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Think Tank 1210pm Trump's travel ban

Mar 16, 2017|

2 judgs have moved to block Trump's travel ban. Do you agree with them? Upcoming event for her new album "Somebody's Child" at the Saenger TONIGHT This hours guest: Andrew Cohen - CBS Analyst Judith Owens - Singer & songwriter

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aren't welcome back to do you have think tank. President probably drew remember. A mother's own goal being instituted. Aid troubled brand. Number of conference room world. Got bell knocked down by via federal judicial system. Fine tune it. And he did little bit more agreeable so they thought. And plunged in Brooklyn federal Georgian boy and I think even O'Meara in Maryland. Has knocked it down again. Loads of foreign rice and more importantly let's get more details we have Andrew core and buried. Is he legal analyst roots CBOs. You lose some of his very valuable time and group preachers now. All right talk to her about this would blow what exactly happened and what does this mean. Well the second and third suspect. Keep me except an executive order that was issued by the White House. It was designed to. To cure some of the defects in the first step and that the much chaos. An airport and another border crossing. The administration believes that by narrowing the scope of the order. By allowing more people into the country by not affecting visa holders and so forth. That the federal courts would be more receptive. To the band especially in. A president any president has broad immigration authority. In the constitution and also via congress. So that the new band is I am drafted. And the administration. Reveals it stands basically says look we've learned the lessons from the first and we think this is. They constitutional bland. Protecting the country in the name national security while being respectful of the rights of people to enter and that argument essentially was rejected twice. In the last I would say twelve hours first by the federal judge in Hawaii and then early this morning by a federal judge in Maryland both of whom. Potentially reach the same conclusion which is that because of the comment president trump has made. About his being a Muslim band because of the comments that Rudy Giuliani has made about it being a Muslim man because of the comments of other White House officials. Basically along those lines there is a question. About whether there is discriminatory intent. Behind that the the order and so long as the courts are concerned about this being. Some sort of religious discrimination under the First Amendment they are reluctant to allow the band to go into effect. And India. They're looking at comments by brewer is controlled by Julia and by its sleeve and others. And and ruling them third knocking different and in part because of that. The waters you'd talk to is there any scenario. Words those tips a true. I think the great question right because once there is that taint of discrimination. Then there's only in the deepest suspicions. That no matter what this span. It is going to be you know invalid or at least it's going to be delayed. And so there can be a trial to evaluate. How far the discrimination. Is if it exists at all. So one of the things I think that secure it is that the federal government came up with it. Better national security justification for the band. That is the flip side at this point you're allowed to discriminate to a certain extent if you can justify discrimination. And let these judges that said both the first program with the first stand in now with this band is that the federal government continues to fail to provide. A rational explanation. Based on evidence. Or why it needs to ban these particular countries these particular people. Given the vetting that goes on so. As long as the court they're basically saying look you can prove your case could you have to. Come to court with evidence that the long is that they say the federal government is failing to provide that evidence. This band is going to be in trouble I think the quote yesterday was. Palpably analogic. Illogical. Theological palpable that's the quote from the white judge. In describing the government defense that it pain and when you have judges basically calling the government illogical. That you have problems. Do area. They should specifically. No logic of the government's contentions. Is palpable. The notion the boy and condemns shrewd and marched towards in the group of people. Only by targeting all of them at once is fundamentally. Flawed. Talk to look in the lawyers or orb representatives. Of the of the size grid will there be Eric did foundation or anybody who's. It's as well now. What we didn't need to do it looks. So many consent. Does make sense that it's a great question and I think what you're what you're getting at is what is going to be the solution you know of course once solutions in the B. This will make it perhaps to the US Supreme Court in the US Supreme Court a little bit more conservative. And maybe it's that you know they're gonna defer more to the drug administration. That these judges so far have been willing to defer. Can and you craft a I've refugee band traveled and an intraday and more narrowly tailor of course he can't. I you can say that. We are not in unnecessarily targets. Oh lead the six Muslim nation. We're gonna target every nation in a certain way we're gonna treat not just Muslim nations that with a heightened that scrutiny we're Gannett you know. Look at all these nations that no one of the problems. With the logic. In this came up more in the first go around the first stand. Is that for example the countries that said that of nine elevenths hijacker. Is and on the man he shot. The man. So that these problems that I guess how practical solutions but they don't yet have political solutions in other words the drug administration. Is still trying to. Carve out that area where the courts are gonna be deferential and listened the other sort of moving part here. The president himself keeps saying things. That lawyers and judges used against him. In the court he started in again last night in his speech in Tennessee making comments about why the first and was the better man. These are things that don't help the government they don't help the administration. If it wants to get to court. To endorse you know these executive order so as long as that's happening the lawyers for the plaintiff. So are challenging these and their delight it. And end Craig may have differences too crazy talk. If if you're in the trumps a news who can we unit of modern time. We're we're gonna have to include nations that are that are not mugging a majority. Where you look good brand that you look at that Germany where there's been terrorist attacks. From those areas. Would would you have to put a clamp on the and 24 appear. Dad did the Genesis of terrorism that we're seeing in bureau would come here. Right well I it's not a crazy idea. Could and I am sure that if you were together. Five or six neutral independent. Immigration. And terrorism counterterrorism expert together and that what forget about the politics of all of them. Let them you know the most effective thing to do you might come up with something like that. But the politics clearly are not in play and don't forget the we now have an administration with the president who campaigned on this. That there is part of the campaign was to. Focused on this sort of other band and so. There is this conflict that exists between what. These judges say the constitution requires. And what the administration wants to do there have been conflicts in the past. Obviously the Obama administration. Right famously wanted to implement its own immigration policy very different. Then bit and the court including US Supreme Court ultimately shot down. I'm viral cores from we've only got about him and correct me apart wrong. It if if we have refugees. That are applying for a asylum in this country where the breeze Syria with the breed authority whether breed Jordan. Don't they go refugee camps and take two to three years of extensive. Bending. Oh poured they ever get on the plane. That is yet that is what the point that have been saying. That is what basically the refugee community has been saying the the sort of the international community has been saying that these are not people or coming. From their own. Cities and villages directly into LaGuardia. Speaker spoke to have been extensively dated on the American side. Even if they're vetting procedures in their local. Jurisdictions aren't so great so. Yes this is part of why the court keeps saying why have signaled that the these countries. Why have singled out these mostly Muslim countries. When clearly there bidding procedures in place and of course the government says. These are areas these are places where the bidding isn't nearly as good as it needs to be that sort of justification. But clearly the courts are not buying the least for now that justification. And drew a nor does your appreciated that time you have a great day you can thank you Andrew Cohen should gives legal analyst what do you think too procedure one that needs somebody doubled up DO. Or Edwards thing given once again federal George news floral. Have bogged down president do controlled should ban them all in trouble in the number 674. And confers. That same board your listeners think goes screwed Tim and terrible road Tim good talking. Thanks Colin. We don't need to worry about the news and Mo would Netflix that. I was truly. Amenities not surprise but my eyes by the year. Careers Poland's bid does appear that. What pepper the president changed Tuesday. Becomes accepted by some of us. Which is truly frightening type of thing. However the judges. In their implement blowback did say words matter. And deception does not always breeds success. So in this case. Case law may ultimately decided and Supreme Court mail truck what they have done however it will be long and perhaps not. A process without pain before we get there what bothers me is that degree. In tolerance which seems to be demonstrated. By anybody not having. The same opinion with the golf activists. You certainly remember when Tip O'Neill and Reagan got together regularly. And one other Democrats and Republicans have gotten together but it seems to be nothing on this one except perhaps something will come mode. The health care situation before so away but this this is true and frightening prospect. And think all of this schooling and John Breaux bill would Tuesday's filming decades of when I asked him you're bored bored blog what's the process in congress. Oversimplify. It. But basically and they said we Crowe actually oh and we negotiated would compromised. One gives one time BOB gives the other and we move on from we get things done. Today there's gridlock. In congress not only between the Democrats in the Republicans but between the Republicans and the Republicans. And now we'll give federal judges saying. Well we're we're gonna rule. At at least in part. Over wide view who endured members reach in said that about us. Both formally rule on trouble but. There were borders schooling. Well that would normally be very illogical except. It is blow back because they're original words. Do matter. God forbid that problem could get in the middle of town square with. What more bullets or bullet war rather than what we got. There is there as an aid for cooperation unfortunate at this stage in the game nobody particularly wants to. Soon intrude Jim frigid call is always martic in the ham and got about a minute you're raw and. Yeah how quick. Look at the constitutional. Court the constitutional. Or right aren't immune. Light access and full access to United States no matter what I do know that the constitution judge grant the loan on. A question that you determine what it right. When there's Brett. So let me go over so should we blocked the threats brands. England Solder ray being a rock. Across the board Robert and you dot com. Eager to Israel pro. The Hirsch are. Blocked some possible they don't block can be broke while you're right there. But they don't block and oh. Thought well. So. Now that I'm a model and. That should that profile and that's not so well in this country can't come in. Well they need to be some and apparently beaches and today. Democrats or Republicans. Are Jewish sure that everybody that they serve and wells and not thinking. Oh we knew there. We do bear market appreciated the call. But diverted to block a ball. Won't. Comers. You know you name it everything crumbled we've we can't do that. Didn't very complicated what do you think double of the yelled brigade 70 AM moral line to reopen. Our morgue caller thrown only listeners. LED's whom to whom like Mike current double dubbed Leo appreciate it now. Parent go. There are our. Now like you all were ordered a ala carte. On my. Line. That they. General. You know. My. Body contact the rough. Why are associate lied about the cot. And then just. All about the why lie about it why can't it get caught up and that no. That's happened here now now. Order a terror or they'll. Now there. People. People or. So caught the car. It. At all. Here. Here. Like the by. It. Caught. The football. I don't understand why people can't fit through this B. Economy. In silica would be in the majority board introducing deliberately doubled epic. Plan was at the beach with the wife got a call from the combat sugar. Oh win to answer it. Nothing on toward. Effort in that congress sanction. What he'd lie and about a bird talking to him. All under the point though they're not discussed that was appropriate. You knew which should know that election and actually auction eight. Like you should know. It is all are being recorded prevail. Why. Our. Law there were so disgust. There were sort. Quid pro quo. You know. That law. Law. Ought. Wrong lied about it and that's what most. In my opening it. Up and. Final question. It would what do we do it day. In and end all of these charges of big news and I didn't mean. You shouldn't take it literally. Look at what they do not want guns say. The conservatives are big news a liberal or page news. We may Indy since the business. By getting out of our club. And and down in the current market with a. Now could what is the problem is the problem can't. We can't campaign words matter. What you say. What comes out your mouth matter. Are you can't walk it back at where it really did. But it looked up something. With the with the north Koreans summed it up with their brands such as Syria so good at what I. And say. All right and walked back. To the problem well. Let the bodies. Under the age is extremely on educate. He doesn't or at least job. All right and when he guest talks on the backside. Like we accept it. Adult public accepted that but oh man and all of this has worked all this is our problem. And we have the accident or a year and we say well you know it really doesn't matter what the world. It does matter what you say and what you like rock of Bob. Barack Obama or not what you liked it wobbled like it or not they were you extremely good people. All right explain what they meant and what they say and do in the way that you could. And might give you got a good toward that can be argued because the two federal judges why he and Merrill and did shrugged around the league is probably and ploy and to what he said. Why he is members of goods administration. Said that matter they go back and qualified or whatever. The federal judge load and so what Jews said. Proves. You wore a muzzle bay and we're gonna do and I used the back end. So I think they got a good bored bored bored you say doesn't or WW. Over exhausted during the troll trading pattern that you've got to be some good time and talk completely about some pretty happy eat. And you do that and thrilled to be talking about my favorite talking to pay brood pianist singer songwriters Giroux did or ends. Judith Rhode Island almost 101000 years. Ina implicate a minute but I'm I am yes I'm glad that you that you're you'd think this means particularly exciting. I look at my site. Edinburgh and read some anger. I'm like. Tonight among on the chat chat that tree right Perry and and so on arms you with Maria. Incredible back. Without the united my time. That is the acute kidney to dwell on things like it lately. Magnificent. Sang it read through a pretty excited to get accused. She'll with the all the you'll on the road so if you do. Yes that is the plan and stop Purdue goes out and. Not just. And you. Her child and and so on. Martina. My leg injury by plan. He. You can Thailand accounting integrity good sense of the Phil Collins. With me during an. And my district. And the action then and this is acting that way. I'm a mom who. Then. I again a couple of weeks off. But I'm backing it but aghast at the partner but through it item action except we can. A pretty pretty much might this in Philadelphia. In America and continue touring. It is it this is. You know that it's an honor to. So you. Eleventh so well boom somebody's child talk about it. Well he's only talking about. Everything that's going on in this strange bleak time but you know it's on but I think. When music and and an election expert report that. I think for. Between human of that and I think at panda so I. The title track. Yeah development in milk could shopping facility. And indeed you go in history haven't standing. Net quietly tracked Ike but makes its client client drugs. I mean the most shocking and beautiful thing in the NC. An Iraq medical supplies could decline in thinking that terrify you didn't. And we get the record into the line where it on a seeing someone in this situation. I ran I ran I I would like. A kind and at one point I had this. Pretty cool I was looking that should the company's like the equity. Saying we have a lot right. But that brain chemistry. Council and the way it is the difference between me being out at Christmas shopping. Street. Child having child and Senator McCain attempt but for the whole. Album because it is the opinion it's still owns about. The things that we captain I think that we important and speak. A lot about. Our humanity you have a and other people on the planet and it rather than capital. Dhaka. And a gunman Pakistan into the into the ninety you know and on and China are instantly it's ridiculous to be getting great joy of this you know I IE. I feel that. That's subtext of this. It is very much about they'll missing so big stuff and I hand right now and to me to be much more important it has been. Rolling Stone quote best album and Joni Mitchell never made. Nine. Equivalent. I'd like Selena cool amusement. I handle I think you know I think the public. To a confessional. You know we that because she she got the at the all right thing you know someone began a taxi. If you're in you put that they'll all. Justina in the decade to keep being used it sounds good see you were trying to cover it to great. Many things. Of national intelligence to it say something to say exactly. Well we could we think that it it'll it'll here again you know knocking. So. At that the acting like opener and that it got like earnings. We've got about 3045. Seconds to go what are people gonna hear that some anger tonight from drew with or. You know Kia. You can laugh and cry and be our audience planes and you're gonna see company news. Very proud you care plan living in New Orleans with my. Amazing at a munitions. And in your car and new engine not coming into this sad what are what are you thinking. Mean I haven't seen them for these I thought her ticket. Particularly. I thought it was enough time again about how to practice. An article about indexes immune to its army. I've got a tendency at the break through this or thanks them I think you won't lately read yet. Great day. WWL. Already come burden that scooped. Are you ready to repeal admirably so voluntary approach and trumpet is taken to the road to talk about his plan and mr. rubio Limbaugh plays its obamacare. Utter buddy of those on board bolts. And that the old that little problem will of these C word reader its bid soon. Siewert. Compromise. It's. Lattimore covered up with screwed don't go away. Margaret helped incident and they think you for the paper clips and true wouldn't go a bit old show together for those who view rulers and thank you so much. Have a great day the public a bureau big gate. Seventy immortal 53. After it.