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3-15 4pm Bobby & Deke: with new Saints defensive end Alex Okafor

Mar 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke chat with one of the Saints' newest defensive additions, pass rusher and former Arizona Cardinal Alex Okafor.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I knew member of the New Orleans Saints John just snap my way of the Texas university in long hard drafted in the fourth round of the thirteen dread that the Arizona Cardinals where he spent some successful season now. A member of the back and go Alex Okafor check that radio and Alex thank you for joining us. Congratulation on you Diaw may welcome to new blog has appear to be a sank. I'm excited about the opportunity you know to kick off. Now but Alex just talk about because a lot of times it is about relationships. You know in high school college professional. And that you develop relationships with coaches and teammates and how convincing. When you talk to Geneva Carroll about being part of the Saints defense going forward because I know that you and him are pretty tight. Orleans. My book that's. Don't think that the field season. He expressed to me very twenty. Defense line. In the you know the trees obviously knows ingested you know get completely mutual interest in the players about is so. Not to put too much into this thing started he definitely not been guys started reaching out and talks started definitely that could become reality. In we concluded native. Now Alex. Breakdown looking you come at that NFL. And then the Saints fans what they wanna see is. On a consistent basis. Where you have been 8910 sacks a year. And you know could be an every down the bits have been I was that it can jar and it. Let's say one year you have three sacks that are won that you have a Eaton maybe not as productive is it. Primarily because injuries opportunities are a combination of Indies and then maybe an opportunity. They cup I think the combination of both men when you whenever you heard earlier in the early in the season which is kind of what happened last year. Many opportunities diminished the league that we won it applied materials to come in and and it's told me by the time I got helped me. A community you know work it and most productive. Out and have as many that don't like so. Note in the futures is going to be a matter of me making sure that they entered the bunker is on the that can pick him about it chocolate milk duplicate. Now Alex when you look at you'd those opportunities and obviously. That situation of players you see it now as they need running back by committee. You know what you bring to table you look at you as a Davidson been. But to play every down first second third now are you aware that NFL I'm sure you are that the NFL teams are probably looking at well. The cell before completing a run at 642 is 61 pounds unity god does that 120 pound tackles. When they get a crime all you how do you. Better your game on first down and nudges being a Patrick of that also being stout against the run. Well yeah I mean you wouldn't. You wouldn't be in this league if you mean. Me out he's played there a couple of decent record didn't do that much capital. If the team can't stop and then they can't let me you know are going to be effective. Console that I could stop the run and number it's really between beaten. Now I Alex. But what is your goals going forward I mean is that like to be part of a defense that. It is ranked among the Benson and if you have a few part of dead in the individuals that so naturally follow. RO Bo what is your take now that you know with the NFL's all about. And you are better in going all. Well and let's vote they brought me in particular need on defense. But so that they need in the Internet to do that protects ultimately who can get to go that's what I plan on the. Now Alex. You talk about. Because you are on your own you are man. And the coaches in the Alley you have curfew. You know you around you look at college compared to know would it is in the NFL. And you look at the temptations of coming to city like New Orleans compared to Phoenix or even. Austin, Texas now you get in trouble wherever he had that oh what I have been all of the field in Phoenix that. Then maybe yeah all of a sudden a red flag is raised well he got in trouble outside of the ball lodges break dead. Paul could you repeat the question having quite an. Well the question is how do you prevent coming to New Orleans and maybe being in the same situation or scenario that he could possibly get in trouble all of the feel. Mike what occurred in Phoenix. Well you gotta be reluctantly in and out of not on. When I was younger in the league a little bit and now I'm not a mark they normally do that it takes to win in you know learn from the mistakes of the past. In don't know moved forward from about certain people that move forward from that and I'm sure that's what the same for example. Alex you know when you when you come out of high school it's a situation or raised that you make a name for you say are you get recruited and so forth then it's. It's seemingly on the outside looking in. That it's almost like the same situation may be you and your camp also doesn't look around like you mentioned earlier where it is and he might be a good thing it. What was it like his music is it some as as some similar to when you recruited in high school vs when your free agent now you kind of teams that call and you enjoy interest and you his is this some similarities there. Yes definitely it really is a home. Basically what the free agent period starts you kind of start collecting. Interest from other teams and then you create like a shorten the current or you wanna go and where do you treat this so getting the most opportunity in the that's strictly game lines. You know we've looked around. We don't mean we saw in the world was simply at the top of that list even before interest started in Sloan and you know what he wants. Wanted to express financial we've pursued it and. Alex Indian eating main stuck DOD years. Settlement it was a copy you know they go cocooned. That's true true you know extravagant. Yeah bitterly there's a circle. No and it's oak of Alex man congratulations on you DO good look tee here in New Orleans and congratulations on becoming a New Orleans site. Thank you Adam I'm glad to be here.