WWL>Topics>>3/16/17 Scoot 1pm- St. Patrick's Day and eating meat on Friday in Lent.

3/16/17 Scoot 1pm- St. Patrick's Day and eating meat on Friday in Lent.

Mar 16, 2017|

This year – St. Patrick’s Day – known for the consumption of green beer and corn beef and cabbage – falls on a Friday during Lent – a time when Catholics and some Christians are supposed to abstain from eating meat. If you are a Catholic or a Christian who recognizes Lent – will you eat corn beef tomorrow or abstain from eating meat since it’s a Friday during Lent?

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I want to the Stevie Nicks concert last night at this who became sinner and loved it I had seen Stevie Nicks before. But to be honest with you I felt like I saw Stevie Nicks for the first time last night. She was different last night and I had ever seen her lot of great storytelling. It was really even that was a larger Arenas of the king center it was like an intimate evening with the it was Stevie Nicks or talk about that a little bit later this year. One thing that I really took away from the boys. When CB would talk about writing songs like landslide. And I think 1973 which was 27 years old. She was she was a waitress in a cleaning lady which you know some of these profound songs that ended up being smash hits. I couldn't help but think that maybe there are things in our lives. That we've done. That. At the time we did know what they would become what they became something really big. We did something a long time ago that really contributed to who we are and our success today. Will talk about that in the final hour of the show plus will. Share some more music from the athlete about from the on Stevie Nicks concert last I checked a lot of stuff from a Fleetwood Mac but also was a concert that she said. Was about many of the songs that she's loved over the years but it never became hits so she never. Had a chance to play them publicly and she really told this very passionate song about a song titles New Orleans. If she wrote sitting on her couch. Overlooking the ocean. Which you saw the constant updates of this Hurricane Katrina. It was heading for us. And she wrote this very endearing song that I think last night was the first time she ever played it. You'll hear part of that song a little bit later this afternoon I'm scoop glad you're with us it's Thursday marks the sixteenth tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day. So we'll talk about the repealing and replacing of obamacare also hold the senate Intel leaders senator intelligence leaders. Have now. Said that Donald Trump's wiretapping claim is false. Now perhaps there will be some new information as the president promises but write down the Intel leaders say. The claim is false now Donald Trump is trying to. Redefine. What he meant. Even if you're from supporter. You gotta admit. This is something that was a big mistake on his part and it was one mystic. Mean there have been few but this was when they particular talk about that a little bit later. First up on the show tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day. And like most opportunities to celebrate. New Orleans takes its Patrick state of the seriously. Irish bars will be packed tomorrow. Bars will be packed tomorrow. There's a traditional street party planned for uptown around Paris also Tracy's in mid city around in the coals. And the list goes on. This year Saint Patrick's Day known for the consumption of green beer corned beef and cabbage. Falls on a Friday during lent. A time when Catholics and some Christians are supposed to abstain from eating meat corned beef is meet. It would be a big sacrifice for many to avoid eating corned beef tomorrow on Saint Patrick's Day. Because as fighting during lent. So march bishop Gregory Hayman says that if you're Catholic or if you're hypocrite well I guess he's just speaking for Catholics are not Christians in general. Archbishop Gregory Amos says if you're Catholic it's OK to eat meat. Corned beef tomorrow on Saint Patrick's Day. Now I support this move. He suggests that that since that's not going to be a sacrifice you make tomorrow. That you make a bigger sacrifice. Later in the week. Did you do something else to make up for this. Failure to follow this sacrifice of not eating meat on Friday. A psychiatrist. Because of the tradition of eating corned beef. I'm not being critical of this. But I want to make an observation for toast or so quick to criticize me and others. Because. There are rules from the Catholic Church. That not everybody follows for Dayton. My point here is that getting permission. From the archbishop to deal with the sacrifice of not eating meat on Saint Patrick's Day in the Catholic Church. Is a changing of a rule. Instead of meeting the sacrifice. You have permission. To go ahead eat corn beef. Which productive sacrifice they would be to sacrifice a special. If you didn't need me to corn beef on Wednesday Patrick's day again I'm not being critical of this but if I had come on the year. And said that it's okay for Catholics. To eat meat. If you make a sacrifice and today. And believe me there are a lot of Catholics. Like me. There are Catholics like me that that. Don't have deer. Specific opinions about things known because they're not on the radio. But they're still going to church. They're still going to communion. And I'm not being critical of this and just pointing out that there are times when. The man made rules are a church. Can be changed. And archbishop Gregory Damon is changing a rule several beating beat. The sacrifice sacrificing beat on Friday's. Are you Catholic. When you ET tomorrow are you eat corn beef. Where you are abstain from eating meat because even though the archbishop the issue permission to do this you're not gonna do it. If you're Catholic or Christian you recognizes went. Really do eat corn beef tomorrow or abstain from eating meat since it's the Friday during went. That's a project opinion poll give your opinion by going to our website W if you don't come. And if you like the shortest of the comic this afternoon our numbers 26 held when it's happening. Every code 504260178. And a text number is 87870. Also an update on the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Boston which we've talked about recently on the show. Apparently the organizers of the traditional saint Patrick separated Boston. Have decided to reverse the error opinion. And the group out that this is the group of gay veterans. Will be allowed to parade with them in a parade this weekend. Was that a good decision. At first they were allowed then a couple of years ago there were allowed and they were not allowed and now this group of gay vets. It's going to be allowed to operate. And there are those who say well look if there vets and their game they shouldn't even tell us the third day. So resists the wrong decision to make to allow this group to. To march and I believe they're still going to be marching with their banner which includes a rainbow which was one the points of contention. Our if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments and I'd like to know if you're Catholic god and our Yuba and eat beat tomorrow even he corned beef tomorrow. Because the archbishop gave you have permission. To 601 a seventy. Every coach 50426017. Tech's number say 7870. And I thought this hour with features of songs by some of the Greeks Irish groups and YouTube one of the biggest. And scoot of the afternoon and were coming right back on WQL. This is another one of my favorite Irish dance the cranberries. So UNESCO linger. Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day in and spin like most opportunities to celebrate we take it very seriously here in the greater New Orleans area. But this year Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Friday during lent which means you're not supposed to eat meat or corn beef on Saint Patrick's Day however archbishop Gregory Ayman. Says that it's okay for Catholics to eat meat corned beef tomorrow. What you should do however according to the archbishop is you should look for another way to. To abstain from something and another day during the week. Or even better he suggests that Q. You take the the dietary sacrifice to another day of the week and also perform an active pennants. That represents a greater sacrifice like taking care of the sick the poor or the elderly. So if you eat corn beef tomorrow. When you do that. I wanna once again point out I'm not being critical of the archbishop for making this decision making this announcement. But I am addressing the idea that. For those who are so quick to criticize any time anybody. Who says something about a rule in the Catholic Church this is an example. Of a rule that is being changed for the convenience. But Catholics. If you want to join us with a comet are numbers 2601870. Every code 5042601. A Saturday Texas a 77. Sometimes I I hesitate to talk about things because I know people are gonna take that the wrong way. It doesn't stop me from talking about things anyway. Because I know people couldn't hear what they wanna hear Casey but they wanna see and regardless of how I presented as there are people who are. Gonna say that I'm condemning the Catholic Church which I'm not but if I had gone on the air and made the suggestion. And we can blast it but the archbishop makes this suggestion and it's all thought. Here's a text that says. Oyster po boy or Ruben wanna sacrifice. And that's a good point. Here's attacks fish is meat to now to explain that to to those who are vegetarians and those who well I guess of that so vegetarians don't need to. Tony fish on here's a Texas says so what about all the poor people burning in hell because. They ate meat on Fridays years ago. They changed the rule also and yes I'm Catholic. Yet there are some people do and a bum rap and hell right now because they beat on fighters and a whole rule was so it was changed. Here's a party Jack Buck and you called this hour if you're Catholic or Christian who recognized as a went. Really you eat beef corned beef tomorrow or abstain from eating meat since it's Friday during list. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW real dot com right now 44%. They say they will abstain from eating all meat eating corned beef. 6% say that they will eat corn beef tomorrow but that's the only beat. And 50% say it Saint Patrick's Day I'll eat and drink what I want. Give issue opinions are going to our web site WP rounds icon and prevailed chased Donna welcome to our show. Very good. Sunday. It. Isn't. Gonna play. We get an am extra and we get. The Catholic cooler pretty neat on tried. You know I practice Catholic anymore changed to ten. Oh. Well and who. Could actually. I will not eat meat on Friday. Me me but I like and I need. Very strange. Angel. Been in late. That the situation. That trying to light that they should and shouldn't be at that. Nobody. Well just straight to the today because. I eat it. Barton. It it got beaten up and tell them that in the. Donna that don't don't you know that there are Catholics who would not eat corn beef tomorrow unless the archbishop's at what he said. It's. Weird to me. And you know it makes sense that in two. I don't and I can go get it at an archbishop and just. It now you know. Out and it. Don't I well I agree and I don't know if you if you think about making a sacrifice to me if you live in a part of the country where your seafood is fish sticks. Or something like that that would be a sacrifice but to say you're not gonna eat meat on Friday in New Orleans who go to a crawfish boil. Or have lobster or have our crabs I mean I you know. Ultimately that's not really much of a sacrifice. Or. Well not. An elected. Him. It. Keeps you. Can eat there and I'll. Which it. They. Are me and they were. Continued to where you are in. Well I heard I I've heard two trains of thoughts from off from preached over the years on that and and one is what you say mean you should give up something it's a bad habit and and you should continue that process. Also I've also heard that did that that lent is a sacrificial season building up Tuesday joyous season I'll be strong Christian calendar. And it is appropriate to give up something you love to make that sacrifice during that period. Because it's something that you love and you you are going to enjoy doing it after its offer but during this this time year making a sacrifice. Donna I appreciate the conversation going to part of our after an audience and if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601. A seventy attacks is a 77. Don't be afraid to talk about this openly. This is this is part of just had a discussion in our our society and and I I applauds the archbishop for. Making this decision don't have a problem with the decision. If this is this decision that that he wants to make. And I really like the idea of taking another day of the week to perform and act of penance that represents something like taking care of the sick the poor or the elderly do something like that. That takes more of an effort sometimes things just giving up something like meat Fridays during lent. We're talking about this idea that the archbishop gives Catholics in New Orleans. A permission to eat corn beef tomorrow because it's Saint Patrick's Day. The reason I bring this up there's this is another example of sometimes how the rules change. Even within the Catholic church and we shouldn't be so critical if rules sometimes change. Here is a text that says. It's only because. It's an official. Church feast day. The archbishop is operating within the rules of the church I invite you to learn more about your faith. Well I'm certainly not an expert in catholicism I'll I'll admit that. But you could pick this apart anyway you want to the point is the archbishop is giving people permission. Do we meet he's announcing this rule that if the archbishop had not made this announcement. People would not Novartis. And many would think that they're sitting tomorrow if the corn beef but they've now been given permission to wheat corn beef. Here's a text to be a rule is of rule and there shouldn't be an exception. To start making exceptions you may as well not have rules that's from Melanie. In Slidell. Here's a text is the meat exception for only corned beef. Well I I don't that's my assumption. But I'd I don't know why I didn't hear that specifically. Addressed. Make achieved filet mignon tomorrow or Porter house I mean I. Technically he says you can eat meat I guess it's all classified as me so I guess. I'm just interpreting here. I guess it's. I guess it's just. Media General and not just corn beef. Here's a text I am a Catholic and I won't be eating corned beef tomorrow yuck I give me fried shrimp po boy. Well I mean if you don't like corned beef and obviously not eating corn beef on Friday during went on Saint Patrick's Day is not a real big deal. Our if you wanna join us for your thoughts and comments. Are numbers 26 cell. When he Saturday. Perry code 5042601870. At a text and receive 77 also coming up sometime between known for clock and it could come at any time. I'm gonna play a Pink Floyd song on us and them when you hear that if you're the eighth caller torque contest flying you've got two tickets to see Roger Waters and this Pink Floyd experience. At this movie king center July the eight delisting for that. I'm scoot in the afternoon CBS endeavor to real news update right now and did you know this was a very popular Irish band. Thin Lizzy boys are back in town they're Irish as as we're talking about saint Patrick they were featuring some Irish rock band so this hour. I screwed in the afternoon also with the allied war veterans council of South Boston voted unanimously on Friday. To reverse their decision to exclude the group Al vet that was their group. And gay and transgender advanced they wanted to march in the the Saint Patrick's Day parade on Sunday. They were denied admittance to the parade and now that decision has been reversed and they are allowed to field. Hard if you just joining us were talking about. Tomorrow being Saint Patrick's Day a day when a lot of people lead corned beef and Dennis archbishop on eyman has said. That if you're in the in the New Orleans diocese. I'm Catholic it's OK to eat corn beef tomorrow what you should do is perform and act of tenants or do something else to make a sacrifice that your not making. Tomorrow. Is this just a convenient rule change. I'm OK with the archbishop doing this as long as Catholics recognize that there were times when the rules change. If Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Friday during lent. In the ultimate sacrifice for a lot of people would be don't eat meat don't eat corn beef on that Friday. Instead. They're given permission if you wanna join us with comet are numbers 260187. The area code 5042601870. At a Texas 87070 here's a text of the archbishop out ranks you he matters while I'm not comparing myself to the archbishop but I'm simply saying that. This same idea. Of not eating beetle one or eating meat on a day when you're not supposed to eat meat during lent. If this idea was floated by me or somebody else it would be announced. At the very same concept. Is being accepted by. The archbishop. Are from battery and meeting here on WWL. Hi been. My first time calling adolescent in every day we should. Which. I Owen and tried that arts prize since the archbishop. Is actually sang he would like to eat meat on providing good for him that everybody else. That capped a. Bob how is that not giving Catholics permission be bait. Well. I think that they make the decision. It about a lot of king and the Catholics. And that's understood in deciding to make that that'd be in the paper a lot of people agree what you meant you don't agree that it could be down the. Yeah I think that our party general opinion poll is about if you're Catholic or a Christian who recognizes sell land what you eat to corned beef tomorrow or abstained. And right now 62%. Say they will abstain from eating all the 10% say deli corned beef tomorrow but that's the only beat. Between 9% say saint Patrick's elite entry but they want so I mean I understand the point pitcher this year mr. making Anita and the the archbishop though in in doing this on me let's be honest he's he's speaking to the Catholics in the archdiocese of New Orleans and are you up are you an EP tomorrow. Now because that's right. You've only when he's going to need to access. Tell thought as to which you wait. I can't get in. That try to do it so I mean kind of the you know what anything suggested it. He and I gave me. That's me unity for you know you're forgiven me. Well I'm I'm not for giving you tonight on I'm speaking on behalf of god who who forgave you that the one could for you if you only he can. I appreciate the colonies like you part of our audience out from holly grove mode you know you're on WWL. British group. They live that's what about real. We've got to gauge me by Peter Pan European. Are actually you're. On me. I'll side. Side and the. There's. And our army and group based in this you know to sit in Tokyo in dude. Letting me give him a pass idea I don't I don't know I don't know guys an incentive for staying thought yo. I mean you know when I get to the pearly gates and Tennessee people expect of my life I'm hoping to get a standing ovation. I appreciate the call America by Jonas and if you're on hold hang on if you would join us with a comment on numbers 260187. In Perry code 5042601870. And checks number is 87870. It was on this day march 16 in 1960 eights this song sitting on the dock of the bay by Otis Redding began a five week run at number one of the US charts. And I remembers a kid walk around my neighborhood in Metairie remodel transistor radio in this was one of them the top songs. And it was number one on this day in 1968. The song was released in 1968. Otis Redding was killed in a plane crashed December 10 19673. Days after he recorded the song. So only from heaven couldn't. Otis Redding appreciate his success. Our congratulations to Barbara school she is 12 tickets to see Roger Waters of Pink Floyd coming to this movie king senator. On July the eighth on a pier tickets to giveaway tomorrow afternoon will announce the Pink Floyd song of the day right after we go on the air at 1 o'clock. This is going to be July the eighth the tickets are valued at 2150 dollars. Tickets are on sale right now at Ticketmaster dot com the legendary Roger Waters from the legendary. Every W well for parents showing your have a WL hey Sean. But that. It will push on policy be still there for an error BO viewed a year and a VW well. Could screw you don't need to do school on the collar area on the Arab and carrying Catholic. Anomalies map available quick mart got a great rigor of the best go to church and the adept at the site not a they're. So. Like usual mark OK. Great guy in the long ago like yeah. I think to fall in and how much higher not. Ordered the bottom line players. Court so on same pattern. Who bared to you know agreed to meet weight to one minute to midnight tightly grouped in all your daughter club be a lot. You know and school because he. You know I mean I'm matzo ball on global about a lot to narrow and it took disorders are and so as. And so where would you threats are one on the pavement trying to be. Probably. And into action at all on our product on nuclear decorum be. Very I think just the point I'm trying to make your rent I I appreciate the call and I also admire your honesty. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601870. Tax. 87870. Here's a text is true sacrifice here in New Orleans would be giving up seafood on Friday instead of meat LO well yeah I agree with that. Here is. Text that says so. God didn't say don't eat meat on Friday's duty. Man did I assume. Yeah this was a manmade rule and it's a man made changed to a man made rule which I don't have a problem with but you know there are there are some who are. Just. So quick to judge anybody that doesn't specifically follow every specific rule of not only the Catholic Church but any church. And then you've got a leader like archbishop Dana which I'm not criticizing this I'm just making a point. Comes along and says a table tomorrow Saint Patrick's Day Friday during wet go ahead each corned beef from hallmark Roy here on every WL. Good afternoon group yet it got both of mud and got thicker sacrifice. A practical is sure yet but. You know I'm about count and I believe I'm not on the malls and you don't believe that it didn't believe it. And you Reich Bob he had read hold on but the talk about and in prayer which goes to others are not on the word ain't me in the box it is and Turkoglu made bon pain in the Pope and the bishops can change in the can change. They've got through. If you really believe what you do is sincere. Then knuckle war with the bishops you don't go and get to meet any market you really believe that if they go. And Roy thought as Brooke good point and here's here's an update on our party general opinion poll this is suffer for Catholics and Christians who recognize the land. What you eat corn beef tomorrow or abstain from eating meat on 56% say I will abstain from eating on the eight. Only 8% say that lead corned beef tomorrow but no other beat and 36% saying hey Saint Patrick's Day I'll lead entering what I want. So a majority on three choices at 56% say that no matter what they're gonna still stinging from eating meat which is their personal decision and for them that's a good decision. In the stripped and then do that two ago what can I agree Brian appreciate the call. Here's a text. That says can I grind up stake in college corned beef welcoming you're getting into religious technicalities here that honestly I'm not prepared to answer this afternoon. All right we're coming right back with more on stewed in the afternoon the senate intelligence leaders have announced that president Trump's claim that he was wiretapped by former President Obama is false. Will react to that and more in the next hour and Morrison. Irish artists domino target assay Patrick stay replace some Irish artist will be back on WL. And of course this leases into our conversation about politics and politicians Sandia senate intelligence leaders have announced it to president Trump's claim that he was wiretapped by former president volleys falls. And president trop now wants to kinda changed the meaning of what he meant when he said wiretap part we're gonna get an event coming up in the next hour. I'm stewed in the afternoon is a final date on this hour's pretty gentle people if you or Catholic or Christian who recognizes went. Will you eat corn beef tomorrow or abstain from eating meat since it's Friday during lent. 62%. Say they will abstain from eating meat tone on a Friday tomorrow. 6% say they'll eat corn beef all the you know the meat and 32% say it's a Patrick's day I've eat and drink what I want. Here is a Texas sacrifice the sacrifice. Not sacrifice only if it's Saint Patrick's Day doesn't fall on Friday here is that text. It says dispensation. Also in Chicago Atlanta diocese of Florida it's up to the diocese. I'm Catholic. And I'm gonna take a further step and eat a burger. But my husband is going to eat crawfish and the cafeteria Catholic well I've respect you're honesty. Here's a Texas says so why can't we beat on any Friday during lent. And fast. Any day you want I don't know I mean I didn't make up the rules that church read a federal. I'm I have learned that tomorrow voters is gonna have a special for saint Patrick state corned beef and cleavage so you might wanna check out that does that special. I'm scoot the afternoon were a little bit popped up politics coming up for the next hour and then in the final hour he review of the Stevie Nicks concert last night. If you weren't there which a lover I think you'll be interested in. The review will be back.