excursions became like crucible. And as a result of that I'm now thoroughly qualified right tell about what I know like. Certainly the government's biggest dirty is best kept secrets and how to sex assault. As a result so what I was learned. I applied it. As a litigator. And I wrote and shot a case to the world court at The Hague and know the X. Where are bad guys here in the criminal justice system and it is criminal. Wink wink. They have no scripts and they can't call in favors him go to get a mile hot water. How does this relate to 9/11. Well. I shot it there. And I got my. Justice. But. I didn't get paid. And that's because. I epic conjoined in my case. 41 others. Here in this country and it that was called a week and bank class action and but Iowa with the European versions. Which was. A consolidation. Basis. Now. We work understand him and my case was very unique and various store in certain respects. Was a law case. It was also structured to be a contract. Which never dies. According to the terms of the contract. Was also registered as as an international treaty. And not Mike go betweens at the time where Madeleine Albright to. And a Secretary General of the UN. Uncle Siobhan. It was also structured. To be a negotiable instrument which has. Monetary value. Examples negotiable instrument might be a check Q right on your bank now. This was. The store from a number of other stand points but bottom line was fool's gold claim. Damages or to be due and payable. And fifty dollar US go calling its. And those coins to bust of our knowledge is claimants. Were down below the World Trade Center faults. All removed. So that's also a move that was all removed what prior to 9/11. And because there was there were whispering there was. A growing support in come legally or not. A horrible lawmakers were very seriously considering giving us all the Petro dollar. Which is worthless. And going back to the gold standard. And returning to. American common law and for the powers that be. In the system in Washington. That is sacred cow stuff. But there was enough concern that somebody pushed the button. And we firmly believe based on the best. Intelligence we have to opt out was while the motor lakers won. Behind take in the towers that now. The other obviously. Was a matter of trying to uproot all is left. Pulse the art terror down. Or the American Republican put up the next place. All we have now a secrecy minded super surveillance militarized police state. Which it which you really has become everything down to all even some of the WikiLeaks they were just released talking about how. They're able to access your your TV she's Smart TV she's Smartphones and everything else but now. I wanna get into that and we're going to we get we gotta be taking a break in just in just couple seconds here. But. Because also that whole thing roll into your study into UFO's and how they're they're secretly watching and listening to all of us what we're doing. How we're gonna take our top of the top of the hour break. Are you listening Jason Giambi on reality really on our numbers 8446877669. A ME 446877669. Joining gets a call you any questions for us or will. If you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Mean Sheila to FaceBook page and if you wanna join the chat the online chat had to be on reality radio dot com and click the listen line. You can join right in there with the online community in GB and I arrow is in there as well we take your questions so. Listen Jason did he. Number perfect radio stations throughout the country if you've got a station near you that is not tearing the show but you're listening to his online and some other fashion. Maybe you're listening as the Dow motor something. I capital while he and then they. You can. You should contact the station and tell them all about the show and we are signing up affiliates in fact we get a whole bunch of them coming on line. As we moved through the weeks we just got a few added just starting tonight Gretchen. And solely I'm actually I was trying to pull it out but I don't have Frontline always got Atlanta Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado. So he's Colorado Menendez let alone we are everywhere from how Washington State. Now Austin, Texas Boston Massachusetts Buffalo, New York Charlotte. North Carolina Iowa the list goes on and on so. Yeah and a telephone numbers 8446877669. If you going to call and join us its offer questions comments concerns whatever happens to beat. Tonight our guest will be a world champion he is the author of the book called the dream and files the dreamland files it's a downloadable e-book. His website is world champion dot com we're gonna bring him in and a few minutes. Will also remind you that tomorrow and him got Chris Alexander during the show he is the editor of fan Gorey a magazine plus he's the editor of the kiss fan club magazine I think but. We're gonna talk a scary movies and weird movies and called movies and all that stuff kiss and I believe who just Jean Simmons there's the kiss the fan and the pattern there's a thing called the kiss army and if you're kissed Fannie and she you're very very from over this durst still. Very active very strong and it's surprisingly. Generational. Spanning it spans generations and the music that kids made I mean I I can't I've never been huge for him and like hit there are people that live and die by it and it's going to be tarnished following stealth. T sorrow and then Wednesday it was Anthony Hamilton author of mind time and power a book which describes the results of his thirty plus years of research and our thoughts and feeling chipper alliance. And his passion is to awaken people that are inborn ability to improve their lives by employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools. Do you need those pro Haley a half a. And Brian Clegg will join us on Thursday night he is the author of a book called and extra sensory he's got a dream decree in physics from Cambridge University. He's gonna science writer over thirty books published he's got a lot of really cool. Topics that he talks about to recover bunch of them on Thursday night with Brian. What do you think the smallest hard drive result energy. Do you mean smallest as in physical size or storage capacity or physical size twelve given the fact that you can put like you know. 256 gigabytes on a drives some bigger than your thumbnail. I'm gonna say probably pretty tiny. Pretty tiny units an understatement IBM has just turned and Adam. Into the world's smallest hard drive single atoms and Adam junior yeah that's going that eight DA and U strong AT oh yeah I'm not here yet this panel right. Adam and I know that would be an idea I don't know whatever but I need to he doesn't drink or so. Yes they they've dull and they've built and handle skill hard drive using a single atom on by magnets sizing and Adam cooling it with liquid helium. And storing it in an extreme vacuum team managed to store now not a bunch of information on a but they were able to store information in their managed to store single bit of data either one or an a hole. In this tiny tiny space while. And according to the team from IBM research in California. This proof of concept approach could eventually lead to drives the size of a credit card that could hold the entire iTunes or Spotify libraries. Of about thirty million songs. You know I I remember. Not too many years ago when somebody showed up and it's for the it was in my school and generally headed in a a hard drive and is Susie I think a ten megabyte hard drive and hit a wheel within. And Clark. So and they hooked it up to the computer and said you'll never need anymore stored. In this when I was a kid growing up in upstate New York my father worked castle industry's race to go and on the weekends with them only do stuff with the computers and the whole rooms he moves for or not a lot of information and not all of our address based these whole rooms that were Capitol Hill forty degrees in. And leads we spend on this and the whole afternoon. And it was just my gosh and now I mean I have more. Memory in my apple watched then you have my first computers for the first in twenty years they were out of it's amazing. It's amazing how far it's come to know how men. How much improved this technology is and it just changes every day as you just as just shown us and every who had to read this article numerous times because actually one of the lead nano scientists his name's Christopher wants. Sort or another I can't believe it is Christopher from the amateur only opera so. But anyways yes so that's a small starter is an atom mouse you'll be able that'd be able to carry around all of the information ever known to mankind. And our pockets pretty soon. And the scan scared now than were gonna do and announce Smartphones have stored on the Smartphone we can access it and so long as you can access that it world wide web yet you've got that you've got that available to you okay. I'll take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guest and it's will champion he is the author of an e-book called the dreamland files you can find it on his website which is will champion dot com also remind you that. We have information about all of our guests on the beyond reality reading your website you just go to the guests tab. And while you're there you can click on the listen live button and join the chat room if you'd like to. As silly so again FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality real NB on reality radio dot com or take a quick break when we come back whoever gets the chance. It's just had to. Back to beyond reality radio and Jayson home. On his TV Johnson until. And her seat 446877669. And we are happy to bring our guest in our guest tonight is will champion he is an author. A conspiracy addict. His website is will champion dot com that's three confined his downloadable e-book the dreamland files and will again thanks for joining us great to have you on the shouldn't night. All thank you. My pleasure. So let's talk a little bit about Roswell I know part of your story your personal story as you look you moved Roswell at some point in your life and you start to look into. What has been considered for a very very long time has probably the quintessential UFO. Episode in US history anyway it's often referred to is that it's kind of the marker by which we measure everything else. UFO related. On Easter to look into it it's really piqued your curiosity not just for the Roswell story but for conspiracies in general but tell us what you learned about Roswell white repair and what they've what the mood in the atmosphere is in that town. Well I I have to. Grit little bit on and I even think about my time growing up there. I looked at our Roswell, New Mexico. Wasn't still is a quiet peaceful southwest town. Back then atlas about 35000. In population. Most were pretty nice folks and there are fuel store had a sticker book loved animals should. People are worked hard and played just as hard as Lou. Most of the kids. Knew each other and generally go law. And our main activities after the high school and college football and basketball season's world were. In the spring were well. Most likely. There's a little lack of much of anything else to do. Just cruised up and down main street till well past midnight fool around like. Typical teenagers did most anywhere else or. Driving out. The east of the city to. Calm almost slick state park and swimmer died in the deep salty lakes out there are but there was one thing. One thing that's so Russell park from all the over small towns in the country. And now was that legendary you'll full crash. In 1947. Now check everybody in town knew about it. And he works stupid they certainly work crazy and nobody that I know low stood to make a dime off of look and in fact it was probably one of the best kept secrets in the country until. Stanton Friedman and not a couple of other. UFO researchers. Just horrible little store back in non. Account might have been in 1992. But I was there and not dilute among people. That knew the story very well. And saw exposure might say that all off flies could be a total flight Roswell alien. And of all grown up now China. Trying books. And oh on a state seventeen for overall election on a little cell. Galileo real deal on but it but now the story is true though that I know that. I'm not going into the whole crash thing but now I've heard stories throughout many many years that the locals out there. Really were scared of all the government and just. Possibly. Retribution for if they talked in the media spoke about their experiences. Is that accurate. Yeah. Quite accurate frighteningly slow. Literally. Hum I. Got to know a number of people or. Either first round. People involved in that incidental. Or they were the spouses slow. Many of those people. I've heard. First hand reports from people were there help bits of wreckage and hand. New low schooling on. Found they were visited. At some point shortly after they had. These experiences. With things not of this earth. There were visited by people I guess she could. Describe the lows men in black at normal for any other way of putting it. And they were worn golf not to speak about what they thought they had just seen. Or bore witness to. Or participated in or. And they would disappear. And never be seen or heard from again in two. Increase the pressure. Now on elm or deter man and silent got those threats extend it to their families their kids or low ones. And you bet you know and that's powerful incentive right there not to talk about it but I guess one. I was fortunate enough to learn these things. Many. Felt it was at least somewhat. Some locked safe undisclosed area. The details they Noual well. Do they just thanked enough years that pass that finally they were safe and people move Don that was enough information that have been out there Oregon now. Doubt would be my best guess I think they felt like. Enough time had gone by that nobody cared. But as it turns out that probably was not entirely true. But. And I I learned. A lot about the story and it it touched my life's in many ways all mile and helped shape my life. And an oral or believed that I mean. Cannot. I have to tell you and all the things that I've learned. That a fall brought me to this moment. Right here right now. And in my wildest imagination. I could never set her crown and treat us afloat and yet. I think the vast majority of it has authority historically been proven to be true. And it goes beyond theories. And don't much of this can be. Re searched and there's plenty of evidence hard material evidence to substantiate. It. So as we talk about the Roswell story and we look at the the still and ongoing denials by noon by the government as to what happened there or. It may be even in other places they continue to deny deny. Alien visitation ends or were. It's alien craft to visitation sort of all of the above what's going on in what is the fear what is the problem. And why won't they come clean about some of the stuff. Boots first probably a million reasons but. I'll just wrap it all up by saying. It's probably very very banned the truth that that's. Very very bad to disclose. Because it's really bad for bad government and ban law. Plain and simple no. I'm good I'm gonna put forward. An idea. And I'd like to keep that in mind this week for gross I think it's gonna make a lot of sense. You're short it's come. Particularly. After nine elevenths. Now going back to the bankruptcy in 1933 the federal bankruptcy. That was literally the point in time which. Our government as we knew it. Ceased. To exist. As the entity. Grandparents and great grand parents and all the way back to the founders put in play. It was no longer the same. And that's the point at which the international Baxter is still the Federal Reserve. And all of their friends in high places. Heads of giant corporations. Munitions manufacturers. Oil companies. And today. Worldwide corporation. So I think there's less than 200 major corporations. That are inextricably. Intertwined and everything. Now and they have literally. Been handed the the the functions. Of ruling masses they have become the government. Of anybody wants to questions that you only have to look as far as. Old the organization that gives its. Marching orders to the Oval Office every day council on foreign relations between. How many decades are we gonna live with guys like Henry Kissinger. And British and ski and all these other people have been. Call all the shots and Washington for knows how long. But they literally are the government. We think. We the people are still government and and if you wanna get right down to a we should they but we abdicated that. By sitting around and watching all this come about. And where was the outrage. Especially now now it seems like it's it's just come to a point where it's accepted. That you know that the bad as much control were not in control anymore and they do it scares you for. For this generation and future generations if if they're just willing to. To let that be but. What is like Jimmy was saying though the incentive all right so you've got these corporations they're running and their nearest thing. So be it but what is the incentive to keep. Any information of action terrestrial life away from the public whether it's a Roswell whether it's not Roswell at another thing. Why why keep it from us especially with the knowledge that. There is something else there of course you're going to get mixed feelings in the population and get people terrified that these things are gonna come and take us over and and so forth and you're going to near new going to be dealing with a lot of people who really wanna see that happen and not taken taken over but siesta accessed stars and we try to make contact I wanna get in today and we have to take a quick break below point comeback I wanna get into that I wanna understand why. They're trying to keep this all from us that these things are out there. Very you listen and Jason NG GR gases will champion and we're talking about. Helium leaks and by the government tried so. Great 446877669. Our chat room is alive and active all your news go to the website click on the little listen live button you can continue to listen on. Radio stations locally if you want to but those chat rooms all going on right there. Yes it's lives and busy crazy and there's so head over to beyond reality radio dot com click to listen live in and jump on an innocent chat going on in the in the chat room now about celebrities that they've run into people who run into and who was rude who was nice has nothing to do with what kicked up about what I interest just there's always this. Topics going I'm but I guess I do I just want to say one more thing here about Chad is that we've got a good a long time chat room member or ward who's having a birthday I think he may have snuck out to do go to sleep actually but more if you're still listening happy birth has asked him how many times he's turned 21 he says 29 times yeah moneys he's good at him has again gone and so and when I mean. Whatever so our guest. Our guests has been a world champion and we're talking about alien an alien life forms and if they visited us and so. Why it's being kept quiet welcome back to the show well. All thank you gentlemen. So will before I went to it before winter break I knew we were talking a ball and well why why this is being kept under wraps and wraps and I know. You're talking about how pretty much big businesses is mainly control right now wouldn't be wouldn't it be incentive for. The fact that these things are out there that that we made contact that aliens have visited this planet. When there be incentive to let the public know it just for the mere fact that. At that point a lot of people be more willing to sit there and say hey you know you use tax dollars let's build something to it to make contact because. It might be able to help. You'd pretty much Asia. Help us really just figure a lot of a lot of questions out for a we know we can have the cure for cancer they could have. So many different different things to help advance our our. Our life form. Well you made a number of excellent points and I agree it would make cents. At a certain level to do just that for disclosure. Now I'd I'd like to make a couple of quick points here and they become critical. As as a move forward one. Prior to 9/11 one day out Donald Rumsfeld. Com I think we're all pretty much remember him made an announcement that suddenly. For some reason he couldn't explain. Oh wasn't six trillion dollars. Of tax money. Taxpayer money disappeared from the country on it just seemed lost. And nobody had an explanation for where went remember that. And that was the money that they were looking into Bill Clinton for re correct in the money went missing actually put one in the play all hit the exact room the a lot of paperwork wasn't wasn't. And at and a guy. All it it runs so much deeper than that but that becomes a critical point to keep in mind as I progress here now. Getting back to the issue of alien contact. I think it goes much deeper than us it goes down. As far into the matrix as a single person like myself can go without being military. Or remember Wally alphabet soup. Agencies or some such. And I think the explanation lies somewhere. In this. There's little war going. Between warlords and excerpts. For domination conquests and submit addition. To ultimate control stick and literally thousands of years to plan and prosecute. And though that may sound farfetched. I'm thoroughly consents that. The things I've discovered. Or bear that out. It's like when you. Find an old sock and CO out threats sticking out of it and you pull on that it begins to run. As probably everybody out there has has come across a similar situation. And when you pull out. That thread and it starts to run more and more stuff. I'd open supper doesn't in my instance it did. And I discovered. The this war. That's been going on for thousands of years which actually does have something to do with extraterrestrials. And a law. And the new world order. It's all about. Well coming to what could potentially be an end game maneuver. And until recently. It seemed very very near perilously near and now I'm not so sure. I always have the new administration in Washington. Would just have to wait and see it's kind of wild card. But we'll just have to wait and see I think some good things are under way. Suffice it to say though. The most effective weapon used by the warlords in this this game will conquest is codify it law. Kind of touched on before. And code five law and its enforcement are very very powerful way up X now I came to learn about those laws. And how they could be traced all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia. Embroiled bias law. But it doesn't. Stop bear. It gets a little bit more intra stinger as we travel back and forth in time. And this is where we get to chilling facts a treasure trove of secret information actually dispelled long suppressed by the world's controlling a leaked it's a let's have a look. We actually we can agree at this point that in this context. This new world order ever but he's been ringing in her hands will worry about anticipating. It'll when's it gonna come once it got to come. It's already eight year. Of a given. On a good explanation notes of that. The giant banks. Corporations. That comprise the new world order are here now Nicole shots they take over but. In our distant past. So called primitive cultures everywhere throughout the world depicted. Mankind's. Extraterrestrial. Origin and fact. Joseph Malone history proves that over the age is this plan has been visited countless times. But beings not of this earth and some of their modern day humanoid descendants. Money lords are a cult. Masters. Of the world little universe here on earth should we know these people to be the world's. Weller conspirators. And they are now the world's only trillion bears. They are Illumina RT. And I'm sure you're you and your listeners of girl that resolutely and salute to dilute significantly. You and a well these aluminum nodding your secret society of ruthless. Merchant bankers and big business man we know them. Today there against humanity and their bent on total world domination. But first bringing the USA completely to its knees and they're working hard on that. Specially of blade MRI. Sure would seem that way. You bet. And their Altamont goal is still polish sovereignty. All nations to establish one centralized. Global government to rule for all the new world or Kirk. And the only thing that's been standing in its way. Is the United States of America. And that has to be done this before they can proceed with their Rachel green. Now getting back to our hidden history for bull. For thousands of years that go on people for Africa. Believed in strange beings and it's a little creepy. Some of these beings were born with details and I've had a look at the east the depictions and ask if these are not ripped trillions. And these beings came from the stars and wonder supplying chains that make the still on map all the planets or solar system. Even build an overhead telescopes. And their legends include stories about these otherworldly beings now. If you consider of these extraterrestrial beings deep picked it and historical recordings made by people inhabiting. Many other parts of the world it's very plain to see that. Lot similar culture is all over the planet have always known people from the stars came urged. Not all of them were you liberal courts. And yeah some ever Killian traits now. Like most westerners aren't at first was actually shocked to Mike coral learn. Numerous ancient some Marion and the Egyptian lives still exist. That depicted coming at least space travelers are. Whereupon they flew about it and what they call between the sky Chamber's rules straight up in the air. Or space. And soul one conceal as easy for our ancient ancestors rudely except these beings. Our space brother and will as God's. That history. Is there the evidence as to where. We are not alone now nor have we ever yeah but it's not in accordance with the world paradigm. That exist today. Which benefits the establishment. Status school. When an if you if you bring about something that challenges that by saying. Outright. If fuel our government. Or some agency or authority group. All you have folks. Role whenever have been it's okay though nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here move along move along. And. Not gonna happen. At least. I deal. Believe that school and happen. Any time very soon. I had in the study it wouldn't be the first time but I will perceive that in the cards. In the near future irked at any rate. Well we are almost out of time and I wanted to give you if a minute here to talk about your book the dreamland files and of course is available as an e-book and a download from your website will champion dot com. Tell us a little about the book. Case it is a new work of fiction. Officially listed as but it's based on absolute fact. Com. Many of those backs up discuss what you see. People coats come to call. I am a lull in the the genre of faction because it releases. Hidden fact X in section Foreman storage form while you take it too graphic adventure. And the traditions of X-Files. Defend cheat code. And soul and it is. Very revealing. And the it has been likened to. The ultimate conspiracy thriller. And soul. That's the way I like to think over. And that's the way round I believe it is best described. It's it is available at only one location worldwide and that is from my web site will champion dot com. Again that's www. Will champion dot com. And you'll find dreamland files there are available for download but like I would leave a word of caution with your listeners. If you Loral purchase and download the book I appreciate your business but please. Please please pay careful attention. To the download instructions. It is specially formatted. And that wool work on certain devices. Certain devices it will not. End so after. Pay attention to what device you want to download it to. And if you leave out any of the couple of steps to unloading. The book the site will not deliver your book to you however. You can reach me at the site on the contact button. And if you want to download the book and open arm up and enjoy it on a device other. I'll happily send dual link. And I think you'll be very very pleased. And I hope. They'll all be enough set are just pay attention. So this so bloated structure and then with the Taiwan ever buddy to be happy with the thirty seconds we have left what's up next for you will. Well. This coming summer I will be in Colorado with the awful watchtower engines lie. Four you'll flowed parable conference. Called. The cosmic highway 27. Team. Information can be had from connecting up with me on FaceBook. Or Twitter and you get there by. Means that my web site. And tickets are gone fast through that sole goal late this year interest didn't. Get a smaller and available. It's great thanks will we appreciate you being on tonight and sharing all that fascinating information in the book is the dreamland files available on will's website will champion dot com. Have a great night well all right sort of take a break when we come back we've got a little bit more it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes and Gene Johnson. Scorpion it's. Saying though. Charles Carlson and she's there aren't real high voice. It soon though we tune from eighty something you know eighty to eighty threesome are in their right. This means apparently are actually Erica yeah have been eminently welcome back to be on reality radio everyone. Thinks that thanks for coming along with us. Thank you will champion for joining us and you know he I think he actually his his discussion with a section created more questions for me than anything. I hate just nice guys I don't a lot of information content and there is a lot of theories out there a lot of people believe. That 9/11 was an inside job whether people wanna hear it or not it's there's a lot of belief there's just so many different ties. When you when you really dig into it and also a lot of the first responders talked about how they heard what they can only describe as detonations. Prep for the building fell. My arm. I am not I'm quite not quite on board that train yen about I find this discussion very very interesting in the more evidence I hear the more curiosity his you know that is created in them I'm just more no more we'll see. He has got mixed mixed feelings whereas I'd hate to think that our government. It was going to take why so many people arm but then again. Time and history hash on the pin they are. So it's a little scary that way by nom. I don't know it's just got right now I would hope not. But there's just a lot of weird things and we are ties in and you've seen in GB and I've talked about it and it's just a lot of weird things are and let alone trying to and from Berkman all trying to force records to stay close so the public can see. A lot of them in the end of the information that and that has Kamal and it's just terrifying. Well and the more we do this program in the more people we have coming on the program that talk about these things more information we get. It does crew you know I believe your head scratching in the and you you know just wanna find out more so we'll continue to do that's kind of what we're all about here ranked. We've had psychics and can spare assists. Yes and FBI agent and all these people and and a lot of them believe that song it's just sits terrified that it is and continued his hunt for the truth don't forget tomorrow night we got Chris Alexander coming on. And talk about whole movies or movies. It's of it's kind of we're about six months from Halloween and we gotta be close. I should be seven months Sam that Andy Plummer I mean the kind of you know we just you know half way to I'll lean penitent worked on hormones. It's and then all then Wednesday it would get Anthony Hamilton author remind time and power book which describes an the results of this thirty plus years a researched. And how our thoughts and feelings shape our lines and answer these passion is to awaken people sued there inborn ability to improve their allies by employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools. Lot of great stuff come and jump on the show radio stations continue to be added to the B on reality really super slow stations were happy to have them coming home to Atlanta. Join just joined us tonight and cholera springs tremendous tonight at exactly sell oil in the Greeks were popping up everywhere and there's also some stations that. We've popped up on we just don't have the information on yet so hopefully will be getting over the next few days and then above and beyond everybody who is in the path of Sonoma again or snow apocalypse or whatever. Everybody's colleges in the past armory around. I think that it would tell you were literally can be directly under this thing and a lot of people going to be affected so stay safe don't take any unnecessary risks. Make you prepared were you can be and hopefully wants the power remains on throughout the northeast you and I will be back tomorrow night. And one of the biggest things are they always or is about is how do we keep food cold when not when the power goes out just remember there's tons of snow also I think just like in a building cool thing Larry Ellison and Jason NG VM beyond reality radio everybody have a great night safe nine in low will catch you'll Marlon at. And he'll ingredients produced plus it's include things like Alexandria Jones and her. Yeah I don't forget to stop playing our FaceBook page gives us a line and say hello and it's beyond reality read you all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon or you liked being Gaston beyond reality radio email to swing getting less slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.