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Think Tank 1210pm health insurance

Mar 15, 2017|

If the numbers are correct, 24 million could lose health insurance with changes to Obamacare. Should the GOP go back to the drawing board with their plan? This hours guest: Maura Calsyn - Managing Director, Health Policy, Center for American Progress Joe Antos - "Resident scholar and Wilson H. Taylor Scholar in Health Care and Retirement Policy at American Enterprise Institute (research areas: Medicare Medicaid Health care policy and financing Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Federal budget policy) "

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well our own word finger and bounty rook plays went for obamacare. Right. All. President trump says it all during his campaign they were going to read please obamacare. The a broad public couldn't would you Pete. All gearing Obama was adminstration. Said they are going to robe please. Obama. Now all the did you pretty. Is saying that other members of the ju. Or not replacing had in fact. It's obamacare light. And and is dude you've got to ask the question I know you were wrenched. I know we broadcast. To. All along the gulf coached red states. But you gotta as yourself question I think. If the GOP for six or seven years and said. They're going to rule plays obamacare and they didn't have a plan. That they all agreed upon. And now that they have a plan. That it's Solomon. Had put in place. But again today and all you need to read his aid poured huge and drugs report. And you'll see begin acts. Not coming. From New York Times and watching imposed. But from the conservatives. Over this plan. So. Well all it's a burden fraud look at some of the particulars of deliverance and regularly use a little education. We've got Morris held soon will this managing director. Hold policy Center for American Progress. Mora is always appreciated called think recalling. I before again to control the details ward to your overall thoughts on board true seeing injury and reading. I think it's just unbelievable I think that it shows that Republicans didn't have a plan in place and pour millions of Americans they were really. Promised something by president trap that he has not been able to follow through and capricious so many divisions in the Republican Party. Okay Congressional Budget Office. Businesses have totally non pour him partisan organization. That says the figures or whatever is being proposed. They say that by at twenty and 26 wounded four million fuel people would call a blow have. Health insurance coverage. Under this new program. And that dole knows. Conservative Republican Joop remembers. That have formulated this plan and say. That you are wrong concern by Omnicare. They've been wrong so many time it really can. You talk. Well I think well apple did that. Quip right now it's funny because they vary much or cut date meaning the Republicans and speaker Ryan are very much complaining about. That coverage estimates that CBO. Released on Monday. Combat accounting beat deficit reduction peace habits so I don't think you can have it both ways can be addicting that there. A legitimate nonpartisan organization or you don't to. Having said that I would also note Adam. People call and it's CBO. Was nominated by speaker Boehner can't have the support that now secretary Tom price. So this is not. In essence sort of liberal conspiracy going on its CBO so well respected. Conservative economist. And the thing with that part about CBO getting largely right or not right. Some people are sort of nitpicking at one particular finding that CBO projected. Whereas like. CBO and and more is. They looked at the breakdown. CBS but CBS right last time but basically. The total number of people looking coverage of what they were off on it they were off on. Number of people we're going to enroll in the obamacare exchange. And then Greg may have wrong. Raw iron that thinks says. Okay wouldn't for a million pure people. Of that strictly because we're not being in Dayton. That they participate. If they want to participate. They came in. Your thoughts. That's often not true one of the biggest probably the biggest reason why you're going to see an increased number of uninsured Americans is because of on the roll back Medicaid expansion as well as additional massive massive cuts to Medicaid program the Medicaid programmer the next ten years has been slashed by a quarter this becomes law. I'm in addition they also. They're also going to be reductions in the employers offering insurance coverage for their technical complicated reasons but it. It basically have to do with how they've structured there tax credits. And then the man does play a role that it played a role in two ways. One of course some people will just decide not to buy insurance. And chipping and demanding overall lower premiums so as premiums as there there's no. There's no mandate to premiums co op and that makes it less affordable for people to be able to buy. And Kroger and maybe Gregory upon wrong Medicaid cuts number one. 880. Billion dollars over ten years. Notched fourteen million people out of Medicaid bide twenty twins since Medicaid cuts number two home. Basically ends the obamacare Medicaid expansion in 20/20. So. In rural Louisiana in red state. Or we have expanded. Medicaid because. I've had playing again again. Craig may have by government figures from the federal government reimburses about 9% or more. Or whatever our expenses are. Doesn't that kinda does a wave will blob we're doing here. And if it does what what kind of problems does that create. We'll create massive problems and not just Louisiana under a whole number of red states. And yet there and and many of which are on conservative red states unlike your neighbors to the north. I'm just it's going to. Obviously increase the number of uninsured and the other thing that I think is important for people to remember is. That's going to redo that State's ability to respond to public health crisis. Crises so for example. I'd be a Buick epidemic. Governor Kasich obviously not a southerner about. This statement really grappling with the opium it epidemic and he is concerned and has written in op Eds and letters to use the congress. That he's really concerned that these budget cuts are going to impact their ability to elect substance abuse issues including the appeal it epidemic. End to end. Is within this plan. It plunges render correctly. Stage would get kind of blocked branch does this of watching god. If it doesn't cover Earl or your Medicaid patients you you government give up. And if the cause I I think it does school up with a console living. But a good becomes more expensive you've got to take care of that too. Yeah I mean yeah exactly. And it did increases well a lot of people go up. More slowly than expert to protect Medicaid spending to Ella and anything that is not. That anything that exceed the cap that the federal government pays for it on the states. For the states either have the option. You know spending much much much more money themselves or they have to make some really horrible painful. Decisions about how to limit to prepare for the Medicaid population. Our good limit take a break here doing Dorgan words do all ten more minutes of your time. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll we every hour. If that urge Krug 24 million could lose help carry insurance. With changes to obamacare should be droopy. GOP go back to the drawing board with the plan and so far fifteenth day of the decision Yeltsin though. Pulling usual for roads they do with the ink. That they would be totally or you would be totally against obamacare break. And Joe's of repression itself. Should the GOP go back to the drawing board with a play and 67%. Of abuse say yes that's double and a DO. Are welcome back Bora where things get better handle terror in this country yeah. All over the years I'm told us he's Steve talks goalies one of the more power hopeful Louisiana. Delegation members of the congress. And what I said to him merger health care plan what we've got a health care plan you can look on my web site. Web site sure he had to play and then programs bill cash said. Another Louisiana congressman who is 88 position. To medical doctor. We're urge your help curb Lombard on my web site. What a good look there to bush you know the right the double play and and all of a sudden the GOP. Leaders. Are raw and take. Come up with the health care plan and that is being fought tooth and nail buying. Did you Pete why. They didn't they have a plan and he agreed upon. There apply in each of your old Maria. They're calling it obamacare why. They've said they're gonna overplay obamacare. President and fraud says it leaves a good road eased obamacare. And then. They're they're just fine tuning. Would choose one or Obama said he would do who if you had four more years because it'd been didn't. It's a perfect or gore back in more fine tune it. And and then think ward broke Clegg says it is it's not designed to have three is it's not. June mathematically. Correct and all depends on the quality basketball. And read street are Brody drug board opinion poll. If the numbers are Greg 24 million lose health care insurance. Good changes to obamacare. Should good ju. So many percent to abuse say yes it's. I'd I define it is absolutely. That's down wounding. That ports six or seven years you get to scream and that something needs to not be reply. Not be reconfigured. But replaced. And what become so I'm you control penal law office you control congress you controlled descent. And you don't have rural place. Veterans in this thankfully were always good professionals. Experts in this issue we have more room Kelton. Managing director health policy centered for American progress. Moron I'm looking. And boom liberal. Public portion which is what their broad. A bill that trend were a voter trillion dollars have good all the wives are paid for Medicaid benefit in subs subsidy speaking. The new plan. Pro low income older persons. To the well pre and tax cut outs. And the well law of your own and more premium costs. With a bit of a deficit reduction. Thrown in. To meet the requirements. Of the budget process now. We say that Washington Post well yeah. They're very liberal. But I got bright barge here. Seeing this same exact thing. This this hurts the older people those of not. It does it hurts it hurts low it would hurt to regroup to people hurt older people it hurts. People in the world counties because private health care is usually more expensive to those areas. And it also hurt. The war so when you combine the green bombs attributes that you have them be seen makes. 2526000. Dollars a year on in a world area who is. And it is today. 55 or. Enormous increases in year round. In your premiums. I get a good lead really strange question for you in and if you have notes so. What do verb reviewed talk show notes on the guitar crew in the morning do this this topic. Any little hole and 70%. Applause. Thought that healthcare. Is not a right. And my thought was worldwide we have the emergency room why do we have ambulances. End end if it isn't Raleigh. Do we return to where might terrorists war after World War II. When they had no health care. When it was basically what it would they get paid forward with the general practitioner de dit. Are we heading in that direction to where were jurors saying we can't reported so you're wrong on your. I. Think network headed in that direction I think that overall. Were trending towards. More more people seeing health care as back at that all Americans should have access to in an affordable way. I'm actually argued that. That ban Republicans. That the trying I don't know cop trapped here writing here about what. That means. Arm so I think in itself is a sign that you know that the parameters of the debate changed orbit. We're no longer about whether. Insurance companies should be able to charge higher rates to people who were sick. We're no longer talking about a you know should people have a hoot if people have coverage. Should de speed bankrupt you know there are a lot of provisions in the Affordable Care Act that remain affordable care I'd been ten years ago. Wood out and which would not and agreed to by the Republicans just add that. Baseline that's something that they can change. I do you think there are some ship there. That there's you know pac. You know better and I talked about the two wide variety of topics you know the ideological. Spectrum in the country there are brought and so. I'm predicting what some health care piece of shifting a little back. Mara and always learn something when Buell and thank you shall mark for the time have a great day is they warm you'd. Governor a video. We're thinking about them. Over the pad out to twelve years the please. Louisiana congressman caps in the U positions. The answer Powell pulled in congress. We've talked about health care over the years. Tiger Woods and Steve will supply and got to play goal mobile web site. And I did that your. Absentee borders brutally bad. Where the heck is that you beat. Our goblins Goldwyn and shortens up when only. And I never. Had a chance to save did them we use seemed to have to web site with different ideas. Where Horry is the GOP. Did read him lace month. Not replant should not Brooke finding. Not buying twelve wounding. Of obamacare. President trump. Would you put an authors said. We you real brief place. Obamacare. No equivocation. Of language. As to what they said. And now they've come out with the a GOP plan. That Bentley in the GOP. Are hiding. Call it obamacare why. They call it very much obamacare. We're due. Issues. That make it more expensive for older people. Lets it comments of and moralists excellent super rich people. The Congressional Budget Office comes out. And says a martyrs. In front of me. What did for a million. Think it is going to be were involved in health insurance in the decade or two and end to end the GOP's Singh should be Jews struggling. As to howl. Not only do the ventures the American public but I hope they answered there were all members. Of exactly what they're proposing would get funding who gets heard who gets benefit it. What didn't have to have broad joy and tarts column. Resident scholar Perot Wilson eats Abrams who helped care. With the American Enterprise Institute Joseph. Welcome back to the program I in particular appreciate having you won't because apparently. You're and others have taken a look at the issue where health care plan and said you've got ways to improve it right. That's right garlic mixture having me to. Governor Linda if you don't mind. Yeah go right down. The information that I god. From India number one. Impose opera limits on the tax probe funds pouring or you're he'd bring the actually. OK let's listen. If that idea that in effect to me house Republicans. Seriously considered it's not in the bill but the basic idea. Is in general. That. We should do is the people an incentive to put to apply. To kind of health insurance that does not promote efficiency. And to what we were we had a situation where. If you get your insurance through your employer. The full amount of the premium blows apart major player prison part that you pay is. Is tax free. You're not paying taxes and so that that has promoted. More generous plans which is a good thing but it's also promoted health industries that frankly is it's really quite inefficient. And so we need to find a way to turn it around and what one of the ways is. Is is to put some limit I like that but some limit. How much can be. Excluded from income. The abided by the same token. Medicaid did that's the basic idea behind the need the new bills Medicaid approach. Because this state has pretty much the same incentives vague answer for every dollar that they'd pay Indian benefits. They get somewhere between fifty and 75 cents specs from the federal government. Which means that there's less of an incentive for them to operate more efficient Medicaid's systems does the same kind of principal. But boom wouldn't you say you shrug from Medicaid. Compromise. And until they want them lagoon at 2 o'clock. Gotta gotta take a break come in bright dot com on one of torture and orchard just mentioned again we're talking to drew and Joes with the young American Enterprise Institute. Questions comments. There's. This says do you could turn to beg each and every one of talking about the new health care plan from the duke. Bain to over the GOP's health care plan in particular between the GOP members themselves. But. Again I'm to have been nick individual with the show who and toes of the American Enterprise Institute. Prison number of suggestions of how to him room and what that UP has suggests that. Joseph you you mentioned before the break. Try to come Medicaid compromised. Between expansion in Allen expansion states. How is aboard college of Louisiana Britain if I'm wrong I think would our Medicaid expansion. We're expecting. 859%. Bird turned. Or orb pavement or funding by the federal government how how would your ideal work. OK so. You're right debt Garland. The ethnic and expanded in the center the old law that nothing changes. The payment that they get back from the federal government is 90% of the cost true some new. Should do automatic Medicaid enrollees. And did papers down and I think 90% starts next year and I think. To the problem was the problem with that is. That you have to understand that didn't expand and so they're looking around saying. Wait a minute where's our money. You know the other state cab money we didn't and the indeed new Republican bill. Basically. It's continues that additional payment term to when he in nineteen first date that the Louisiana and the other. Roughly. Past thirty states that that expanded. Surrogate during that through nineteen states did not. And so. You have that he has this stupid battle. Among Republicans because there were Republican governors to our expansion into Republican governors who are. And not expect to see if you have that flight going Natalie in the Republican Party. It's all about money if about health care it's all about money but money matters because that's what drives health care system. I don't know that there's there's an easy solution does that immediate problem. I'm most likely what you're gonna have to do if it's gonna get through this sentence is still with the witnesses and it's gonna have to find a way. To help to see states that didn't expand. That it came time to see expansion saints are getting any additional match trade and before editors is this switchover to in new financing system. Now definitely accepts that I think much much much more likely. Is that states should make your own deal by going through what's called the Wafer process. The problem with the national legislation is it's one size fits all and each state is different in each stage circumstances are different. But he goes through lately that is you that to you and didn't propose any new pro and a new way to run their Medicaid program. It's meet the needs of the local area. Under the new administration. Appears very likely to negotiated deal which you knew that if competitor Medicare and Medicaid Services is an old hand. Anti. Helping states do certain things they need to do to. Better serve there there Medicaid populations. And better serve their taxpayers. Who're course putting the bill. So I think I think that trip where Republicans the it. Rather than a one size fits all kind of a proposal which is frankly what I see right now. Joseph always appreciated Pia expertise. In the the time we give moves in your busy day. Thanks to the calls have agreed to it. Just keep bulletin it is and has said. It you'd use that you're going to rule please obamacare and now. You can't even agree among groups Al home it's. I. How can never be good seven years seven years for the GOP become a broad they've replacement not he broke Fineman. Not useful I'd change not Obama care lie. And I got moderate and right wing GOP finding you're on it. Going to be addressing zebra disclose they Brothers were coming right back at WW. Scarlett good gut with a very good show common objects. In yours and you Q watching you screwed started in on those compensation. About real life some of the group problems that lead young people in the wrong directions. Stories heartwarming inspiring who's gonna continue that in more. He says we're gonna dared to go deep about the impact of mourns and firemen. On their behavior. And the best part of his program it's gonna be reassuring. Schooled in the afternoon. Real pleasure. Those of you did thank you for listening to have a great days you hopefully it won't think about and talk about with you tomorrow. John Borger Helen its intended thank you for them. Joan go and pick Brooklyn's held his shrewd together.