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Think Tank 1010am Destroy all western democracies

Mar 16, 2017|

Destroy all western democracies!  That’s the conclusion of a new report that says Russia has interfered with many countries democratic elections.  This hours guest: Ken Gude - Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress (Expertise: Civil liberties, terrorism)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back doozy days in the old thing drink today in. A young. He's a backer. President trump. Somebody news I'm bored with them. Supported. Heads on the year I think it's the Senate Intelligence Committee. Jim are gesturing assembly comes sued trunks wiretapping. And accusations. We have zero ever been so park. Take a look at that Lebanon collect twelve new homework and look at Tom Georges have moved to block the ropes late his trouble ban. And Bullock why they did that and even probably in the senate orca or. I'll take a look at what to Georgia's themselves. Or sending. Sell or something pretty uninteresting to report to him and number readings of rom from India. Email sent to me. They are important to ritual to Russia's interference in the 2016. US presidential. Election. And it claimed. This was my anger and isolated. Incident nor an app ha contempt and electoral mood shift. It is actually part of a deliberate campaign and to undermine the legitimacy. Of the number of western democracies. And immigrants. Russian foreign domestic policy objectives. Because carries up veteran stadium oldest we have Kim grew bored. Junior drove Center for American Progress it's expertise civil liberties terrorism and much more Kim is always appreciated now. Thanks for app. So basically what I did please I look at. What we all know our certainly are aware happened during the 2016. Election here at state and I've really tried to understand. What woods behind. Precious motives for for doing. And what I found was that this was not just that one off. That it has grown. I out of a decision on the part of the Russian leadership. Both its political leadership and its military. Leadership. To institute in new kind. Warfare hybrid warfare model. In which gain. Says about Q. Really use in new tools. That are available and information technology and separate world. To achieve their foreign policy objective and they. Took his decision. Because. Really well it was a flawed interpretation. Of a series of events that occurred. Over the last dictators beginning with that color revolution. In places like Georgia and Ukraine. That toppled former. Soviet. Our. Dick autocratic leaders and former Soviet republic. And they also looked at the Arab Spring which we leave we are call. A wave of popular uprisings that toppled the number of autocratic leaders in North Africa and Middle East. And they. Didn't use those incidents as you're well aware organic movement that we're more about those countries particular situation and the populist I'm rebelling against. Their leadership that rather's. And made it clear strategy on the part of the United States and the west to foment these kinds of internal divisions and uprisings. And really push it aside. Well leaders that they felt were at. We're working country cheat to US pension. And they sent that this was something that they can do it well and then two key event happens that. Really think instigated. And that in the mines and Russian leaders that they should really go about doing this the first flows. There was. What appeared to be could be gaining. Similar types of popular protests in Moscow in December of 2000 Latin. After pop parliamentary elections there. That will really for the first time brought tens of thousands of Russians into the streets protesting against the could she. And at the time Vladimir Putin's very clearly and publicly blamed those protests. On the United States and to then secretary of state Hillary Clinton personally specifically. And he really felt that that was another example of the United States trying to topple the regime and this time with him. And then when we had another experience of the popular uprising in Ukraine to time in in late 2013. 2014. The Russians responded with it but that military incursion. Into each Ukraine and and Crimea. But also really pushed out. In Q. Western Europe and really across Europe. An effort to build up support. On and a network of far right political parties. That they had game. Overtly Inca who Birtley. Supporting and nurturing over the course the last decade. Two to really work to try and advance the Russian policy around. Round you can Ukraine Crimea. At that time and so. This would. And and what we get here to unite states that went sixteen. Part of the motivation for an engaging directly in our election. Is. But motivated by concealing. About what happens in Moscow and came in late 2011. And their whole assessment of what the United States and the west didn't do it in and the Arab Spring and the color revolutions and so this is not just. You know one offing that that happened here in the United States it's something that. I have Russians have been doing for a number of years. And as we look ahead to. Number of elections in in European countries. This year and early next year. We have to be on guard for these kinds happened. If I had Heritage Foundation. And amp review which Woodward tried to do both we couldn't. There have been so you wrong. Let let me ask you if you won eight. In the United States do. Well at first I'm not sure that they Heritage Foundation would date. That I was wrong about what the Russians have been giving in in in Europe I mean this is not. Over and on but I mean do you. About bureau on that stage election. Well they like it think obviously. It is I think they're very. Sad commentary on this stage of our politics here in the United States that a situation as serious. A hostile foreign power entered hearing in. Presidential election has become a partisan. What should we do it true. So I put forward a series of recommendations. That. Weekend to alleviate investigations side. Again because that's we hear a lot of a talk about. But the first thing that I think we should do here in the United States. Warming got it. I was listening to intently to you didn't look at the clock hold that thought Oprah come back with the question of okay. You right. The Russians are not only affecting trying to protect our election. They're doing nude. From. Board seven. Different. A western democracies. And and Moreland on. And the question is okay if you're right wide ten and we need to. Governor via. Eric let me let me try to get quote totally into biz we've all heard about Russian in the parents' alleged ordered. Crew who. Interns in the U2 1016. Electoral process. I am talking with the conclude with the American progress it's it's under. A bomb a new report that says it wouldn't just it's it did it could include about 74 blatant. Conference of them liberal. Western democracies. In this this could be for reaching. And and Kim. Bear with me when bro that's marchers said. Whether you're correct or not let's say you are correct. OK okay and we do about it. Agree we've got to take three real step. The first is about informing the public and creating strong. On the information sharing with our house so the first step. It is calling for his bank congress he would request an annual report from the Director of National Intelligence. Aren't Russia's implement operations targeting democracy. That is would be one of the number of reports that the city and I provide congress. They can do it both classified and unclassified version of that the American people can can. Keep that similar to what we view on things like terrorism or other. Threats like the killer preparation. Second week he would established committees vote at NATO. And US he EU committee on how we protect our democracy that would be. The first recognizing that we have this problem and the challenge certificates got everything out of Russia. But second working on how we can. Shares at best practices to mature. Reforming our public of what's happening we're doing it in a manner that they trust because of course what. Russia is capitalizing on how it's kind of feeding need far right populist movement is. One of the things that they are capitalizing on that distrust that many people in. Whether the United States or Western Europe feel about the political establishments that we have to come up with a way. Q. Inform the public of what's happening in ways that they feel comfortable compliment top. And so that's that's step one step two it is. It actually creates some punishment here it's real deterrent Russian president to engage in these kinds of activities. We seem to put sanctions imposed by the Obama administration both persons actions in the Ukraine and from Russia's actions. Targeting the US election. I recommendations are that those. Sanctions should not be removed by the top administration. If it is on. Conclusively in one department investigations it's going on the Russians certainly did do you this. Secondly if it is it is determined. Iron intelligence community that Russia engaging in similar activities in our western democratic allies we should put you in an additional sanctions on Russia. And it which the administration is willing to do that congress should step in and do that we certainly have. Seen in the past congress. Take the lead on. Imposing sanctions on countries for actions. Even if he the president executive printed it and what to do. And then lastly of course I think we need to have. A real thorough bipartisan investigation. What happened in the basic election because as you alluded to before. It is it is a real partisan coal mine. The we. True. We we we hit certainly had experiences in the past where we've had major crises or events that happened in the United States where we've investigated and it. Bipartisan. In the most recent example of courses but not allowed into match. And that that came together with the I genuinely bipartisan. Body. That looked at examine provided authoritative account of what happened and I think that we can do that again if we. Its browser so that the country come together and recognize that it's just critically important for us to understand. What has happened in the past. So that we don't repeat that mistake again in the future. We can't do that now. Because our partisanship has had gone down. The rabbit hole so far and I think we've got problems that go far beyond just that particular. Attend all Wednesday ruled pleasure to have beyond I know your busy yeah I appreciate your time appreciate the expertise. And the call. You have a good. I always like. It's. Our government back we tried to human heritage should foundation conservative organization. To bug Hindus and but I'm kind of couldn't do would award him could we couldn't give them a little different way. So those state where governor of the they gave sub in the AM and 53 at. Right here airborne flipping pages is all about we just solution to. In a report about abroad shouldn't in appearance. Reviewers selections. Was not isolated did say they have spotlight and Russia. Slab landed about seven or brighten. Parties in different countries Sutton that six liberal. I can't resumed in the words are all over the world trying to influence elections now. Only problem is as that was Kim crude senior fellows and for American progress a liberal. Thing to. We tried to get an urgent foundation culture that give you decide. What could. So little something different that gives a conservative summit in and keep in mind. I'm said the amended times I didn't vote for trump. I am I'm brother's. A parade of these winners. It's like to me it's like a seventh grade her. Have been talking to his friend so. And yeah. I mean. His actions is is way you run government scare but. In the same tag we'd try to give you will push the limit dude too little different. Tact but slogans as. A Trump's latest. Attempt. To restrict. People. Coming to this country for Muslim countries six countries. Has been brute duped again by a two room federal court one point one in. Merrill. And here's a good save fuel scored Georgia's rebuke trump for personal. Attacks. On judiciary. In English. Paris is Supreme Court. Nominee. Knew Gore's search. Trump's attacks on judiciary. Or demoralized. Aren't. Let me give chrome a little bit hoops and ordered to balance the scales in the thing tac. Go to be Ahmanson's project. Percent were for products into tore rule in tegra. You'll see. Rescued crosses country charging suspect would more open Susan Warren. Making race based jury selection decisions. With holding or delaying the release of Vic altered its bald. Truck unit looks altered Torre ever. Now what that brings lips. They have been evident in its bid depends. Viewers who turns of the aids. Have information that could prove do you innocents. Of what was or prosecuted. And the holding back. And I'll or drew jeers shall solution no outs. This is rampant. Our system all over the country. And they do nothing about it. And no one. Deliberately. Mishandling or destroying. Losing. But it's. Oh I witnesses they know or should know war not truthful. To testify. Pressuring or threatening depends where is this witnesses not deter a supply. During plea negotiations. Overstating. Destroying a beat efforts. And what they do base aid to wherever their charge. We will. Drive. Your wife. Or children in the bankrupt. If you fight these chargers. If you're give those one week more. Wiwa I had to give you reduce and it's all we will link to go. So. Wind the judiciary. Sets. How dare you criticize his ops. How dare pro. Level personal look acts. On the judiciary. Brawl. Agent certainly do it too well that's. If they are rescue. They won't why you both Ford the news media. Both for. Dual or declared. Guilty. It is not innocence. Before proven guilty. And Ed and I have cholera. Couple weeks ago very well. And so we're going you're humorous and sending useful thing these federal charges certainly. Do you federal court here are you morally and threw it short and I think it is is very conservative. Oh. They weren't nominated. They were put in place like conservative judge in Seattle leads the liberal they were put in not George. President to whoever part of being in the air. And I sent to them so when you go to wants to. Do you do get rorschach test. That says. I won't make his decision. Based on whoever. Could things year liberal or conservative. So I think when trump. Sex. Eight. These these people were politically politically motivated. These people. Or not and going by the letter Ruble wall. Those two inches. We're surge over the last two years. I think that proves his pro and never be just pure and know enough broad trump. Former dorm we're trying to balance. He liberal have power. Inserting. Things that affect romp. With things that did in front. That's the way we do that thing tanked. What do you think Jersey eggs or one lead severing WWW. Are doing the old think think think we really do tried to give boots. And a half hour of the begin Utah or. Where Visio Brad presented to both of them a year liberal think tank who said the lug these. The the Russian involvement in the 2006. In an election. Is not only go out and states it is it's about. Thirteen different democracies. Around the world war Russia is involved in trying to influence elections. And we tried giving Heritage Foundation which I'm relatively sure. That they would disagree with the 2016. Election. Hypothesis. Presented by the liberal thing to. But what I wonder who's depend. From in a way and and bully male not a backcourt by long shrugged didn't vote for him don't like what he's doing I'll I'll add some of the programs he says he's gonna do. I just something he's Boone and that is Craig's tweets. I think or demand and diminishing his of news is believability. Hear homer thing good about her pupils court Georgian rebuke. From for a personal attacks on the drew do this year. His his own to bring Gordon nominee. New Gore's search says Trump's attacks on judiciary. Or demoralized. Tell me Kim we can't criticize. That drew do you share. I know they can't respond. But they affect our lives. And in some cases they destroy our. And and you can tell me that we can't wrote this. In a democracy. It and again dude to have. Cutler sure boredom things in what trump was saying Gordon of the innocents projects ever broad prosecutorial. Integrity. You'll find out how many times our system relies on board June forensic experts morning. That fail or fraudulent. Drew police negotiation. Overstating. This ring could be evidence and ordered through threaten those accused. Making statements hundred designed to ride on rough holds public indignation. Making improper or misleading statements to the jury or the court. Failing to report misconduct by prosecutors. This is all over the country it's called the Brady rule home. They repeat used to give oaks exculpatory. Evidence. That shortens up the dependents of their innocence. And this system. Refuses to change. How he ended its judiciary. And legal systems say dutrow. How dare you criticize. Us. He would it's just something that. Doesn't doesn't make incidents. All right we're gonna take a break cigarettes W. Or more from America I'm. Come out of legs were good look at. President and from. I think give the big red he said. President Obama wired tapped my phones are trumped hours. And others saying. The date that little room he he he med surveillance. So we don't take a Little League what do we take that he's says literally. And some of the former fashion. Well think about it comfortably legs is a bit of yo brigade celebrity immortal five. Three he you have time.