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3-14 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Malcolm Butler and the Saints

Mar 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke analyze what could go into a Saints trade for Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler with Tom Curran of Comcast Sports New England.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good Tuesday afternoon to you welcome to sports talk a lot to get to go until 8 o'clock tonight right here all and at WW mail. Coming up on today's program. Gone back to New England put some more news. Tom Curran covers the Patriots at Comcast sports dot net New England will be what does the Saints will be entertaining Malcolm Butler. On Thursday kind of visa every recruiting. Trips that players started began taking much free agency became more like it is now you it's it's based recruiting all over again. It going for visits Wang and hands on the facility. To meet with the families so full. Malcolm Buffalo one of the top NFL cornerbacks will be in town. On Thursday just wind thoughts ESPN nation reporter covering the Arizona economy was as the Saints. Have a agreed to a deal with Alex local the very young up and coming pass rushing specialist for the Cardinals defense one of the better defense in the league the last few seasons. Mike Richmond over the Portland trailblazers for the organ. They will be in town and I they've been Portland. Taking on New Orleans pelicans and it's smooth eking sent a 7 PM tip tales with sixteen games left. And time is winding down and Ross haven't Alicia reporter Corey now LSU athletics for the advocate in the advocate dot com staff by with it ultimately choose sports than it is on the basketball coaching search spring football baseball. Women's basketball all that coming up with Roth down to the number the game up to 601 eights and you can text Dustin 870. Eight separate operating mantra with jaguar Pena Poehler is at WW dot com do you think it would be worth it. To the Saints to give up their first round pick. That being the eleventh pick in round one. To sign Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler who is considered one of the top NFL cornerbacks. In the league too long term deal you can cast a vote online at WW mail dot com page again in your take. Well. I know he's a proven player I look at Malcolm Butler and what he's done what he's build on for his career. He was a probable 2015. More impressive. Is if you make all pro. With all pro is the best and and it felt nod if the NFC right in the you know in the AFC and Theo pro. As a left cornerback has a right right back right that's it it's a Deke and he made second team all pro would it mean in the top four could have. You know to Perth nets who think it's an anchoring now about you tell me I think when you're playing it was more where. Pro Bowl work on what part of the incentive package because it's more family now I'm not as much Kris imperative it. The all pro am is what they carried away you know intelligence and a lot of break right without a doubt how proudly that. Another words it they don't give you an opportunity to to be a part of that team cause like he. No yeah that happens cantonal. But he did show how we got to this point. And look at Malcolm butler's situation the Patriots placed a first round in there. On Butler who's a restricted free agent so that was predicted they mean these young. He sees up becoming in the lead that I'm restricted to a restricted. Now other teams right now can make offers to Butler. But the Patriots. Have an opportunity. To match that offer. So the Patriots realistically if that's the Saints Armenian team would offer. A contract to vote in the Patriots would matches. Next year 12 punch. I would say the Patriots have the best cornerback in the NFL with Steven Gilmore. Who they guaranteed forty million in the Buffalo Bills that's where I was the Gilmore resentment at team and other store we came out that. But you looked like if it appears have an opportunity to match it if that team. Makes it all before Butler. And the Patriots did they choose not to match the sale came what do we don't have paid that kind of money that two quarterbacks mine Payne won we don't pay too. New England would receive that team's first round pick and upcoming draft. That's why we threw up there. As who'd detonation things and do you think he'd be worth it again about the number eleven overall pick a proven player. Like Malcolm Butler. You might say well and eleven overall pay that first round. To be trying to build for the future and now you got a hole hit undeclared but when you look at Saints history. The Saints have not only. The guys probably be in there worth. Pig in the first round here for the franchise. With the eleventh overall pick to say that electing history to Beckett a bit did that they'd draft Russell are mostly been. Should all night and Alex will. Now on Hines said they would drive that time a player who not even in believing. He played in it and make it. How could you know I'd take Malcolm dollar a proven player now if you do pick the right player and number eleven. Because of the collective bargaining agreement. That you gonna save a whole lot of money. And you won't have to pay him that look you know production now where he had as it like branding coach is a play Brandon and down the road than but it fifteen million dollars. A year deal because he thinks he's one of the top receivers. So you look Malcolm Butler did you basically gonna have to pay him. I would say and I'm just gonna use this Steven Gilmore is looking all of those lines they game a five year deal 65 million parting doing guaranteed in three days appease them corner. Not you know it's messed up. And while I don't think Butler is gonna stay with the Patriots. Because he has better this according did you how the Boston Herald. He said the Patriots told Butler last season they wouldn't pay any cornerback. Mort continuing per year. The and the Patriots made Butler a much low lower offer last year it was like 678. You know it did pretty good Gilmore had thirteen million. A year average nothing party and they guaranteed at thirteen million and he kind of told Butler. It like a parent cornerback imported and Gilead thirds as goes to show you how eight at the perception in the Wheeling and dealing. That goes on so if you look at right now where butler's that as far as the first round tender. Would guarantee Butler ride in the four million in two down seventeen. That's an addict in rage you would say. When he did last year he only made six or 2000. And he's considered. Needle or to top quarterbacks though. When I look at though he if Butler comes to the states in the work something out it has to be not just one years and gone. Because you you'll he was a long term deal so again the question is. Do you think that Malcolm Butler. Would be. Better than add pressure a linebacker or whoever. Oh and you've given up eleven overall pick for the definitely party you know he's gonna contribute that'd be that in the game ago. It will see a bit best pass coverages a pass rush. That's really what you look and that would you be pleased. Because the draft would come around. The UBV interviews and Malcolm Butler does he would be like eleven pick. In and I think uniform and how he's gonna contribute to the it's so that's the question. The Saints and so would you take. Malcolm Mullen is on a contract it's gonna take to sign him. Vs pick in I don't like there are silent night Bob Estes factor in the in the long term deal and he gave you some numbers. Based that you're looking at Bobby I would think that keeps him between. Would Rudy used based on that you might depend on thirteen million a year ago. In their ballpark there is a mistake as I think about 1111 to thirteen and thirteen Sele and and and and you know we do we do we guarantee jurors bird like 26 million right. Well he's seven Ned everywhere you gonna have to. I don't know guarantee him 3540 million. And it is as the market if you considered among the best that your position. That whereas now. You sell on us too much money that we just need to draft someone. But do you have confidence in the things are and his agent eleven pay the bag guy the draft. Is going to be worthy and and and be like eventually maybe. My role will be all pro V right I mean anything about it. Yeah I think the window to also look at basement because you got a new player coming hand. Or Hannity you know how good with the Amanda it beat you know in year two and how good it would do have the player like Malcolm but would be. It you know into his country because Malcolm Evers as the suitable. Fifteenth season as it is for a sixteenth season it's a big bully Gil ever 1718. Ending some might Texas a they don't ever consider him Larry Brown because he has and now they're I don't know. Now all right we'll come back it to some media Collison and a mortgage to sports talk going to 8 o'clock tonight here on WW. And welcome back. Didn't used to appear thank you for you employ a lot of takes about a gay to do you think it would be worth it to the Saints to give of their first round pick that's the eleventh pick in round one to. To sign the Patriots Malcolm Butler consider him on the NFL top cornerbacks. If the Saints are able to obviously you came to a long term deal. Two of these phones we go and that it goes to have we start off with a lead here in New Orleans the Big Easy the big the big deep thank you for calling WW. And eat it but okay so you DD. Part of course is Haram. Or run in his. One why don't you give our. While many quality go out and land another bat not gonna all of my commitment and not report in the barn viewing it as well. Definitely it there. I'll. When nobody out since then nobody else is that is that good right now now. Would that being. Pitcher we all know that that's a question though. Oh. Know a daunting I can stay big deed owning Ike its eight is that. You can have an eight plus. Vs the B plus. The pages might view Malcolm Butler as wanted to ban as a B plus. And I last year they were trying to all of forum six is seven billion annually. But all I know as they went out and get Steven Gilmore. And an old the Patriot nation and he trusts Belichick would they do. And they basically gave him twice as much. So I. You wore. And only notre hour. Or more out you'd I'll bet they'll do it. That. Not not now now what could happen big game. Big baby gonna have Chris against the Saints on reporter. After the news and we could have been even though you got to see BA. And is says the Patriots place a first round tender on Bo look at as a restricted free agent have opportunity to match yet to give you first round pick. That can be negotiated. So MITRE and that didn't work out okay big. Would you did the same to negotiate something. Would you be willing okay you gonna bring on and take on Malcolm bow the game a long term deal and maybe give up via second row. I'll go that route. You know the effort our right yeah I would give me your opinion unity in. Right right right right big other big leaguers still like you have to go to circles. RR I BD thank you so much for the time they're gonna come back it to stacked quite CJ injured when a bang you up. Against the news of the day and the Saints say it to be in very interested in the day it's Patriots defensive back cornerback Malcolm Butler he will be in town for one of the visits. On Thursday the Saints also coming to terms with one of these young top open coming pass rushes in the NFL Bobby and Alex Okafor. How would talk about that would Josh wind thousand years in the Arizona who come with the Cardinals without clearly getting him the pelicans and X ninety through seeking senate. I against the Portland Trail Blazers Portland has ten of their final twelve at home so this and importing anything New Orleans it's making senate. One a teams vying for the eighth and final spot and then a full LSU report but Ross diligent and also would talk about the you know privateers of about a hour negates it. To tip it off in Dayton against mount saint main goal. Big blue the you know private T it's coming up bottoming out Newser Chris Miller the first ups CBS news. And welcome back. On the case came Bobby a bad and Deke Bellavia in 2601870. You can Texas that 870 eights and the Saints out at a port Kristian garic on tonight at 8 o'clock Obi talk on the course Saints. And recapping you know and mount saint marry Christie Garrett. Saints out Arab or a host of double coverage with him or eight out what is the deal with the Saints in the situation a lot of fans asking Dixon and if the Saints are able to acquire branding cooks which it. Would they give bad it would indeed they have an opportunity to and give the 32 B amendment rated down four. He had an indicator of Malcolm bowler as a restricted free agent he was tendered for for a competition. Level on the they can now sign that tender yet but that before coming in terms of an archery and it worked out now the way it goes that. And being Canada first round competition level thing to surrender their lives they can occur around you all own. Multiple picks that would be number eleven war. You can also worked out a deal between the two clubs and not award goes young but yet she can be your own compensation package which is likely could be. Even at second that that 32 pick or perhaps as a second round pick in general. I don't use any parting ways with the eleventh overall pick. I do think in the field and you'd done a long term contract between the saint. And Malcolm Butler and ultimately that's gonna lead to him sign his tender paving the way portrayed between major. Now are Chris when you look at it that's in the that's why. And he Malcolm Butler he's not going anywhere sign that this as a long term deal that that. Owners say. Three point nine million get it right in the form would be guaranteed in you might say it would add a significant raise from 600000. A year. In the 2016 season. Considerably last year at this obviously for the going rate for top corners but you know as an ax me. And all your opinion on this and I'll talk to Deke about it if you look at and I think holly and Malcolm Butler. Some talk about Lugo is Brian Cook in training camp. Talked about that red they'll situation. Brand could beat him one time. He he was all over him and opposite Malcolm Butler. If he's their top corner. Includes both to be on top receivers in Obama but Thomas and Malcolm Miller is way better now with that being said the Patriots only. My understanding from a jab well now he is reportable to Boston Herald I don't know if you I would Butler but it but he said that. The Patriots offered by Ellis somewhere between six and seven million annually last season. As you can at all but then I look at yet at the above Circuit City. Well you know you are cutter said that you would be a cornerback morning in doing a year that was our there'd an eagle heading give Gilmore. Thirteen. So on and an I think Gilmore. Is that good of side. He wasn't a free agent he came out smoking Asarco line. In 2012 he wasn't able to draft pick so he lived up to expectations but. I mean I I just don't see Butler. Staying with the Patriots simply because animosity that yet occurred between him and feel more. Yeah I mean it's not a slap in the face and in the go out there and sign. On Gilmore entry in the opening hours of free agency and that's about the market that Malcolm ball was boldly looking more and the Patriots and the thing to agree I think they're buying you know our coach and become. Eight rent a player probably Wear you out appropriate or using you don't for the most just which gonna work. Waited that deviate structured right able draft picks are and how much heat up it's been in the free agency I think that the final league network. There were look at these days in the Patriots feel like hey look we got argues. I don't Malcolm Butler and it certainly did on draft an inspiration. But the returns and on them and so I think there more than well enough to always might think and and at doing that it's gonna be with the saint and other tech and certainly pitched that well. But it at the same time I think with him become a counselor they would. Was just LB but it tells me is that with him visiting on Thursday that they're gonna work out parameter. Bremer on a deal come to be conducted to charmed them deal. Ultimately I think sign the tender and then gave way to be traded to nor. So they are present Obama put you on the spot. When he comes to down Ottawa Thursday. This is easiest thing in car he leads and I'd still in limbo. Think it is just my opinion at this point right now I think it you don't putting that guy pitcher. If you wanna get him in your building and keep them there until a deal done as you don't want go use the right thing you know having to deal does it. Aunt Christian gag on on Twitter follow Christen a very active on FaceBook and tonight at 8 o'clock. Kato Saints have a report he had said that double covered sports symbol I stack he wants him I have a very grip on the gonna come to Scott Quincy Jay and Jerry and also would take in that in New England Tennessee what would idealism Malcolm bubbly is given disgruntled because. He was so one thing with the Patriots paid out of him more than he was total this is sports talk on WW. Are right back to the phones they go out to two in the the Scott Scott thank you for calling WW yeah. This guy go ahead. Okay Uga having US. Armed. I would think it about with Bobby said that though Patriots might not wanna pay two corners that kind of money and eleventh amount above that the deck good. Second team all American is that. I'll pro yes it's that's the only big four of them. So yeah the exact and in the gut dealt them bro I'm just wondered how much and win with a map debate. Lately it's cuts cut that now you've been home and I loved Alvin girl and he's a great feel good story Vick collected Della got to do so. I mean Woody did it was a great story but he got injured and all that. I'm when we talk about by all pro winner talk about a starter are legit starter. No this that I hold Delhi kids but does that mean the Saints and do well Bulldog cornerbacks. Are amongst the best of the best does that mean Doug Davis is going to be better and that's a good problem to have we got a pretty. But right now that dealt number oh. No I it isn't Delmon has have a big season if you really want to get paid ask that it 2017 tees as the puts it into the wall. I'm gearing Comcast sports New England joins us now Tom you know it is one thing comes off the bat I guess it is certainly fans would say okay you're Malcolm Boller is day good day whack. With the Patriots made him go and then some also would say what is Malcolm but look really good because of the system he's in under coach Belichick. But that was that in part or no real decline he's into those sticky kind of corners and compete compete compete. It's hard to get away from that excellent makeup speed he's extremely strong he's an outstanding tackle. Point seven years old boat guys and most of the guys were 27. Came into the league twelve Malcolm came in a report. The Patriots. Are in particular outcome where he's a restricted free agent. And they didn't get to the level of success they've gotten to by the eagle which sentimental. So big in the three point 91 million dollar tender. They have made him operas in the area of seven. He billion dollars a year report. About what would be at eleven Eagles your game as the top ten Patriots really don't you ever with anymore. Would there be Deion Branch Richard Seymour you name it they don't come to the table early for. Aaron Bubba but probably needs ahead would you say though would ideally Gilmore I mean Gilmore and he was that legit first from eight. With the bills out of South Carolina. But that. Eat at to be Malcolm well when all of a sudden. He basically giving him a thirteen million average and forty million guarantee now he might be better you know he could be like. Ape was vs of B plus corner but. I was somewhat surprised considering that you know Seymour Ty Law. Chandler Jones you've had top players but the pages and I get paid juniors. And me doll on those he was that all the games against the Patriots and the bills. But played the pages there is the New England are Belichick that they Gilmore is probably the best that are best. And that brings you you get violated an inconsistency in the conference at all like really go back saying you're. The Patriot to record poor weighing. The contractual and keep her under. This guy would not restricted free agent out of the European straight up. He's not taken off and put in front of them he's not gonna pick up who put the problem at point seven. We're not gonna get four year deal worth a million dollars. Signal that's cover ourselves and it stayed goes 65 for five years this guy is actually younger than. Who was a top ten pick. So they understand what the cost of doing business for the quarterback position one. They just chose to do their business would Gilmore instead. That's hurtful that are yet. Tom Caron Comcast sports knowing that I especially against innocently as you know time you hear a lot especially in these points he knows instant that that thing went down Friday would have cooks and the Patriots. He was saying well yeah why do why do people keep giving into page invited to Patriots did good in and I'm thinking you know hate. You just can't be like the Patriots and I go back to what you just said a minute ago about that's just what the Patriots do they don't come to the table. It's much more than just okay hate. Yet we got a great quarterback who got a great coach it's this system and they don't deviate from there's no exceptions to the Roos you know. And that's why they can. Accumulate the picks its its physical from a standpoint fiscally from a financial standpoint they're able to do those types of things. Is the whole process it just a year this is this thing as many plays for along time. And you look at certainly if you look at it would Mickey and Sean Payton did. In building that team and then 2011. Penalty there was opera. Controversy down there. Would propagate the kind of butt off the track a little bit but. Nobody would question on that Lorimer the market probably a lot of decisions that both guys made certainly the player wouldn't. And now you're looking at screaming cut they'll last week. Players from. On the same you know certainly raised eyebrows and apart a little bit of social media on a book that trip up here in New England. It's like. You know classroom a bunch of guys is right on the paper's one back and get pulled up but are for the record thrown out everybody excuse right now on their papers didn't look up. You know the right. Debate because that's the culture. And becomes so ingrained. With a team that has less successful between the blue moon divisional round to make playoffs Slorc doesn't have a quarterback who you don't gonna Cabrera. You might hear a little bit more put back. Especially. You know in the papers to do with the one and look at their skins on the lawlessness in between Jefferson drew in his rubles well. They utilized the time of deadly over. Considering you know we appreciate Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis you bring in the suitable winning a suitable. But that's over he had three straight seasons evident nine and you got a hall of fame quarterback. And I think is that a point where they just have to get the defense better. And I'd think that Malcolm bella Agassi and coming to town. And now one and had immediate impact from him but the question I have Tom is when you negotiating. Will would you view Malcolm Butler because you look at outlet routes all said and done. He has the tender. Where you know the first round tender was put on him restricted free agent. And so the pages a lot of match with the say to be paid in the get a first round would you think that. And they got it from New England. That 32 pit would be enough for the Patriots the Malcolm bowler but he is I don't think this ain't gonna get a bit eleven pick for Malcolm. You know what. At this is an interesting. And a bat Stuart what's going on here go Belichick hears and Mike Florio wrote about this a real stickler. Of the CPA and ruled that it doesn't screw round contracts. So you can't. They wanted to do very much by the book and Sean and and it'll go on well and big interest well. So I wouldn't be surprised. Although I have nothing that indicates that if if there is an understanding that the thirty technical we will come back. At the eleventh would be added appeal ought. Right time as always great information Comcast sports doing in time which would you got working on a haven't even keel which are social me. You know what it's funny it just sort of non Malcolm bop and start the Patriots should not give an inch barrier to make sure that they get that first broker that bulletin of the second Texans and second rounder. You find that. On social media and Twitter at army current dot com GO ME CU RR a and. Tom thank you so much we appreciate. Or I ninety days in jail when a bang up against I would come right back to your take would be worth the Saints to land Malcolm Butler. Give up a top pick. And if like obvious is they can sign Butler to a long term deal this is sports talk on WW.