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3-14 5pm Bobby & Deke: on new Saints pass rusher Alex Okafor

Mar 14, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the dirt on new Saints pass rusher Alex Okafor from Josh Weinfuss of ESPN Nation, who covers Okafor's former team, the Arizona Cardinals.

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Again as we always do thanks so much solve one of evokes an impatient waiting especially Q interior town Quincy. Also day and a Roger and Jerry and apostate Mayo waiting had a longer scored Ellen Minnesota's and a house Derek uptown. And Mike in the big east who we are coming a right to a year on one gets a salad just wind both will be what does he is ESPN Arizona. Talking about the Saints acquiring. Defensive pass rusher in pass rushing specialist Alex Okafor. Our young up and comer with the cardinal defense now memo and New Orleans Saints they hope to have Alex on the program to Morrow operating jaguar Pena both. Again talking about the Saints and the Patriots do you think it would be worth for the New Orleans Saints. To give of their first round pick. Two New England to Sam Malcolm Butler. If you can do about it too long term deal but let's consider one of the top cornerbacks in the game today here's to vote online at WW that Communist canned. Big before you go to collar. Because now when you kind of bring you down with the Saints have available and and what you have to give up to get Malcolm Butler is a couple attacks right here. I didn't see this this caller 39. 99. In FL network said Patriots won a second. While we give up the second round pick for sure for Malcolm Butler. Now this caller sixty to 75 says. 42 are at 32. I'm 32 being in a first round 42 been at second pig party to a 32 for Butler. But not number eleven holiday in the agreement that as far as the value Malcolm lose that. We you know at the about the again all right let's go Terry Tampa quick too quick to thank you for hanging Nomar Manny on WW. Yes there are things you need to be thinking about me Marco is well. I. Wait would only do I know when betraying. I doubt about that there is no not for the third second what is that oh sure what all talk. His second PQ would you say the city's Olympic thing Coca. Into that thing. All of the good Carner go out what they have been receive the man. The small guy Dave cook and yet I am Kooks small. Yeah he did get checked in around on the Tibetan this time Tampa Bay but man that. That would Tampa Bay the cab from home. Our home Carolina. Yeah well I am and at and you know let quick sale along those lines I think that's why it is hoped they would would've found a diamond in the rough when the wings get stale lesion on bad tees which is a buzz in the second round. Does he was gonna maybe be a big Corning that did work out. And that the talent in here and got caught about it becoming not that going to be. Able to make that W has rested Doug you'd think glitz and all people think. That being. From our. Number one and what everybody but the moment with his limited he'd Peppers. In which our tournament. You Tom but he's talking about Jim really ever over out of basic idea. Yet yes you can use him as well because teams do in Baghdad. And also put him back. You know we. They say is gonna feel the next person I would draft that. That bad pick would be an actor that's coming from Alabama and understand because our back inevitable we need me. That guy I don't think you have as much as people think people that otherwise he. He did spartans took care and he thought well that in the back you all keep. Abaco London and up twenty used a backup but he was back up to the best of the best yeah pokey please I. And several rides at the JJ thank you for calling admitted he was that Donta hightower have been a backup to write a Saluki. Yes gone is there. Yes I bill okay all right Jed. I would say give up the second. In and the American ball. It there about talking about it a two opportunities when he steps on seven right. Remember when they my McCain they had paid in the long and they do a pretty good it is better to win and we played one of the food bowl. Yeah I got today he's not he's not over the hill I'd play seven you could be reaching your peak to me is now like he's saying whoa. He's a stud cornerback but he's is 31 going on 32 and go Tony seven. And if he's that building injuries that that that that doesn't bother me. And in the then we'll and it's a bow he handled. He handled itself pretty good against Julio. He did you know who believe one a trap producing right now right now but map bogeys do. He gave me Obama put money even though he'll be a couple of also admitted there you know Bundy and at the you'd come it and it'll. Earlier. Yeah. No good good appointed Dave made him think about Julio because it was so you know it they face each other some. In the Super Bowl back to the telephone to go Bobby and let's see who do we can buy them out by New Orleans from Mike Micah needed thank you for calling WW. Know Mike thank you for college. I would put Michael hole on the next UTT uptown New Orleans Derrick Derrick thank you Colin WW yeah. I do indeed there. A bit. And that's already. Went 02. Hole. One injury in the opener. Carolina and they will be different come here. And there. As. Well. And there. And it why. We. OK Darren Darren I got to check humid this could you talk about NFC south. You look at the noble one receivers. In the NFC south I think Benjamin with Carolina is under achieving. But do you put Brandon cooks in the same level as Mike Evans and Julio Jones. With the Indians and you'd you an idea small small paternity they would do that. Caught I don't know what you know I don't. No doubt about and well and I'm that's a much size wise it up dog about. Look. As you look at production. And and you look at now we had the best trio of receivers in Randy coaches part of that and I acknowledged that. Now call on Brandon could is gonna have success that Tom Brady like you do it would Drew Brees but that you KUK to me. I don't view view of branding cooks as a fifteen million dollar receiver Woody wants to get paid. Oh my what I'll can talk about. He got to pick your knees and will all. Know right is actually more. Well we could be he's getting hit or we could bow. Score. The ball. Now I'm not on the need on any Nolan leaving as a threat to score every time it turns the ball he'd had a tires I don't know bubbles green aren't the Jets we colonial you know that he cares a ball on the eighty ball down that's it I get run by you at smokey and get 'cause now that's what he did. Run by you yeah exactly yeah thanks so much for the can't come back we see a guy gets in there James dairy caught daylight ain't coming to all of you we'll find out about one of the newest members of the New Orleans Saints Alex Okafor will go to Arizona Takeo I've. Defended the Saints game exports stuff rolls on 8 o'clock tonight on WW yeah. And welcome back. I love cooks as much as anybody but we have to see that the money hill on next year could put. Be put to better use on defense now to consider cokes on Julio Jones level is damn Buddhist Saints checks in check. Thank you for the tape you can Texas two dates in the eights in the of to the Twin Cities. And will go to court dale and Minnesota court out thank you for Colin WW. I Cardinals went on Micah you still alive go. Yeah yeah I get it done today Easton those know some on you. Me. Bundy but what about when all agree opening go to. Google it. Bob Graham and you can look good at it. I don't want our and in a couple or want you that OK yeah it. Our. Get out there. Or. Like. You know that you know. Go. That we had a great. The big threat out. There at. Are. In our. Own bank though. I write that but I bag though it would bank. Well he had let's at he usage errors bird with a supporting cast was assistant safety with the bills. Are no good it does visit does. Jason David big guy I remember. Even those vehicles they wanna actually beat the Bears he was a quarterback and he was doing awesome. But they'll play Tampa two. Covered two it's a whole lot different if he is on concept covered to Tuesday's over to top. Verses flat out bump and run man to man Berroa and and high utilized so when you say of Theo Carney a corner and know you're not. It depends what you asked to do in Laramie imminent owner and prefer. Pre season game mood hits Sunday he was at all put god grant Reeves again given that you. Yeah yeah he went Coach Williams came in here they gave in their first pre season game against the bingo isn't he was out well it did in Daly when he gets paid Manny Pedro and he said man I burned in the budget times of pressure is like practice that's what it wasn't like practice. Okay. I. Got mad at me now right. There on it. Com. That low we aren't able or trade. And I want him if you know. That we. What we had to predict right now. And if we know. What. We don't. Work. I wanted to call. I'll bet. Or. We have 95859. Kind of guy. Right Boca but now we're out there are again. Audio down about it who helped him out again but I wanna be out there. Oh yeah. LA delve in and you know you know it is Kordell down the needs to kick as they care. And viewers to get paid. Because do you have a number of teams Allendale liberals services of the Saints would pay him. Felt that he you've got to go out there and stay healthy produced like an outlook when Andrews and all that and you producing going to be compensated. Right now the jury still out on Delmon silly because his lack of experience. Mean he's hell he's well but you got it got to have luck and injuries that at all Cubs in the play. And the out of thirty news number oh yeah I'm. I'm trying to Merrill and I think it says he's somebody did pass rush and we are you elegantly LA are there are dictating I've had Thomas had a team is that fifteen seconds. We Dade junior gallant. The situation he was in. It was almost not a good because that Woody was involved in and then. But as far as the production that's who we need the next junior gallant opposite of cam Jordan and every game hit dead did and we had the lottery. All right coming back all your calls and we'll find out about Alex oak of what type of where the Saints gaining and the young defensive. Deep into the in impairs rushing specialist bottom of the hour news and this CBS of the and welcome back. Moments away the key dead date you know about to tip Tony and eleven gravity is against the mount Saint Mary's mountaineers announcing me as one of the better. Records in the second half the season Estonia won eleven they went eighteen for. In their final 22 to the gate to the general dealing Missouri to a theater it's generals wanted to land and eleven blown before yes the very interesting. Matchup there 260 when he semi you can text as an 87870. Do the a phone do we go by Abby in mid scoot to recommend it it thank you for calling their BW it. Both gone on beacon Robin and we. End up first payment comes in my mind when it region or Malcolm but. I'm thinking about was wrong with him. What Dallara Graham added that I did today Ed dads that the lane and it's a money thing no they want him I mean come on. This and think about how ridiculous the NFL is now on the money involved. Okay without Lou we dig your words 67 million not not that this thing in his 67 million a year when we don't want to pay you like 1112. Our development via the Bryant Denny tiebreak in the. Right right he's damaged goods here and he would be ready. About it on a. Yeah oh and go from there. We don't need de Velde. No I don't exactly and that's ID. I thank the physical whatever. Right you ready to roll damaged goods. You know because we had a Duma slug you look all the San Diego when nothing major errors bird. His status in the game ago. He was right or did detail but no but I don't think physically okay it would that we in the physicals and the minute knowing he's in he came here was hurt and and in the bikini team the Cubs it is State's uniform policy and intoxicated on knowing I don't Christy O'Connor Santo Dave Iowa Rivers said they want they. The right price one time and he we're ready to go on the downward that's not. Which I. Mary's on deck the first of at the plate is John in May Saint Louis John thank you for calling WW yeah. Hey man ya say what I was Logan rapid India about the now and then I'll name comeback intelligent. A lot of Brandon Brandon Holley today he'll have a chance in the dog room where we are we certainly make him well if we don't get it didn't think about it could you ought again Giant Eagle and against Tom Brady. If we don't get how did Tom Brady and aunt and vertically. Beg coach is Clyde down that field yet that could very possibly happen. It could be. Checked our. Would you. But John Doug Doug Collins knowledge thing is even as great as the Patriots have been. Big I guarantee we in the commerce is I don't know was number one but no one has with the Patriots. Like the Saints in the 21 century and they're missing time I've never seen Tom Brady. Now and Belichick raised in the white flag when it was about five almost sick right under six minutes it right Tom Brady cannot regain. Payment low low 4217. It was unbelievable that but I knew for sure the Saints were for real in the show and Peyton yeah. At oak KC Oklahoma City from Marion and Aric thank you for calling WW. What on. And Aaron. Mair and they. Are oh. It's individual or one or. Critics. It's always similarities so what about. Ended at second round pick there are well I wouldn't even do it. Does. So you don't want Malcolm W when it vidro and. Obligated memo on what went in the global harmony. There are always abuse so. But yeah Larry and I know he's done better and changes that big big play to help the pages we Yeltsin who will the last two years though he wouldn't be in. He wouldn't be all pro V didn't do so now you might say. He bid if it it would the Patriots system no identity and that led to manage them work who were would you take is somebody it is. Covered. Malcolm Barlow on a day to day basis for the last two seasons are all all our. I pick out because matier right now I mean our rules that we don't we don't know what we're getting rare mental Wear and compile. He'll need it listed but. It's an okay. But it's comfortable. Meant to and it didn't stop them pretty well. Right no I I our primary and an image they were you completely wrong you were gonna get to our guess is that. If you would take our word who we've seen Malcolm Butler on in this Kubel may be a few of the times. Vs an analyst and watches him every day. Don't do that moment please tell them my point was is that we asked the broadcast earlier. Missed Kieran. What is it about Malcolm bug while the Patriots won't and he says no it's not a situation like that it comes up to me they don't go to the table there's dale is strictly on every Saturday don't like to pay people. And they paid agent from Buffalo more than what they said. They would pay but. And it. We asked him okay worry is some volleys game he's at the enough he's a hall worker he's day he gets after people. And we asked the system quest well easy just a product that says that. He's that we benefit from it but no he would be a vero good cornerback hatred and the Patriots would one Gilmore. And Malcolm Butler on the field right big you have to remember the loss another started free agency Logan Ryan. Operas and had a welcome manager lemon and knows a lot about one of the newest members on the New Orleans Saints and then being Alex Okafor we welcome energized line puts it where it is ESPN nation covering Arizona and the NFC west Josh thank you so much for the time. And when you look at Alex some his numbers a couple of years ago what little better than last year. My if you don't his numbers last season on to the Saints he would've finished. But top four as far as sex with three and a half. Very active among the quarterbacks and active. As from a pressure standpoint by a certain stats out there at the gate to. South Africa quickly get to the back field if you put here on a quarterback or you put him on the quarterback. So you'll take somebody who's seen him far more often all the time compared to us. What type of players New Orleans beating him at oak. Well you know all the cool you know he's an. What victory that swore he belongs people me. He can you know we can get the quarterback he's when he. Quicker happened you know thirteen you've played. One game he got hurt America I mean that or whoever you know he came back and fourteen. And I he played very very well. Yeah he had eight sacks for a bit. So what he can do you know how. A lot of operative tackles and blocked two of its size and quickness. Coming off the bag you know and look like the old Juan vehicle arm that can be reached at tackle and get the quarterback when you close. To being. You don't it can demise here you'll of the product of Arizona go different sort their pass rush. I'm you know that you don't that Kenya and their annual that he has that. Toe injury. During the bye week and play out that you're a member of the post either don't know how that affected Erica pat rush. In the end you change your game. But. In the UK. Law on them. A couple of years ago whether you all feel if I. From what I know appeared in what I curtain people in your division. You know that kid from good to me want it and I would label of the trouble maker. You need to off of it but not not not bad Perkins only guy. You can keep Iowa on could be. And just what you what you say around as did you mean moonlight freelance and all the plays all of defeat you know Olin. Ought and I feel like Josh is coveted yard united Fini who. There are. Often packed it back into a year ago or a year ago and he got in trouble free yeah well he rarely a cop. You know you've been lot Angela and during the bye week and you don't pick him up well. And a beep and came away with a broken toe so you know he doesn't mean that you kind of scratch your head about. Yeah Glen lack of maturity. Yeah absolutely I mean once you know. I think over the last year Q we've seen him virtually walked off the field out matter you can turn that into being mature on the. There may be changes scenery might be good for all parties out who about it but can you now now Josh. Because we've had players and holidays you know of their third down guy and he can rush the passer. One thing we having cam Jordan and he's been ranked in rated that way. And every downed a Davidson then against the run he can rush the passers so. My understanding you look at over before you are not necessarily have them. On first down because it teams might run right at him but you have imparted the rotation obviously has the situation is that correct Iowa. Yeah I think that that it is today and I think you've got a banner that happened garlic Kim Gordon on the DL because obviously are the ones that we get sorted. A lot of attention and that allowed a local sport to have more wow why are you better about the you don't triple team. Now Josh aware that you netted two of the things that just top three in his house supplied them and you look at pass rush the way that the interior arguments today in an Achilles Campbell two to break him down. It was just 31 to start the season six that he threw an impound. He goes that a Jaguars. By its unbelievable when he talked about being productive years in Europe and get better earning Campbell. And bourget Tate so you have that type of player. Why would the Cardinals and Benson and was it too pricey in and all of a sudden I doping he has an eleven to think you can trim and IMO for the Jaguars. Q how much money you would panic man on the market. RB are not really. Big bet a lot of money to Chandler down this year to keep their hapless yup that would. The year I heard on the only. I think that you don't turn 27 last month or quiet Campbell's been party line. So I figured they'd that yeah Campbell the ball in the paint. But what he went man they want Qaeda and a lot of money tied up where it Patrick Peterson and Aaron Matt into the future and didn't get that. But like you physically capable of productive. Burke and the last year he he should have been a horrible laughter alternate. That would. Bourque story Pro Bowl appearance but. He built very well he's got the ball well. On the line attention because you know being deep at the tackle Uga don't trouble this or any human being ID. Like you are so. When you are indeed back with the other half a collector it Chandler on the one side. Mark is gold other people I've. Double digit sack a lot of mechanical problem to a log in to work one on one that I'm in the middle and whipped it I he has. You've mastered the art of life you can get down important body. And once you start bringing awkward putting in proper anybody stopped. So beautiful work what one apple cart and he would really acquire. Just scored just quickly front of a related to go in and it just have a house we can probably on social media Cardinals you know throughout this year. Previous two years contender heavyweight convenes against the conference champion team game. No forced out defense losing a guy like a local phone losing that guy like cam like cam on the he got a reason to pick of Jarvis Jones. It's going to be interesting to see. Come on just meet thinking about this but your take. How does that effect guys on the back in Mike I know Kevin meant as visiting some which is close we visit Cincinnati. But what what does they're gonna do to guys like honey badger and Patrick Peterson who are obviously a great players but they've benefited from that Panthers which about a lot of key element to his Cobb of defense it won't be there at edit jog or do you blame because the quarterback gets to its glory to originally do you blame Carson Palmer for real lack of success last season. I'm I don't com. Well are all you know you don't report all the hard and think about it I might have been capable improper or out or because. Michael Floyd basically does all the doc brown would the only way. No doubt. At nickel oak tree about mid October on so you want to that topic he was approaching and you don't support out arc. Oh and might and that might have been the best one out or even of his career it would be but yet due to get them art. But you know. I don't mean that your name is he the second gear. Or anything in the pac. Might be a little bit better ones because I Chandler Johncke battled back last year in the sport here but it needed more time to let the play. Q the guys that you know what needs to be even more I'd be back. The morgue where to take this shot where they projected how to work at it that well so you can get even better connect scheme. And a couple more or the quarterback meter but after are quicker and that you don't know better. I just had to be the key but we do on social media. You. Just thank you so much but it time. They are right fifteen thought he had in the first and you're in OT in mount Saint Mary's will keep you posted. The privateers I'll to a good start March Madness in Dayton will keep you posted. Here on WW. And welcome back it didn't city for VV thank you for calling WW ago. Okay they'd be. Step back on the I. Think you'd agree it caught. Well great chat. You gotta get out there that Britain that the Patriots in and get quite that don't play it publicly. Oh quarterback. COLT Corbett playing. It ought. Know that only Aurilia is the year right on Florida you you know pain in his division the quarterback ponies is far harder but it did they have their receivers that no quarterback yeah I agree with that. Exactly so he won't it won't abandon them and now we're at it well corporate. Oh he looked good bako. That the. Mean that's a good note that look that division does not have good quarterback and they don't that is. Inconsistent. Quarterback he would go to. He antique. In the day on not being home about I think the NFC south is the bad as the now vision. Talked about a week automatically we do you got young up and gum and candy and yet it's Winston. And Drew Brees and Matt Ryan yeah I don't Damon took dame has took a huge step Macy and I think he's gonna get even better this year I don't think any and it's been a bit of tendencies out quarterback no it is probably a with the VOK I hit it big 02 it. In May we say we in my eye is worth three get don't have a bull or don't know date that you could say well. This when these is sick but I don't think there's any we could do say is slam dunked it it's its number one with the NFC east now what blogdigger I look like. NFC north the Aaron Rodgers Matt used to have a colon what do Bears are right right AFC ought. In May have to Cleveland and now you look you look at the NFC ease because back Prescott's that guy. Of course the way it's of the Eagles within heap element that a lot of part write code and you got confident and realize you had a. Some good as some wanted you can dig you can pitch him but I think the naught. We think about it you know especially with Camby in arraigned in VP year removed in in grinding drew yet it's an extremely difficult not to put that one more. I Larry and I Saints you PT of town come right back T this is sports fell on WW via.