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Mar 14, 2017|

Should the lobbying ban be lifted so qualified people will want to run for office? No thank you, I don’t like the lobbying ban.  This hours guest: Dr. Martin Johnson - LSU professor of political communication Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back here is what we're thinking about how being. One to become congressman and would become senators. You've been featured her were you. Elected. You go to law being. Should there be restrictions should there be new rule will troll on. According to loses loses in that mr. trump in provinces like time and on Selma. Impose on its own lobbing. Five years for others. Got a million questions Nadia a simple issue were not as simple vision loses its own bought more Johnson. Ocean professor of political communications. Workers doctors think with time prescribed it here for two. What do you think before I get in particular. Where and when he talks about black talent and when he talked about like your brains. Just brutally Dan or is it more cult. More complicated as these things well are you pocket about. You know things like. Letting people in this of the administration who've been lobbyists but to not in the area that they lobbied. You know and and normally you Saturday. You know Adobe you know like time lobbying ban on some things about other things and so home. You know it's a bit. A real open question about you know wonder whether. You know relieved. The tree in law or whether we use. Flop flop and then it and I think questions about what you know kind of public policy do we want. RE two. A good fortune of votes obviously. Liberal public wouldn't. Let's see what they're seeing troops there since the five your band was only told lobbying one's former agency. Not become legal abuse. And trump actually weakens over the language from seven were banned under Obama and George Bush. And reduce the level of transparency. Your your thoughts. Alia that. That's what you're hearing about it. Executive order on. You know we can part of six rules of the Obama administration and and that's exactly what you're describing. You're coming out the Washington Post. Well you know I talk about the broader issues home you know there all kinds of questions here we. We want people to advise policy who have expertise. And home you know you have expertise Baath Party being in job in learning about the public policy well. Are we gonna ban people who have been in positions of influence. Because they've been in positions of influence even though they have expertise but you know one of the great paradox here. And ended June mrs. Who works in DC in the of the liberal publication differences. Of Barack Obama. 2000. So and eighty. Article the brand anymore and from lobbying the government for a period of two years after leaving. What trump says is full loop holds and I think he has some Bolivian Indians saying that. Because it shows and I've done growing group are wrong you may have two years before you can sort lobbying. But let's say you sat on the committee. Regularly being the former student loan industry. They hired him they give you an office. You don't go to capitol who you goal lobbying. Their lobbyists. Come in you're office and you say to them. I had dinner with the senator I didn't read this congressman. Go talk to them about eight BC. And try to get the idea is that wrong. You can buy them strategy saying not actually the one who's doing the law which you are talking to your co workers about. How strategically approach. People in different agencies than you know and and positions of bulk sample. Used to dad tell somebody to even the rightful. Temples for a year with the there very very brewery in terms. It's hard right because a term like lobbying found bow on seemly to minister its with a completely natural thing. To think that lobbying and unseemly does but. You know but the other side of lobbying. The cultivation. Of expertise. And if that's the beauty wanna tell. You know that you ought to inform how organ. You know regulated some kind of industry where you guys have people of that industry and movie industry and though. But good from the bad for the production process so all that stuff. You know advising on public policy but they're also interest of actors so it's you know other than that it's it's a complicated matter. So glad let's all on the EU. Debate and saw say hey we say in 4812. Eighteen years make him a 174000. Dollars there's a couple of hours. And as I've gotten all of his incredible. Expertise. As to how to manage. Things through congress that may actually help my consistency. You know I NC is perhaps even the world. But when we look at Billy Joes now. One winner of our represented as I think in congress that think he made 174000. Dollars a year you sat. As the chairman. Of the committee. Dad dead regulated foreign Massoud vehicle into insuring. He got hired by them as lobbyist. He made twenty million dollars and four year period. Understand the defense. But I understand people who go. Still a credit. I've always on the move them until like yeah. Yeah yeah. The trickery out and it is they learned the cure. Is is it like being an actor. The majority of people LeBron go for office don't yet the office. Those that do all parties solich who. And they developed he lifts a talent. That is. Very. Communicative. In supplies and demand. Communications. In and marketing. And what we do in this country jurists like an actor. Is an argument to me beat me. Billy Joe's and made twenty million in the four year period. But he'd god in. And learned. And expertise. That board's short in supply and Eugene in government and suddenly canoes and. I think he I think there are a lot of professions where. He you know. I think the analogy also would work well you know top executive management and and and the industry where businesses where. You've got you know we hear we hear about like what he has made an epiphany about another one rankled you know a lot of people think about it that. You know person making all that money for well ladies they have cultivated their knowledge that cultivated their contacts they've. Done the things they need to do in order to. Command a high market value for the services they provide to a company or in the cave and interest that you know of working with the government. And probably you know almost simple vacation Greg Craig may have blown. It's pollution. And. Pure but it also you know but I think I I mean I completely understand why that rankles people right because it's also. It's also the public it's also it's also the people if and when you hero you know it's it's easy to draw lines there well. Yet some of cultivating expertise of the networks and commands higher market value in them. Both in the in the private sector that you know about capital of them but don't want to become the public sector and that a true you know but but the public we deal. You know of them that I can I can definitely supply of people thinking well that's you know that's about it. But you know that but that's not affairs of. N and for booze did think it's our hand. In the capitalistic society. Israel that would regulate. You know coming. You know for what it's worth I think I think transparency of the most important piece of this is you know in other words if you can reveal. Who's paying want him for what kinds of behaviors. You know about that to him to be. You know the closest thing we can news. That that both of them also violate people's first amendment rights people. You know right to expression. But good we agree we couldn't reveal it transparent building tones and do what he did make twenty million books in four years. Does that friends currency. In capitalism and saying hey. It's our system in there and they're rolling no way to regulate that. You know it's a part of the frustration in. And and conflict of exactly what you're saying I think you know obtained which you know President Obama at an executive order a bit. President trump have been a faithful would poll we and so you can write an executive order that you know about them completely full loop hole. Event there's no perfect mousetrap. Don't Wear a 101000 questions we've got three minutes from Bloomberg content actually would this. Dublin yeah. If you're attempting to anchor and all we do a little bit different thing that moves. Talk shows were around the country. We're not conservative not liberal side settle for an idea that Terry what do think of and we tried to prove me wrong now. We're we're talking about lobbying. Congressman sentences and quit and go to private industry lobby. Kabul today you chose this subject willow looked it's got to be conveniently leave funds went and sheer. Images it's a little bit. She landed at London but his says. When congressman becomes you'll obviously get absorbed 1452. Fruits and raids. Slug Jim rules and little bit later in the article you find out it's a group called root public reports which of them a couldn't Wikipedia. Uncovered the partial sell hundreds of twelve rule makers. And I was there entries 1452%. In the first one. They eat they presented. It was former congressman Billy Tauzin of Louisiana. Made twenty million dollars in a four year period. Tomorrow would take that and it's like. And totally against that. But then I remembered it it gets a little bit more complicate we have doctor Morgan Johnson. Tell me through this. May ease of thinking owes you for that your political communications. Not a morning go back to what we're talking about Warren wouldn't budge on couple about the subject. When you look at aboard goal and they controlled this is bad we should not do business. Is it overly simplistic to say Garland if you think that way. Your words and dying what capitalism was settled to do. I don't think it's a question of the nine capital of them I think I think I think that I think what what ends up happening if you start thinking about it gallery stop. So you could say you could say something like OK we are going to be now law. Erica well. You can't battle lobbying because then you invite the problem votes you know oil and gas industry is going to be able to have any day. Yeah and public policy around regulations oil and gas in the street of course we don't want that. You know that the Jamaican accent that the denial of expertise. So that he could say okay accounts now we're gonna you know the I don't know. Through some government agency were gonna cap salaries and them. Adding that are really begin to Wear ankle. You know people are usually aware of Ottawa the government say how much money people can make that I think that rankled. You know I think the flexibility of global auto. You know conservative them so. So that what you do and that's why I gravitate toward transparency which is in and of itself an imperfect thing but every now on the network. You know I think. Our government we know bill was toes and make twenty million. Isn't that transparency. If so the question then becomes the Billick event or anybody affiliated effective would've believed to man. Do anything wrong and there's no evidence of that level where no no no allegation on the table have approved a situation like. There were few years ago Jack Abramoff who was Columbia and you know it was a really engaged and bribery conspiracy Ian. And then actual. You know alleged corruption. More than alleged corruption use tribe. You know and and he became such a political hot potato. That you know the footwear transparency works where any politician that was even tangentially related to an Obama ever got money from. I'm topic the other an appointment with them that became a political liability of and the so that is if there. Actual wrongdoing but you can that you can demonstrate. Down I think but I think the wave of which the first hand work if there's visibility entry and. Doctor can do a show without you think of the time particularly. The expertise. Agree. It. And again I've a porn out where I'd think I was wrong. Drew Brees. Have read flexes it reached ordinary. There was tremendous. Demand for it very lonesome product supply. So we get paid twenty million plugs one of Purdue. Congress people very few of them compared to beat 300 million population. Gordon. Did expertise. That is in huge demand Newburgh short supply. In windy. Benefit from that we dole like capitalism. When. You were wrong. What do you think two's exit a 1870. Our radar dubbed it a bill predator drug were opinion poll we're all dressed every hole were big question is. Should go lobbying ban be lifted so all pod people will want to run for office and 82% of views say on the web but probably you know. And I was blown up view. I've looked bedlam let me Poland via at and. There. To toot toot toot toot toot chew pondered here it is. What a congressman becomes a lot of abuse she gets 1452%. Pay rates. On amber. And yet to be article. Don't surged twelve. Lawmakers. But still went on bread and it's above that that role that there should wounded old system's current change. But I I got my doubts that one all of the work correct. And what we do we've go to be experts from Britain signaled this. Dark period Sherman act to keep trying to teacher's class do we keep and rot in funeral political science. Professor professor thank you for the time it was all it's thanks yeah Ireland. Before we get into the ethics of good idea about it. Craig live from Rome it's CNBC. Liberal publication report trump and poses like Thailand and some lobbying. Five years for others. And the news is Washington Post liberal publication. Five Cuba and applies only to lob being borne its former agency. Becoming lobbyists. Troupe actually weakened some of the language from similar Brandon. Under Obama and bush and reduce the level of transparency. Talked to me when you hear this what do you think what do you think overall. Well. You know we try and regulators legislate love being out of existence but. That's not gonna happen. You know because of First Amendment considerations people do have the right to assemble and they do have the right to petition the government. And that. Every time we changed the rules. That these individuals strategically adapt to rules. So you have to realize. Whenever they're really close. Influence that interest groups and and lobbyists have been and not just. The national capital but the state capital as well. And again for a government wrong. Obama 2000. And pain and anyone from lobbying the government for a period of two years. In front has led for a little loopholes and in the I think it is because in in England and were you Reichman boredom perjury. Somebody fresh from congress spread from the and then goes to accompany me to be regulated under did and the Macon big salary big office. They don't go to Capitol Hill. We're two years sloppy. But they have lunch have dinner with certain losers congressman. And a lot abuse or the company they're working pour. Walked into the or all those and say when I go to law on The Who should I talk to what should rise saved board showed I had tried to do. Is that wrong. I don't know if it's wrong. Because. You know loving it's it's an amorphous concept and it's really hard to nail down and finally it. But wouldn't these congressmen and senators. Get hired. During the Q you're banned. What would they be doing other than that. Well they probably calling themselves strategic advisors. As opposed to. And what they're calling themselves but. What would they be dueling. Well it probably just talking to some of their former colleagues know whether there there lobbying and you know. You know asking for favors or supplying them with information. You know that's where it then they crossed the line in terms of just you know having lunch or coffee with. But what we know they are not seat. Say they. About Louisiana wetlands. In saying. What would it take for you to grand fifty billion dollars into Louisiana. And they go about after the were off those end a lot of abuse the truth lobby who's come in and say look talked to this congressman. I think he's in favor of what he need exists. Is that is that. Ridiculous scenario. Or is it a buried loot just moments and there are. Well I mean a lot of it just depends certainly on the level like you know. What are the things that tactic places is disclosure and transparency because. You can't regulate. People's speech. Now like it said that is very amorphous idea of lobbying lobbying. Basically means that you know you're making yourself present and you're providing information that gets things done. Now if you're talking with the your former colleague and it'll. Just after you leave are you necessarily loving it's hard to now. It. Aren't so they would make a ton of all the questions. Worth thinking about lobbying our bloated dragged our opinion vote should lobbying ban be lifted so qualified people won't run for office. Will be there. And 83%. Of you say no coming right back. True real. When you see in what some of these former congress people and senators make. When we're going through the private sector for lobbying you'd you'd. Personally I mean you'd jump on the true improving news say okay trump you're imposing. Oh like current ban on so home and big big emphasis on Salma. Five years for other. Veterans enrolled themselves and turned doctor is it true of the Buick German. And you're new you're an old political son proposed. Professor. Only if there's some Bloomberg. Red boards. The vibe your ban applies only to lobbing one former agency not becoming a lobbyist. And in so mayors from actually weaken. The language. For similar bans under bush and Obama. Consequently. Reduce the level of transparency. Any of that correct. That's correct. You know that certainly there's always loopholes in lobbying laws you know for example if he knows senators. Can't. Lobby their colleagues for two years they can certainly love the various agencies and bureaucrats who also are very influential in the policymaking process so it's like is that he can't eliminate lobbying. Because that is of fundamental right to in American society. As imports is for reducing transparency. Wouldn't what does that mean. Well that means probably less disclosure. In terms of you know to terms of lobbyist disclosure filings. And that you know these disclosures now have to be filed electronically. And and doctor decreasing and civil penalties her any kind of violations of the you know lobbying disclosure acts. So it's all about you know basically lobbyists. Putting out this disinformation. And putting out there for public review. And name and begin their worth bringing you from either of these figures are Kregg Louisiana. Congressman. Ability to Rosa. So don't be committee that I think regularly did the palms and local industry he quit congress. When word for them made twenty million dollars in a four year period. Where god. California Democrat big king for a million dollars with a Kim goal in through a three year career Barca. Former senator Chris Dodd making two million in two year period former congressman Steve larger annual goal month. Making eight million over four year period. Senator Tom dead true congress from Richard Baker. Goes all on it and or in general. When you hear those figures. Twenty million dollars in a four year period. Sounds like that we've got to stop bills but isn't that capitalism. Played they have. And you and you and knowledge. They have a replay it sort of we have a product that is in tremendous remain in short supply. It is that they are resource and of course they're subject to market forces and so. You know whoever's willing to pay that money obviously feels that there there were some money. You know and and it's certainly selves is like and inequities that we have lots of inequities. In our society. You know we Casey goes far beyond what there were. The the highest paid. Person on any college campus in this country is that the football coach. You know you get. Well above the football coach. And then of course we pay professional athletes million dollars a plate kids' games and so we have lots of inequities. But it's so about the marketing of someone's loan to pay that to them then I guess and good for them. Doctor Sherman back always a pleasure thing with the and have great. Right. But it becomes it did lose it literally comes down to that. And we we've. We're worried and capitalistic society and be and again I go back to be example of drew robberies. Everybody knows what an incredible guy deuces. But he makes as much as toes if not more. Why. Reflexes. Eye hand coordination. In true me and is limited supply. In tremendous demand it. So those bit higher rim and make more money much more than the big play him. It's the capitalistic ways I even have Wednesday. So he goes of paid too much. I got a question. How much is too much. And a jab believes in society I don't think there's really answer to that so we'll lobbing probably goes on Wachovia. Our incumbent subjects. Shouldn't be worried about art of national intelligence. I kind of in this is Terry the beta come on that's thirty reported to have two years away. I'm not too sure I think were we're gonna have I know we're gonna have been an expert on the show. Never read good number of articles and collected over the last couple years that Tuesday. Because technology is evolving so quickly it may be opponents. Answers. Then we can control. What do you think in this thing to thank governor of DO brigade celebrity AM 053. FM.