WWL>Topics>>3-15 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints free agency, the draft outlook, and talking with DE Alex Okafor

3-15 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Saints free agency, the draft outlook, and talking with DE Alex Okafor

Mar 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with new Saints defender Alex Okafor and talk about tomorrow's scheduled visit with Patriots corner Malcolm Butler as well as where the black and gold might go in the draft.

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And good evening and welcome the sports so coming up from five to 630 it is our weekly. Jet visit without all Deuce McAllister he will be in the house Willis in his his take on everything. Saints have done also college football. Basketball baseball will go around the gauntlet with dues coming up from five to 630 as always a number that involve the 260187. In new Saints defensive. Standout on defense of a game to take hoping to come and NBA stand out it was pretty much to stand out the Cardinals Alex Okafor with Jonas and at our first break. Tim Reynolds over the Miami Heat in the NBA for the EP the pelican couldn't make it three straight on the road at Miami Miami one of the better records since the second half of the year. Point 15. Era since the middle of January. They're trying to make a push in the east. Well the playoffs and you know basketball coach marks Lesnar jaundice in the 7 o'clock hour. You can Texas at 878 Sammy operating Land Rover jaguar opinion poll is up online at WW dot com. Almost a week into NFO the free agency period what grade do you give the Saints so far. You can vote online at WW you know. Dot com Bobby. Give or take what you give the Saints are hopeful. Well. I mean I don't know it's not over but I of the sale again I think. What's gonna happen Malcolm dollar in his own view that as the a great addition. That that would put it would probably eighty I would say. A solid B. Adam. I think Larry Wilford. Dolphins have liable missed a beat adding big fairly he's gonna. Get a bill Paul Woody did last season and now we get to hold the kids better Ted Ginn junior is in the stretch the defense. AJ Klein. I think it's all about opportunity for him and and an odd that you do an outstanding job at that linebacker here. Mean the reason why you play morning played as good as these behind Luke equally. Until you can even see how well Woody did with the special teams as fours the depth. We Chris banjo and Shiloh I'm pronouncing it right Keogh had. Facility I say that was money well spent. So but you know a lot of teams this wearable and everyone has hope. But Saints fans our fans in general you don't have. That really. Like big splash. Where. Him. You know I police Campbell even though he's up and age oh we even talked about the Jaguars with the Jaguars. So you know so the Jaguars at turned a corner what they get a turned a corner when the quarterback when they get the quarterback play. Right no matter to become a malcontent yes it is exactly CO exist it Tuesday when he nine and it's that way in the last three years in that middle of 500 at one point in the season yet and and and and and the things that I shared it with them hopefully next time nikkei's. You know. In this upcoming 2017 season but. You almost have to weigh. Instead of having maybe it'd be supplies the that. Do you. It's been wisely and that makes it like. Are you spending money on players that knows that a bargain. Bang for your bug. So to speak write and and I think that's what yet to do could you look at. A guy like Okafor is only 26 years of age. Now. Timmy is still not gonna prevent the Saints from and drafting a Davidson in or getting an edge rusher in them I in the draft four you know the draft is going to be here. But I think he has an opportunity contribute. Now if I was playing against Okafor and he's opposite and cam Jordan of first down I'm around right now Adam. Owners see Woody's could do 642 or 61 pounds. So you'd think a dominant tackle. Good deal to handled that that's in me makes cam jarred so special room is that what he does on every down but begin drama a pro football focus then and how. They rate. Right candy jar and as far as is he'd he's in the wheel house top three for all all the time when they look at the top these incidents. And if you look at Okafor. I thought this is Anderson that he was fifth in the NFL last season and quarterback pressure percentages per snaps. So when he was in that rotation with. The Cardinals be had a significant influence. On on disrupt in the pulled the quarterback tandem of him who he was in their continuity bear Coolio Mac. And the pages is Smart enough they would rush Donta hightower. Branding Graham Von Miller they ranked higher so right. So you you conceded they they have a player that's playing with confidence. These also. Common wood a teammate he can in the Cairo from University of Texas. At least iroquois sex Bob you only get a half the sexy Kagan at third so only two people can base the gate. Great for a sack but if you give people back page you wanna put pressure as can be oppression of format allowed to have pressure. May but that may put a hand on the court making an activist to quarterback but that doesn't mean you don't rush him. In to do what he don't wanna do before he wants to do yet that that that you quarterback candidates. When you look at that dad knew and nudges sacks that you got a quarterback he it's quarterback pressure however you you describe it. But as the overall. Pressure that the high you'd. Not letting a quarterback feel comfortable back there with too many times do why things games. In ascended to forward Joseph well that quarterback can make a sandwich right there or he can play. Two games back to back or he could play tomorrow. A game because he's at French know that's why you have to let him know you there. In Macomb. Sort of ball sooner and he wants to get all of that spot you know at the drop back quarterback in the nicest above in the pocket. We'll make a move more right left and not. Being able to hang a bag there and they clock. In his head is not what he wanted to be knee gets a little planted beneath forced into mistakes so. Need to be interested to see how Okafor is gonna contribute. Because I think Larry won't bird. The valves a no brainer. Owe him a guard. And I say fairly applied for sure yet to bring back fairly bad I think Okafor might be maybe an X-Factor. And Abby in their rotation to help out of the pits you know get better because we did well like dissent against the run but we can't be dead last against the pass again and that's on the. Start with the pass rush. No matter who we have a cornerback all right we will continue here this is sports I'll go on 8 o'clock tonight on WW. I knew member of the New Orleans states John just snap my way of the Texas university in long hard drafted in the fourth round of the thirteen dread that the Arizona Cardinals where he spent some successful season now. A member of the back and go Alex Okafor takes that radio and Alex thank you for joining us. A congratulation on you Diaw may welcome to new blog has a dubious thank. I'm excited about the opportunity you know basically gone. Now but Alex you just talk about because a lot of times it is about relationships. You know in high school college professional. And then you develop relationships with coaches and teammates and how convincing. When you talk to Geneva Carroll about being part of the things the pits them going forward because I know that you and him were pretty tight. Brilliant at my Blanton pitched well don't think that the PLC's. He expressed to me very indeed. Defense line. And you know the trees and obviously knows ingested you know definitely we mutual interest between the player on is so. Not to put too much into this thing started heating up and he not been guys start to reach an out and talks started happening absolutely that could become a reality. And we pursued and made that. Now Alex. Breakdown looking you come at that NFL. And then the Saints fans what they wanna see is. On a consistent basis. Where you have been 8910 sacks a year. And you know could be an every down deep it's have been obvious that it can jar and it. Let's say. One year you have three sacks that are willing you have eight and maybe not as productive is it. Primarily because injuries opportunities are accommodation. Indies and then maybe an opportunity. I think I think it's a combination of both and when you whenever you heard earlier in the the early in the season which is kind of what happened last year. Many opportunities diminished the league that went on there to defy anybody else come in and to me it's so mean by the time I got healthy. A community can you wanted and most productive. Out and have as many pats don't like so. Note in the futures is going to be a matter need to consider that the injuries don't Kurt is on the that can pick him up I think in capitalize on the duplicate. Now Alex. When you look at it those opportunities and obviously. Soon. That situation of players you see it now logged as they need running back by committee. You know what you bring to table you look at you as a deep it's have been. But to play every down first second third now are you aware that NFL I'm sure you are that the NFL teams are probably looking at while. The cell before completing a run at 642 or 61 pounds unity god does that committed twenty pound tackles. When they get a crime all you how do you. Better your game on first down and nudges being a path that you have been also being stout against the run. Where I mean you wouldn't. You wouldn't be in this league if you mean. Mean he I think that he's played it up on the entry would be that do that much campus. That the team can't stop the run in the can't women united effective. Console that I could stop the run in the number situated between beaten. Now I'll Alex. Well what is your goals going forward I mean is that like to be part of a defense that. It is ranked amongst the Benson and if you have a few part of dead in the individuals that so naturally follow. RO blow what is your take now that you know with the NFL's all about. And you are better in going well. Well me or vote they brought me in particular need on defense. But certainly need in me to do that protects ultimately helped this team get to the super cool that's what I plan on doing. Now Alex. You talk about. Because you are on your own you are man. And the coaches in the Al you have curfew. You know year round you look at college prepared though would it is in the NFL. And you look at the temptations of coming to city like New Orleans compared to Phoenix or even. Austin, Texas now you get in trouble wherever he had that oh what I have been all of the field in Phoenix that. Then maybe all of a sudden a red flag is raised well he got in trouble outside of the ball lodges break that down. Paul could you repeat the question having quite an. Well the question is how do you prevent coming to a New Orleans and maybe being in the same situation and scenario that you could possibly get in trouble all of the feel. Like what occurred in Phoenix. He has got to be reluctantly Ann Inaba and not on. When I was younger in the league a little bit and now I'm more pin number they do that it takes to win in benevolent from my mistakes in the past. In not move forward from financial people that move books from a in the I'm sure that's what I think with the intent of. Alex you know when you when you come out of high school it's a situation or raised that you make a name for you say are you get recruited and so forth then it's. It seemingly on outside the canoe and that it's almost like the same situation maybe you. In your camp also doesn't look around like you mentioned earlier where it is in the he might be a good thing it. What was it like his music is it something as a summoned similar to when you recruited in high school vs when your free agent now you kind of teams that call and you enjoy interest and you is is this some similarities there. Yes definitely it really is. Basically what the free agent period started to kind of start collecting. Interest from other teams and then you create like a sort of the current or you wanna go and where did you see this so getting the most opportunity in a bit truthfully asking lines. You know we looked around. We don't mean we saw it or it was simply at the top of that list even before interest started in its own end you know what we want the one that expressed an interest. We've pursued it and made it up. Alex in in 88 main step DOD years. And settlement it was a company and you know they go poker record through. You know extra didn't. Yeah bitterly at triple. And I know and it's a local of Alex main congratulations on you DO good look tee here in New Orleans and congratulation on the coming enormous thing. I remember being here they it's OK Alex thank you very mites folks and it's new saint defender Alex Okafor. Coming up bottom and Allen is the first he CBS abdic. And welcome back. Deuce will be witnessed in about thirty minutes going up all the way until 8 o'clock tonight as and Kristian garic and said that level have double coverage. Sports in more big series coming up this week in LSU baseball vs Georgia game on Friday night's 638 times 7 PM first pitch. From the box too big series against Easton opponents for the Tigers start out with in next week in it will be. At Florida in gains through you can text as an 87870. To the phones we go let's go to Houston for ms. Karen McCarron thank you for calling. I'm am value. I ask you no matter. RIMS Carol zillion again Malcolm by the Woody thing. And yeah. And and in. Sports and at that and we shot yeah. Mr. Aaron and I missed because it's. Been. I'm not won't note Matt and it didn't. That. And and end of the and this can recruit. And he. Let me. Hey gotta give up some against them. Let me give you. Then again I was sitting up and out of there as well as we got we don't know I had my club and make them know and not that bad. Bother noticed count the last time the pages gave that a dome put into those solo. Yeah. Yeah. Maine my and it didn't have the Marines and we don't think about that issue. Yeah Adam about it. And groom them quite a Matt good to lose that you don't get them to them. Will bode well ms. Carolyn you look old before he's at Texas boy have played college ball executive apparel are. Are you optimistic he can beat Ed Davis have been obvious that it can't jar and to put their Prez because you know realistically no matter. But who we have at times in the secondary could have Malcolm Butler. You can have dealt Embree ready to row role he's still got to get more pressure on the quarterback. Wasn't you've got a little. Bit of an we don't know that equipment and do wine. Yeah. You know. Well well I they did doing that even though jarred again of the needs and will allow the Jahri Evans in the Kolb at the line involvement but it. And it was Larry will forward mischaracterizing what 78 years younger than Gerry is so. And I've they golf it's a blind is deliberate that drew him and. Yeah that really an end and I'm not a good thing with Matt there. And I don't play yeah. And the number. But little bit depleted that we had talent you you called in. He'll be here no show on Friday would be so that you have to get a call back. We throw it anywhere and and I'm all. I'm that good about it yeah and I mean obviously it he would and. A good ms. Carol good to hear from a crime is excellent thank you so much for the call back out to the phones ago here in the Big Easy for Aaron Aaron thank you for calling WWO. Burn. Because it. I know. If it was anyway possible. Reaching you'd know. That. Yeah off shore. Yeah added that they can negotiate now might be needed if the Patriots get their bid 32 pick. Our and and I'm I'm still a favor that is adding Malcolm dollars that good but it would really be ideal if you can get Malcolm Butler in. Give of the the saints' second round pick like the party's second pit so that that's all the that they have to see BA and what I'm negotiations. Like Christian explained to me yesterday. That he did they get 21 round there is the way BC be structured. And he got their first round a tender that you have to get the high of first round but they can't be negotiate. Okay so basically pick and sorted out negotiated only all of it would. Before Talladega they get we get things worked out behind the scenes. And and then is kind of the covers it is all going on once I think that now about what it would take him. You know to sign the tender. And then all of us and then you have a long term contract worth album Malcolm Butler. And it would compensation the Patriots would get I think that all kind of having the same time. Bogey. And I thank Bears after being what it is directed back on the eat I don't doubt that there weren't that big oil. This and well we don't know the Levitt pigs gonna work out but I they got a big chance that we gonna pick the right player mean. It you know Larranaga said did you as the if you look at the Saints history. I'm like that and has got to JD this they would eleventh pick. In this saves history. We just celebrated you know fifty years they've had eleven pig three time. Three times and it selected Russell earned Slavin Sean died and Alex molded. Yeah I mean that is not good news we know that they didn't even like make it really. Be the pick about it. 2601 points and you can Texas and aids and the aids and take a break and come back a lot due to get too close NCAA tournament action. The you know goes down the heartbreaker last night marks messenger would Jonas depravity has been in the news an awful lot since that game last night not. Not so much for the right reasons would hit on that I've got to cover that and we will take a look. At what's forthcoming this weekend in sports. As far as on the diamond some big basketball including a big win tonight the pelicans resisted time they make a surge if they're gonna make a run at. With fifteen games left one would think it's. They're on the run right now with a chance to get to three straight I'm as earning out. You know thought a run now it is going to be too late if it's not already too late were preview pails and heat tonight. In Miami it's coming up next later on WW. And welcome back. 260187. You can Texas at 87 the 87 I'm getting excited about this defense. Dead. They've the united beast out at think Klein is going to be an animal is Kaka ha. Coming back if so will he be moved to. Well I I think he's smaller. Past Russian situation. Where it's easy means he'll make Bangkok the active guys back this day and an odd thing he's an outstanding player but he has its big babies had three knee major knee surgeries since their three that not all that's gobbling major. These are big yet annals of football he led all rookies it forced four fumbles. His rookie year or so yet they can to get an opportunity but. Still to me that's lacks Okafor that when you look at await of players in and he's setting up a game plan. If your cousin in there on first down. The big in a run right at him and antsy house Doughty is but I think if he's healthy no he eased ill. Can rush the passer and the guy just think he is that good that you can count on him on at least half a doesn't that I'm Anna I think he's would be day I'm Bobbie back to via phone ago matches but Philip Philipp thank you for. WWL. Eight beating out the teaser hate Phil. Hey Bobby. Got backed off that ever out. In Japan. Tour average up about Alex boat I think are important to look back and Erik Cole and I. The Alley vote. Yeah it shouldn't but yet it joy at their running back right at that quote that they. Yet if I can recall I wanna say he went to Oregon and Oregon State so. Yeah very similar to get Gerry Byrne went to argued tooth and ardent Doug's they got on the look at Steve argued duck. Really had success in the Saints uniform and Oregon State Beavers. And gain on top my head thinking about the argued that it but a pillar of the he also wanted to know. And only your take on this because some guys that they could change is the running back. From Oklahoma Joseph makes it. Aria and made day he's gonna. I think about go play possum on that fallout duty you know committee correct thing in the owners is the east A if he stays like he is now has been quiet. Since about the Sugar Bowl and of course it bounced up some. Alms and when you know when you're not allowed to go to comment he won a lot. But if they can stay kind of like it is now by V it looked and I don't think Oklahoma had their pro days that's another limelight situation would it be in the more but I don't. And he's going to be drafted we have an. Lazio would do really porn any views in his field he safely through the single guy and humbled. Imitate you know myth might me I can speak how pressed him quite sure. He's that he thought it was a competitive advantage Joseph makes in medicine become line. Now he said that dead and hurt them yeah if anything. Them. The teams that Indo in the you know I was talking around the when drive for a combine all that when that occurred at the same time. He believes he's gonna be a top 75 pick perhaps even as high as early second round so it was a saint thing. So to me if you go if you go by that Bob and that's basically and no. Technically. Went out in his position is listed as backed it being. Can't think of right now. The running back from stamp of irony for you McAfee a McCaffery. But I think from what I've seen they gotta admit they got mixed of this as the third best back and make Barrett though I come alive and they come at the combine definitely help McCaffery yeah. And I think I think you put. Joseph makes in. He may be somebody that can he can do so much. Deke. Not the height. Some people in our Reggie Bush was good to be with they get macabre might be great. In the NFL and it now this knotted things so adult texting get mad at me is that from Shannon Sharpe smile right he said. Not his opinion he said it's only the hall of Famer all on a show you and undisputed U he and skip Bayless right yeah they go back and forth so he was saying that. The only reason why McCaffrey's got a top ten. Pick our player. Because he's a white running back and you'll see it white running backs anymore. I mean he said it it always this kid's in the credentials that he has. Shannon Sharpe said if he was a black quarterback he'd be a top and Christie will be you know stereotype me it would ever hi every one to describe it. But cavities Devlin a first round and I cannot see him have success whoever would pick him. But if you look a macabre RRR. Makes and in his Saints uniform aware of like in the divas better. But I'm not think the thing coming to Darren Sproles but he how they would be utilized it do you notice so like like red nation we can't would you want. The caveat I think its neighbors or yes this is bill all of the field issues and move would you do if he was available. Would it is that we still have the Patriots beat 32. Are there early sector all parties second pick. Would you would you take. A Joseph makes it. And then in there and just got to takes thanks it takes at Oklahoma already had a pro day so where they have a standing in the book from now on other than win. It is only don't come up so many times to be become make a big deal out of unless unless something else pops up. But if he continues to bees is not as much news around it obviously wasn't a Sugar Bowl and then they come back and I think teams. Look I wouldn't be surprised by the you'd never know some depend on what goes back to go there's Iran as they all Credo is going to bed and it. Earlier in the first unexpected he he can be taken it in the first round. The biggest on both figure he's got that did think he's got that kind of value I don't know I just had a feeling and that I think. That the Carolina Panthers are gonna take Leonard four and it. Yeah they may they may be right there yeah and by then the Saints at the view of them so yeah it was a monument to view him you know no doubt about iced the game is a coming up next address UConn is instant next to you can Texas 87870.