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3-15 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on the Saints offseason

Mar 15, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to recap the week in free agency for the Saints and offer his opinion on the possibility of acquiring Malcolm Butler from the Patriots.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Fans Deuce McAllister is there witness. For the next Manning managed a bomb ball out pros to the all time leading rusher and medical history and Ole miserable history Deuce McAllister Bobby a band I'm the ability. Jane's. Bryson and Kevin come right to you to 60187 that you can text us and 878 Seve. The pretty jaguar opinion poll almost a week in the end of their free agency period what grade do you give the Saints thus far you can catch a vote online at WWL. Dot com news says that and tomorrow make a week your thoughts on with the Saints have done us well. Well I mean. Up to this point you know I was probably given them I'll be probably a B plus. There's young man that's come in tomorrow. Beckett probably changed the fortunes of that a little bit you know took a bump that up to an eight. What would be somewhat of a negative. Is if you have to give up too much as far as deal wise. To be able to make that trade had happened so. Right now it's been a really really solid. On free agency period for this team they've addressed some needs they've been able to find some really good players. Now those guys still have to come in and perform. Playing up to this point you have to be pleased what they have done you know offensively defensively as well as addressing. Special teams what'd you engine. Now what I used to when you look at. Obviously you know you've followed a ball with if you look in the trenches. Amid I didn't go approach that because you wanted to get younger and if you could still. I keep pace that a result like a no brainer that you wouldn't go after a top gore like a Larry war for. And then obviously went and make fairly did last year that. C'mon you don't get a weaker and interior. To me that Dallas like almost had to be aired top priorities in like in the L started witness. Well I mean I think the top priority win at all start it was obviously offensive linemen and and decent to line you know you're able to address. Both of them really you know. Yeah he would have loved to have got the top rated guy but he got a two guys that bad either in right. He he's he's a god is played a lot of football. And you know even he will tell you he can steadily improved so he his ceiling has not been met yet. You know would oak before the the the question is a candy sale in Kenny Ernie and he is really on that contract that. Our our mobile guys decide to just barely hear hear the heat is on and make fairly contract I mean at 87 years is truly a one year deal and then by giving me to sign back. Then it it solidifies that rotation inside and now you know at least you have one piece they still may may go out and signed Darryl Tapp based deal may go out and sign Paul crewe you know we don't know. You know what's in a full for those guys they they they may wanna be still part of this this this organization so you know is just a wait and see Hartnell right now. And deem account at that point six Cuba reduce and so to me on Twitter. And a follow us in you can double a ball would deuce texted 870 eights in the 260 when he served he just like James here in New Orleans is James thank you for Colin WW well. Already had James. Teams are right things or we'll put this put him hosting maybe in the distant doubtful moment bad routes the Kevin Kevin thank you for calling WW yeah. They'll you know I can't. Are you. About that. That outcome but not. One. To keep my. Big. If we. In which. Want. To the ball. Focused to beat. Back that. Well. Yet to keep Bob would be. We. Outlaw. But again Kevin had hit it very you have a cornerback and that he did this last year. Malcolm Muller he was the all pro not approval we're all pro also. And it was second team all pros that is like four guys you picked first team to call or is that yet to callers. And in that conversation now. When you say get younger idea he isn't. An old young player that makes is when he started the league he's either ready to 27 years of age. But it's not like he's 31 in and you think about bringing him in and invest the money that that's why even like. Darrelle Revis and Doleac public takes. By bringing the row Revis I vague that would be out of his seat and doing that dead be they tried that experiment would Champ Bailey. And that that's why don't see him bring an and there are RE was the still of the Rory as well as to play I don't think he's playing at a minimum. Love good and he still worry he's gonna get six million from the Jets regardless of whoever and then he signs with so I mean. He he's Silas the six million and other parties and that would given to us. We had agreed to give up anything yet I mean literally see that we got to wait and see what they agree to give up. Thank you for the collar new laws of Bryce Bryce and thank you for calling WW ago. Hey guys on on do a good thing Nolan. I don't agree on on big cheeks would go on OK okay all right BLU man which. A mic you know greatness this house call him about. Christine McCaffrey and a mic and from oh home. Man. If this bill that pick 42. Take one album and we got to keep weapons around through. Now body do you have the 32. That that last big in the first round would you pay both of them that pig too because a lot of fancy ass. Know that you can and radical we got a goatee I got you virtual round so many good players coming out this year. On the equal to men and got it going on and on but he's going to try to build the call around to try to keep one around the middle and. But but you don't bright stability intriguing. Do that a couple of takes. I think tire real Tyreke hills success. Well hell Joseph makes in would that and just makes an angle Tyreke you. But but the but I don't know enough but I mean commitment Tyreke hill is a receiver Mortimer a pure running back to review of the Ford to get it right right don't don't miss that a full six but and it bent mix is more like a pass receiver and running back vs how now by receiver. Trouble much throughout the McCaffrey and now it's the action I bet. That got me. Well I I listen you might think I'm crazy Bryce I don't know what you think they. Couple analysts said. The evening the cavern could be bettered in Reggie Bush and NFL that Reggie Bush is good. Never can live up that high dating McCaffery. Could be McCaffery you know dipping to number two ago but I know culminating along the line and I like Darren Sproles and his contribution intake is there I mean he is a player. I mean I like both of but when you would you talk about Tariq you. If you look or two AFL why Tyreke it was a wire received yet but I can put him in the backfield packages they run relative run Jets at least we can have a branding coach. He's taken aback deuces Saints picabo from the EU could that ever habits and that would say it was like the blues and uses it to one year deal. I mean it would he's gonna give him on special teams would be indeed he for the third out. He he he is a older. Version. All of them a McCaffery you know McCaffery maybe a little more polished. As a runner than he is but I mean as far as a receiver special teams that that that's what you have there. I mean but you know when you token force six to 42. That's a lot of speed movement are right to raise cadet back in the over the black ink or my mortgage to reduces it would this 2639 will come around it to Larry Oklahoma City next sports dog rolls on WW. And I would do send Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia to the phones legal OKC from Larry Larry thank you for calling WW. They are golf pros it's. There are out there and man they don't need to give decor or don't give them a pick contrary entry don't you'll regional director. Out of them although company plays BO which I'm in need his whole career. And he would tell him it's somebody. That Belichick must not. Well and they've been Larry wouldn't you say that since they paid Gilmour all that money forty million guaranteed UK pay everybody in Indy that David and that. That. That that all of a sudden when you look at Malcolm bowler could be great. The thing gill Mora would be greater are our Sundays. You know because Gilmore is considered their lead that it would taste in my rookie of the Bill Belichick obviously Woody's one. Now they probably saw something Gilmore throughout his career because buffaloes in the AFC east. But if you look at him this season. This is probably Gilmore is pours season I thought this is in his and he had five interceptions. But. He gave up fifteen point six yards per reception. And I was reading where he was beaten for. Career high that's a career high per reception. And interceptions helped mask at times his poor play. Ozzie Belichick's not perfect evening in a new world real world they'd want Malcolm Butler and Gilmore. Oh. Did they would want to do good because reminding them. But you know I'm talking about MITRE for LSU. Any political career Witten doing. I think yeah Kevin Faulk come right. So a lot of it is somebody I mean. You approach that person you will be the key. Yeah you if you. Can or agents or they needed Mario. Yeah well but who cares what Belichick does he he wins so he can do it. Yeah I've when a friend put so okay. Malcolm debut of their good Mecca acidic they went to some -- they all the isn't. I've bagel is. Everybody's saying he's younger and they got that there are all big blow it into the corner backs in your street. Out of like what I heard and look at the combine numbers. I hope that you can count. In my hitters in my did they still might get a corner army embedded into the day you still need a veteran corner. On the standard do what went on and who do you look at it I like the way at that point now what to do. Probably. I AM where you know we didn't while we can expand under upper right but I don't think you'll be. What really. And they buy the pay one on fourteen million dollars right now. What I mean still got a young team. It would be an ugly. It would be an issue but would you. So yeah nobody you're you're hitting I think we'll have a pretty good thing you type in what you get. You want there and two and people and Craig what can be. But it don't interpret. Target on Malcolm thanks to come back. Because he could take them so openly on well. Nobody say they wouldn't know what can break the arbitrators. That's Malcolm welcome to Q older and apply retreat. Now he would do labor Carla at times yeah he's filled with the group going forward all the you get you tend to be more safety. Did then a dual threat as far as covering the slot receiver. Our I thank you so much for the call still yet to come out I handing on the front as far as what's coming up tonight and today being. The Miami Heat and the New Orleans pelicans will break down their match of period to come and also speaking you know. Men's basketball coach mocks messenger. Gainey you'll take. What grade do you give the Saints us all week into free agency to reduce it to six ON EC and you could digs by beating 7870 going to 8 o'clock tonight sports talk Rose on WW. You know deuce when you look at the Saints. And what they've done obviously you know we were talking in the bitterly about you know how many guys a barn and so fall for defense but just kind of in the little pensive to a during the break 51 round is now apart there would you probably consider it you know what Anthony I think it's kind of like a questionable you what what happened to him moving forward. In of those first round as he would be the latest Olympic 31. With nick fairly in the fold because not all tragedy of these a disc players. And you throw in the other players that were directed packed. Don't about Von bail was a 61 pick in the grant. PGA Williams in the 78 pick in the draft and yet again like oh before. Why aren't third pick in the draft. We talk about top players a break now although as trance is starting to stack up now when he plays were directed from. Meaning you put them all together to get on the same page to the numbers you should should should bear better numbers overall defensively because. Just from the system that we go about waited drafted. Then numbers. It looks like they've been together they've they've added some some pretty good pedigree to the defense and as Coke do you feel any any any. Real close Tuesday look I'm only as good as my talent known final having talent and I have to do much to. Schematic lead to try to treat people or you know. Com line players of reckon protect players if I've got a bunch. Who has used and terminology adults. Boy dolls out there as well go hunt. And you've got a chance to go and we have because now it is to a lineup we go forward three and we've gone cub before we go on cobble one at safety get back 1520 yards protected only being billed to go get over the top and go week. You know him I'm coming after you and when you can land of the ages doing that until teams. And look. A Moby to answer that double B two outs that is needed to quarterback when you can start dragnet then they act can be a pretty good deep as coordinated too. The eighth beginning at scoring like Bobby say you know a sack number two years ago was better than last year but you know he's doing ranked in the top five on the Saints with three and a half sacks but oh before. From a personnel standpoint got back to the quarterback as much as some of the better defenders. In the league that wasn't as obvious as many snaps as a guy like Camille Mac. But still an all talk about they meet at the quarterback just give back there this give back you know somebody's got to make some guys don't get to him. And only two people get critical second all time but. Everybody can rush the passer and it's collectively. Well the thing is. Dennis Allen today this elderly do said and I could be the was according what you wanna do is you want to. Get that oppose the quarterback rushing for. If you can do that and he can mix of the coverages and we today that's the only way you go to. Have a chance against the likes like a Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady. Even Matt Ryan by beating either blitz them and beaten them know that they gonna burn you about utopia Forman right dues I would. Maverick yeah Z you're the quarterback ready you know this. If you cannot throw to one side of the field because that receiver is being taken away. Tell me how much that hurt you as a quarterback you have a lock down corner. Only once out of field and he eliminates that receiver. Now what what is your job as the quarterback how do you go about your progression of your thought process. Well you options there are cut in half you know you pre snap read and now if they Roland coverage. All of what do top. With the court it's like to concede the double to Thomas league idea ninth and is on island. That they and you life. And you challenging you on receiver Kamal again the chance now you know I've been that way dues and it worked because physically he was so much bigger. He wanted to best cornerbacks on though wanted to passes ever in NFL history down there Aaron Martin yeah anyway and any bowl Eric Martin told me says listen. The Arab League can't cover me by himself and says there you know he's as though he's gonna club Cabrera is gonna club glove side to hand would just throw quick slant. And then then you know it is that eight continue our pass them a run of fifteen and dig was so true. That he did it again it's leverage Aaron good because that's when he was physically stronger and he wasn't worried about trying to out run him so that's when. You almost what a challenge you receivers okay Kabul on eaters opportunity. And it's one don't want my one along what we practice. You know and they say their corners a lot batted and you. And that you can't constantly picked auto did you get burner but then you know for a short one Dolan is and then and now and then. What eagle and get to rate Richard Sherman. Darrelle Revis whoever you might could could see the best like leaving Gilmore listed a Patriots. Put Gilmore out there and island. Every now and then I you have to challenge in the booby Smart with the football because UK adjusted on the TV coverage but it. It that is very frustrating as a quarterback it UK scanned the field are have the whole feel to your liking simply because. Their coverage guys a whole lot better than new receivers going won Roland. All right reserved for Josh Jack Youngblood Bobby induce on Debbie did you have. Okay that's gone on to us you don't. Don't know how much did that. Speedboat game. We deal. Think they could. Give Bubba. Entry hall. They just didn't see that this. Is there in eighty at Q school they do it at Walt. England and Butler. They don't give up three picks. To give and been doing. It into an. Just the second best 36 Graham peaks their round exit pretty valuable getting beat bit and give that repeats and given up two peaks this year in the third nature and listens to lower peak. You know I can see them giving up peak natured it converts goes relatively higher peak you know at third converts to a second. You know if that was the situation of that than I give up a sack Cutler and nature's third. Now now that OK okay I don't know Josh read this this is article. And is talking about that for the maiden which he was talking about. Jimmie Johnson did this a with the Dallas. And trade negotiation would seemingly be complicated though because it of value of the number eleven pick you know that let does that mean them eleventh pick. Considered or draft pig trade value chart which is you know you've heard this draft pick trade by Jan who who it was devise. By forma coach Cubs. Dallas coach Jimmy Johnson. It's somewhat of an antiquated system but he can still be a worthwhile kind of reference point. And an and I guarantee Belichick's aware of this reference point. And he said that chart indicates like eleven panic in what it's were recently 12150. Points so to system. So saying okay carted it is TBA. That's to pay. Because the first round tenured head distinctive at the give vote for Malcolm Butler the thing is no way there's no way to get an element according to Jimmy Johnson's formula. The Saints could offer compare bowl package by sending the Patriots three picks. Which you'd be deny I'm not I obstacle in his formula right and I don't know Vanessa agreement is number 32 and on the 42. And 76. Because those three selections or work a total. Of 12180. Points which eleven pick his word 1250 the bottom line is you gotta pick the right player. But I guess that shows you why I like the fifth pick or eleventh it. C'mon it if you drafted though is would be drafted eleven overall on the NFL auction value work out and you could really meant a whole this guy works out. And those and then today he had a lap of the year and yeah he should be able to play it's I think that's where Jimmie Johnson got this formula. And that's why that you we've been actually get a get Malcolm Butler. I read this cycle man I don't know Saints fans and but they took me on this thing above all that that was before he could trade compensatory peaks. And that was before those. Peaks where Andy before that form it came about so Iraq Iraq the Foreman has been. Updated but it you've got to tweak it Steele is because you have extra picks available now. Those are pro Deuce McAllister embody a bad at the break in Kansas City municipal auditorium at. The did a Blue Devils the two seed Florida won the thirty over Oklahoma City we'll keep you updated there another local team in tournament action Dillon took an advance. And the Indiana A division one men's tournament about eleven at the break 41 at thirty. Welcome back at the Mexican and rescue college sports talk Rose on day 8 o'clock tonight on WW there. Welcome back into sports talk Deke Bellavia Bobby Hebert Deuce McAllister all in the house with the I'm mark Menard. And we're talk instant Saints talking about Malcolm butler's impending visit tomorrow. Look kind of compensation the Saints might wanna give up. For him or over or the Patriots would except for him if if they were able to sign him long term in the black and gold and Bobby I believe we're gonna have backed the phone. Yeah right forego bags of balls and who dat nation do you believe. The team is all in. In 2017. And what I mean by that. Playoffs are busts. Because when you have three straight seasons. Seven in nine. Usually you can talk. So a lot of they can have four straight seasons still what is gonna take to get the double digit wins for the do you think. They are all in and what did this mean. Sean Payton. Drew Brees high profile players for their future but B Anderson I think. That. Not a show on painting coach. Because Sean Payton have a number of opportunities have done the things head coach why wouldn't leave here because. We'll look all the power he has here in New Orleans but I just look at Andy Reid Andy Reid and that is suitable the Eagles with the news and winning program. He goes to Kansas City beating and consumable with the playoff team winning program. So I think the B Anderson to see beyond 2017. It is the same old same all. Well aware drew reasons Sean Payton when in doubt because I don't think the retired. But be interested to see so what do they do you believe the Saints are all in as the organization 2000. Seventeen in is that kind of the mindset. Playoffs are bonds. Simply because the trifecta. Is been very average to fatally this sort of fall line is go to Mac. And a Kenner a Mac allied to which got Mac. Embodied. In which you repeat the county and city amateur made the comment about Christian care Corey. There is he was a black running back he. Not in idiots. Yeah it would be tapped it yet with the news that because of a stereotype he was saying because and a productive players you mentioned. The last two white running back they got drafted in the first round the deuce goes a long time ago. Edges to stereotype of that magnets with the points Shannon Sharpe was making disease is looking at all as a measure Bulls. It and how it's running back by committee in. You know not like delay and it Hornets when you given the ball 25 times to a running back that he thought the skills said McCaffery. That if he was African American that he did not and. But they're going to be a move that man things are great worker in about it for about a year you're always saying that. The NF Seau will fine you no matter where you. Right if you follow conventional arms logic. You gotta tell me you know. Invest all the money in most talented players. And then you know our players the most talented guy just goes he's wearing all black but. They're just makes no sense to me. Yeah well you know darling I could say Matt what I've been as a point in maybe is lower body strength that he's quick in and he only benched 22510. Times have yet to be Becky keep got a top hinges the pounding that you will take in the NFL but. I mean he's still a first round prospect. Does not like all he's a white running back we given up on him. Apologist repeating would is to manage our was saying. Mac but. I mean dog eating McCaffery I have success and NFL. I think he's a very talent at running back I think there's got mortality but he. You know potentially first round also but Janet sharpens your bail out you know don't count complaint according. Well that's what they prob would do and they're a and in I want to clarify something as well we were talking about McCaffrey and no Joseph makes in earlier. This this and to mix and didn't go to the combat all of his times at Oklahoma were on official and unofficial lead he would run and up to a 43. But you know you you had someone that had committee for six now he plays faster if any any team he plays fast and foresee. But you know he it was from foresee support three and it's because they're hand held yet there was no official time like if you get a win to become. All right dad takes a lot Mac and do so in order break now and stages and a lot more sports talk after the news.