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Think Tank 1010am Are we about to go to war

Mar 14, 2017|

Are we about to go to war? Is that what America’s planning. Hundreds of marines on their way to Syria, troops on the ground in Iraq and Yemen. This hours guest: Hardin Lang - Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress Jim Phillips - Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs @ Heritage Foundation

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Dramatic. Boy. Or ease those people could signal that you were under any storm of storms. And we'll look at Courtney and Dave but I get it to you were grabbed belts were the wrong that I'm seeing and more home time here in the news out. Drug Bonior of Robert talking about should be worried about art of visual intelligence. I'll and we'll bloopers and some evidence of we should some evidence says that it's no big problem but. I think war Boone show conclusive. Evidence. That it's something we shouldn't who who wants it can be decades away because of the act good in tool its you and expert in true growth in technology. It's something. We should become educated. And then maybe a little bit concerned. Lebanon called president. Trump as combo with. You ban on lobbying. It's good from everything I've read it's not exactly boarded seems to be so we're guaranteed to make some really. In troops and details 11 o'clock. That's our Rory about it go to war. Were were pretty good about it of Afghans and good thing good about yeah remembered thinking about the middle he's worth thinking about North Korea of finger but trying to brought all in the own. And one of the things the better opponent has and they. I think because of Katrina. We've had heads of Homeland Security will you be interviewed president would. General in charge of the Middle East in charge of the Asia. And and what it comes to war winning columns to two black liberal we're doing and what their broad place. It's kind of tapped me on the head and say we you know we're in Oregon adults. And it's. And Woburn and destroy infrastructure because. Rebuild it hurts alms. We're just there was kind of monitoring force now all of a sudden. I'm seeing big changes across the board. Idea and reading news what I am reading his and the good news. One what isn't big news today by and it's Spain's elected exchanging. And ordered to two veterans say in this we always glued to the expert wound in part laying senior fellow. Settled for American progress in Hardin played with a Coleman's appreciate it's time. Good to be here on out here did they move him it's. That's our first real winner but it was a busy. But Revere was seen one like that mean that and that would slowly. Rather extreme even concerning past arms. Credit or. But the good news. What what caught my ma and blues and old should zero Arco. Support is heavily or luring dozens or hundreds of Marie Ange. Try to push eyes shall. Vulnerable rock. Euros preparing soon go up to 1000 troops to Kuwait. Ordered to your bread drawer in the plate. Engines by its long. And in answer ago collider when Britney be in Yemen. These these incorrect Hedlund scorer would what do you think. You look at placing an increased. Or the troop levels particularly in this campaign against arsenal in Syria. But I think one thing about it security have at least 400 hospital operators in Syria on programs are supporting. A coalition of Kurdish and Arab fighters to push toward rock go to trial like to retake the city. This marks a significant increase those numbers. But are strategically it's still the same playbook that Obama was utilized at some sort working with partner forces to get the to drive out. Beisel deliberated. Rocca. Buy it isn't true other forces it's just we're applying a little bit more pressure this time. And it in the and it cut it sounds like quote it flies storms. People behind the lines of do you main combat. Were timber those who worked with vim is that correct. Never expect bridle but more like that is an artillery unit there was some talk about Apache attack helicopters which can hardly be there. So I think will be a little bit closer to the fight that we have been in the past. Into humble old enough to go on from dumping begin in. Something called Vietnam. And and remember Bromwich. Couldn't troops in there it would apply is. We got. Some attack helicopter. Moved a little lower to Hillary. Does this hand. But in the here that important to understand about mr. context is they're using them wobble. That seemed to have been reasonably successful in a rock. Where you know that the US troop presence 5000 maybe all the more. Along with some other collection true numbered by about 3000 have been supporting the Iraqi Security Forces and the Kurds successfully the pushed Islam they back. The only major population generally not controlled rockets western Mosul and Turkish republic of the last. Al looks like they're trying to use the same models are they with the administration was doing despite all the talk about this strategy. But good question is what's gonna happen after rock liberated. In. Oh rock ideas to incorporate. Mosul back in to the state into the Iraqi state. But that's state it's fractured that currently exist in Syria. So little portion of the longer term peace the politics and government what comes after the fighting. And on and have a bunch of you know out of US troops in theater supporting local forces. But without political framework that goes on top. Indy in the end if you're if I remember correctly. When we push Hussein out room within word we use depleted him. We didn't have them follow a plan do you see in the follow plans for rock or anything Apple's. No I mean that actually talked to those entry into the line and the lack of that plan plan B. It was perhaps the most disturbing aspect commitment to the nation apart from the actual. Engage in the first place. But if that same. In Syria that work is the application of force without a clear political goal. You know we may need to do this for very good counterterrorism reasons terms of the threats posed the homeland into our allies partners region. But if you don't have a political plan that comes after those victories on the battlefield has to be him. And end again it would we've already gone through the experience and so we have the that powered to move to elbow were. Al irons. To do beat the enemy but weren't the enemy who's who previewed you've you've got. Who please you've cut. Big yen in ex government you've gone soon these you've got cheers you've got a raw and you've got Russia. How can we not. Even militarily my natural is politically. Not have a back compliant. It Edgar Allan as what you want and you just mentioned should be Yemen conflict. Yemen's conflict to be almost holed more concern in terms of the slide into something bigger. Again the nature of the al-Qaeda presence in Yemen. Dozens necessitate. An eighty count as a responsible party United States. A but it also clear that the that the drug administration has decided that Yemen is going to be one of theaters which it pushes back against a wrong rule in the region. And so that at the end today Yemen does not strategic priority the United States it is for Alex Saudi Arabia. And not a strategic clarity for raw really did today. We both have surrogate in the country. And we are upping the level or military commitment and the question is if we in government tangle. With the Iraq in there you concede how that could slide into a wider conflict. Overplay that really fundamentally that we neither country has some major strategic interest. So I think we need to be very careful about how the increase counterterrorism operations and Yemen. Lead into a wider potential regional. Conflicts. Horry got it didn't Greg Greg boomer comes back to question you just mentioned Yemen. Oh we we'd talk about. War crimes. A sign in Surrey will battle Buddha barrel ball. That killed civilians. Were were were re supplying site holy airplane and dead or killing civilians. Could we. End up in record soared with. War crimes. And number two this. I knew this would my lack of education. Earl looked and looked up bestseller side of things troop. The power of big war is explicitly. Granted to congress. And article one section. Eight. Of the constitution. When we come back those two questions could we. End up being like a sawed it in Yemen. And to how these presidents keep Antonin. Certainly what seems may have been limited warm but I think it can dual. Bead of funded war how they dual without congressional approval doubled up. Wouldn't want to agree rigid. I have to admit kind of dumb question and it's more lines. Only bound to go to war hell we've been caught or pull her over a decade. But bottom talk about what seems to be in an escalation. We got about 121000 troops in Kuwait deuce and their ready to fight I shall live in. Cereal or human. We've got troops on the ground additional troops hundreds. In Syria. Helping quote our allies news there. We're good from the administration talking about making drone strikes easier to them. Have been ordered to make it easier lower the threshold. For acceptable and civilian casualties. We're go John McCain and Lindsey Graham said hey. We're stalemate in Afghanistan and we're gonna do something we do more troops we need to buy more. And were worst in thing these room. And to. Miss ruled the princes had missiles to South Korea. Which has China upset so he did it seems like kind of a dumb question because rural road and there are brought that saying. It rolled it in that I think Garcia installations. Often talked to Harden laying seen films and for American progress. Harden before we go back to go to questions from Danone mentioned board took Draco looked it up the lips and I. Until we have this information is wrong the power to make war. It's explicitly. Granted to congress. Article one section Eden constitution. And number one is that in him what are reading music rather and number two. Or these installations. Considered war or. How'd we get round that. Yep agree questions. So the way if you look at that nature of course. Congress does have the right is in our with the right to declare war. And only congress. But if you look at what's happening in different leaders. The president both. President trump and present a while before and are using different set of authorization. To facilitate that. So example in Iraq wouldn't that the government. Four hours support or help and so we don't need congress to fly at all. If the government requires our support to move forward and so the troops moved that way you rock. To support the current campaign when an act request the government and they also use. The other piece of this is they use the EU map the authorization of military use of military force. That was signed back approved by congress back in the early 2000 in the wake up on eleven. Authorize the administration to go after. Al-Qaeda and associated groups and Google link here is that. Right that's an Islamic state is associated group. I. Now that the tenuous leg but that the legal framework that they're using justifiable. Our governor got a Bergman and have them talk to you again about him and everything the Brett reed says some of Newbury B. Biden's most of those weapons from viewers we've really cool they're playing music in the care. Salaries. On a regular basis again and everything I read routinely bombed civilian targets hospital food production. His allude teased refugee camps you name it. We we talk about. The head of Syria. Being charged with the war cry because of barrel ball. Is there any chance that president or war. Anybody from the United States could be charged with the war. Well a couple things here. First the concern over the violations rules of war in Yemen by both parties or the awful part accomplish is very real. Thank Human Rights Watch back the beginning of the year documented over 61. Violations of the rules of war. Committed by the Saudi led coalition some qualified as. We're obviously supporting those efforts through the transfer the weapons that were sent to them but the US itself does not party to the ICC international criminal court. Under the criminal court can take the US take the US officials to work with a we don't have jurisdiction over. Problem partner but. Paula drugs out of time. Complicated. That you view Obama and this short again and can we call in the future. We're. All always appreciated. And the expertise. Of great DNC you warm. DO brigade celebrity emotional on the re important come right back. What would talk to the conservatives. Thought of this issue. There. Our world. Trying to get down there expert on the conservatives. To do dips question. All we're going to war brand jaguar double dog build opinion poll. Oops. At 21%. Say no absolutely not. And I understand that blood. The question was mine and quite frankly when you look at ended in retrospect. What a very bright question with a question should be or we going to escalate the wars were born born in Afghanistan. We're in war and rock. We could we got a thousand troops in Kuwait and couldn't move I island to Syria. We're aware opened as saudis. Played in new England and we boot from the ground. Well Anglican that volunteer. Witnesses. Al-Jazeera. Yours support is heavily or neighboring Syria hundreds of Marines. We've got. Trump human policies Serbs W rebuke better than Americans or John McCain. Lindsey Graham said eight. Where it is always in Afghanistan have to templates years. We need more forces. We got the trump administration. Thinking about ways to make it easier to launch drone strikes one of the ways that makes it easier. Is lowering the threshold of acceptable civilian casualties. So in. I think the question is or gore and war can put on course and plus I think gives well it would leave fans. Or will you ask a leading to conflicts we're in. Already sailed it would turn Jim Phillips. Key is the mood in the Middle Eastern expert to lube with. Jim I've perjured car. All. Social what are they didn't legal overall idea and then. I want to talk about the Marines and security. That the ground forces Mosul. Itself. Well from our group has which has been cork we identified our director of the top US priority to defeat in the Middle East. Our thesis is that under tremendous pressure in your car worked on the verge of losing the city of Mosul. And didn't scenario where its capital rocked cars is being encircled. Party. The problem is what the the forces it's being encircled barter fighting among themselves so. Local. If Americans we tend to see war roses are also gain between true. Seems like two football teams. In the movies it's so. Kaleidoscope. Of differing factions. Front of these trying to move that may be at war with one faction allied with another faction minimum. Six months later they switched teams have their non volatile on the others aren't so in Syria though we have no one. No trustworthy are. Ours. The beyond. Syrian Kurd right now the problem with the Syrian Kurds is they're good fighters but. That are real we. Feared by Arabs are go bankrupt superb armament. Population devices so that if the current score William and wipe out our racists they're quickly gonna be seen. Are you partners. And law won't be able to control Vieira urban areas anyway because. Of historical or cultural tensions. A little let me take a break here when we come back. Wanna be a big critters citizens wounds of with the Obama you're withdrawing troops would would has. Being in the Indy fallback plan and you you. You know what governments are going to be in natural origin known what groups going to be in charge. When we come through rock today when it comes to union when it comes as Syria. If were putting boots on the ground if we you're participating. In the conflict. If loom ever we back. Is successful. When Libya Afghanistan Emery in the of the ropes do we have a plan. As to what happens band. Governor bill say it was his questions comments. Terms eggs or 187. I'm sick were asking you rubbed his sorrow or you're bound to go to war of the question should have been. Or are we about to extend. A world. Wars. Afghan news and were involved in game and were involved and rock. Now we're involved in Syria. Rescinding that missiles this South Korea use you name it we breeze seemed to be involved in true war. Or in in just backing up Barbara lives or getting ready for war. One of one of the questions I hand it is is because Barack Obama. I think legitimately. A lot of criticism. Pulling troops out of Iraq where Britain though post war plan. Well we're Unser who were in Yemen. Were in rock and we're in Afghanistan and the question becomes. Do we have. I'll post war plan. A Jim go into with the senior research fellow middle eastern New Year's Heritage Foundation. Jim important what do you think do would do we have a plan that. If this is ever over. Dead. The plan of reconstruction. Would be. Can all that is. 64 billion dollar question because as Americans were much better. It's fighting wars in winning them militarily. And we are at securing a sustainable peace afterwards. And unfortunately. In places that you mentioned light your Afghanistan. South Korea. And tools look or extent of Iraq that. After the war is over those countries still need these US backup to protect them against. The column bombed in Afghanistan against. Saddam Hussein may have been even worse Islamist radical extremists and rock. Than North Korea's stool up there. Threatening South Korea. So and so you know becomes. If in the Koreas is more stable. Because it Arctic consult Koreas were strong. On to protect itself to a large degree brought in Afghanistan and Iraq still have very weak government and that requires the you know limited US contingent. Offer training. They and the key is to have them do. Do fighting on the ground we can back them up in the air with intelligence but not get involved in the civil war on the ground and in Syria now there's a danger that you mention that. Infighting crisis. We may get sucked into the Syrians who wore the same way we got sucked into the Somali civil war. Our backward we're feeding the Somalian in the 1990s. There was a mission creep and additionally our military which just beating people. But then we discovered that the reason people were starving. Was not because there what an off food it was because the rule warlord who were stealing all the food. Two in order to use food as a weapon. And so we ended up going after the warlords and one of mobilized with bin Laden and Matt live from it'll black hawk down we gonna make sure. That doesn't happen and Syria. Our final question. It would. Over the years I think because of Katrina. We've been able real experts like Q. We've had credible moon here so we've interviewed a couple of presidents with head. General. In charge of them that believes in charge of Asia. And when I'm gonna send them. Win wars in when we fight wars like we did in World War I forward. And they always have been on it and it. You can't killed subdue means he can't destroy infrastructure. A look at the headline of the Washington pulled submitting. Admittedly. There boom in a big true. Truck administration. Viewing boys to make it easier to launch drone strikes. And want to boys and make it easier is lowering the threshold. Or civilian casualties. Arab god John McCain. And durable but abrupt about broad Lindsey Graham. Says hey. We need more forces. In Afghanistan and end quote. Unfortunately in recent years were at the hands were firm military. Instead of trying to win and we settled for Joe's trying not to lose. How is it do Wear blue blood can't buy boards that we we use to our week. I think part of it is this. We're playing by a western style holes will follow rules of war. In which we try to minimize these civilian casualties. But our enemies don't play by those rules remain high among. Civilians. Have been actually encourage us to strike them wilder hearted amongst civilians couldn't. They know that that will lead to move. In the greater outrage among the population they're trying to radicalize and mobilize. So that's part of that. What the other thing is gonna with regard to these civilian casualties. Most of al-Qaeda leaders that. We've hit have been ripping off or many of them have been living with their families. And when you hit one you hit their fairways and sold those family members are often portrayed as civilians but. All often times is that national leader of the terrorist groups make that choice that is and we died with from. Tempo and always a pleasure and appreciate the expertise. In the time and a great day. And end that you're. I and I go back to again in the in the Guillen didn't. These experts are saying to me and Garland that that that good point. A high school education. And I'm asking. OK we're going to war what the hell was the plan. Once drew movie is the repeated we Adam play in the end. And weaved in and all moves so well that's a good question. What is visited the book what we're doing today he. We don't seem to know why we're doing. Double dog. Our ID. Number objects. Present from. Has she didn't want to impose lifetime ban own self loving five years oil and others. But it may not quite that way in there is long of introducing facts. Concerning the whole issue. Of congressmen and senators leaving Capitol Hill. In going in the lobby. Several others governor Abdel brigade celebrity and immoral 53 you at him.