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3/15/17 Scoot 3pm- Your kids are watching you!

Mar 16, 2017|

We started an honest conversation about real life and some of the real problems that lead young people in the wrong direction. The stories are heartwarming and inspiring. We’ll continue it today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And order remind you that the young leadership councils Wednesday at the square free concert series begins this afternoon with Irma Thomas at Lafayette square it's free it's from five till late that there are. Things that you cannot purchase a food and beverage Weis right there you might need a jacket or sweater but it's going to be a beautiful Wednesday afternoon for Wednesday to square. Before we get to the topic for this hour are just a reminder. You what we've been talking about so we have a talking about politics and Republicans and democratic leaders of the House Intelligence Committee say. They have seen no evidence supporting president Trump's claim that the Obama administration wiretapped him last year. Also the United States and is has announced that charges. Against two Russian security services officers and two Packers this is all surrounding the under the huge should data breach. And Yahoo! so they'll be more coming out about that. And I know you've heard this in the news it was a breaking last night ritual manna from MSNBC. Received a from journalists a copy of I two pages of Donald Trump's income taxes. For 2005. And it really sheds positive light on our president trumpet so a lot of people believe in including a lot of media experts. And political experts believe that either Donald Trump or somebody close to the account administration. Leaked this information out as a distraction. From all the other stuff that's going on and are pretty jag opinion poll was about that the last two hours. Do you think president trop where somebody friendly to the president police attacks information. 55% said yes and 45%. Said no. We've also been talking about something that is somewhat related to what we're talking about this hour. And Eddie is in the shooting five people shot four are dead. Pasadena in Metairie. Kapanen to 4 o'clock in the morning so it's pretty clear that he was struck spoke we don't know that officially. And also mentioned that a twelve year old boy was accidentally shot to death by his nine year old brother. Outside of Saint Louis. They were home alone just before 11 o'clock am playing with a gun and the gun went off. The last couple of days. We have started discussion on this show. About how society is no longer shocked. By a new story to 212 year olds used to gun. To attempt to rob a couple in a prominent section of uptown New Orleans that's it's not even shocking news anymore. That led to a lesser calling his famous car all. And it really led the conversation down in new path. And after Carl might call yesterday. And then Tony and Tammy called yesterday. What I love about this conversation is this seems to be the beginning of an honest conversation about what leads young people to become criminals. And it's coming from firsthand experience of people who live the life. And there are different stories I want to share some of these highlights with you but what I also love about this conversation the last two days. Is it has not focused on race. It's focused on human behavior. Because that's the issue. That's what we need to be talking about. I've wrote a blog for our website facsimile. They they effected the calls I just mentioned the four calls that I just mentioned the full conversations. Our rob embedded in the blog on our web site but like this title the beginning of an honest conversation about what creates young criminals. And you can read that you share with others it's very compelling it's on our website at WW dot com. But it's about it's about the environment in which people are raced. It's about human behavior. It's not about no jobs it's not about no education. It's about people. It's about the lack of leadership from parents and grandparents and adults. And we've been talking about this a lot and it was just interesting that randomly. Caller started to share their stories which really confirmed what what do I believe him what a lot of people have believed Fareed very very long time. And a politician story dresses. The politicians and the leaders. Address. Tangible things like jobs and education. They don't address the human behavior. It leads to this problem. Our colleague yesterday Mike. Was talking about. The environment in which she cruel here's part of what he sent. Now it's time. Lawler. Mom being taught how to steal being taught how to buy drugs they've taught how to cook drug addict bag at whatever. How to make money out of Greenville plea on a horse. Run out of Walgreens with him being on the project and other. Was taught how to do it got out like home than normal like you should've got I just thought out well the short key. Are forking it and who who who talk you. People living in a project called Big Brother maybe we saw in Biel and Binyamin about always lighten up. Charge whatever I have that switches golf. Ask that you be. Mike went on to talk about how education. It's not did the complete issue. Thirteen miles long but at about 111213. Not out of the city. Emmett and just aren't enough that I. But still it does little breezy and doubt that it's not that. It's it's it's at all bought into all out support is always a boy and important their children at Asia. Featuring not think they're the (%expletive) beat out compact yet but what is the appeal in the opening up I ignored those here. No one like Specter and a canopy and a all tumble spurt. In Paris that you move them out or out of Waller. Children are first application at first to me it just smile and your education is not shorts. In the wall everything else first and then not. Hear back about this year or. This was what what what the RJ motto it's not an education urged. And what Mike was saying here's what he moved outside of New Orleans he saw a different way of life he saw. People doing different things and and that appealed to the goodness in him and he changed. And it was very similar to call that we had Carl at the end of the show Monday afternoon who talked about when he moved to look plus his life changed. And although he was taught. No longer made sense. This is the stuff that politicians and leaders are not discussing. And I'm not gonna put this conversation done. We may not have it every day but this is gonna be recurring conversation that is going to define. This show. Here's what a call yesterday Jermaine had to say about being black. Enormous. Outlived all across Louisiana and just a load of live in. Bold move to lead content from Long Island and I a culture should children expect that there was. Other things out there and being treated like a city kitten while the government will be in in the column content that is about sixteen. Yet the average life and what a break in any laws. Annika that looks. You see poor kids in the car. Black kids. In April so that week I used to like if you Morgan of people color. The police on YouTube debate they took some may put that occurred told the and I. Now I'll go to college I would that you detected in them. Do pretty well much of Abdullah. And I didn't. That that would abnormal until. Speaking with people from different. So we learned there was was was that don't know Germany was kind of talking about something that is certain is it's a different topic is certainly as part of the overall discussion. Bites. The point is. Is that too many young people are being taught. To be criminals. And I guess the overall theme of this conversation is your kids are watching you whether it's drugs and stealing or sex. Call our car or Carl a caller on on Monday afternoon. I asked him was when did have sex for the first time assists thirteen. But his friends are having sex at eleven and twelve it was all around him he sought everywhere. I didn't see sex in one time actually walked in on my parents freaked out I was about eleven. That's a story for another show like you're supposed to see that when your twelve years old. If you wanna join us with your story or your comments are numbers 260187. Terry coach 5042601878. Text 87870. I'm scoots happy birthday to date to Bret Michaels of poison and now are soft on his own pride Michael's 54 years old today. And we'll be back. On WL. Yeah that's what your kids do. They walk like you walk. They talk like you talk. They are watching you here's a Texas yikes goats exit twelve I was still playing with my Barbie. And it was playing at my sister's Barbie the twelfth which I don't know makes it look I found her more attractive than GI GO OK from New Orleans David your WWL. Taste good culpable for our culture geography and want to there as well as poverty climate kind of thing that look that big pitcher. There as a general correlation of course with. Poverty crime but there is an earlier correlation between the root of the poppy crop IV drug related. Murders doesn't necessarily mean it's partly because the ordeal write a lot of problem so movement on that. An and articles and citizenship and his stated it cultural and social its environmental scrambling. Look at the appellation mountain region in the 1930s. Is but he could be. Well before welfare food stamps earned income credits those security disability. The next and okra will be. What made the departure. I mean farmers or everything but it is almost honor there was no food stamps no well. You like me being worked on. You're right and that's because people call waiting to buy would complain to and so people always make that excuse that the Blackstone now. Let out. That's Foster orderly crowd you know people once yeah election crackdown goes through it and crack and drugs and and it and that's the thought that war on drug legalization and I didn't like Caroline and I could probably should. Cooperation is what created Al Capone and the minute minute twelve aware. So that and that if some of it. Reynolds tobacco use is is distributed matter war it's common. It's gonna do away with the crowd can on them quite this so you look at the big picture and any use our crime and many calls called it. You know it is so many broken at least now I mean that skip on out there. I mean apparently network that would. Mean the blame on property and strategic. When I in a couple of caller David appreciate your information and and the call a couple of callers are yesterday talked to Bono actually was one on on Monday and then when yesterday talked about how. You know they they were born Oxley was to yesterday they were born in the in Nissan environments and yet on. They were taught to be different white. Here's a Texas says thanks for doing their shows scoot too we need to have a dialogue like this we see and hear all the bad on the news. I can never change anything without. Understanding why and how it happens this is bit. We're not go with this conversation done. Tammy called our show yesterday and I got the impression that she was. On an owner operator of a boss and she was picking up kids after school she was on hold. She came from New Orleans but she was taught a different way even though she grew up in the same neighborhood as others here's part of what Tammy sent. I'm. Here in the water on the in. It. Out burglaries and I'm. In sought out and cranking. And everything note guys who framed soared to. Acting on my pay an. Angle from Amman in my lord do and that angle on time coming month. It could be different it was 62. Boys in for Guerrero. And every one time Calgary. I think I am. This Israel Tel. Everything nor young man this thing. Is so much true. And she was referring to both of my again and Germany. What was your life like. Do you want rejoinder there that people who are talking about how. They were taught to be is certainly because you know people are actually listening. And maybe there hasn't been enough of an opportunity. For people to talk about their lives. Because this is the issue not a political rhetoric that surrounds this whole problem. And this is bigger than race relations. This is about human behavior it's about why young people become criminals. Now. OK maybe there's genetics involved in this with some people. But certainly not everybody. Here's a Tex I agree with that caller we can't even begin to address this problem until. We have an honest conversation. About ending the war on drugs. All the war on drugs is is is part of it but again. Think about what. You've heard the last couple of days on the show. People who were born into an environment where they were taught. To have sex early they were talked. To steal. They were taught to. Cut drugs. This is a away a flight there was talk to them. And yet as soon as they moved out of that environment they realized there was another way to live life. And he did it. And then there were two callers yesterday. Who talked about how I was born in that situation and I didn't become that way because of my mother or because of my grandmother. That's the conversation. Because it can. It can be done. And one of our callers I think it was might I'm not sure one of the callers was very very critical. Of a system. That is being taken advantage. You get free food. Get a free house. You get money. If you have children. That's wrong. But just because that's available doesn't mean that's the course of of life course that you have to take you can take a different path. Just because the government allows you to do that doesn't mean it's right. It doesn't mean you should. And yet this is. Something that is not. Addressed enough are we afraid to address that issue. If you're analysts say would decide skewed in the afternoon. I'm more of your calls coming up after our CBS and WL news updates. I would be very proud if this really is the beginning of an honest conversation about. What turns young criminals young people into and a young criminals. I'm Mike who called our show yesterday is has couple suspect today Mike and I appreciate Colin appreciate the things you said yesterday. Listen to shall pretty much every it almost. All of shoppers to show up here in our. And market and some call it a remark saying. Chick Tibet alive Colorado Paris child children are actually doing so they'll do. Their mother single mother it was taken out of a thousand. Well where the mayor situated and teach how to pay. I don't know a bill that battle. Actually outrage. But now and then might attend a word or two callers after you mentioned that time Tony intently and they talked about how they grew up in that same environment and they had. A strong mother or strong mother and my grandmother. Complicate could go mom I call that is probably a sample about Spain and number that it could be in GOP etiquette in. Better just going to be around model model working two jobs. Not at all to sun put everything it was. Why we can't that we use the caller and I just had so many great callers in the interest or try to remember all of them were you the caller that says that you you knew somebody who had. File a woman who had. Five kids by five different fathers. I doubt Whitman that live in long have I hear it would be nice but are treated well. Opponent Lloyd from what they called Miller a government that Europe. And pretty much stick to Caracas as well cute. The picket outside yet multi I have multiple steps. So Dominica Whitman and she's this all out to rule on the it could be re a muddy as it has. Out credited. By all. Are being taught and it inner city. It's just they created a lazy society there's you will each spell all of I don't pick out so well built everybody in my whole. They'll go but it took a program that you are important not to treat this tree yet his sales went up or app the rocket our speaker side obviously as urgent atmosphere a little bit on all our squabbles publicly to move. Relative initial Detroit. Mike I really appreciate the call yesterday and two and again today from Metairie Byron your under the WL. Hello Byron. Yet yearned every argument. Hello yet do you hear me Byron. Okay go ahead you're on you're on the air. Well you know open ball all right now voted to use a local open door. And needed him and tell you I'll quote went out there. And what they view that postal ballot bowl in New York. Which side it has that we had that happen to mile. We're open goal and a bit of irony and it is quite work with a beat Egypt and need to meet at battery or build one out what you told. How to all of the open now. And what opting battery. Power ever cute. He opened my I've O wa wa look at his community to cut clean it is look you know it you know it was like a typical world and we would go. All were you when you saw Metairie for the first time. In that. Cuba. And that it wouldn't put him shall be a different environment. Albie weasel with a church. I took care advocate of Mike I only double. At the church. Tried not to think Apollo searchable. But it probably went a bit so consequently. So what was he literally. Get. Here so. From point to rule junior high school in high school. Outward. But he. Because one that in my life or a deliberate and won't. Look in the mile green but report Q. But if we look they're poor you poor. It would these sort. I think different fundamental thing that expectation here. And it high school quote did. Indeed what that everything would be. Dated Greek quote in his school. In that it would not been achieved through a thing but what they've put the cabinet expectation of being. But didn't do it then now they would be paying what you. Do we gain beat become didn't. Dignity and to roll up the tools that my upper Cumberland. It would the what's a poor and beat incumbent vote did so luckily it went down. They'd been complete veto lightly you know even came enjoyed. And that of life what I would support it can be useful so frequently. Opening achievement. They port into an apartment because people know so book isn't it normal. Which. Uproar and they'd go out and meet the winning issue in the were like wait. Wait indicated in that case noble. Without indication. Arctic market the what to do useful unmet and coordinate and not create a real on the and I'm player development to fail topic to bill. Thirteen fourteen so supported. Which wanna want it right now ironing it. I appreciate the prerogative to break Fernandez is another compelling story and so on everybody should be proud of you appreciate you sharing that with us. Well remind you that the weekly concert series of wincing at the square young leadership council begins today at 5 o'clock when Norman Thomas it's free at Lafayette square. I'm scooting it will be back on WL. It was on this day march 15 back in 1977. Three's company made its debut on ABC. I I know people whose parents were not let them watch that show. Because John wicker a studio producers pointing at himself right now. Because. There was a guy. Living with two girls. He was supposed to be gay but. Not really. I can't imagine what it would be like for people to. Think you gain your really not here's an update on our party checkbook and you call a do you think president trump or somebody friendly to the president released the tax information from 2005. 46% say yes and 54%. Saying no. If your opinion by going to have a WL Telecom. Here is part of what Tammy I had to say this is a caller we had yesterday and these are these are true stories coming from people who listen to the show every afternoon. And I've just been amazed at the honesty of of this conversation we're having because it is beyond. The political rhetoric that so often accompanies these conversations. She talked about how important it is to communicate and to not tolerate bad behavior. Eight weeks. Come in on occasion and Graham. Q would you have the Pope in another thing out how to reach dot com and I would bump in game. I didn't I you'd you'd. And it not being. In the now and hang out with certain people in the I'll put my children and am vehicle and my son on an island like greens and my ability is maybe my daughter Ahmad or read. Mao. Mao but. And I'd say goal. Art so if you if you choose not to. Have that kind of relationship with your kids remember that's a decision that you've made. And end the society around you should not celebrate. What you've done. Or what you haven't done. Both sides of this debate are guilty of perpetuating. The problems. Of failing to even attempt to understand the real problem. The fact is there are jobs education is free. But neither means anything to an individual thing has not been raised to appreciate the concept of work ethic. Respect for life. And respect for other people's property. Especially other people's bodies. Criminal behavior is taught. And this has just been. Compelling testimony this come from listeners who have lift it. And explained it. But yet they were eat or talked or they've they've moved and learned a different path in life. And again this is a conversation and I'm knock analyst die we may not talk about it every day that this is going to be one of the recurring conversations you know we talk. Often about the media and its relationship with society. This is going to be another one of these recurring conversations on the issue. I'm screwed in the afternoon and we'll be back but first. My heart breaks for the you know privateers and we have to play this song. For them. Privateers. Lost first game at the end that NCAA tournament. By one point by congratulations to the privateers forgetting there. Will be back. I here's a Texas says Cisco and I love you babe and out which so what if somebody thinks you're gay and you're not to that implies that there's something wrong with being gay. I'm a lesbian people think I'm heterosexual. And that's OK too. Much love loyalist you listeners they execute yet you know I didn't mean to make it sound like content being gay is bad because some believe me if I was you would know about it. I president trump is on the road we'll talk about so what he's saying on the road tomorrow afternoon on the show. Thank Dianne Neumann RW two a program director Todd Manassas our show producer and John Rick our studio producer sports talk is next with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia and deuce choice the guys from five to 630 to talk about. The post cooks era of the saints. I'm skewed to the afternoon have a great after what Peter Wallace.