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WWL>Topics>>3-15-17 4-5pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

3-15-17 4-5pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Mar 15, 2017|

Tom talked with Chef and Owner of KGee's in Old Mandeville Kathy Williams and gave steaming advice to a listener having to do with artichokes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And then they've been doing big things that. Bump bump bump bump bump up 105 point three. FM. HD to all the food show. Here it is on one of nine point three WW LF MHD two. How we should have a shorter answers than that but narratives. Boy that blackened red fish. Excuse me blackened catfish. This makes who really really good versions of it that I've had. And somebody's getting the hang of this. That spread putting looks mighty good how's the gumbo Doug gumbo. If he in there gumbo is terrific gumbo is terrific all Lewis yeah from cafe reconcile which is now open for dinner on Friday night's. That's a great addition to why I love talking to them. Because who can win when you're on a radio there is a certain. Expectation that you're going to be caught a good public citizen and you'll talk about things that are helpful to the community and you know all of that. Except that most such conversations. Have a way of sort of veering in the direction over really use skull bending boredom. Not always but often times that can happen but when you have something like what those guys have the talk about. It's just a fascinating on both sides that just think the job they're doing. Helping out these young people while at the same time putting something out for you would meet. To enjoy and that's this restaurant I'd telling you every day they are there with nothing but to rethink food. Let's see. It's Stifel chill we just continue on now and who should show up. On our little radio phone Boehner Rooney kind of the thing but Kathy Williams hello there from our. Are married K. g.'s KG is a seafood joint. Though is at a joint Joyce is usually come up with some nights of them and I joint Disco guy so we we're all gonna love and a little bit more because of that. And the name of the place is KG is K just the letter K and then GE. Yeah. This is on Florida street I think. It's Florida street and on the old man to belt. In old man to bill and it is. And actually pretty nice looking restaurant in there you have a big bar bigger than it looks like it's going to be. You have oysters on the half shell Joseph mammy over there. Always good always good. At what did you open. It been having April loan at least. Right. Here archery. Yeah. In in the background of this there is kind of a footnote involving bozos but I wonder if that is even worth talking about anymore it's been so long. Oh absolutely we're talking about how can carry you know our. Yeah a lot of what what's the connection I don't think I ever understood that. I'm edit what my aunt and uncle. We are seeing is a great wife not what my mom. All okay would that puts everything in order. Talk abut good restaurants people. I I I always loved going over there and and a Bose was such a just such a character you know. It is those who might not remember it though didn't get a chance to go there that the the thing that would happen is if you wanted to talk to Bozo. You you just went in the kitchen. Even if you're complete stranger. I that's what you get in the feel like KG. You. I'm Molly blaring you can always made etiquette and. Now and and day he was always cooking too he wouldn't stop cooking discus somebody was standing there talking to just kept it going. I used to love the way he would tossed the cornmeal in the oysters in the air to coated with the with the with the coding of the. They weren't at. The corn meal shuffled it's exactly what they either that or the corn meal hand jive. In a slump like that. But you have a you pretty big menu just beyond the oysters in the catfish to you guys get really good catfish. Where's that come from. All cakes O line and all of a sudden we're getting a lot of restaurants would serve in the real thing again instead of something from me show our. A formed somewhere. You know good for you and really good last time I was in the air. Conscience should remember why it was that it went there it was I was in the neighborhood I think that was all there was to it and and I I had a much bigger meal than real issue with at and it look like a dozen oysters to start with the then you know some gumbo and then to a house they had something else but it was it was just great. Maybe so I mean I look at. And number. Well that could be I and I by finance hard to resist. And a what what's what's on what's on the board tonight you got anything coming up. Yeah. It land fail and I am created. You know all of our I'm a candidate is and I'm one of the things exactly. Right now unique. A lot on. Local restaurant right now it would not. And making out there on you. It. I have not I have I think. I think. Crawfish best the way you're talking with a with probably a dark room two or at least a medium dark room. It be out there but it's a dark. We're just not one of those creamy desks this is that this is a comic cajun style pretty much. Is that patent. And I apparently they the cooperation. They make a stop and what a process and we thought each. Individually. While that's a lot of work. And he had better be because it's it's not not than those two really. Well you I'll say this. If you're sitting around with a friend of yours and a glass of beer and a million note crawfish heads to be stuffed. After you walk away from that you feel very calm and at peace with the world. Yeah how did this at. All. And all you I guess not yet expect it to somebody's got to do it after you know what I. I didn't know you were putting that out just yet though but that's that is I think one of the four or five best dishes and all of on Louisiana cooking it's just a fantastic. We've been and it sent. We opened our land. People look at board they can't wait and say oh I can't remember bankrupt based there. Wait till that caught him in and night died early in. That's right. Oh in Mike Cook book. It is the bill a recipe for. Crawfish biscuit is the longest recipe in the entire book it goes on for three pages. But this just a lot to be done if you're gonna do it well anyway. Yeah but the background that would greatly that. Yeah. Payment rabbit brush better and tiger and a idiot. It was phenomenal effort he ought to be I'm. Not permit and make and I thought. Won't say that's that sounds good to. So I do this is up available. Lunch and dinner or. Luncheon to honor you with the with these are you open. Where everyday after Sunday you close and sunny all day goes on and you do lunch and in the rest of the week. We have platinum colored at 9 and that I am. On Friday and they have been all. Yeah actually on Wii music we all you. Christian art and then I'll golly. Expand from four and are below the right comment on right. No kidding but that's great I didn't know that. I might have the stop in their myself conceived by can. Pretend I'm Frank Sinatra with them. Well you know you like to thank the FF I know I've that I've that I've made a lot of people crazy with that. But anyhow. Big venue you have there I everytime I go on wall lease surprised by how much you have on the menu there. What's so what is other than the obvious things EU institutions in the catfish what what else is. Is a big deal. Things that we. Are are eight quite terrible and it went crabmeat insurance pool. Yeah right indicate extra. And so what you know it's if the taste good it is going. And this is he is this an appetizer or no entry. And plates where you can make that two one kind of filling thing these dual big on pan evident that time more do you do in the order how does that work. Well we match up and we put him and and I do you know we are good way to operate under the broiler yet. Bread crumbs and see what the end yeah. And it comes with. All the different side and the homemade side that we have you know everything that we do. And baggage and is made in the kitchen on the other extreme and upper income and a bag isn't. Kind of went in doubt I'll wait why. Yeah well that's good I mean that's what I'm always looking for anyway. All right here is a question with which I stumper he restaurant owners and chefs every day. What's the soup to ensure. That it. I know that. Well what is what what is it tonight over at KG's. Grab me. Mushroom and there is Bennett and the screen is. And we change our. That's definitely you don't of this main with the with mushrooms or anything like mushrooms see it the that's that's the one you put the cream and yeah. That sounds good well you had a ready answer for most of his time I ask you chefs that mesic who wait a minute I I think I don't remember that I. And in the than they have to ask. Natalie got it. It. Oh that might my favorite. My favorite answer to that question though is so this this actually I saw in a restaurant once the waitress was having a bad day. And I asked her what's the soup to be sure and she says it I don't know Dahlan a change in on me every damn day. Yeah that is a very typical answer I did the name of the restaurant folks is. KG'S_K. That letter KAKA. And then the GE. And you're on now Florida street what's the exact address. I 34 port 2534. Florida street misses around what else is around there that we might now. And where right next there aren't too literally. That Kamal hello. Practically. In. That place is great but boy da de de the parking around there aces you yep those you'll get a nice walk on your way out from breakfast. Their food delicious side. It gives you good neighbor and but you know he's got as well at nighttime and their view on at night on our our bid and. Well I'm I'm glad you had time to talk to listen I am I hope you get through lend to OK I know that seafood restaurants in general just gets slammed like crazy to relent. But here you are yeah yeah. Yeah well up commanding gets in an Amherst is again. Larry what he can't get too long with a that. There and there are am and you know this city thank you Kathy. He has it the food show she is in in man Devale and it's really a good good place and if you were a fan of bozos. They are related some kind of way. And what we just heard it was bozos oppose those. Wife's. Sister in nets heard nephew were meets an old well this but there related something point. The so they they it's not the same taste exactly it's so a lot of the same menu but you know every response different. But that's that's that's just that's a Goodman a program is sponsored by Acropolis cuisine and she was talking about her. Horrow artist choked no was an orchard no it was sub egg plant eggplant casserole. The classic eggplant casserole is. Lusaka. In Greek cooking in fact all around that part of the world into Turkey and Greece. And. Over into Lebanon in just just the whole Middle Eastern area and the Balkans to. Not the Balkans it's that the Balkans or up north. Who are these guys slits either. The this the Balkans when Mike's thing. Where was I oh yeah Acropolis cuisine. On you go in the air and they have that as an entree I'll betcha I've never asked him this but I'll bet they sell more of that as an entree. And a crop was cuisine than they sell anything else over. But they have a lot to go with. Not only do they have all the Greek fish's old Lou all the lamb shift of Bob's the of Golan no soup and and the Greek salad of course I never mentioned their Greek salad but it's terrific you could make a mile of that. But in addition to all that they also. Have Italian food they have a lot of it they needed I think there eggplant parmesan is one of the two or three best in the city. Certainly one of the biggest it's enough for at least two people. But they have all in all the other basic Italian dish is not the real fancy ones or the expense of went either for that matter they have. Just a really good home style Italian food. And on top of that every night there is a special menu that runs three of four courses says about 25 dollars it varies from day to day. And takes advantage of whatever is in the market that seafood or or vegetables or whatever. It's a fun little place Lotta regular customers there everybody having a good time all the time it's up. It's. Right over there he's on veterans highway. At Cleary. Acropolis cuisine open seven days lunch and dinner will come back with more of the food show after first. And I'm not done that I've done that the DD that he. Hello it's the food show on Tom Fitzmorris it's fun to be here we view every day talking about food the food by city. And how much of it their all is. We are sponsored. By our friends over at in both style knows where we are doing in each club dinner on the 22 that's a week from tonight. And it's. Going to be at the with the one in. Metairie. We were last time we were there we we did it across the lake this one is in Metairie. This rate around back of the morning call if you've never been there before if you've never been there before arrived reeling with shock at that this whose. Such a good restaurant and has been for so long and it's such a bargain to eat there. It's one of those restaurants that if somebody. Tells me they've never been I wonder why you know it's at but. It is terrific place to eat we have a five course dinner coming. And no wines paired all the way through. Always a lot of fun it always fills up pretty quickly. But we would love to have you join us you know we don't over book the room we don't have five people jammed up against one another. And us so we we've looked to see Europe you've never been one of right each club dinners before. This is the one to go to for the first time just because of the nature of the menu it's very yet accessible it's everything you love to eat. It's mostly a seafood menu but if you would rather do something else they will fix that with with hardly a abort a deep breath before it's in front of you. And and all the winds and everything if you wanna. Know more about this dinner. Go to no menu dot com right in the middle of the page there are online you will see. The thing that says eat club click on that. And it'll take you over to the page it'll have the whole menu who including all the wines sold note noted in there. And gives you another link to click on and that we'll take you to the place where you rip you get a reservation. You don't have to give us any money up front that we we collect the money will of the restaurant does. They collect the money at the restaurant on the night of the the dinner hope to see you we always have a great time at these. And I move around from table to table either. Infuriating people aren't warm making them like me or trying to make more like likely ending you know and you know what I mean where do via. I don't know are on the phone it's Norman welcome and Kenny is right behind him Kenny hang on. Place. In the dark now it's a do pretty busy today we have a lot of people coming in and out. Byrd got. Caught crabs. It's weird Oprah but if people. Know though. Yeah that's another oh week or so bush it is a band you probably know about this from now it all Chris statewide. And crabs are off limits. I hear it's okay if you're if you're a recreational fisherman you just ruin it for yourself. But the actual you know of the big cramps that we get all the crab meat from an all that that's. We're waiting on that but it's it's no big deal it's just some some figures that came in play this year of the population of crabs and they said we better. You know give them a break so they can catch their breath and you know get to it. Eric you're here if you wanna drop this study is completed in these true what was what was Lee archer and it was. Burglary that the jury it. You're there you're the stop it's threw off of it's been hurt and reproduce bought the shirt the most important thing if it's supposed to little traps look. You all lord yes. That such a problem with though with all kinds of things out there this. The LSU. Sea grant college has a newsletter they put out its real good I read it every month. And they they talk about what I hazard this isn't how it screws everything up all these cringe. Of ghost traps is that what their call. And and day it's just they're they're always fighting that and maybe that's what the reason is that would make a very good reason I would say. Robot like your you know in order to get it any traps. Yeah you about the war and just jerked on the lived out at that ratio of but I'm curious to see if they are. They are usually your when I'll waited until she goes well it's hopes the coach struck. It is deposit called aero. Yep I'm all for it you know it's like the lady who used to buy all the food for commander's palace says she she said you know something. We ought to just go with mother nature whatever she says says because you know he gonna be she's going to be chair anyway. So it's. With. Diego. Hello. What. You guys behind you is. Is is Kenny are you letting Kenny the utility Kenny through. You all the thanks a lot look I I will where that edge is. A Kenny is here. I'm not through with your time I'm just beginning well oh. They'll pay well right after you know a question about artichokes awash in like this question we have the search engine of search engines. Conference laws. Annie in every. Paula now he'll ask me something that I don't know and make me look stupid that's OK I like looking stupid and Disney and out. All I'd wanna borrow art chip straight up and I was wondering two comments one yeah is there anything you do differently if you putting crap boy oh no it. Absolutely not only here is there's one thing I do. And that is I don't boil my steam. 00. What what what Greg says that what's the difference. The difference is that you have very gentle heat there. And at some point that this thing is gonna hit the bottom anyway and it's real hot at the bottom and it's not quite as hot at the top. And did you just have less control over because it's a higher temperatures to bring water to a boil. You you're up there at 212 if you Steve met you you couldn't get steam at a lower temperature and it's gentler rated doesn't hear the vegetable lot. If if something can be done steamed instead of boiled I usually go with that RO. And I'll give you one you know where the eggs exception to that. Boiled beef brisket know you got to boil it. And a lot of other things but but in this case I would I would go with with the steamer. Well we don't seem crop fish crabs either. Know what that we know why too because of the restaurants that have done that and found out that it has no taste at. Yeah. It's always of this moral point wanna add I absolutely love. But not the heart of the arch of but I like to stand and look and Ottawa now for your listeners. I recommend you key to spam and somehow pockets we I guess we bought it and it's very tight. It is. Well they dual keep them if you get the artichokes early enough if you get baby artichokes. The the stand this edible completely. And it and it's delicious but the year of your big mature. Artichokes like the ones we like the stuff with the the bread crumbs and all that stuff. Yeah by the time he gets that you you'd be over you have a new set of choppers I think at the end. Well pop catalog about Stephen report shall we witnessed them intact. You adjust to you get a pot I don't have a steamer as such but I have a big putt that fits in a perforated. Upper layer. And you put the the vegetable on that. Oh. Yeah that's a that's exactly what it is and then you you and then you get water boiling in the bottom you can let that go furiously if you want but you're gonna get a very gentle heat that comes up. With just the right amount of moisture you know when you boil something you're taking. The the the vegetable is it to some extent dissolving in the water but you don't have that problem with steaming in our state. All just until leave the leaves come off. Fairly easily is when thirty minutes. I I don't pay attention to the clock at any attention to temperature as of things. And and in this case how easily it falls apart. And act in the and I and I and I'm not a fan of that yet. People call me all the time it's shafts and they say I've just invented something that's gonna sweep across America. What is it. That until all but before you tell me don't tell me it's it's a lobsters. Boiled incredible you know I got to tell me yeah. Well yeah black dog don't. Thank you thank you very much it's the food show. Two calls one around a bit to 606368. A program. Is sponsored today by the lake house. The lake house. Is in a magnificent. Old building a big wiped Greek. Creek ripped Lou what he called it resurrection that's about it. Greek revival revival merit. And Greek revival. Big big nice looking almost like a plantation home overlooks the lake front of lake country training and old men at the effect it's on the the oldest block in men bill. Then arrest on a long time but for the last civil gosh almost ten years now it's in the lake how news. And they serve inside they serve outside it's really lovely spot once the weather starts warming up a bit. You you won't be able keep my wife just to name one person from from dining near outside she just loves that. And the menu is good too if you just go out to eat they that's kind of the way I look at things. You'll be very happy that they come on with good seafood all the time good locally. Caught fish. But also. The things that come from other places the last time I ate there for dinner I had on a land shop. Really double cut lamb chop that was so good I can hardly believe it because I did never seen that on the menu before but their one's. What they do a lot of rotating of their menu was the story. It's it's a good looking Grossman to Ando a wonderfully till wonderful place to go on a date. And my wife and I certainly. Look at for that reason. It's the lake house they are open now. Thursday Friday. And Saturday for lunch and dinner for most of its history it has not been open for a dinner on Saturday night believing in. And they are also was there for Sunday brunch the lake house in whole demand of and we'll come back and more of the food show after for the human even mean hello it's the food show. On when a five point three FM HD two. HD two radio yet. You gonna get one sooner or later folks I'm telling you this is something you would not be able to live without an especially. If you live at some remove from downtown New Orleans. And you like we have on our program like this food show here it's unique in America this not another program like this anywhere in the country not every day anyway. And if you if you would like to keep listening to us a bunch of ways you could that tune in on line. You can go to a through European car phone believing in not. But sooner or later the HD. Programming in the HD. Easy news and and great sound. And reliability it's he you're gonna want it. So they sell for about forty to sixty dollars is what we're finding. Go to a big box store they almost always have them where they won't get them for you right away like that delivery the next day. And as you know you you listened to all of the stations including this one. That can be heard as there is no charge for that that's free. But a lot of things out there that well heck I'm I think I subscribe like five different winds. That cost me like twenty dollars or 25 dollars a month just to get that kind of stuff that I liked him. To listen to him listening cunning guy except my wife says I don't list anything but. What does she know right. Boy he takes chances this guy. And our program today is sponsored by care restaurant supply. See a guy or eat care. It has to care family has been around long time in fact I think. Let the look this up in my old year book but I think there was a guy whose name was Carrey at jazz with the same time I was there. Anyway. I care restaurant supply three generations. Selling. To the restaurant business which has been around even longer. You might wonder you know way to the customers come from back in 1988 well they were there and they were buying. They were already in business. So was at the two very viable thing for them to do but it we have we are beneficiaries of this because you can go to care restaurant supply even if you're not in the restaurant business. He just like have a good stuff in your home kitchen. And they have at all. I mean if what you're looking for some really nice now lives or good cutting board door of pizza stone noise in the just whatever you can imagine including. Silverware in China in all it says mean anything you can imagine seeing an arrest but they haven't and the giving of the rest of wholesale price. I tell you just by 90% or more of my kitchen has made other stuff we bought. At the that care restaurant supplies there in mid city. But a block off the city park avenue right around the cemeteries here easy enough to find CA IRE care. Restaurant supply. Call me would you we've got open phones here 2606368. If you had anything good to eat lately. I would like to know about it but that's an important. Everybody else listening to a will also want to know about it because that's what they're listening to hear stuff like that. And I go yesterday all my I went to a relatively new restaurant. After after the program last night but went to a place that a number of people have recommended to me on the show. We have learned my wife but I can tell me all the times when this actually happened. That sometimes the advice I get from some listeners. Is not to. All that good. I I would not say that that's the case in this when I don't know Lampard he brought it up but anyhow that's where it came from. Somebody call me infect several people did and city got to try this place it's good it's called. The crab the stuffed Gretzky is the stuffed crab. And I wouldn't have known how exactly. To explain its location. Had nine not noticed. That it's in the building where. Destroy or leans used to be where they started. So little place to the bar next door and it's you know it's not a fancy restaurants but not awful or. Or even sub standard. So I went in there. It's smelled good in the cooking they were doing was nice. The looked over the menu I had some corn and crab desk very rich very good. I had half it's half of fried oyster platter. Big big oysters real nice I asked him if they had any tartar sauce. They said yes we do bring it right out and so waited a few of rubble odds office. Lately have a meeting rubble at sauce instead of butler's us what if I use it at all. They said yes we have starters we have. Our rebel I'd saw. We make it here and how such a great music to my ears bring so they brought some of that. And I had one of the crab cakes they give you an order of two of them they are very large you could split one for two people whites think. Unless you're really hungry and a head that and that was nicely done not to be confused with a crab cake crab cake is one thing. And usually sells for about 25 dollars a good one this is silly stuff grabbed which has more breading unit that we you know that going in you know nobody's being dishonest. And these were very nicely done lots and lots of claw crab meat and a good flavor. And that went for in 1995. Big hits for two of them to real big when it's. So new place in Metairie it's on home mobile Fareed but it's kind of like the last thing on home boulevard as you're heading north from veterans. That in there of these big fields open between that and the hospital. The that which just happens to be there that's some strange coincidence 260. 63. Six aid is our telephone number talk to me would you we do we'd love we always love hearing from you could we get so many good ideas for new. And I've got a bunch to give you right on back so. He notes another way we can get together at the eat club. The eat club. Started gee it's over 25 years now we've been doing this. Going to restaurants with with listeners to our show. And they're getting special menu we have that's how it one owned up anyway in my original idea was that we would. I just go in and everybody would order something different. And we did that it was a lot of fun but after about the third or fourth time when that attendance started getting up to like forty and fifty people. We at the stopped doing that making a set menu. By the way if you ever want to go to a restaurant and you're thinking went out kiwi just order off the menu you don't wanna do that that's that's going to. Make your meal much less than it could have been. So I don't go against it either we have them do a special menu for us and the one we have coming up next week a week from tonight. He is at in a style goes in Metairie this is the flagship of the of a style osu empire. You could call at that. It's right around back of the morning call in Metairie ECB kept to. Really good food it's a five course dinner we start off with some various seafood appetizers and we move on to their famous and rightly so. Fettuccine Alfredo. And the passed a shoot there with the bread sauce in the spicy kind of separates us. And then. After that we have the salad and then there's a choice of entrees they are soft shell crabs there. Are going to be fish with crabmeat to trip on top there is going to be veal parmesan of all things for those who wants them to BT. And if there's something you love the off the regular manual for it impressed on those ask him if Phil swap it out they probably will I've never seen him saying no so. That that could not structured many of evil even more. The price of the whole dinner. Including tax tip and winds we have wines paired with every course is eighty dollars that's a complete. And if you figure this out to taking the the the tax in the tip out used you know it's about what you spend anyway except you wouldn't have winds his good. It's next week. And if you wanna know more about it go to no menu dot com on the web just open your browser go to an OM EE and you dot com that's my website. And you'll see each club right in the middle of the page click on that and it'll take you over to the club page where you see the whole menu and also. You can in this signed on for a reservation you don't have to pay then we go we don't even. Know how to do that actually the restaurant gets all the money so you. We pay them when you show up. And that's going to be the next week. Real good when that's one that always sells out that we have we're starting this went. A little bit late so that we we might get not quite as much of a jam as we often do that might be a good thing. If the status of love their food don't you. You've never had it or could you ought to come that's 260636. Asia program today is sponsored by Catholics beside. Kept face peace have their menu right in front of me here. Can you hear it. There is a dish there that they are really famous for I would not say that this is their best dish but a lot of people go crazy over it. And I'll tell you well just describe it it's considered one of their real signature dishes scored Trout Eugene I don't know who Eugene ones. Seems to me though that the whole dish came out of the punch train hotel but I am not sure that so it's off fresh filet of Trout. This for starters and then they topped that with shrimp. And crawfish tails. And crab fingers and all of this is a wash in a champagne cream sauce. It's quite a if a serving it's really a big dish for you know for fish dish especially. Are but what's a guy like actually a little bit better is the next item below that it's a could be off. It sounds to me more like a U aboard your base but that's neither here nor there and what you get with this is. A variety of fresh fish this trip this muscles this Jumbo lump crab meat they make this all income applicable Roth of fish broth. It's just great. And may be my favorite entree over there. They also have really good barbecue shrimp they serve it through with French and you know just enough French bread. So you can get up all the sauce there but they have a great filet they have veal and crabmeat that's real nice. The adopt Cowen fee is something that the people love. And up anymore this is all at. Calf face be Isa which has been around since 1899. It's in the French market more or less 1011 Decatur street that's right across the street from the French market. They are therefore dinner Wednesday through Sunday. And they have Sunday brunch as well. At cap face peace SB ISA. Haven't been. And when ought to be on your list it was a revolutionary restroom when it first opened in the 1970s. And they're still doing pretty much all of what they would do and back then I'll like it. Do you did you QQQQ. Did you do what do we do now. It's the Puccio. Gregory is on the phone well okay where you see over here. Gregory welcome. Being here down at the New Year's U. Don't go separate but on New Year's figure. At that at the parade EI I had no idea we had that many people listen because how else would they have known to Tellme that. The whole parade route they kept sane and happy new year. If you know remote it's two. Much anyway aside I know of that remote and it being done and quit trying to butter me up. They've portrait EG c'mon. You know. I'll Lyle shaft and bird. And Eugene shot. Oh is that right I didn't know that why you see and no I did know though you might have a that that bad dish actually came out of the punch train they they had forever. I'm pretty sure of that but they've been. They've been surrogate at a cafe Spiezio for as long as I can remember so you know again. I had the pleasure of my grandmother you know. She died in the semi prepared pre very rough once all right there it would dumb it was. Good the story of the budget accurately. And executed blow lucky. We go to that. 23 times a month and debated check up but never do that Google. But I bet you got your more than your share of the mile high tide. I certainly did we do such an impression portion. So small. Is big day they cut back the size of that. But they that it's something that from my first it was scored. That's our I did when I was a pie yell wedge stuff. To. Get interest and it should mention church Eugene and yet that it's become a little. Richard can. He. There only very tasteful man he I was the group made sure our. Like our Gorman got beautiful clothes all the time very classy guy. And redeem it no winning so so Eugene was cool again. Miles grandfather solely going back for generations. For a cure that's clinic got started you. He. Could. Thank you thank you you. The punch train hotels you know I don't know if you heard this but but six months ago now. The back open. Different owners but I don't think that is showing much of an impact. And it's everything I've had is just what I remember pretty much it was one exception I think maybe and they need to hire me. I won't charge you very much maybe not nothing. But. They they have this great crab meat dish called crab meat remic and they don't haven't quite figured out so well but they'll get in the states. Will be back for more of the food show after first place's. About whether anybody know where that Stella place is. It's not in that announcement you just heard it and say it anyway. Some any good and I'd like to know. A good name. The food show on top it's more it's great to be here with you talk about eating out program today. It is sponsored by hooted I have to do but he he told me in Africa. Cafe. Cathay Geovany Alia we were just there at cafe Geovany a week ago. Had a very nice each club dinner. Very noisy place that night because everybody was just Burr bowling happy with the everything. Even the opera singers I thought had a little more warmth to it. Just a great dinner we had there he worries of something than usual. Cafe Geovany and its chef chef duke. Has decided that they are going to take basically the menu that they serve odds for the and they are going to make it available to just let anybody who wants to try it or some variation of the theme. You see this is all the dishes that shift duke had ever done that won a big award of some kind. That's an interesting idea 'cause he did indeed get involved in a lot of that for a while. And it I even was that a judge at one of them and in his dish which top a little list for me it was so good. And I well anyway that is still available. And you just you know you don't even have to make arrangements fortress make a reservation to lose to show up but though other than that there it is. And so affordable and easy going and a lot of fun to great date place it is so on Decatur street right off canal street. 117 to be exact reservations 5292154. The calf face Isa I know we're a couple days away from this. They are open for Sunday brunch to that has always been a nice part of their service over there right on maybe in the French market. And they have in addition to a lot of what appears on their regular. Menu. They have a lot of fancy egg dishes for example this one eggs speed so. Two poached eggs grilled on do we sausage wilted spinach tomato basal Holland days thoughts. That put that took a little work. Proficient on do we omelet that's something new. Pasta jambalaya that's something they've had practically since day one over its beset. If they haven't been there before you know they opened up shop in 1899. And I Havel soft spot for restaurants that old. Try it out dinner Wednesday through Sunday. And Sunday brunch at cafes beset as BI SAT. 1011 Decatur. Did you use around this concludes the live portion of our program. We have more of it coming another two hour news. Other than that send me an email. Send me any about a comment no menu dot com.

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