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3-14 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints and Pelicans-Blazers

Mar 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview tonight's Pelicans-Trail Blazers matchup with Mike Richman of the Oregonian and talk about a potential Saints trade for Malcolm Butler.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number at the Rio sports I've got a lot of takes to get to answered yes to his whip at 260170. Is he memory game he can take to sedate seventy eights in the March Madness update. The mount mount Saint Mary's 26 to nineteen over you know 525. Left to play. In the first half Mike Richmond took over the Portland trailblazers for the organ would be Lewis. At golfers break at the Blazers on town to take on the New Orleans. Like it's 260 UNAIDS and the you can Texas at 870. Eights in the give you an idea of how the bottom of the east. Is. Added in the bottom of the west. Miami is 215. In the last 26 games. In this field and in the Philly do you widow my head and wildly to the bottom and he has not like them isu team to the east or two ago they would always is CE OC east Eastern Conference in the NBA. Well OK okay okay I didn't know with the money you know where it would only why did say Portland trailblazers. A touch and not hide the ball on the brain that's all right. All right he's kept him there but anyway. I did just ocean you know some years it like with 453. Or four years ago. Dallas with eight seeding at 47 we at all about that way yes is all about the west race it's a little more balance now especially on the banking and the because in any on the worst teams I mean the Lakers in the nets are only separated by about six games being the worst two teams. In the league with this and importing game in the ninth or New Orleans because. If you're looking at a team that has a good straights and and somebody who die yet down who could really caged Denver. Portland has been with two more times Nelson attended the remaining twelve. Al at Portland where they're pretty good home team as well so including New Orleans has to go like this so well we'll we'll break it down coming up at. Yes Eddie because summit today I heard in view I think we gentry and he said that no this week while it starts with tonight. Yeah it's goodnight Irene. I was sixteen games and me Kabul. Is kind of pie in the sky anything big and ago thirteen three of fourteen to I think he'd be about auditioning is there are five games remaining. Against the top two contenders. For the position to be the AT two against Portland and it starts tonight in three against the nugget right Devern nugget so. Become malignant Aoki at sixteen this fire right there and can you go five and oh. Ended in you know kind of 212 trillion d'antoni did all right Saints help to control as cozy Saints uptown on line fourth thank you for calling WW. Yes our men are getting used Saints of dollar two guys. It is going to be real quick man not. Like we're the ball will be news the way maybe usually wait India is well it. Go well. Burres like. We know we treated him like I of people. Well. How happy out abusing problem at all not at all could go well one it was well quail rule. Blessing in the field to that were ago. You wouldn't. Others broke about a dude yeah. We've got what city you know what it drop out of the top spot where there. In all that. No we ate at the top three this is a lot of them that atop the reasonable doubt were number six. But evident that no that's a good point Saints have now. Are there called called him so. You know all the quality of competition. That go look Utley in it and if you eat right well we could because. All or you all will we got a Autry. That. Agree it's. All you know we're saying already be in that. We've met that political. I don't know if big Saints have down I would say. Because that Malcolm but they did on the biggest stage it is suitable obviously more. Higher expectation is it considering what we have to pay homage errors bird well. Jabari Greer you know you're trying to Wheeling dealing free agency. Jabari Greer probably. Lived beyond expectations. Because that because aware we got him and it well I go Jabari Greer is the best corner average so. And Malcolm bella because what he did in achieved. He's in a conversation because when Jabari Greer came to the Saints he was not. All pro. Well Malcolm bowlers in that Thomas come in and blogs about as a quarterback to marry and game in the woods in town and Iowa pork that's next on WW. 7 PM the night smoothie king Senna Tony 936. For the NL west division just a few back of them for the eighth and final spot. Portland is in town my commitment on just for the organ in our. I don't think I'll Mike always forget how to announce our how to pronounce the pay are gaining home and tell him or. Are only now every coach Mike there aren't they aren't going to. Now I can right to come out of this media from reason and he could and out or going over like. Went one thing about Portland you look at it and nobody give him if I was almost like Seattle foisted the Seahawks made it big on. You know and it became a power and now they're more recognized but I'm happy when you look at Portland. I don't understand they have. Ought to be the most productive. Backcourt in the NBA we come back basically 47 point four game admitted in McCollum. This at their two young guys. Juice in the Arctic the dissent has really come into a zone and I look at his numbers you realize he was at you know with fifteen game. A pretty good young nucleus is this something that they're hoping that may be because a hail. It vacant continue to be owed him maybe get back on track sounded like it look like they were. With the Brandon Roy Herron and of course he took dates to serious injury this has been a France as it is it is bad luck is eating may be in all of north American sports. Which top my injuries. Yeah. You know Wagner pitched in the east you know he's now ten games and has bleachers career some aggregate looked out for ourselves and I think they like it out the young core you know just 22 game in Willard. Not yet 28. And and calm no picnic got a good young group. In the heat in the opening expecting to take a much bigger jump than they did they won't be challenging her on court bench are not. Fighting or sort of beyond rewarding each spot in the last. Yeah might decide not to say that you know looking at who's fighting for that eight. Spot. And I said this even before the all star break blood trail Blazers on their achieving. Considering I don't think they'd be. In to figure things though with the Nuggets in the Mavericks and whoever you put in their finished eighth spot but. As the fan base kind of take in the approach that listen. We should beat eighth seed considering we should not be induces scenario horrible what when neither Rose Garden as the Beverly support their team but it. Mobil one would be viewed the trouble is I was under achieving this seasonal. Yeah I think. Most people Hewitt underachieving and I think that that court that Hendrick is kind of split there in that group that really wanted to cushion make the playoffs and you know get in the mix. May be a short it'd Golden State team more. An opening that what the players are potentially the bird and you know you what happened when we get into a playoff series and I think there's another sort of group a that he has been disappointing. Hit the reset button and try to loses making popcorn increased their lottery chance. Now my when you look at the matchup against the pelicans. Now the appellate as a lost nine of their past eleven matchup against Portland. Now the palliative taken to a the past three at home. So you become desperate. New Orleans pelicans are right now well what is your take on the game tonight. And obviously when I was looking in and talk to my partner Diego via I said in a coach gentry said this. It truly starting tonight in this week if we even have it could sniff. That eight feet that appellate instantly because. The five games remaining against the top two could in this position now to get Portland three against the Nuggets obviously. If you would say what is still got sixteen games that the play the obvious this idea must win. But New Orleans tonight and my godly pulled down ten at twelve and as well at home some from the yeah. Now they had that weird yet and ten of thirteen it go yet. The late bill. On paper matchup particularly well again. New look out and they don't have two big guys play well card. David and cut them but I think they took it out and start a better work out. Mean Garnett gave problem you know the way to pat them except against them but they call up some mile or. So could you beat him. And in or should I speak to handle cotton in the post and it brought him I think we can do a lot of Meyer wondered what it used in the again. I thought in. You know. It just didn't take off the street I think be like that and go my way in the right answer. It that they want they're gonna be in a bad spot. Mike Richmond Mike pack and about Tebow Wiki on social media. I have on Twitter at Mike G rich. You can also find all my work MacCulloch market borderline dot com slash. The Oregonian covering the Portland trailblazers. And ENBA. Mike Richter Mike thank you so much for the time and not to a talk against him. Are you at that highlight New Orleans tonight at home smoothie king center against the Portland trailblazers command with. The one of the most productive back courts can tell by a guard shooting guard tandem Damian Miller to. And CJ McCollum 27 days a week until you hit good damion familiar and right on around him yeah Brandon Roy. You know yeah you're going to enter RI is you know goes on eighth hole run it down three at the half. Look on the exhibit a they would mark monarch was married to biggies it was a gave his take on the cook street. You to look at Texas at 87870. Before bombing Allen who's with Chris Miller. It is a CBS. Up. And welcome back. Out to the phones to go here in the Big Easy from Larry Larry thank you for calling WW Mayo. They I don't know what they can do that and got to a question on or cook mark. Stated goal on me the great receive a book. A pretty sort of let the mind as Miami's. Mean it was. A keeper Igor went out and put the ball erratic in. No no I mean well and has not being mean. That being an objective. And mean it was like when you. The Kremlin until a news in the Saints drafted him on our in state. The thought vs and any coverage that he get we have more yards after the catch on that thing. The likes of Darren Sproles but when they tried to do bubbles greens are Jets we. Are like a throw and cut. Our. Age I mean leading league people miss night you'd run by you. That way if you truly been fair. Branding cook's. Was fast. He caught the ball. I mean but to say. And he was a time receiver or go across the middle and we agree could tackle and then all of Dallas 1520 yard throw and all of us and he broke a couple of tackles and do it in house we never felt. No we were never thought about of course about to receive a that we got from yet fail. Complexity and now. A big on the on this I mean as a coverage units. I have no idea and one against him in here. You know I'd look to it there there have been. Indeed it's doing. They have been some guys that have come in here on that are radar I was student dealt it was a one that we knew the most because of his high school record in where he was here in the city but. They are I would think now especially at receiver group. Just when you kind of feel like things may be gone one way I count my agent and channel you might say well we're about Coleman. The gain paid to Nate beat the up Coleman again for another country night out he's got to meet team. But they they see something about being Korda and Jay and I don't think he's gonna maybe turn Koren you know after and I are about things you know CG right appointment to you know if you look and you. Is that it again that's their lease. Of my worries that by positioning goalies I fully expect us to run the ball better this year with CJ come in baggage that a poll. And holly worth the receivers. Wit without branding coach whatever. Who's out top four who was our top five receivers and I don't I don't care if you adding. I'm I'm just now word about it could as long as we have Drew Brees. Now he's spread the ball around what we do and offensively. That that bad as bad as that caused me any concern. The wide receiver position because whoever's competing. Along the thing about this. Will Billingsley came on board. Anybody think that Willie steam would be like this thing income though Lance Moore held though no the eagle is really steam at Carolina animal on the practice squad right in hindsight characterizing him and we should develop them. And a camp Willie's the all I know is we do in training camp brag soliciting. I see Willie's name. He caught like two nice balls in traffic. And I go well. I don't know who else is big you look at of his number as the right man McNabb know it's only one practice. Knew the routine and do it again yeah like 23 days in a row house that watch job it is Willie Snee. So there's guys out there are just waiting for an opportunity. So to me I'm not worried about the receivers that we do with the passing game will we do and offensively. We got to get the defense better now I think we took a major step forward. Rugby fits getting to the middle of the pack. In the interior with Nate fairly. Sheldon rank it in the hole committed to out of Davison Ohman got a always butchers name right but stop there lord of the middle. But as the bears' pass rush that's going to be key we have the total package. Me you know why you can't do it. The Dallas cowgirls did it last year with smoke and mirrors and what I mean by that alone is they've fog and recall. Dallas' defense does ranked fifth overall and Dallas defense definitely over achieve and offensively nobody got this dud off it's a blind. And Billy Dag Prez got developed and you logo would be trying to do offensively Ezekiel LA and on and on. But their defense. The two meet that was amazing. And now rod hi April existing member Aaron Nellie and him yet. That was amazing he should have been the bits of coordinated the year assistant coach of the year whatever. When he did with the cobbled cowgirls defense with Dallas they've been to me was ugly would have been them up five that's why. I'm still have hope. The coach Dennis Allen the Saints defense that overall we can get at least that a middle of the pack and I think all that is still gonna be rule. And again recapping what we have gone known at this point I'm operated jaguar opinion poll is at WW dot com do you think it would be worth for the Saints to. Give up their first round draft pick which would be eleventh overall at say thirty sec. To the Patriots in exchange for Malcolm Butler providing Butler signing long term deal. With the black and go eat in case you vote online at WW dot com New Orleans pelicans in action night against the Portland trailblazers who had ten of their final thirteen at home. They're two and a half back of in the for the eighth and final spot. In the Western Conference that they bring in the league's highest scoring back court in the form of a point guard shooting guard Damien and and CJ McCullough. All of the two and a half where close to that of their own it's pretty close to that is Washington's John Wall and bred the deal. The your no privateers. Cut out to a hot start and kind of weak cold with Venus Claude on 80 run. At the end the first and mark Manaudou when he halftime report. On the private T is in Dayton are. Yet thanks Deke and had the at halftime their down by 33229. As the score in favor of the mountaineers of mount Saint Mary's in the first half. The Southland Conference player of the year Eric Thomas of the you know privateers. A leading without twelve points and he also added five rebounds Chris Davey is gill of the privateers and six points he's a point guard. And Kevin broiled only two points five rebounds to. Help Eric Thomas in the lead for the boards. Tom brawls also led the team with two assists only to assist the privateers in the first half but they did make up for that with points off turnovers they led. Twelve to two in that category and that's part of how they managed to come back from eleven down. To make it just a three point deficit at the half for the mountaineers they didn't a lot of their office of just two guys miles Wilson. Lead the team with twelve points and seven rebounds both three assists and G Robinson. The shortest player in the entire NCAA term this year at five foot five he's got eight points. The Wilson and Robinson with twenty of the 32 points for mount Saint Mary's. Two guys that you and doesn't have to look at probably shut down in the second half at least take it one of those guys the equation but. Definitely a doable deficit to come back from mount Saint Mary's lead you a note at the half 32. 292 half probably get underway here in just a couple of minutes have been at halftime for a little bit of them little stop a little while here. So Theo will keep you posted as this game continues if you had no wins they would move on to face. Defending national champion Villanova Wildcats a tough task ahead but you gotta get this win first. Mock how to be the people we get on to a he could follow me on Twitter at mark Menard thirteenth all right and we would keep you posted a game to beat now and on and be real close to being done by the time we take at 8 o'clock in. Kristen and Seth with takeover. Who'd had is suited freak in sham it thank you for Colin WW. Base or take our Calder. About I just a little quick thing about two weeks about B just our spoke about coast CJ. Com I was in Indianapolis and accelerated into him at the ball okay and he was with. I forget who it was with man but he anyway. I I went out children are told them how excited I was to have him back as I don't know about it or else it. I don't chew mini camp every year our arch. Specifically to receivers and you know it is true that arena will close to the the pain and you can you can see a difference in the waited true of the rain and from when he was there. And we you know other coaches coach and receivers arm armor that that'd have him back out think you'll make it each different but. About history event are much thought. And initially. Didn't. I wouldn't lean towards Malcolm Butler coming here because. You know being 27 years old bomb right now he's don't want big money in a few years or any year. Well you let's ignited fears he was it now well. And and and inept that they can mean is like. Okay that we pay him as big money and then in a few years. Pay Michael Thomas were gonna have. Yeah island Rhode Island grow our style. So that's every NFL team the long run an element bird now. If we do have betrayed this districts are him. You know there give it has been for him if you're Kitna from that then. You know somebody that you're open that you hit on in the draft so I it is either way means eat our game. On an all pro corner equipment on opposite that it they'll grow and impacting the corners that we. But now but now but now I have three if treat it Attica Olympics. And is some truth that is. You look at who you play defense you know you do year old and canyon make these guys that are around news. Now cornerback. It's a balance cited a field can only do so much. But we've had a couple of picks. And they sail okay that's fine and we do need. Top cornerbacks. But it until we get a consistent pass rush. And yes the front seven is till we get a consistent pass rush and in this rubbed opposing quarterback. And ally back it corps would underneath coverage you can have a dominate cornerback. And indeed it's still not human I'd be dead last and as deep as it is he truly gonna help you win. Yeah yeah I've got three of ward takes. At Regan adding them makes a lot of sense so you educate you needed to you would top cover guys but I still think we got again after an opposing quarterback. Lou. React freak thank you so much for the time we appreciate it and Briscoe who if free to who dat in looting thank you for calling WW. Thank you for calling WW hello Oudin. But say that I had to do it. Yes hello who'd get any who leads our guys are doing ruling. Yes Heller I had from losing thank you for calling WW reopen their river apparent. This is not great tackle on that big that. Let's thank you we appreciate that. With thank these days is so similar that you for Obama NFL wide. Arm and I love that please stand but I got an apartment what you said really. Let a level about who. About the attitude. You mean to cowgirls. Yet. And what have I remember you know the goal when you play put new. Yeah we I never lost to Dallas. I don't know. I'll kick it out momma in it. I haven't had that might happen and it saying he picked up on it yeah with this thing. So way salute that for ruling why do you lie. Dallas oval why because you go back to Roger's style mag Tom Landry are why because I guess. This that I Islanders and edit your old school in the seventies. And dean goes back when he was the low ball high and you want to be associated with the winners you the Steelers in because I hate it down and then now I ended the week I even like the Dolphins. But I was into lane stadium. When Dallas we have didn't want recorded three had a white handkerchief but but did doll with the winners I think even as a kid. You wanna support a winner now obviously you parents can influence the local team but who would how did you follow love. What did Dallas cowgirls. Was that would you a little Boyle won it. Rotten job. I've been a problem if you don't. Now you blood bag I don't think Tom Andrew probably Roger Staubach and all the Indies. Add that way back. Am seeing that span they want an honest you know. No they did they they want and you write you write did they ever get to Charlotte. And his parents Linda and I want to back in in an easy 1 morning and the ninety's yet. They want to think the 11 not got that rod got shot. But had a better not overlook that did you jump on the bandwagon with the Saints did okay I'm gonna ask you this when does Saints now. Played Dallas who you far. Obviously it won't. Not UK no I don't want you got to be either if that is sainted Dallas and anything you throw ruling. On the head now you could cheer for Dallas Kamal you know limit Texas. Yeah. I know but you live in Louisiana and the Saints are doing and how can you know I'd cheer for the same. I don't know what that I'm not gonna I would not ask fans crowded defense. We knew all about don't know. OK I don't get this thank thank you so much here we appreciate you Collins who had. I thought they now. Are they go to thank you van and a lot of times we would do good and agent does not know. We always go to hood off as we do not those girl with the defense right or some personnel moves men now that that's a question. You're right. All right come back I'm not more to get to including will keep you updated at the break you know games at the start the second half they trailed by 33229. In Dayton when it moves on to take on defending national champion. Villanova sports talk Rose on W dead Europe. And welcome back. 2601878. You can Texas and 878 stimulus atop Louisiana College bottom of the first two to zero aggressive takes again a big before that we will have Belichick Georgia game broadcast Friday as physically ACC play 630. A PM time yeah breakaway about depravity is a riot got a bucket forty to 351650. Left in. The second and they usually have a kid I don't know they get it right they had to have big game tonight and yet no we don't have Louisiana collagen L issue in jawed at three game series or starting out with Georgia Friday evening we were joined the network at 630. How big this is this the delusional. Cowgirl and that's at 985 which is a disgrace. Being right in the nation. The cowgirls. Kind of like amiga quote the cowgirls they kick this thing than the that has that happened and Sean Payton Drew Brees would be deeply right now my alignment on one time we went over did you beat guys now need to that was 29 OK maybe they're asked to let him know overall I don't allow guys I bring in additional pain there yet in seven meetings. The Saints assignment to. Five into the that I best 500 notice that I'm artistry games to marry you or is doing to add him. Three of them real tight to tune that went in overtime and and they the one the one big to wallow in this thing on a new Thanksgiving Day probably the most frustrating game ever. Is because dollars to see the thing is to continue to roll go undefeated we were thirteen and oh and we know that mentally and Wade Phillips seventy hero oh wait those and a talent I'm praying and sees them operated hope that Tony Romo goes that it takes and I'd beat in a bullet Texas fan. If they get to the soup bowl representatives in. And win I think the most Jerry Jones the united championships we dug in about. Me they study and the Houston Texas at a top dog and takes all right I'm back one more hour ago he's Bobby Hebert ID Bellamy is sports style continues at 8 o'clock at night in its double covered sports in mole. Here on WW.