WWL>Topics>>3/14/17 Scoot 1pm-Trump war on media good or bad for both?

3/14/17 Scoot 1pm-Trump war on media good or bad for both?

Mar 14, 2017|

Is President Trump’s war on the news media only proving the news media’s vital role in America? Are you disappointed when Fox News or any of the cable news channels fail to present what you think their specific agenda is?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Love this weather or you don't realize it's march 14 and we don't really expect this kind of weather this time of year in fact it's gonna get even colder tomorrow and Thursday but then warming up by the weekend. Saint Patrick's Day on Friday looks like it's gonna be sensational like to Southern California kind of weather we've found high somewhere between seventy to 75. Partly cloudy skies. I'm gonna remind you once again that there will be people Friday saint patty's day. Who will leave work. And they will not return. I mean maybe ever. If that it's going to be crazy we'll talk more dead of course on Friday it will be going on life over on the air. So the saints are talking about getting a cornerback Malcolm Butler. Wasn't he the guy with the New England Patriots in the in the end zone who intercepted that pass that really. Secured the victory for the patriots in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. I think so and also congratulations to the you know privateers 530 this afternoon. They tip off in Dayton Ohio in the NCAA tournament against mountain Saint Mary's. Now you hear how excited they are to be there. A good coach will make sure the team is not too excited to be there you know you can't be so excited to be fair. That. That's. Something that satisfy she you have to be satisfied to to try to win. And I know don't try to win obviously but you know there's there's certain so much of mindset goes into in into sports and you know so excited to be there I hear about this all the time and yes they. They have a right to be excited to be their. But again the coach used to get them to the point where they're thinking about OK you know we're here we're excited we deserve to be here we earned it now what's going to win this game. Because if they win this game the next team that plays Villanova. And oh my gosh that's not going to be easy for the UN privateers but you know what. Who knows maybe they could become the great Cinderella team of the NC a a tournaments for 2017. I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd coming to the smoothie king center. On July the eighth. You can experience the immersive sensory production. Like no other this is an amazing thing we've flights with sound with its going to be a Pink Floyd type experience. The song of the day today is comfortably known. Something that sometimes we try to achieve in our lives we try to be comfortably numb and it's from the wall 1979. When you hear that song. If you are the eight caller to our contest line 8260 win is that's 260 Terry code 5042609467. The caller is a winner of the Pink Floyd tickets will be giving tickets away all this week in the song of the day is comfortably numb could happen anytime between now. And 4 o'clock. So there's been a lot in the news about it. About the decline in travelers. These are also described as gutter punks and here they're living on the neutral ground along esplanade. You would it cost to live on esplanade I mean it costs a lot of money to live minister but they live in their free and it's amazing that there really are no. Defeated they don't there don't appear to be any definitive laws. That would make them immediately move. An NO PD has a difficult time. Arresting them unless they do something wrong. So that's why it's important to report on what they do I have to be honest with you you know living downtown and spending a lot of time in the quarter. I have never had a problem with gutter parks. And I know that sometimes they're guilty of saying really ugly things to to females. Mean I had a father called me once in and said you would not believe in my wife and I walk around with my daughter. You would not believe the things that they say. About my daughter in front of office. And I I hear that they're guilty of really aggressive panhandle but I have to be honest with you I don't have any firsthand experience with that. I don't know maybe I'm not that tight that they. They wanna hit up I can't explain it. But I would certainly be honest with you as always Sam with the right experiences. That and I have so we'll talk about that a little bit later in the show. Also on president trump wants to donate his annual salary just over 400000 dollars a year. To a charity. And Sean Spicer says that. He wants the press. To decide where to send. The money. Way to do it tomorrow because this would would it is sure that the president would not be criticized for his donation so that was an interesting development. Also on a Warner remind you that now I say this to the end of the show yesterday. And I did promoted to since stand. Yesterday in the final hour factor was the last half hour of the show is about sort about 340. In the last half hour of the show had a phone call from caller named Carl. And we were talking about. The 212 year olds. Who were. Caught by the police. And one of them pulled out a gun turret three appellate government that it mattered are still used a gun pulled out a gun. To rob a couple you have to underworld. They didn't end up robbing them but that the point was. It's not even that shocking anymore to hear about 212 year olds. With a gun. Roughing people. And I admitted that I don't really understand. That mentality. Firsthand. Like there should be no excuse for it. So Carl called the show and he he had some really interesting things to say about his life. Carl talked about. How he thought going to jail. Was what was expected of him. He saw family members and friends everybody around him went to jail. And I know that might be hard for you to understand and you know I got a text after I talked this guy got a text dubbed him blasting me for being some screaming liberal. And I'm thinking what is what is liberal about trying to understand somebody else's life. That's not liberal. I mean that's just being human. And we're never gonna get anywhere if we don't try to understand each other. And that means are need to be an understanding for those who haven't gone through vet. But I asked him when was certain of the first time he had sex. And he said thirteen. But he said a lot of his friends we're having sex eleventh and twelfth. That was expected because of what he was exposed to. It's a compelling conversation I wanna play it back we're gonna do that right after the news at 2 o'clock. In the next hour. And then we'll get your reaction to some of the things that he said. And and four. And it for those who. For those who don't. Appreciate. The life that others have left. It in a situation like this. Please listen to what this guy cents. This was just unsolicited. Spontaneous. Information. That really came from put his heart. And it really was amazing and I will tell you that is not being liberal. It's not being liberal to try to understand. Because that's the problem that we have in this country. People staking out their political territory. And not budging an inch there's all there's a lot of stuff going on we'll talk about Shepard Smith. On fed up with a Kellyanne Conway top advisor to president trump fed up with her on the Fox News Channel. And MSNBC's ratings are increasing rapidly. What is this telling. It tells me that we've got a major shift coming in this country it's it's just it's it's an awakening of a fun segment of the population. That has been so silent and so asleep. And only one segment of the population has gotten most of the attention. And I'm very proud to say that they show. Does reflect what I see elsewhere. In terms of trends. I'm glad your with us Trump's war on the news media. It only emphasizes the importance of the news media. We'll talk about this we come back you know it took declared for the news media. But at this point I think his war on the news media is only explaining how important news media really is. This song was released on this day march 14 1990. It's hearts. All I wanna do is Nikola deal. But. I wonder what they hidden messages in that song. Are those wilds rockers from the seventies still doing stuff in the nineties they're talking about that kind of stuff. I'm scoots and we'll be back on every if you. You know how hot is going to be I know you're used to the weather being a little warmer on March 14 but let's embrace this colder weather. While we can't I mean at least were not suffering like the other people who are dealing with a blizzard in the in the northeast. Just an amazing. Scenes to see to see god I've been and a couple of blizzards and it really is scary in fact. Blizzards to me were even scarier than hurricane Specter that's a topic for another show I'm screwed in the afternoon Jack Kyser witness. A Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary at a news conference was a talking about the Justice Department complying with. Answering the yen deep requests for evidence in the wiretapping situation. My understanding is that they well but again I would ask them what their intentions is and I believe there's certain things that they can and can't do in terms of classification is up but I would leave it up to the Department of Justice to answer for the Department of Justice. OK so yesterday was the deadline I think the deadline has now been pushed back to next Monday that's the deadline. The House Intelligence Committee wants information. Evidence from the Justice Department abouts Trump's claim. That the wiretapping are really did happen. And now Sean Spicer has has the tough jobless saying well trump didn't really mean it that way. Well. I know how I took it. And I know how you took it and a lot of choice supporters circuit like to evidently caddie he he's he caught a bombing car Obama oh wiretap. And announced it will now let's not exactly what he said also Fox News anchor Shepard Smith said. We really don't quote Kellyanne Conway much anymore. She ever was talking about Kellyanne Conway is a revelation that the government can spy on us to our microwaves. And Stephen Colbert they're really funny bit last night they had a microwave mounted in the place of the camera on the on on the stand. And on it was as if that they were using the microwave as the camera to broadcast the show he walked up to edit. Open it up and it took something out of it and and an eight. But Kellyanne Conway says that microwaves and cameras are a fact of modern life. Jefferson has been reported Fox News can confirm that microwaves heat food and cameras take pictures. Kellyanne has once again in kind of walked back on her. Comments. Saying that she was really talking about surveillance articles in news and technology generally. And not about the campaign but c'mon I mean look. She senate and even if your trust supporter. What part of this shouldn't she all. I just don't. You know Torricelli she said to our televisions as well but she said that the government can spy on us or microwaves. Or something to add to that effect so. You know here here we have Shepard Smith once again on the Fox News Channel. Our parting from. What many consider to be the hard line conservative. Fox News on line. Do you do you have more or less respect for Shepard Smith for criticizing one of the president's top advisors. That's a pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com do you think more or less of Shepard Smith for criticizing one of president trumps. Top advisors. And this is not the first time that he has broken. From what is perceived to be this hard core right wing. On conservative ideology presented by Fox News Channel so we don't there's a lot of stuff going on in the media. And it reflects the audience in America so that the next the next couple of years are going to be absolutely fascinating. Where president trump declared war news media. His goal was apparent. To destroy the credibility of the news media that was already suffering low public approval ratings. However. The most recent controversies I think are showing that Trump's war on the news media might actually be helping the news media. Improve its image and more importantly. Substantiate the vital role the news media place. In our lives every day. President comes feelings about the news media are confusing and somewhat ambivalent because as a businessman and and now is a politician. I'm Donald Trump loves anything craves the media attention. Once that. He's proven himself to be a showman as much as a businessman or politician. And the news media's infatuation with candidate Donald properly in the campaign led to widespread criticism from Democrats. That the media yes the liberal media. Was giving Donald Trump. Unnecessary free publicity. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders spending millions. Watt hours of free coverage was bestowed upon Donald throw a lot of criticism of that. Once stroke when the nomination. And ultimately the presidency. The news media struck a more adversarial position with strong which is not really surprising. President Trump's new mission to discredit the news media. To the point where. Whatever it is sad. Should be challenged by a skeptical public. But the end game of the top administration may not turn out as planned. So during the campaign and is president Donald Trump has repeated over and over again that he would repeal and replace obamacare. Trump further declared that everybody would be covered with health insurance and premiums would be lower. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office the CBO. Under the new truck healthcare plan. Up to fourteen million Americans will lose coverage in over the next ten years 24 million will not be covered. To our administration disputes that and you know it is true that the at the CBO is not infallible. The top administration quickly denounced the CBO report and the news media's coverage of the plan. And many prominent Republicans on Capitol Hill joined with Democrats in condemning the plan by the president and the president continues to fire back I think they're having a pizza bowling. And an outing tonight after the White House and the president can you know have the guys kind of relax and girls and talked to. But the president originally tweeted out terrible axle makes a point. Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory nothing found this is McCarthyism. And in doubling down on that tweet the president appeared to insist that former President Obama was part of his administration's illegal wiretapping of trucks phones during the campaign. As of yesterday white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer said. The president trusts original tweet should not be taken literally. And drug administration says. One thing and then the opposition says something completely different both sides have strong agendas so which which is correct. It what what are we to believe about the health care plan. What are we to believe about the wiretap. Usually both sides of the debate have legitimate points. But one side proves to be the Victor. In the debate over Trump's claim that President Obama was involved in wiretapping. Touch phones and promise about the plan to repeal and replace obamacare. It seems like we look to the news media to be the refereeing. And two alternately to clear who was the winner. These are just two of many many controversies I'll continue this conversation when we come back and if you wanna join us with a comment. Numbers 2601870. Every code 504. 2601. And seventy text numbers in 7870. Trust war on the media might actually be helping the media and will continue to talk about why. I'm screwed here's our CBS in double WL news updates. Here's a song for truck advisor Kellyanne Conway after she said the government is using microwaves to. Spy on us. I this is not the first time in I've got a text here in news flash screwed Kellyanne Conway is not trump. She said a couple of silly things big deal Obama said. There were 57 states. I don't remember that pretty he may have he may have said that and if you did that was. Stupid comment. By virtue of the way people as suggested Donald Trump has no control. Over his advisors. Donald Trump on micro manages his advisors from all that we are we're told so. I mean he lost tele Con-way but I just don't understand why she keeps saying. The things that she says I mean I guess the argument can also be well you know sometimes Donald Trump says some things that are. Kinda crazy if you just joined us we're talking about president trust of war on the news media. I have a feeling that this is actually. Proving the importance of the news media in our society. So to controversies recently after practice it's operative principle there have been a number part of these two controversies. The misinformation out now to what trop was going to do with repealing and replacing obamacare. And the information now that Sean Spicer says well don't take him literally. So another words the president didn't really mean that former president Barack Obama. Was involved in wiretapping its phones when he was a candidate. The tough administration's gonna claim one thing and Democrats and some top ranking Republicans will challenge with the president's sense. This is where an American needs the news media to stepping in and set the record straight. When candidate. Now president trump. Declared war on the news media. He tapped into criticism that the news media itself. Has an agenda. The news media deserved the criticism it received just we have so often talked about. But the overall role of the news media. Has never been more critical than it is today. The news media needs to work to restore its credibility. By reporting the facts. We have less regard for racing to see who's first with the information. As biased as the news media may appear. It's less biased. Than those that have a direct stake in promoting an agenda. Or an ankle to a story. There's much more balance in the major news network. Channel C the cable channels in particular. And most people bully. Each of the cable news networks has opposing voices with every discussion on major issues. CNN recently hired conservative a Republican Rick Santorum. Two and a conservative voice to that network. MSNBC. Fox News they have their share of opposing voices if you pay attention I think the problem lies in the preconceived image is that so many people half of the cable news channels. And the news media in general. As we often talk about on our show on people hear what they wanna hear and see what they want a city. Americans are quick to blame the news media for its buyers without recognizing their own biases as individuals. With the challenges flowing out every day in these early days of the top administration. Is it ironic. That the president's announcement of the news media comes at a time when the role of the news media has never been more important to our function of government. Politicians use the news media to influence voters. Now it's time for the news media to be credible. So that voters can use the news media to influence. Politicians. If you rejoice for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Perry code 5042601870. Tex ever say 7870. And when we talk about the news media not being biased we really shouldn't even include the cable news channels. Because. They're not even pretending to be. Objective. On I guess they're going to pretending in some ways but they're they're not objective. They have their slant they have their agendas they feed their audience. And I think it's interesting that there are some rumblings in in the ratings Fox News is still dominant number one. But MSNBC is is suddenly showing an increase. Since our truck was elected. In its ratings so does that mean that there is somewhat of an awakening of of another audience it wasn't paying as much attention in the past. And we're also talking about Shepard Smith on Fox News Channel and this really is part of the conversation. Do you think more or less Shepard Smith for criticizing our president truck stops at top advisors Kellyanne Conley. Give a shipping of like going to our web site WWL dot com. If your hole stay with us will take a break here were coming right back with your calls and I get to abort your text here in just a moment. I'm screwed in the afternoon again if you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy carry current final four. 2601 a seventy text 878870. It's a Tuesday marks the fourteenth. Happy birthday today to the legendary. Quincy Jones Quincy Jones 84 years old today this is also the data Quincy Jones got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when his 47 birthday back in 1980. There are so many songs that we're familiar with the Quincy Jones has produced. But here's one you might not have been familiar with from Sanford and Son. To thriller Quincy Jones did it all what an amazing. Producer. I skirt. In the afternoon and from Metairie and you're on WWL welcomed. I'm a good. As thirteen C. The radio. You open your jail but now presentation on it would. But without actually trump Donald. Where. You know what. Call there. You know there. But it back at. All right paper now for about you know they've. Propositions Utley to be. It's an elaborate on. That is Jewish grandfather. The and it 1930s. And marched again. A truck being elected. He'll so the age should just like the year. I think I think it's I think it's a big mistake to to prepare truck to to Hitler and in and people that have done and I think it's interesting which you bring out because site NPR. He's not totally unbiased. They have their own bias and an even the objective news as we talked about quite often and has a tendency. Based on the way they tell a story that tone. When it comes to TV and newspapers I print and web sites appear that they select to put with the story all of this expresses a bias. It happened out. Live EU as a right wing radio at the Christian brought it. Network it'll try it do anything wrong and you alien. You know about spaces in an accident but got out. I wish we editor Walter Cronkite bat. You know Archie ball. Well a lot of it I mean let's not hope for Nixon but although for from the standpoint of talk radio host of Nixon was president I certainly able to talk about every day as I do now. But up model work on next month by the that does get dark. And so the day and the Watergate hurt the actual well sure the American people what we're gonna Clinton should and but we have agreed that it happened and what every now. I've written so. That that's sure I'll. Just like it is with China. It got equate it is a Republican put it in health care urban and with the tribe you know Soledad. Well I appreciate it had gotten Nixon history shows that Dixon did some rather amazing things in fact teeth are introduced or. Affirmative action really advanced under the Nixon administration. I Dennis you're under the W a good afternoon. Hillary lost Dennis here's an update on our party general opinion polls. First of all Shepard Smith on Fox News odd hours on. Criticizing Kellyanne Conway. And he essentially said it's they're not likely to to quote her any longer because she says things like. On microwaves can be used to spy on you. Here's a pretty general opinion poll do you think more or less of Shepard Smith for criticizing one of president front's top advisors. 42%. Say more. Than 50% say less you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. Here is sent text that says is in my kitchen just made a smoothie in my blender MI worried. You know I don't here's an of the text 57 Islamic states LO Ellis at what suppressed Obama's and it's a fifty cents to I mean like I couldn't imagine it was it just slipped out. And when your life situations and not everything is scripted and believe me I'd a deal with that reality every day on the show. You can say something that just comes out the idea of debt. President Obama doesn't know that their fifty states is is is absurd so maybe he said 57 Islamic states rather than. 57 states but see this is why social media darts. It takes this and eliminates Islamic. And so by the time the rumor gets around it is a fact that President Obama said there are 57 states not Islamic states. That is. The negative function of the news media if you wanna join us for your comic this afternoon on numbers 260187. Area code 504260187. Tex receive 7870. Do you think more or less of Shepard Smith for criticizing Warner president comes top advisors. Is it good for. People on MSNBC. To not always be a liberal and people on fox Houston I'll always be conservative. Or do you tune in because you want to see the bias. I think a lot of people who criticize biased media tune into the media. For its bias. I'm scoot through the afternoon and I'll be right back in deputy realm. Allah you're listening to the radio on this day march 14 back in 1988 I know you or disarm a lot on his stay in 98 this was the number one song. In America. Do you think more or less of Shepard Smith for criticizing one of president Trump's top advisors that's a pretty general opinion poll. 41% say they Borodin 59% safe think less of him. Giving you opinion by going to WW well dot com. Here is a Texas says I was taught to be free thinker and sure glad I was another text says I'm a registered Democrat and think Nancy Pelosi is a fool. And needs to move all. I don't have to agree with everything the party I'm affiliated with it then that's so true and there are more people like this then you think out this year. And it's time that this group started to get more attention by being more vocal and I'm starting to see. On aspects of that on happening now here's a Texas says son scoot did you see MSNBC Rachel man now. Literally say that we were in hell because trump one. How can you say they weren't extremely. Biased. I've never said that MSNBC was not extremely bias in fact I've often said they're very biased and among the the bias on. MSNBC Rachel miner out is among the most biased the most aggressive but you've got Joseph Scarborough a former Republican. Congressman who was the host of morning joke and I received. Conservative voices on MSNBC in the same way that I see liberal voices on Fox News you know we've got a break out of this. On judgment. On that is so specific that we've really don't give people a fair chance. Will be back.