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Think Tank 1110am Zero evidence of wire-tapping

Mar 16, 2017|

Zero evidence of wire-tapping! That’s the word of a big supporter of Trump who is also the head of the House Intelligence Committee.  This hours guest: Julian Sanchez - Senior Fellow, Cato Institute (studies issues at the busy intersection of technology, privacy, and civil liberties, with a particular focus on national security and intelligence surveillance) Hans Von Spakovsky - "Manager, Election Law Reform Initiative and Senior Legal Fellow Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies @ Heritage Foundation "

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the good thing to echo hum worth thinking about tone wiretapped. Everything our breed that says as trumps initial weeks. Said no I'm not exactly I'm not reading from the drug quote. But. Brought Obama and wiretap. My bones mom wires in the trump tell war. And now there Vera all kind of hazard investigations. And qualifications. As soon. Well it didn't really remember yeah group mean did bomb. Created wiretapped his moral I think it's sure bill payments. End and we go back to ball we hear so often. Don't don't pay attention to what he says. Pay attention to what he's done. But he said. Wiretapping. And he's stayed behind that quite a while. Never got to aboard a good one of the biggest. Backers. Devin lewdness. Republican chairman House Intelligence Committee. Been there for trump the whole time. Made clear a couple of days ago there is no. Evidence to suggest trump towers was wiretapped. Newton has said. Quote utter I don't think there was an actual tempo and formed a war. He added that you're taking from where it's liberal if you're taking them liberally. Which you said. You shouldn't do. And clearly the president was wrong. And send all of this so we're gonna look at a bolts that moved through in sandwiches in your bill Hebrew institute studies. It was sanctioned technology privacy and civil liberties you name it he's got the expertise. Julian appreciate. So and so what you think it is trump. And April I think his tweets. And there Obama. Wire tapped from top awards and and there's some really bad didian. Yeah I mean media files here recently where the first one just pan out. President Obama. My wires trump tower. And age in case you thought you maybe talk in abstract about the Obama administration. Basically. You know what that guy Alia that the obvious talking personally about. And credit directive from the present. And then later that is. You know it was my phone that is really not just talking at some general and about your own being tapped. Giuliani. Pretty clear that he thought he was talking about wired up and last night and and interview. Attacker broke. I mean yeah again that. Potentially in. Abide. Briefing document but I've been reading. It's for the New York Times. And watching Fox News. And they had definitely. Used the wire bunched. But the article. In the truck segment by in the Arctic we're talking about wiretap. Russian officials. That had picked up of course. People on the front campaign must famously. My plans to end up losing his job over it. I'm a heat but he is key. Did at least initially. Just misunderstand. And think these are stories about him being wiretapped. I'm now they've tried to turn it saves that I think well. Wiretapping powers that it a lot of things and we man. Some kind. Surveillance. More generally which debate that almost certainly true and some cents. But yeah I mean some news this week and understanding. They. And this administration doesn't want today. Yeah he got it wrong air. And cricket as if from wronged your with the Cato Institute a libertarian. Organizations. For you to release Paul and do liberal category of the conservative category. But we we hear Kellyanne Conway said the global. Crisis and site architect and a good things and Swedes. Don't think Kim literally. Watch what he'd go parts. Well it's a business and then he stayed mes they bias did he not. I mean really does seem and stuck by hello is it telling that in the immediate aftermath and then. Under report sent later that day to realize it may be gone too far I am bitter cold for investigation. Say much publicly directly from. Finally at trump himself didn't make much further comment. Until that this later interview now seem like there. Paddling. A little bad and sang La maybe like in wiretap required in quotation mark that we've been in one of the week. To try and certainly well it yet really mean wiretapped without. Explicitly saying yadda stay. But you know interpret that you people think you know make it work immediately obvious but but I am. Under those fight a lot to do under color of law. Wiretaps someone for political purposes which is what it is. Are accusing. Bruck Obama felony so you know you'd poetic license I think. Probably should should stop when we're talking about the present but cheating using his predecessor in a very public forum to millions of followers. Committing a crime. Kindred ten days centered ten in the eighties said listen. Crew decides to call a and he. Our president guilty oval felony. Without repercussions. If it's proven. Bear there was no in sanctioned with the in the thing colonias. We ought to be very in my deeper anyone to have been legally punished for it it might be. Libel. Or slander yeah. You knew that it was not true that it reckless indifference to whether it was true I'm I'd find it pretty hard to match. I Barack Obama suing Donald Trump for libel. So there may not be any complexes. The end it in a legal and although I think it's clear that he's he Republicans in down on the deal. Saying. You know we were not seeing any evidence that it doesn't look like it's true I think it might hurt his credibility with our allies. So we either have Moonves and company. OMB House Intelligence. Committee. Came investigating. This they finally. Talk Pia Pia and finally told to do. Justice Department in the Dick clear unequivocal. Bullet. That different there was no wire tapping. Does it just got. Yeah probably. Get into that our pal from often those things that. Being not to be true and that there but there isn't any evidence or like he thinks. Two million people voted illegally in in the presidential election. And. You know but it. Turned out and it's about it usually does seem to. Eventually just go ahead and maybe in part there is that two people have that. Some huge from the happening that things and maybe you shouldn't take and he's seriously. And so he he seemed not. State. Repercussion. When he when he she's from it like this and other political figures might. Very introducing stable of those taken brake or come right bank thoughts comments. Using 01 day he'd celebrity. Book worm were red state we broadcasts to like five red states all over the goad Gold Coast. Many of you voted port trump. Is is this okay. Where he says things were reasonably it really mean that went. He needed it it's kind of good Jim roses Asian and we've relied compact. Big and shoot from the hip. Without any real facts. Does does that make you. More inclined to defend your vote for him more or lasts two reserves are wondering so. Or a burden finger but locally instead oh Obama. In the bumble play it's wiretap. This followed Angela and in the trump tower. Now I have the Republican. Chairman of the House Intelligence. Committee. Who'd been Big Brother grew from coming and saying quote I don't think there was in the actual count of trumped hours. He added dead appeared taking troops tweets literally view Edwards she's says do. You shouldn't do. Then clearly the president the words wrong. Veterans in all this we have Julian Sanchez would be OK drew institute. Julian. Crichton a program soon to Lindsey Graham Republican self or wrong. Has pleaded with the appeal and to stop stonewalling. Congress on it's them all so. Their investigation. Into Russian potential pots of Russian influence in 2000 succeeding election. Me in bill and of their bitter virtually begging the FBI did come in something called millions communion on Monday. Does stop stonewalling. Them. We're what do you think about the fact that they don't seem to be able to adapt to. The information. Ought to be intelligence community. Yes it is a little bit partly that we we are reports that James combing an app. I almost immediately after from me accusation and where I asked the Justice Department to come out publicly. I think fruit. Edged. On matter was unwilling to do it for. We are not sure why it might just be that it's embarrassing to say the boxes is making up out I'm might ultimately be and they don't like. Getting in the app it confirming nine publicly whether. In any particular wiretap happened that they tabled it isn't true. Identity people now I'm only and that patient and polite and you are about one. And it is true so they're different reasons they might like to do that. Graham and more broadly about about. Whether there is an ongoing investigation year. And it almost seems like they're refusal to public it would be very. There's just publicly you know there's no investigation. So. But back to me they don't just yet did you I think that. There there of course. At least certainly was. And no one investigation at least several. And maybe their and a a difficult position now of course because. The investigation would concern. The president and so there. You know. Wary. And hitting it would interfere or that wrapped up. In and again and Gregory of I'm wrong and there conservative or liberal you were Libyan terror and with the case drew institute. The right away if we pay. That is wired to them typing at the board tapping actually go and should not be taken literally. Should would transfer that to everything he says it's. Bad. While we don't really know a few rulings saying what he's saying. Did it and it may be something different. His actions may be different from what he's saying. Have a boy ever been presented with a situation before where we've got a president. Then tweets about everything from or rule of warts and they are. Two. An unknown reporter wrote prophetic reporter getting. Tax returns over his friend some. Do would do we have Paul on board we go well when he talks who's about North Korea the middle he's sure the economy. Should we take him literally. I mean these deputy. Politician. Actually the truth at all certain way. But certainly it is it is quite usual in mr. frequency at. Things that are sent it seems like often know no real evidence at all. Which you know again if you're. Someone on Twitter. Shooting up opinions maybe that. Not that different from what a lot of people do I am is pretty unusual for. President of the United States in public statements. To be quite that. Erratic hand making claims that that he and president for. Aren't frontal chords and again group executive arm wrong I think all of this began with the radio true votes more blue being anchors and constitute a threat or your. Word was I think warned of the president's. Any Kim and said Haiti. I simply put together that this story is that you who do news media's put on public record. There were two flights applications. The secret court. And it's called the foreign intelligence surveillance. Court. It's all about Serb bailouts. And the Indy basically says because. There were two flights applications. That it's bad it's proved that bad there were surveillance or more or. And that's it is an opinion if you look at. Both the means that in the bright article summing it up. He was making his broader argument that there are factions in outlook community that are working to undermine the administration embarrassing leaks. And it ended it is becoming better these that there'd been a quite a lot of intelligently that. Seem calculated or what brilliant administration. Oblivion or didn't actually delivered to acquire a power. They reference the couple articles in the British press from the back in talked about. I am and that should change that is. The greens well I know. There's some very good national security teams at the Wall Street Journal and the imposed a kind of in trying to confirm that. Arm and I'm not been able to do so. I can do the circle and confirmed. By a report in the British press talking about application to that by the court or some kind of order. It's important by the court but just approved wiretap. I mean approached Google searches pre orders for various kinds of records. Records of communications records from and company partner company I'm so. These stories in the British press are true on the written application or some kind of order. Which might not have been wiretap order I'm back. Initially made some direct reference to. People that he's the tramp campaign. And was turned down by the court sent back to a couple of an angled narrower. And then they came back and were granted an order that lies. Targeting. Foreign entities Russian banks well what connected to this investigation. Into link between people on the track campaign and we government. I'm throwing a cute thing to do that time we will call you go and Abbie great day. Double. Are you borrowed think about Bard trampling and crawled earlier this woman president trump earlier this once we did quote. Obama. Have barbed wires tapped. In from toe war jaws book war with the victory. And Nicole ballclub guru sick guy. And then I think Monday of this week. Pres sectors are shown mr. comes up and support. And think that Obama. Would have been absent homes per song that you lose it was more or. A reference to surveillance. And then you've gotten to DeVon Newton says it's and I think chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who's been very big back from its own mobile home. Holding a news conference and the basic policing and zero of it and said from time it was from wired tapped his quote wants. I don't think there was actual tapper of from Tel world. He added that if we're taking prompts tweets liberally. And which is that you shouldn't do being clear clearly. The president was wrong. Veterans at all that's for look at boats and we have on Vaughn spoke on. Manager electoral reform initiative bouncing your legal. A little more of them being eased the third settler for legal judicial studies. Heritage Foundation. Or can you get all that own abysmal score. Yet I have to go in those exercise. And at the. I think you've got to Rosalie talked about that is. Social talked and we do as it did it does it look like trump was right or wrong in the in drugs would really mess and. Well. I I didn't look at the coupling that they have that and I think past the first the ball look he's not a lawyer and a lot of people are looking at ways that wiretap being. To and there wrote about it today oh what he only talking about when somebody like books. Petit that's on your phone I think it's pretty clear that when he was talking about was it. That he believes that the federal government was engaging in surveillance. Of drugs across our. Well you know these not a lawyer he's not always exactly do look our op olive. All of the news. Yeah but I'm not a warrior end I can tell you I was gonna accused of former press ads in New England states all wired debt and and I really didn't mean god said do you ought I think he's Serb bailing me. And then take a quarter of such as columns and says it. Looked like girl I don't I don't disagree with you but let's look at the evidence that we know is there to buy what people are saying today now look plan. And a two year. The New York on. Among others and the guardians. Is in London. Both for stories in which date. That they had spoken to is individuals inside the FBI. Who told them that. The FBI and applies it to be secret by as the court. To get permission and wore it to surveil individuals associated with the trump campaign in including apparently inside trump tower. For those fearless on. Five days of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act the the law that was passed and it's the law that is used by our intelligence agencies. When they want to get a war and to surveil someone who they believe is is possibly be agent. About foreign power it does secret court obviously it it needs to be for the kind of work they do. And all of it has its resources. An application was applied for last summer. It was turned down which is very unusual quirk Peru's most of of all the applications but then they ran another story. Right before the elections saying that. An application was made again. For a war to surveil. Poke the associated with the trump campaign and to look at. Apparently a computer error. Inside to prompt powers as he did very connections with a particular two Russian banks and at this time and October it was granted. Now so far I haven't seen anyone. Come out and today. Those stories were wrong no byes awards were applied for know buy the war was issued and you don't members of congress. Have they actually been. Briefed yet on whether those espy awards for it to current debt to me is the key question is if they worry those stories are right. Then surveillance did occur. Good wood wouldn't so admittedly knew that as some of that crew problem. Not come out in due been actively say. There's no evidence from wire tapping without saying but. Didn't. There is plenty evidence of the surveillance. And even in the trump to. I don't know why he made that statement that the questions that he should have been NASA that press conference. Are. How do you know that. Have you spoken wit and been briefed by the FBI on whether or not. Any by the awards were applied for an issue and I don't believe he was asked that question or said anything about that thought I. You know I I just to have problems when puke about makes statements were that was out compelling. How did they know that to be true because the hole by the process like is that it's no secret. And I'm glad he's gotten a secret intelligence briefing from the FBI in which state said. No side to warrant was issued. I don't see how he can say that and and by the way. Coldly. He's in charge of that he's in charge of the FBI counterintelligence. Agents. If no side of the war it was ever issued why is he just come out and say that but he bit easy for. Are intimately and integrity and Bloomberg come back. I'm an as skill okay and let it Obama bids for bail. Is that something. It's just common occurrence in the in the news. There's government Deborah taught and civic client losses prince including. And end. Does that is a horror on a regular basis and some in Schumer. Jim Bob and said whoa. Probably as crazy Google begins intelligence community. They can unwind him every day but Sunday. Or we have civilians. So books and now you're the intelligence community. And think that it's a common occurrence. I presidents. If they have no problem politically dates are barely over one. A beloved yeah. Our bureau of think about president trump saying that basically birds and Obama income fell in these illegally tapped his phone line and light bulb for the election in drum tower. Now we've gut. The other side saying. That literally it was it is it was just kind of overall form of probably surveillance. And god to others pointing to. Ko blow by its applications. Radio's secret that wrong chord that that certainly it blinds. Two of Trump's. And communications. Federal and send all of this we have how and bonds' spot called ski with Pia are treated foundation. On and to do is Eunice for a for the break. If it's it's a barred tapping it probably do surveillance. In the got trumped Schumer in dissented saying boy Democrat and saying boy if if of Fulham. Use is accusing the intelligence community involvement wrongdoing he's ready he's big can rip them up. In every word you could possibly think of should week. The un educated and uneducated populace they okay these guys. Dues gold Doug re against each other. And board. Whose intelligence community as small outward and today and can. Well OK okay. And look I think most. Look I think a large number of people who work our intelligence agencies are good Americans who want to write day by. We all vote that that there are people unfortunately who have been who have gotten jobs those intelligence. Agencies many of them unfortunately during the prior administration. Do want to use their positions for political purposes and and all you need to. Remember to realize that is the fact that look Mike Michael full land. Was forced to resign he was going to be you know the new National Security Council at Fort Drum line. Because something like any. Current and former intelligence officials. Oh lead to dead we had successfully penetrated. These security of the Russian ambassador and that there were actually tree in script of a telephone call. That. Land had with the Russian ambassador now. There is not thing and that phone call. That was illegal or unlawful words indicated it fully and do anything wrong but the very fact that. These intelligence officials were willing to disclose. Something like this that would that we had successful penetration. A Russian security line in order to get Michael Flynn. Shows that there are some unfortunately very partisan individuals inside the intelligence they that we all ought to be worried about. And in fruits and times thank you roots and expertise. And rate today. What would. Hung jurors. Whom. We were about the intelligence. Community. Hurting presidents. Of the United States. We're gonna worry about presidents. Surveilling. Each other. We get worried about presidents. And make his statement read who all were no the president and created a period of more or. Did Nolan need to wiretapping in the news. Wiretap by Mitt surveillance. A red you know maybe this is the way it's always been on board the fact that we're learning about how it's always been. Goes back to fortune I have as little as five years. And more and more again at the end through is nobody. Who do you crossed. Double W. Are ready. Corroded jaguar opinion poll which is if there is no evidence shall Boyer attempting should there be any consequences. Were present and trump. After accusing Obama of a felony. And being proven wrong 65%. Of abuse say the no. So anything you want to know consequences. Got a view of your re good situation to be able to do that come out of that the trump trading continues to judges. Have bowed to once again. Bought from Strobl ban. Talk about bad and more. In the next hour. Governor a bill brigade celebrity AM 053. After.