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3-15 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on Pelicans-Heat and the Saints

Mar 15, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke preview the Pelicans' matchup with the Heat with Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, then continue discussing the Saints' offseason.

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And the odds sounded in Russian Saints great a rebel break and now Deuce McAllister here witness on Wednesdays and Fridays. Talents of sports coming up in just a moment Tim Reynolds over the Miami Heat for the heat in the eighth Associated Press. And the heat looking to a B Rio the pelicans delicate China Gator run going it two straight including a big victory last night. There all four point favorite ID dominate. A Portland last night including a one of the best highlights I guess you'd say about a highlight post almost all and you won eighty. From eight the guys that could drop from DeMarcus Cousins last night and we inside the year UB TNT. And you know look to make it three straight tonight and they all in the old and a 9 am what they it was a misprint actually played defense. Noting he's is that it I don't know what did you hate us it's been the story and I always in defense in the waiver right that advantage of it it does it mean Q where one team has been pretty hot Tony one. Torre want him or Tony two in five. I believe he's been since the mid January Tim Reynolds is with this AP coming in Miami Heat in Italy team I was speaking as they get it gives you an idea of how. Off their Beck into the easy is I think compared to the west when it could team I don't know is it to meet dean may be outside to go to state Cleveland. And saint Dario that would say Sydney January Jack take a torn Arafat record area I'd take it. And he just Theo you know a little bit on the outs and the Canadian paper it's a pretty good ball overly. They really happen it's almost it mean again it. It's still seem like it's come out of nowhere and if it wasn't just forgot weaker grip to the good two months now and you know and that's it's it's a sign of how I had the first 41 word that even after the other stoke that trip you know what they go into the game tonight so. Obviously they're threatening not but it ended up. It's a sign that if you get healthy at the right time. You have the right group of guys that are just willing to work tanking was never a consideration here. Guys were offended by Erik Spoelstra never considered as an option. NBA season are on you can turn things around you look at the way you won't play defense are right that the team that hasn't there hasn't acted and yet obviously. Can Miami have been doing that now for two months that they beat her routines that. I'm different apple sure but purple tripping up the right timing here could be very. Now Tim as far as the fan base you have those following you around the best of events. And now LeBron James Lee min and and when you're in. Oval what is been like I don't know home court advantage our the fans are still participating in. Party come into the game just break dead downward heater right now spores. Well this could. It's always been only a late arriving crowd you know even in victory here this was always eager in Miami and then it. And for whatever reason European seniors and we felt well. He'll say it it by by the second quarter nine in a Buick. I mean. It may be. And a lot in particular the very calm. In port quarter the plate and yeah I I think the start of the he's been there once and a I think there's a lot of fans at the point that number three here. And then. That note the team the first half but the thing while it's fair. To come out there. That's all saint Albert thirteen and one of their last fourteen in the building. You know it's it's today it very you're out to about football around now and if your stance a little bit of hope. So if it it all tempered not in it it's not yellow and green from tip off it's never going to be back here. But if it can still be an exciting place even without a victory. Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press current heat setting up tonight 32 and 35 a Miami at home tonight as you heard it and say they eighteen to fourteen home awards idea for me lately thirteen and one of them as fourteen. I down in South Florida pelicans and every and 22 away from smoothie king senate. A 7730. Tips X 32 part time. Here on WW radio were covering it give you the break down Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and Deuce McAllister Tim and it's. Who has been a guy you know it has it been lights matter or has it been other guys is stepping up contributing. To it to help with you know this last two months of improvement that you've seen. From the heat. Well it is that a lot of guys on different world and without getting into all are acting. You know that the team won and when Goran Crockett doesn't play there he has without question are the quarterback of the team without question he would their MVP. I look at guys like James Johnson who. What the guy that really nobody on when Miami signed him last summer and he dropped thirty pounds and has transformed his spot transport and been transported it. And he is going to get. Paid in July he has he has earned the money he's going to get you pinnacle an afterthought to probably somewhere thirteen million salary your range guy. He has been phenomenal this team guy and nobody talks about is Rodney Parker who had the task of guarding every opponent that wire. I'd let the debate in your book because he can't match up the Buckeyes obviously. But they're finding role player putting him and he giving him key jobs and there are Lipper personal ego you'd never going to be leading scorer in. But having a quarterback who can control game record Crockett has just been huge. Now ten. That you brought a bogey cousins and in AD and that he Davis. I know we talked about the pregame going that are trailblazers and we had. As someone from Portland to knob ages don't match up. How the pelicans are. Are structured right now and and then all of us and easy to pelicans c'mon on top 100 to 77 what is your take now. That the first time that he get to play in the likes of cousins and Davis and how they would a matchup against them. Well I mean it in the dirt. All the guys that are well from Miami in response obviously has gone all year. You know Josh McRoberts has been gone most of the year justice when he broke he can't play much as they are opposite they all they could help them so. The game wore out and let these very very simple just just how the ball inside the con can't guard both on the map is going to have to. Bang with one. For a while James Johnson. On their side maybe but strong as anyone so you gonna have to get involved if it's going to be. You know it's going to be you know defense you know really fight like it could be on a good combination out there. But in the pointing out earlier today I want for much as we can expect gonna cart those guys. The key for Miami is making sure the Falcons don't give them the ball where they beat them down the war two and they harassed the guard to get in passing lanes won't go all with their people Carter because he just doesn't have to go on like sides. To match up well those guys what I'd want you can't give them the ball where they want will be wicketkeeper. With the Associated Press coming in Miami Heat in the NB ATM Reynolds to him how can people keep up with your your great work on social media. Comment by Tim Reynolds on Twitter BY Tim Reynolds on Twitter and it eight feet opposite where my card for our child New Orleans while into it not. And I appreciate what we've. Him thank you so much we appreciate attack. Are they now right of course than last meeting easy say Goran guards really wealth on the pelicans and ladies amber December 2 pointer just before Christmas. 23 points Whiteside had a big game with eighteen boards but of course to remember now that was a front Cole would just AD. Now tonight he had AD and a DeMarcus Cousins and same story gonna get you know what are you gonna do with the bigs he gonna count on down low. Was it that the game plan tonight well well there they get as a third or break our record collegiate signaled this week is that week they'd be dutrow blazes. This is he could do is almost saying like a must win here when you being in a playoff hope and ID right now and people moto ski boat would associate a symbolic if they win tonight and Miami. In this instance bogey cousins other other than that the one they had against the Spurs. The Rockets this to be the most impressive win because his team is thirteen one and as you know being hot there in Miami is very high. Our right is a sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back to sports talk. About a week into free agency would grade do you give the Saints thus far does get out to cannot I want to thank you for calling WW Rio. And looking at thank you for Colin Debbie and it paid can't go drug do you putt. The idolized them there and then. A kennel given taking it. In just a moment the game pelicans in action tonight. On the road at Miami and it is sign of the dude that dude I was move onto around to the any right term the second seeded group that was no problem with Oklahoma City today. 86. To sixty fab Austin poured in a game high 31 points for the Blue Devils who move into round two. Of the inning so they've really had proceeding where were they seeded second yeah fancy them to see earnest as drive here and there on one side. And I LA huge Alexander is a topsy overall they would defeat. They go in the fall of the stab at it this is where Holler all all four Louisiana team to a different bracket yeah Loyola have rhetoric. An issue tree pulled in the lower bracket. And where Dillon was actually delivered in Ireland same bracket. The date at the meat like in the year and to be the game before the final full. Who get too caught up or arrested those school is a final and all of a Louisiana teams and mixed now we will speak with you know coach mark so messenger. Well you know when you look you do with Ford come and now he's Cutler would deuce deuce that we you know this is it's a surge is a lot of excitement and is it in the music quiet period. But somehow in the Teaneck quiet period was. I don't know maybe you say some more of a surprise that awaited Daunte had to our Rio would debate. I mean he eat he wanted to shop. Quote unquote themselves the filling head always being that he would return to new England and you know he he he visited three or four teams. One the latest one being that the Jays who. I've heard had the better offer because it was more money but you know Pittsburgh felt like hey look. If you leave his build up our offers no blues you know because they didn't want him to go back to. The new England and tell him I love matches aren't for a quote unquote they were not going to give him a bidding war. He was probably the one play here that I awarded new wars to go after. A little bit harder. I know that at one point there was some talks between them and whether a visit would go down but you know he end up signing a new four year deal. With with the pages. Now what do today being says and obviously high powered definitely household name. AJ Klein not a household name waiting in the wings because Alou peek week. Can AJ Klein in your estimation be their quarterback of the defense or trending. That way like I Jonathan Vilma there when he came more from the Jets. Yeah but he is a thing about it agency we have a little bit more talent around him so he didn't have to come in NBA Pro Bowl or all Proehl. Like I'm back writing good. Good right but he didn't have to be you know the Pro Bowl where he has glad to give 12850. Tackles. Because is being brought up earlier you starting to see a lot of first round as pop up on his defense to start to see. A lot of high second round of probable on this defense and when you can do that the Indy and so round them with Smart players you know you look at the ball where. Who didn't rowand really will. Well he's got a team could probably put in the middle. You know not past announcement rundown and he can get guys lined up and he can go and chase plays down and Bassett and understand that I've played its yeah. All right Deuce McAllister reduce the Al would talk all frat. Yes sir are right they could do at Augusta Tony's Aqib it would deuce audit to let you be that with the Friday it was really did LSU baseball comeback and get the can't. Andretti caller to 60187 you can text us at 878 Seve sports talk Brodeur to 8 o'clock tonight. Right here on the home of the Saints and Tigers. WWL on 8:7 AM an answer him at 1053. Coming up bottom of the hour news local Boozer Chris Miller but the first eight CBS news of the and welcome back out to the phone to go let's go to keen can't thank you for calling WW rail. Yeah you guys who can't see Bobby that what you were reading the idea. They'll focal point a ball. Yeah yeah it is that would Jimmie Johnson. Put together and is kind of a form like what is the value. Of the fifth and now yeah it's is called it. That the draft pick trade value chart yeah yeah that's it became a win like in. 1990 right on the edge of where really free agency was starting. Yeah they've got a problem with that is that it doesn't take in consideration. The situation though each team involved. Because if you like where you need to find a lot of field defensively. You can't afford to be given out. Guy who walked the that we got just one player in Orlando on the relentlessly upbeat you know we that the Kansas City Chiefs. Or Texans or somebody like debt debt. Want to play the way in yet but when you scrapped and when you go one word defense the whole time. We need as many opportunities as we can pick up the ball. Now I can when you look at Malcolm Butler and what is your take on him now. I did heavily. Think like yeah okay this the party second epic second round. That in NFL network mind to stand and a reported. As a that Peterson looked good par I kind of would go that. Could you grab Malcolm Butler. For the party second pig but then when you dig deeper into it. That it could take maybe. Like Patriots retaining of getting back there are 32 overall pick which they gave the Saints and in May be the 76. Well no that's silly no it certainly can fit again we need. A lot of defense the bowl please. Social cage is they keep the draft picks today however outlook violent. You know I know I'm not. How when you play in the game with New England as small as they are right yeah I mean you asking for trouble when you're dealing with all positions. That it is keen wit which is an excellent evaluated. Which is an excellent organization columns to. Putting please don't fielding dependable. Pleased that he did. And we your who'll be. That it does not the depth and. Well well well and you don't can't look at it Malcolm Butler and his situation. But I was ruining danced several teams that are is that in him yeah and if it doesn't work out with the Saints is seated scenario. The Texans the Houston Texas had the number one overall defense Douby loss AG bully eight the Jaguars. Today I'd be interested in in in in actually acquire and Malcolm Butler now that it if you Malcolm butler's. But you would say well shoot the Texans are team that I love to go to because of the supporting cast. But they still don't have a quarterback where I think the enticing thing Cortes Saints would have. Over at Texans. Was that the Saints do have a quarterback but obviously not the supporting cast that defense like that. Yeah that's what I I think the architect of the hole that hole has to be that a Super Bowl real tight team and won't think so. Even put it on at quarterback because they have you have to piece. Right I deadly agree that an and I can look at their crystal ball. And it being 2008 team in. In the offense and Drew Brees is held in the is still playing well but as the same all week. A 500 team. Can you magic can I mean I don't know even like drew reasons but I would look at 2018 season Andrews keeping pace worries that. And you put them on a team like that fixes. They wanted to favorites in the AFC right. Think about it I mean and again it is. Media as well the thing is the plane. Those pay it some where he worked defense in the old. So I'm on a lot of people can understand when that one would be sensible. You need to find good bowl please. To replace that because we need right now we need to play and we need to be effective in that can apply pressure in me. Pledge Russia right Russians we need linebacker I bet you amenable amenable to linebacker. And we need them what to cover guy cover guy in the second there. Well that's a handful right there handful of yeah yes we now Bledsoe we're not Malcolm Butler away from being a kick as the. Yeah yeah yeah and keeping them out they've been in. That definitely stands. Telecasts broadcast this week if the indecent if a cornerback real. Critical to. If we need to be your community fair at all if you need to attack it habitable to you know one which you. Not now kids don't you think that Malcolm Ballard is the is that as Saints uniform. That they really count on dealt him grow. Come back and now playing at a high level and be ready he'd be ready to roll Matt Light through the not like we Keenan. Said back in July I'll eat jokers in Gary said and a 100%. I'm ready to roll. Reality you lose practice can be dealt liberal. I think it's a good point at the end Malcolm Butler you need Delmon broad to play like a Pro Bowl aside. They want quick thing a political what happens we give him an just a bit more. Then you suck at them money doing this stuff that way. Lol but that's not forget that one put the money on the back burner okay what do we talk about on the field gets. Well we had probably last year thank you we felt. That why you don't need one you need to. I got a good all kids can't thank you so much for the column we appreciate 260 points in the you can take this at 87870. AN OK educated it was Cambridge have some points there because you know last year. We think about it at the saints' draft rank in some of going OK well who you gonna pick up in northern tier defense through land later. And you know regardless of you Darren Reid with the nick a Seattle moves of phone that opportunity -- to pick him up. But you know when you get the production have a guy like Davidson who I think is over the top area is that right look at if if if it comes to be camp in there who knows it might be an advocate the Cubs are hereby been in beast out route. I just think. And the idea get an idea give more impressed with him like coming off the books and and to sit to watch him make it in West Virginia watching here one thing. But to sit down with a four hours here and talk NC meet. He eased either of these as a lineman coming he's hauled in the Middle East big east is right now that he's he's a solid guy. I just think there's there's room for four more people like this on this team to his point LB one B to pay their fourth good interior defense. Well and in the like in the rotation. Beauty gave meet 20/20 five snaps at the highs well that's why. So what you know we bring in Okafor yes we need Okafor decay but but we also need. A guy like you cocked the comeback OK but yeah I mean needing I can jarred. You have to have the next man up mentality. Where right now we have their forty counting on inferior ball on the edge can we get the short three if not for guys right the dead. I would say right now it about the last two seasons. Now we are paid him we are comic stadium but it can't darn pleased too many snaps yet we cannot we can never. Reds can't yours and you look at jarrah wanna say please doubles snaps. In obviously easy people who first second third down. But he would be even better towards the latter part of the game in the fourth quarter if you have somebody who could spell them right. A dozen fifteen snaps and united drop and all of today as the evening you don't wanna have that dropped ball. When all of a sudden oh well he's not a starter yet he's a starter if he got in the mirror to second quarter you know they dig down counts. You an idea weekly he has to do so year what are you do what you mean so that's why whoever we draft then. I guy got a could trim and edge rusher Okafor. A cop comes back candidate it's it's truly. Because it is so competitive. That even in the fourth quarter. You have to be ready to roll like is the first quarter because. Those saying Vince Lombardi said is. Fatigue will make the cut a coward on anyone's going to so that's why you have a lot of stunts who could play. And and again and meeting room they wanna have each other's back in performance the highest levels. I guess the Casey came Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia going to 8 o'clock at night right here all on the home of the Saints and the Tigers. WW yeah. And it tonight on double coverage with Christian Derek and said Dunlap Saints are close. Are visiting gone in attain all pro cornerback Malcolm Butler from the Patriots. If they get debate into a likely cost them a first round pick. Plus could the Patriots pulled the rough on the Saints and they estimated steer them they haven't overall pick. Do you trust doing that to strike is the other Saints. Being naive would the league's most notorious shady franchise or do you Trish on paid relationship with Belichick. Alves coming up tonight cause there's dig into their brackets. On the beginning of March Madness of course started already but again tomorrow as we get to Thursday and Friday games. Unto me the more I think about this. And you know it. I think it was the same deal on the table then Malcolm Bo would choose the Texans over the Saints. That means know what I mean by that it will would how would you have to do to get them. I don't essays that overpaid. Right he's gonna give up more. You know bring you need to make New England may be deal would you vs the Texans could jet diluted. The Texans. Are in the AFC. Right and I mean the bad Belichick in the pages they respect. Where to Texans Iraq. Now would that being said. The detentions and have a quarterback. But a day home. Feel of the first round pin there Texans only 25. Pick in the first row. And the Saints own the eleventh. Pick in the first round as far as what would be commentary to the Patriots right so what that being said that I think. The pages might be willing built to work. With the Saints and I'll try to play both sides an offense that last time willing to work with the Saints. Within thirty seconds pink. And rather give you know give that big bag and even the 25 because it's AFC vs the NFC. You anime fans you know yeah and now but but I right now being the more I think of it. If you see second round I'd say 42. And the 76 pick and or the 32 in the 76 I think I just don't think is going to be like 11 like okay. Malcolm Butler. And we gonna give up the 32 pick that would be it. 42 play because. By the CBA rules. Belichick of the you know that he means. He's looking at that realistically according to the ruled this thing should give. The Patriots mean the Saints again get the pace as their eleventh pick vs there and thirty seconds. Overall for from pace so they might say well organized taking eleven pretty. You have to give us mortgages. That 32 pick. It is now yeah yeah you don't that ratio of 32 in seventy sixer. 32. And the forty thing. Right arm maybe. Adults via. A somehow think the Patriots fill in one. That worked so that I Malcolm lose to get like the first for a company. For him whether it be that. I think the Texas toward active panic on their home 32 pick they gave them. 26 though point 870 you can take this city 7870. So easily I think people by being you know. And gone back to their farm and would you say you know that that's what's interesting is that. You know. We we kind of team in the game at the value oh man that's not peaks. But in essence you go to show you how much I use eighties. But it it number one team. Vs those of the three to which you about a as you look right in the politics but the value of all those horses won the tournament these things you pick in the right player than eleven paid should be a stud Corey idea is not an immediate stud. Is going to be a stud in his career and perfect example the guy trying to when it was Beasley Teague was he denied it with a top team a nugget on things. His rookie year is all mandate. Bloody drafted into high right but they look after two seasons he led the NFL in sacks and fifteen and a half. So I think that point system that Jimmie Johnson. Came out with in nine he's as far as the draft pick trade value chart. And putting it that the eleventh overall pick at 1250. Points. In the when you combine. The 32 pick which had a value of 59 in the 42 for radium in Sammy thinks it cute and in that same ballpark it was of 1280. Points. So it just goes to show you. Figures not enough players. That you talked about like stud truly stud players right that. Is this evening in the NBA okay look very seldom all of the second round NBA draft pick mine I'm a good team. Right here I got to be a lottery pick in being ukulele first round of it and dig in it you can even be a first round and and that really contribute only sit there and a bitch he was the 23 pick overall he's done it in a bitch you know being the football you have more players obviously. But he how many times you see. Oh that guy when the first round and live up to expectations are. Will he was dragging a late first round he should have been like a top twelve pick right camp jarred forced upon Anthony. The fine analyst a finance it looks like maybe third fourth round pick right now a year yeah yeah so I mean we don't know what's gonna happen but that's why they. That I haven't paid no way no Howell the that then name. That's negotiation going on there with the thing to pages because the it was not a game that street. All right we'll continue with sports Auckland W did you grow. RI one more hour to go within adultery you know basketball coach remarks president. Recent everything for you get to some updates on operated jaguar thing impose. It's almost been a week. Since we're in to the air fare free agent period what grade would you give the Saints thus far. You can vote at WWL dot com it's a pretty jaguar opinion poll one more hour to go sports talking on the home of the Saints and Tigers this is WW yeah.